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Trey: Do you have any idea how many adoptions are challenged because the biological father was never consulted?

Mia: You wouldn't do that.

Kendall: The gun's not a toy. It's a 25-caliber payback.

David: How do you feel about having a baby?

Tad: "I've had a sonogram and an amniocentesis, and our baby is perfect."


Mia: Damn it.

[Phone rings]

Mia: Hello?

Trey: Do you have my money?

Mia: Trey, give me a break, ok?

Trey: Get the cash, Mia, or I'll blow the lid off your new Chandler lifestyle.

Mia: Look, I'm trying - all right?

Trey: Get the money, Mia, or I'll call your brat's father.

Mia: Oh, please, Trey, keep him out of this, ok?

Trey: First, I'll let him know that you ran off and had his baby.

Mia: No!

Trey: Then when he's reeling from that news, I'll let it slip that you put the kid up for adoption without ever telling him. Got it?


Tad: What do you want?

David: I came by to make sure you don't screw up.

Tad: Not today.

David: I know Dixie told you about the baby.

Tad: The baby?

David: Yeah.

Tad: How the hell -- you knew she was pregnant all along, you son of a bitch.


Kendall: You had to call the cops on me.

Ryan: Hey, hey, take it easy, Kendall, take it easy.

Kendall: What, is this because I pulled a gun on you? We were in a public place, the Valley Inn. What, you thought I was going to blow you away in a dining room full of people?

Jack: You did what, Kendall?


Marian: Liza, this has really been tearing me up inside.

Liza: It's ok, mother. I know it hurt you seeing me in the hospital.

Marian: I wasn't there when you needed me the most.

Liza: I was well cared for. I had Mia.

Marian: And Adam.

Liza: I don't really have Adam in a way that helps me right now.

Marian: You mean --

Adam: Marian, does your daughter not look radiant?

Marian: Oh, yes.

Liza: Maybe you'd like to go?

Marian: Oh, all right, darling. I'll go keep Colby busy. Let me know if you need me for anything, all right?

Adam: What's wrong?

Liza: I know -- a lot. I know -- I know that you have started declaring me mentally incompetent. Adam, it -- it's not going to happen.

Adam: Liza, we discussed this.

Liza: No, you decided it.

Adam: Why are you so angry? I'm trying to protect you. You said you trusted me.

Liza: I don't think that I trust anyone in this house other than my child and Mia.

Mia: Look, don't threaten me, ok? Just let me try to raise the money on my own without going --

Trey: Get the money from Liza, Mia. You do not want to explore the alternative.

Mia: I can't steal from my sister. You can't ask me to do this.

[Mia hangs up on Trey]

Marian: Mia? We need to clear the air about something right now.

Mia: I'm not sure what you mean, Marian.

Marian: I mean we need to clear the air about something.

Mia: Look, just give me the chance to explain what happened, all right?

Marian: No, no, I've been carrying this around with me and I want you to know how sorry I am that I didn't listen to you about my drinking when Liza was in the hospital.

Mia: Oh, Marian. You're apologizing?

Marian: Yes. Of course I am. I know I upset Liza terribly and it certainly was a wake-up call for me.

Mia: Well, you know, it was a stressful time and everyone was --

Marian: Oh, no, don't try to give me an out here, Mia. I fell apart, and then we all turned to you. Are you all right?

Mia: Yeah, yeah, I'm just -- I'm really tired.

Marian: Oh, well, take care of yourself, ok? Because while Liza was in the hospital, I realized how much we've grown to rely on you.

Mia: I just was trying to, you know, help out.

Marian: No, you did much more than help out. And Liza's really opened up to you, and she doesn't do that with very many people, you know.

Mia: Yeah, me, either. But we're sisters, so I guess we're both just -- I don't know, trying to figure out what it means.

Marian: It means you're family now. And if you need anything, Mia -- and I mean anything -- just let me know, ok?

Hayley: Sorry to walk in on a private moment, but I'd be more than willing to put in my two cents about Mia.

Liza: Oh. You know, don't bother. I'm not going to stay here while the two of you gang up on me.

Hayley: Liza, sometimes it's really hard to see family for what they are.

Adam: Mia has more than proved herself.

Hayley: How? By hitting you up for cash for her sick kid? Where is he? What's wrong with him?

