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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 5/7/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Greenlee: You've got a man in there. Come on, Simone, introduce us!

Roger: You love the fear of discovery. That's why you'll see me again.

David: Dixie is a grownup. She makes her own decisions. Now, if she's decided to stay away from you, maybe you should just accept that.

Kendall: Why did you let me think that this time you cared?

Ryan: Okay. Okay.

Kendall: Okay, let the dumping begin.

Ryan: I didn't want to have to do this in the park.

Kendall: Oh, nice opening line.

Ryan: What?

Kendall: I've been dumped before. I know the foreplay, okay?

Ryan: I'm not dumping you, Kendall.

Kendall: Would you just do it?

Ryan: Unless, of course, you keep talking!

Erica: You've come back to me.

Chris: To be honest, I -- I got steered in your direction.

Erica: Well, who do I have to thank?

Chris: My son.

Ryan: So, you going to shut up and listen to me?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Good. Sit down. Here's the deal. Here is the deal. You're a little bit nuts and a little bit reactive. I mean, it takes a special, special girl to show up at dinner with a gun pointed at her own mother. But I still want to be with you.

Kendall: Why?

Ryan: I don't know how this fits into my world, but I want to see you happy.

[Phone rings]

Simone: What?

Greenlee: Simone, is he there?

Simone: "He" who?

Greenlee: Your mystery man.

Opal: You know, I just cannot wrap my hairdo around the idea that somebody from my gene pool has just stopped talking.

Tad: Well, it's a fact. Jamie hasn't said two words to anybody since Vanessa used him as a prop in her little freak show. Honestly, it's gotten so bad that J.R.'s worried about him. He's agreed to spend the night to try to draw him out.

Opal: Well, now, how is J.R. doing, I mean, what with his mama being away and all?

Tad: J.R.'s the only person in Pine Valley who's even heard from Dixie. That is, of course, except for my good friend David Hayward.

David: I've been thinking of our future lately.

Anna: Hmm.

David: And I have a great idea.

Anna: A fixed-rate mortgage, a research lab for you, a forensics nook for me. How happy we will be.

David: Something for both of us.

Anna: Mm-hmm?

David: A baby.

Kendall: You want me happy?

Ryan: Oh, it's more than that. I think it's like I -- I need it, I guess. I mean, you're amazing -- when we're alone and you're not on some jag about the bum rap you got because your sister's so spoiled and you have a horrible mother.

Kendall: Hey! I'm entitled, okay? If you can't see that, then -- then you can just --

Ryan: I can what?

Chris: Ryan pointed out to me that my rules have cost me everything that ever meant anything to me, and I've got to admit that I haven't gotten much -- except mad. So tonight -- tonight I'm breaking one.

Erica: To come to see me?

Chris: Erica, I want you, even though it doesn't square with the Chris Stamp book of "This is the way it's got to be."

Erica: A whole book? Well, tell me something -- what does your book say -- what do you say -- about spending the night together?

Chris: You're irresistible and I'm crazy about you, but -- but isn't this Biancaís first night home?

Erica: Yes, it is.

Chris: Well, I'm -- I'm glad she's back home again.

Erica: Yeah, me, too. Stay anyway.

Chris: Erica, I --

Erica: No, no. I mean in a -- a guest room.

Chris: Guest room, huh? You nervous what happened with Kendall tonight?

Erica: That's not why I want you to stay tonight.

Chris: I understand, but I wouldn't blame you for being tense.

Erica: Well, I have picked up the phone about a dozen times, but then I would hang up. I didn't call the police.

Chris: Good.

Erica: Well, honestly, Chris, I mean, I do feel like I should report her. I mean, she's really unstable. And the idea of her holding that gun on me --

Chris: Erica, the gun -- gun wasn't loaded. I checked.

Erica: Are you sure it wasn't loaded?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Well, that's bizarre. That's -- I mean, it's crazy. It's still crazy. What was she trying to do? Was she trying to -- to terrorize me?

Chris: Look, Erica, she is definitely a troubled young lady.

Erica: Look, Chris, I am very, very happy that Ryan got you to drop your rulebook, but not everything and not everyone is forgivable.

