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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 4/30/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Man: You got one week to come up with the 50 thou.

Trey: I'm sorry to bother you, but I've got to see you. It's about the baby.

Liza: We don't want to be together. Neither one of us does.

Nurse: Ms. Montgomery's in cubicle one.

Jake: Well, I actually got these to go in my cereal, but you just can't beat strawberries dipped in chocolate. There you go. I'm really glad you're here. You sure you ok?

Mia: Jake, I'm sorry. I'm just a little off tonight, that's all.

Jake: Well, does it have anything to do with that unimportant phone call?

Mia: Why do you say that?

Jake: I mean, because if it does, just turn this phone off and we won't have any more distractions or interruptions. That ok?

[Turns phone off]

Jake: Now, where were we?

Mia: Chocolate as a mood elevator.

Jake: Don't say "elevator." It reminds me of that new neighbor, Kenyon. I'm really glad you're here. To us.

[Knock on door]

Mia: Hope that's not Greenlee.

Jake: No, no, no, I'm sure it's not Greenlee. Oh, Kenyon, what the hell do you want?

Trey: We've got major trouble.

Adam: Liza, I came down to check on you. You weren't in your bed.

Liza: I'm here.

Adam: Can't sleep?

Liza: No.

Adam: You're still angry with me? Liza, damn it, I love you. There's something's wrong between us, and we're going to fix it right now.

[At the hospital]

Erica: Bianca? Bianca?

Bianca: Mom, just go away, please.

Doctor: Ma'am, I'll have to ask you to wait outside.

Erica: No, no, I won't wait outside. This is my daughter. She was in an accident. She was in a car accident.

Joe: Erica, Erica, let us talk outside.

Erica: Joe, Bianca --

Joe: She's in good hands. I can answer your questions. Come on.

Erica: Bianca, Honey, I'll be right outside, Sweetheart. If you need me, I'll be right there.

Chris: How's Bianca?

Kendall: Is she going to be ok?

Erica: Is she? Is she going to be all right, Joe?

Joe: Bianca's going to be fine. She may have a slight concussion, but that's all. The facial laceration --

Erica: The facial laceration -- oh, my God, Joe. Is she going to be scarred?

Erica: Joe, her face, her beautiful face --

Joe: Erica, I assure you, the cut is superficial.

Erica: It is superficial? Will she need stitches?

Joe: No, no. They're just going to clean the wound and just dress it with a bandage.

Erica: Will there be scarring?

Joe: No, nothing permanent. But, you know, you never should have burst in the way you did.

Erica: I know. I'm sorry. I'm sure that I scared her more.

Joe: Well, as a parent, I understand how you feel.

Erica: Joe, will you go in to her, please? Please, will you go in to her and reassure her? Tell her the same things that you told me, that she's, you know, going to be fine and that beautiful face of hers -- it's going to be just as perfect as it's ever been.

Joe: Yes, I will do that. I will also tell her she's very lucky to be alive.

Ryan: Joe's right. It could have been a lost worse.

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. Bianca's going to be fine.

Erica: I think that I'm going to fly in Dr. Fascinella from Brazil. He's the finest plastic surgeon in the world.

Chris: Did you hear what Joe said? She doesn't need surgery, the wound is superficial, she's going to heal all on her own.

Erica: Yeah, well, it doesn't hurt to bring in an expert.

Chris: Erica, Erica, listen to me. The first call you should make is to an attorney.

Erica: An attorney?

Chris: Yeah. You see that officer standing there? Bianca was DUI. He's going to wait for the results of the blood alcohol levels. If she fails, he's going to write her up and probably arrest her.

Erica: Oh, please, Chris, don't you think that she's been through enough?

Chris: Erica, driving under the influence is serious stuff.

Erica: I know that. I know that, but can you do something?

Chris: Well, like what?

Erica: Can you talk to him? Can you use your connections?

Chris: Best -- best I can do is get him to delay the process.

