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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: When she leaves this hospital, I want "mentally incompetent" stamped on my wife's records.

Chris: Door's open. Get what you came for and leave.

Anna: Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Erica: What do you want?

Ryan: I'm going to be right back to pick you up.

Kendall: Where are we going?

Ryan: To live a little.

Greenlee: If I'm with you, Vanessa won't stop until she kills me. I'm sorry, Leo, but I'm just too scared.

Robert: Mr. Lavery --

Ryan: Good evening!

Robert: Right this way.

Ryan: Thank you, thank you.

Robert: I hope you'll be pleased. We followed your specifications to the letter.

Kendall: Specifications? What -- candles, champagne? Caviar?

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, you know, it can't beat the concession stand at the ballpark, but what do you think?

Kendall: I think I'm being set up.

Erica: Well, Anna, what a shame you didn't think to call first before you just come barging in. Chris and I are not in to having visitors this evening.

Anna: Yes.

Erica: Thank you.

Anna: I realize that.

Chris: What's up, Devane?

Anna: Okay. Fair warning, Erica. I'm here to steal Chris away from you.

[Monitor beeps]

Adam: I've taken care of everything. I'm having you moved to a very special hospital.

Liza: But I'm getting better.

Adam: No, no, no, you're not. You're not well, Liza. In fact, you may never get well.

Liza: There's nothing wrong with me.

Colby: Is Mommy sick?

Adam: Oh, Mommy is mentally incompetent. That means she's insane.

Liza: No! No!

Adam: Say good-bye to Mommy.

Liza: No.

Adam: Bye, Mommy.

Liza: No.

Colby: Mommy!

Liza: No!

Adam: Bye, honey.

Liza: Adam, don't take my baby!

Adam: Good-bye.

Liza: No! No! Colby! Colby! Colby.

Zeke: Shh, it's all right. Liza, it's all right. You're dreaming. You're just dreaming.

Mia: No, don't touch that. Leave it alone.

David: Well, you must know by now the exact drug used on my mother.

Dr. Benton: I'm sorry. I can't give out that information.

David: But you have the results from the tests you ran. I know you do. And I want to see them.

Dr. Benton: You have to speak to the police. I was instructed to keep those tests confidential.

David: All right, fine. Look, I'm a doctor, okay? My mother is the patient. I'm sure the police didn't tell you to keep the results from me.

Dr. Benton: I'm afraid they said especially from you.

David: Oh, damn it, Anna.

Greenlee: Where did they put you, Vanessa?

[Greenlee screams]

Leo: Come here. It's all right. It's okay.

Greenlee: I'm not afraid of you.

Leo: Greenlee, it's me, Leo.

Greenlee: Leo.

Leo: It's me. It's okay. It's okay. Vanessa's locked up. She can't get out.

Greenlee: I know she can't get out. It's just the way she popped up in that window.

Leo: She what --

Greenlee: She was there, looking at me with those beady little eyes full of hate, as if she was waiting for me.

Leo: You have to believe me. Vanessa's not going to come after you or anybody else anymore. You don't have to be afraid.

Greenlee: No, I won't be afraid. I promise myself that.

Leo: So, good. That's good. So, what are you doing here?

Greenlee: I spend every waking minute thinking about your mother. And then when I go to sleep at night, she's in my dreams. And I wanted to see her in that cage to prove to myself that that psycho hadn't slithered out underneath the door.

Leo: And she hasn't.

Greenlee: But then there she was, staring at me like she did when she was going to kill me. Now I'm going to dream about that, too.

Leo: Greenlee, you saw it for yourself. The woman is locked up. Okay? I swear to you she's not going to come after you. She's not going to threaten you anymore, okay? You have my word on that.

Greenlee: How can you really say that, Leo, huh? You can't get in my dreams, can you?

Leo: No, I -- I can't, but I --

Greenlee: I have to get out of this place. This is horrible.

David: Leo -- hey. They're trying to keep Vanessaís test results away from me, but --

Leo: What?

David: I have a friend here at Oak Haven.

Leo: What?