Chris: If you're worried about me going soft, don't, please. I hate what Kendall's done to you. I hate it.

Erica: That's what I needed to hear.

Chris: But I don't like lying or people who lie to get what they want. So I'm going to do my best to understand and not be a judge in this situation, okay?

Erica: Okay. Thank you.

Chris: I want -- I want you to know I think about you, me, about us being together later on.

Erica: Chris --

Erica: Should I see -- should I see if the guest room is made up?

Chris: Yeah. The guest room -- ahem.

Erica: All right.

Chris: Go on. Go on.

Erica: Chris, I'm really glad you think about us and ahead for us. I do, too. All the time.

Chris: Still watching you.

Chris: Not yet, Erica. Not just yet.

Simone: I'm sleeping solo, Greenlee. Why don't you and Leo go back to your nice little bottle of bubbly?

Greenlee: He's not here. I wanted to dish with you while you're in your little love nest.

Simone: There is no guy stashed in my closet.

Greenlee: But he was there when we met in the hall, right?

Simone: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Is he a hottie?

Simone: Don't, okay?

Greenlee: A Daddy Warbucks guy?

Simone: Stop.

Greenlee: Do I know him?

Simone: Where's Leo?

Greenlee: He went out for ice cream. We worked up quite an appetite.

Simone: Okay, you know, I'm, like, all into being your friend and everything, but I -- I don't need to hear of all the gory details about, you know, your love life.

Greenlee: Even if we work together every single day?

Simone: Hmm. I don't think Revlonís going to let you hire a friend.

Greenlee: Simone, they care about talent, promoting it --

Simone: Yeah.

Greenlee: Rewarding it.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Unlike a certain gulag diva ex-boss. Be at my office at 9:00 a.m. sharp.

Simone: Okay. But if I'm going to make my, you know, grand appearance --

Greenlee: Leo's home.

Simone: Oh, well, then let me let you go.

Greenlee: Sweet dreams about your hottie --

[Simone laughs]

Greenlee: Unless he's going to midnight call.

Simone: One last time -- I am sleeping alone.

Greenlee: Hopefully not for long.

[Phone rings]

Simone: Greenlee, I'm going to bed.

Roger: This is Greenlee's father.

Simone: Roger. Hi.

Roger: I know it's late. I just wanted to say good night.

Simone: Good night.

Opal: Well, now, Tad, if Dixie doesn't want to be found, there isn't a whole lot you can do about that.

Tad: How can you even say that to me? Mama, that's absurd. Dixie's -- Dixie is my life.

Opal: No, no, she is part of your life, a big part, yes. But you still got a whole world right here in Pine Valley, Tad.

Tad: Hmm. That's true. At least there's J.R. and Jamie. Jamie sure as hell deserves better than the mail-in father I've been lately.

Opal: Oh, now, come on.

Tad: No, it's the truth. The sad part is I always wanted to be so much like Joe -- you know, solid, patient, loving --

Opal: You are a great dad, and you're going to do right by Jamie.

Tad: Whatever that is. The fact is I don't know how much is left. Ever since Dixie divorced me, I just can't seem to let go.

Opal: Oh, Sweetie.

Anna: Having a child is -- is -- God, it's the most fabulous thing in the world, but it's terrifying. Because, literally, you cut out a piece of your heart, right, and you give it legs, let it walk around outside your body on its own. It's terrifying.

David: Well, I'm willing to risk that.

Anna: I just started a new job and I already have a grown daughter.

David: So?

Anna: Well, we're in different places.

David: So you're saying that you're completely opposed to having a child with me?

Anna: I wish you brought this up before we said, "I do," you know?

David: We said our "I dos" to keep me out of jail. I want to have a child with you for a much better reason.

Anna: Name it. Go on, name one. Diapers and 4:00 a.m. feedings. No privacy, spit-up on your designer suits.

David: How about love?

Anna: Yeah, that's -- we need to sleep on this.

Ryan: So tell me how I can make you happy.

Kendall: You'd think I'd know, but I donít.

Ryan: Okay. Well, then think about it and make a list.

Kendall: A list?

