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All My Children Transcript Monday 4/8/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Jack: It's from Vanessaís defense team. They're making a motion to have her case dismissed.

Trey: Something big is about to go down today and you're not going to be very happy about it.

Jake: It's time.

Erica: You okay? Do you feel all right? Do you have any discomfort?

Chris: From what, kissing you?

Erica: No, from standing. I mean, you've been standing for a long time on your feet. You can sit down whenever you want to.

Chris: Gee, thanks, boss, I'll try to remember that.

Erica: Chris, I feel like I've been holding my breath for three months. Oh, I can finally breathe now. I finally got my life back. I'm in your arms and I just -- oh, I have everything.

Ryan: Do you have any idea how hard I have tried not to do this, to hold back?

Kendall: Why hold back, Ryan? Why don't we just let go?

Stuart: Oh, I forgot my watch. Should've started by now.

Mia: Yes.

Stuart: The surgery, I mean.

Mia: Yeah, Stuart.

Marian: We don't need to worry. I mean, we just to have to remember what kind of person Liza is. And she wants so very much to live, and that counts for a lot, doesn't it? I remember the day she came to tell me she was going to be artificially inseminated. I mean, she loved that child even before it existed.

Mia: Excuse me.

Marian: Of course, she couldn't have known what was going to happen afterwards, Adamís shenanigans with the sperm bank, but even then she handled that with -- with grace and with courage. And everything turned out just fine. Everything turned out --

Adam: Marian, will you please stop blathering? Liza could be dying in there and you're going on like the village idiot.

Dr. Greenberg: You're going to go to sleep now, Liza. It'll take a few seconds. Just relax. Think of a wonderful, safe place, full of love.

Liza: Colby.

Jake: Hey. What's wrong?

Mia: Oh, it's just so stupid. You know, I thought I could fit in, be a part of Liza's family, but I canít. I'm just -- I'm a stranger to them and I always will be.

Stuart: Adam, that's not fair. Talking is Marian's way of being scared.

Adam: Tell her to find another way, a quiet way.

Stuart: Why? It helps her to think of good things and happy thoughts and positive stuff. It helps me, too.

Adam: You two can jolly yourself any way you want, but there's nothing that we can do for Liza -- nothing, nothing. We are hopeless. We are totally and completely useless to Liza. That's what matters.

Marian: He's right, Stuart. For once, Adam is absolutely right.

Adam: Go on, go on, be with her. I don't need you.

Stuart: Marian. Come on, come on. You can't pay any attention to Adam.

Marian: Oh, let me go, Stuart, now. Just please let me go, please!

Greenlee: You know, Trey, I'd rather you didn't tell me.

Trey: You don't know what I'm going to say.

Greenlee: I know it's going to be about Leo or Vanessa.

Trey: I have to tell you before you read about it in the papers, but I think I have a shot at getting all the charges against Vanessa dropped.

Greenlee: You what?

Trey: I know, I know.

Greenlee: She could go free? She could be out on the streets? Don't you care that she might sell drugs, kill other people?

Trey: Of course I do, but that's not my responsibility. You have to think about it from a legal standpoint. The D.A.'s case is falling apart. The physical evidence has been compromised, there are statutes of limitations --

Greenlee: But that's your -- ugh, my God, what a weasely way out!

Trey: Think about it calmly.

Greenlee: You're using the flag and the constitution to free a murderer. That's despicable.

Trey: You're wrong, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Or if you really are a civil rights geek, then you're a fool and Vanessaís using you.

Trey: I know Mrs. Cortlandt has done you a lot of harm and you can't think about this rationally --

Greenlee: No, I canít. I canít. But guess what -- I have my rights, and I don't have to have you in my house if I don't want to.

Trey: I'm sorry, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You should be.

Greenlee: Trey, are you hurt? Did he break anything?

Trey: No, I don't think so.

Greenlee: What's wrong with you? What are you doing?

Leo: Why don't you ask him what he's doing, Greenlee.

Greenlee: He told me.

Leo: Oh, he told you? Did he tell you that he's trying to get the charges dropped against my mother?

Greenlee: Does that give you the right to barge in here and beat him up?

Leo: Uh, yeah, yeah, I think somebody has to.

Greenlee: Trey is doing his job.