Liza: Hayley, I think that's enough because you're beginning to sound like your father.

Tad: You knew she was pregnant the whole time?

David: Yeah, Tad, I knew. So come on, let's see that old Tad temper at work.

Tad: You knew that she was pregnant, and yet you allowed my wife, as her doctor, to leave the country to risk her -- I knew it. I knew it. I knew this had your stink all over it from the word "go."

David: Her family life was in chaos. She came to me because she wanted some privacy --

Tad: Yeah.

David: Some peace and quiet to deal with this.

Tad: And you just jumped all over the chance to get her as far away from me as humanly possible, didn't you?

David: Can I come in?

Tad: Quick.

David: Let me try to make this really clear for you, ok? Dixie came to me. She trusted me as her doctor to respect her and to help her. That is exactly what I did.

Tad: You stole a lot of precious time from me, Hayward.

David: This is so typical of you, Tad. The baby is viable, ok? Your wife is willing to give you a second chance -- who the hell knows why, but she is -- and all you can think about is taking it out on me, and you're going to miss what's really important here -- your wife and the baby.

Tad: Don't you dare lecture me about what's important. You haven't got the right.

David: Dixie risked a lot. She risked a lot to keep this pregnancy secret from everyone, especially you. She's putting her life on the line to bring this baby to term.

Tad: No, no, no, she put her life on the line. Thank God she is fine. And thank God you are no longer her physician, which means you will have absolutely nothing -- do you understand? -- Nothing to do with it. She is coming home to me. That means I am going to take care of my wife and my child.

David: Let me try to get this through to you, ok? If Dixie wants to come home to you --

Tad: Not if. She is. She is. It's a fact. You get used to it.

David: Well, then I hope you're thanking God, Tad. And for Dixie's sake, I hope you can let the past go for once.

Tad: I'll make you a deal -- I will if you will. You just stay away from my family.

David: I care about Dixie and I always will. I want her to be happy and at peace. And if being with you is going to make that happen, then more power to her. I'm not going to stand in her way.

Tad: As if you could, you arrogant -- amazing. You know, normally I think I'm too happy to take a shot at somebody, but if you don't get out of here soon, I just might change my mind.

David: Here it comes. I knew it. I knew the threats weren't too far behind.

Tad: No. It's not a threat. It's a warning. Keep the hell away from my family. I mean it.

David: Once again, all I care about is Dixie's happiness.

Tad: Once again, you stay away from me and mine.

[Knock on door]

Brooke: Oh, David.

David: Hey.

[David goes out Tad's front door as Brooke comes in]

Brooke: Whoa, what was all that about?

Tad: Dixie.

Brooke: Did you hear from her?

Tad: Yeah, yeah, I heard from her. Um -- she's still in love with m and she wants to come home. And there's one other thing. Oh, yeah. She's -- she's having our baby.

Brooke: Oh! Oh!

[Brooke laughs]


[Phone rings]

Anna: Yeah, Devane.

David: Hey. Where are you?

Anna: Working.

David: Look, I'm sorry for the way things ended this morning. I know you're really sensitive about the whole Dixie thing --

Anna: Don't apologize, please.

David: No, no, just let me finish, ok? Anna, I hate it when you get like this.

Anna: Like what?

David: Come on, you know exactly what I'm talking about -- this whole act whenever I try to apologize for screwing up. I am sorry for pushing this whole family issue, ok? Can we just get together? Where are you?

Anna: Oh, I'm sorry, no, I can't. I'll talk to you later.

Doctor: Ms. Devane.

Anna: Hi. Sorry about the phone. Thank you for seeing me so quickly.

Doctor: Well, my secretary said the police chief wanted to see me on official business, so I wanted to make it a priority.

Anna: I appreciate that.

Doctor: Is this about one of our patients here at Oak Haven?

Anna: Vanessa Cortlandt, yeah.

Jack: Thank you, officers. I appreciate it. [The officers leave]

Jack: Did I hear that right? Kendall pulled a gun on you, Erica?

Ryan: Drop it, Jackson. Nothing happened.

Jack: Why did you have a gun in your possession?

Kendall: Oh, for God's sakes, the gun wasn't even loaded.

