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All My Children Transcript Friday 4/12/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Edmund: Well, maybe you should remember not to do this Adam Chandler routine.

Tad: Adam Chandler? What --

Edmund: The worst of him is starting to rub off on you.

Mateo: You want me to trust the justice system that's probably going to let Proteus slip through the cracks?

Leo: So what's wrong with this picture?

David: What do you mean what's wrong with the picture?

Leo: The guard.

David: What -- he's probably inside.

Leo: Or they could both be gone.

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Hold on! It's the middle of the -- I don't know -- it's early.


Greenlee: Okay! Leo, what are you doing here?

Leo: Where the hell have you been, Greenlee? I've been calling you all night long.

Greenlee: I unplugged the phone. Leo --

Leo: Oh, thank God. Thank God you're okay.

[Leo sighs]

Jack: What the hell do you think you're doing in here?

David: I work here, remember?

Jack: No. This is a crime scene. It's off-limits to all civilians, including hospital employees. What the hell are you --

David: Got it. Got it. Look at this! I knew it had to be here. It was wedged behind the bed frame.

Jack: And how did you know that, David?

David: Oh, great. There's still enough residue in there for you to run a lab test.

Jack: I said how did you know that syringe was going to be in this room?

David: After last night's psychotic episode with Vanessa attacking Leo, I got to thinking that maybe she was drugged, you know, because that was the real thing. She wasn't faking that.

Jack: And?

David: And I was hoping that the syringe would be hidden somewhere.

Jack: Wow -- lucky break for you.

David: And I'm thinking that the person who drugged her must have helped her escape.

Jack: And I'm thinking maybe that person was you.

Hayley: Ahem.

Mateo: Don't do that!

Hayley: Jumpy, aren't we? Guess that happens to you when you're up all night.

Mateo: What are you doing here?

Hayley: You first.

Mateo: Why aren't you with Enzo?

Hayley: Enzo and I spent the night at my father's. He's still there. Your turn.

Mateo: I went out.

Hayley: I got that part. Where have you been?

Mateo: You know where I've been. I've been out looking for Vanessa.

Hayley: Alone? Mateo!

Mateo: Please.

[Hayley sighs]

Mateo: Hey, don't tell me to leave it to the cops, okay?

Hayley: It's their job!

Mateo: The cops -- their job was to keep her in that damn hospital room. She's gone.

Hayley: Hey, look, I don't want to fight with you. I don't want to fight with you. Did you find Vanessa? Look, you're safe. You're safe and that -- that is all that matters, okay? That's all that matters.

Hayley: This has been fired recently. Mateo, what have you done?

Brooke: Stop it. I wonder where he is. You know, I think that -- oh! Will you behave?

Edmund: No.

Brooke: We're here to talk to the maitre d', remember?

Edmund: Oh, yeah, okay, fine. You talk, I'll kiss. You can multitask.

Brooke: Not when you're doing the kissing, I can't.

Edmund: Hmm.

Brooke: Stop. Ahem. Robert, hi. How are you? This is my fiancť, Edmund Grey.

Edmund: Hi.

Brooke: I just wanted to check on everything. We have the entire dining room reserved for the party tonight, is that correct?

Robert: Yes, everything's taken care of.

Brooke: Okay, good.

Edmund: Fine. That's great. Something wrong?

Robert: I was under the assumption the party was to be a surprise.

Brooke: Oh --

Edmund: It is.

Robert: I thought for you.

Edmund: Yeah, but if I don't come along with her, she won't do it the way that I want.

Brooke: No --

Edmund: You know?

Brooke: Unfortunately, he found out about the party by accident.

Edmund: But we don't want to spoil things for everybody else, so I'm going to pretend to be surprised.

Brooke: Right, and he's going to do it brilliantly or I am going to strangle him with my bare hands. I'm being funny.

Robert: Ah.

Brooke: Ah.

Edmund: Ah.

Brooke: All right, just be cool. Excuse us. Hi. Everything okay?

Tad: Everything's fine, everything's fine. I just stopped by to tell you that Jamie and I had a long conversation. We decided there's going to be other ball games and that he'd be happy to come to your party tonight, so --

Brooke: So the evening is perfect. Really, thank you.

Edmund: Thanks, Tad.

Tad: Hey, don't thank me. It was Jamieís decision.