Leo: Oh --

Greenlee: It's up to Jackson Montgomery to convict your mother and he's been pretty sloppy with the evidence. Go punch him out.

Trey: May I say something?

Leo: No, no, you may not say something. What, you think it's a good thing that this high-priced ambulance chaser's perverting the law to try to set my mother free?

Trey: Look, look, I --

Leo: Would you shut up? Nobody's talking to you! Answer my question, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No. I don't have to if I don't want to.

Leo: What the -- what the hell kind of a line is this guy feeding you?

Greenlee: Last I heard, you were in jail.

Leo: Yeah, I got sprung. I don't know why exactly, but, yeah, I -- somebody --

Greenlee: Wasn't some fancy legal maneuvering?

Leo: Somebody filed a motion on my behalf, some, I don't know, civil liberties-type lawyer, I don't know, who heard that I --

Trey: Don't hit me. You might regret it.

Leo: I doubt it.

Greenlee: Wait, you're kidding.

Trey: Um, no.

Leo: What?

Trey: You might regret hitting me when you find out.

Leo: What?

Trey: I'm the one that got you out of jail.

Jake: Everyone's on edge right now. It's understandable. But I'm counting on you to keep it together.

Mia: Marian and Stuart and Adam, they're in so much pain, you know? Liza, she -- she means the world to them.

Jake: But you love her, too. It's okay if you let yourself be her sister.

Mia: I never had a family, you know, no one that I could count on, who could count on me. It's scary. So much can go wrong. I just never thought about that before.

Jake: True, though.

Mia: And Adam, you know, the shape he's in -- I just -- I had no idea he was so devoted to Liza.

Jake: Yeah, it's pretty intense.

Mia: Yeah. That's what I'm afraid of. I'm afraid that if -- if Liza dies, then Adam, he's just going to snap. And then who's going to be there for Colby?

Adam: Your fight is with me, isn't it? Isn't it? One more time. You took Stuart away. It was to get to me, wasn't it? Now you're torturing Liza. Why? I'm the sinner. Blame me. For once and for all, just blame me and leave the people that I love alone!

Hayley: Taking on God, Dad? While Liza's in surgery? Don't even try it. Just sit down and listen.

Kendall: Uh, no. It can't happen like this.

Ryan: Wait, wait Ė

Erica: Here you go.

Chris: Thank you. Ooh.

Erica: Oh, I should remember this.

Chris: Remember what?

Erica: That no matter what crisis I go through, no matter what happens, in the end I always get everything I want. Well, it's true. I mean, it takes a lot of work and a lot of stress and a lot of plotting, but eventually I always win.

Chris: Always, huh? Mm-hmm.

Erica: Well, yeah. I mean, I know that I've made terrible mistakes and I drove you away.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Erica: But I worried so much and I lost a lot of sleep.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Erica: But here we are. And how could I have doubted that?

Chris: Hold your horses. We're not there yet.

Erica: What do you mean, "We're not there yet"? I mean, what did that kiss mean?

Chris: That kiss was a start, Darling.

Erica: Well, I thought that we were picking up where we left off.

Chris: I know you did, and we just -- we got to slow down. Heck, my legs aren't even working yet; I'm not even walking.

Erica: Oh, well, you will be, I know that.

Chris: No discouraging you, huh?

Erica: You should know. You tried.

Chris: Yes, I did, Darling. Come here.

Chris: There's -- there's something I'd like to say, and you may not want to hear it.

Erica: Please don't let it be about Kendall.

Chris: No, no, no, it's just my two cents. Look at me, please. I don't think that she's such a bad kid. I know she can be a pain in the whatever, but you have to remember that she also has a part of you in her, so that means she can't be all bad. And that's all I want to say. That's it.

Erica: Well, good. If that's all?

Chris: Wait, wait, wait, watch, watch, watch. This is me standing on my own two feet. Little wobbly, but all things considered -- ah!

Erica: I'm going to have you dancing in no time.

Chris: Oh, boy, that again. Well, I know better to argue with you. Come here.

Erica: I love it when you argue with me.

Chris: No, you donít.

Erica: Yes, I do.

[Engine cranks]

Ryan: I'm not letting you run away.

Ryan: You know, sometimes you make it really hard to hate you.