Jack: Oh, well --

Kendall: And I was making a point to someone who's trying to ruin my life.

Erica: You don't need my help to ruin your life, Kendall.

Chris: Jackson, what were the officers doing here?

Jack: I asked them to help me locate Kendall because I didn't want to miss the pleasure of giving her this myself.

Ryan: A summons. For what?

Jack: Kendall provided alcohol to a minor. The result was an automobile accident and a DUI charge.

Kendall: I'm getting a summons because that little brat got drunk?

Jack: Yeah, and now that I find out that you're also brandishing weapons in public places, maybe I should add a few more charges. Where is that weapon?

Chris: I -- I confiscated it.

Kendall: What is this, a tag team?

Kendall: Bianca's the one who drank herself silly.

Erica: And you're the one who gave her the champagne.

Kendall: So what. I didn't tell the little freak to get behind the wheel drunk and drive.

Chris: Kendall. That's enough.

Kendall: No. No, she gets away with every damn thing!

Erica: You are not going to badmouth my daughter in my home.

Kendall: I'm only stating facts. You forget, she torched your place when she was little because mommy wasn't giving her enough attention, and let's not forget the fact that she grew up to be a lesbian.

Bianca: Yeah, what about it, Kendall? I mean, let's also not forget that it wasn't exactly a home run in this house.

Erica: Honey, don't even dignify this. Don't go there, really. She's nothing but a --

Kendall: A screw up? Is that the word you're looking for, mother? Well, when you're looking at Binky, you're looking at a screw up, too.

Bianca: You know, Kendall, at least when I screw up, I have the guts to admit it, instead of you playing the wounded martyr part.

Ryan: You know what, Kendall, I think it's about time we get out of here.

Bianca: And by the way, Kendall, not that you really need an explanation, but I had nothing to do with the police.

Kendall: I should've known it was you.

Erica: No, it was not.

Kendall: Well, who the hell else would do it?

Jack: Actually, it would be me.

Kendall: Are you serious?

Jack: Do I look like I'm joking? After what you did to Bianca, you bet I did.

Bianca: What are you talking about, Uncle Jack?

Jack: Kendall's the one that dropped the dime on you. She's the one that called the "Exposer," she's the one that tipped off Donald Steele, she's the one that did everything she could to make sure your DUI charge was splattered all over the tabloids. Isn't that right?

Bianca: Kendall, you were the one that called Donald Steele when I was in the hospital?

Jack: Come on, at least have the guts to admit it.

Ryan: What are you talking about? Kendall wouldn't --

Jack: Really? Payback's a bitch, ain't it?

Bianca: Wow, you really hate me that much?

Kendall: Yeah, Binks. I do hate you that much.

Anna: So this performance of Vanessa's -- is it real or is it an act?

Doctor: Well, I can't tell, not yet.

Anna: Oh.

Doctor: Well, I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you, but when Mrs. Cortlandt came in she was heavily medicated with a derivative of Libidozone.

Anna: Yeah.

Doctor: I don't know if you're familiar with the drug.

Anna: I do. It's -- it makes you have impulses that would otherwise be repressed.

Doctor: Exactly. So it's made it harder to assess her behavior, even though holding a knife to anyone's throat could be considered psychotic.

Anna: If she's mentally ill, could it be inherited?

Doctor: Some forms of mental illness are linked to heredity.

Anna: But in this particular case?

Doctor: Well, let me ask you, do you know if there's a history of mental illness in Mrs. Cortlandt's family? Anna: Um --

[David overhears Anna and the doctor talking]

David: What's going on?

Marian: You've helped our family so much and I want you to know how grateful we are.

[Phone rings]

Marian: Your phone's ringing, darling. Why don't you get it.

Mia: It's a crank call. Getting them all day.

Marian: Oh, well, give it to me. I'll take care of it.

Mia: Oh, no, it's ok. Actually, I'll check. Hello?

Trey: Don't you ever hang up on me.

Mia: Hi. How are you doing? Actually, it is for me. It's ok.

Marian: Oh, fine. Ok. I'll leave you alone with your call.

Mia: Ok, thanks.

Mia: Ok.

Trey: My kind streak's running out here, Mia.

Mia: Look, I can't do what you're asking.

Trey: I've lost my patience.