Erica: All right, that's fine. Please, please do that.

Chris: Ok, but, Erica, Bianca is in trouble. No two ways about it. So let's just give thanks to the guy upstairs that she's ok.

Erica: Oh, I do. Believe me, I do.

Chris: All right. I'll see what I can work out.

Erica: I'm grateful for you, too, Chris.

Kendal well, now that we know Bianca's ok, maybe we should just split. let's get out of everyone's way.

Erica: No way. You are not running out of here. You did this to Bianca.

Liza: Yelling at me isn't helping.

Adam: Liza, I know you think I'm out to get you, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Liza: Truth.

Adam: Mia and I talked before you came home.

Liza: About me?

Adam: I -- I know why you were so hostile toward me at the hospital.

Liza: Really?

Adam: You knew that I was -- I wanted to get you declared mentally incompetent.

Liza: You think I'm unstable?

Adam: Liza, Liza, listen to me. You're in serious trouble. The SEC has launched an investigation into your activities when you were co-chair of Chandler Enterprises. Huge sums of money had disappeared on your watch. They're unaccounted for.

Liza: You think I'm a thief.

Adam: No, of course not. I know you're not a thief, so obviously, your actions were dictated by the tumor. But the SEC is in no mood to be lenient about this. You may be facing criminal charges. So my primary concern is to protect you. Protecting you is my only motive.

Liza: All you want is what is best for me?

Adam: Yes, I'm trying to protect you, damn it! Liza, I'm through tiptoeing around you on this because I think you're strong enough now to accept it and to understand it and our love is strong enough to survive it. I believe that. Do you?

Trey: Hey, I'm sorry to crash your evening.

Jake: What is your problem now?

Trey: Well, I was working downstairs, and I thought I smelled gas.

Jake: In your apartment? Trey: No, no, no. I checked it out. I thought maybe it was coming from up here.

Jake: It's not.

Trey: Well, you might want to check your hookup, anyway, just in case.

Jake: I'll be right back.

Trey: I told you I wanted to see you.

Mia: Trey, what is wrong with you?

Trey: I don't like it when people hang up on me.

Mia: Let go. You're hurting me.

Trey: We need to talk about William.

Mia: Who?

Trey: That's right. You don't know his name -- William. Little Billy -- the kid you gave up.

Mia: Why are you doing this?

Trey: Not here. Blow off the doctor and meet me downstairs.

Jake: There is no problem with the gas hookup. Thanks for the false alarm. Mia, what's wrong?

Mia: Oh, God, Jake, I completely forgot. Colby and I -- we have this bedtime story ritual thing that we do.

Jake: Yeah, it's late and I'm sure she's in bed right now. Now tell me what's bothering you.

Trey: I bet she's just the kind of person that hates to let someone down. Sorry for the false alarm. You two guys get back to your strawberries.

Jake: That guy's got a problem. Who knows? Maybe he's just lonely. What is it?

Mia: Sorry, Jake, I can't do this. I'm sorry.

Jake: No, Mia, tell me what it is.

Mia: No, I just -- I really have this feeling that Liza and Colby need me right now.

Jake: Ok, all right, well, you just call them, then.

Mia: I have to go. Oh, now, please understand.

Jake: I'm trying to understand this. I don't get it.

Mia: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

[Mia runs out of Jake's loft]

Jake: Mia?

Trey: Finally.

Mia: Trey, what is your problem?

Trey: Sorry for coming on so strong.

Mia: Look, I don't appreciate being manhandled.

Trey: I said I'm sorry. It's just this whole thing has got me so crazed.

Mia: What thing? You know my son's name. How is that possible?

Trey: I couldn't just write it off, you know, like you did after the adoption, so I kept tabs on William and his new family.

Mia: You told me to walk away and never look back.

Trey: And you did it. You handed him right off. But I couldn't. I tried, but the kid just kept pulling me back.

