AMC Transcript Friday 3/29/02


All My Children Transcript Friday 3/29/02

By Suzanne

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: What they think we might be dealing with is a brain tumor.

Bianca: You ripped off the DAís office and you stole a file so that you could figure out your mother's sick mind.

Greenlee: You have no idea how great I clean up.

Trey: So show me. I'll take you out for dinner, no strings attached.

Vanessa: Oh, well, finally, you got here.

Adam: Get up! I'm not through with you!

David: What the hell is the matter with you?

Liza: Adam, no!

Adam: Take her home.

Liza: What's happening?

Adam: We'll talk about it at home. You have to go. Now.

David: Have you finally lost your mind? What is this about?

Adam: You knew Liza was sick, and you used her illness to put money in your pocket.

David: What the hell are you talking about?

Adam: You truly are your mother's son, aren't you?

Vanessa: Come in and close the door. And where have you been? You're the only reason in the world who can save me, and if I don't get out of this place, and I mean real fast, I am going to go stark raving mad. Who are you?

Trey: Just what you said, Mrs. Cortlandt. I'm the only person that can save you. Now, shall we get started?

Leo: I'm -- Iím visiting Maggie.

Greenlee: You look awful.

Leo: Thank you. Hasn't been the best of days, Greenlee. But, you, on the other hand -- this nice little red number. I remember when you wore this --

Greenlee: I'm wearing it for someone else. I'm on a date.

Leo: Oh, you're on a date. What, at the hospital-- oh, no.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: Green, you got to be kidding me.

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Leo: What, are you roaming the halls, waiting for your date to get out of the ER? You got to be --

Greenlee: God, you're stupid.

Leo: You know, Iím sorry that this even happened.

Greenlee: Yeah, me, too. But you're wrong! You hear me?

Leo: Don't you have any pride? Are you that helpless?

Greenlee: It's none your business who I date, but just so you -- "helpless"?

Leo: Oh, that's your big declaration of independence, Greenlee? You know what? You're right, you're right. This isn't any of my business.

Greenlee: Hey! Say it, Leo.

Leo: After everything that you've been through, you went back to Jake?

Greenlee: You are impossible! Impossible and boring -- a lethal combination. Thank God Iím not with you anymore and I don't have to listen to your whiny, inferiority complex-ridden rants anymore.

Leo: Yeah, I wish I could say the same.

Greenlee: Thank you, Leo. Thank you so much! You made it clear Iím better off without you.

Leo: Why would you need me when you've got bachelor number two changing out of his scrubs? Huh? Huh? Yeah.

Greenlee: You think Iím wearing this dress for Jake? You think Iím on a date with Jake?

Leo: I don't even care.

Greenlee: You're embarrassed for me. I am so much more embarrassed for you.

Leo: You know, Greenlee, you don't owe me an explanation, so just --

Greenlee: Shut up. Shut up! Ugh! I am not on a date with Jake Martin.

Leo: But you --

Greenlee: And this is not an explanation.

Leo: But you just said that --

Greenlee: No, I didn't say anything. You just heard.

Leo: No. What I heard was that you were at the hospital, waiting --

Greenlee: I wouldn't waste my time with Jake, just like I wouldn't waste my time with you.

Leo: Then why are you talking to me?

Greenlee: Good question.

Leo: Right.

Greenlee: Damn straight.

Leo: Then leave.

Greenlee: I will.

Leo: Good.

Greenlee: I'll go find my date -- a mature and interesting person who doesn't enjoy driving me crazy.

Leo: But you're not moving.

Greenlee: You move. Oh --

[Leo sees the police and pulls Greenlee into the hospital chapel]

Leo: Greenlee, I really need you to help me right now.

Trey: Your mistake was understandable. You thought I was my father. People say we look alike.

Vanessa: Do I know your father?

Trey: Oh, yes. You go way back. James h. Kenyon Jr. The attorney.

Vanessa: Well. I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about, Sir.

Trey: I'm James Kenyon III. People call me Trey because Iím the third. Get it? It's a little precious, but it's all mine.

Vanessa: Oh. But still, I don't recognize your face and you're talking absolute nonsense, but -- oh, you must be my agent.

Trey: And you must be Rosie.

Vanessa: That's right. Oh, Rosie Wells. You recognize me?

