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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 4/2/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Anna: Leo, I have to take you in.

David: I'm going to post your bail before this even gets started.

Greenlee: Please, Trey, you have to help Leo. For me.

Kendall: You're the new bartender?

Ryan: Yes, and you're the new waitress.

Chris: I'm doing the best I can for right now, Erica. Please don't ask me for anything more.

Liza: There is a possibility this is a brain tumor.

TV announcer: In sports, the National Hockey League featured a busy five-game slate last evening. The front-running Flyers routed the Sabres 14-3. The Canadiens got past the Flames 7-6.

Erica: Hey. What on earth happened?

Chris: I'm reading the newspaper. If you're looking for Bianca, I haven't seen her this morning.

Erica: Well, that's a right. I'm giving her some space.

[TV turns down]

Chris: Hey! Really? Well, that's new. So you're here looking for Kendall?

Erica: No. Actually, I'm here to see you. I -- I brought you something.

Chris: Bad idea.

Erica: Actually, these were given to me by a client.

Chris: Yeah?

Erica: Wait till you see. Two tickets to tonight's Phillies game.

Chris: Nice try.

Erica: I beg your pardon?

Chris: Erica, just because I said "I'm sorry" doesn't mean we're back together.

Erica: You thought that I wanted to go to the baseball game with you tonight?

Chris: Come on. What's your angle?

Erica: Ryan. Ryan is a fan. He's your son. I thought you would like to take your son to the baseball game. I mean, nothing bonds guys better than cursing at an umpire together, right?

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Damn it, this better be life or death.

Ryan: I can't imagine why you're still single.

Kendall: Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah. Question -- what is a slow, red-hot, tongue-twisting kiss?

Kendall: I'm surprised you're not familiar with that.

Ryan: Can you help me out?

Kendall: I'll have to show you in person.

Liza: Oh, I keep getting Adam's voicemail. Where is he?

Marian: Oh, oh -- he said something about picking up Hayley on the way.

Mia: Oh, yeah, I remember he actually did say something about --

Marian: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Liza: I thought you said that Stuart was going to do that.

Hayley: Morning. How's the patient this morning?

Liza: Let me guess -- Adam didn't pick you up.

Hayley: Uh, no.

Jake: Morning. Ready to take a ride to the MRI lab?

Liza: Do you think I could have just a few minutes? I'm trying to track Adam down.

Mia: Yeah, and if we have a couple minutes, then I wanted to run something past you about my schedule.

Jake: Sure.

Hayley: You know what? I have to check my voicemail, so I'll be right back, okay? Excuse me -- what was that look between you and Marian?

Mia: We don't know where Adam is.

Jake: Wait a minute. What do you mean you don't know? When's the last time you've seen him?

Mia: Well, he took off this morning, and he didn't say where he was going.

Hayley: Of all the nerve.

Mia: And we didn't want to say anything in front of Liza.

Hayley: Well, don't you worry about it. I'm going to go find him and drag him back here by the back of his neck.

Greenlee: Yeah, I need info on a person who was arrested. Leo du Pres. No, wait a minute, don't transfer me. Can I ask you --

Trey: I can fill you in a little.

Greenlee: What happened with Leo?

Trey: Not a lot.

Greenlee: What, is that legal jargon?

Trey: I tried to help, but Leo and David were very clear. They don't want my help.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: I'll call you back. Did David get a lawyer for Leo?

Trey: Yeah, but he's still in jail. For the record, I feel it wasn't fair.

Greenlee: Damn it. Thanks for trying.

Trey: You probably don't want to hear this, but I need to say it anyway.

Greenlee: Not more bad news.

Trey: Even though we just met --

Greenlee: What, are they going to do something to Leo?

Trey: And it's not my place --

Greenlee: Spit it out.

Trey: You should stay away from Leo.

Greenlee: Why? What's going on?

Trey: du Pres is going down, and if you don't keep your distance, you're going to end up in a jail cell, too.

David: You look very guilty sneaking out like that. Yeah, I came to freshen up. I didn't want to wake you.