Kendall: Give me my keys back.

Ryan: You try. You definitely, definitely give it a good shot. But now that I know who you really are, I -- I can't help this.

Kendall: So who am I really?

Ryan: You're sweet. Almost. I mean, you fall into my arms crying when you finally realize that I actually care about you and you make it really easy to forget that person that you're pretending, that cool --

Kendall: How do you know which is real and which is pretend?

Ryan: Well, do you see me letting my feelings out?

Kendall: Maybe I do.

Ryan: Right.

Kendall: You -- it's a mistake -- it's a mistake to lose control. You end up paying for it.

Ryan: I know that. Believe me, I know that. If anybody does, I do. But there are times when it's the only way to live, to --

Kendall: No, no, no! Before, when I said that we shouldn't hold back, that was not the real me. I hate people like that, people who think they're free.

Ryan: Why? Why are you fighting this, Kendall? I'm -- I'm curious. I mean, you open yourself up and you make me like you. I mean, it made me like you a lot.

Kendall: That supposed to make me feel all happy and moist? Oh, you're my hero. God, you are just like all the others.

Trey: Obviously, because your mother's my client, I couldn't get personally involved.

Leo: Yeah, I get that, but why would you bother with me at all?

Trey: I saw an injustice. The judge had no just cause to deny you bail. So I called a friend -- one of those civil rights geeks. He filed the writ and here you are.

Greenlee: Trying to use Trey as a punching bag. Apologize, Leo.

Leo: Actually, I don't think that an apology's even called for. I mean, what's the guy's name? I'll write him a check.

Trey: It's not necessary. He did it for me as a favor.

Greenlee: And Trey did it for me as a favor.

Leo: For you?

Trey: Yes. Ultimately, you have Ms. Smythe to thank.

Greenlee: I felt sorry for you at the time. What you did for David was almost heroic. Of course, you ruined everything. But you really didn't need to be in jail.

Leo: Okay, fine, thank you.

Greenlee: If there were more people like Trey, this world would be a much better place.

Leo: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. By the way, your Batmobile's parked out front.

Greenlee: Don't take offense. That's really his sad attempt at saying that he really is sorry.

Trey: Well, apology accepted.

Greenlee: So, Leo, other than to commit mayhem, why are you really here?

Stuart: Oh, Marian.

Marian: Oh.

Stuart: I couldn't find you.

Marian: Oh, I needed to get some fresh air.

Stuart: Hey, you feeling better?

Marian: Oh, I think so.

Stuart: I don't like it when you're upset.

Marian: Oh, Darling, I'm fine, honestly.

Stuart: Okay. Oh, hi!

Marian: Hi, Colby.

Stuart: We were going to join you in the sun porch.

Colby: Can we go home now?

Winifred: She's a little frightened, I think.

Stuart: Oh, well, sure. Sure, we'll go. Mimi and I will follow you in our car.

Colby: Okay.

Stuart: Okay? Okay. See you there.

Marian: Bye-bye.

Stuart: I think we'll be better off with Colby, and we'll only be a phone call away.

Marian: No, no, you go, Stuart. I have to stay.

Stuart: Well, then I want to stay with you.

Marian: No, no, Darling. Colby needs you. I just want to be here until Liza gets into recovery, and then I'll come home, okay?

Stuart: Okay, okay. You call me if you need me.

Marian: I'll be fine. I'll be fine. I'll be fine.

Adam: Don't lecture me, Hayley. It's none of your business why I talk to God.

Hayley: Well, that may be true, but it sounded like you were talking to a rival C.E.O. and I was thinking that you just might want to approach this with a little humility, that's all.

Adam: That doesn't matter, anyway.

Hayley: Of course it matters. Everything matters. You're talking about Liza like she's dead, and I'm not going to let you do that because she is going to pull through this. We all have to believe that.

Adam: You can believe whatever you want. It doesn't make any difference.

Hayley: Of course it does. Are you kidding? I've been praying since they scheduled Liza's surgery. That's what I'm doing here now.

Adam: It's just like Stuartís positive thinking. It may make you feel better, but it doesn't do a damn thing for Liza.

Hayley: Oh, but I think it does. It does. The power of prayer -- it works. I mean, all you have to do is just sit there and -- and open your heart and just let it come out. All you have to do is hope.