Trey: My father has told me all about you.

Vanessa: Well. Shouldn't -- shouldn't I have been warned that your father was sending his son?

Trey: You can trust me, Mrs. Cortlandt. I'm here as your attorney, and my father has brought me up to speed.

Vanessa: Oh, yes. And why didn't he come himself?

Trey: He's in the middle of another case.

Vanessa: Oh, yes, of course. I see. James has a reputation to maintain. He doesn't want to dirty his hands with a messy case like mine.

Trey: Let's say he's getting on. He no longer has that killer instinct. But Iíve inherited it.

Vanessa: You have?

Trey: Let me prove it to you.

Vanessa: Well, just know that I don't take second best.

Trey: I know that I may not look it, Mrs. Cortlandt. But believe me, Iím exactly what you need.

Vanessa: Oh. Oh, dear. Well, if I had $1,000 for every time some sweet, young face said that to me, I would -- Iíd be in another business.

Trey: You're paying me by the hour, Mrs. Cortlandt. So I suggest we get down to business. Though I suppose you've heard that a lot before, too.

Vanessa: You know, how dare you, young man. Do you have any idea who you're speaking to? Because when you were still in short pants, I was --

Trey: Please, Mrs. Cortlandt. I'm an officer of the court. It would be best if you didn't tell me about some of your accomplishments.

Vanessa: Get out. I don't need you. I've done quite well enough on my own, all on my own.

Trey: That's where you're wrong, Ma'am. If you'll forgive me saying so, I think you've done quite abysmally.

Vanessa: "Abysmally"? Ooh, did you just love saying

that word, "abysmally"? Trey: You need help and fast.

Vanessa: Hmm. Well, Iíve been shown to be incompetent to stand trial.

Trey: And that's a good thing in your mind?

Vanessa: I have been accused of inhumane, inhuman behavior, and yet I havenít seen the inside of a jell cell.

Trey: Yes, but you'll almost certainly be spending a lot of time in a locked and padded room, very much like a prison cell.

Vanessa: Oh, and you can do better?

Trey: I can make you a free woman. Even if you should be spending time in a cell, padded or otherwise.

Vanessa: I've just decided I don't like you.

Trey: I'm so sorry if Iíve said anything to offend you.

Vanessa: Oh, don't try to out-Rosie me. You don't like me, either.

Trey: You're right. I don't.

Vanessa: Well, that's better.

Trey: But you don't need me toe your friend, Mrs. Cortlandt. What you need is someone who will use his energy and his knowledge of the law to work a miracle. And that person is me. So, do we have a deal?

David: You're delusional.

Adam: You admit it, Hayward. You're a doctor. You knew that she was ill, but you swooped in anyway and took advantage of her.

David: That's absurd.

Adam: You pushed through that underhanded deal because you knew!

David: Knew what? I took Liza at her word, Adam. And for your information, I had no idea that there was anything medically wrong with your wife.

Adam: You're lying! You were with her long enough to know. She was selling valuable company assets.

David: No, you see, that never came up in the conversation.

Adam: And you had to know it was a result of her illness. Jake, he had to know.

Jake: Well, I can't tell you what Hayward should have known, Adam.

David: There you go. You know Jake would crucify me at the slightest opportunity.

Adam: Days ago my wife walked into this hospital to get some help with her symptoms -- disorientation, blinding headaches, lapses of memory. But instead of giving her the help that she needed, he made her sign a bogus contract.

Jake: Is there any truth in that, Hayward? Did you have any reason to suspect that Liza might have been ill without advising her doctors?

David: Well, that didn't take long, now, did it?

Jake: It never does with you. But you're about to go before a grand jury, and Iím sure they'll be interested in how you answer that question.

David: Tell them. I had no idea of the extent of your illness. Is that right? Liza, we talked business, that's all. And you were your usual self as far as I can tell. Isn't that true? You entered into that contract of your own free will. Didn't you?

Adam: No, you didn't.

Mia: Stop it, both of you! Just stop talking to her!

Adam: Liza, Iím sorry. I can take care of this myself. You leave her alone.

David: No, don't -- what the hell is wrong with you? I mean, she can answer one question, can't she?

Adam: You say one more word to her, and Iím going to kill you!

Greenlee: What does he want? What's he showing her?