David: What happened to you last night?

Anna: Work overload. I stayed at the station and I checked in on Leo. He's fine.

David: Any news on the bail?

Anna: It's still denied.

David: Can I get you some room service?

Anna: I'd better go.

David: Wait.

David: Tell me how you are.

Anna: Is that your way of asking if I'm going to testify against you?

David: Well, I guess if that's the way you want to look at it --

Anna: Okay, let's see -- how am I? After finding out that you have a pregnant Dixie secreted somewhere, it was a bit of a blow to hear that you're now accused of taking advantage of Liza's business while she's sick. So let me think. On the whole --

David: I have been suspected for things since the day we met, but that hasn't stopped us.

Anna: Maybe it's not the best thing for us.

David: But we are still here.

Anna: There's this brick wall between us all the time.

David: And tearing down that wall is part of the fun. Anna, it's what makes us work, isn't it?

Anna: What are you doing?

Adam: Get them in their best light.

David: What is this?

Adam: Catch this for posterity -- David Haywardís last happy moment before his world goes down for good!

Kendall: Are you sure you're ready for a slow, red-hot, tongue-twisting kiss?

Ryan: I'm still waiting.

Kendall: Maybe I should keep you waiting a little longer.

Ryan: Why?

Kendall: Anticipation. Don't think I'll drop everything because you snap your fingers and suddenly you --

Ryan: Be nice.

Kendall: Okay, maybe you've suffered long enough. Do you want to meet me here at Myrtle's or --

Ryan: The phone's good.

Kendall: The phone?

Ryan: Yes. I have the ingredients. I just have to know how to mix it.

Kendall: What? Oh, right, right. The ingredients.

Ryan: The drink, Kendall -- slow, red-hot, tongue-twisting kiss. The drink -- you mixed it for some customers last night, and they're back for another round.

Kendall: Are you sure they're asking for the cocktail?

Ryan: Yes, I'm very sure. Now help me out here. What's the recipe?

Kendall: All right, well, first you start with cinnamon schnapps. Now, if they want to add a bang to it, then you have to -- oh, my God.

Ryan: Kendall? Hey, hey -- Kendall, what's going on?

[Kendall hangs up]

Chris: Hey.

Erica: Kendall.

Kendall: This is a record for you, isn't it, Mother? Winning a man back in such a short time.

Chris: Ladies, let's play nice, okay?

Kendall: Here. They didn't have barbecue.

Chris: All right. These are even better.

Kendall: So when are you two riding off into the sunset?

Erica: We're not. Not that it is any of your business, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, you've already started reeling him in, right?

Erica: Kendall, you know, it's just so sad to see you take such pleasure in --

Kendall: Oh, save it, Mommy.

Erica: Kendall, I have tried with you. I have apologized to you.

Chris: Ladies, ladies, ladies -- Myrtle has a strict no-clawing rule.

Erica: I'm sorry, Chris. I'm sorry for all of this.

Kendall: You are always so apologetic to your men. "I'm so sorry I made a fool of you. Take me back and maybe --"

Erica: Kendall, I apologized to you, but I guess you need to hear it again. I'm sorry. Truly.

Kendall: Whatever. I have groceries to unpack.

Erica: And even with my apology, you won't forgive me, will you?

Kendall: What are you talking about? What are you accusing me of now?

Erica: You stop pretending. You know very well that my company is in big trouble.

Liza: Something's going on with Adam.

Marian: Darling, please, just try to keep the focus on yourself, Liza.

Liza: I just really thought that he was going to come through this time, Mama.

Marian: He will, Liza. He loves you.

Liza: Then where is he?

Marian: He'll be here. He will.

Liza: You know, I really thought it was a good thing that I was willing to stick out this marriage, but this is just further proof.

Marian: You know, I hate it when you force me to defend Adam, Liza.

Liza: You know what? Then don't.

Marian: Stuart told me that when their mother was ill, Adam just avoided her. He couldn't bear to see her deteriorate, and everyone was very upset that he was being so unsupportive.

