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All My Children Transcript Monday 5/20/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Bianca: You don't want my friendship? Fine. I hope you have a great life alone.

Hayley: I see your friend Trey has left. What is his fascination with this family?

[Liza screams]

Kendall: I love you.

Jack: Kendall Hart, you're under arrest for arson and attempted murder and criminal mischief.


Mia: Liza?

Hayley: Oh, my God!

Mia: Liza, what happened? Liza? Are you ok? Here, take a deep breath. Take a breath. Here, lean on me. It's all right.

Hayley: Liza, why did you scream?

Mia: Would you lay off? Stop badgering her.


Maggie: What are you doing?

Trey: I saw you crying.

Maggie: I wasn't crying.

Trey: Ok. Then I'll save this.

Maggie: Is that for your next victim?

Trey: Excuse me?

Maggie: Come on, Kenyon, pricey suit doesn't hide it. You're a lowlife ambulance chaser.

Trey: Ambulance --

Maggie: Scored my homicidal aunt a suite at the loony bin, now you're just sniffing out a lawsuit.

Trey: No, no, I'm not.

Maggie: What is the -- tell me, what does a good fire go for these days?

Trey: Fire? What fire?

Maggie: The fire at Erica Kane's house.

Officer: If you cannot afford an attorney but want one present, an attorney will be appointed for you free of charge prior to questioning.

Jack: Go ahead, cuff her. Do you understand your rights, Kendall?

Erica: Oh, Jack, of course she understands her rights. Kendall's all about entitlement. And of course, she has done time before --

Ryan: Ok. That's enough. Leave her alone.

Mia: Come on, let's sit down. You'll feel better.

Hayley: "Stop badgering her"? I was trying to help her.

Adam: What happened? I heard screaming.

Liza: Oh, that was -- that was me.

Hayley: Why did you scream, Liza?

Liza: I -- I overreacted.

Adam: To what?

Liza: Um -- we were just being invaded.

Adam: Invaded?

Liza: I -- I saw a mouse on the stairs.

Adam: A mouse?

Hayley: You sure it wasn't a rat?

Erica: "Leave her alone"? Ryan, she tried to kill us. She almost succeeded with my daughter and your father.

Jack: Go on, get her out of here.

Kendall: Ryan?

Erica: Honey. Bianca, I am so sorry, sweetheart. I am so sorry that I invited Kendall back to this town. I am so sorry that I allowed her cruelty into our world.

Ryan: You know what? Just stop. Would you stop talking about Kendall when she's not here?

Erica: Ryan, I -- I think that I owe you the biggest apology of all.

Ryan: And why is that?

Erica: Because you believed in her.

Ryan: Erica, you don't know --

Erica: I know how you've been with your father during his recovery, and I watched you today. You risked your life to save your dad.

Ryan: Yeah, I did, just like Kendall ran in the fire to save you.

Erica: Is that what she told you? Ryan, she ran into the fire to stop me from saving Bianca.

Ryan, I'm sorry, but Kendall is -- she is sick. She's twisted.

Ryan: Ok, you know what? Your house burned down, Erica, and I'm sorry about that. I really am. But that doesn't mean that Kendall did it.

Erica: Look, Ryan, I know you don't want to believe that she did it.

Ryan: I get it, Erica. Believe me, the whole world gets it. We all get it. You hate Kendall.

Erica: Kendall confessed.

Bianca: It's true, Ryan. She confessed. I heard it. So did my Uncle Jack.

Ryan: What -- what are you talking about? She swore she didn't do it. You heard her say -- she swore she didn't do it right when I showed up at your house.

Erica: Ryan, as soon as you left, when you ran in to save your dad, when Kendall thought that she had killed you -- in her words, the only person who had cared about her -- then she did tell the truth, then she admitted that it was all her fault.

Chris: I'm sorry, Ryan. I'm sorry.

Chris: Ryan, why do you stand up for her? Ryan?

Adam: Information? Yes, I need the number for an exterminator, one with emergency service.

Liza: What are you doing?

Adam: I'm making sure my wife feels safe in her own home. If we have vermin in this house --

Hayley: You got to flush them out -- permanently.

Mia: Liza, would you like some herbal tea? Something to drink, maybe? Yeah?

Liza: Thank you.

Mia: Ok.

Hayley: I'll help.

Mia: No, that's ok.

Hayley: No, let me help. It'll give us a chance to catch up.

Chris: Let's get out of here.

Erica: Oh, I can't wait to just crawl back into my own bed. I -- I don't have a bed.