David: Yeah, yeah. But, look, I'm going to find out exactly what drug Vanessa was on.

Leo: Yeah, well, I hope to hell it's arsenic. Greenlee was just here, and she's still terrified of Vanessa, and there's nothing that I can do to help her.

Erica: You're here to steal Chris from me? Well, obviously this is your absurd British sense of humor.

Anna: Yeah.

Chris: Anna, this is not a good time for a visit.

Anna: No, it's important, Chris, and it does involve you.

Chris: Okay. If you can state your case in 25 words or less, go.

Anna: I'm here to offer you a job.

Chris: See, that's the British absurd sense of humor.

Anna: No, it isn't. I'm serious and I really want to talk to you in private about it. I realize that's not likely right now, but I do want to talk to you.

Erica: No, no, no, no, no. Please, don't postpone on my account. Stay. Stay and talk. I will meet you at the Valley Inn.

Chris: I --

Erica: Yes, I'll wait for you.

Chris: You're sure?

Erica: Positive. We'll have dinner.

Chris: Okay.

Erica: Okay. And please don't hurry at all. Just talk. And I'm sure that anything that Anna has to say will be very interesting.

Chris: Uh-huh. I'll see you there.

Eric okay. Lovely to see you, Anna.

Anna: Yeah. Likewise, Erica. All right, I'll make this quick.

Chris: If you're about to offer me a desk job, this is going to be a very short conversation, Devane.

Anna: No, obviously. I wouldn't do that. I think you're going to find my offer attractive.

Chris: Go on.

Anna: Right. I spoke to the commissioner and the bureau on your behalf, and they have agreed to bring you on as liaison between the department and the local force.

Chris: You -- you really went to bat for me?

Anna: Yeah, you see, if you take my offer, we will be working side by side. We'd have like loose ends tying up the Proteus case, stuff like that. But then --

Chris: Side by side?

Anna: Yeah.

Chris: You're willing to share your authority with me?

Anna: Well, I know you wouldn't consider it any other way.

Chris: Well, you got that right. I have to say, Devane, you're being awfully generous here.

Anna: I'd like to think that if the situations were reversed, you'd do the same for me.

[Chris laughs]

Chris: Come on, Devane, get real. This is me you're talking to -- Stamp. Since when did you belong to the order of the Sisters of Charity? You need me.

Anna: You know what? If you're not interested --

Chris: Anna, Anna -- I hear things. You got the D.A. breathing down your neck, you got a police squad that doesn't trust you, and you got a major drug case unraveling before your very eyes. Huh?

Anna: Yeah. Yeah, that pretty much describes the situation I'm in right now.

Chris: Not quite. You've also got yourself a drug-crazed maniac and a roomful of destroyed evidence. And the cherry on the sundae to that is it's your very own dear husband that's the main suspect. Now, my question is, what do you expect me to do with that?

Trey: I'll take that. These are mine.

Adam: They're yours, huh? Why all the commotion?

Mia: Commotion? What --

Trey: These are very important documents. I'd be compromising a big case if I lost them.

Mia: Yeah, I knew that, and I was going to give them to you before Adam saw them, but -- I'm sorry.

Adam: Liza is asking for you.

Mia: She is? When?

Adam: Just a few moments ago. She's gotten very agitated again. I'm not sure why.

Mia: Okay. Uh -- I'll be right there.

Adam: Good. I'll tell her you're coming. Please don't keep her waiting too long. She's -- you have a calming effect on her.

Mia: Thank you.

Trey: So you've got secrets from Adam Chandler now. You've really come up in the world.

Mia: No, I --

Trey: You don't need to explain. I --

Mia: No, I -- I hate this. I'm -- I don't know what. I just wish that I --

Trey: You know, you can tell me anything. You can trust me, of all people.

Mia: It's amazing seeing you again -- of all people.

Trey: Tell me what's going on. Are you in some kind of trouble?

Mia: No, it's -- actually, I'm very happy. I -- I just found out that Liza Chandler is my sister.

Trey: Liza Colby chandler? Your sister? You mean literally?