Brooke: Even so, I know you changed your plans, and we appreciate it, and I know as far as Jamie is concerned, there had to be some, you know, arm-twisting involved.

Tad: Only a little bit -- you know, where a jacket and tie was concerned.

Brooke: You're the best. I mean that.

Tad: Oh, well -- huh.

Robert: Ms. English? Is there anything besides the dining room you'd like me to check on?

Brooke: Actually, there is one thing. There's one surprise that the wise guy doesn't know about.

Tad: I didn't want to say anything in front of her, but what kind of writer are you?

Edmund: What?

Tad: When Jamie found out that Vanessa had escaped, he freaked -- which, by the way, is the only reason I found out about it. Otherwise, I'm sure he wouldn't -- he never would've said a word.

Edmund: Tad, you want to tell me what you're talking about?

Tad: What I'm talking about is you grilling my son about that lunatic --

Edmund: I didn't grill him.

Tad: As if she hadn't traumatized him enough. All you did was make things a lot worse, Edmund.

Edmund: Tad, I don't think I did, all right?

Tad: Yes, you did. What you did was you used my son for some stupid magazine article. And now he's scared to death. He thinks she's going to come after him.

Edmund: All right, if you'd just give me a chance to explain --

Tad: Why should I? Why should I? Why should I stand here and pretend to be civil and listen to you talk about how you exploited my boy? Did you ever think to ask permission? You know, you do realize he's underage, right?

Edmund: Yes, I do realize that.

Tad: Well, you could've fooled me because I don't remember you asking me for permission to interview him. Did you ask Brooke?

Brooke: Did he ask me what?

Greenlee: Leo. What happened?

Leo: Vanessa escaped.

[Leo sighs]

Greenlee: What? Did she do that to you?

Leo: Yeah, but, she -- she got away from the hospital last night.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Leo: Nobody knows how she did it, but I think that I might've triggered it.

Greenlee: You? How?

Leo: Well, I -- I went to see her last night and I sort of tricked her. I got her to admit that the whole split personality, you know, Rosie thing -- that she was just faking it, and I recorded it on a hidden video recorder.

Greenlee: So she was busted?

Leo: Totally.

Greenlee: And then how did that --

Leo: Well, when I went back later, I think the guard was sound asleep. He was completely out of it, and so I went inside the room, and she attacked me.

Greenlee: And did this?

Leo: Yes. Look at it, all up and down here. She strangled me with the cord. I thought she was going to kill me.

Greenlee: Okay, Leo, let me get something to put on it --

Leo: No, no, no, no. It's okay, it's okay. The point is, is that she wasn't acting. I looked her in the eyes, and she was -- she was like she was -- there was nobody home.

Greenlee: She totally snapped?

Leo: Yeah -- completely gone.

Greenlee: Then how did she get away?

Leo: Well, that's the freaky part -- because right after it happened, Jake came in and some orderlies and they put some restraints on her. But when David and I came back, the restraints were sitting on the bed.

Greenlee: She got out of them?

Leo: Or somebody helped her. I don't know.

Greenlee: I don't believe this.

Leo: And I'm just so happy that you're okay. When I couldn't get ahold of you last night, I was scared to death that you --

Greenlee: Well, how did she do this? Did she have someone working for her?

Leo: Or against her, I don't know. Proteus made a lot of enemies in this town, so --

Greenlee: An enemy helped her escape?

Leo: Look, I don't -- I don't know. All I know is that when we left there, she was sitting in her hospital bed with guards outside. So if somebody wanted payback, they'd --

Greenlee: They'd get her out of there first.

Leo: Yeah.

[Leo sighs]

Greenlee: So who would do it?

Hayley: You haven't answered me.

Mateo: I told you I was out looking for Vanessa.

Hayley: That's not what I asked! Did you fire that gun?

Mateo: Are you asking me if I killed Vanessa?

Hayley: Did you?

Hayley: No more. Do you understand me? No more. No more shutting me out. Answer me.

Mateo: Just leave it alone.

Hayley: I canít. Did you hunt Vanessa down last night? Did you make her pay?

Mateo: I didn't kill Vanessa.

Hayley: Okay.

Mateo: I couldn't find her. I don't think anybody has.

Hayley: Great. Good. Then just leave it alone.

