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All My Children Transcript Monday 4/29/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Erica: Bianca has taken two bottles of champagne and now she's behind the wheel of a car?

Kendall: She's not 5 anymore, Erica.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, okay.

Bianca: I'm never going to get used to missing her.

Maggie: I guess that's what love does.

Greenlee: Ready or not, here I am, coming into your life forever.

Ryan: Okay, okay! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.

Kendall: What is your problem?

Erica: You deliberately gave alcohol to my underage daughter.

Kendall: She's 18.

Erica: Oh, so you decide when she's old enough to drink?

Kendall: No, Bianca decides.

Erica: No, state law decides.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, and you're just so law-abiding. Why don't you stop trying to control Bianca? She'll like you a lot better.

Erica: Where did she go, Kendall?

Kendall: What, so you can go after her?

Erica: No, you tell me where she went.

Kendall: I have no idea, and even if I did I wouldn't tell you. You'd only show up and humiliate her.

Erica: So help me God, Kendall, if anything --

Kendall: Just stop. Just stop. Leave her alone. This is Bianca's life. Just leave her alone and let her live it!

Maggie: What are you doing?

Bianca: I -- I --

Maggie: Well, don't!

Bianca: Um -- so, what's wrong?

Maggie: I -- I'm not gay. I thought you knew that, Bianca.

Bianca: No, that's -- that's not it. I -- um -- you just -- you --

Maggie: I what? What did you think?

Bianca: Nothing, nothing! I -- you just look so much like Frankie.

Leo: Come home with me.

Greenlee: The last time I felt like this --

Leo: Mm-hmm?

Greenlee: Was Valentineís Day.

Leo: Ugh. Can we just leave that behind, please?

Greenlee: That was when we went to pieces. Vanessa drugged me and put me on that boat, and you -- you thought that --

Leo: That you'd left me for Jake. Do you remember do-overs?

Greenlee: From when we were kids?

Leo: Yeah. How about we go back to your place and have a do-over?

Greenlee: Jump-start where we left off?

Leo: Yeah. You into it?

Greenlee: Do you really have to ask?

Erica: Just who do you think you are? What makes you think that you can just --

Kendall: Eyeball you and tell you the truth? Somebody's got to do it.

Erica: You want to hear the truth? The truth is that Bianca is driving, and Bianca could very well get behind the wheel of her car after drinking what you gave her.

Kendall: If Bianca drank too much, she'll call a cab or she'll stay the night or --

Erica: You have no idea what she might do! She will not stay the night!

Kendall: You're not afraid of Bianca drinking and driving. You're thinking of what else might happen -- that icky thing that freaks you out every time you think about it.

Chris: Okay. Okay, that's enough. Break it up.

Kendall: You're not going to get her to morph, Erica. She's going to do what she's going to do. It'd be a whole lot better for you if try not to picture it in your mind.

Erica: Oh, you just shut your filthy mouth.

Kendall: Jeez, I used to feel sorry for myself. Poor Binks -- it's got to be a whole lot harder for her to be your daughter.

Bianca: Look, I'm -- I'm not used to the alcohol, okay? I just -- I mean, the bottle's --

Maggie: Oh, so, "I get drunk and I don't remember a thing?" That's so lame, Bianca!

Bianca: That's not what I'm saying, okay?

Maggie: Okay, forget it, then.

Bianca: Look, I thought that we were friends --

Maggie: Well, whatever you forgot -- ugh, just forget it! I don't -- I don't go that way!

Bianca: That's not what I'm saying. I -- I don't do that. I don't force --

Maggie: Oh, whatever, Bianca.

Bianca: Look, we were both missing Frankie just now, and I guess that I just --

Maggie: Oh, the emotional bond that you had with my sister -- yeah, that's great. So spiritual. Is that why you came here to party?

Bianca: Why are you saying these things?

Maggie: You know, I don't -- I don't even like my birthday. You know, Frankie didn't, either. I was just going along for the ride, so you know what? Why don't you just --

Bianca: What, you're going to kick me out now?