Mia: Yeah, well, we have the same father.

Trey: How long have you known?

Mia: It's been about a year.

Trey: I remember how lonely you were when -- when we knew each other. You just had your uncle, the guy that taught you how to box.

Mia: Yeah. And now I'm surrounded by this whole family.

Trey: You're surrounded by the Chandlers. You don't fool around. I'm sorry, I -- I know Liza's here because she has a brain tumor, and it must be very frightening for all of you.

Mia: Trey, there was a time that I could trust you more than anyone in the whole world.

Trey: You still can.

Mia: Okay. Liza gave me these.

Trey: Bankbooks.

Mia: It's money that she's hid from Adam. If anything should happen to her, she wants me to take care of her daughter, Colby.

Trey: She's choosing you to look after her daughter rather than her own husband?

Mia: I told her I would, but I just don't know if it's the right thing.

Trey: Look -- I know this is a very hard time for your sister, but she shouldn't have put you in this position.

Mia: I don't care about that. I just -- I want to do right by Colby. She's just such a terrific little girl, and she trusts me. And, you know, I'm kind of fond of her.

Trey: Maybe I should talk to Liza. I've handled a lot of custody cases since I started working for my father, and there's a right way to handle these situations.

Mia: No, Trey. Look, I'm sorry. I didn't want to drag you into the middle of this or anything.

Trey: I don't mind. In fact, I -- I'd like to.

Mia: No, look, really. I am probably just worrying for no reason. I mean, Liza -- she's going to snap out of this, she'll be fine, and then I'll be off the hook.

Trey: Well, I'm glad you told me anyway.

Mia: Yeah. I just needed to talk about it, so thanks.

Trey: I'll be glad to listen anytime, either as a lawyer or someone who cares about you.

Mia: You joined your father's law firm. Wow. That's not very surprising, though. You were always a very brilliant law student.

Trey: It's working out. I'm doing okay.

Mia: That's great, Trey. It was good seeing you.

Trey: Call me. If you need anything -- I mean it -- call me.

Mia: Thanks.

Trey: For what it's worth, I think your niece is a very lucky little girl and I know you'll do right by her.

Mia: Oh, Trey. You can say that to me?

Trey: Don't second-guess yourself about this. We gave the baby a better life.

Mia: Yeah.

Zeke: Listen, tomorrow --

Liza: No!

Zeke: I promise we will remove them.

Liza: No, no, no, no! Please! Please! No!

Adam: My God, what are you doing to her? What is she -- why is she like this?

Zeke: Mr. Chandler, it was for her own protection.

Liza: No!

Adam: This -- doctor, this is not what I wanted. Liza, Liza, it's okay. Okay. I'm going to take care of you. I'm not going to leave you like this.

Liza: You -- you did this!

Ryan: Well, you just practically forced yourself to eat all that caviar. What are you trying to prove, Kendall?

Kendall: That I like caviar.

Ryan: Or that you're high-class enough to run Enchantment.

Kendall: Do you really think Erica grew up knowing the difference between beluga and the cheap kind?

Ryan: No, I don't, but I also don't think that she learned it overnight, all right? I keep telling you, you're trying too hard.

Kendall: Like I have a choice. I'm not falling for Ericaís sweet talk -- or anyoneís.

Ryan: Ahem.

Waiter: Beluga.

Ryan: Thank you.

Kendall: Thank you.

Waiter: You're very welcome.

Kendall: Erica's plan is to humiliate me in front of the entire cosmetics world. She thinks I'm so clueless I'm going to crash and burn and then crawl away.

Ryan: Well, are you going to?

Kendall: Like hell!

Ryan: Well, then, what's the problem?

Kendall: So you -- you really think I can make good at Enchantment?

Ryan: Well, don't you?

Kendall: Does that matter?

Ryan: More than anything else.

Kendall: This is where you tell me l need to believe --

Ryan: No, no --

Kendall: That people can change.

Ryan: No, this is where I tell you to hell with the past. Yeah.

Kendall: Well, you know what? That deserves a toast.

Ryan: All right. Cheers.