Mia: Why are you telling me this? I mean, I thought that we did everything that we had to do and that my baby -- that William was in a good home with loving parents, and you told me that I did the right thing.

Trey: You did what you had to do. Things don't always work out the way you plan. Like now.

Mia: What? Why? What's wrong?

Trey: There's no easy way to break this, Mia.

Mia: Trey, tell me. Is there something wrong with my son?

Trey: He's in trouble and he's going to need all the help you can give him.

Liza: You -- you have no idea. My husband, plotting that I'm an unfit mother.

Adam: Oh, Liza, you're a wonderful mother. This is strictly legal maneuvering, that's all.

Liza: I don't trust lawyers.

Adam: I don't either. Just trust me.

Liza: I -- I want to.

Adam: Good. That's good. Now, here's the deal -- we have you declared unstable or whatever it takes to get you off the hook with the SEC. Then, Dr. McMillan re-examines you and declares you perfectly competent.

Liza: Just like that?

Adam: Just like that. Just like that. The tumor caused this. The tumor is gone. Liza, you have to put yourself in my hands. In the name of love, in the name of everything we've been to each other, everything we've survived together, our love has survived. It's all been for a reason. And that reason is us. It's you and me and Colby. I believe that beyond any shadow of a doubt. All you have to do is trust me. Can you do that?

Kendall: You know what, Erica? I have had it up to here with your attitude and your accusations.

Erica: What happened here tonight to Bianca, that is your fault. I hold you personally responsible for that.

Kendall: Here we go.

Erica: Bianca could have been killed when her car ran off the road.

Kendall: And that's my fault? I wasn't behind that wheel. I didn't flag her down and run her off the road.

Erica: You gave an underage girl two bottles of champagne.

Kendall: But I didn't pour it down her throat. It's not like I forced her to drink it at gunpoint.

Erica: So you bear no responsibility for what happened to Bianca tonight?

Kendall: Bianca made a choice to drink and drive. It was a stupid choice, but she owns it, not me.

Erica: You have no responsibility in this whatsoever?

Kendall: When, when is all of this going to stop being my fault? When are the scales going to tip in my favor?

Erica: This is not about you, Kendall you are so clueless. You have no idea what you did to Bianca tonight.

Ryan: Erica, we understand that you're upset, but I think Kendall's --

Kendall: Ryan, Ryan, don't explain me to her, don't, because she's not going to understand that I can clean up my own messes. I can take care of myself because I don't have a choice.

Erica: Oh, you have made so many choices, Kendall.

Kendall: I don't have a mother who lives to protect me and keep me safe.

Erica: Yes, you do. You have a wonderful mother and father who took beautiful care of you, who adopted you --

Kendall: So tell me something. So tell me something, Mother, then. If it were me in there instead of your precious, beautiful Bianca would you have come running like your whole life depended on it? Would you cry from relief because I'm not a scar-faced wreck? Would you make it so that the big bad cop wasn't mean to me? Huh? No. No, of course not. Of course you wouldn't. No way in hell. You know why? Because you don't give a damn!

Erica: I've known that you want to hurt Bianca. I have known that for a long time. You wanted to hurt her, and I know that you were planning something really horrible, and tonight you saw your chance and you took it, so don't play innocent with me, Kendall, because I know you so much better than this. You gave her that champagne. You hoped that she would get drunk. You know she got behind the wheel of the car. You wanted this for her tonight. You wanted at least this much to happen to her tonight.

Kendall: Erica, would it kill you to know that Bianca and I have actually been getting along?

Erica: I see. So giving her all that champagne -- that was an act of sisterhood?

Kendall: Hello! Bianca is not kid!

Chris: Hey, hey --

Kendall: She's not a kid anymore. When are you going to see that?

Chris: Hey. Do you think this is Madison Square Garden? Now, pipe down, the both of you. You want Bianca to hear you?