Ryan: Yeah. Make a list and I will help you do every single thing on that list.

Kendall: Why? Why do you care about me?

Ryan: Just trust me.

Kendall: How do I start?

Ryan: Sleep.

Ryan: Kendall?

Ryan: Kendall?

Chris: Breakfast is ready! Come on down!

Bianca: Hi.

Chris: Hey!

Bianca: I know that smell from Myrtle's. Those are Stamp's killer omelets.

Chris: That's right. I hope you're hungry.

Bianca: I am.

Erica: Well, good morning, my two favorite people.

Bianca: Morning.

Erica: Hi. So, did everybody sleep well?

Bianca: Yeah. No action in my room.

Chris: Your guest bed is very comfortable.

Bianca: Oh, donít. You don't have to play G-rated just because I'm back in the house. I can handle the thought --

Chris: It's not like that between your mom and me. Not yet.

Bianca: So what is this, a slumber party?

Chris: I didn't want your mom to be alone last night.

Bianca: Why? What, did something happen?

Erica: Kendall held a gun on me.

Ryan: Myrtle, it's Ryan. Is Kendall there? No? Did she leave a message? No, nothing? No, it's fine. Thanks. Damn it, Kendall, where are you?

Greenlee: This really is a dream job. Revlon is paying for my whole wedding.

Simone: What? Oh, my God, talk about perks.

Greenlee: This is Simone Torres, my maid of honor, confidante, and nearly famous writer who could create ads that'll skyrocket eyeliner sales.

Casey: You're applying to be Ms. Smythe's assistant?

Simone: Yes, yes. I've written for all the major women's magazines.

Casey: Hmm. Any copy-writing experience?

Simone: Snapshot beauty pieces, headlines and captions for fashion spreads.

Casey: Brooke English, Edmund Grey? Impressive references.

Simone: Thank you.

Casey: I'm sure you'll make the interview cut.

Simone: I hope so.

Casey: Now, remember your photo shoot. We want to announce your arrival in all the trades.

Greenlee: I can't wait. Thank you for all of this.

Casey: My pleasure.

Greenlee: I am blissed out. It's official.

Simone: You know what, I got to catch up on my copy writing.

Greenlee: Investigative reporting, advertising -- it's all words.

Simone: That's right, baby, and I know every one.

Greenlee: You are so going to land this job, Simone.

Simone: Yes!

Greenlee: I totally need you now that my wedding's going to be a major media event.

Simone: Oh, I am so thrilled for you!

Greenlee: The whole, entire world is going to know that Leo and I are completely and incredibly in love.

Simone: Yes.

Greenlee: I mean, I want to be straight about all the horrible stuff we had to overcome, but things are better than ever.

Simone: Well, you have gone through hell, and you of anyone deserve a little touch of heaven.

Greenlee: I never knew life could be this great. I even have a friend who's not totally jealous and trying to take everything I have. That's my pattern.

Simone: I just want to be as good to you as you've been to me. I mean that, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Damn. I even have my dad back -- which, believe me, is a clear sign of divine intervention.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Hey, I have an idea for my campaign. We can call it "Love is all around."

Simone: Oh, yeah. Hello?

Roger: Where are you? I want to see you.

Simone: Uh --

Greenlee: Is that your hottie? Let me talk to him! Let me talk to him!

Simone: Oh Ė

David: Catching criminals in your spare time?

Anna: Oh, no. You know, look at this. Look. I think we could swing this. This is like a bungalow style.

David: Sounds great, but before we get into that --

Anna: Oh.

David: I want to know -- how do you feel about having a baby?

Anna: Um, I think that the overnight read is that we should maybe find a home before we think of filling it.

David: Oh, come on, Anna. If everybody waited for the perfect time to have a child, this place wouldn't even be populated.

Anna: What is up with you?

David: I'm ready for a new life, okay? My mother is locked up, I'm trying to start my own future, and I want to max out on it. So go ahead. Call me crazy.

Anna: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Anna: Oh.

David: No, no, no. Wait. I'll get it.

Bellman: International overnight.

David: Oh, great. Thanks. There you go.