Mateo: I canít. I got to keep you and Enzo safe.

Hayley: By running around chasing after a killer in the middle of the night? To keep us safe, we need you with us.

Mateo: Hayley, she knows that we helped bring her down. You realize that or have you forgotten what she's capable of?

Hayley: No, have you?

Mateo: As long as she's out there -- well, you and I and Enzo are targets.

Hayley: She's one person, Mateo. Do you understand that? The feds are looking for her, the cops are looking for her. Let -- let them do their job and stay out of it.

Mateo: She's not alone. Do you -- she got out of that hospital. Do you think she got out of the hospital by herself? She's working with someone.

Hayley: That's all the more reason for you to stay away from her.

Mateo: Please, just let me do what I need to do, okay? The people she's working with are probably more dangerous than she is.

Hayley: Oh, Mateo.

Mateo: Just go back to Adamís and stay there, please.

Hayley: What about you?

Mateo: I just came here to check on the club. All right? I needed to get this.

Hayley: Oh -- more bullets? No.

Mateo: Listen, Hayley, please --

Hayley: No -- Mateo, if you take one more step toward that door, I don't want to, but so help me God, I will call Jackson Montgomery and I will have you arrested for your own protection.

Jack: Let's be very clear about this, Hayward. Anything you say -- and I mean anything -- is on the record from here on out. You follow me?

David: Are you for real?

Jack: Yeah.

David: Why the hell would I help Vanessa escape?

Jack: Call it misguided loyalty to your mother.

David: You think I want that woman out there hurting more people? Do you honestly think that I want that on my conscience?

Jack: Well, gosh, that supposes that you have a conscience.

David: The woman tried to kill my brother! She would go after me in a New York minute! I want her locked up as much as you do.

Jack: What about all that money?

David: What does money have to do with this?

Jack: Your mother made millions upon millions of dollars trafficking in drugs. Now, we found a couple of accounts off the Grand Caymans, offshore accounts -- chump change! Where's the money, David?

David: You think I know? So you think that I helped her escape so I can get to it, is that it?

Jack: What can I say? The thought crossed my mind.

David: I don't want the woman's filthy money, all right?

Jack: Ooh, we've grown a set of scruples.

David: She killed my father! And for years, the memory of the man is all I had left, and now she killed that, too. There's not enough money in the world for me to want to help her.

Jack: Just take this off your hands, huh? Now, you want me to believe that you're in here tampering with my crime scene, contaminating evidence, because you want your mother behind bars? That's what you want me to believe?

David: I don't give a damn what you believe. Just have that tested, all right? I guarantee you that it was filled with a psychotropic drug. That's what put her over the edge.

Jack: Hayward? How difficult would it have been for your mother to inject herself?

David: Well, she knew what she was doing, but what are you getting at?

Jack: She's pleading insanity. And if anybody isn't buying this Rosie Wells character of hers, last night's episode was pretty persuasive, wouldn't you say?

David: Even if she was able to figure out the right dosages, there's no way that she can get herself out of here, not in that condition. Somebody is working with her.

Jack: Well, maybe that somebody wants her to lead them to the money.

David: Either way, we're wasting time.

Edmund: Tad, listen to me. I'm doing an article on Vanessa for "Tempo." It's a continuation of --

Tad: And you used my boy.

Edmund: No, and I --

Tad: You used him.

Edmund: I talked to your son.

Brooke: He ran it by me first, Tad.

Edmund: I wanted to know if Vanessa said anything to him when she grabbed him at the hospital.

Tad: Why? So he could relive it all over again in living color? And you were all right with this?

Brooke: I think frankly that Jamie needed to talk about it.

Edmund: I wanted to know if Vanessa said anything that we could use to convict her.

Tad: What are you going to do, quote him? On top of everything else, you're going to put him at risk by splashing his name all over "Tempo" magazine?

Edmund: Of course not. I would never do that. I would never quote him without his permission -- or his motherís.

Tad: Or me.

Edmund: Or you, of course.

Brooke: And you know that I would never put anything in print before I would run it by you. You know that.

Edmund: Look, Tad, I'm sorry if the questions I asked Jamie upset him.

Tad: Well, you should be because Vanessa terrifies him. And having to go through it all over again --

Edmund: All right, let me talk to him again, okay? I'll just --

Tad: No, no.