Mia: Adam and Liza have this doctor flying in for the baby. I mean, how can I tell them I don't need the money with this guy coming in?

Trey: Lie. Get creative.

Mia: It's not that simple. Look, I can't do it. I just can't take their money. I can't lie to them. I can't, please.

Trey: Look, I swear to God, I will call the birth father and blow the lid off your illegal adoption.

Mia: All right, damn it, I'll do it! I'll do it, ok? Just stop riding my back!

Mia: Oh, Trey, I hope you rot in hell.

[Mia dials the phone]

Mia: Hello. Yeah. I have an account there and I need to withdraw $20,000. Today.

Hayley: Look, I don't want to argue with you because I know that you're recuperating, but as long as I am a member of this family, I will speak when I have concerns about --

Liza: If you're concerned about me, then leave my sister alone.

Hayley: I'm not attacking Mia.

Liza: Can't you just have some compassion for someone whose kid is gravely sick? Mia is in a lot of pain. Hayley: If her child is really sick, I will be the first person --

Liza: He is sick. When Adam suggested flying the specialist in from Switzerland, what did she do? She gave the check back. You were wrong about her. She's not after the money. That's not who she is.

Hayley: I know, I saw her give the check back. And maybe you're right, maybe I'm not 100% --

[Mia comes running into the room]

Mia: I just got the best news.

Liza: What? What is it?

Mia: Well --

Hayley: Is it about your son?

Mia: Yes. He's fine. He's fine, so he won't be needing the doctor after all.

Hayley: Well, will you be needing the money back instead?

Liza: You need to lay off.

Hayley: I was just asking.

Mia: Just it turns out that my son is ok.

Liza: So he doesn't need the operation?

Mia: No, he doesn't. He doesn't need it. I don't have all the details, but apparently the doctors who are treating him, they found out what was wrong.

Hayley: And they cured him, just like that? That's amazing.

Mia: Yeah. I'm just so grateful that he's fine.

Liza: You know, I know this has been a really stressful time for you, but it's over. I mean, it sounds like it's over.

Mia: Yeah.

Adam: Mia, I'm very happy for your son. One less crisis to deal with. I'm -- I am going to go and call the specialist.

Hayley: Ahem.

[Hayley follows Adam out of the room]

Mia: Thank you for believing in me and having all the faith in me.

Liza: You don't have to thank me. Come on, let's sit down.

Mia: Yeah. Liza: You know, I'm so glad that I was able to help you because I don't know what I would've done if I didn't have you.

Mia: Oh, please, you -- you'd manage. You're -- you're like the smartest person I know and you're surrounded by all these people who love you so much.

Liza: Hmm. Then why is Adam so quick to want to label me a fruitcake?

Mia: Because of Colby.

Liza: You know, if he's successful at this, he'll have even more of a chance to get custody of Colby.

Mia: Are you sure that's true, Liza?

Liza: I -- I don't have a choice here.

Mia: But maybe -- I don't know, maybe Adam has some other motives.

Liza: You know, I think I have to assume the worst. I mean, given our history, if I didn't, then I'd really be crazy.

Mia: But maybe -- maybe there's some way to -- to counter all this, you know, to blow the top off of Adam's so-called secret.

Hayley: Really, really level with me -- is Mia blackmailing you?

Adam: Oh, don't be ridiculous, Hayley.

Hayley: Well, I'm sorry. You have to make me understand what just went on back there because the way I see it, Mia came to you for cash for her dying son and you cut her a check and then I said, "why don't we fly the specialist in," and then she agreed to that and she was forced to give you the check back and then slam, bam, kid is fine? Fine? Isn't it a little ridiculous?

Adam: Just be grateful that the kid is ok.

Hayley: How is the kid ok, a miracle? Did some TV evangelist touch him?

Adam: I can appreciate your concern, but Mia has been --

Hayley: An unbelievable godsend and help to the family, yes, I know.

Adam: All right, if she wanted the money, if she was after the money, she wouldn't have given the check back in the first place.

Hayley: Give her time! I'm sure she'll hit you up again.

Adam: She's been an unbelievable support to this whole family for weeks now.

Hayley: I think that she's a little bit more unbelievable than supportive.

Adam: All right. Don't let Liza see this skepticism. Please, the last thing she needs now is more stress.

