AMC Transcript Monday 3/25/02


All My Children Transcript Monday 3/25/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Man: This is for you.

Anna: What is it?

Man: A summons for you to appear as a witness against Dr. David Hayward.

Simone: How are we the same, Leo?

Leo: We're both screwiest.

Marian: Where's Colby? Where did she go? I don't see her anywhere.

Liza: Colby?

Ryan: Shh, shh, it's okay. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Come here, come here.

Leo: Thank you for the grub, Simone.

Simone: Oh, that's the least I could do after you saved me from eviction. I am so hungry.

Leo: So am I. And broke. Lovely combo platter, right?

Simone: Are you going to be okay here?

Leo: Yeah, yeah, I've handled much worse than this before. Besides, my buddy Ryan lives right next door. We'll bond.

Simone: I thought that you were living the high life, you know, when you were running cons.

Leo: Well, we were. But you know, in between gigs we'd have to stay at low-tells like this, you know. Man, I could tell you some stories you would not believe.

Simone: Yeah? Well, then you should write a book -- "The Adventures of Leo and Proteus." Where's a fork? I'm sorry, Leo. It's my bad. I didn't mean to bring that up again.

Leo: No, no, no, no. That's brilliant.

Ryan: It's okay. Now, you shouldn't be alone.

Kendall: Why? That's what everyone wants for me.

Ryan: Not everyone.

Kendall: What are you saying?

Ryan: Just come here. Come on.

Kendall: No, no, I must look like dog meat.

Ryan: No, you donít. You look like someone who's trying to keep her head above water like me.

Kendall: You don't have to do this.

Ryan: I know.

Anna: This is a joke, right?

Jack: Thank you, that'll be all.

Anna: Jackson --

Jack: No, Anna, this is not a joke.

Anna: What is it, then?

Jack: My office has gathered enough evidence regarding David Hayward and his illegal research and financial activities.

Anna: What does that have to do with me?

Jack: Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but were you not in that cabin when it was searched and his computer was confiscated?

[Phone rings]

Anna: Am I being officially subpoenaed?

Jack: Yes, you are, and I intend to convene a grand jury to investigate.

Anna: I'm being officially subpoenaed?


Jack: May I?

Anna: No! Call back. He's busy. You cannot do this to me, Jackson.

Jack: Yeah? Well, I just did it. And if you're as smart as I think you are, Anna, you will stop protecting David Hayward and you will start doing your job.

David: Adam, I told you I have to speak with Liza.

Adam: Shouldn't you be tending to Dixie overseas?

David: What are you talking about?

Adam: The asinine relationship that you and Dixie refuse to let go of.

David: Since when do you give a damn about Dixie?

Adam: Since it involves my son.

David: Oh, that's what this is all about. Look, I'm not going to get into this with you right now. I called for Liza.

Adam: For what?

David: What are you, her receptionist? Just put her on the phone, damn it! I told you this is urgent, and it's none of your concern.

Adam: Oh, is that so? Well, you can just go straight to hell.

[Phone beeps]

Adam: I've got another call.

David: Adam? Wait, don't --

Adam: Hello?

Marian: Adam, it's Marian. Something's happened.

Adam: Marian?

Marian: I'm in the park.

Adam: What's wrong?

Marian: Colby is missing.

Adam: What?

Marian: I'm with Liza, and we can't find Colby.

Adam: I'm on my way. Don't move.

Liza: Colby! Stop playing, Sweetie. Colby!

Marian: Liza, what was she doing the last time you saw her?

Liza: Colby!

Marian: What was Colby doing the last time you saw her?

Liza: Mother, I don't know.

Marian: What do you mean you don't know? I left her with you. She was with you.

Liza: Mother, I don't remember you leaving her with me!

Marian: What?

Liza: I don't remember you leaving her with me! I don't remember anything.

Simone: You really want to write a book about your mother?

Leo: Mm-hmm, that's right.

Simone: Mm-hmm, the drug dealer?

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Simone: And you're serious?

Leo: Come on, this is going to be a bestseller, Simone.

Simone: Yeah, I know all about that. One problem -- you're not a writer.

Leo: Yeah, I know that. But you are.

Simone: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. Forget it.

Leo: What?

Simone: Uh-uh.

Leo: What, are you allergic to wealth?

Simone: You know what? This is your fantasy. Do not include me in it.

Leo: Simone, you're going to be rich. You can be the ghostwriter and we can share the profits.

Simone: Slow down, Shakespeare.

Leo: No, we're going to do this, okay? We're going to start with an outline.

Simone: "We"?

Leo: Yeah.

Simone: When did I ever agree to anything?

Leo: What, do you want to work out the percentages first? We could do that.