Edmund: Listen, I have a pretty good relationship with him --

Tad: Do me a favor, okay? Stay away from my son. Just stay away from him. Whatever's done is done.

Brooke: Tad, I think if Jamie were that upset, we would know about it. So just let's let it go. Okay?

Edmund: Listen, I got to finish up some work before the party tonight, okay?

Brooke: Okay.

Edmund: Tad.

Tad: I want you to know something, okay? I talked Jamie into coming tonight for your benefit and your benefit alone. Otherwise, I wouldn't have stuck my nose in it.

Brooke: Tad, I want to know what is really bothering you.

Greenlee: Leo, this town is crawling with people who'd bring snacks and watch if they knew Vanessa was going to get hers.

Leo: What, you don't think I know that?

Greenlee: But that may not be the only reason she was helped.

Leo: Well, what else?

Greenlee: According -- well, the way I heard it, a huge chunk of Vanessaís drug money is missing. I mean, we're talking millions.

Leo: How did you know that?

Greenlee: Vanessa's lawyer. So I'm thinking that --

Leo: That she got an accomplice and they went off to get the money together.

Greenlee: As we speak.

Leo: Well, she did mention something about having a bunch of money stashed away.

Greenlee: So that could be it.

Leo: Or she could be out getting ready to do somebody else and just for the randy hell of it.

Greenlee: Leo. I'm sorry.

Leo: Okay, Greenlee. I want you to -- I don't want you to be alone while she's on the loose, okay? When you get home from work tonight, I want you to go out, do something. Okay?

Greenlee: Is that what you came here to tell me?

Leo: And don't just think that locking your door is going to be enough, okay? This -- go someplace loud and crowded.

Greenlee: Leo --

Leo: David and I are going to go look for her, and if we find her, then -- just take care of yourself.

Greenlee: Leo? You know what this means, you coming here?

Leo: I --

Greenlee: It means that you care about me. Don't you?

Leo: Yes. I do.

Leo: Of course I care about what happens to you. Greenlee, my mother tried to kill you before.

Greenlee: That's the reason?

Leo: Well, I don't want it to happen again. I mean, she never would have done what she did if I hadn't felt the way I felt about you.

Greenlee: You "felt"?

Leo: She never would have touched you if I didn't have feelings for you, Greenlee, so just take care of yourself.

Greenlee: Thank you. Mind your own damn business.

Leo: Greenlee, I'm just looking out for you.

Greenlee: Oh, don't bother. I didn't need your help when your mother was trying to kill me and I don't need it now.

Leo: Fine.

Greenlee: And it's really sweet of you to tell me to go out, but I don't do that without a date.

Leo: Well, why don't you call Jake? I'm sure he can clear some time out of his busy schedule.

Greenlee: After you, Jake is the last person I want to see right now.

Leo: Oh, please, Greenlee, he's everything that you've ever wanted in a man.

Greenlee: But you still don't know what I want.

Leo: And aside from being perfect --

Greenlee: No, I never said that.

Leo: He comes from a family of saints, which, God knows, I don't, right?

Greenlee: Stop this!

Leo: He's also a perfect little rock for you to lean on, right?

Greenlee: You can be a real louse, you know that?

Leo: And aside from that, he's, like, what -- the head of the hospital now, right?

Greenlee: That never mattered to me!

Leo: So -- he's important. He's important. So why don't you grab him, Greenlee? He's the king of the world, right?

[Knock on door]

Leo: Just make sure that you're careful tonight, okay? Just --

Greenlee: Hi, it's Greenlee. Do your best G.Q. thing and show up at my place after work. You're going to be a lucky man tonight.

Brooke: All right, what's going on? I know this doesn't all have to do with Jamie. Are you okay?

Tad: Me? Oh, hey, I'm fine, you know? My -- my ex-wife is out there somewhere, you know, in Europe -- maybe not -- I don't know. Well, wherever she is, she won't return my phone calls.

Brooke: Maybe she just needs some time.

Tad: Yeah, so I've heard. Then I get back, find out I need to schedule an appointment to see my own son. That's kind of exciting.

Brooke: Tad, he's growing up, you know? I need an appointment to see him.

Tad: Yeah? What the hell's going on? You leave town and everything goes to hell, you know? Vanessa's escaped, Liza's in the hospital, and her husband has me fired.

