AMC Transcript Tuesday 4/9/02


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 4/9/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Marian: I'm sorry.

Adam: Tell me Liza's all right.

Jake: Well, she survived the surgery and her vitals are stable.

Adam: What did you find out?

Leo: Since we're alone now, there is something else that I wanted to tell you.

Erica: I am going to use Greenlee Smythe to get rid of Kendall Hart.

Maggie: This is never going to work.

David: Says who?

Erica: Kendall, welcome. Are you ready to go to work?

Kendall: I'm ready if you are.

Erica: My door is always open to you.

Kendall: Oh, this is a blast from the past. Seems like just yesterday I was your hired underling. How would you describe our chemistry back then, Erica? Nitro meets glycerin?

Erica: That was a long time ago, Kendall. And hopefully history won't repeat itself. This is your orientation packet. There's some forms in there for you to fill out and you need to return them to human resources. Oh -- and there is our computer password in there which will give you free access to all our hot projects, R&D --

Kendall: Whoa, whoa, whoa. My first day at work and you're giving me the key to all your top-level stuff? What, isn't this like your private domain?

Erica: You will enjoy a great deal of autonomy here, Kendall. You will make fast calls, you will make executive decisions. It's crucial that you are on the fast track and the inside track from day one.

Kendall: Don't kid a kidder, Mother. What's the catch?

Greenlee: Go on, Leo, tell me whatever it is.

Leo: Well, I had nothing to do in jail but count the cockroaches and think about all the junk that's come down on us because of Vanessa. She wrecked us, Greenlee.

Greenlee: That's not a news flash, Leo.

Leo: Yeah, well, it's like -- it's like you're driving and all of a sudden, you know, you get blindsided out of nowhere. And at first, you know, you feel fine. You know, you're a little shaken up, but, you know, you can walk away undamaged. And then you wake up in the morning and it's like, oh, God, everything hurts. And if I'm feeling like that, I can't even imagine the kind of hurt that you're carrying around. I mean, it's like a shadow over everything. With your job and everything that's going on with your dad --

Greenlee: What is it you really want to tell me, Leo?

Leo: What I'm saying is on everything that you ever meant to me, Greenlee, I'm sorry.

Mia: Whoa. What the hell is he doing here?

Mia: I did the right thing. It was. It was the right thing.

Jake: Adam, Liza's condition is critical but stable, which is standard postop for this type of surgery.

Adam: She's going to be all right?

Dr. Greenberg: Your wife is in no immediate danger, Mr. Chandler.

Adam: But I can expect a full recovery, the way she was before this nightmare started? What aren't you telling me?

Jake: Adam, Liza's tumor was very difficult to access.

Adam: You didn't get it all?

Dr. Greenberg: The procedure was very invasive, but, yes, we got it all.

Adam: Well, then she's going to be fine. Just say it, say it, say it. She's going to be fine.

Jake: I'm sorry, Adam. We just can't make that call.

Mia: Stuart? What's wrong? Oh, God, how's Liza?

Stuart: Well, I just got back. I don't know anything. I think Liza's still in the operating room.

Mia: Well, where's Adam?

Stuart: He's in there. And I'm afraid to go in.

Mia: Why?

Stuart: Well, it's Marian. After they took Liza into surgery, I found her and she was --

Mia: What, Stuart?

Stuart: Well, don't think bad things about her, but she was drunk.

Mia: Oh, jeez.

Stuart: So I took her home and put her to bed. And I should go back, but Adam needs me, too. I don't know what to do.

Mia: Great. All right, here's what we're going to do -- you go home, you take care of Marian, and I'll stay here with Adam until Liza comes out of surgery. And then I'll call you as soon as she's out, okay?

Stuart: Thank you.

Mia: Okay.

Stuart: Thank you.

Dr. Greenberg: Mr. Chandler, Liza had a meningioma situated in the frontal lobe. It's not cancerous, which of course is very good news, but it was very deeply imbedded and removing it was a difficult and lengthy procedure. In such cases, the patient can suffer some neurological damage.

Adam: How much damage?

Jake: Well, again, it's too early to determine.

Adam: Then why are you scaring me to death?

Jake: Because, Adam, we want you to be prepared in the event that Liza's mental function is affected.

Adam: I'm not hearing this. This -- this is not happening.

Jake: Adam, Liza's surgery was successful.

Adam: Not if she's going to be a vegetable.

Jake: She's not. We're just going to have to wait until she regains consciousness to determine what, if any, damage has been incurred here, and just we're going to have to wait till we find that out.

Adam: What do you prescribe, Doc? More prayers?