Adam: Hope? Do you have any idea how terrifying that word is to me? I'm afraid to hope.

Dr. Greenberg: Suction. Can't see.

Doctor: Pressure's dropping.

Dr. Greenberg: Hemoclip.

Nurse: Hemoclip.

Dr. Greenberg: Keep suctioning.

Marian's voice: Liza. Liza.

Dr. Greenberg: We're losing her.

Doctor: Pressure's dropping.

Marian's voice: Liza.

Adam: She was all of 19 at the time, totally unafraid. Of course, I didn't realize at the time how I'd grow to love her and need her and --

Hayley: Dad, she's going to be fine. Liza's going to pull through this.

Adam: What's happening to Liza's my fault. I brought this on her.

Hayley: How?

Adam: Back when I thought I'd lost Stuart, I made a promise that I would change the way I lived. And God brought Stuart back to me, but I didn't keep my promise. And now he's making me pay.

Hayley: Oh, God, Dad, that is -- that's just your colossal ego talking.

Adam: No, you think about it. What other explanation is there?

Hayley: No, you think about it. Do you think really that you are that important to the universe that God will strike people down to get to you?

Adam: Why is this happening to Liza? Why? She's blameless. She doesn't deserve a --

Hayley: A brain tumor?

Adam: Yeah.

Hayley: And who are the people that do deserve a brain tumor?

Adam: Well, you're saying that there's no reason at all for any of it? There's no reason in the universe? I don't believe that. I think there is a reason for everything, and I'm it.

Hayley: Dad, you know, I learned a lot of things in recovery. One of the most important things I learned is that life happens. And you cannot control what happens in someone else's life.

Adam: That's right, I can't control anything. How am I supposed to deal with that?

Hayley: You can start by not being so angry. Because believe me, none of this is your fault.

Jake: Nothing is going to happen to Liza. But in the unlikely chance that it did, Colby has other people who love her.

Mia: Marian and Stuart, they adore Colby. You know, they'd make really wonderful parents. Liza asked me.

Jake: Asked you to take care of Colby?

Mia: Liza's afraid of how Adam would react if she were -- if she were to die. And like I said, I understand why. You know, I understand. She thinks that I'd be the best person to protect Colby.

Jake: She's right.

Mia: I want to think that.

Jake: You have to know there's nothing more important to Liza than Colby, and she never would've suggested this unless she was sure. I think it's great.

Mia: It is. It's very great.

Jake: She wants you to take care of her daughter, and yet you still think that you're a stranger to her?

Mia: I know it doesn't make any sense, but it does to me. Believe me.

Jake: I'm trying to.

Mia: I had a son, Jake. Was a little -- little boy. He'd probably be a little bit older than Colby is right now.

Jake: So what happened?

Mia: I was awful young. And I couldn't handle a child and I knew it.

Jake: Well, I can, you know, understand why you have your doubts about taking care of Colby if you're feeling guilty about giving up your --

Mia: No, no, I'm not feeling guilty. I -- he's in a better place and he's got a better life for him than I could've ever given him.

Jake: Then what's the problem?

Mia: Having a sister, Jake, it's like -- it's more than I ever could've dreamed. And her trusting me with her child -- it's -- it's like God saying thank you or something, you know, for me giving my son a better life. That's what I keep feeling, anyway. I don't know. What do you think?

Doctor: Dr. Martin, they need you in OR 2. There's been a complication.

Jake: That's Liza.

Chris: What?

Erica: Your physical therapist is going to be here soon. Could you please try not to give her such a hard time? Could you please not send her home 10 minutes before the session is over?

Chris: But that's part of the fun. You've been checking up on me.

Erica: Yes, I have, but for your own good. So please don't be angry. Please take your therapy seriously. I want all your parts in perfect working order. When this is all over, there's going to be a test.

Chris: A test?

Erica: I want you to score an A+.

Chris: Oh, yeah?

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Who's going to be grading me?

Erica: Well, me.

Chris: You?

Erica: Yes.

Erica: And then I'm going to see how you do on the

Chris: Dance floor? Oh!

Erica: Oh, did you think that? Well, I think that we should start with the tango.