Kendall: Oh, damn it!

Greenlee: Ahem. Double scotch, straight up, please

Kendall: What the hell is she doing here? Just to cause trouble?

Ryan: What? What are you talking about? She didn't even see us.

Kendall: Ryan, you know Greenlee a whole lot better than I do. Do you really think she's going to accept being made my assistant?

Ryan: No, I don't, but she almost had her throat slashed last night. I think she deserves a break -- or at least we can try and ignore her. Please? Pretty please?

Kendall: Okay, okay, okay. All right, let's do this again.

Ryan: Okay.

Kendall: Oh -- damn it.

Erica: There will be two of us. Thank you. Hello.

Ryan: Hi.

Erica: I had no idea that you would be here.

Kendall: Well, here we are.

Ryan: Erica, you want to join us?

Erica: No, thank you so much. No, I'm meeting Chris. I --

Ryan: Oh.

Erica: Ryan, he may have some good news for us, but I'm going to let him tell you about that.

Kendall: It's like being haunted.

Ryan: I'm sorry -- what is?

Kendall: Do you really think it's a coincidence that Erica and Greenlee are both here on the same night?

Ryan: Yeah, I do.

Kendall: Well, you know what? It's a good thing I'm here because maybe I can find out what they're plotting against me.

Ryan: Plotting against you? You know what? Grab your purse, grab the beluga, whatever else you want -- I'm going to take this, I think -- and we're out of here. Ahem.

Zeke: Mr. Chandler, your wife was removing her IV units, which is not unusual for a post-op patient. But I assure you those restraints are not as extreme as they appear.

Adam: No, I'm not going to leave those on her. I want them taken off. I will stay here and take the -- and make sure she doesn't pull her I.V. units out all -- I'll stay all night if necessary.

Zeke: That is not the solution.

Adam: Do you have any idea how much money I've given to this hospital over the years?

[Liza cries]

Zeke: That is not the issue here, Mr. -- can we speak in my office, please?

Adam: You untie her first. Then we'll talk.

Mia: You're upsetting her.

Adam: I want a nurse. I want a private nurse to stay in here all night if necessary. I will not leave her in that condition.

Zeke: All right. I'll see to it.

[Liza cries]

Adam: Now, there. Good, good. Now it's settled. It's settled. Here, here. I'm going to take them off right now. I'll take them off myself. There we go. Good.

Mia: It's okay.

Adam: There. Yeah, Sweetheart, it's all right. It's all right. They come right off. There. Going to make it all better. Okay. Okay, good. Look -- all gone.

Liza: No. No.

Adam: Sweetheart, what? What is it?

Liza: I don't want to see you.

Mia: Adam, why don't you just go home and I'll wait for the private nurses to come.

[Liza cries]

Mia: Okay?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah.

Zeke: Mr. Chandler, your wife needs absolute rest, and I will not have you --

Adam: Doctor, Doctor, I'm sorry. You're right. You're absolutely right. I apologize.

Mia: Liza, I'm sorry. I don't understand. What are you trying to say?

Liza: In-- incompetent.

Mia: Well, no, no. No, you're not. You're not incompetent.

Liza: Adam want -- wants me -- de-- declared --

Mia: Adam wants you declared mentally incompetent?

Liza: To take Colby.

Mia: No, no. That's just a bad dream.

Liza: No! No, Mia, no!

Mia: Adam loves you. He would never, ever do anything like that to you.

Liza: Mia, help me. Please.

Mia: Okay.

Liza: Mia --

Mia: Okay, shh. It's going to be all right.

Liza: Mia --

Mia: It's okay.

Anna: Jackson is all but ready to convict David of flooding the evidence room and helping Vanessa to escape, but there is nothing that says he did that.

Chris: What evidence do you have that says he didn't?

Anna: Well, he would never help his mother. He would never destroy something that was going to prove she was guilty and help put her away.

Chris: That flooded room also contained evidence against David.

Anna: But he's not stupid. He knows that if he did something like that, everyone would suspect him.

Chris: He also knows that his wife is the chief of police.