Liza: A pattern. How charming.

Marian: No, no -- no one knew that Adam had quit school to work two jobs.

Liza: While his mother was sick?

Marian: They said she needed surgery, and Adam wanted to raise the money to pay for her operation. So, you see, Adam did the right thing, but he did it Adam's way.

Liza: Well, that's wonderful, but it's still the same old Adam.

Marian: Well, according to Stuart, that's the only Adam.

Liza: But now I'm here scared to death, and I'm needing him the most. Where is he?

Anna: Get out! Get out!

Adam: That's good, that's good.

Anna: You know, those pictures are worthless.

Adam: Oh, no, I don't think so. I don't think so. I think they could cast a good deal of doubt on your testimony today at Davidís grand jury hearing.

David: It's no secret that Anna and I are seeing each other.

Adam: No, but it is a secret that you eloped with the chief of police. One of my PI's did some digging and found your marriage certificates at Elk Green.

Anna: You have way too much time on your hands.

Adam: Well, I was hurt that I wasn't invited. But it seemed rather unseemly that the newly appointed chief of police would be married to the number two criminal in town, second only to his mother.

David: There's nothing you can do to hurt us.

Adam: I know she's testifying today, and I hope you're going to tell the truth and put your husband away.

Anna: That's classy. Is this blackmail?

Adam: No! It's justice. That's exactly what it is. If charges aren't brought against David Hayward for exploiting my wife's medical condition, then you can expect to see those pictures on the front page of every newspaper. And you, Devane -- you're going to be the shortest tenure of any police chief in history.

Anna: Don't threaten me.

Hayley: Dad. What in the hell do you think you're doing?

Chris: Erica, you're not serious, are you?

Erica: Chris, you know how important my company is to me. Do you really think that I would joke about something like that?

Kendall: Define "falling apart." Chipped nail polish is like a 9.5 on the Richter scale for you.

Erica: Smile, Kendall. This is your dream come true. My business deals are falling apart left and right.

Chris: Erica, it can't be that bad. Come on, you're Erica Kane. You can fix a rainy day.

Erica: Not always. Right now I seem to have my attention very, very divided, you know? Between this horrible PR and Bianca starting her new life without me, this one clawing at me at every turn, and you.

Chris: But you've faced crises before and come out on top.

Kendall: What are you up to?

Erica: Yes, I should have expected that response from you. Well, Chris, I really should go because I do have a mountain of damage control facing me.

Chris: You take care, Erica. You'll be okay.

Kendall: Ugh. Did you buy any of that?

Erica: Oh, Kendall, you are so predictable.

[Phone rings]

Donald: Donald Steele.

Erica: Donald, hi. It's Erica Kane.

Donald: Oh, Erica. My day is complete.

Erica: Well, Kendall is set up perfectly.

Donald: She snapped the bait, huh?

Erica: She did, hook, line, and sinker. So now it's time for phase number two.

Donald: Got it.

Erica: Just remember to give her enough room.

Donald: I will not hold back.

Erica: Well, don't push too hard because Kendall can really smell a setup from a mile.

Donald: Yeah, I know how to handle myself. But listen, Erica --

Erica: Excuse me? What did you call me?

Donald: Ms. Kane. I thought maybe we can work together again on something a little more --

Erica: Yeah, no, we can't. We can't, Donald. Just get over here right away.

Ryan: Where's Kendall?

Erica: She's inside. Is somebody chasing you?

Ryan: What? No. I ran some lights to get here. She was on the phone. She sounded like something was wrong. She -- forget it. She's inside?

Erica: Yes, she is. The door is open.

Ryan: Kendall, you're okay.

Kendall: I'm fine. What's up? How was your drink?

Ryan: I thought something happened to you.

Kendall: No, I'm just cleaning up after your dad. And I left all your papers in a nice, neat pile before I left.

Ryan: Remember the phone call? You hung up on me? I thought something happened to you.