Jake: I'll come get you when Liza regains consciousness.

Mia: Adam?

Adam: Mia, would you find Stuart and Marian? I have to tell them what's going on.

Mia: Well, they left, actually. It was just a little bit too much for Marian to handle, so Stuart took her home to rest.

Adam: I have to -- I have to look in on Colby.

Mia: I could take care of her for you. I mean, if that's all right?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, that's fine, that's good. Thank you. You tell her that I'm going to be spending the night here with her mommy and that we love her very much. Excuse me.

Erica: There is no catch, Kendall. I hired you.

Kendall: To repair your trashed image.

Erica: And because I believe that you can contribute something to enchantment.

Kendall: Okay, show me the hidden cameras. Where are they?

Erica: Will you stop it? Stop the joking. If you're going to work here for me, I need you to be at your best. Beauty is a serious business and I need you to be serious.

Kendall: Okay. Okay, I get the pitch. Now, getting back to this all-access code thing -- between us girls, what is this all about?

Erica: Listen to me -- we have to send a message to this company and to ourselves that we trust each other. Otherwise, this thing is never going to work.

Kendall: Fair enough. So, when's my press conference?

Erica: Excuse me?

Kendall: Well, this is a headline, isn't it? "Cosmetics Queen Reunites With Estranged Daughter to Run Family Empire." A P.R. junkie like you will want to play this baby out for all your fans. So when do we go public? And can I charge a fabulous something on my corporate account?

Greenlee: Leo, I never tagged you for what your mother did.

Leo: I know. But I didn't -- I didn't look out for you the way I should've. It's like I didn't even consider everything that was probably going on with you. I didn't even think about it while it was all happening.

Greenlee: You were caught up in Vanessa’s drama.

Leo: Well, I let myself get sucked in, Greenlee. And then, you know, even by the time I realized what was really going on, it was like it was -- I don't know -- too late or something. And then everything that was going on with you and jake and -- I just felt like telling everybody to take a flying leap. And that whole time you were drowning, I didn't -- I didn't do a damn thing to help you. I just stood there and watched you go down. You needed me and I didn't show up and I regret that.

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Simone. Hi.

Simone: Hey. I don't mean to barge in, but I know you wanted me to drop this off. You wanted renter's insurance? Here it is. Leo. But we can -- we can do this later.

Greenlee: No.

Leo: No, no, no, it's okay. I was just leaving. So that's it.

Greenlee: Yeah, guess so.

Leo: So -- good luck with everything.

Greenlee: You, too.

Simone: Oh, you guys are so see-through.

Greenlee: What?

Simone: Well, do you even believe the things that you say? You and Leo are so far from totally over. You're in love with each other. One of you please say it out loud before you keel over and die.

David: All right, now, look at this, okay? It's a wrist thang, okay, so really pay attention. Here we go. Oh, come on.

Maggie: You surgeons are so full of yourselves. Now watch and learn.

David: Oh, okay, go ahead. Oh, look at -- you've done this before.

Maggie: It's not even my best event.

David: Oh, really? And what would that be?

Maggie: Being alone.

David: Yeah, I can relate.

Maggie: Well, in that case, you probably want your room back.

David: Not at all. I already told you, it's all yours. I've made other living arrangements.

Maggie: Uh-huh, like shacking up with your wife?

David: Well, it is a time-honored tradition.

Maggie: You know, David, letting me stay here is beyond generous.

David: It's okay, Maggie. You know, you are family, after all.

Maggie: Hmm. Family. Yeah, I guess.

David: I mean it, Maggie, I want you to stay here. I want you to plant some roots.

Maggie: I don't know, David. I don't know if I'm going to fit in here. You know, I don't have any friends, except Bianca, and I'm not in school, I don't have a job.

David: All right, what do you want to do?

Maggie: What, you mean like when I grow up?

David: Yeah, something like that. I mean, did you have any plans before everything got screwed up? Did you want to be a schoolteacher or -- I don't know -- a park ranger or something?

Maggie: Okay, you promise not to laugh?

David: I promise.

Maggie: Well, I -- I sort of kind of thought about going to med school.

David: Are you serious?

Maggie: Yeah, I know, you don't sort of kind of think about going to med school, do you? I mean, that's a huge commitment.

David: That's wonderful, Maggie. I can help you. Yeah, let me do that.

Maggie: David, I wasn't hitting you up.

David: I know, of course not, but I could open some doors up for you, right? I can cut through some of the bureaucratic B.S.; I can help finance your studies --

Maggie: No, no, no, David, that's way too much.