Anna: It is someone else, Chris. I know it. I feel it in my gut. And whoever it is, they're not trying to help David or Vanessa. It's like they're -- they're using them in some way, I think.

Chris: That's where I come in?

Anna: Well, yeah. I mean, I need you. Everything you said is right. I can't depend on Jackson. He is out to get me. And my people in the force -- I don't know whether they trust me. They would like to convict David of every damn felony that has happened in this town over the past five years, and they are expecting me to shield him. But I think that you and I -- we can get to the truth of what has happened here.

Chris: The truth, huh?

Anna: Yes!

Chris: What if -- what if that truth points right at David being guilty? What then? What do you expect me to do with that? Tell me.

Anna: Well, then, you would answer to me -- and the law. Yes.

Chris: Well -- ahem.

Anna: Chris?

Chris: Then, that being the case, you got yourself a partner.

David: Actually, it's not a terrible idea for Greenlee to face Vanessa. I think she's a brave girl.

Leo: Yeah, well, she doesn't seem brave. She said she still sees Vanessa in her nightmares.

David: Well, I'm sure she does, but in time that fear will fade. Vanessa's craziness will be a distant memory.

Leo: I guess.

David: But you're worried you're going to be a distant memory, too, huh?

Leo: If she's lucky.

David: You never stopped loving her, did you, Leo?

Woman: Dr. Hayward?

David: Mrs. Graham. Oh, I think I love you.

Mrs. Graham: I could lose my job for this, but --

David: All right, look. You just have your son call me, okay? I'll make sure he gets into Stanford.

Mrs. Graham: Uh-huh.

David: Thank you.

Leo: The test results?

David: Yeah. Now we're going to see what Vanessa was on when she went bonkers.

Leo: What? David, you got to be kidding me. Greenlee almost died because of you?

Ryan: Thanks a lot. See you. Thanks for coming. Great.

[Music plays]

Kendall: Well, now your motives are crystal clear.

Ryan: Forget about the bed, all right? We are up here because this is a paranoid-free zone. You know that, right? No talk about Erica or Greenlee or Enchantment allowed -- none.

Kendall: Okay. All right. That works for me.

Ryan: We're just going to have some dinner, we're going to have a good time, I'm going to make you laugh a little bit, and then we'll go home. Unless, of course, you want to do something else.

Kendall: Like what else?

Ryan: You want to dance with me?

Singer: Baby, you are the one I love I'm waiting for gonna make the moment last forevermore

Ryan: Loosen up a little bit. You're as stiff as a firing squad at dawn. Just loosen --

Kendall: Shut up. Shut up. I am not. What?

Ryan: What's there to say? You're beautiful. And you smell great. Hmm.

Kendall: Why are you doing this, Ryan?

Ryan: Kendall, I am just enjoying myself being with you, okay?

Kendall: Are you? Are you really? I mean, I -- I just can't believe you're doing this for me.

Ryan: Believe it.

Singer: Oh, baby I'm going to hold you and maybe then I won't let go till you feel all the love I give

Erica: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Erica.

Erica: Is something wrong? I've been waving at you.

Greenlee: No. No, I'm fine. Please, join me, join me.

Erica: Well, all right, just -- just for a moment. Look, I wanted to say something to you. I wanted to tell you that you were brilliant. You were brilliant as Kendallís assistant.

Greenlee: Just as long as she doesn't get used to it.

Erica: Oh, please. She won't be here long enough to get used to anything.

Greenlee: Where is Kendall going exactly?

Erica: Ah. Into oblivion for all I care.

Greenlee: And then what?

Erica: Then -- well, you will have your vice-presidency, and then you and I are going to take Enchantment to unimagined triumphs.

Greenlee: I'm taking a big chance trusting you.

Erica: Well, now, why would you say that, Greenlee? Have I ever given you any reason to doubt me?

Trey: Miss Kane. This is unexpected. Will you be joining us?

Erica: Oh, no, thank you. I wouldn't dream of intruding. But bravissimo on your heroism last night. No, really, Trey, we might have lost Greenlee if it hadn't been for you.