Maggie: Yeah, I am! Just go! Go on, get out!

Bianca: Fine. Fine. But you know what? This is your mistake, okay? I wouldn't try to --

Maggie: What, to kiss me? Oh, you're trying to kiss Frankie, that's it! Ugh!

Bianca: Fine. Look, I'm sorry.

Maggie: Whatever.

Bianca: Before she died, I was going to make a big deal about Frankie's birthday, okay? She told me that you never had one when you were growing up.

Maggie: Well, you know what? She's not here!

Bianca: Okay! I understand! I get it, all right? You're not her! I get it! You're not her! You're nothing like her!

Maggie: That's what I keep trying to tell you!

Bianca: Fine, fine, fine. I was trying to be friends with you, for her sake, okay? But I just --

Maggie: Well, forget it! Good, forget it and just go and stay out of my face!

Bianca: Don't tell me to go. I get it, okay? You got your wish! You'll never have to see me again!

David: Bianca? What's --

Anna: Hi.

David: Looks like the party's over, huh?

Erica: Oh, you don't have to pity Bianca.

Kendall: I didn't say I pitied her. I said I felt sorry for her. You don't know how to love her, either.

Erica: We were doing just fine before you came back into our lives.

Kendall: Oh, yeah? Is that why she moved out of your house the second she turned 18?

Erica: Oh, you know something? You have no idea of what our relationship is like. You couldn't possibly know.

Kendall: No, I guess I couldn't possibly know.

Erica: And you probably never will.

Kendall: But do you know what Bianca thinks of you?

Chris: Kendall -- I think that's quite enough.

Erica: No, you know something, Chris? Thank you, but I think it's good. Let her talk. I think I should hear everything she has to say about Bianca.

Kendall: I'm here. I live right next door. I hear everything that goes on there. I hear all the phone messages that you leave for her, all those sickly sweet love notes full of baby talk. Bianca groans when she hears them. Then she plays them for me, and we howl.

Erica: Well, for your information, Kendall, I leave those "sickly sweet, baby talk" messages on purpose so that Bianca will laugh and groan and think of me.

Kendall: You're losing her, Erica. That's why she's turning to me.

Erica: You wish.

Kendall: Oh, it's happening. Champagne's just how I suck her in. What do you think my next evil gift is going to be for your precious baby Bianca? Maybe a fifth of scotch and a loaded gun?

Ryan: Okay, that's about it. I don't know about you-all, but I need a time-out. Come with me, please.

Ryan: What's the point of that?

Kendall: She wants a fight? I'll give her one.

Ryan: You provoked her!

Kendall: Me?

Ryan: She just wants to know where Bianca was. I mean, she's out there with two bottles of bubbly!

Kendall: Look; I don't blame you for being snowed by Erica, okay? You haven't been here from the beginning. Plus, you're a guy.

Ryan: All right. All I know is that you're both going at it about Bianca and you're on the same side.

Kendall: You think all of that in there was about Bianca?

Ryan: You don't?

Kendall: No! Erica knows that Bianca is too smart to drink and do anything stupid.

Ryan: So she's not allowed to worry at all or have any doubts at all?

Kendall: Everything that Erica said in there about being close Bianca and worrying about her so much -- they were all tiny little jabs at my heart. And with each one of them, she was telling me how much she hates me. Oh, skip it. This is boring.

Ryan: Come here, come here, come here, come here. You have never given up on wanting to get close to Erica.

Kendall: You know, if I still wanted that, then I deserve whatever I got. I could care less. Even if that was true once, I don't expect a thing from her now. Which is good because I'm not going to get it.

Ryan: Oh, really? Then why did she offer you a job at -- why did she give you a job at Enchantment?

Kendall: So she could spin the press. Ryan, I don't need Erica, especially now that I have --

Ryan: Me?

Chris: No luck?