Hayley: Fine. Just do me a favor -- keep your eyes open where that one's concerned, ok?

Tad: In the letter, she was so specific, she was so clear. It was amazing. I mean, what am I supposed to believe? She loves me. She wants to come back to me.

Brooke: I am so happy for you guys, I really am. No, I mean this wonderful thing about Dixie having your baby and --

Tad: Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah, that's it, that's it. And just, you know, the relief that knowing that she's ok.

Tad: Relief? Are you kidding? "Relief" doesn't begin to cover it. I mean, you know better than anybody I was right in the middle of a full-fledged meltdown.

Brooke: Yes, I know that.

Tad: You know, it was just the not knowing was driving me crazy, but now --

Brooke: But now it's -- it's all good.

Tad: Yeah, I -- I just keep telling myself that, you know, that it's all right to believe that. And we're having a baby. I'm having a daughter. I'm having a girl! I mean, that's got to be God's vengeance for every bad thing I've ever done in my entire life!

Brooke: I'm going to quote you.

Tad: It's really happening. This is -- I -- I can't believe it. I feel like in the last two hours my entire life has come together, which makes sense because nothing was ever right without Dixie. I mean, you know that.

Brooke: I'd like to welcome back the old Tad because we're really glad to see you.

Tad: I'm over the edge, right? I'm sorry, I'll try to control it. I just can't.

Brooke: No, what are you talking about? Don't apologize. This is -- this is so wonderful.

Tad: Wonderful? Are you kidding? Wonderful? "Wonderful" doesn't cover it. I want to get on -- I'm this close to getting on a plane to Switzerland right now. I mean, I wish I could just, you know, blink and be there with her.

Brooke: But what?

Tad: I can't. The timing stinks. I -- I've got to be here for Jamie. I got to be here to help him get through whatever it is he's going through.

Brooke: Are you sure? Because personally I think the best medicine for Jamie would be to see his father happy and to have you and Dixie and JR and Jamie all together again.

Tad: I can't. I've got to be here for Jamie. You know, besides, Dixie's got Lanie to look after her.

Brooke: Would you please -- really, Jamie will be fine. He will. I will make sure. I want you to go and be with Dixie.

Doctor: Dr. Hayward. Can I help you?

David: Well, apparently, you're already helping my wife.

Doctor: Is that a problem?

Anna: No, of course it's not, Dr. Axelrod, thank you, and if I need any additional information, I'll call you. Thank you very much.

David: I tell you I want to have a child, you race over here to grill my mother's therapist to see if I have mental illness in my gene pool. Is that it? That's great.

Anna: You know, I don't remember telling you I was here. I said I was working.

David: Yeah, you did. You lied to me. This isn't police official business.

Anna: I lied? Oh, that's rich. That's the shoe calling the -- whatever that is.

David: So did the doctor fill you in, Anna, huh? Did he tell you everything you needed to know?

Anna: How did you know I was here?

David: Well, it's a funny thing about being your husband -- I demanded to know your whereabouts, your desk sergeant, he told me where you were.

Anna: Yeah. I'll talk to him later.

David: Well, I wouldn't have to coerce your sergeant if you were straight with me.

Anna: You know what? You can't keep tabs on me, David. I don't like it. I hate it. I won't tolerate it.

David: Well, maybe if you were direct and you told me --

Anna: Oh, don't talk to me about being direct.

David: What you were thinking or feeling, this wouldn't happen. So what it is it, Anna, huh? I'm good enough to marry, but I'm not good enough to have a child with? Is that it?

Anna: If you can tell me what this marriage is about, then I'll answer that question.

Jack: You're not going to stand there and deny that you were the one that called Donald Steele?

Bianca: Are you seeing this, Ryan? She's a liar. And if she has somehow sunk her fangs into you, then I feel sorry for you. Kendall, you're a very sick person and you need help.

Erica: Yes. Yes, Kendall, you do.

Kendall: You can all go to hell.

Jack: Hang on a second, sister. I wouldn't want you to leave without this. You are served.

Bianca: I want you to know, Kendall, that that's it. There's no more benefit of the doubt, ok? You've already proven to me that you would do anything to hurt your own flesh and blood.

