AMC Transcript Wednesday 4/10/02


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 4/10/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Leo: Did he tell you that he's trying to get the charges dropped against my mother?

Greenlee: Trey is doing his job.

Vanessa: You have been gaslighting me, Mateo.

Hayley: Mateo, get away from Vanessa.

Erica: Everything is open to you in this office except that one tiny, little file cabinet right there.

Adam: Liza, I'm right here. Everything's going to be all right.

Greenlee: Hmm. Wow. You really are a born loser.

Kendall: I was just --

Greenlee: Blowing your only chance in life?

Kendall: Erica gave me the key.

Greenlee: Oh, get real. She doesn't give anyone access to her personal files.

Kendall: Except me. She even gave me her computer password.

Greenlee: Liar.

Kendall: I'll prove it.

Greenlee: Don't bother. In fact, pack up your white-trash cosmetics bag because I'm going to turn your bony butt in.

Erica: And why would you do that, Greenlee?

Vanessa: Ugh. I will keep up my strength, okay.

Distorted voice: Arsenic. Hemlock. Snakeroot.

Vanessa: Where are you?

Distorted voice: Take another bite.

Vanessa: No!

Distorted voice: Maybe this is your last meal, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Somebody get in here and help me! Nurse! Nurse! Guard! Guard!

Leo: Hey, hey, hey, hey. What's going on? What's --

Vanessa: My food is poisoned!

Leo: Okay, just --

Vanessa: Poisoned!

Leo: She's nuts. I'm sorry.

Vanessa: He's trying to kill me. He's trying to kill me.

Leo: Who's trying to kill you?

Vanessa: He is. Look, Leo, I -- I want to live now.

Leo: Okay, whoa, whoa --

Vanessa: You got to help me. You got to help --

Leo: Okay, shh. Just settle down. Just settle down, okay?

Vanessa: Look, Leo, I'm your mother!

Leo: I know.

Vanessa: I don't want to die now. I don't want to die. Are you going to stand back and just let me be murdered?

Leo: No, no, no. I'm going to do what you want. Okay? I'm going to do what I should've done a long time ago.

Vanessa: What do you mean?

Leo: I'm going to get you out of here.

Hayley: Hey. Is everything all right? What? Don't tell me now. What? What? Mateo -- wait, Mateo!

Mateo: I just talked to Jackson Montgomery. He told me you filed a motion to drop the charges against Vanessa Cortlandt?

Hayley: What? Can they do that?

Trey: I'm not going to discuss my client with you.

Mateo: If you get her off, you can kiss your career good-bye.

[Heart monitor beeps]

Adam: Liza, you don't have to be frightened anymore. We have the best news. The tumor is benign. You're going to be fine. Perfect. Liza? Can you say something?

Liza: Who are you?

Greenlee: Go ahead, Kendall. Explain.

Kendall: I -- I only wanted --

Greenlee: I'll call Human Resources, have them throw her a few dollars to have her slither away quietly.

Kendall: Here.

Erica: I am devastated.

Kendall: No, you're relieved.

Erica: No, I am devastated. At both of you.

Greenlee and Kendall: What?

Erica: Greenlee, you have let me down.

Greenlee: But why? Because I came in late? I was going to quit. Couldn't take answering to miss ringlet trailer trash.

Kendall: Hey!

Greenlee: Obviously, I would've stopped her. Those files are confidential.

Erica: It was a test.

Greenlee: Which Kendall flunked.

Erica: A test that you failed, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Me?

Erica: You snitched. I cannot stand a tattletale.

Greenlee: Tattletale? What about corporate espionage? She was digging for dirt, Erica.

Erica: You need -- you need to watch your back. You know very well that Greenlee resents reporting to you, Kendall. Next time, stay a step ahead of your enemies.

Kendall: Okay.

Greenlee: What is this? Hello? She broke the most important rule you have, Erica.

Erica: Do I play by the rules, Greenlee? I told you this was a test.

Greenlee: Oh, this is so unfair.

Erica: A test of Kendall’s ambition.

Greenlee: Which she flunked, right? Please say it -- she tanked.

Erica: She would have passed if she hadn't been caught.

Greenlee: This is -- I'm not hearing this.