Kendall: Well, like she doesn't know the score? You know what, Erica, if you don't cut the cord soon, you're just going to strangle on it.

Chris: All right, that's enough. Ryan, why don't you take Rocky to her corner over there till she cools off.

Opal: Erica, oh, Erica, Myrt called me with the news. Tell me Bianca is ok.

Chris: Erica, why don't you bring Opal up to speed. Opal, you make sure she stays away from Kendall. I'm going to go inside and talk to Dr. Martin.

Kendall: Look at her over there, Ryan. She's still in fight mode.

Ryan: All right, all right, forget about Erica.

Kendall: You know what? If I were in fire, she wouldn't even spit on me to save my life, but Bianca --

Ryan: Kendall, Kendall, stop.

Kendall: What?

Ryan: Stop beating yourself up about Erica and Bianca, all right?

Kendall: Yeah, but she thinks that it's my fault, that it's my fault for Binky crashing on Route 23.

Ryan: I understand that. She's out of line, no doubt about it, all right? But why don't you just cut her a break?

Kendall: Oh, like she deserves one?

Ryan: She's freaked out about Bianca. She's freaked out.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, ok, tell me another news flash.

Ryan: But sometimes people say things that they don't mean when they're all stressed. You know that.

Kendall: But Erica meant every nasty word.

Ryan: All right, well, did you know that she was in an accident herself a couple of years ago? Her face got all sliced up.

Kendall: Yeah, I know, but she had her wonderful, brilliant plastic surgeons to just make her look perfect again, and then she launched a new cosmetic line. Wow, that's some tragedy.

Ryan: My point is her seeing Bianca probably flashed her back to her own accident.

Kendall: Well, does that give her a right to treat me like a punching bag?

Ryan: No. It doesn't. I'm just saying, give her a little space, give her some time to cool off and to process everything. That's all.

Kendall: And then what? Then what? She'll come crawling back to me with an apology?

Ryan: I don't know. Maybe not, but I do know that things were getting better. Am I right? You and Erica, me and Chris -- we were learning how to live each other without trying to kill them, right? So for your sake, don't blow that off.

Erica: That Kendall is snowing Ryan. But she's really just the same. You know, she's just as vicious and destructive as she's always been.

Opal: Well, I guess your plan to kill Kendall with kindness is shot to shinola, huh?

Erica: Are you kidding? Oh, no. I am more determined than ever to get Kendall out of our lives.

Opal: Even if it means smiling while you sidle up to that rattlesnake?

Erica: You just watch me, Opal. I can do anything I set my mind to do.

Chris: Erica, I -- I have some news that might put a smile on your face. Someone inside wants to talk to you.

Erica: Bianca?

Mia: You're scaring me.

Trey: I hate it as much as you do, Mia. William's sick.

Mia: What?

Trey: And I don't mean kid-stuff sick. He's dangerously ill. His adoptive parents called me and asked for help. And I thought you should know.

Mia: Yes. Thank you for telling me. I want to help. I mean, what's wrong with him?

Trey: I don't know all the details, but his life is on the line.

Mia: Oh, God, Trey, we can't let him die. I mean, what can I do? How can I help?

Trey: There's treatment available, and if William gets it, he's got a fighting chance to make it.

Mia: Ok. Ok, ok, so then we'll just get him that treatment.

Trey: The thing is the cost of the treatment runs about $20,000.

Mia: 20 Grand? Trey, where am I going to get my hands on that kind of money?

Trey: What about your sister, Liza?

Liza: I trust you. I'm sorry.

Adam: No, no, no. I will always look after you. Always.

Liza: Well, ok.

Adam: Yeah. Nothing can ever harm you or Colby, never. Now, doesn't this feel better? You and me back on the same side again?

Liza: We're the same.

Adam: Yes. Together we're invincible. Invincible. But, Darling, we do have another battle ahead of us.

Liza: Tell me what to do.

Adam: All right. Liza, I want you to think real hard and try to remember what you did with the company funds. Where is the money, Liza?

