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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 3/27/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: Stop wasting time, bar boy. Mix up a pitcher full.

Agent Hammer: The bureau's recommending you take a leave of absence with disability.

Chris: You know they're not going to let me back in, Mick!

Roger: I would like to be a father to you. Will you let me do that?

Kendall: You're the new bartender?

Ryan: Yes, and you're the new waitress.

Kendall: Yep.

Ryan: Isn't that fantastic.

Kendall: Yeah, it's just great.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. Wait a minute -- the one day that I work here just happens to be the day that you start working here.

Kendall: Well, how do you know I didn't have my job here first?

Ryan: Well, because I was working here. You came in on me.

Kendall: Well, now, who told me I had to get a job?

Ryan: Well, do I look like I can afford your bills and mine?

Kendall: I was temporarily taking advantage of your nonexistent generosity. Clearly a mistake.

Ryan: Can you be a little bit more convoluted, please?

Kendall: Give me a minute.

Ryan: All right, all right, listen, I got an idea, which is a miracle in itself, all right? I'll make the drinks; you deliver them. We don't actually have to speak.

Kendall: Good. Sounds like a plan to me.

Leo: Shut up! Hey -- ooh, I'm sorry.

Woman: Thatís okay.

Leo: I'm sorry. Hey. Hey. Hey, no, no, back off. Hey. Don't touch my stuff.

Roger: Ah, there she is.

Greenlee: Hi. I --

Roger: Hi. Hi.

Greenlee: Got in late from New York, so --

Roger: Business trip go all right?

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, no problems.

Roger: Good. Good.

Greenlee: Did you get settled in?

Roger: Yeah, I did, I did. Thanks for helping me out right now.

Greenlee: Don't start that again. You stay here as long as you have to. You okay?

Roger: Oh, you know, I'm a little nervous. But I think it's a good sign that Jackson wants to come here and talk about this afternoon, don't you?

Greenlee: Everything's going to be fine, Daddy. Jackson isn't going to prosecute you.

Roger: I don't know. I broke the law, Honey. I admitted as much.

Greenlee: Vanessa forced you to do all of it. The DA will understand that.

Roger: I hope so. But if I have to go to jail --

Greenlee: Damn it! Don't say that. You're not going to jail.

Chris: You guys want to help me back into my chair, please?

Jack yeah. Hammer, give me a hand, will you? Excuse me, Erica.

Erica: Of course.

Jack: Step back, please. Come on, Chris, here we go. Easy. Got it?

Chris: Yeah.

Jack: All right, good enough. Listen, I have an appointment, but do you want me to call somebody to help you get home?

Erica: I can.

Chris: No, the ambulate driver can get me to where I got to go. You go ahead to your appointment, Jackson.

Jack: Thanks.

Agent Hammer: We'll talk later, when you've had a chance to cool --

Chris: No, we won't. There's nothing else left to say, Agent Hammer.

Erica: Okay, let's speed things up. Isn't this the part where you tell me to get lost again?

Roger: Greenlee --

Greenlee: No, Daddy, I'm fine.

Roger: No, you're not fine.

Greenlee: Really -- yeah, you know what? I have to get changed, and I can't find my new moisturizer --

Roger: Greenlee -- honey, honey, honey -- we have to face reality and that hasn't exactly been one of my best events in the past. But now that I'm involved with your life again, I have to do right by you.

Greenlee: Look, Jacksonís comes here to see you. You're not going down to the police station. This is good. It is. You said so yourself.

Roger: Greenlee, there's still a chance that I could get sent away for this. I have to deal with that.

Greenlee: Well, I donít. I'm not even dealing with that as a possibility.

Roger: Well, you know, even my lawyer says that that could happen.

Greenlee: Your public defender who was on this case for about 15 minutes? Daddy, why didn't you let me hire you an attorney? You know I can pay for it.

Roger: No. You know, you've been -- you've paid for me all of my life. Now I -- I -- my public defender is a very enthusiastic guy.

Greenlee: Because you're going to get off. You are.

[Roger sighs]

Greenlee: I need you more now than I ever have, Daddy.

Roger: Honey, I know it's none of my business. But you deserve more than either one of those guys.

Greenlee: I don't know what you're talking about.

Roger: Yeah, you deserve better than Leo du Pres or Jake Martin.

Greenlee: But this isn't about them.

Roger: Are you sure?

Greenlee: I'm worried -- about you.