Erica: Well, you'd better hear this because if you would have a little more ambition, you would've tried to gain access to those files months ago.

Greenlee: I respected your wishes.

Erica: Oh, you think so? Here's what I respect -- drive, ambition that no one and nothing can stop. Kendall has that.

Greenlee: And you hate her for it!

Erica: I think that it has not helped her personal dynamics at all, that's correct. But here at Enchantment, I consider it an asset. At least I hope it will be.

Kendall: So I'm not fired?

Erica: No. But don't get caught again. I expect both of you to learn from your mistakes. Both of you. Now, let's get to work, shall we?

Adam: Who am I? Liza, you've been in surgery, a major operation. Of course, you're confused. It -- it's me, Adam. Your husband.

Liza: No!

[Heart monitor races]

Adam: There's something wrong.

Jake: All right, I think she's just frightened here.

[Heart monitor slows]

Jake: Liza, it's Jake Martin. I was with you in the OR during your surgery. I know it's difficult to focus here after an operation like that, but I want you to know you came through just fine. Adam, can you give us a couple of minutes alone to check Liza out, please?

Adam: Idiot doctors!

Stuart: Oh, Adam? How's Liza?

Adam: She doesn't know who she is.

Stuart: Oh. Well, Jake said that she might be out of it for a while.

Adam: She doesn't know me, either. She's afraid of me.

Stuart: So she's awake, then? Can she talk?

Adam: She can barely mumble, yes.

Stuart: Well, that's something.

Adam: No, it's not something! It's not nearly enough! Damn it, stop being so cheerful.

Stuart: Well, I'm sorry, Adam.

Adam: I just want Liza back the way she was. Stuart, that may not happen.

Stuart: But what if it doesn't? I mean, what if -- she'll still be Liza. You still love her.

Adam: No. Stuart --

Stuart: Adam, I was born with a problem in my brain, and you still love me.

Adam: Stuart, that's different.

Stuart: Yeah, of course, because it's your Liza, but you're not used to her being sick.

Adam: No, I'm not.

Stuart: But it's going to be all right. You can take care of her just the way you took care of me.

Adam: This is going to be a little more complicated than fending off some bullies.

Stuart: You can do it, Adam. You remember when people had me feeling so bad that I wanted to just die?

Adam: Stuart, please.

Stuart: And you showed me all the reasons to be happy about my life.

Adam: You still remember those creeps?

Stuart: Sure. Because they -- they showed me how much you cared about me.

Adam: Everybody cares about you, Stuart.

Stuart: Oh, I know, I know! Marian and Cindy and -- and Scott and J.R. and Mateo and Hayley and Enzo. It doesn't bother them that part of my brain's gone missing.

Adam: No, it doesn't matter to them. They all love you.

Stuart: That's why my heart feels whole. You love Liza, we all love Liza, and we'll make sure that she feels whole again. No matter what.

Trey: This isn't appropriate.

Mateo: Listen, no one in this town wants her off, do you understand me? No one. You pull some legal move and then she gets off, she walks, your reputation is set as a trashy attorney.

Trey: Well, that'll be my problem.

Mateo: It'll be the least of your worries. Your career will be the least of your worries, you understand me? She terrorizes people. She terrorized my family. She --

Trey: I'm sorry for what your family has been put through, but even Vanessa Cortlandt has the right to counsel.

Mateo: No, I'll --

Hayley: Mateo, wait.

Mateo: Just go ahead and go back with Adam, all right?

Hayley: I need you there.

Mateo: Liza doesn't need me.

Hayley: I need you! Please, you have done enough. You brought Proteus down, and now she is in custody.

Mateo: No, she's lounging in some hospital playing with doctors' minds, do you understand me? And now you see that guy? He's like Johnnie Cochran. He's trying to get her off. She -- as long as she's alive, she's dangerous.

Hayley: I understand. Okay, I do, but it's something we have to live with.

Mateo: No, no. Listen, she started this, and don't blame me if I have to play by her rules.

Vanessa: What are you proposing?

Leo: That we escape together. Okay?

Vanessa: Why?

Leo: Because I can't stand seeing you scared anymore.

Vanessa: Oh, well, Mr. Warner. You have to forgive me.