Erica: No, I don't know who else to call. To tell you the truth, I don't -- I don't really know who her friends are anymore.

Chris: Okay. Okay, it's time for a reality check. Erica, you know that Bianca has common sense.

Erica: Most of the time she does. But with the champagne, I --

Chris: Well, you also know that if you somehow manage to walk in on her party, she's going to be furious and accuse you of making a scene.

Erica: At least I'd know that she was all right.

Chris: Darling, you'll be fine. She'll be a wreck -- one, because you embarrassed her, and two, because you didn't trust her.

Erica: But, Chris, I hate that she takes risks like this. I just hate it.

Chris: Erica, Erica --

Erica: And I really hate that Kendall's trying to make me out to be some sort of a neurotic, controlling, overprotective mother.

Chris: Please listen to me, Erica. This wasn't planned.

Erica: Chris, believe me, I know better than to give Kendall the benefit of the doubt.

Chris: Because?

Erica: Because I just can't help it.

Chris: Well, you know what? Maybe she can't help it, either. Come here. Mothers and daughters always drive each other crazy.

Erica: Chris, why is this so important to you?

Chris: What?

Erica: That I treat Kendall like a daughter?

Chris: Because she is.

Erica: Simple as that?

Chris: No, no, no. Sweetheart, look, I am not in any way saying that this is simple for you.

Erica: You want Ryan in your life. You feel like you found something that you had been deprived of.

Chris: Yes, I do.

Erica: I didn't lose Kendall. I gave her up. And I did it because I had to. And I wanted to because I knew that I could never, never love her.

Greenlee: Yes?

Trey: You're celebrating.

Leo: Yeah, and we don't need an audience.

Trey: So, Leo, you've changed your mind about leaving Pine Valley?

Leo: Yeah. I'm staying put.

Greenlee: We're back together for good.

Trey: Well, that certainly is cause for champagne. Going up?

Anna: Is it your birthday, Maggie?

Maggie: Yeah.

David: Well, I wish we'd known. We would've planned something, you know, taken you out.

Maggie: Why? I'm that much closer to checking out. Why bother celebrating?

Anna: Well, Bianca remembered.

Maggie: Yeah, of course she remembered. Because it's Frankie's birthday. And I'm the next best thing, right?

David: So, what happened? We saw Bianca running out of here.

Maggie: Nothing. Nothing happened!

Anna: Leave it, David. Please?

David: What, Bianca couldn't deal with it? Is that it?

Maggie: Yeah, something like that.

David: She really loved Frankie, Maggie. I guess she misses her.

Maggie: She wishes I was Frankie. She was expecting me to be like Frankie.

Anna: Was there a misunderstanding?

Maggie: Yeah, there was a misunderstanding. She made a pass at me. She tried to kiss me.

David: Oh, damn. That's too bad. Poor Bianca.

Maggie: Poor Bianca? Does anybody care how I feel? Does anyone give a damn about me?

David: Maggie, I didn't mean to make it sound as if I --

Maggie: It's all right. It's the champagne talking.

David: I can't believe it's your birthday. I should've known that.

Maggie: How could you? I -- please, don't get all sentimental on me now. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'll be okay.

David: So you're not thrown at all by what happened here?

Maggie: I -- it's just I wasn't expecting it. I'll be fine.

David: Well, even if you weren't, you could tell me about it.

Maggie: You're joking, right?

David: No. But of course, it's probably easier for you to believe that people don't care what you feel. Right?

Maggie: Oh, come on. Please, stop. What, is this turning into some after-school special?

David: Well, that's good because, you see, that's exactly what I was going for.

Maggie: Right. I'm cool. I swear.

David: I'm sure you are. But just in case, why don't we take you out tomorrow night, okay? There's this great new restaurant in Centerville. I'd love for you to try it.

Maggie: I don't celebrate my birthday.

David: Oh, okay, and how come? And don't tell me it's because another year bites the dust. You'll make poor Anna cry.

Maggie: My Mom just didn't. I didn't want to make a fuss, I guess.

