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All My Children Transcript Thursday 5/2/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Simone: Greenlee didn't notice anything?

Roger: Like how much I wanted to do this?

Erica: It's Greenlee Smythe. You have got to help me stop her.

Greenlee: Stop me? From doing what?

Mia: Thank you.

[Pine Valley Hospital]

Greenlee: "Stop Greenlee" sounds like a royal command. As if Kendall could ever pull that off on her best day, if she ever has one.

Erica: Greenlee, I was merely instructing Kendall to -- to help stop you from trying to upgrade your job description.

Kendall: Me, boss. You, flunky.

Greenlee: Erica, what is this really? You summoned me here to the hospital for a reason?

Erica: Please, Greenlee. I am in the middle of a business discussion with my daughter, and it doesn't include you.

[Greenlee's loft]

Roger: Simone, you haven't been out of my thoughts.

Simone: Yeah, well, Roger, you need to forget about that.

Roger: Have you?

Simone: We can't do this.

Roger: Thanks for not giving us away. Oh. Your eyes -- they're like two black diamonds.

Simone: Was us meeting here an accident?

Roger: Well, you do live in my daughter's building.

Simone: Yeah, but you said you didn't want her to find out.

Roger: Oh, Greenlee's too wrapped up in wedding plans to notice anything else.

Simone: You can't count on that.

Roger: We've managed so far. Simone, one night with you wasn't enough. Can this be our secret?

Greenlee: Did I stumble into a parallel universe?

Bianca: No, just my room, Greenlee. Go away.

Greenlee: Erica and Kendall are in a huddle. What the hell is going on around here?

Kendall: Erica, what's the deal with Greenlee?

Erica: It's Enchantment. Greenlee could bring down my entire company. And you are the only one who can help me stop her.

[Chandler Mansion]

Hayley: Yeah, my father told me that you needed the money for some sort of medical treatment for your son. I'm sorry to hear that.

Mia: Thanks.

Hayley: So, what's the rest of the story?

Mia: Well, I think you know all you need to, Hayley. I have to go.

Hayley: You can't answer a couple simple questions? You're just going to take the money and run?

Mia: Do you have a problem with that?

Hayley: Only if you're hiding something.

Mia: Well, I'm not. So get out of my way or I'm going to walk all over you.


[Phone rings]

Trey: Mia. Man: Where's my money, Kenyon?

Trey: I'm working on it.

Man: Work harder.

Trey: Look, I told you -- man: Deliver, or your double life is over.

Trey: Look, I need a little more time.

Man: You're walking a dead line.

Trey: I'll get the money! Now -- I'll call you back.

Trey: Damn it, Mia, where the hell are you?

Mia: My son is sick, ok? He's sick and he needs treatment and his adoptive parents can't pay for it. Can you understand that?

Hayley: I got the maternal instinct thing. Yeah, I can understand that.

Mia: And you would do anything?

Hayley: For my son? Yeah, I would do anything. Yeah. This is me protecting my family right now. I feel for your situation, but Adam and Liza have been through a really rough time lately.

Mia: And you think I'm using that? Ok. Are we done?

Hayley: No, just -- just answer a few questions about your son. What's wrong with him?

Mia: I -- I don't know all the details.

Hayley: Well, what is the medical condition?

Mia: Look, I don't know, ok? I just know that it's very serious.

Hayley: These generic answers of yours -- they really -- they're not helping your case or your credibility at all.

Mia: It's just all very touchy. I gave up my son, ok, and I'm sure that his adopted parents don't want me any more involved than I already am.

Hayley: So the only detail you managed to suck out of them was the price tag, right? That's the only detail -- the price?

[Liza and Adam enter the room]

Liza: What's going on?

Hayley: Nothing. I'm just getting to know the newest member of the tribe.

Adam: Mia's going through a rough time right now, Hayley.

Hayley: Yeah, well, life is rough. But if you ask me, her story's got stink all over it.

[ Bianca: Not that you would care, obviously, Greenlee, but I was in a car accident.

Greenlee: Oh. And Erica didn't insist you have your own private wing? Must be too busy playing kissy face with her firstborn. What is up with that anyway?

Bianca: Greenlee, are you feeling shaky?

Greenlee: No. You're the one who should be feeling shaky.

Bianca: You're the one who got demoted when my mother bumped Kendall into your position at Enchantment. I mean, I hear she even got your parking space.