Kendall: Oh. Thanks for caring. How cute. But the only thing wrong here was Ericaís goody-goody act.

Chris: No one is allowed to be nice to Kendall, Ryan.

Kendall: Oh, please. Do not tell me you bought her routine.

Chris: Look, I told you I'm not discussing your mother, remember?

Ryan: So how you doing? How you feeling?

Chris: Swell. This damn chair.

Ryan: Hey, no, let me --

Kendall: Let me get -- no, no --

Chris: I got it, I got it.

Ryan: I'll move the chair. Let me just --

Chris: Just back off! I can do this myself.

Greenlee: Leo would never hurt me.

Trey: Maybe not intentionally --

Greenlee: You don't know what he's been through lately and especially right now.

Trey: I'm not saying Leo would drag you down purposely. But if you continue to help him like you did at the hospital, the cops could pull you in for aiding and abetting.

Greenlee: That was one time, and it was no big deal.

Trey: All I'm saying is be careful.

Greenlee: I'm always careful.

Trey: Okay. I won't say another word against Leo, especially if you think you still have a shot with him.

Greenlee: What makes you think I want one?

Trey: You helped him avoid arrest. You asked me to help get him out of jail.

Greenlee: Momentary lapse. Leo and I are history. I regret getting pulled back in last night. It's happened before, and it always ends up with massive drama.

Trey: How about a distraction from your ex?

Greenlee: Like, a week in Cannes would do the trick.

Trey: I have an alternative to the French Riviera.

Greenlee: Don't fool yourself. There is no alternative.

Trey: Fries and a burger? I want to make good on our rain check from the other night.

Greenlee: Make it a little more upscale, and I'll consider it.

Erica: Well, I guess you did take my advice. Hi, I'm --

Trey: The entire world knows who you are, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Thank you.

Trey: Excuse me.

Erica: Well, that was a charming man.

Greenlee: Yeah, he is. So far.

Erica: Look, Greenlee, I certainly do not have time to fix your love life again. I have something far more important for you, a far more important assignment.

Greenlee: The Phipps account? I've been reviewing it in my spare time, and --

Erica: No, no. You are assigned to recruiting.

Greenlee: I don't understand.

Erica: You are going to recruit Kendall Hart on to the Enchantment team.

Hayley: I can't believe you would pull a stunt like this with your wife in the hospital.

Adam: This is not your concern.

Anna: Your wife is in the hospital and you're here? Do you have any scruples?

Adam: Liza is fine. You don't know what he did. He took advantage of Liza when she was ill. He knew she was ill. He made deals with Chandler Enterprises.

Hayley: Whatever he's done or doing, what you are doing is worse.

Adam: Liza is fine! And I'm going to kill David Hayward!

Hayley: She is not fine! She wants you at her bedside. Do you understand? Do you hear me?

David: Good going, Adam.

Hayley: Please, out the door! Now. Now.

Anna: Leave, Adam, please.

Hayley: Get a grip!

Adam: All right, all right.

Hayley: Get a grip on what you're doing. Your wife needs you at her bedside. Oh, boy. Do you know that Liza is just like you? Do you hear what I'm saying? Just like you because she's going to deny it and she's going to pretend, but she is terrified, petrified. And not just for herself but for Colby. And probably for you, too. Don't you turn your back on me, and don't walk away. Can't you just for one minute, one minute, understand what Liza is going through?

Adam: Oh, I am so angry. So angry, I could just --

Hayley: You want to punch something?

Adam: Yes. I was pretty well holding it together until I walked in last night and Colby woke up and asked me when Mommy was coming home.

Hayley: What did you tell her?

Adam: I told her Mommy would be home soon. What if she isn't?

Hayley: We've got to think positive.

Adam: But what am I -- what if she isn't? What if Liza is never the same?

Hayley: Well, you can't think that way, dad.

Adam: But how do I explain that to Colby?

Hayley: Well, we're going to have to pray that you never have to explain that to Colby. Now, I understand that coming over here and yelling at Hayward may feel very productive, but it's not helping anyone. You have to know that.