Kendall: It's not like my own flesh and blood has ever given me an ounce of respect, anyway.

Bianca: Do you think that you've earned our respect and our love and our trust?

Kendall: I shouldn't have to earn it. It should've been given to me!

Bianca: It was, Kendall! It was. And you just spit on it, ok?

Kendall: Who the hell do you think you are, talking to me like that?

Bianca: I'm Erica Kane's daughter. And I want you out of our house.

[Kendall runs out of the house - Erica tries to comfort her and then Bianca runs out of the house]

Bianca: Mom, please.

Erica: Bianca, wait!

Jack: Let me talk to her.

David: I told you that I loved you, Anna, and you told me the same thing. Am I dreaming that?

Anna: No, I know what we said and I know what we're doing and one --

David: It's all right, go ahead, just say it.

Anna: No, one minute I marry you, right, to keep you out of jail, no hearts and flowers, the next thing I know you're inviting your extended family to come and live with us.

David: So you don't want Maggie to live with us?

Anna: Well, no, that's -- I like her. But you're talking about buying a home and having a child, you know, and it's coming at me too fast.

David: All right, then slow it down. But instead you come here to check to see if my DNA is safe for procreation? I mean, come on, Anna, what the hell is that all about?

Anna: I don't need this.

David: Will you please stop walking away from me?

Anna: Well, why should I stay, because all you do is insult me.

David: Can we finish one thing for a change? Is that possible?

Anna: Ok, we're finished. We're finished, finished.

Dr. Axelrod: Is there a problem?

Anna and David: No.

Mia: There are a lot of secrets in this house.

Liza: They're necessary.

Mia: Yeah, especially when you feel like you have to lie just to protect yourself. But maybe it's time to just come out with all of it.

Liza: Are you telling me to tell Adam what I've done, to show him the bank books with the money that I've taken from him?

Mia: I don't know. I mean, I'm just putting it out there for you to decide.

Liza: Maybe I -- I could take it in a different direction.

Mia: How?

Liza: Well, like a public retraction. I could place an ad in the newspaper with Chandler Enterprises' letterhead explaining what happened to the company and to me.

Mia: I don't know, Liza, because, you know, that sounds like a cover-up.

Liza: No, no, it would squash the SEC thinking there was a cover-up at all and it would actually appease the stockholders because they would think we were handling the problem internally.

Mia: But what would you say in an ad like that? I mean, what do you say, "I had a brain tumor and mistakes were made and --"

Liza: Yeah, although you would say it better. It would just say what has happened, even if it's a big lie.

Mia: Well, ok, so the company's not really in that much trouble and you're not incompetent, so it kind of solves everything that way. And no one will really know why you took the money or even where it went.

Liza: Except you. This could work.

Mia: Yeah.

Liza: I think I'm going to call legal department.

Mia: I won't breathe a word of it to Adam. Trust me, ok?

Liza: I do. You're my lifesaver.

[Liza leaves the room and Mia sees Trey outside]

[Knock on window]

Jack: Tell me what I can do.

Bianca: Ok. Well, first you can tell me how to believe in something and someone for more than a half a minute. And then while you're at it, you can -- you can tell me why I was stupid enough to believe that Kendall would actually change.

Jack: No, you weren't stupid. It's like you said in there, you were giving her the benefit of the doubt because she's your sister.

Bianca: I actually believed that we might share something worthwhile. She's just so full of hate, and I don't want any part of it.

Jack: It's been a tough day.

Bianca: Kendall was right about one thing. I am a victim.

Jack: That is utter nonsense. Don't you let her put that idea in your head.

Bianca: No, not the way that she thinks. It's just I'm always the one who ends up disappointed. And I am so tired of it.

Chris: Why don't I draw a bath for you with all of your froufrou stuff in it?

Erica: You think that's going to bring some peace into this house?

Chris: Well, it'll be a start.

Erica: I don't know. I really think the only thing that will bring peace into this house is my doing something that I have -- well, it's the only thing I've ever failed at -- making Kendall disappear.


Kendall: Don't even say it. I know what you're thinking and I don't want to hear it. I got it coming at me from both ends with Erica, Bianca, that smug Jackson. Of course, your dad had to chime in. Oh, God, they all make me want to vomit. And why aren't you on the phone dishing dirt about me to Chris? Here, you know what? Call him. Call him for all I care. See if I care. What? What? What do you want from me now?