Chris: That's ok. I booked us a couple of rooms over at the Valley Inn. It's just a temporary fix, but I think for right now --

Erica: Well, Bianca will need me.

Bianca: Actually, Mom, I think I'm going to stay with Uncle Jack for a while.

Erica: Are you sure? You sure you want to do that? Because we could share a suite.

Bianca: Yeah. I think I need some time to just chill for a while.

Erica: All right. Well, thank you.

Jack: Oh, listen, Bianca is welcome to stay with me as long as she wants. She knows that.

Erica: I know she knows that. Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Bianca: Mom, I love you so much.

Erica: I love you so much. And you -- you are the most amazing Uncle.

Jack: Well, thank you.

Erica: Ok, I'm all yours.

Chris: Let's clear out. See you later, Bianca.

Bianca: Good night.

Erica: Good night, sweetheart.

Bianca: You ready?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Let's go. Let's get out of here.

Maggie: Bianca? Can you wait?

Bianca: What?

Maggie: I meant what I said. I'm really sorry about what happened.

Bianca: Well, Maggie, I'm sorry, too. I really am.

Mia: No, it's really not necessary, Hayley. I can make tea myself.

Hayley: I want to help. It'll give us a chance to get to know each other better. Hey. You look better. Where did you go?

J.R.: Out.

Hayley: Oh. Well, you sure did miss some excitement around here, that's for sure.

Adam: J.R., Mateo, come in. Come on in. Do I still detect a note of skepticism from you?

Hayley: Oh, please. You don't buy Liza's story?

Adam: What story?

Hayley: The story about the horrific rodent that your new buddy Mia is so frantically trying to anchor down.

Adam: Mia is worried about Liza.

Hayley: Mia is tap-dancing, and Liza is hiding something from you and from all of us.

Adam: No, I don't believe that.

Hayley: And Mia is helping her.

Hayley's: Liza's been a little edgy lately.

Adam: Well, for good reason.

Hayley: No, I mean extra edgy, even "in spite of everything that's going on" edgy. The baby would have been born about now, right?

Adam: What baby?

Hayley: You know damn well what baby I'm talking about.

Adam: I have enough on my mind right now, enough on my plate with --

Hayley: Ok, I understand that. Liza miscarried when she fell down the stairs. Ok? What if she's having some sort of flashback?

Adam: That's preposterous. I know. I'm quite confident that my wife is not having flashbacks about her miscarriage.

Hayley: Fine. Call the exterminator.

Adam: Oh, Mia, thank you. Here, let me. Let me take it in. Thanks.

Mia: Is Adam ok?

Hayley: You never answered my question.

Mia: I know.

Hayley: Shall I ask it again -- in front of Adam and Liza?

Mia: I'll answer you -- privately.

Hayley: Hey, Dad?

Adam: Yes, what? Hayley: It's getting a little stuffy in here. I'm going to go get some air.

Adam: Fine. Fine.

Mia: Mind if I come along?

Hayley: No, please.

J.R.: Yeah, I'm pretty whipped. I'll see you guys in

the morning, ok? Adam: Son, good night.

J.R.: Thanks.

Mateo: Anytime. I'm going to go check on Enzo.

Liza: Say good night for us.

Mateo: I will. Good night.

Adam: Liza, I have to ask you something, a question.

Liza: It's so late.

Adam: I need for you to be totally honest with me.

Liza: Adam --

Adam: Was there really a mouse? Or are you keeping something from me, something that we should be facing together?

Liza: We have run the gauntlet, you and I --

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Liza: And when we need to talk, we talk.

Adam: Yes, yes. We do, don't we?

Liza: It was just a mouse.

Mia: So, what exactly did you overhear between Trey and me?

Hayley: What do you think I heard?

Mia: Trey implying that my -- my affection for Liza and this family is an act.

Hayley: He used the word "scam."

Mia: I can explain.

Hayley: Oh, good. Make it good because if you're messing with me and mine, I will take you down.


Jack: Look, I know that was your home, but it was just a house, Bianca, you know? It's a thing. It can be replaced. But if something had happened to you or your mother or Chris -- I mean, that would've been horrible. Horrible.

Bianca: I'm sorry, Uncle Jack.

Jack: For what, kiddo?

Bianca: Well, I saw the way you looked at Mom at the hospital when she went home with Chris.

Jack: I'm glad that she is not alone tonight. I mean, she -- your -- your mom doesn't do "alone" very well, you know?

Bianca: Mm-hmm. Lot of that going around.