Anna: It's from Dixie.

Tad: Hey! Morning, sport. How -- how you doing? You sleep okay? Um -- you hungry? You want some breakfast? Mama, how about some breakfast? Where's J.R.?

Opal: Well, J.R.'s in the kitchen. He's eating like a starving wolf. Um -- and, hey, you know, there's a whole pile of blueberry pancakes in there waiting for you. I hid them. They're in the oven under the tinfoil. Why don't you go look for them, hmm?

Tad: Thank you.

Opal: Yeah, I mean, I got up with the roosters to make you and the boys a big country breakfast, but it looks to me like whatever's in that envelope has stolen your appetite.

Tad: It's from Dixie.

Bianca: Kendall held you at gunpoint? My God, are you okay, Nm?

Erica: Yes, yes, honey. I'm not hurt.

Chris: The gun wasn't loaded, Bianca.

Erica: No. I didn't know that at the time, though. I mean, she terrorized me.

Chris: In a very cruel and frightening way, Kendall was trying to make a point.

Bianca: Did she succeed?

Erica: Only in proving that she is extremely troubled.

[Doorbell rings]

Erica: I think the very safest thing for us to do is just stay as far away from Kendall Hart as we can.

Simone: I'm in Greenlee's office.

Roger: Uh-oh. Bad timing.

Simone: Right.

Greenlee: That was your mystery man.

Simone: Okay, I want you to give me some tips at how I can get this job. I want to seal the deal.

Greenlee: He knows me, so --

Simone: You know, you had a great idea -- "Love is all around."

Greenlee: Okay, you told him who I am.

Simone: It's simple --

Greenlee: Are you afraid I won't approve? Because I'll be happy if you're happy.

Simone: He's just a guy.

Greenlee: He's your guy.

Simone: No, he's not! We -- he's nothing. We're not -- we haven't --

Greenlee: Yet. Is he, like, right under my nose?

Simone: You know, I want to get a head start on making a good impression.

Greenlee: So come clean to your new boss.

Simone: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Dish, right now.

Simone: Come on, this is so inappropriate.

Greenlee: Look, I don't care.

Simone: I do. I'm not comfortable.

Greenlee: Just tell me who he is!

Simone: Greenlee, stop it! Please, just lay off!

Opal: Um -- well, I suppose you want some privacy.

Tad: No. No, Mama, it's all right. I probably won't want to be alone after I read this anyway.

Opal: Well, my fanny's planted.

Tad: Here goes nothing. "Darling Tad --" is that "darling"?

Opal: That's "darling." Yes, that's "darling." Read.

Tad: That's -- that's, like, really good, right? That's a really good start.

Opal: It's a good start, yeah. Now, read it.

Tad: Oh, um -- "Darling Tad -- Let me start by saying I'm so sorry for the way that I left you and I hated doing it. I miss you and I think of you every single moment of every single day." That's -- whoo, that's -- that's really good, isn't it? That's really something.

Opal: That's really good.

Tad: Even though I left, you must know that I had my reasons, the biggest and the best -- a secret that I had to keep from you until now. Now that enough time has finally passed and things are -- things are beyond changing, I have news -- news that I hope will bring you happiness. A happiness that will outweigh the terrible pain of these last few months. And that when you hear it, then you'll want to share this joy with me forever."

Opal: Well, don't stop there, Tad. Keep reading. Tad? Tad, honey, are you all right?

Tad: She's -- she's pregnant.

Anna: I'm going to leave you alone with your urgent mail.

David: No, no, no, you sit right there. I'm going to read Dixieís letter out loud.

Anna: No --

David: I want to.

Anna: You don't have to do that.

David: I want to. "Dear David --"

Anna: Oh --

David: "There are no words to thank you for all that you've done for me. I truly owe you my life and now the life of my child. I'm now safely into my third trimester. As you know, that's a milestone for any pregnancy, but it's an especially sweet victory for me. Now, no one can argue that termination is best for my health, so I'm telling Tad the truth, that I'm pregnant with his child."

Anna: Oh, Tad's child.

David: "I'm asking him to forgive me, to take me back. My greatest hope is that Tad and I will raise our baby together."