Ryan: I want you to trust me. Think you can do that?

Brooke: Go to Europe and get Dixie.

Tad: Are you sure about this?

Brooke: Yes, I'm sure. Please. Come on, get yourself together and get going. Anyway, I have an appointment at school, so --

Tad: Wait, wait.

Brooke: What?

Tad: I said some pretty terrible things to you recently, things that I didn't mean, and I -- I just want to say I hope I'm -- I just -- well, I was coming apart and I didn't know --

Brooke: You don't have to do this.

Tad: No, I do. Just in the middle of everything, I kind of lost sight of a couple very important things. Number one, you've always been an amazing mother to my son. And number two, you've always been a really, really good friend to me.

Brooke: Oh, thank you, Tad.

Tad: My world would be a lot darker place if you weren't in it.

Brooke: Are you trying to make me cry?

[Jamie comes down the stairs just in time to hear - - - ]

Tad: I mean it. I love you very much.

Brooke: I love you, too.

Bianca: All I did was touch Maggie's cheek. She just flipped out. She totally lost it. It was just, like, so humiliating. And now this whole thing with Kendall.

Jack: No, that was not your fault.

Bianca: It doesn't matter. It's too much. I'm going under.

Jack: No, stop it. Look at me. You are too smart and too brave to go under.

Bianca: Yeah, I'm so smart, so smart that I go and drive drunk. And now I'm living back here with Mom.

Jack: Living with Erica can't be that --

Bianca: That what, that bad? I don't know. It just doesn't seem like it's the best thing for either one of us right now.

Erica: Chris, I just feel that we haven't seen the last of Kendall, and god knows what she'll do next.

Chris: I hear you, Erica. I hear you loud and clear.

Erica: I think she is a real danger to all of us. And what about that gun? I me, first of all, she put Bianca in the hospital, then that gun -- you know, loaded or not. I think this was at least a sign of something much, much bigger, much more threatening to both Bianca and me.

Chris: Well, then there's only one thing left for me to do then, isn't there? That's to move in here -- today.

Kendall: Trust you? My whole world is falling apart, and you want me to trust you?

Ryan: You know what Bianca was right. What you did sucked.

Kendall: But Erica always gets away with everything!

Ryan: I'm not finished yet. Now, Erica's not my mother, so I have no loyalties to her, and I don't think she's been particularly mature when it comes to you.

Kendall: Finally, you're making sense.

Ryan: Of course, you're not really giving her a lot to work with, but that's another story altogether.

Kendall: And your point is?

Ryan: My point is that going after Bianca was -- it was wrong. I mean, she's your little sister.

Kendall: I heard you.

Ryan: And you have to make it right. All right? And that whole gun disaster -- I mean, you got to make that right, too, Kendall.

Kendall: Like hell. Did you hear how they spoke to me? Did you hear Bianca telling me to get out of her house? No, no, you know what -- you know what I need to do? I need to make things right by my own self and bump the rest.

Ryan: Oh, ok. Great idea. So what's your plan?

Kendall: What do you think my plan is?

Ryan: Is there anything more important to you than revenge?

Kendall: What do you think?

Ryan: Oh, just --

[Ryan grabs the cell phone out of Kendall's hand]

Kendall: Give me that! Give me that! I wanted that! I wanted that! Ryan --

[Ryan throws Kendall over his shoulder and walks past two very startled strangers]

Ryan: Excuse us, please.

Kendall: Put me down, Ryan, put me down! I swear to God, Ryan!

David: So you won't consider having my child because of my mother, is that it?

Anna: I'm not going to answer that question.

David: You know, obviously I'm wasting my time here.

Anna: David, you cannot dictate my life to me.

David: Thank you so much for your vote of confidence.

[David walks away - Anna turns around and runs into Vanessa being escorted back into her room]

Vanessa: Boo.

Mia: Are you insane showing up here?

Trey: I had to be sure.

Mia: I told you, I'm going to the bank, all right?

Trey: I'll drive.

Mia: Stop pushing me around. I'll do it, all right, I'll do it, but it's the last time.

Trey: Haven't you figured it out by now? You don't make the rules, honey. I do.

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