Brooke: Adam -- he did what?

Tad: He went behind my back and he convinced the board to ax me.

Brooke: How did he do that?

Tad: He's blaming me for all the bad calls that Liza made while she was running the show.

Brooke: But that's ridiculous.

Tad: Not to Adam. He thinks I should have been able to stop her.

Brooke: How?

Tad: That was my next question.

Brooke: Oh, this is a new low, really, even for Adam Chandler.

Tad: Tell me about it. His wife is recovering from brain surgery, and he's performing his own little slice and dice on her partner.

Brooke: Oh -- no wonder you're upset.

Tad: What's really bothering me is I'm afraid that Edmund is coming between me and Jamie.

Brooke: He's not.

Tad: I got to tell you right now -- with my batting average, I'm starting to feel like Jamie is about the only thing that I --

Brooke: Like he's the only thing you have, I know. And I'm really sorry that Adam had you fired.

Tad: You and me both.

Brooke: Yeah. I want you to know something, okay? You are the best father that my son could ever have. Anyway, Edmund knows that.

Tad: Okay.

Brooke: Really. Edmund loves Jamie, too.

Tad: Oh, there you go. You see, you were doing so well up to that point. I didn't really need to hear that.

Brooke: It's the best thing for Jamie. You know it.

Tad: Yeah, you're right. I know you're right.

Brooke: Would you do me a favor?

Tad: Sure.

Brooke: Would you come to the party tonight with Jamie?

Tad: I don't know, Sweetheart.

Brooke: Please? Please do it for my sake. Please.

[Tad sighs]

Brooke: And for our sonís.

Tad: You're really happy, aren't you?

Brooke: Yeah.

Tad: I owe you an apology. I -- I've been behaving badly. I just want you to know that I'm -- I'm happy that you are happy.

Brooke: I kind of knew that. I'm just really glad that you -- that you told me, though.

Tad: And I would be proud to come to your party tonight -- to help you celebrate your new life with Edmund.

Hayley: Thank you. This thing with Vanessa is eating you alive.

Mateo: I'm all right. I'm fine.

Hayley: No, you're not. We're not all right. And life is no day at the beach over at Adamís, either, you know?

Mateo: It's the safest place for you.

Hayley: Well, it's not easy over there, you know. Liza's sick and -- I just -- I want our lives back, Mateo. I want our lives back the way they used to be, when everything was normal and peaceful.

Mateo: It can't be like that right now.

Hayley: Why? We have each other and we have Enzo. And that's all we have to hang on to.

Mateo: Listen to me. I wish things were different.

Hayley: I want my husband back, Mateo! Do you remember him? I remember him. He was the man that made my whole world.

Mateo: You know I'll do anything for you.

Hayley: And I want you with me. Is that too much to ask? I want you to be with me.

Mateo: You don't play fair, do you?

Hayley: I will do whatever I have to do, Mateo, really. Just to keep us together because our lives -- they're so good, they're so precious. I don't want anything to destroy that ever.

Mateo: You're not going to lose me, you know that?

Hayley: I don't want to lose you. Will you do something for me?

Mateo: Whatever you want.

Hayley: Brooke is having an engagement party for Edmund tonight. Will you take me? Please?

Mateo: Tonight? Hayley, come on.

Hayley: I just want to be around people who love us, that's all. It's going to be a nice, happy, fun time. You know -- fun?

Mateo: What if Vanessa shows up?

Hayley: Who cares? What if she's caught by the police? Then she's caught by the police, and we say thank God. But it's not our business anymore, Mateo, really. Please. Promise me that you're just going to let this thing drop, let it go. Promise me. It's not your business anymore.

Mateo: All right.

Hayley: Promise?

Mateo: I promise.

Hayley: Thank you. I love you.

Mateo: I love you.

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Who is it?

Trey: Just a guy following orders. You call, I show up. And you can --

Greenlee: Get in here.

Trey: What's with all the 007 action?

Greenlee: You get to protect me tonight.

Trey: You need protection?

Greenlee: Well, given the fact that the last time your client was running around, she tried to kill me.

Trey: Could you not call her that?

Greenlee: I've been advised to stay in a crowd tonight, someplace bright and safe.

Trey: Well, you're not dressed for B.J.'s. That's not a complaint, by the way.