Anna: How does that make you feel?

Kendall: I'm here to -- I'd like to talk to my sister.

Erica: Over my dead body.

Chris: Erica?

Erica: Chris?

Chris: Bianca? You want to talk to Kendall?

Bianca: Yes. In private.

Chris: Come on. Bianca will be just fine. Erica? She can handle Kendall.

Erica: Kendall is just going to try to get sympathy from her.

Chris: You can trust Bianca more than you already do.

Erica: What do you mean?

Chris: Well, you didn't tell Bianca all the facts, did you? Like why would Kendall be so mad at you to pull a gun?

Erica: Okay, I did something I shouldn't have done. I connived to get Kendall out of town. That is no excuse for her holding a gun on me.

Chris: Let's go. Let's leave them alone.

Kendall: Look, I know I've blown it with you, but I still want you to know that I'm really sorry about the champagne.

Bianca: It's not your fault.

Kendall: I never meant for you to get hammered, drive drunk, and bang up your head.

Bianca: I don't blame you for that.

Kendall: I almost died when I heard how hurt you were.

Bianca: Don't, okay? You tore your ticket this time.

Kendall: What?

Bianca: Take your apology and cram it.

Kendall: But, Bianca --

Bianca: Look, there is no way back for us anymore.

David: Well, I hope that Dixie and Tad find the happiness that we have.

Anna: Oh.

David: Listen to this part. "David, I am thrilled that you've found Anna and are starting a new life."

Anna: Well, what do you two do, E-mail each other what you have for breakfast?

David: Oh, come on. I was monitoring her heart condition while she was pregnant. I had to call her every couple of weeks.

Anna: Did you?

David: Yes, I did. And when you became Chief of Police and our elopement was made public, I told her that we were married. Do you have a problem with that?

Anna: You know, our marriage was a business arrangement, really. It wasn't even that. It was a legal maneuver. And now you want a baby?

David: All right, so what's your point?

Anna: Well, what does it mean?

David: Well, maybe it means that we've grown.

Anna: Yeah, by very strange twists and turns.

David: Well, who cares how we got to this place? It's real, Anna. Come on, I know you feel it.

Anna: I don't know if I can keep up with your needs.

David: You think my wanting a child is another thing that I need from you? You mean like another item on my list -- help me out with the grand jury, keep the DA off my back -- what, great sex and one baby. Is that it?

Anna: David, where are you going? David?

David: I'm going outside for some warm air. It's kind of cold in here.

Opal: Well, that Dixie is some letter writer.

Tad: Listen, listen, listen -- "I'm pregnant. When I found out I was carrying your child, I couldn't face you because I knew that you wouldn't want me to go through with the pregnancy, that you would be too worried about my heart. But now that I'm in my third trimester -- now that I'm in my third trimester and the worst danger has passed, and, frankly, there's no way out anymore, my doctors are very optimistic. Tad, I've had a sonogram and an amniocentesis, and our baby is perfect. And, Tad, I'm -- I'm having a girl."

Tad: "I'm having a girl. I only went through with our divorce because all I ever wanted to do is keep her. Now that I have, all I want to do is come home, if you can forgive me and if you can take me back."

Opal: And can you?

Greenlee: What buttons did I push, Simone? You totally overreacted.

Simone: I know, you're right. I'm sorry, really.

Greenlee: Daddy!

Roger: Congratulations on your new job.

Greenlee: Aah! I have a dad who brings me flowers. Thank you.

Roger: I thought I'd find you here all alone. Hello, Simone.

Simone: Hello.

Roger: I'm sorry -- were you two doing a magazine interview?

Greenlee: Simone's going to work with me.

Simone: If I get the job.

Greenlee: No, you will. You have to. We're going need to dish at least three times a day.

Roger: That much?

Greenlee: Simone's going to be my maid of honor. I told you that.

Roger: Well, I hope you'll save a dance for the father of the bride, Simone.

[Intercom beeps]

Greenlee: Oh -- my photo shoot. Wait for me, both of you.

Simone: Yes, mm-hmm.

Roger: Anything you say, Darling.