Trey: Just adrenaline at work.

Erica: I'm sure it's much more than that. Oh, I see that my -- my date has arrived. Excuse me. Have a great evening.

Trey: Likewise. Did I keep you waiting long?

Greenlee: Doesn't matter. Keep your voice down, okay? Erica can hear everything.

Trey: What?

Greenlee: Listen. Remember when I talked to you about my enchantment contract, looking for an out for Revlon?

Trey: Yeah, I know, but --

Greenlee: Get a move on it right away. There's a reason Ericaís keeping Revlon away from me -- not that I've completed figured that out yet, but --

Trey: Hold on, hold on, Greenlee. When I asked you to dinner, it wasn't to talk about business.

Erica: Thank you, Robert.

Chris: Thank you.

Erica: So, what did Anna say? Anything -- anything worth talking about?

Chris: She -- she asked me to work with her as liaison between the bureau and the police department, finishing up the Proteus case.

Erica: Oh. So then it was real after all. Well, did you tell her that you would consider it?

Chris: No.

Erica: Well, did she beg? I hope she did.

Chris: Nah. Maybe the next time.

Erica: All right. Well, then, you certainly will know when the time is right --

Chris: Erica, I accepted.

Erica: You did?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Oh. Well, then, I guess -- I think it's time to celebrate.

Chris: Ah -- not so fast, not so fast. There was one catch, though.

Erica: A catch?

Chris: Yes. In order to get the job, I had to promise Anna that you would be civil to her for the rest of your natural life. [Irish accent] So, my darling, do you think you're up to it?

David: You're kidding --

Leo: Don't even bother, David. Don't even -- it says it right there in black and white -- "a derivative of libidozone," your drug of choice.

David: Leo, I don't have the drug. I can't get access to it -- not anymore.

Leo: Have you used up your share? Is that -- oh, that's right -- you drugged a boatload of people --

David: Oh, for crying --

Leo: But I'm sure you saved up a few doses for a rainy day. Am I correct?

David: I didn't do it, Leo. All right? I threw away the drug.

Leo: Then who would've done it, David? Who would've done it? You figured that you could kill Vanessa by shooting her up with libidozone. Instead, you almost killed Greenlee.

Anna: What's going on? Why are you talking about libidozone?

Leo: Well, that's what Vanessa was shot up with. What a coincidence, don't you think?

David: Oh, no, don't -- don't you start looking at me like that now.

Anna: Well, it's a fluke, right, David?

Leo: Yeah, right --

David: Both of you, just shut up for a minute and listen. As much as I hate that woman, I would never do to her what she did to my father -- and to so many other people, evidently. Now, yes, I admit -- I will celebrate the day that she finally dies. But it's not going to be by my hand. And you can bet on that.

Singer: Till you feel all the love I feel loving you

Kendall: This is dumb. I'm -- I'm just not the dancing in the dark type of girl, Ryan. This -- this -- this all -- this feels like a big act -- us being here with candles and the champagne and the flowers and the bed made.

Ryan: Don't, don't. Look, all I know is that when I'm with you, I feel like laughing or smiling. And that -- I don't know -- that's pretty good, right? Why can't you just go with that?

Kendall: But, Ryan, what if you're wrong?

Ryan: I'm not wrong.

Kendall: No, what if after you get to know me, after you really get to know me, that you see that I'm really nothing?

Ryan: Don't -- don't say that. Why would you say that? What --

Kendall: Because I know who I am, Ryan.

[Ryan sighs]

Kendall: You saw me cry once, and you got the wrong idea. The truth is I'm not nice. I'm not sweet and warm. And when people are around me for very long, they don't smile for very long. And -- and even if I wanted to be that way, even if I really wanted to, I can't. I canít. It's too late to learn.

Ryan: You don't need to learn that, Kendall. Just let yourself feel it. That's it.

Kendall: Just let myself feel it.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: Oh, is that all? Just -- just let myself feel all this -- this warmness and goodness? Is that it? Just let myself feel? I canít. I can't, Ryan. I just can't. I don't know how.