Greenlee: It's a total rip-off. Kendall, a cosmetics mogul? Like her look doesn't scream total makeover. No, no. You know what? I'm not going to do this. Kendall cannot even bring me down today.

Bianca: Oh, yeah? What's so special about today?

Greenlee: Leo asked me to marry him.

Bianca: I knew he would. By the way, Greenlee, you have me to thank.

Greenlee: You? What did you do?

Bianca: Well, for some reason that I don't understand, Leo is crazy about you. And I was sick of watching him mope around all the time, so I gave him a major push in your direction.

Greenlee: Hmm. You give yourself way too much credit for what happens in other people's lives. Must be the Erica gene. But I'm not your Mom's dancing puppet anymore.

Kendall: Greenlee can't hold a thought for more than two seconds. How could she possibly take down Enchantment?

Erica: I have been keeping very close tabs on her for the last few weeks, and there is clear evidence that Greenlee is involved in corporate espionage.

Kendall: Really?

Erica: Greenlee has been in touch with a man from Revlon by the name of Schiraldi. Now, Schiraldi has been trying to infiltrate Enchantment and raid our research department for years, but no one would bite -- until now.

Kendall: Greenlee turned on you?

Erica: Schiraldi has approached Greenlee and has offered her a very high-profile position at Revlon if Greenlee will give him information on our new line.

Kendall: So Revlon will have one up on the competition.

Erica: Yes, exactly. And I have promised my stockholders that I will provide a financial turnaround. So if Revlon scoops us, then Greenlee Smythe just skyrockets right up there and we file Chapter 11.

Kendall: Oh, that ungrateful little spy. Well, what can we do to stop her?

Erica: Well, fortunately, Greenlee's access to any of our new products has been extremely limited. But Greenlee would kill to have access to the R&D file that houses all of our company's formulas and lays out all of our strategies.

Kendall: Well, where is this hot file?

Erica: It's in my office in that little locked cabinet that I showed you.

Kendall: What do you want me to do?

Erica: I want you to get that file and I want you to hide it. I want you to hide it someplace safe.

Kendall: Why can't you hide it yourself?

Erica: Because I'm so involved with the Bianca situation. Here's the key. I want you to guard this information with your life, Kendall.

Kendall: I will. I promise I will.

Erica: I'm trusting you with everything here.

Kendall: I won't let you down, Erica.

Kendall's voice: Hello, Revlon.

Erica's voice: Au revoir, Kendall.

Liza: I don't really like you attacking my sister, Hayley.

Hayley: Well, a few logical questions is hardly an attack, I think.

Liza: Mia and her son's medical condition are none of your business.

Hayley: This family is my business. And if she wants to be a part of it --

Liza: She is a part of it.

Hayley: That's it? No questions asked?

Liza: No questions asked.

Winifred: Oh, excuse me. Hayley: Oh, Enzo!

What's the matter? I thought you were with Uncle Stuart and Colby.

[Enzo cries]

Winifred: Oh, Mr. Stuart came up from the gatehouse and he said that Enzo's been feeling a little bit fussy. It's ok.

Hayley: Will you get his blue blankie for me?

Winifred: I'll be just a minute.

Hayley: What's the matter, big boy?

Adam: Does he have a fever?

Hayley: No. Uh-uh.

[Enzo fusses]

Liza: Oh.

Hayley: No fever. What's wrong? Is your belly upset? Is your belly upset? What's the matter, Mijo?

Liza: Oh.

Hayley: What's wrong, Mijo?

Liza: It's ok.

Hayley: What's wrong? Look at mommy's face.

Mia: You're good with him.

Hayley: He's my boy.

[Enzo cries]

Mia: You'd probably do anything for him.

Hayley: Yeah, anything.

Mia: Give up your own life?

Hayley: In a heartbeat.

Mia: Would you trade love like that for money? Would you make up some life-threatening illness for money? Because, you know, there are some things in this life that you just don't lie about. My son's future is one of them.

[Greenlee rushes past Erica in the hospital corridor]

Erica: Greenlee, where do you think you're going?

Greenlee: Home. I've got a wedding to plan.

Erica: Well, that can wait. I need you.

Greenlee: Sorry, I'm booked. But I'm sure Kendall will gladly twist herself inside out for you.

Erica: I am sure that Kendall will gladly try to bury me. In fact, I'm counting on it.

Greenlee: So that warm mother/daughter confab --

Erica: That was just part of the act.