Leo: A picture of me, I guess.

Greenlee: The cops are after you?

Leo: Yeah. Greenlee: Why, Leo?

Leo: Look, I -- I can't get into it right now, ok? I guess I thought I had more time than this, but I guess --

Greenlee: More time for what? What the hell did you do now?

Leo: Look, I need to get to Maggie before they do, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Maggie? Why? You can't get into it now.

Leo: I can't get into it right now.

Greenlee: Does this have to do with Vanessa?

Leo: Of course. Everything leads to Vanessa. Look, I can't get -- I just need you to help me, ok? I just really need you to help me, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You're asking me to help you?

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: After all those nasty things that you said to me?

Leo: Well, it's not like you didn't lob any nasty things back at me.

Greenlee: Exactly. That's us, Leo -- the story of us, and I can't get sucked back into it. I won't have anything to do with your problems.

Leo: You're right, you're right. It's dangerous with the cops and everything out there.

Greenlee: It's not about that. It's not the cops that Iím worried about. It's my sanity. You and I don't belong together anymore, and Iíd be a fool to get involved with you, and won't.

Leo: Sorry. I'm sorry. I had no right to ask you. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: If I don't take care of myself, who will? The fact is you don't deserve my help.

Leo: Greenlee, Iím agreeing with you. You made your point. Fine. Go. I'll be ok.

Greenlee: Good luck.

Leo: Have fun on your date.

Greenlee: Bite me.

Leo: Well, if you're going to go, go.

Greenlee: I will. I can't.

Leo: Shh. Lower your voice. You can't what? You can't --

Greenlee: Leave you here alone.

Greenlee: What do you want me to do?

Greenlee: Are you in big trouble, Leo?

Leo: I don't know. I guess so. Look, ok, I just -- I need you to distract that cop for me so I can go talk to Maggie for, like, five minutes. That's all.

Greenlee: You want me to point him in the wrong direction?

Leo: Yes, exactly, in your own special way, Greenlee. It's not like you're not dressed for it. I mean, look at you.

Greenlee: All right. I can do that. I'll make sure he won't see anything but me.

Leo: I've been there. Ok, Iíll slip away when he's not looking.

Greenlee: He's still talking to the nurse. You hang back here a minute.

Leo: Ok. Ok. Well, if I don't have a chance to thank you later, thank you. Greenlee: You're welcome.


Leo: There you go. All the equipment's in order. I just hope that cop's straight. Thank you.

Leo: Hello. Yeah.

[Leo Ďtalksí to God]

Leo: Do you mind if I give you a little advice? Look, I know that you know everything about everything. But do you ever -- did you ever think that if you make doing the right think a little more easier, more people might do it? I know that Iíve done some rotten things in my life, as you know. But mostly when Iíve had to pay, it's because I was doing something for somebody else. And, look, Iím not asking you for anything. I'm not saying that you owe me anything. I'm just -- could you cut David a break? Please? I know that he hasn't exactly earned his wings at all. But he does good, you know? And he saves lives. And he worshiped his father. I guess Iíve always been a little jealous of that because, well, I never knew my father. He had one for 12 years. If you let David find out that his father was a drug dealer and a coward, it will finish him. So could you please, please just let me get away with this one little thing. I mean, it's not even like Iím doing it for myself, right? I'm doing it for his sake.

Vanessa: Hamburger --

Trey: Pardon me?

Vanessa: I pay for steaks, filet mignon, and they send me a hamburger.

Trey: Sometimes hamburger can really hit the spot. Well, I will be back tomorrow morning.

Vanessa: I thought you were so anxious to get started.

Trey: Oh, I accomplished my goal. This was our getting acquainted meeting, and I think it went far from abysmally, don't you?

Vanessa: You sit down and you shut up. Because there's a whole lot I have to tell you.

Trey: I'll be back tomorrow.

Vanessa: No, I want to start now!

Trey: I can't. Actually, Iím in the middle of a date. I have a very attractive young woman waiting for me.

Vanessa: Get out, then!

Trey: Good night, Mrs. Cortlandt.

Vanessa: Now, you just wait a minute. There is one thing you have to take care of and right away.

Trey: Yes?

Vanessa: I want you to put a tail on Mateo Santos because he has been threatening me. He is trying to drive me insane.