[Liza remembers talking to Mia about the money]

Liza: That's for Colby. Thank you.

Liza: I'm sorry. I have no idea where the money is.

Mia: Trey, I can't touch that money. It's not mine. It's Liza's.

Trey: Liza gave you power of attorney. You can spend it however you want.

Mia: It's for Colby, for her future.

Trey: At least she's got one. What about your own son? If he doesn't get that money, he doesn't have a fighting chance.

Mia: There must be some other way.

Trey: The treatment is the only shot. If he doesn't get it, he'll die.

Mia: No.

Trey: Listen to me, Mia. You gave him life and you can give it to him again. 20 grand doesn't mean anything to Liza, but it'll buy your son a lifetime.

Mia: Please, God, help me. I don't know what to do.

Trey: Yes, yes, you do. Get me the money so I can pass it along to the adoptive parents. Get it by tomorrow because William doesn't have much time.

Mia: But, Trey?

Trey: You can't tell anybody about this, not even Liza.

[Knock on door]

Jake: Mia, what is wrong?

Mia: I'm so sorry. I think I left my keys here. In fact, I could have sworn that -- I thought that --

Jake: I noticed your keys whenever I turned your phone off. You don't need an excuse to come back here. You're always welcome. I actually was going to run after you, but you bolted out of here so quick.

Mia: Oh.

Jake: Listen, I know something's bothering you. Maybe I can help.

Mia: I just came back because I wanted to say that I had a really nice time this evening. You don't even know how nice it was. Good night.

Opal: So, Kendall, why don't you tell me your side of what happened tonight?

Kendall: Like Erica's best friend's going to believe a word I said.

Opal: Well, you could give it a whirl.

Kendall: Ok. Ok, Opal, let me tell you a little story.

Ryan: So --

Chris: Ryan -- you first.

Ryan: You're getting pretty good on those sticks, moving around good.

Chris: That's not what you were going to say.

Ryan: Ok. Ok. I really don't think that you should hang this whole thing on Kendall.

Chris: Why not?

Ryan: Well, because she doesn't deserve all the heat that Erica's throwing at her.

Chris: No?

Ryan: No. No, she doesn't. Chris, think about it. Erica was the one who tricked Kendall into coming back to Pine Valley to begin --

Chris: Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, do you want to stand here and play the game with me of who started what? Come on.

Ryan: I'm just saying that I think you should give Kendall a fair shake. That's it.

Chris: Well, if Erica does have a hate-on for Kendall, maybe it's because Kendall earned it. I mean, she has done some pretty rotten stuff.

Ryan: Tonight wasn't one of them.

Chris: Well, from where I stand, I don't blame Erica for expecting the worst from Kendall.

Ryan: Yeah? Well, I do.

Erica: Bianca, Sweetheart, are you all right?

Bianca: I'm just embarrassed.

Erica: Can you forgive me, Honey, for running in here earlier like that and scaring you?

Bianca: Yeah, oh, it's ok.

Erica: Dr. Joe says that you're going to be just fine and this is just a superficial cut. You know, this is going to heal up and all by itself. You'll never even know that you had it.

Bianca: Mom, why are you doing this?

Erica: Why am I doing what?

Bianca: Why are you being nice to me? I mean, aren't you mad at me?

Erica: Do you want me to be?

Bianca: Yes. No. I don't know, Mom. I got drunk. I got in a car accident. I scared you out of your mind. I just -- I was so scared, too, Mom. I'm not as strong as I thought.

Erica: Look, Honey, I -- I hate that you were drinking. And drinking and then getting behind a wheel of a car -- that was a terrible mistake. But right now I just -- I just thank God that you are all right, and I know you've learned your lesson. You feel bad enough without me yelling at you.

Bianca: I so messed up today, Mom. The worst thing happened.

Erica: The car accident.

Bianca: Even before that.

Erica: What?