Greenlee: We're not going to B.J.'s. A little more upscale.

Trey: Well, how much more up?

Greenlee: Valley Inn. You get your wish. You're taking me to dinner.

Trey: Well, works for me. You're freezing.

Greenlee: No, I'm not.

Trey: Then why are you shaking? You're afraid, aren't you?

Greenlee: No.

Trey: Vanessa being out there has you totally freaked.

Greenlee: No, if that whack job gets anywhere near me, I'm going to take her out. Now, come on, let's go.

David: Leo.

Leo: Ah, there you are.

David: Oh, yeah. I want this over with.

Leo: Yeah, me, too, as soon as possible.

David: No kidding.

Leo: So, wait, he isn't here yet.

David: Oh, he will be. He will be. He eats in the dining room almost every night.

Leo: There's a party going on in there.

David: Okay, well, then he'll eat in the bar. Look, I know this is a long shot, but we got to -- we got to start somewhere.

Leo: Oh, there he is. Go.

David: Palmer! Palmer, we need to speak with you.

Palmer: If it's about your mother, I don't want to hear.

Leo: Well, just -- okay, this is what it is. She's gone again.

David: Okay, and we got to find her, okay? We got to stop her.

Palmer: Well, I hope she's on her broomstick halfway to hell.

David: Yeah -- look, I understand exactly how you feel, but can we put those feelings aside for a moment, okay?

Leo: Do you have any idea where she might have gone?

Palmer: How the hell would I know?

David: Okay, do you know about the money?

Palmer: What money?

David: Well, the police say that she has a fortune stashed away somewhere, but they can't find it.

Leo: Did she ever say anything to you about, you know, having a huge chunk of cash hidden somewhere?

Palmer: Are you kidding? That gold digger bled me dry and then cried poormouth every day we were together.

David: So there's nothing you can think of that can help us out?

Palmer: No, no, no. Except I think you fellows are on the right track. You find her blood money and you'll find her, but leave me out of it.

David: Great. That went well.

Leo: Yeah. Real well.

David: Yeah.

Brooke: I know this is so last minute, but this is the only surprise I have left for my fiancť.

Woman: You did all this work setting up this party, and he found out? You must be so depressed.

Brooke: Well, I wasn't until just now. Listen, he loves this song, so if you could sing it for him, I would love it, too. Do you know it?

Woman: Oh, no problem.

Brooke: Oh, great.

Woman: Look, the pianist is in the back. I'll go work out something with him right now.

Brooke: Oh, thanks. All right, we'll see you later. Where is everybody? I know I told them the right time -- I think. Oh. Ah, here.

Joe: Here we go.

Brooke: Hey!

Phoebe: Congratulations.

Brooke: Sweeties. My sweeties, how are you? I was beginning to worry. Congratulations. Thank you. And thank you.

Tad: You're welcome.

Jamie: Well, where do you want us to hide?

Brooke: I have a plan.

Jamie: It's going to be tough to stash Aunt Phoebe.

Brooke: Jamie!

Phoebe: Oh, Darling.

Myrtle: Darling, I tell you, I just love surprise parties.

Brooke: Thank you.

Myrtle: Now, are you sure it's going to be a surprise?

Brooke: Well, let's hope so.

Myrtle: Well, listen -- are you sure Edmund hasn't got onto it?

Brooke: He doesn't have a clue.

Myrtle: Well, that helps.

Joe: To happy times. And I can't think of two people who deserve this more than you and Edmund.

Brooke: You have to stop talking, Joe, because you're going to make me cry. And I'm not going to go through my engagement party with a red nose.

Joe: No, we can't have that.

Brooke: Oh, thank you. All right, everybody, find a seat, okay? Because he's going to be here fairly soon.

Myrtle: Okay.

Jamie: All right.

Brooke: How -- Amy, Simone, hi!

Simone: Hi.

Amy: This is so exciting.

Brooke: Oh, I think so, too.

Simone: Thank you so much for inviting me, Brooke. I'm so honored.

Brooke: I'm glad you were able to make it. All right, find a seat.

Simone: Okay.

Brooke: All right? Get ready, get ready.

Jack: Yeah, get out of my way.

Brooke: Hello!

Jack: I came all this way to see you. How are you?

Brooke: Hello. How are you?

Jack: Soon-to-be-married person.