Roger: Maybe you want me in your life again because they let you go. And you know what? It's okay if that's the way it happened.

[Knock on door]

Roger: Okay, that would be Jackson. Why don't you go change, and I'll let him in, all right?

Greenlee: Oh, to hell with it. Come in.

Jack: Thank you. Hello, Roger.

Roger: Jackson.

Greenlee: Don't even waste your time asking for privacy. I'm staying.

Jack: Fine, if that's the way you want it. Let's get down to business. Roger, here's how my office sees this case. You've been in collusion with one of the most vicious drug lords that has been seen in this area in recent memory. You aided and abetted in a series of felony crimes over the past many years.

Roger: Well, I didn't exactly have a choice, you see.

Greenlee: Do you have any idea what we've been through?

Jack: Greenlee, all I'm trying to do is state the position of the DA's office.

Greenlee: Well, your position stinks.

Jack: Really?

Greenlee: Yes. My father was just doing what he was told to do because he was threatened. His daughter's life was threatened. Do you get that? He was protecting my life.

Roger: Greenlee, don't --

Greenlee: No, you try looking down the barrel of the gun we've been facing, Jackson. Then maybe I'll think you know what the hell you're talking about.

Jack: Greenlee, I guarantee you, any mitigating circumstances will be taken into consideration. I promise you that.

Greenlee: My father has sacrificed everything because of Vanessa Cortlandt. I lost the most important relationship of my life because of that psycho, and I'll be damned if I'm going to lose my father. It's not happening, okay?

Kendall: Okay, I'm stepping away from the little plastic bag.

Leo: Hey, I'm -- she's not mad at me for biting off her head, is she?

Ryan: Hey, don't worry about her, man.

Leo: Hey --

Ryan: No, no, no. She's fine. She's fine.

Leo: Man. So what are we going to do with you? Are you working here now?

Ryan: Just for the day. I'm filling in for someone.

Leo: So you can make me a vodka and tonic, or what?

Ryan: Yeah, I guess I -- I guess I can.

Leo: All right.

Ryan: So, what are you celebrating? Buy a new pair of leather pants?

Leo: You know how it is when you find out that your mother is the head of a major drug operation and tries to kill your fiancťe. Makes you want to have a toast or two, right? I mean, I think that's at least what you owe yourself. Or maybe -- I don't know, my life is pretty unique. I'm going to write a book. Thank you. I mean, if you got nothing better to do.

Ryan: So what's in the bag?

Leo: It's trouble.

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Hello?

Kendall: Hey, Sis.

Bianca: Kendall. Please, don't push it.

Kendall: Look, I know this is probably so none of my business, but aren't you a good friend of Leo du Pres'?

Bianca: Yeah. Why?

Kendall: Well, I think you should come over to SOS now. The guy is in trouble.

Chris: Well, if you already know what I'm going to say before I say it, then why do you stick around?

Erica: You know very well why I stick around, Chris. I don't walk out on the --

Chris: You know, I'm tired of this. I'm tired of fighting with you. I'm tired of explaining myself to you.

Erica: I thought I was the one doing that.

Chris: I'm tired of listening to you. You decide that you want us to be together.

Erica: I've always wanted that.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But now that you're hurt and you're angry -- because I don't want to leave myself open for another round of lies and disappointments.

Erica: There wouldn't be any of that, Chris, this time. I swear to you, I have changed and --

Chris: There is no "this time." We're through.

Erica: Don't tell me to give up on us, Chris.

Chris: Do you ever listen to anyone? Anyone beside yourself? Anyone?

Erica: I can't give up on us, and I wonít.

Chris: Look, I don't care what you can do. Don't you get it? I'm not here to take care of you, Erica.

Erica: I don't want that. I'm offering you --

Chris: Look, just stop! I just gave my gun and my badge to that guy.

Erica: I know. I saw. And I feel how hard that had to be for you. I know that.

Chris: Look, I'm still stuck in this wheelchair. I've got a long-lost son who doesn't want to have anything to do with me. You and your love -- your special brand of love -- do not have any concern for me right now. I just want to get back on with my life. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Erica: Yes, of course, I do, and I can help you do that.

Chris: I don't want your help!

Erica: Fine. Then I'll just stand listen to you yell at the world since you have driven everyone else away. Damn you! I'm offering you love, Chris.

Chris: I don't need it. And there's one person who I haven't driven away and is treating me the way I was before and the way I am now.