David: Well, I'm sure the drugs didn't help any.

Maggie: Yeah, well, when my Mom was high, she was all blissed out. She sort of left us alone, didn't bother with us.

David: Both you and Frankie?

Maggie: Yeah, I was always the one who was taking care of her because I was the older one.

David: By about two minutes.

Maggie: Yeah, I was always the one who was in charge. Frankie didn't mind. She hated making decisions. She was always crying. But I was the tough one.

David: Sounds like Frankie knew how to get what she needed.

Maggie: Yeah, well, she was always bawling. Always bothered my mother. But sometimes she would hold her in her arms. Just for a couple minutes, but I think Frankie lived for those moments.

David: She shouldn't have had to beg for them.

Maggie: Yeah. Well, I guess she found what she was looking for when she came here. Bianca loved her. And I saw it in her eyes tonight.

David: Maggie, someday, somebody's going to love you like that. I promise.

Maggie: I need to get out of here.

David: All right. I'll take you wherever you want to go. Where?

Maggie: No, no. I don't mean out of this room. I need to get out of this town. I'm going to pack up my stuff and go tomorrow.

Kendall: Oh, my God, I just heard myself. I just sounded exactly like her. Ugh! Please, if I ever start to think like Erica, can you please, just --

Ryan: Donít.

Kendall: Don't what?

Ryan: Donít. You don't have to take that back.

Kendall: I was just kidding. You think I really feel that way, that I have you? Jeez, if somebody ever said that to me, I would laugh right in their face.

Ryan: Am I laughing? You don't have to be afraid that you're pushing me away, Kendall.

Kendall: Thanks, but for the record, there's no reason for you to be scared off.

Ryan: No? You don't feel like you're getting too close to me?

Kendall: I haven't really thought about it.

Ryan: You see, I don't really believe that.

Kendall: Oh, did I bruise your ego?

Ryan: Come on, Kendall, donít. We both -- we're trying to figure out where we are right now.

Kendall: Well, I can explain that to you. We slept together.

Ryan: Yeah, and?

Kendall: And what?

Ryan: And something else happened. At least for me it did.

Kendall: It did for me, too. So, do I?

Ryan: Do you what?

Kendall: Do I have you?

Chris: I don't -- I just don't get it, Erica.

Erica: Why, Chris? Why? Why is this so hard to grasp?

Chris: Because -- because when most people -- when they see a baby, they kind of melt inside.

Erica: Chris, when you came to work at enchantment, you were undercover.

Chris: Right.

Erica: And you said that you had studied me, that you admired me, and that you knew everything there was to know about me.

Chris: Well, the best I could.

Erica: So then you knew that I was just little more than a child when I was raped.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Oh, that was probably just another statistic.

Chris: No, no, no, no. Erica, I meant -- I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

Erica: Chris, I couldn't look at Kendall even when she was a baby. I knew that if I ever looked in her eyes, I would be looking in his eyes. The man who --

Chris: Come here.

Greenlee: Just coming home from work? You're putting in long days.

Trey: Well, it's an enormous case.

Leo: Don't forget, he's charging Vanessa by the hour.

Trey: Speaking of which, we still have some unfinished legal business, thanks to your interruption.

Greenlee: The deposition. Ahem.

Leo: No permanent damage, I see.

Trey: No. No. Thanks for your concern.

Greenlee: I'll call you in the morning. We'll schedule a time to finish it.

Trey: Whenever it's convenient. You certainly have a lot to deal with right now. I'm sorry about the cops confiscating your cash. If there's anything else I can do --

Leo: I've got it under control.

Trey: Well, then, have a very pleasant evening. No, Leo. I've got it under control. Vanessa's fortune is out there somewhere, and you're going to lead me right to it.

Erica: But I know what you're going to say. I know you're going to say it's not Kendall's fault and I make her pay.

Chris: Erica, look, you feel the way you feel. And I can't imagine what you went through, so there's no way I'm going to sit here and judge you or second-guess you on this.