David: It's okay. "Paging Dr. Stone." How does that sound?

Maggie: Sounds good.

David: So, come on, Maggie, stay in Pine Valley. Do your pre-med at P.V.U. I'll mentor you. So what do you say?

Leo: You know what I say? Run, quick, like a little bunny, and don't look back.

Greenlee: You think Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed; they ain't got nothing on me and Leo.

Simone: You're not going to take poison?

Greenlee: Nah, I'll just do death by fudge ripple.

Simone: Mmm.

Greenlee: I mean it, Simone -- Leo and I are beyond tragic. We love each other, we want each other, but for some reason we can't connect for a minute and a half before we fall apart.

Simone: Hmm. It's rough being in the same zip code as your ex.

Greenlee: Pass the chocolate sauce.

Simone: Mmm. I mean, you know, you have to try to avoid the places that you know they're going to be.

Greenlee: But you keep running to each other.

Simone: Yeah, and then you think they're there when they're not there.

Greenlee: Yes! Yes, there was this guy at B.J.'s last night. From behind --

Simone: Mm-hmm?

Greenlee: Totally Leo. Wasn't him.

Simone: Been there a lot.

Greenlee: Does it ever go away?

Simone: You know, it has to, because I have practically O.D.'d looking at every guy thinking he's Mateo with dark hair and great buns. You know -- I need the honey mustard.

Greenlee: Well, I refuse to be that pathetic.

Simone: Good.

Greenlee: Just so not me.

Simone: So what you going to do about it?

Greenlee: Take your life back. That's what I'm going to do.

Simone: Starting where?

Greenlee: With my job. I'm quitting -- today.

Erica: Talk of a press conference is a bit premature, Kendall.

Kendall: Don't you think I'm newsworthy?

Erica: Prove yourself first.

Kendall: Do you trust me or not?

Erica: Kendall, trust is a two-way street. Why don't we begin by seeing how much of mine you can earn, shall we? You can begin by familiarizing yourself with these accounts and give me a four-month projection on my desk by the end of the week, at which time you should be prepared to pitch your ideas for the Winter Wonderland campaign.

Kendall: And what do I do in my spare time?

Erica: Spare time? Well, there's no such thing as spare time in this business. Be prepared, be on time, be brilliant. Can you handle that? Because if you can't --

Kendall: Hey, no problem. I can do this in my sleep.

Erica: Well, just don't let me catch you napping at your desk. I'm off to the hospital to see an old friend and I will check back for a progress report. Oh, one last thing -- everything is open to you in this office -- everything -- except that one tiny, little file cabinet right there. The contents of that particular file cabinet are confidential, for my eyes only. But that shouldn't be a problem because I keep the drawer locked. Get to work.

Bianca: Hey, Kendall. I waited for Mom to leave.

Kendall: Bianca, what are you doing here?

Bianca: Oh, just picking up the rest of my mail. So, how's the experiment going?

Kendall: You mean the nine-to-five thing with Erica?

Bianca: Yeah, I can't help but be, you know, just a little curious.

Kendall: Well, you're not the only one. She just gave me a password and practically complete access to all of her files. How do you figure that?

Bianca: Easy -- it's a test. Do you think you'll pass?

Adam: Thought you went home, Stuart.

Stuart: I did. But I had to come back and see how Liza's doing.

Adam: Liza came through the surgery just fine.

Stuart: Oh, that's great. She's going to be okay?

Adam: I don't know. The doctors say there may be some side effects.

Stuart: Well, like what?

Adam: Brain damage.

Stuart: No. Uh-uh!

Adam: It's too much to process.

Stuart: No, she's going to be fine. Adam, she's going to be fine, I'm sure.

Adam: I'm not sure of anything anymore. I am -- I feel so helpless!

Stuart: Adam, pray with me?

Adam: He's not listening. Stuart? What do you do when you can't do anything?

Stuart: I don't know.

Winifred: Ms. Saunders.

Mia: I told you, Winifred, it's Mia.

Winifred: Yes, ma'am -- I mean, Mia. How's Mrs. Chandler?

Mia: Well, the surgery went fine.

Winifred: Oh, thank God! Oh, did Ms. Marian come with you?

Mia: No, she's not feeling well, so I sort of volunteered to come here and take care of Colby.

Winifred: That little thing has been crying her eyes out about her mom. I hope you can reassure her.

Mia: Yeah.

Colby: Aunt Mia?

Mia: Hi, sweet pea. Oh. I'm going to take care of you, okay?

Greenlee: Know what I'm going to do, Simone?

Simone: What?