Erica: Who?

Chris: Kendall. You remember Kendall, the daughter you like to pretend you don't have?

Erica: You trust Kendall more than you trust me?

Chris: I trust Kendall and everyone I ever met before you. Are we through now?

Erica: You can certainly be hateful when you want to be.

Chris: Then you better get while the getting is good.

Erica: Oh, God, help me. I'm in love with an idiot!

Anna: Sorry. I was coming to see -- oh, I heard what he said, Erica. I mean, men can be so very stupid.

Erica: Anna, do I look like I want your sympathy right now?

Anna: Ericaís gone. You did a really good job of running her off. Oh, Chris -- that big ball of pain in the pit of your stomach? It's your own damn fault.

Anna: Ugh. What is it about strong, independent men like you? I mean, why can you not take in love from a strong woman? I don't --

Chris: And I'm the clichť? You have no idea of my history with Erica, nor am I going to get into explaining it with yoga.

Anna: I know what I just heard -- that she offered you love and comfort with no strings attached, and you threw it right back in her face.

Chris: No strings attached? Erica Kane? No strings? Come on, Devane. You know as well as I do, she's got more strings than a puppeteer.

Anna: Yeah. Well, okay, so she screwed up, but she's trying to make amends. And you better get over it because, I'm telling you, Jackson will step right in.

Chris: If she wanted Montgomery, she'd have him.

Anna: Maybe she's keeping her options open.

Chris: Devane, I -- I just lost my gun and my badge after 20-plus years of service. You know what the reason they gave me was? Because I got sidetracked during an investigation, and they feel that I am unfit to fulfill my duties as an agent.

Anna: I'm sorry. They really blindsided you with that one, didn't they?

Chris: They didn't -- they didn't even bother to talk to the doctors to find out that I could walk again. And they forgot to take into account that I helped them bring down Proteus after all the years they couldnít.

Anna: You know what the Bureau is like when it comes to rules.

Rips: All they wanted to talk about, Devane, is how I got shot because of Ryan and how I defended Erica Kane.

Anna: It's a terrible blow, Chris. But that doesn't have anything to do with you cutting Erica out of your life.

Chris: It has everything to do --

Anna: No. It's your pride. That is what is keeping you from being with someone who wants to help you get well and love you while you are doing it.

Chris: You don't know her. Don't know her.

Anna: I know she's not perfect. But then, neither are you. So explain to me, because I don't understand why you would be turning away from the one thing in your life right now that you might actually be able to count on.

Jack: I'll be in touch.

Greenlee: He could do it. He could do it right now.

Roger: Come on, now, weren't you the one telling me that everything was going to be all right?

Greenlee: What if it isn't? You don't know what he's thinking.

Roger: Well, that's his job, honey.

Greenlee: I don't know if I can stand this, Daddy.

Roger: Oh, come on, now. You have to because if you fall apart, I'm never going to make it. Okay? All right, I'm going to call my legal aide guy and tell him how it all went. You going to be all right, huh?

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't worry about me.

Roger: Yeah.

Simone: Who the hell do you think you are?

Greenlee: What are you doing in my apartment?

Simone: You know, it's time for you and me to have a little chat.

Greenlee: If you want to chat, honey, go get your boy, Leo.

Bianca: So, you going to tell me why you're getting hammered in the middle of the day?

Leo: I don't know why I'm doing it. Because I know that it's a lie.

Bianca: What's a lie?

Leo: This actually helps.

Bianca: Like that you're really upset about Greenlee. And this whole thing with your mother, you got to be on tilt by now.

Leo: I found out Maggie heard some pretty awful stuff while my mother was holding her.

Bianca: What do you mean?

Leo: Well, Vanessa decided to confess everything before she let her freeze to death.

Bianca: Confess what?

Leo: Oh, God, I can't even believe it. I -- you know, I can because I have to, but I -- I just can't believe that she would --

Bianca: Leo, try to focus. Tell me, what are you talking about?

Leo: It's all right here. See that? In black and white, in case anybody doesn't believe it's true.

Bianca: What are you talking about? What's in there?

Leo: I kind of did something.

Bianca: I kind of figured.

Leo: In that bag is every piece of evidence -- I mean, every scrap of paper that they have against my mother.

Bianca: Where did you get it?

Leo: I stole it from the DAís office.

Bianca: What?

Leo: I know.

Bianca: My uncle's office?