Trey: Mateo Santos? Are you sure it's him?

Vanessa: It has to be him because someone keeps calling here and they're pretending to be Proteus.

Trey: You get calls here?

Vanessa: Yes, right here. I know there's no phone but sometimes they don't come on the telephone. You know, but I hear it. I hear Proteus' voice.

Trey: You get calls without a phone?

Vanessa: I'm not hallucinating. The voice is real.

Trey: Are you sure it's Proteus' voice?

Vanessa: It sounds exactly like him. Oh, come on. I know it can't really be Proteus, you fool. But someone is trying to frighten me, and I want you to find out who it is.

Trey: And I will, Mrs. Cortlandt. But in the meantime, I want you to relax. You're lucky, after all.

Vanessa: Lucky?

Trey: From my research, I found that you've made quite a few enemies in this town. It seems nobody likes you.

Vanessa: And I cry myself to sleep every night.

Trey: So, if somebody really is trying to drive you crazy, it's a good thing they're using strange voices. You know, it could be a lot worse. Now, try to get some sleep.

David: You're going to kill me? Oh, that's really good, Adam. Threaten my life in front of witnesses. Now that Iím in business with your wife, I could walk away with your entire estate.

Adam: You know what? I'd give up every penny I own just to have you out of my life once and for all.

Mia: Adam, enough!

Liza: Oh, God, no.

[Liza faints]

Adam: Liza?

David: Gurney! Get me a gurney right away!

Jake: Get Dr. Greenberg up here right now.

Greenlee: Excuse me. Do I look all right?

Officer: Sorry?

Greenlee: Do I?

Officer: Yeah. Yeah, you look all right.

Greenlee: Well, Iím not. I'm dizzy, and my breathing is irregular.

Officer: Well, maybe you should see a doctor, and you're in the right place.

Greenlee: They told me to wait. Something called triage? I mean, I guess they don't think Iím sick enough. I guess they just want me to wait until I lose consciousness and just faint dead away.

Officer: Well, come on, let's get you to a doctor.

Greenlee: Yes. Yes, officer. Yes, let's go.

Officer: Yeah, I talked to this young doctor before, a great guy. Dr. Jake Martin?

Greenlee: Hold it, Bucko. You know what? I don't want to see a doctor. I want to file a police report. I hear that in order to sue someone, you have to have a police report.

Officer: Now you want to sue someone?

Greenlee: Hey, are you married?

Officer: What?

Greenlee: You know, if your wife or your mother or your sister were weak and ill and they needed a helping hand, I mean, wouldn't you expect them to be treated with some sort of compassion and civility? I mean, after all, this is America, right? The greatest country in the world.

Officer: Look, maybe we should get you to a doctor after all.

Greenlee: Thank you, officer. You've been a great help. Have your wife/sister/mother call Enchantment. I'll be glad to send them a free deluxe package. Tell them to ask for Greenlee Smythe. Have a nice day, Sweetie.

Officer: Hey, whoa, whoa, hold it. You're Greenlee Smythe?

Greenlee: You've heard of me?

Officer: Yeah, I have. You used to be engaged to Leo du Pres, didn't you?

Officer: Are you aware that we're looking for Leo du Pres?

Greenlee: We are? You are? I'm not -- aware, that is, of my ex-fiance's comings and goings. And FYI., 411, and all that?

Officer: So you haven't see him?

Greenlee: No, thank God. He's trouble. I'm sorry, I can't help you, officer. I haven't seen Leo in days, weeks. And it's just not my scene to help him evade the law in any way

Officer: Did I say I thought you were helping him evade the law?

Greenlee: We're done, right? Excuse me.

Officer: No, no, no, no. Ms. Smythe, you know, it'd be better for you if you just told me what you know.

Greenlee: What I know? About what? Fashion? Cosmetics?

Trey: You might want to let go of her, officer.

Officer: And who are you?

Trey: I'm James Kenyon, Ms. Smythe's attorney. She was kind enough to wait for me while I visited a client, and I would take it personally if I found her being manhandled by an overeager police officer.

Officer: There's no problem here. I just have a few questions for her.

Trey: Oh. All right then, Officer -- Officer: Perry. I think your client knows the where abouts of someone we're looking for.

Greenlee: And I told him I didn't.

Trey: Shall we go down to the station, then?