Greenlee: Oh, right, the setup -- you demote me and humiliate me, but it's really Kendall that you're after.

Erica: Greenlee, you have been playing your part beautifully.

Greenlee: You know what? Show biz isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm sick of this charade. So sick I'm going to go by Enchantment on my way home and clean out my crawl space.

Erica: No! You can't possibly go anywhere near Enchantment.

Greenlee: Now I'm banned from the premises?

Erica: Look, I have put the final phase of my plan into action. Kendall's on her way right now to my office to -- to get this file.

Greenlee: What, another test?

Erica: Yes, one that Kendall can't possibly pass. And once she fails this, we get our lives back to normal.

Greenlee: You know, Erica, if you want me onboard, I need details.

Erica: Ok. I have set Kendall up to steal some corporate trade secrets, get them from the R&D file in my office.

Greenlee: So, security catches her in the act and kicks her bony butt to the curb?

Erica: Hmm, better -- Kendall sells those trade secrets from Enchantment to the competition.

Greenlee: And you know this because?

Erica: Because Kendall can't possibly pass up an opportunity to try to ruin me.

Greenlee: You know, I don't smell a win here, Erica. Kendall gets rich and you're out of business.

Erica: Uh-uh. Kendall gets hired up by the competition. Look, Revlon is after a young dynamo. So once Kendall gives them my trade secrets, they're going to hire her up on the spot and they are going to ship her to Paris. So Kendall hart will be nothing but a dim, faded memory.

[Greenlee remembers finding the flowers from Revlon that Erica tried to hide]

Greenlee: Oh, Erica. So that's what you've been hiding from me. Revlon wants me.

[Greenlee giggles]

Greenlee: Once again, Erica, you've got it all scoped out.

Erica: I told you to trust me. This is working exactly as I had planned.

Greenlee: Not quite, Erica. Not quite.

[Erica's Enchantment office]

Kendall: You miscalculated this time, mother -- handing me the key to your own downfall.

Ryan: Way to go, Kendall. You are so busted.

Simone: Roger -- that night that I spent with you, I was in a really bad place.

Roger: So was I.

Simone: I was so lost.

Roger: I know. So was I.

Simone: I -- I had just found out that Proteus set me up.

Roger: We were both used.

Simone: Yeah, but I -- I gave information that got a man shot. I mean, Chris Stamp was close to dying because of me.

Roger: And my connection to Vanessa got someone killed. That's what brought us together.

Simone: I remember. You were in the dark corner at the end of the bar.

Roger: Drowning in the bottom of my shot glass. And then something drew me to you. Are you sorry?

Simone: No. Roger, you helped put me back together that night.

Roger: I -- I just listened, that's all. All that self-hatred sounded very familiar.

Simone: You understood and you didn't judge, even though I'm sure you felt sorry for me.

Roger: Oh. Believe me, Simone, what I felt was far from pity. You got to believe me.

Simone: Yeah, and two hours and a bottle of Chardonnay later, we wound up in bed. How easy am I?

Roger: Don't. We were both in a very lonely place that night.

Simone: It was exactly what I needed -- then. It can't happen again.

Roger: You know, I -- I don't want you to feel guilty about this. This all happened long before you really got to know her.

Simone: Well, I don't want to be sneaking around her back with her father. I mean, come on.

Roger: I've hurt Greenlee more than I can ever admit, and I made a vow to myself it would never happen again. But there's something very selfish about me.

Simone: Well, this is all new for me.

Roger: I find that very hard to believe -- a woman as desirable and beautiful as you are?

Simone: Yeah, right. Men are just beating down my door.

Roger: In a world that made sense, they would, yes.

Simone: Well, when has this world ever made sense?

Roger: Since the day you walked into my life.

Simone: Please, Roger, don't start something.

Roger: It's started already. You feel it, too, don't you?

Simone: But Greenlee --

Roger: I'm not going to hurt Greenlee. But this feels too good to throw away, to let it slip away.

Simone: What we want isn't the same as what we can have.

Roger: I want to ask you something. When was the last time that you did something just for yourself, hmm? Aren't you tired of watching your friends fall in love? I mean, you come home after a long day, you turn on the lights to an empty apartment, you feed your cat, you pour yourself a glass of wine, then you turn on the television and the news is your companion? Don't you wish yourself a love of your own?

[Roger kisses Simone]

Simone: Please, stop.

Roger: I'm not sure I can. I'm not sure you want me to.