Bianca: Leo! Oh, my God!

Bianca: Okay. Start from the top. Tell me everything that you did and why.

Leo: Okay. It started with the book. Okay, I'm writing a book about me, about my life as a son heiress/drug lord/socialite. I mean, this baby is going to be, like, a bestseller, I'm telling you.

Bianca: Leo --

Leo: I'm just having trouble figuring out who's going toÖ.

Bianca: Leo -- Leo! The bag.

Leo: Okay. Well, I wanted information on my mother's case. All I ever knew about the woman is what she showed me. She never told me anything about the Proteus thing. And now I got it for my book that's going to make me rich and famous. It's going to be a bestseller. You're not buying any of this, are you?

Bianca: No, I'm not.

Leo: Okay, well, the part about the book is true. Believe it or not, I'm going to write a book. And then I started thinking about the old days with Vanessa and -- yeah, I just -- I just not -- I don't understand -- why didn't I see this? I pride myself on being able to sniff stuff like that out. I mean --

Bianca: You didn't want to see it. Of course not, you know, who the hell is she? Why did she do the things that she did? Why did she pick the people that she hurt? Why -- Frankie and then Maggie, for God's sakes --

Bianca: Sheís sick. She's really, really sick.

Leo: I just -- I can't imagine what was going through Maggieís head when she heard -- anyway, that's why I did it.

Bianca: You ripped off the DA's office, and you stole the files so that you could figure out your mother's sick mind for your book.

Leo: Look, I didn't -- I just -- no, it just seemed like it was -- I know that Iím probably in trouble of my own Ė that it was risky and --

Bianca: And stupid.

Leo: Jack is your uncle, and he's prosecuting my mother for the Commonwealth. I understand.

Bianca: This is serious. This is a mess. You could fry for this, Leo.

Leo: Yeah, I know you're right.

Bianca: You have to get those files back before they realize theyíre gone or they're going to arrest you.

Leo: You're right.

Bianca: This is serious business, Leo.

Leo: Okay, all right.

Bianca: Are you hearing me?

Leo: I'm hearing you, okay? I just got - I just need to think.

Bianca: No, the only thing that you have to think about is how you're going to get the files back. Thatís the only way that you're going to be able to fix this.

Leo: Okay. I'm going to go.

Bianca: Where are you going?

Leo: I just have to think.

Kendall: Is he okay?

Bianca: No. But thank you for calling me over here, Kendall. I really appreciate it.

Kendall: What are you thinking? Now the guyís your problem.

Bianca: Kendall, you are the most irritating person I have ever known. Kendall: You do something nice, and I donít know if itís your innate goodness or if you have some kind of need.

Ryan: Yep. Know what you mean.

Kendall: Okay. I did it so I could bond with my sister. Happy?

Ryan: Someday you're going to break down, and you're going to admit that you actually care about something. And I'm going to sell tickets. Excuse me.

Kendall: So, you've spent time pondering my innate goodness?

Ryan: You certainly don't make very easy.

Kendall: Bianca thinks my inner child is worth saving.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: Don't you?

Ryan: Well, you getting awful sure of yourself.

Kendall: In general or just with you?

Ryan: One margarita for table four, no salt, straight up.

Leo: I got to get this stuff back in Jack's office.

Bianca: Yeah, now!

Leo: But I can't do it in middle the day because, you ---

Bianca: Yeah, he's in and out of his office all day.

Leo: So if I wait till tonight, like I --

Bianca: No, no, then he's got all day to figure out it's gone, and tonight might be too late.

Leo: Oh, I don't know. So, what? I'm screwed?

Bianca: No. We just have to make sure that he's not in his office when you take the files back.

Bianca: Uncle Jack, itís your niece. I need to see you right away. No, no, it can't wait. Can you come over right now to SOS?

Simone: Do you ever listen to anyone hmm? I am not with Leo.

Greenlee: Good for you. Now get out of my home.

Simone: No, you know what? How the hell do you do that to me? You waltz in with your name and you buy the apartment that I'm renting right from underneath me? And then you evict me?

Greenlee: Look, my life is one big stress ball right now. Capisce?

Simone: So?

Greenlee: So, sorry if my money messed up your life, but I donít care.

Simone: Fine. Just forget it.

Greenlee: Oh, buy me out.

Simone: What? Wait, that was supposed to be my first monthís rent for the loft before you bought it.

Greenlee: It still is.