Ryan: All right, all right, all right. No problem.

Kendall: No, I -- I don't know how to do this. I don't know what to do.

Ryan: Shh, shh. It's okay, it's okay.

Kendall: You'll be so sorry, Ryan. You will. You'll be sorry.

Erica: Hmm -- civil to Anna. Can I be civil to Anna?

Chris: [Normal voice] yeah.

Erica: Certainly I can be civil to Anna. Are you kidding?

[Chris laughs]

Erica: I never sank to her level before. I'm not going to do it now.

Chris: That's right.

Erica: Especially now. I mean, she's going to be, you know, your boss.

Chris: What? No, no, no, no, no. She's not going to be my --

Erica: You are so easy.

Chris: Oh. Anyway, I -- I appreciated you zipping your lip and leaving me alone with her.

Erica: You didn't think that I knew how to behave?

Chris: No, no, I --

Erica: Listen, I am going to be very, very good, and I certainly know how to behave. I mean, I think that this is going to be so good for you -- and even better for them.

Chris: Hmm.

Erica: I mean, you're going to have the bureau and the police department in such harmony, it's going to be like the -- the New York Philharmonic.

Chris: Is that another crack? Nah.

[Chris laughs]

Erica: What do you think? Really, Chris, I'm so glad that you're going back to work and doing what you love, but please be careful. Please don't take risks. Yeah. Okay. I know you don't listen to me.

Chris: Listen, Darling, I'm going to be more careful from now on. You want to know why?

Erica: Why?

Chris: Because there are people in my life now who I want to come home to every day. I have my son, and I have you.

Trey: Okay. Okay. We can talk about business. Anything's better than total silence.

Greenlee: I am not going to be good company tonight. I just got back from Oak Haven.

Trey: You went there? Why?

Greenlee: Who knows? But I saw Leo, and --

Trey: I'm sorry to hear that, Greenlee. You're never going to give up on the guy, are you?

David: You know something? I don't care what you think. This is like cosmic punishment for me -- the two people that I care about most in the world are destined to always believe the worst in me.

Leo: David, just wait a second. So it was a coincidence that Vanessa was shot up with libidozone?

David: I don't know, Leo. I know as much about this as you do.

Leo: Okay. Okay, I believe you.

Anna: It could be a coincidence, but I think it's more likely someone's trying to set you up. We'll find out.

Vanessa: Who's -- who's there? Leo? Mateo?

Vanessa: Doctor? Oh! Oh.

Adam: How was Liza when you left her?

Mia: She was asleep. The nurses were with her.

Adam: Did she say anything about me?

Mia: No. Adam, she was sedated. Good night.

Adam: Mia -- thank you. You've been a blessing to Liza.

Mia: Well, you don't have to thank me.

Adam: I'm very grateful. She's come to rely on you. She trusts you.

Mia: Well, I'm -- I'm really glad to do what I can for her.

Adam: Then help me -- for her sake. I want you to help me prove that Liza is incompetent.

Erica: I'm so happy for you that you're going back to work.

Chris: Thank you.

Erica: But I have to tell you that your work scares me. I don't want to lose you again.

Chris: You won't, ever. And don't be afraid, Darling. Donít.

Ryan: It's okay, it's okay. It's okay, Kendall. All right? You don't have to be afraid. You donít. It's okay.

David: I'm going to call my lab contacts. I'm going to find out who had access to the drug.

Anna: Well, they're looking at the hospital tapes now. They'll be able to see who went in and out of Vanessaís room that night.

Leo: Maybe she knows. Yeah. Look at her. Like she's going to be able to tell us anything.

Greenlee: I haven't let go of Leo, but I have to. It's going to be trouble for me if don't.

Trey: Well, I can wait. I usually get what I want.

Greenlee: You're very different from how I thought you were when we first met.

Trey: First impressions can be deceiving.

Greenlee: What's that stand for?

Trey: J-H-K -- James Henry Kenyon III. Trey.

Greenlee: Hmm. Nice shirt. You must be over-billing your clients.

Trey: You know I'd never do anything to hurt my clients.

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