Greenlee: What?

Trey: You can conduct your questioning strictly according to police procedure.

Officer Perry: Listen, pal, I just have a few --

Trey: But if there's a single irregularity in your methods, Iíll slap a harassment suit on the Pine Valley Police Department faster than they can bounce you off the force.

Officer Perry: All right. I have all I need for now.

Greenlee: Who are you?

Maggie: Hey, Leo.

Leo: Shh, shh, shh. Are you ok?

Maggie: Yeah, Iíve been ok. They're keeping me here to torture me. Why are we whispering? What's wrong with you? You don't look very good.

Leo: Thank you. That's sort of been the popular consensus today. Listen, I don't have time for this. The cops are after me.

Maggie: What? You're serious?

Leo: Yeah.

Maggie: What happened?

Leo: Well, I -- I sort of broke into the DA's office and sort of stole your deposition.

Maggie: What?

Leo: And tore it up and flushed it down the toilet.

Maggie: Leo, why would you do something like that? That was testimony.

Leo: Everything that you told Jackson Montgomery no longer exists, Maggie.

Maggie: Leo, why would you do something -- are you trying to help your mother?

Leo: No. No, no, no, no. My brother.

Anna: Is Liza all right?

David: Yeah, well, she's been admitted. Jake is taking care of her pain.

Anna: How long has she been like this?

David: I don't know.

Anna: It's hard not to see she's very ill.

David: I didn't do it. Everything Adam accused me of was false. You do believe me, don't you?

Anna: I'd like to. It makes too much sense. And I know you so well.

David: Well, obviously, you don't me well enough to know that I would never stoop to taking advantage of someone that was that ill.

Anna: Two words -- Libidozone poisoning.

David: Come on. That's not the same thing. I had no intention of hurting all those people.

Anna: No, just one -- Tad.

David: All right, you want to talk about Libidozone? Fine. Not one person in this town gave me the benefit of the doubt back then, and that's exactly what's happening here. I'm guilty, of course, right? All anyone has to do is make the accusation.

Anna: Oh, please. Who do you think you're talking to?

David: I'm talking to my wife, that's who. I don't give a damn about Adamís rantings or Jakeís contempt. But I do care what you think. And it bothers me that you believe them over me, despite the fact that Iím sitting right here looking at you, right in your eyes, and Iím saying, "Anna, it is not true."

Anna: Would you tell me the truth if you were guilty?

David: I wouldn't lie to you.

Anna: Well, they're preparing to impanel the grand jury.

David: What does that have to do with --

Anna: Well, you don't know whether Iím going to testify against you. So why would you really compound the list of your felonies if you don't know Iím going to help put you in prison or not?

Mia: How is she?

Jake: She's much better.

Mia: So what happens next?

Jake: Well, she's going to stay here tonight at the hospital and we're going to begin our tests first thing in the morning.

Mia: What could be wrong with her to be getting headaches like that?

Jake: Well, it's hard to say until we really have a chance to run those tests. But certainly the stress has to be a contributing factor.

Mia: Stress? Really? Not whatever else is wrong with her? Can I go in?

Jake: Why don't we wait till Adam comes out.

Mia: I forgot.

Jake: Have a seat. Mia: Yeah. Sounds like he's behaving himself in there, at least. You know, in his own way, Iím sure Adam really loves Liza.

Jake: I have no doubt about that. Still, she's really lucky to have you in her life right now.

Mia: I never knew I wanted a sister, a family, until now.

Jake: We're going to get to the bottom of this. And until we do, I want you to keep on doing what you've been doing. Because believe me, it's really helping her out a lot.

Mia: I'm not going anywhere.

Jake: I know you matter to her, Mia.

Adam: If I could take it all back, I would.

Liza: I know. So would I.

Adam: None of this is your fault. It's Hayward. But I shouldn't have lost my temper. Liza, what is it?

Liza: I broke Colbyís heart tonight. I let her down.

Liza: This isn't happening. I need to be strong.

Adam: Well, no, you don't. Why don't you just let go, for once in your life, and let me take care of you.

Liza: But Colby -- I promised.

Adam: Marian's with her. Colby's safe.

Liza: You don't understand. I promised I would tuck her in bed tonight. And it's past her bedtime and Iím sure that she's scared.