Brooke: Again.

Jack: Yeah. This one's the charm, I promise you.

Brooke: Well, it feels that way.

Jack: Good.

Brooke: I'm so glad that you came.

Jack: Sweetheart --

Brooke: I thought maybe you might be too busy.

Jack: I wouldn't have missed this for the world. Now, I may have to run out if something breaks in the Vanessa Cortlandt case, so I'll apologize in advance. But I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

Brooke: Oh.

Jack: You look so beautiful.

Brooke: Oh.

Palmer: Well, Peter, of course I'll be at your science fair. It's not every day that my son wins a prize. Oh, Peter, runner-up is just as good. It is, really. I have to go now, Peter. I promise you, I'll see you tomorrow. Yeah. Me, too.

Opal: Palmer? Are you all right?

Palmer: Well, I was until you snuck up on me.

Opal: Are you going to the party? I'll walk in with you if you're feeling a little, you know --

Palmer: No. No, I don't know.

Opal: Well, I meant that I heard about Vanessa escaping and --

Palmer: When are people going to stop asking me about that woman?

Opal: I didn't meant to ruffle your feathers, you know? You were standing there. I thought that maybe --

Palmer: And you thought that I was ashamed to go into the dining room.

Opal: Well, I thought that it might be a little awkward for you, yeah.

Palmer: I'm just waiting for the surprise part of this event to be over and done with. You know I loathe surprises.

Opal: I see. Well, I'm sorry I upset you.

Palmer: Oh. Opal? I'm the one that should be sorry. I just -- I've just been on edge ever since Vanessa escaped.

Opal: I know what you mean. I have been just about as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers myself. I mean, that woman is dangerous.

Palmer: Don't be so nervous about her.

Opal: But, Palmer, I heard she went bonkers last night. I mean, she could be coming after any one of us right here, right now.

Palmer: Stop being so melodramatic. That woman isn't going to show up here.

Brooke: Great. See you later. Hi, you guys.

Hayley: Hi.

Brooke: Thank you for coming.

Hayley: No -- we wouldn't miss it for the world. I was afraid we were going to be late.

Brooke: Oh. Oh, lord, it's almost time. Listen, everybody, everybody, find a seat, okay?

Opal: It's time.

Brooke: Because Edmund is going to be here very soon.

Hayley: Okay, all right.

Brooke: Get ready. Okay? Get ready. All right.

Hayley: Here we go.

Brooke: Okay.

Opal: Oh, wait; I can't get my menu open.

Brooke: Menus, menus. Ahem. Over here, Edmund.

All: Surprise!

Edmund: How did -- what -- is this for me?

Brooke: No, honey, it's an engagement party for us. Aw.

Edmund: How did I do?

Brooke: The house is totally with you.

Edmund: I expect a reward.

Brooke: Yes, and I'm going to think of something later. Come here. Come here, you sweetie.

[David sighs]

David: Hey, anything from the bar staff?

Leo: Zip. What about you?

David: Nothing.

Leo: So what do we do next?

David: Well, we keep questioning anybody we can find.

Leo: What the hell's she doing with him?

Leo: What the hell are you doing?

Trey: Excuse me --

Leo: I told you to come with somebody who'd protect you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You can't tell me what to do.

Leo: Well, what about Jake Martin? Why didn't you come with him?

Greenlee: Because I didn't want to.

Leo: At least he would have protected you -- or taken care of you.

Trey: Greenlee, let's go.

Leo: No, no, this isn't -- none of your damn business, all right?

Greenlee: Who I'm with is none of your business, Leo.

Leo: In case you forgot, Greenlee, this escort of yours is the reason why Vanessaís not in the hospital instead of a jail cell.

Trey: That is such garbage. I was just doing my job!

Leo: Now she's free, and she's nuts, and who knows what she's going to do next?

Trey: I'm sure --

Leo: You and your stinking job!

Trey: I'm sure the police will find Vanessa.

Leo: Yeah, are you sure about that? Well, that makes me feel so much better. Thank you very much.

Trey: And in the meantime, I'll take care of Greenlee. Now, if you'll excuse us.

Greenlee: You're such a jerk. You come to my house and you tell me to go out because you're so damn worried about me.

Leo: I was worried about you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Then you wouldn't do anything about it.

Leo: I came to your house and I warned you!