[Part of transcript missing here]

Chris: You don't know what you're talking about.

Anna: It's not your fault that you were shot. But the rest of it, that's all yours.

Chris: You don't know the facts.

Anna: Oh, God. I don't know why I'm defending Erica Kane to someone who is so hell-bent on messing up his own life.

Chris: Then why are you?

Anna: I don't know. Maybe I'm hoping you'll be the one man [words missing] testosterone dataís or the brain.

Chris: I'm doing whatever it is that I have to do.

Anna: Whatever. Oh. I mean, have you stopped to think what your life might actually be like if you do marry her? You have to think why someone like that, who has everything in the world, would put herself on the line for an ungrateful pain in the neck like you.

Chris: Oh, I Ė I get you your job and this is my reward?

Anna: Iím being so much nicer to you than you deserve. And I donít owe you anything. You owe yourself.

[Natalie Cole sings ďSay You Love MeĒ]

Say you love me, say I'm the one your eyes see
Tell me you need me deep down inside like I need you
You see I need you to see me through,
I wanna hear you say Darling, Darling
I love you, so say, say you love me,
(Say you love me) yeah, yeah
(Say you love me) Say, just say you love me
(Say you love me, say you love me)

Through the rain, and through the cold
Together we will never grow old, sometimes the going will get a little tough
And I must admit living with me can be rough, I need you to see me through
I get off when you say, baby, baby, baby, I love you
(Say) So say, (say) just say you love me,
wanna hear you say (say) say
(Say) you love me (you love me), oh, ooh let me be,
I wanna be your woman

[Part of transcript missing]

Chris: Iím sorry, donít ok? Life is rough right now, Erica. So, please, donít ask me for anything more.

Erica: Well, that's a start.

Roger: I just talked to the DAís office. They're willing to grant me full immunity if I turn state's evidence.

Greenlee: Daddy, I knew it! I knew it!

Roger: I was hoping it would happen, but I was just so afraid, you know?

Greenlee: Oh, you don't have to be anymore. Things are going to look up for you now, for the both of us.

Roger: I think this nightmare's over, honey. I think itís over.

Greenlee: Now we can make up for all the past that we lost. The only person I have to worry about now, besides myself, is you.

Roger: Thank you, Sweetheart. Thank you. I'm going to go call the public defender's office, and I'm going to tell him what happened.

Leo: Hmm? Merry Christmas, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Leo. It's beautiful.

Leo: Oh, I know. This is the first one. And every year, I'm going to give you another one of these to put on the Christmas tree. Huh?

Greenlee: Every year from now on?

Leo: That's right. Till we're old and gray and amazing.

Greenlee: Of course. We're us.

Leo: And every year we put the ornaments on the tree, we're going to remember this Christmas and all the other Christmases we're going to spend together.

Greenlee: And how happy we are right now.

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Okay. We have one cosmos, and I told them this was a long shot, but do you know how to make something called an Appleton? What are you looking at?

Ryan: You doing gainful employment.

Kendall: Go ahead and gloat.

Ryan: No, no, no, no, actually, you're almost appealing when you're doing something productive.

Kendall: And you're almost appealing when you're not accusing me of being Ms. Machiavellian 24/7.

Ryan: What?

Jack: Okay, now, why did you want to see me?

Bianca: No reason. Just to talk.

Jack: It sounded a little more urgent than that on the phone, honey.

Bianca: Well, yeah, we haven't talked in a really long time.

Jack: We had breakfast together this morning. Bianca, you expect me to believe that you wanted me to drop everything, rush over here so that we could share what's happening in our lives in the past few hours? Honey, if there's something wrong, you know you can tell me, right?

[Phone rings]

Jack: I need to take this. When I come back, you'll tell me why you wanted me here, yes? Jack Montgomery.

Kendall: Is everything okay?

Bianca: Not really. Look, I'm totally grateful to you for calling me over to see Leo.

Kendall: Well, how's he doing? He looks like he's pretty wired.

Bianca: He was. He'll be okay. He just had to take care of something.

Kendall: Are you sure it's okay that I had you come over here to help him out? I feel like I got you into something really heavy with him and old Uncle Jack.

Jack: Bianca?

Kendall: I'm going to get back to work.

Jack: Okay. So maybe now you'd like to tell me what's going on with Leo.


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[Knock on door]

[Greenlee gasps]

David: I brought a little gift for you, something from an old admirer.

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