Jack: Yeah. It's really a shame, though. I mean, she worked so hard to get that house perfect. Now look at it.

Bianca: She will build another house, Uncle Jack. Mom is mom. She'll get through this, totally.


Chris: My room is right next door.

Erica: Oh. Thank you for -- it's very thoughtful of you to take care of these reservations.

Chris: Yeah, well, I thought you'd be more comfortable here than over at --

Erica: Myrtle's, yes. Yes, you're right. You're absolutely right. Oh, God, I'm a mess.

Chris: Oh, sweetheart, you're a knockout. Even in soot.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you for everything that you've done today, for risking so much for us and for being so considerate to make these reservations tonight. And there's so much I'd like to say.

Chris: Yeah, well, how about a nice, hot bath first, huh?

Erica: All right.

Chris: Erica?

Erica: Yes?

Chris: You're going to sail through this. You know that, right?

Erica: Of course I am. I'm Erica Kane.


[Door opens]


Guard: Ms. Hart, you have a visitor.

Ryan: Kendall?

Ryan: You ok? The guards -- you know, they've been treating you all right? I stopped by the desk. The arson unit found a lighter at Erica's place. A silver-plated lighter. Your lighter. You set your room at the Pine cone on fire twice. That kind of makes fire a theme with you. That and hating your mom.

Kendall: You think I did it. You believe them. You think I'm evil, too.

[Knock on door]

Chris: Ok if I come in?

Erica: All right. Chris: Wow. Bubbles agree with you.

Erica: Thank you. Is that why you brought the sparkling cider?

Chris: Well, I don't mean to suggest that you don't have anything to celebrate, but --

Erica: I have everything to celebrate. Bianca survived, and Ryan saved you. The house -- the house is a small price to pay.

Chris: Lady, you are class itself.

Erica: Thank you.

Chris: This is a little something I got for you for the cruise, and I was trying to figure out when would be the right time to give it to you, but on second thought, I'm going to let you choose the right time. But you can't open it now.

[Chris sets down the gift bag]

Erica: Ok. Thank you. Oh.

Chris: Don't worry about the bubbles. To our loved ones --

Erica: Yes.

Chris: To life, and new beginnings, sweetheart.

Erica: To new beginnings with the man I love.

Jack: Well, I'm not -- I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not going to try to play it cool about this, either. I mean, I don't -- I don't know that I will ever get over your mother, to be honest.

Bianca: I'm sorry.

Jack: No, don't be. I mean, it's not like I think of her every day.

Bianca: If she weren't in this relationship with Chris --

Jack: No, Chris is not what's keeping Erica and me apart, believe me. We manage to do that by ourselves, and we do a heck of a job of it.

Bianca: She blames you for losing custody of me.

Jack: I know that.

Bianca: I mean, mom -- she looks at Kendall, she sees her rapist. She looks at you, she sees the man who cost --

Jack: Oh, wait. Whoa -- wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Bianca: Sorry. Sorry, I didn't mean to compare you to --

Jack: No, no, no. Just -- just listen for a second, listen. It cost your mother a lot being with me, but the most of what it cost her was losing you, you know? But that was a really long time ago.

Bianca: She's never going to forgive you, Uncle Jack. That would mean that she would have to forgive herself.

Maggie: Will you go away already?

Trey: Look --

Maggie: I'm spilling my guts to you.

Trey: Look, I'm not going to sell it to the tabloids, if that's what you're worried about.

Maggie: I don't even know you.

Trey: So?

Maggie: So why do you care?

Trey: Because you're a mess. First you're crying, and then I was standing right next to you when Bianca walked by and you started shaking.

Maggie: You think I'm attracted to her, don't you?

Trey: That's not what I said.

Maggie: Because if that's what you think --

Trey: It's not. Maggie --

Maggie: Bianca made a pass at me, ok?

Trey: Ok.

Maggie: Only she wasn't hitting on me, she was hitting on my dead sister, Frankie. There.

Trey: You two were twins.

Maggie: Yeah. Is that twisted enough for you?

Trey: So you were crying because your sister's girlfriend hit on you?

Maggie: I miss her, ok?

Trey: Bianca?

Maggie: No. Frankie.

[Bianca holds a soot covered box]

Jack: Hey, you certainly went through a lot to get that back, huh?

Bianca: Yeah. Well, it's got my extra super special stuff in it.

Jack: Hmm, a real treasure chest.

Bianca: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I got it when I was, like, in kindergarten. It was my first thing with a lock.