Adam: Well, Marian has told her that you're going to see her tomorrow. I mean, Colby knows how much you love her.

Liza: But I promised. I promised I would -- I just have told myself that I would not break my promises to her. And Iíve never done it until now.

Adam: All right, you don't have to break your promise. You can tuck her in on the telephone. You haven't promised her that her tucking in wouldn't be on the phone, have you?

Liza: No, I didn't mention the telephone.

Adam: Ok, then. Here. Call her.

[Phone rings]

Marian: Hello?

Liza: Hi Mom.

Marian: Oh. Liza, Darling, are you all right?

Liza: I'm all right. I --

Marian: Mia called me and told me --

Colby: Is that Mommy you're talking to?

Marian: Yeah.

Liza: Is that Colby? I wanted to call to tuck her into bed. Is it too late?

Marian: No, no. I was just about to do just that.

Liza: Would you mind? May I?

Marian: No, of course. Here she is. Here's Colby.

Colby: Hi, Mommy.

Liza: Hi, Baby.

Colby: Where are you?

Liza: Well, actually, Iím here with Daddy and Uncle Jake. And Iím so sorry that I did not get home in time to tuck you in. So I thought maybe I could call on the phone and I could tuck you in now. Is that ok with you?

Colby: Sure.

Liza: So, are you in bed?

Colby: Yes.

Liza: You have all your covers up real tight?

Colby: Yes.

Liza: You ready to say your prayers?

Colby: I already did. I said them with Mimi.

Liza: I thought you might have. So you're all ready for sleep. You want to close your eyes? And you can imagine in your mind that Iím going to give you a big kiss on your forehead and a medium kiss on your nose and a little, tiny kiss on your chinny-chin-chin.

Colby: My chinny-chin-chin?

Liza: You are all ready for sleep. And you're going to have wonderful, wonderful dreams. Good night, Baby

. Colby: Good night, Mama.

Liza: You know I love you.

Colby: I love you, too.

Liza: And Iíll see you really soon. I -- I love you very, very much.

Colby: I love you, too.

Liza: Good night, Baby.

Colby: Good night, Mama.

David: Yes, Anna. It has crossed my mind that you hold my life in the palm of your hands. And that seems to please you somehow.

Anna: It doesn't necessarily please me. It interests me.

David: It interests you? Oh, great. That's great. You know, kind of like a -- what, a scientific project?

Anna: Sometimes I feel like Iím getting to know you and I let my guard down. And then a whole new set of equations just pop up.

David: Ok, look, why don't you study me, clinically, all you want. But you know something? With me, it's very personal. And it hurts me that you're always looking at the worst inside of me. And it hurts me that, in spite of the fact of everything that we've said to one another, I can't trust you.

Anna: I didn't say that.

David: Then say it. Say it. Say that you're going to testify against me, that you're going to send me off to jail.

Anna: Tell me the truth about the contract with Liza.

David: I am telling you the truth, Anna. And you don't want to believe it.

Anna: That's right.

David: All right, great. Well -- well, consider this, ok? If I don't go to jail and this contract with Liza stands, you're going to be a very wealthy woman. Now, you might not want to believe that I care about you. Fine. But something tells me it's not going to bother you when you benefit from my alleged crimes.

Officer Perry: Chief?

Anna: Oh. Have we found him?

Officer Perry: No, not yet. But his ex-fiancee, Greenlee Smythe, was acting very strange. I'm sure Leo du Pres is somewhere in this hospital.

Greenlee: To think I called you a nerd.

Trey: No, you called me a geek.

Greenlee: You just acted like Clint Eastwood.

Trey: It's all an act. "Geek" is a little closer to the truth, Iím afraid.

Greenlee: But you're a lawyer. I guess you guys know how to pretend you're tough.

Trey: It takes a lot out of me. Well, Iím finished with my client and Iím ready to start the date.

Greenlee: Me, too. E you always this nice?

Trey: Is that a trick question?

Greenlee: I just have a feeling that there's something missing here.

Trey: Like what?

Greenlee: I don't know. Like after I get to know you, you're going to pull off your human facemask and underneath you're going to have green skin and three eyes.

Trey: Boy, you are smart. Yes, Greenlee, there is something. Vanessa Cortlandt is my client.

Greenlee: What? What?

Trey: Uh-oh.