Erica: Chris, when Kendall found out how she was conceived, she contacted him. She called him. She paid him to come back to this town to torture me, to humiliate me. But what was worse -- she left Bianca alone with him, knowing what kind of a man he is, knowing what he could've done to Bianca.

Chris: She did that on purpose?

Erica: Yes, that's what I'm trying to tell you. Kendall -- Kendall has hated Bianca since the minute she laid eyes on her. And nothing has changed. No, Kendall is eaten alive with jealousy of Bianca because she knows that Bianca is my daughter, is the daughter who I love.

Chris: Well, if this is all true, and if Kendall is as dangerous as you say she is, then why did you hire her to work at enchantment?

[Phone rings]

Erica: Oh. Excuse me. Hello?

[Bianca sobs]

Bianca: Can I -- can I please speak to Kendall, please?

Erica: Bianca? Bianca, honey? Bianca, it's Mommy, honey. What's wrong? Bianca? Honey, are you there? Bianca? Honey, honey, speak to me. It's Mommy. Bianca?

Erica: Bianca, honey, what is it? Tell me what happened. You sound like something's wrong, honey. What?

Bianca: I had an accident, Mom. I ran off the road.

Erica: Okay. You had a car accident? Where are you?

Bianca: I'm -- I'm on state road 23, like -- like a half a mile past Willow Lake. I don't -- it might be more than that, Mom.

Erica: Okay, okay, it's all right. Listen to me. I'm going to call the ambulance, and you just hang in there.

Bianca: I called 911 already.


Erica: Okay. Don't worry. Don't worry about a thing. I'll be there in just a few minutes.

Ryan: Where is she? What happened to her?

Chris: Erica, Erica, where's the accident?

Ryan: What's going on?

Chris: I'm going after her.

Ryan: Wait, wait, wait. Let me go.

Chris: You stay put. No arguments. Erica?

David: So you're leaving town, too, huh? What is it with everyone wanting to cut and run?

Maggie: Why? Who else?

David: Leo.

Maggie: Oh, Leo's taking off?

David: Yeah. Yeah, he thinks that if he can skip town, he'll stop thinking about Greenlee. That's not going to happen. If he loves her as much as he says he does, no matter where he goes, he's not going to get away from her.

Maggie: What does this have to do with me?

David: Picking up, moving on when the going gets tough. I mean, isn't that what you've been doing your whole life?

Maggie: Cousin Dave, I love ya, but you don't know me.

David: And whose fault is that?

Maggie: Oh, please. Like you are an open book?

David: Maggie, your mother let you down. So did mine.

Maggie: You keep on going on like we have so much in common. You're this big, hotshot doctor, and what am I? I'm squat.

David: I decided what I wanted to be. So can you. Now, what happened with this dream that you had about being a doctor?

Maggie: Just not ready for it right now.

David: Okay, it can wait. But not if you keep running away from everything. Maggie, you have a chance to stop, okay? Stay in one place for a while; connect with people who care about you.

Maggie: Is that what this is about?

David: It could be a lot more. I care about you. So does Leo, Anna. We all care. A lot.

Leo: To us -- the perfect fit in an imperfect world.

Greenlee: That's it?

Leo: What else is there to say?

Greenlee: Well, that we found each other again and that this time we'll be smarter.

Leo: And you better believe that we are not going to take each other for granted anymore.

Greenlee: We've said that before.

Leo: About -- about what, being soul mates?

Greenlee: That we complete each other and that there's no safer or sweeter place on earth than in each other's arms.

Leo: Plus we're going to forgive each other for everything we've ever done or will do.

Greenlee: I think we said that, didn't we?

Leo: It's all true.

Greenlee: But then we screw up.

Leo: But we're here, trying again, because I can't live without you and you can't live without me.

Greenlee: That is never going away, Leo.

Leo: Ever.

Greenlee: To us, to what's real. I think that's all we need to say.