[Greenlee returns to the loft but doesn't see Simone and Roger kissing]

Greenlee: Erica is completely impossible.

Simone: You know, I think I should go.

Greenlee: No, no, Simone. I want you to hear this. You, too, Daddy. Come here.

Roger: Oh, all right.

Greenlee: Sit down.

Greenlee: Look at me. Do have a sign on me that says "yank my chain"? Do I look like a total fool?

Simone: No, no.

Roger: Of course not.

Greenlee: Then why do people think they can fake me out and get away with it?

Roger: This h something to do with Erica, huh?

Greenlee: Daddy, it's all about Erica -- her endless wants, her bottomless needs. You know, when I took this job at Enchantment, I had no idea that she was going to leave me completely out of the loop.

Simone: Well, Greenlee, what happened?

Greenlee: Erica's mission in life is to get rid of Kendall, the wicked.

Roger: Well, that's what you want, isn't it?

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. Yeah. If I had a magic wand, I would zap that skinny slut straight back to her trailer park in the Everglades.

Simone: But Kendall's not that easy for you to get rid of.

Greenlee: Oh, no, no, no, no. She's like allergies or waxy yellow buildup. Now, Erica thinks she has a plan to get rid of Kendall.

Roger: So, what's the problem?

Greenlee: I'm the only means to an end, only I wasn't in on the plan. Could Erica just come to me and ask for help? No. She had to lie and manipulate me. It's a complete lack of faith. I mean, who needs that? You either trust me with the truth or I walk. You know, thank God I have people in my life I can really count on.

[Simone and Roger exchange guilty looks]

Kendall: Ryan, it's ok. I'll step away quietly.

Ryan: I caught you in the act.

Kendall: It's not what you think.

Ryan: Maybe it is. You're trying to help Erica out so she can spend more time at the hospital and see Bianca.

Kendall: Well, it's my job.

Ryan: What are you -- it's a huge growth spurt for you. Two months ago, you would have been all about sabotage, and now you're actually trying to help your mother's business?

Kendall: Well, Erica believes in me.

Ryan: Yeah, well, she's not the only one. Hmm.

Kendall: So, what are you -- what are you doing here?

Ryan: I'm here to lend a helping hand.

Kendall: Well, that's sweet.

Ryan: What do you want me to do? Put me to work. Come on. What do you want me to -- alphabetize something? L-M-N-O. Come on. I'm not as dumb as I look.

Kendall: No, Ryan -- Ryan, it's ok. It's all right. I can -- I can do this myself.

Ryan: Aha. You want to prove yourself to her.

Kendall: Something like that, yeah.

Ryan: I'm really proud of you. Really, I hope she appreciates what you're doing.

Kendall: I'm sure she will.

Ryan: Yeah. Hey, don't forget we have dinner with Chris and Erica.

Kendall: Right. Actually, I might have some good news to share tonight.

Ryan: I like good news. I'll get some champagne and I'll put it on ice, ok? Ok.

Kendall: Ok.

Ryan: I'll see you later.

Kendall: Ok.

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: He believes in me. Why can't you, mother? The only thing that you want from me is to help protect your -- your two children, your two favorite children -- Bianca and this stupid company. I want you to know how much it hurts to be used and discarded. You're only getting what you deserve. [Kendall opens the safe and removes the files]

Kendall: Ryan will understand.

[Enzo cries]

Hayley: His teeth are coming in.

Winifred: Oh, I'll take him.

Hayley: So can you take him and get his little binky?

Winifred: Oh, Enzo, Enzo, Enzo. Come on, Sweetie.

[Enzo cries]

Hayley: Look, our situations are hardly the same.

Mia: Well, we both have sons. Do you think because I gave up my son that we're not still connected? There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about him. I see him in every little boy on the playground going down the slide. I see him in every little kid. And just because he's not in my life doesn't -- doesn't mean that he's not my life. The bond -- the bond is forever.

Adam: Hayley? Sweetheart, I had my doubts, believe me. But Liza and I agree -- Mia is strictly on the level.

Hayley: Well, look, Dad, you know? Forgive me for having my doubts, ok, but I don't want to add any misery to anybody's life here, ok?

Liza: Then just stop this.

Hayley: Is it that hard for you to understand my feelings here with Mia, who shows up out of nowhere and is suddenly this instant member of the family? And then there's, out of nowhere, a child, a sick child, and she needs money. Can you understand why a few alarm bells might ring for me?