Leo: Uh --

Vanessa: You do. No, no, no. I am such a method actress that sometimes the whole thing just kicks in. Listen, anyway, I really want to do this film with Mr. Hitchcock.

Leo: Mother, please, don't do this.

Vanessa: No, no, no. "Dial M for Murder" was absolutely written for me.

Leo: Don't do this. It's me.

Vanessa: Oh. But you have to admit you liked the improv, didn't you? You liked it.

Leo: You don't have to pretend with me, Vanessa. You don't have to pretend with me!

Vanessa: Vanessa? I'm Rosie.

Leo: I was arrested. Yeah, trying to help you. I got a court date pending, Mother, and it's bad.

Vanessa: Well, not if you have the right press.

Leo: Would you listen to me? I'm on your side. I'm on your side. I destroyed evidence, evidence that they were going to use against you.

Vanessa: Well, good.

Leo: Your lawyer's -- your lawyer's the one that got me off. Jackson is still going to press charges against me. Did you know this? No.

Vanessa: Well, you know, the studio has good lawyers, too.

Leo: You know, this -- this insanity thing is wearing thin. You want to wrap it up anytime soon?

Vanessa: Oh, I really can't be rushed. You know, I am an artiste.

Leo: Yeah, an artiste facing hard time, Mother. And why? I mean, when we came here we had money, we had freedom, we had no problems that couldn't be solved by a new port of call, right? What the hell happened to us? I mean, the only thing between us and prison now is a couple of hack lawyers.

Vanessa: What about my agents?

Leo: The only thing you've got is me. That's it. Come on, Mother, what do you say? Work with me. Do you trust me to bust you out of here or not?

Kendall: So I told our regional reps to hold space for our natural shimmer campaign.

Greenlee: I already placed the copy for the shimmer line. She's redoing my ads? Erica, this is too much.

Erica: Kendall is overseeing the campaign now.

Greenlee: And she's been on it for, what, two hours?

Erica: That's my call.

Greenlee: And it reeks. You're trusting her with formulas and concepts that shouldn't go outside Enchantment.

Kendall: And they won't.

Greenlee: I have confidential info that I could share.

Erica: And you won’t.

Greenlee: I will unless you reconsider my position here.

Erica: Out of the question.

Kendall: What are you two talking about?

Erica: A new product that Greenlee wants to launch.

Kendall: What kind?

Erica: It's still in R&D. It's something that Greenlee has been working on exclusively.

Kendall: And you're threatening to spill to the competition?

Greenlee: This really doesn't concern you, Kendall. I need to speak to Erica in private if she wants this product.

Erica: Kendall, would you mind giving us a few moments alone, go make nice with Val?

Kendall: Is that possible?

Erica: Try.

Greenlee: I am so on to you.

Erica: Well, I should hope so because my plan is unfolding beautifully.

Greenlee: Your plan is eighty-sixing my career.

Erica: Oh, you know, Greenlee, tantrums are just so unbecoming.

Greenlee: You told me you wanted a retraction from Kendall for that slam in "The Exposer."

Erica: I do.

Greenlee: Yes, and you wanted to protect Bianca and Chris from her evil clutches.

Erica: Yes.

Greenlee: Which you could do with one designer sleeve tied behind your back. So what's really going down?

Erica: Oh, Greenlee, you are so overreacting.

Greenlee: Tell me your plan, all of it.

Erica: Or what?

Greenlee: Or I'll spill the crumbs you've given me. I'll push Kendall’s "on" button.

Mateo: All right, listen, I know you're worried about this, about Liza. But Vanessa --

Hayley: I don't want to hear about Vanessa anymore.

Mateo: But, you know, I can't leave her to the lawyers. I mean --

Hayley: You're going to have to.

Mateo: What if they mess it up? She's supposed to be in jail forever.

Hayley: That's not your responsibility.

Mateo: I feel like it is.

Hayley: You sound like a vigilante.

Mateo: Well, maybe I should be.

Hayley: Do you hear yourself?

Mateo: Do you hear yourself? You want me to trust a justice system that's probably going to let Proteus slip through the cracks? There's Adam.

Hayley: Hey, Dad. Is everything all right? How's Liza?