Simone: You know, you can't just rush into a project like this, Leo. You've got to think about it first.

Leo: What's to think about? This is a no-brainer, Simone.

Simone: This will be your story, Leo. That means you're going to be writing about things that are very personal to you.

Leo: Okay, first of all, the more personal the story, the more the public will eat it up, okay? You got to be kidding me.

Simone: Seriously, Leo. I mean, listen to me, all right? I mean, just think this through. Are you really ready to reopen these wounds?

Leo: For a $2 million advance? Yeah.

Simone: Just stop, okay? Just stop. You have to think about this. Are you really ready to relive all that hurt that your mom caused you and your family?

Leo: Damn pens!

Simone: Hey, calm down, okay? It's all right.

Leo: Look, I am calm. I'm just asking for one little pen with some ink in it, that's all!

Simone: I'm just trying to look out for you.

Leo: I know, I know. I know, and I appreciate it. It's just that, you know, I don't get excited about too many things, okay? But -- and I need a job, and I think this can really work with your help. I can relive this. I really can.

Simone: All right, Iíll help you with the first chapter. But then we'll just see how it goes.

Leo: Excellent, excellent. Okay, I swear you will be hooked. Just start writing, and I'll feed you the rest.

Simone: All right.

Leo: Okay. Um -- how about, "I always knew my mother was different from other mothers until now when I learned that she was one of the country's most wanted."

Ryan: I'm sorry.

Kendall: Don't be. This -- this is a bad idea, and I sure as hell don't want you like this.

Ryan: Like what?

Kendall: With you feeling sorry for me.

Ryan: I don't feel sorry for you.

Kendall: No, no. I'm not going to be like her. I'm not going to do it. I'm not --

Ryan: What are you -- like who?

Kendall: Like Erica. This is exactly how she gets every man she's ever snared -- tears and vulnerability and pity. Please, no, not me.

Ryan: What? That's not what this is about.

Kendall: Yes, it is. I know this game. Men play it with women all the time.

Ryan: Well, I donít. And I know -- I know you don't.

Kendall: Well, then what is it? I mean, every time I come near you, you rarely give me the time of day. Then all of a sudden I get a little weepy in a moment of weakness, and finally you look like you want to take me to bed. No, thank you.

Ryan: All right, all right, slow down.

Kendall: No, this is exactly what Erica does. She wiggles her way into men's lives. She gets a little girlish, falls apart, and then, boom, they end up in bed.

Ryan: You think you got me all figured out, don't you?

Kendall: I just don't want us to end up in bed because of stupid head games. I want this to be different.

Ryan: What makes you think it wouldn't be?

Kendall: I don't want you to want me because you pity me. There is nothing worse than that.

Ryan: I don't pity you.

Kendall: Since when?

Ryan: Since always.

Kendall: No, you -- since the first day I came here, that's all you've ever said to me. You said you pitied me in the room.

Ryan: I didn't say that.

Kendall: It's written all over you.

Ryan: What? Where?

Kendall: Okay, well, then, please tell me. What do you feel?

Ryan: I feel a lot, all right? A lot. And it's not pity. It's not. Not at all.

Anna: This is such a setup. You purposely withheld your case against David till after I was sworn in.

Jack: Yes, that's right. I did.

Anna: You bastard.

Jack: Now, wait just a second. Less than an hour ago, you were sworn in as the chief of police in this town. You took an oath to support the justice system, to uphold the law --

Anna: Don't tell me my damn job.

Jack: Well, don't tell me how to do mine! I've watched Hayward ever since he's come to this town bend the law with his own hands, and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and watch him do it again and use you to do it.

Anna: Oh, no, this is one of those stupid male-marking games, and I refuse to be part of it.

Jack: Oh, that's nonsense and you know it. He's committed multiple crimes and gotten away with it, and you know that as well as I does. But you know what? He's got you blinded and you can't see it. But I'll tell you something -- if you can't or won't stop him in your official capacity, I'll stop him in mine, I'll guarantee you that. I've seen Hayward use more than one woman, and I'm not going to stand by --

Anna: Oh, is this about him being a womanizer? Oh, that's just great. I feel like I'm back in high school.

Jack: No, this is about him being a criminal. But if you want to face the facts, yes, he has a history of using women -- Gillian, Dixie. You want to be the next one in line?

Anna: I'm a big girl, Jackson, but thank you for the warning and a first day on the job. Fabulous.

Jack: Anna, please --

Anna: Excuse me; I've got a lot of work to do.

Jack: Please, do not let your feelings for him cloud your judgment. I mean, you've got to know people are already talking about this, right? You know that.

Anna: I don't care. Yeah, so everyone thinks I'm a fool for being with him. I don't care.