Liza: Well, Hayley, no offense, but you really haven't been around much.

Hayley: Well, I'm sorry. My life's been a little crazy lately.

Liza: Well, you know what? My life hasn't been a picnic, either, and I have to honestly tell you my sister's been there for me.

Hayley: Well, that's great.

Liza: Look, she took over this family when I was in the hospital. She spent every night here with Colby so Colby wouldn't be afraid. She's the reason that I'm home from the hospital. She convinced the doctors that I should recuperate at home. She took all the stress and the worry on herself so I could focus on getting better. And you know what? If she took off tomorrow with $20,000 in her pocket, there's a small part of me that would say that she earned it.

Mia: Hayley, look at your beautiful son. I mean, he's probably had nothing more serious than a sniffle -- thank God. But you were there for him, and I can't be there for my son. I can't comfort him and tell him that everything's going to be ok. I can't do that. All I can do is -- is pray for him and send money.

Hayley: You know, Mia, maybe your intentions are good, ok, but what about the parents -- the adoptive parents? I mean, maybe their intentions aren't on the up and up. How can you know for sure?

Mia: I don't know, but I don't think so.

Hayley: You don't think so, but you don't know for sure.

Mia: Look, when I gave up my son, I gave a part of myself. I have to believe that he's with good people. I have to believe that. I have to believe that he needs this money if he's going to live.

Hayley: What if there was something more? What if there was something more that you could give to your son than money?


[Phone rings]

Man: Your time's up.

Trey: Look, my contact's running a little late.

Man: That's your problem, not mine.

Trey: I've got half the money. We can meet in an alley behind this club, the SOS., on North Street.

Man: What's this "half" crap?

Trey: Look, I'll cut you a deal. Now, I can get my hands on the money, but you got to do something for me first.

Man: Like what?

Trey: There's this guy standing in my way. Now, you take care of him and we'll both cash in.

Hayley: Do you remember when Enzo was born and you flew in that world-class specialist to check on him?

Liza: So you're suggesting that Adam do the same thing for Mia.

Hayley: Get her the best doctor available.

Adam: And have him treat Mia's son.

Liza: Well, that makes sense.

Hayley: It'll cost more than 20 grand, but the kid will have a fighting chance.

Liza: What do you think?

Mia: I think -- I think that I have been blessed with the most generous, wonderful, wonderful family.

Adam: I'll take that as a yes.

Mia: Yes, yes! Thank you so much, yes.

Adam: All right. I'll contact Dr. Hani and have him flown here on my private jet.

Mia: Ok. Oh, before I forget -- here.

[Mia returns the $20,000 check to Adam]

Adam: Oh.

Liza: Well, Hayley, I hope that this proves that my sister was not in it just for the money.

Mia: So I should -- I should get a hold of William's parents and let them know about this specialist.

Liza: I'll -- I'll walk you out.

Mia: Ok. Thank you so much.

Adam: Are you satisfied?

Hayley: Not really.

Adam: You still don't trust Mia?

Hayley: I'm sorry. Call me cynical, but there is something about her -- as Uncle Trevor would say -- that just doesn't strike 12. I'm going to go check on Enzo.

Simone: Well, it's late. I'd better go.

Greenlee: What's the rush? You got a date? Huh? You got a date?

Simone: No, no, no, no. I just -- I've been putting off making that call to the publisher to let them know that Leo bailed on the book deal.

Greenlee: I hope you don't hold that against me.

Simone: Would I agree to be your maid of honor if I did?

[Greenlee squeals]

Greenlee: Tomorrow, we can go out and try on dresses.

Simone: Good, good. All right, I'll call you.

Roger: Thanks for the help, Simone.

Simone: Same here. Bye.

Roger: Nice girl.

Greenlee: Yeah, Simone's cool. I don't know. Did she seem a little stressed out to you?

Roger: I didn't notice. I'm too concerned about you, Darling.

Greenlee: Me?

Roger: I don't like the way Erica's taking advantage of you.

Greenlee: You know, when she told me she thought of me as a daughter, I was flattered. But then if you look at the way she treats her real kids, I should have run for the hills.

Roger: Ok. What can I do?

Greenlee: Thanks, Daddy, but Erica is my problem and I've got to solve it my way.

Roger: What's your plan?

Greenlee: I'm going to follow through on my promise to Leo.

Roger: "Promise"?