Adam: Liza's fighting the battle of her life, and I -- I just feel so helpless.

Hayley: Dad, she doesn't need you fighting for her. She needs you fighting with her, by her side. She's going to take a test today that could change the rest of her life. She wants you with her. You should go be with her.

Anna: So much for trying to keep our marriage secret.

David: Chandler's not going to drop this.

Anna: Yeah, I suppose. Well, I guess we knew what a risk we were taking. Oh, my God. The grand jury is getting closer and closer.

David: Adam threatened your job, Anna. You have to do what you feel is right to do.

Anna: I will.

David: I don't want to drag you down with me. You see, that's the problem with this relationship. Every word is suspect.

Anna: You think?

David: Right now you're trying to figure out if what I just said, I mean.

Anna: Or if you're trying to con me over on to your side.

David: The sad part -- maybe we're not meant to be on the same side.

Liza: I can't stand all this waiting.

Marian: Oh, oh --

Liza: Oh!

Marian: It's all right, Darling.

Liza: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Mia: It's just water. It's okay.

Marian: Get some paper towels. It's okay, Sweetheart. Look out.

Liza: Sorry, Mama.

Marian: It's all right, Darling.

Liza: No, you know what? Just forget it. You know, I just want to get these tests over with.

Marian: Okay, all right.

Liza: I just can't stand all this waiting. The sooner I can get these tests done, the sooner I can get answers, and then I can go see my daughter.

Mia: I'll tell Jake you're ready.

Jake: Hey. Is Adam here?

Mia: No, but Liza's not waiting. She's just going to blow.

Jake: Okay, all right. Well, let's do it, then. Liza, you all set?

Liza: Yeah. Let's just do this. Let's end the suspense.

Jake: Okay. All right, you want to take that for me?

Mia: Sure.

Jake: I'm going to bring her back just as soon as we get those tests finished, okay?

Greenlee: Kendall? Here? Working?

Erica: I know it sounds hard to believe.

Greenlee: Hard to believe? That's the understatement of the century.

Erica: I really don't need those dramatics. This is the reason Enchantment's stock has fallen.

Greenlee: It's only a tabloid.

Erica: Have you checked Enchantment's numbers recently?

Greenlee: My focus has been on products.

Erica: Well, Enchantment's numbers are going to continue to drop unless we really stave off this horrible publicity.

Greenlee: But Enchantment has bounced back from bad press before. We can spin it.

Erica: No, no, no, this goes far deeper than lip service, Greenlee. The public is actually clamoring for a really full-fledged reconciliation.

Greenlee: But hiring Kendall? I mean, can't you guys just fake a lunch date for the press and just --

Erica: Greenlee, I am not here to discuss options. My mind is made up. This is my course of action.

Greenlee: You think Kendall will listen to me?

Erica: Well, since she doesn't speak to me, you are the only one who can present the offer, and you cannot take no for an answer. Is that understood?

Greenlee: But Kendall hates me more than acne.

Erica: You are the only one who can stand up to Kendall. And it's only temporary, and I will throw in a finder's fee if you succeed.

Greenlee: I have a trust fund, Erica.

Erica: But you don't have your own product that you oversee.

Greenlee: From inception to the cosmetics counter?

Erica: From beginning to end, your baby. Deal?

Greenlee: Well, I have no clue how to get her to agree to anything, but, yes.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Sure.

Erica: Excuse me. Yes? Oh, no. When? Are you sure? Uh, yes, yes. I'm on my way. Thank you. I've got to go.

Greenlee: But we haven't agreed on how to woo Kendall.

Erica: "We"? There's no "we" in this project, Greenlee. This is your project.

Greenlee: But what is the plan of action?

Erica: I have an emergency.

Greenlee: If I were Kendall Hart, what would I want?

Chris: I am not an invalid.

Kendall: But you might want to get a model with a four-wheel drive. What?

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are these? Box seats?

Chris: You want them?

Ryan: You're giving them up?

Chris: You want them or not?