Leo: Mmm.

Leo: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Greenlee: You want to make love, don't you?

Leo: You know I do.

Greenlee: Then why are you stopping me?

Greenlee: I know what you're doing. This is what you do. This is what you do when you can't --

Leo: I'm not, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Hmm, when you get scared.

Leo: This is serious.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Leo: I just -- I just want you to think ahead and picture what you're getting yourself into by being with me, that's all.

Greenlee: Leo, this isn't me closing my eyes and throwing myself off a bridge. I choose you and us for all the right reasons. I've never been more sure of anything before in my entire life.

Leo: Me, either, but -- do you think that that's enough?

Greenlee: You don't think so?

Leo: No, I -- for me, it is. There's nothing else in this world that I want than to have you in my life, Greenlee. But since the last time we did this, you've got a career and you've discovered yourself and you've got all this energy and ambition and talent. And that nose -- that -- that ultrasensitive nose has got to be worth at least six figures to Enchantment. And I don't have any of that, and I don't know what I can give you.

Greenlee: You don't know what you can give me? Leo, everything I am today is because of you, a reaction to you. I mean, you make me possible. I mean, does that make sense? It's hard to explain.

Leo: No, I think I get what you're saying.

Greenlee: Whatever is in my life that doesn't have to do with you I don't need.

Leo: Yeah, but, Greenlee, I bring so much pain and trouble into your life lately. I just --

Greenlee: No, no, that's just -- it's just what's happened. It's the biography channel. You're my heart and soul, just like I'm yours, and we were meant to be together. We can't ever doubt that.

Leo: Well, it's pretty damn hard to doubt that right now.

Greenlee: I love you.

Leo: I love you. And when things aren't perfect, we just -- we just have to remember to hold on.

Greenlee: This is never going away, Leo.

Leo: Greenlee, we're there.

Greenlee: We finally figured it out.

Leo: I've never been this happy. I've never felt this --

Greenlee: Loved?

Maggie: Listen, cous, you're a really cool guy, but you don't owe me anything.

David: Well, you see, I'm trying to get away from the whole scorekeeping thing.

Maggie: Yeah? Why?

David: Well, from what I understand, it tanks most marriages. And it's very impractical when it comes to families.

Maggie: "Families"? Like we qualify?

David: We might.

Maggie: What?

David: I've always had this -- this picture in my mind for a long time. You know, but with my life, it never really made sense. So maybe you can help make sense of it. You want to hear it?

Maggie: Do I have a choice?

David: I had this dream of a -- of a big, rambling house, you know? With a huge, old-fashioned kitchen and a -- and a den with a massive stone fireplace. And in the back yard, this big, beautiful weeping willow tree. So, what do you think?

Maggie: Sounds like it costs a bundle.

David: Oh, forget about the cost. Have you ever crawled under a weeping willow tree and taken a nap on a summer night?

Maggie: No.

David: Well, neither have I. But I always wanted to. I want to live the kind of life that I've read about in books.

Maggie: What are you -- are you trying to start a cult, or do you just want to crawl into some time warp?

David: What's wrong with that? You know, saying it makes it feel like it's possible, you know, like it's -- like it's within reach.

Maggie: Yeah, I always thought you were this big, tough guy, mixing it up with everybody.

David: I am probably going to still be that, you know, as long as I have Anna here at my side. So, what do you think?

Maggie: About what?

David: Well, if I start looking for a house and I find one, would you move in with us?

Maggie: That's a lot of ifs.

David: I mean it, Maggie.

Maggie: Listen, David, you don't have to take care of me.

David: Fair enough. So why don't we take care of each other?

Ryan: Listen, Kendall, you couldn't have known.

Kendall: That Bianca would drink and drive? I thought she had more sense than that.

Ryan: Would you stop, please? We don't even know what happened yet. Bianca could be --

Kendall: Fine? Imagine Ericaís disappointment if I haven't ruined her baby Binky's life. You know what? She will find a way to blame me for this for the rest of time as we know it.