Greenlee: Soon as I can haul myself off this couch, I'm going to go down to the office, clear out my desk, and give my notice.

Simone: Why?

Greenlee: Because I got demoted to make room for Erica Kane's evil spawn.

Simone: Bianca?

Greenlee: No, the straight one, Kendall.

Simone: Oh, hmm. Bummer.

Greenlee: Tell me about it. I was great at that job and Erica knew it. I mean, it doesn't make sense for her to replace me, her top exec, with the bargain-basement brand.

Simone: Well, Erica must have her reasons.

Greenlee: Which she's keeping to herself. You know, I thought I could stick it out, see if my loyalty's worth anything, but I'm not going to suck it up. Better to quit while I'm ahead.

Simone: I can go down there with you if you want, you know, keep the car running, you know, for a quick getaway.

Greenlee: You'd do that for me?

Simone: So you don't have to go it alone? Sure.

Greenlee: Thanks, Simone, but I've got to do this myself. Stick around. I'll catch you later.

Simone: Okay. Greenlee? You are anything but pathetic.

Kendall: The Hastings account? Yes, I have got your order right over here. Okay, yes. Okay, you wanted to know when that shipment went out? Okay, the bill is right -- here. Yes, okay, it went out on the first. Yes, you're welcome. Bye-bye.

[Phone buzzes]

Kendall: Kendall Hart. No, this is her replacement. How can I help you? Uh, the colors for the fall line? Um, yes. Okay. Looking into that. Okay, the colors are fuchsia, persimmon, and violet. Yes. You're welcome.

[Phone buzzes]

Kendall: Bye-bye. Kendall Hart. No, this is her replacement. Who's this? Contessa Fabrizzi? Yes, of course I've heard of you. Of course. Okay. "The Kiss of the Vampire" campaign. Of course. Yes, I'm on it. Okay. Lunch. Lunch Friday. Great. Looking forward. Okay. Ciao. Oh, my God. You just completely saved my butt. How do you know all of this stuff?

Bianca: I'm Erica Kane's daughter.

Kendall: So am I.

Bianca: Yeah, well, Kendall, it's not a genetic imprint, unfortunately. It's just spending a lot of time with her, you know, living and breathing her career.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Bianca: Don't sweat it. You're going to be fine.

Kendall: Who would've thought my little sister would ever come in handy. Thank you for keeping me from tanking my first five minutes on the job. Oh, man. How am I supposed to not look in there?

Erica: Adam.

Adam: Oh, Erica.

Erica: I came just the moment that I heard. How is Liza?

Adam: Jake, is Liza awake?

Jake: Well, she's just starting to come out of the anesthesia.

Adam: Uh, Erica --

Erica: Yeah, go. Please go. We'll talk later.

Erica: Opal, hi!

Opal: Oh, honey! Well, what brings you around these parts?

Erica: Oh, I just heard about Liza.

Opal: Man, isn’t it something? I mean, Liza's never been one of my favorite people, but a brain tumor? I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Kendall: She’s testing me. Dragon Mama can do her worst. There is no way I'm going to flunk.

Bianca: You know, Kendall, there's only one way you can beat our mother.

Kendall: How?

Bianca: You walk away, now. Don't take her bait.

Leo: Filet of hummingbird on toast, Maggie? No, no, no, go ahead, it's good.

David: It's called pate, Maggie.

Maggie: Well, whatever it is, this is outrageous.

Leo: That's how we suck you in -- wine you, we dine you, and 10,000 calories later you're part of the du Pres/hayward crime family.

David: Ha, ha, ha, there's very funny. Can you pass the crab cakes, Vito?

Leo: Yeah, I want to propose a toast.

David: Thanks.

Leo: To our merry band of misfits, may we never cease to dysfunction. How's that?

David: Actually, I think I'd rather toast to Maggie's dream to go to pre-med.

Leo: What?

Maggie: No, wait, it's --

Leo: When did this happen?

Maggie: It's not a dream, Leo. It's just something on my list. I should have never said anything.

David: And why not? Isn't it nice to be getting what you want?

Maggie: Please, like you know me?

David: Maybe better than you think.

Maggie: You know, why are you so up for helping me anyway?

David: You got a problem with that?

Maggie: No, but, you know, you do have a lot going on in your life right now.

David: Like what?

Maggie: Like you just got married to Anna, like, five minutes ago. I mean, maybe you'd like --

Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Maggie: To spend some time with your bride.

Leo: What? You got to be kidding me. When -- when did this happen?

David: Well, it just kind of happened, Leo. Try to be happy for us, okay?