Ryan: What are you talking about? Baseball's your game. These are Phillies tickets.

Chris: Look, look -- Ryan, do you want them?

Ryan: I'm sure the stadium is, you know --

Chris: What, wheelchair accessible?

Kendall: I'm sure Ryan was just saying that --

[Car horn beeps]

Chris: That's me. If you're not going to use the tickets, toss them. And I -- I don't need any help. Thank you.

Ryan: Okay. What bit his butt?

Kendall: What, suddenly it's a mystery? Chris is ticked off because of the chair.

Ryan: Yeah, I know, but he's getting stronger. He's going to be walking in no time.

Kendall: Yeah, but until that time, he has to deal with people fussing over him, opening doors for him, chauffeuring him everywhere. You think he wants to watch the game from a handicapped seat while other guys are running and jumping, doing all the things he used to do?

Ryan: I guess not. Hey, the less I talk to the guy, the better.

Kendall: Not true. I still have high hopes for you and Chris.

Ryan: Yeah? Why is that?

Kendall: I saw how much you can care about somebody today.

Ryan: You did?

Kendall: Yeah. Ryan, come on. You raced over here when you thought something happened to me. Did I tell you thanks?

Ryan: The only reason I got over here so quickly is I know your history with fires, and I figured this whole place would be burned down by the time I got here.

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: Sure, sure. Yep, that's it. Mm-hmm.

Donald: Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Christmas has come early for you, and I am Santa.

Ryan: That's funny. You don't look like Santa, and I don't remember the lady inviting you in.

Donald: Well, after she reads this, she's going to be buying me dinner. That's just a work in progress. What do you think? That thing is going to sell like nobody's business if you come on board.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't look at -- this is trash.

Donald: Well, one person's trash, another person's treasure --

Ryan: Yeah, I've read your treasures.

Donald: News is news, big guy, and this cover story will single-handedly bring down la Kane. Interested?

Kendall: Are you for real?

Donald: Oh, yeah.

Ryan: Get out.

Donald: All I need to complete this story is your point of view.

Ryan: Get out!

Donald: Hers, by the way, not yours. Kendall, I just need a couple of quotes. This is finally a chance to tell your story. Think about it. Hey, hey, hey --

Ryan: And don't come back. Idiot! Let me throw that out.

Kendall: Can you believe this?

Ryan: I know. The guy's like a leech.

Kendall: All of a sudden, I'm made out to be the victim here.

Ryan: But you're not a victim. You never were.

Kendall: Ryan, this could be my chance to tell my story.

Ryan: To that idiot?

Kendall: Ryan, don't you think the world needs to know the real Erica Kane?

Ryan: No, Kendall, you don't want to waste your energy on them.

Kendall: Why not?

Ryan: Well, because you could go out with me instead.

Adam: I'm sorry, Liza. Could I -- could I have a minute? I'd like to speak to my wife alone.

Jake: Sure.

Marian: We'll be right outside, Darling.

Adam: I -- I should have been here earlier.

Liza: You're here now.

Adam: Yeah. You are my first priority. You know that.

Liza: I don't have to be. I don't want to be your first priority. Colby should be. Adam, I can put up with being disappointed, but she canít. She needs you a lot more than I do.

Adam: I'm never going to let either one of you down ever. Whatever happens with these tests today, we'll face it together and we'll beat it.

[Knock on door]

Jake: Excuse me. Liza, the technicians are ready when you are.

Liza: I'm ready.

Jake: You need me to go over the procedure for you?

Liza: I'm okay.

Adam: I'll be right here. I love you.

Marian: Darling, you're going to be just fine. You're going to be fine.

Hayley: It's going to be okay. You just have to stay strong.

Kendall: Are you asking me out on a date?

Ryan: It's a baseball game. It's not a date.

Kendall: And this is your way of saving me from my vendetta against my mommy?

Ryan: Something a little different.

Kendall: Do look like someone who would enjoy baseball?

Ryan: Broaden your horizons.

Kendall: Not tempting.