Adam: Well, that's a difficult question to answer.

Stuart: Adam's upset because Liza hasn't remembered him yet.

Adam: Greenberg thinks she may be permanently impaired.

Stuart: She doesn't have any cancer.

Hayley: Hey.

Adam: You look at her face, same beautiful face. But her eyes --

Brooke: Adam? Want to go get a cup of coffee?

Hayley: Hey, Mateo -- M.I.A.

Edmund: He'll be back, Hayley.

Hayley: I don't think so. I don't think so, Edmund. I don't know what kind of odyssey my husband is going on, but whatever it is, it doesn't include me, and that scares me to death.

Leo: Are you with me or not?

Vanessa: Well, escape scenes are very exciting.

Leo: Okay, I got it. I guess I'm traveling solo.

Vanessa: Well, you know, Mr. Warner, I -- I have to think about my entire career.

Leo: Can I tell you something?

Vanessa: Oh, you don't -- I already know how much you admire me. I do.

Leo: I'm sorry about a lot of stuff, but especially about what went down at the boathouse. Pointing a gun at you was one of the lowest points of my life. I'm going to regret that forever.

Vanessa: They were just studio blanks, right?

Leo: Oh, one more thing --

Vanessa: Mm-hmm?

Leo: Do you remember when you said that no matter where we were, that we'd always be looking at the same sun and the same moon? And that no matter who we were pretending to be, that we could always be truthful with each other? It helped a lot.

Leo: Good luck to you, Mother.

Vanessa: No, wait. Come here.

Leo: Yeah? What?

Vanessa: Leo.

Leo: Yeah?

Vanessa: I'm with you, Darling. Let's do break out of this place, all right? And don't worry; I have plenty of money stashed away.

Leo: So you're sure?

Vanessa: You just get me out of here. You do as I say and we can be -- we can be long gone by morning.

Erica: You better stop frowning. You're going to need Botox before you're 30.

Greenlee: Stop using me and my forehead will recover.

Erica: Greenlee, listen to me. Listen, I demoted you for your own good. I am deeply committed to your future here at enchantment.

Greenlee: Then lay out my career development plan, step by generous step.

Erica: Kendall is completely incompetent. It's just a matter of time before she just falls flat on her face.

Greenlee: But you'll let Enchantment take the hit?

Erica: My company and my reputation are above reproach, but a young career -- that is very fragile.

Greenlee: Go on.

Erica: Think it through, Greenlee. Kendall craves approval, so once she is, well, publicly humiliated, she is just going to slither back under her rock.

Greenlee: Well, just tell her that she's a loser now and end it.

Erica: Self-inflicted wounds hurt more. They cause retreat.

Greenlee: Oh.

Erica: And one dispose of Kendall, then you will have your product to oversee.

Greenlee: Nice. But not worth abject humiliation.

Erica: Well, what more do you want?

Greenlee: I want a promotion. I want to be a vice president.

Erica: Well, now, why would I do that?

Greenlee: Because if you don't, I'll tell Kendall what you're really up to. Maybe I should start there.

Erica: Stop it. You'll have your promotion if you work with me.

Greenlee: It's denigrating!

Erica: I know, but it is so worth it. It is so necessary, I mean, if you want to come out on top.

Greenlee: So, she has to think that she's crushed me. God, I hate this.

Erica: Well, maybe I've underestimated you.

Greenlee: Oh, no way. Kendall's the one who's going to be crushed. You just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Jake: Liza? Mia's here to see you.

Mia: Hi.

Jake: Mia is your sister.

Mia: I know, it's confusing. Well, we didn't grow up together. I just kind of showed up two months ago, and -- well, you and I, we still hardly know each other and all.

Liza: Hardly --

Adam: Keep trying.

Mia: This must be so unreal for you. Everybody's getting in your face and telling you that they know you. You know, everybody here does know you. And we all love you. You should see the flowers and the cards that's piling up at your house. So many people, they just -- they look up to you so much, Liza. Me, included.

Jake: Tell her.

Mia: I came to Pine Valley to find you. And when I did, I couldn't believe that I was connected to someone so -- so lovely and so sophisticated. And you were my sister. It was really -- it was a lot to take in. And I'm only telling you this because it was so clear to me that you were you. I've never met anybody like you, and I probably never, ever would. You're just -- you're just one of a kind. You know, this world -- this world needs you, Liza. I know I need you. And Colby needs you.