Simone: What are you, nuts?

Bianca: I was the one that told Mom to give you a break. I begged her to give you one more chance.

Kendall: I know, and that was so nice of you --

Bianca: It was so wrong!

Kendall: Erica was faking it the whole time. She never even tried to like me.

Bianca: You don't pull a gun on your own mother, Kendall!

Kendall: But listen --

Bianca: No matter what!

Kendall: You self-righteous little -- you are the same brat who poured ink all over my dress. The same troubled child who torched Mommy's house because she was paying too much attention to her latest boy toy!

Bianca: Kendall, you are so locked up in the past, it's frightening.

Kendall: What's scary is the way you're locked up -- back here with that manipulative pit bull of a mother!

Erica: Honey, you don't have to listen to any of Kendall's hatred.

Kendall: Go ahead, have a nice big, happy family breakfast. Pass the eggs and feel smug. To hell with anyone outside your pack. You're all the same.

Tad: Of course I'll take her back. Dixie still loves me.

Opal: Well, that part doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Tad: This is -- I mean, this is why she did it. She was pregnant the entire time. Mama, you don't understand. She left everything. She left everyone she knows.

Opal: Yep.

Tad: I got to do something. I got to find her. I got to let her know somehow. I just --

Opal: Well --

Tad: Can't figure out what.

Opal: What are you going to do? You can't just, what, hop a puddle-jumper to Paris? What?

Tad: No, I canít. Not -- what about Jamie? There's got to be something I can do stateside. Maybe Adam -- you know, he's got people all over the world that --

Opal: Now, Tad, just calm down, okay? Keep your wits about you, you know?

Tad: Calm down? Are you kidding? Mom, I'm going to have a baby!

Opal: You're having a baby!

Tad: Oh, my God, I'm going to have a baby. Do you remember? Do you remember? You always told me my whole life, when I was growing up -- no matter what happens, it always happens for a reason. No matter how bad it is --

Opal: That's right.

Tad: Sometimes you think you hurt so bad you can't take it.

Opal: That's right.

Tad: This is why.

Opal: That's right. It's only that belief that's kept me going more times than once.

Tad: This is why. She -- Dixieís going to have a baby.

Opal: Yeah.

Tad: I'm going to have a baby. I'm going to have a -- I'm going to have a daughter. I'm going to have a daughter.

Opal: Yes.

Tad: Okay, okay.

Opal: Tad, now, look, you just better go about your business. Do what you need to do.

Tad: I canít. What about Jamie?

Opal: Well, those boys are going to be eating pancakes well into the afternoon. I can keep them busy. Don't give it another thought.

Tad: Thank you, Mama.

Opal: I'll go take care of them right now. All right, all right. Be on your way, Honey.

Roger: I'm very proud of Greenlee's new job --

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Roger: And it's perfectly natural for me to bring her flowers --

Simone: Uh-huh.

Roger: And you have nothing to worry about.

Simone: We have plenty to worry about.

Roger: Like what?

Greenlee: Get me the proofs the second they're ready, okay? Thank you. Aw. You two getting better acquainted?

Roger: Simone is a fascinating young woman.

Simone: Your dad's great.

Greenlee: Oh, I'm going to have the best wedding!

Roger: Yes, you are.

Greenlee: I absolutely promise I will have a stellar dress for you. No froufrou -- something positively hot. And you are going to look incredibly handsome in your tux, walking me down the aisle.

Roger: It's going to be a very special day, Darling.

Greenlee: We'll all be together. My life is so perfect.

Ryan: I guess things didn't go so well with your mom.

Kendall: I didn't come here to see Erica. I came to see my sister.

Ryan: Oh.

Kendall: Don't worry. I know it's time to finally move on.

Ryan: Hey, look -- let me straighten this whole thing out, okay?

Kendall: You canít.

Ryan: Well, I can try.

Kendall: I don't know what to do with this -- with what you're offering me.

Ryan: Well, you can start by ringing the doorbell.

Ryan: Okay?

Ryan: Can we come in?

Erica: All right.

Ryan: Thank you. Ahem.

Officer: Kendall Hart?

Kendall: Me?

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