Ryan: All right, what if I throw in door-to-door chauffeur service, all expenses paid?

Kendall: The tickets are free.

Ryan: Best hot dogs in the state.

Kendall: Go on.

Ryan: I don't know, what? Play-by-play commentary under the moonlight.

Kendall: Commentaries are so overrated.

Ryan: Well, what if I throw in a few laughs.

Kendall: That sounds like a date to me -- boy, girl, food, fun, moonlight.

Ryan: It's not a date.

Kendall: Plus, since it's a ball game, chances are somebody's going to score.

Anna: But I want to be on your side. I do. I mean, I know how hard it was to find out about your father.

David: Well, I appreciate that, but I don't want that to cloud your judgment. I'm backing off, Anna. Anything I do now will just seem like pressure.

Anna: Well, maybe I want pressure. Maybe I don't want you to back off.

David: I -- I can't do that to you.

Anna: What is this? Is this the new David? Sacrificing himself for the greater good, or are you just --

David: I'm going to go freshen up, okay? And then we're going to go get some breakfast.

Anna: Yeah.

David: And we're not going to talk. We're just going to eat.

Anna: Oh, God. How can I be the one to put him in prison?

[Phone rings]

Anna: It's your phone.


Anna: Hello?

Operator: I have a collect call from Dixie Cooney.

Chris: Excuse me.

Erica: Chris.

Chris: I didn't realize anyone was in here.

Adam: Well, I'm on my way out. Thanks for the kind words.

Erica: Please give my best wishes to Liza. I know that she's going to come through this with flying colors. And, Adam, call me if you need anything. I'm so surprised to see you here.

Chris: What are you doing here?

Erica: Excuse me?

Chris: Wasn't that -- wasn't he one of your exes?

Erica: Yes, Adam is just going through a terrible, terrible --

Chris: No, you were getting a little friendly with him, weren't you?

Erica: It's his wife.

Chris: Oh, you're a counselor to all your ex-husbands?

Erica: She's sick.

Chris: Who?

Erica: His wife, Liza. She was just admitted, and they're doing a whole battery of tests on her. I'm afraid that it's rather serious, and Adam is just frightened out of his skull.

Chris: Ah, I see. So you were just -- you were just comforting him?

Erica: What else did you think I was doing?

Chris: I didn't give it a thought. I got to go. Late for my checkup.

Erica: He was jealous. That's really good. Now if only Greenlee will do her part, then I will be set.

Kendall: Define a date.

Ryan: It's a baseball game, nothing more. Are you in, or should I get somebody else?

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: You wouldn't dream of it.

Kendall: Erica's not here.

Greenlee: I'm here to see you.

Kendall: About?

Greenlee: I have a business proposal.

Ryan: Oh, God. Do yourself a favor, Kendall. Ignore her.

Greenlee: And where are you working? Oh, I forgot. Nowhere.

Ryan: Is that a joke? That's funny. Real funny. Get out.

Greenlee: I don't think Kendall wants me to leave.

Kendall: Because?

Greenlee: This proposition involves Erica.

Anna: Yeah, I'll accept the charges. Hello? Dixie? Yeah, it's Anna. I'm sorry, but Davidís not available right now. What exactly do you want with him, Dixie?

Hayley: Enzo's learning how to speak Spanish.

Mia: That's cool.

Hayley: He's definitely going to be bilingual, I think. Maybe he can teach me.

Marian: That's great. He's a cute little baby.

Hayley: He is.

Liza: You have news?

Jake: Yeah, Liza, I just had a look at the test results. Do you want to speak in private?

Liza: I want my family here.

Jake: We found something on the MRI.

Adam: What something?

Jake: There's a mass on the left frontal lobe.

Liza: What does that mean?

Jake: Well, the -- the mass is accessible through surgery, and it can be removed.

Adam: Surgery? Don't frighten Liza with extreme possibilities.

Jake: Well, actually, it's not extreme. I just spoke with all of your doctors, and they all agree that the only way to proceed at this point is through surgery as soon as possible.

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