Jack: You need a lock with Erica around. You need a lock.

Bianca: Yeah. It survived the first fire -- the one I set.

Jack: Hey. That's a long time ago. That's something else from long ago, ok? Look, why don't I give you some privacy --

Bianca: No, no, I really want you to be here.

Jack: What's in there, kid?

Bianca: I don't know. Just stuff.

Jack: "Stuff." What kind of stuff? Stuff you don't want to face? What?

Bianca: No, stuff I don't want to lose. The fire chief said the fire was really hot -- exploded all of my CDs, melted mom's jewelry.

Jack: Dear God.

Bianca: I don't know. Maybe this thing is just full of ashes now.

Jack: Only one way to find out.

Bianca: Right.

Jack: Right. Got my fingers crossed.

Bianca: Oh. Uncle Jack, it made it!

Jack: Shakespeare's sonnets?

Bianca: Yeah. It was a gift from Frankie.

Jack: That's a really, really sweet gift.

Bianca: Yeah. Oh, man. And there's her letter. The letter that she wrote me, Uncle Jack. This stuff is all I have left of her, and it made it.

[Bianca picks up the letter and it falls apart in her hands]

Mia: You see, I knew Trey Kenyon before I came to Pine Valley.

Hayley: Yeah, I got that.

Mia: Yeah, and so we had -- we had a relationship of sorts.

Hayley: "Of sorts"?

Mia: Yeah. It was messy, ok? It was painfully, miserably messy.

Hayley: Did he follow you here?

Mia: No, no. His dad sent him here to represent Vanessa Cortlandt, which was just bad luck for me.

Hayley: Bad luck for a lot of people. Keep going.

Mia: I'm having problems with him.

Hayley: What kind of problems?

Mia: Just personal problems. Personal problems that I can handle.

Hayley: So, why does Trey think you're trying to scam us?

Mia: Probably because that's what he would do. You have to understand, Hayley, I come from nothing -- less than nothing, really. And then I find out that I have a sister and she's married to a really rich man.

Hayley: Cha-ching.

Mia: Exactly. So why else would I hang out here except to cash in?

Hayley: It's a fair question.

Mia: No, it's not really a fair question. I mean, you showed up on Adam's doorstep. You weren't exactly rich.

Hayley: Nope.

Mia: Please. I'm begging you -- will you trust me?

Hayley: Give me one good reason why I should.

Mia: Because we're family. We have the same family, so -- so we're on the same side.

Hayley: Well, I've been burnt by blood before.

Mia: Yeah, but you have been accepted, loved, let in. That's worth more than all the money in the world, I think.

Mateo: Enzo's getting up.

Hayley: It's his teeth?

Mateo: Yeah, I think so.

Hayley: All right, we should get out of here.

Mateo: All right. I'll get his gear.

Mia: Give me the benefit of the doubt. Please.

Hayley: I have had more than a few dealings with men with pretty faces that hide miserable insides.

Mia: Yeah?

Hayley: The smartest thing for you to do would be to get away from him.

Mia: I'm trying. Hayley: Try harder.

Kendall: Go, please.

Ryan: I don't think you did it.

Kendall: What did you say?

Ryan: I don't think you did it. I don't think you're capable of it. I don't believe that you set that fire.

Kendall: Yeah, but the evidence --

Ryan: I don't care about the evidence. You're not capable of actually -- actually hurting someone.

Kendall: How do you know that, Ryan?

Ryan: What difference does that make?

Kendall: How?

Ryan: I just do.

Kendall: Yeah, but how?

Ryan: Because I know you.

Kendall: I -- I think that's called faith.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly what it's called. Faith.

Maggie: Frankie loved Bianca.

Trey: And did Bianca love Frankie?

Maggie: Yeah, and I never even knew my own sister was gay. It's just not fair. Twins are supposed to be close and -- God, I am so sick of everyone dying.

Trey: And here we are in a hospital. Let's blow this place. Come on, we'll go check out some music.

Maggie: What?

Trey: Yeah, we'll go somewhere really hopping.

Maggie: Trey, does it look like I'm in the mood to go clubbing right now?

Trey: Ok. You want to wallow in your own misery? Go for it.

Maggie: I'm sorry, but I just don't have an on/off switch about my feelings.

Trey: Fine. I'm out of here.

Maggie: Wait, you're hurt.

Trey: Yeah, it's nothing.

Maggie: Did you see a doctor?

Trey: I forgot to. I'll do it tomorrow.

Maggie: It could get infected.