Ryan: All right, all right, just relax. You want to call the hospital, find out what happened?

Kendall: No, no, I cannot -- I can't just sit around here and wait. I'll lose my mind.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. Wait, wait, wait. Wait -- let's think about this before you do anything --

Kendall: What is there to think about? I didn't want this to happen.

Ryan: I know that.

Kendall: Well, what if Bianca's really hurt? I mean, we don't know. She -- she -- anything could've happened.

Ryan: Listen; if you just show up at the emergency room, you're just going to make everything worse. All right, I think Erica needs just some time to cool down.

Kendall: I don't give a damn what Erica needs. Whatever happened to Bianca, I'm responsible.

Ryan: All right, let's just say that's true. Let's say it's true. How is this going to make anything better if you show up --

Kendall: Ryan, Ryan, I'm going, okay? I want to be with my sister. Are you coming with me?

Ryan: I'll drive.

Greenlee: What's that?

Greenlee: Oh, my God. My engagement ring. I thought I'd --

Leo: No, you didn't. I've had it.

Greenlee: Since that day?

Leo: And, Greenlee, I know that we've done this before --

Greenlee: Leo --

Leo: But I'm going to ask you again. And I'm going to keep asking you until we get it right, until you're mine forever.

Greenlee: Yes, Leo. I'll marry you. I'll be your wife.

Maggie: David, you have a great wife. You know, you don't need me.

David: I want us to be a family, Maggie. I believe that we can move past the lives that we've had and start fresh. Look, I'm not just doing this for you, okay? So, come on, what more can I say to convince you?

Maggie: I think I've just about OD'd on the sweet talk. I'll get back to you.

David: But you will?

Maggie: Yeah, I will. Right now I need to get out of here. Not out of Pine Valley, just out of this room.

David: All right, so, you'll get back to me, then?

Maggie: Yeah, I will. Bye.

David: Okay. Let me have it.

Anna: What?

David: You haven't said one word. So, come on, let the mocking begin. But before you do it, I want you to know something. This is real for me, okay? I've had this fantasy a long time, and I meant every single word.

Anna: Yeah, I could tell.

David: And?

Anna: Well, I think that Maggie loved every word.

David: Yeah, I think she did. So, how about you?

Anna: I always get a little weirded out when this generous side of you emerges, I have to say.

David: You know, it just occurred to me that I probably should've discussed this with you first --

Anna: Oh, you think?

David: See if you wanted to have a house.

Anna: With the big kitchen and the large back yard and -- what was it, a fireplace or something? It would be a dream come true.

David: Could be, couldn't it?

Anna: Especially the part about the weeping willow.

David: Yeah.

Anna: I mean, was it just a coincidence that you've been fantasizing about such a very British tree?

David: Well, what are you saying?

Anna: It is a large part of English literature, you know -- the willow. It's in Shakespeare and songs -- bad songs -- and kids' books.

David: Are you implying that I added the willow tree to win you over?

Anna: Didn't you?

David: Oh. What a hardhearted little creature you are.

Anna: Well, being married to you, that's the only thing that's going to save me.

Erica: I'm Mrs. --

Nurse: Yes, Doctor, I upped the dose, but he's not responding.

Chris: Bianca okay? Have they examined her yet?

Erica: I don't know. They still don't know anything. I hope she's all right. I mean, I hope nothing happened on the way here.

Chris: You spoke to her in the car. She'll be okay.

Erica: You saw the car. You saw how smashed in the side was --

Nurse: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Erica: Yes, I'm here for Bianca Montgomery. The EMTs --

Nurse: You're?

Erica: I'm her mother.

Nurse: Ms. Montgomery's in cubicle one.

Erica: Oh, thank you.

Kendall: No, Erica, don't go in there! Erica --

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Erica: No way. You are not running out of here. You did this to Bianca.

Trey: We need to talk about William.

Mia: Who?

Trey: The kid you gave up.

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