Greenlee: You wouldn't stay with me by yourself.

Leo: Well, even if I would have, you would have let me stay, right?

Greenlee: No, you just give me orders, and then when I do find someone to --

Leo: Yeah, someone who ruined everything!

Greenlee: Yeah -- to hell with you! No, do you hear me? To hell with you! You know, on top of everything else, I have to go fix my mascara.

Leo: Look, Greenlee --

David: Leo, Leo, Leo, Leo -- let it go, okay? We got business to take care of.

Brooke: That blissed-out look better be for me.

Edmund: I was just thinking, you know, about timing and that it really is everything.

Brooke: You mean we wouldn't be this happy if we hadn't gone through everything we did in order to get here?

Edmund: No. Yes.

[Brooke laughs]

Edmund: You read my mind.

Brooke: Did I? Let's get as far away --

Mateo: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Brooke: Oh, I'm sorry. Hi, you two.

Hayley: No, I'm sorry.

Edmund: Mateo and Hayley, I'm glad you both could make it, really.

Mateo: Well, I've got to tell you that I'm really happy about this.

Hayley: I spoke to Isabella and Rosa, and they are so thrilled.

Mateo: Yeah, the whole family is.

Hayley: They are really, truly thrilled for you.

Edmund: I think they are because Isabella called me and talked for over an hour on the phone with me last week, and it really meant a lot.

Mateo: Hmm. Do you mind if I have a moment with you in private?

Edmund: Sure. Excuse me.

Mateo: Excuse me.

Brooke: He looks good.

Hayley: Who? Which one, yours or mine?

Brooke: Well, they both do.

Hayley: Yeah. It's nice to see that smile on Mateoís face. I was -- I was beginning to be afraid.

Brooke: I think it was very hard on him, you know? I mean, lying and pretending.

Hayley: Yeah, he was very scared.

Brooke: I think it was harder than any of us realized for him.

Hayley: Well, it's time for him to get back to normal.

[Phone rings]

Hayley: And he will. Oh, excuse me, that's mine.

Brooke: Oh, sure.

Mateo: Oh. So, have you -- have you heard anything about the police, about Vanessa? Do they have any leads on her?

Edmund: No, not as far as I know, but the cops will find her.

Mateo: Well, they'd better. We're not safe as long as she's out there. You know that, right? I got to go. Excuse me. Hey, what's up?

Hayley: That was Uncle Stuart. Enzo has an earache, so I'm going to go home --

Mateo: Well, let's go home.

Hayley: No, no, no, no, no. You stay here and spend some time with --

Mateo: No, wait, wait -- listen, I haven't seen my kid in six months. If my kid's sick, I'd rather be home.

Hayley: I understand that, but he's going to be fine. It's a little earache, and I think it means a lot to Edmund --

Mateo: If my baby's sick --

Hayley: It means a lot to Edmund to spend some time with you, okay? You two have been through a lot, and this is a -- it's a nice thing. You know, just stay a -- an extra hour or something.

Mateo: I really hate when you're right about this kind of stuff.

Hayley: Well, get used to it. I'm right about this kind of stuff all the time. I'll take care of the baby, and Brooke has a big surprise planned, so tell me all about it --

Mateo: Oh.

Hayley: In an hour?

Mateo: Okay.

Mateo: Bye.

Brooke: Excuse me.

Edmund: Save some.

Brooke: Everybody? Everybody, listen, can I -- can I have your attention, please? Everybody? Everybody?

Simone: Yes?

Edmund: What are you up to now?

Brooke: Well, I told you, you're not the only one who can do surprises.


Man: Whoo.

Brooke: I just -- listen, I'm not great at speeches. I'm really much better in front of the computer.

Edmund: Probably shredding one of my articles.


Brooke: Yes, or shredding the author if he doesn't let me get through this.


Brooke: I have to tell you, you have brought joy and laughter back into my life. And I can't believe how lucky I am. So, I've asked Melissa Daar, who's the best around, to sing a song for you because it says better than I ever could how I -- how I feel about you.

All: Aw.

Brooke: I love you. Okay, the show's over. Can we have the lights down, ever -- please? Come on over here.

Jack: You guys can go neck now.


[Piano plays]

Vanessa: Hi, everybody. Hope you enjoy the show.

[Crowd gasps]

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