Liza: Smiling -- eyes –

Brooke: Did something happen?

Adam: Liza's saying words, but she's not making any sense.

Brooke: Well, Adam, it hasn't been that long.

Adam: Oh, really? Did you sit around being patient while Laura almost died?

Brooke: No. But for about two months I acted like a crazy person, which did not help my daughter.

Adam: I have to do something.

Brooke: I know. So pray if it helps you. You know, hold Liza's hand. Just be there for her, Adam, no matter what.

Adam: It isn't fair.

Brooke: I know it's not fair. But it's life.

Edmund: I'll talk to Mateo.

Hayley: It's not going to do any good.

Edmund: Hayley --

Hayley: Edmund, as we speak, my husband's probably tangling with Proteus.

Leo: Oh, you sly devil, you. I should've -- you've been acting the whole time, haven't you? You've been Vanessa through and through this whole time?

Vanessa: Yes, Darling. I'm your mother.

Leo: Oh. So -- so, this Vanessa -- this Rosie/Vanessa thing is just --

Vanessa: Oh, well, Rosie's the best character I ever played. And contrary to your worries, Darling, I could've gone on, you know, fooling the doctors and the attorneys forever. But let me tell you something -- Mateo Santos is my problem.

Leo: Mateo? What do you mean?

Vanessa: He wants to kill me. Oh, yes, that -- that boy has murder in his heart for me. He wants to kill me, so I can hardly wait to be declared insane.

Leo: Okay, well, let's get an exit plan rolling.

Vanessa: No, there's really no need for that because I can handle it in an hour. I can have it done.

Leo: An hour?

Vanessa: Yes. Yes, Darling. I mean, I'll just stage a little ruckus right in here. I'll fall, pretend to break something.

Leo: Okay, okay. Well, what about the passports?

Vanessa: All right, there are dozens. There are dozens in a locker at the airport. Now, listen, while I'm causing a ruckus in here and I fall --

Leo: Mother, Mother --

Vanessa: I need you to go for help -- what?

Leo: Look what you're wearing.

Vanessa: Oh, of course, Darling. They confiscated all my clothes. Flight risk and all.

Leo: Okay, well, just sit tight. I'll go get you something.

Vanessa: No. Just grab a nurse's uniform. Get a coat, get a coat --

Leo: No, no, it's too risky. It's too risky. I'll be right back, okay? Just --

Vanessa: Leo?

Leo: Yeah?

Vanessa: Don't double-cross me this time.

Leo: Well, I'm -- I'm being charged with felonies. I'm homeless.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Leo: My fiancée -- you know the story.

Vanessa: Well, then, be quick. Get back quickly, dear.

Leo: Okay.

Vanessa: Because you know how your mother hates to wait.

Leo: Okay.

Trey: I hope you weren't harassing my client.

Leo: Not at all.

Leo: She's been faking the whole multiple personality thing. I got her to confess it all right here on tape. Huh?

Erica: Oh, good. You're back. Greenlee has something she'd like to say to you.

Greenlee: Uh, Erica made me take a hard look at myself, and I've been grossly unprofessional to you.

Kendall: What?

Erica: Finish, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Kendall: Okay, something reeks here.

Greenlee: Okay, you want the bottom line here?

Kendall: Please.

Greenlee: Erica told me she'd destroy my career if I didn't make this work.

Kendall: So what? You're a rich girl. Go massage your bruised ego at St. Bart's or do retail therapy on Fifth Avenue. Buy a boy toy.

Greenlee: Is money the only thing you're here for?

Erica: Kendall, Greenlee's fate is in your hands. Will you give her another chance, or should we send her downstairs for a severance package?

Kendall: You're on probation.

Greenlee: I finished the marketing packets. What's next?

Kendall: A latte. Large, skim.

Greenlee: Sugar?

Kendall: Just a little.

Stuart: Mia? You look happy. Is Liza better?

Mia: Not yet. But I have an idea. I'll be right back.

Jack: Well, Leo, I got to tell you, this is above and beyond the call.