Greenlee: Yeah -- totally revamp my life. No more snapping to because Erica crooks her little finger. There's a new number one in my life, Daddy, and you're looking at her. From now on, I only do things that make me happy.

Roger: Well, I applaud your efforts. Good luck on going toe-to-toe with Erica.

Greenlee: Oh, I'm not going to Erica.

Roger: No?

Greenlee: No. I've set my sights higher. And if that's bad for Erica, just going to be too bad.

[Bianca's hospital room]

Erica: I remember when you were a little girl, and any little tiny cut or scrape you had, how you wanted to have a band-aid.

Bianca: Yeah, the kind with the cartoons all over them.

Erica: Exactly. And you would just -- just plaster them all over yourself, you know, from head to toe. Do you remember that picture of you sitting on Santa's lap?

Bianca: Oh, yes -- the one with the big band-aid on my nose.

Erica: Yeah. Oh, it drove me crazy, but Grandma had such good advice. She told me that I should give in on the little things because things would just get much more complicated when you got older.

Bianca: Grandma knew.

Erica: You have your bandage. And you're not a little girl anymore. But, Bianca, I will never outgrow my need to take care of you. I hope you can understand. Oh, I just -- I would love it if you would come home.

Bianca: Mom --

Erica: Bianca, please. Just let me finish. This accident taught me something so important -- that some things are not better left unsaid. So I need to tell you -- I'm so sorry, honey. I'm so sorry for anything that I might have said or done that would upset you. And I would just give anything if I could have another chance, if I could have a chance to try to make it up to you. Please, will you just come on home with me? And if it doesn't work out, you can go right back to Myrtle's. I won't be hurt. I will understand. It's just --

Bianca: Mom!

Erica: The house seems really empty --

Bianca: Mom, Mom -- can I get word in in this century? Yes.

Erica: Yes?

Bianca: Yes. I've really, really missed you. Yes, I want to come home.

Mom, I -- I left because -- because of Frankie. I just -- I just didn't know what to do. But I don't want to punish you for trying to protect me, and -- I need my Mom.

Erica: Oh. You have your Mom, Sweetheart. I will protect you, and, oh, I'm going to make sure that Kendall never hurts you again.

Roger: Valley Florist? Yes, I'd like to send a dozen white roses to Ms. Simone Torres, 718 Valley Road, Apartment 3-G. Payment? Just a minute.

[Roger uses one of Greenlee's credit cards]

Roger: Payment -- charge, of course.

Adam: Is Enzo all right?

Hayley: Yeah, he's just tired, you know.

Adam: Hayley, what is it exactly that you don't trust about Mia?

Hayley: I don't know. She sure didn't waste any time making herself right at home.

Adam: She's Liza's sister.

Hayley: Yeah, the same woman who showed up here out of nowhere and tried to use Liza and Marian as human ATM machines.

Adam: All right, I know, I know. That was before.

Hayley: Before the reform? When? How? What happened? When did I miss the big family hug-fest? What do you know about this woman?

Adam: What do I know? I know she's been a wonderful friend to Liza and Colby adores her. That's enough for me.

Hayley: Uh-huh. It's really unlike you to be so accepting.

Adam: Well, yeah. I had my doubts, believe me. But they're gone now.

Hayley: Great. Well, if it's all the same to you, I'm going to hang on to my doubts till we see what Mia's next move is.


Mia: I'm sorry I'm late.

Trey: Mia, what the hell took you so long?

Mia: If you hear my news, you won't be so mad at me.

Trey: You've got the money, right?

Mia: Trey, listen. Adam and Liza are going to pay for a specialist to fly in and take care of my son. So we don't need the cash anymore.

Bianca: Mom, come on. I mean, the drinking and driving was my stupid mistake, not Kendall's.

Erica: No, you're right, Honey. Of course you're right. It wasn't entirely Kendall's fault. Blaming her is, I guess, a reflex.

Bianca: Mom, you got to get over that.

Erica: I will. I will. We don't have to worry about Kendall anymore.

[Kendall enter a office at Revlon - she sees someone, in a chair, with their back to the door]

Kendall: Excuse me. Your assistant told me to come in.

[The chair spins around to face Kendall]

Kendall: Greenlee?

Greenlee: You're too late, Honey. It's not our policy here at Revlon to hire trailer trash.

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Erica: Thank God I'm rid of her.

Chris: Rid of who?

Greenlee: I figured you were smart. Was I wrong. You've been played, girlfriend -- twice.

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