Bianca: It was Frankie's birthday, it was Maggie's birthday, and I went to celebrate with her. I thought that she might be missing her sister. I didn't want her to be alone.

Erica: That was very sweet of you.

Bianca: It started out ok. We lit a candle for Frankie, and we drank champagne, a lot of the champagne, and even though I was with Maggie, it felt like I was with Frankie, and I just reached out to touch her face, but she freaked out, and I said I was sorry, and she threw me out of her room, and I don't blame her, because I shouldn't have done it, but I did it, and I -- just don't be ashamed of me, Mom. Just tell me that you're not ashamed.

[Erica hugs Bianca while she talks]

Erica: Ashamed of you? Of course I'm not ashamed of you, Honey. I could never, never be ashamed of you! Never, Honey. I understand. You cry, Honey. You go ahead. You just -- you let it all out, Honey. Do that. You just let your tears just wash everything away. It's ok. I am here, Honey. I'll always be here, and you always be my angel girl. No matter what, Sweetheart. No matter what. It's ok. It's ok, Honey.

[Kendall watches Erica and Bianca]

[Kendall thinks . . .]

Kendall's voice: That's right, mother. Take care of your real daughter. Give her the love I'll never have. I'll take your hate instead, and I'll use it against you. You wait and see.

Erica: Shh. It's ok. It's ok.

Liza: What do we do about the money?

Adam: Honey, forget about the money. In time, you'll get stronger, your memory come back, and we'll recover it.

Liza: I'm sorry.

Adam: Liza, if it were up to me, I'd write it out as a bad debt. But the amount is too staggering, too much to just shrug off.

Mia: Excuse me. I saw the light on.

Liza: Mia, we're ok.

Mia: Really? Great.

Adam: Well, I assume you're here for a little sister-to-sister bonding.

Mia: Yeah.

Adam: So I'll leave you two ladies to that. Sweet dreams.

Mia: Liza, you didn't -- did you tell him about the money?

Liza: No.

Mia: You didn't say anything?

Liza: No.

Mia: Because things between you and Adam and --

Liza: No one is touching the money. It's Colby's.

[Mia remembers her conversation with Trey]

Trey's voice: 20 Grand is nothing to Liza, but it will buy your son a lifetime.

Liza: Mia? Mia? The money is safe. Right?

Mia: Yeah. The money's safe.

Opal: Oh, Bianca, Honey. I need a squeeze right this instant.

Ryan: Ok. I need you to listen to me right now, Kendall. I mean really, really hear me. Will you look at me, please? Thank you. You have to make a decision, Kendall. Right now, all right? Things are going well for you right now. You got a good gig at Enchantment. You got a chance to show people that you belong here, a chance to show that you can make a name for yourself. You're starting to get along better with Bianca, and if you play it right, I mean, things could still work out with Erica. Or you could blow it. You can spend the rest of your life kicking yourself, wondering what it would have been like, what you would have had. So you go ahead. You tell me. What's it going to be?

Chris: Erica, I know Kendall can be a pain in the rear, but like it or not, she is family, and Bianca is going to see her that way. And no matter how you look at it, Bianca will always see this rift as your fault, so you can spend the rest of your life treating Kendall like something you stepped in or you can wipe the slate clean, start fresh right now. I mean, that's up to you. All you have to do is be smarter than her. That should be easy. So what do you say? You want to make nice for Bianca's sake?

Ryan: So how about it, Kendall? Cut Erica some slack, bury the hatchet, what do you say?

Chris: Well, Sweetheart, it's your call.

Kendall: It was stupid and awful of me to give Bianca the champagne. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me, Mother?

Erica: Of course I can. Can you possibly forgive my angry outburst?

Kendall: Of course. I know you didn't mean it.

Erica: Let's just forget all about this, ok? Let's -- let's just forget that tonight ever happened.

[Kendall and Erica hug - - - both thinking what their next step will be]

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