Chris: Does that mean I have to dance with a rose between my teeth?

Erica: Oh, I think the rose is entirely optional.

Ryan: So I'm just like all the other guys you've been with. Man, there must be a lot of them.

Kendall: There were a few. And they all tried to change me, too. What do I look like to you, a fixer-upper?

Ryan: I told you what you look like to me, but you won't believe me.

Kendall: You've got the wrong idea, Ryan. You can't change me. Try to figure me out and you'll be wrong. On the other hand, could be a little more exciting for me to keep you guessing. Get out of the car.

Ryan: You know what -- you really have a lot to learn. You do. You do, because if you were listening to one word that I was saying to you, you'd know that I like you just the way you are.

Kendall: Yeah, because you think I'm weak and helpless and I need your strong shoulder to cry on. God, you're easy. Is that all it takes? Oh, oh, wait -- I bet you would like me even better if I wrapped up the whole package with a princess wave. Oh, see? How do you like that? I'm a princess now. Look at that. Yeah. Was that what Gillian was like, Ryan? Was she vulnerable? Did she open up and show you her feelings?

Ryan: You know what -- shut up! Don't -- don't talk like that, all right, all right?

Kendall: Well, you know what -- you're going to have to look elsewhere, Ryan, because I am never going to be like your sainted Gillian.

Ryan: No, you know what -- you're never even going to be close. God.


Adam: So I'm going to get Liza back healthy and strong and we will live happily ever after, thanks to you. I can buy into that.

Hayley: Listen, I'm going to go home and check on Enzo, and then I'm going to come back and wait with you.

Adam: No, no, no, you stay -- go be with your son. I'd -- I'd like some time alone.

Hayley: Are you sure?

Adam: Yeah.

Hayley: Okay.

Hayley: I'll be thinking about you the whole time.

Adam: Thank you.

Stuart: Marian? I had to come back. You shouldn't be alone now.

Marian: I'm so sorry, Stuart.

Stuart: Marian? Honey, what is it? What's wrong?

Marian: Nothing. Nothing is wrong. Let's just go.

Stuart: Marian --

Marian: I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Stuart. I'm sorry.

Leo: Didn't you say you were leaving? And if you didn't, could you?

Greenlee: Stay.

Trey: I wasn't going anywhere.

Greenlee: Just tell me, Leo, why'd you come by?

Leo: Well, it's -- it's no big deal. I just wanted to thank you for distracting that cop at the hospital the other day when I was --

Trey: Look, what you did the other night is none of my business, but you put Greenlee in danger. You exposed her to possible arrest for aiding a fugitive.

Leo: Didn't I just thank her for that?

Trey: Not good enough. You should stay away from her. I told her that a little while ago and now I'm telling you.

Leo: Okay, fine. I mean, we're old news, aren't we, Greens?

Trey: Well -- I guess I should be going.

Greenlee: Go ahead.

Trey: I trust Leo will do the same.

Greenlee: What do you want, Leo? Think of all the people you could be punching instead of just standing there.

Leo: I'm not ready to go yet. But since we're alone now, there is something else that I wanted to tell you.

Ryan: Saw your physical therapist leaving.

Chris: Yeah.

Ryan: How'd it go?

Chris: She's a sadist.

Chris: So how'd it go with you and Kendall?

Ryan: It went.

Chris: Ah.

Ryan: So you're a Phillies fan?

Chris: Yep.

Ryan: I would've thought Cubs.

Chris: Phillies.

Ryan: Huh. You ever -- I don't know -- sometime want to catch a game?

Chris: One on the tube.

Ryan: Yeah? Let's check it out.

Chris' voice: I want to give you my two cents on something. I don't think Kendallís such a bad kid. I mean, I know she can be a pain in the whatever, but she has part of you in her and that means that she can't be all bad. That's all I want to say.

Ryan's voice: Why you fighting this, Kendall? You opened up to me and you made me like you. You made me like you a lot.

Adam: Tell me Liza's all right.

Jake: Well, she survived the surgery and her vitals are stable.

Adam: It's over, then? What did you find out, Jake? Jake, tell me. What is it?

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Maggie: This is never going to work.

David: Says who?

Leo: On everything that you ever meant to me, Greenlee, I'm sorry.

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