Greenlee: Why didn't you tell me about this two hours ago, before I agreed to have dinner with you?

Trey: Do you always tell the truth?

Greenlee: What's that supposed to mean?

Trey: Well, weren't you lying to that cop about the guy he was after?

Greenlee: You're a very good lawyer. You better not get Vanessa Cortlandt off.

Trey: For what it's worth, I didn't choose to defend Mrs. Cortlandt. I drew the short straw, sort of.

Greenlee: I don't really want to talk about it.

Trey: Then don't. Come on, let's eat. Oh, by the way -- that guy you helped out tonight? He wouldn't be the ornament guy, would he?

Greenlee: I don't know why I did it. I keep letting Leo get to me.

Trey: Leo, huh?

Greenlee: Leo du Pres. Son of Gorgon.

Trey: Should be an interesting dinner conversation.

Maggie: But, Leo, that's ancient history about Davidís dead father working for Proteus before he killed himself.

Leo: Yeah, well, it matters, ok?

Maggie: Leo, I told Jackson Montgomery everything. She admitted everything to me. That was evidence that they could have used.

Leo: And it still matters, Maggie. The cops are going to come back to you. Jackson's going to want to depose you again, ok?

Maggie: What?

Leo: And, listen, you can tell them everything. I don't care. Tell them everything about what she told you -- all of her crimes, whatever. Whatever's going to put her away for good. Ok? Just leave out the part about Davidís father. Pretend it never happened or just forget about it. Ok? David can't find out what his father really was. It will kill him to find out that his father wasn't the hero that he thought he was.

Maggie: I thought you and your brother didn't like each other all that much. But I guess you really do love him, don't you?

Leo: Just leave that part out of it, ok? Promise me.

Maggie: I promise.

Leo: Thank you.

Maggie: You're welcome.

David: Hey, Leo.

Leo: Hey.

David: It's great to see you stop by for a visit. Maggie was going a little stir crazy.

Leo: Yeah, well, visiting hours are over, so --

David: No, no, no, it's ok. It's all right. Hang out.

P.A. Announcer: This is a code orange security alert. All guards to your stations.

David: Well, that's strange. That's the highest security alert for the hospital. Wonder what happened.

P.A. Announcer: All guards to your stations. A security check will be required at all entrances and exits until further notice.

Adam: I want your best men --

PA. Announcer: All guards report to your stations.

Adam: Your top neurologist. P.A. Announcer: A security check will be required --

Adam: Yeah, I want -- will you shut up! No, not you. I want them here tomorrow morning before Lizaís first tests. Send them air freight if you have to. Just get them here!

Liza: What's all the commotion about?

Mia: Oh, it's just a security check. Life in the 21st century.

Liza: Oh. Well, I could just see Adamís face if they ask him to take off his shoes.

Mia: You're thinking about what Adam said, aren't you? You know, I wouldn't let it upset you. It's just Adam being Adam. He knows you wouldn't do anything to hurt Chandler Enterprises.

Liza: No, Adam was right. I did do all those things to destroy the company, and I didn't do it because of my illness. I did it on purpose.

David: Leo, are you ok? What's going on?

Leo: Yeah, everything's good. I'll see you later.

Anna: Leo --

Leo: Hey, Anna. Good to see you. I got to get --

Anna: No.

Officer. Perry: Well, we've been looking for you, Mr. du Pres.

Leo: I got an appointment, man. Get your hands off me, man! You have no right to hold me like this!

Anna: You're making this worse. Leo --

Leo: Is this how you're going to run your department now, Anna?

Anna: Be quiet! Leo du Pres, you are under arrest for breaking and entering, for tampering with and destroying evidence related to an ongoing investigation, obstruction of justice, for impeding the work of officers of the court --

Vanessa: Twinkle little star how I wonder where you are twinkle, twinkle way above the sky so high like a diamond in the sky twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder who I are. [Vanessa pulls back the sheet on her hospital bed and sees a large snake]

[Vanessa screams]

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Anna: You need to tell David the truth.

Greenlee: What truth?

Anna: He needs to know why this happened.

Trey: You're my star witness, Maggie. I'm not letting you go anywhere.

Palmer: At it again. Well, you're not going to get away with it this time.

Mia: You just tell me what you need me to do to help you pull this off.

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