Leo: Well, it's exactly what I promised you on the phone, Jackson. Vanessa admitting that her multiple personalities are just an act.

Jack: I'm not sure this is going to be admissible.

Leo: Well, I just thought -- what, are you stalking me?

Trey: I'm just looking out for my client.

Leo: Okay. And to hell with the rest of us, right?

Jack: Yeah, it's very nice. Excuse us, son. Will you, please? You do realize there's nowhere in this case that I can cut a deal.

Leo: I didn't exp-- okay, I hoped. But I just figured that this might --

Jack: It's going to be rough. Really rough, Leo.

Leo: A few felony charges? I've faced flogging in Singapore, Jack.

Jack: That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Vanessa’s trial. Your testimony at the sentencing. She is your mom.

Leo: I know. I know. But she's got to be stopped.

Jack: You're a good kid, my friend.

Hayley: Oh, I -- I know I've been less than helpful with the planning of Edmund’s party. I'm so sorry. Do you think he'll be surprised?

Brooke: Oh, I'm trying.

Hayley: Yeah? If you can pull this off, you are a genius.

Brooke: He is the master of voila, so I'm just going to keep things under wrap, you know, until it's time. So if I --

Hayley: Shh, shh --

Brooke: Oh, look --

Hayley: Edmund.

Brooke: It's my fiancé.

Edmund: I'm sorry. I couldn't track him down.

Hayley: It's okay. Mateo will turn up. He always does.

Edmund: I'm starving. You want to join us for dinner?

Hayley: No, you guys, I don’t. The two of you should be alone together, eating oysters dipped in chocolate or something.

Brooke: Okay, if you insist.

Hayley: I should wait here with my dad anyway.

Edmund: Okay.

Brooke: All right, sweetie. You call --

Hayley: I will.

Brooke: For anything, really.

Hayley: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Brooke: Okay.

Edmund: See you.

Hayley: Bye. Okay, Mateo, what are you up to?

Vanessa: Leo, where are you?

[Vanessa gasps]

Vanessa: Who's -- who's there? Leo? Mateo?

Kendall: Let's position shimmer front and center for the holiday line.

Erica: Perfect.

Kendall's voice: Smile while you can, Erica. Soon I will have everything that's yours, and you'll have nothing to "shimmer" about ever again.

Erica's voice: Enjoy your 15 minutes of attention, Kendall, because your crate is about to snap shut. Chris and Bianca and I will wave au revoir and start living happily ever after the day I ship you off to Paris.

Greenlee's voice: Oh, Erica. There's no way you'd hand out a V.P. promotion like a door prize unless you had another agenda. You're hiding something major. Whatever it is, I'll find it.

Adam: Are you uncomfortable?

Jake: Adam, Mia brought a few things for Liza.

Adam: Yes, yes. Come in.

Mia: Hi. Uh -- Colby made this for you. She said it's a picture of you two together. She wanted you to have Ludwig. She says that he's very good to sleep with. Very brave, especially about the dark or something like that. Now, I thought you'd like this. You told me that you loved it because it had Colby's smiling eyes.

Liza: Colby.

Adam: Yes, yes. Darling, that's right. That's our daughter. That's our little girl.

Mateo: Looks like I got some competition, huh?

Hayley: There's room in my heart for both of you. Do I even want to know where you've been?

Mateo: Just walking around, thinking.

Hayley: Come up with anything good?

Mateo: Yeah. That you and Enzo are -- you're it. You're the most important thing to me in the whole world.

Hayley: That is good.

Mateo: Yeah. And the hell with everything else. You're my priority. All right?

Hayley: That's even better.

Leo: Hey. Hey!

Guard: Man, these 12-hour shifts --

Leo: What the hell is wrong with you, man? I know this gig's a drag, but she needs her guards awake. Come on. Maybe you need a refill.

Guard: Right.

Leo: Mother?

Vanessa: Aha!

[Leo groans]

Vanessa: Oh, no more exemptions for family!

Leo: Aah!

Vanessa: No special exemptions! Your turn, baby, my special one. Sonny boy, now it's your turn!

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Edmund: What are you wearing under that raincoat?

Brooke: Under this? Not a stitch.

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