Leo: Well --

[Leo stammers]

Leo: Well, right on, bro. Congratulations.

David: Well, thanks a lot.

Leo: You're telling me.

David: That came naturally. So, Maggie, you want to be a part of this wacky family of ours, or what?

Maggie: Well, can't choose your family, right?

David: You can choose whether or not you want to fit in. So come on, stay. Okay?

Leo: Mm-hmm.

David: Give us a shot.

Maggie: Okay.

Leo: Ah.

Maggie: Yeah. I'll give you lucky guys a break. Count me in.

Leo: All right.

David: Sounds good. Welcome to the family, kid.

Maggie: Thanks.

Opal: Well, I don't know. All this plotting and planning to get Greenlee out and Kendall in when you really want Kendall out and Greenlee in --

Erica: It's going to work, Opal.

Opal: Honey, it has got "backfire" written all over it.

Erica: Don't even say that word. This is me you're talking to. Don't you have any faith in me?

Opal: Well, forgive me for pointing this out, but you haven't exactly been batting 1000 lately.

Erica: Well, so I made a few little mistakes lately.

Opal: Oh, a few?

Erica: The point is I've learned from them.

Opal: Oh, you have? And what pray tell would your lesson for today be?

Erica: That the song is wrong, that you can get everything you want.

Opal: Oh, you can?

Erica: Yes, you can.

Opal: Well --

Erica: This is good news. I am going to have Chris in my life and Bianca.

Opal: And Kendall?

Erica: Well, she'll be gone and she'll think it's her idea.

Opal: That sounds like a great big heap of wishful thinking to me.

Erica: You know what, Opal -- you just wait and see. Kendall is going to self-destruct with a little help from me. And then I will have everything that I ever wanted.

Bianca: Kendall, you know our mom well enough to know that she always has a hidden agenda.

Kendall: Whatever game Erica’s playing, I can handle it.

Bianca: The question is, why do you want to? Kendall, why do you think Mom gave you this job?

Kendall: Because she needs me.

Bianca: Well, maybe in some parallel universe, but here on earth she's probably got something up her sleeve.

Kendall: I'll be ready.

Bianca: Just keep telling yourself that. Kendall, come on, just give up now before you fall into whatever trap Mom has set for you. You risk nothing, you lose nothing.

Kendall: And what if I don't?

Bianca: You risk everything, you fall flat on your face, and you leave town with your tail between your legs.

Kendall: But then either way, Erica wins.

Bianca: Yeah, life sucks, doesn't it?

Kendall: Well, I can't give this up. This chance is too big.

Bianca: For what, to, like, destroy your life?

Kendall: That's not going to happen. I'll be careful. I'll keep my eyes open. Erica's not going to catch me with my pants down. Uh-huh.

Bianca: All right, I give up. It's your life. But -- just don't say I didn't warn you.

Kendall: You forget, Bianca, I'm older than you.

Bianca: You may be older than me, Kendall, but I grew up with Mom. And if there's one thing I learned, she almost never loses.

Mia: Do you have a goldfish?

Colby: Go fish! Do you have a queen?

Mia: Hey! You peeked.

Colby: Did not!

Mia: Look, look! You won again. Again! You know what that means, don't you? Don't you?

Colby: Can you sing that song again?

Mia: Again?

Colby: Please?

Mia: Okay. One, two, three, four -- Colby, Colby, bo-bolby banana-nana fo-foby me my mo-molby Colby

Colby: Colby. Sing it again.

Mia: No, not again.

Colby: Aunt Mia?

Mia: What is it, Sweetie?

Colby: Is it bad to have fun when Mommy's sick?

Mia: No. Your mommy, she wants you to be happy. And if she knew how much fun we were having right now, I think that would make her feel a lot better.

Colby: Mimi doesn't look like she was happy.

Mia: Your Grandma Marian? Well, do you remember that time that you had that awful tummy ache and your mom stayed up all night with you?

Colby: She said she was worried about me.

Mia: That's right. Well, your mimi -- she's worried about your mom, because she loves her so much, but, well, that's why she looks so sad. But your mommy's going to be all right, so's your mimi. Okay? And I'm going to be here to love you and take care of you no matter what happens.

Colby: Pinky swear?

Mia: Pinky swear. Come here. Ooh. That's right.

Jake: Adam? Go easy with Liza.

Adam: I will, I will.

Jake: Well, she may not be too responsive, but don't push her. Just be there for her and talk to her and let her know she's okay.

Adam: You mean lie?

Adam: Liza? I'm right here. It's all right. Everything's going to be all right.

[Music plays]

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