Trey: I'll take my chances.

Maggie: Well, don't take your chances. Come on. You can get really sick. You're coming with me. Come on.

Adam: Liza, I'm very sorry. It's the Tokyo office.

Liza: No, go. Take care of your business.

Adam: Ok. Be right back.

Liza: I'm here.

Adam: All right. Yeah. Give me the numbers.

Liza: So, are you going to ask me what really happened?

Mia: Yeah, I -- I'm curious as hell, but I didn't want to -- I was just trying to respect your privacy.

Liza: Well, that's refreshing around here.

Mia: Yeah. So -- so you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

Liza: No, I need to.

Mia: What is it, Liza?

Liza: I was just -- I was just coming down the stairs --

Mia: And?

Liza: And my eyes -- it's just everything got really distorted. I couldn't tell if the stairs were five inches away or five feet away. It was like the floor was going to just dissolve. And I started to fall and -- I don't know, I guess my hand must have caught the banister.

Mia: It's ok.

Liza: No, it's not ok. Something really terrible is happening. The tumor's coming back, Mia. I can feel it.

Mia: Are you in any pain?

Liza: No. I mean, I still have that sort of low-grade throbbing that the doctors warned me about, but the medication they gave me seems to work fine.

Mia: Ok. I'm going to take you to Dr. Greenberg's first thing tomorrow morning.

Liza: Just you and me?

Mia: If that's the way you want it, yeah.

Liza: Mia, I think it seems a little too real or something when Adam is involved.

Mia: I understand. Mm-hmm.

Liza: Thank you.

Mia: It's ok.

Adam: Everything all right?

Liza: Oh, yeah.

Mia: Yeah.

Liza: I'm just saying good night. I'll see you in the morning.

Mia: Ok, count on it.

Adam: I'll be right up.

Adam: I have never seen Liza lean on anyone before you.

Mia: Yeah. Well it's a pretty stressful time.

Adam: No, it's a lot more than that, Mia. You bind us together. Good night.

Mia: Good night.

Jack: Bianca, I'm really sorry. I'm sorry about everything, about -- about everything you've lost.

Bianca: It's ok. Jack: You don't have to put on a brave face for me. Bianca: I'm not, I --

it's just you're right. You're right, ok? It's just a house. It's just stuff. I mean, what you said before about it not being a real tragedy.

Jack: I didn't mean that you shouldn't feel the loss --

Bianca: I know, and I do. I just -- so I don't have Frankie's letter. Frankies still in my heart, and so is every word that she ever wrote to me. I mean, that's the thing about the past -- nobody can take it away from you.

Jack: That's a good way of looking at it.

Bianca: I mean, I miss Frankie. She's the one that taught me that everything is possible.

Jack: You are one smart cookie. You know that?

Bianca: No. I don't feel very --

Jack: You will, just give it time. What do you say we go home?

Bianca: Yeah. Let's go home.

Kendall: You have faith in me?

Ryan: I do.

Guard: Time's up.

Kendall: Five more minutes?

Guard: Sorry.

Kendall: Please?

Guard: Right now, Romeo.

Ryan: Hey, hey -- it's ok. I'll be back in the morning.

Kendall: You will?

Ryan: I promise.

Kendall: Ryan, wait. Before all of this happened, I told you that I love you.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: Well, what about you? Do you love me?

Ryan: I don't want to --

Chris: I was just -- my own bed's waiting for me next door.

Erica: Well, it looks like excellent turndown service.

Chris: Yeah, well, we aim to please.

Erica: You succeed.

Chris: You've had a big day, sweetheart. I should go.

Erica: Thank you.

Chris: Good night, sweetheart.

Erica: Good night.

Chris: If there's anything you need, just --

[Chris whistles]

Erica: Ok.

[Erica whistles]

Chris: Yes, you whistled?

Erica: Mr. Stamp --

Chris: Uh-huh?

Erica: I'm very surprised at you.

Chris: How so?

Erica: Well, aren't you an FBE agent?

Chris: Yes, I am. Erica: Isn't there someone in this room you'd like to investigate?

Chris: Yes, there is.

[Erica opens her robe to reveal a black, sexy teddy]

Erica: Thank you for your gift.

Doctor: What happened?

Trey: I was doing the guy thing, you know? Walking on a retainer wall and trying to find that edge, you know? I just didn't see the support beam sticking out.

Doctor: You fell?

Trey: Yeah.

Doctor: Yeah. Well, that explains the abrasions. What it doesn't explain is the burn.

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