Jack: Let me be clear on something here. I'm not judging you. And just for the record, I don't think you're a fool. Remember, you're talking to man who's been around the track with Erica Kane more times than I care to --

Anna: What the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China? What I don't like is you using your office to manipulate me.

Jack: The point is I know what it's like to fall in love with a human being like none other that you've ever met or can even imagine. Somebody who wants it all, who believes deep in their heart that they deserve it all, and next thing you know, you start to believe that, too, because this person is so vital, is so full of life. And then one day you wake up and you realize you're hooked. This person has become like a drug to you, a drug you can't kick.

Anna: You are so out of line. You stay out of my personal life.

Jack: I can't believe that you can't see that he's taking advantage of you, what he's doing behind your back. Come on, Anna; use your head instead of your heart. Do not allow Hayward to get away with this kind of --

David: Allow Hayward to what, Jackson?

Liza: Colby? Where are you?

Marian: Liza, did you take Colby to the swings?

Liza: Mother, I told you, I don't remember!

Marian: I know you're upset, Darling. Just try to calm down. Please think. Just think.

Liza: Mother, Mother, I -- I don't remember meeting you here. I -- I don't remember seeing her or her leaving. I don't remember anything. I don't remember -- Colby!

Marian: Listen, listen, we're going to find her. I promise you we're going to find her, okay?

Liza: My little is girl gone, Mama.

Marian: Oh, my God, I'm going to call the police.

Liza: What have I done?

Marian: I'm going to call the police. They'll find her. They'll help us find her, Darling.

Adam: Where -- where is she?

Liza: You called him?

Marian: I had to call him.

Adam: Where is Colby?

Liza: I -- I don't know.

Adam: What have you done with her?

Marian: Adam, stop it!

Liza: Let go of me!

Adam: No, not until you tell me where you've hidden my child!

David: Are you plotting against me with the new chief of police?

Jack: You have something to hide, David?

David: I'm sorry I'm late.

Anna: You're more than late.

Jack: I'll leave you two to your own devices. I've got an appointment.

Anna: Don't let me keep you.

Jack: Left some case files over there for you to go through to bring yourself up to speed. Try to remember our conversation. Excuse me.

Anna: Would it have killed you to have been on time?

David: I really am sorry. I realize that this was a big event for you, and then you were forced to listen to Montgomery mouth off about me again. I'll make it up to you.

Anna: What kept you?

David: I was held up at the hospital.

Anna: Another patient?

David: Come on. Don't be angry with me, okay? Let's -- let me take you someplace, okay? We'll celebrate your new position, Mrs. Hayward.

Anna: Who?

David: "Who" what?

Anna: Who was the other patient?

David: Does it really matter?

Anna: Oh, knock it off, David. I know it matters. I know she matters.

David: No, actually, she doesn't matter.

Anna: Did you know that burglary was up last year?

David: How did you know it was a she?

Anna: And violent crimes were down.

David: How did you know it was a she?

Anna: I know it was Dixie.

David: Where did that come from? I was talking about Liza.

Anna: How long do you think I am going to sit by and let you play me for a fool?

David: Please, let's not do this.

Anna: No, I'm curious, David. How long? Three months? Six months? Nine months?

David: Can we go just one day without a conversation about Dixie infecting everything?

Anna: Not while she's pregnant with your child.

Kendall: What do you feel for me?

Ryan: Well, you certainly know how to push my buttons.

Kendall: And you do the same for me.

Ryan: You get me so ticked off that I say things that I regret later. But the bottom line is that I don't pity you, and I don't think you're anything like Erica, all right? Not at all.

Kendall: Well, that's good because I'm not.

Ryan: And I know you manipulate. I know that. I understand it's a survival thing for you. I understand that because I'm that way. All right, I shut people out and I manipulate things to get what I want.

Ryan: This is how it is. I am really messed up. All right, everything that I believed in has been turned upside down in the last year. My mother died, and then I find out it's not the woman that I thought she was. And then the man that I thought was my father wasn't. And -- well, you know the rest.

Kendall: Ryan, I do know that you --

Ryan: And my wife was killed. I loved her, Kendall, and I lost her, and I am not ready to let her go.

Kendall: I get that. I know you've been through hell.

Ryan: Listen to me. Just listen to me, all right? You are a beautiful, smart woman. But I can't give you what you want. I canít. I can't give you me. I can't -- not now, maybe not ever.

Kendall: What are you saying?

Ryan: I'm saying that I am not -- I'm not ready to be involved with somebody, Kendall, but I care about you. Believe me, I do.

Kendall: You're funny. Why do you always think I'm coming on to you?

Ryan: What? I don't think you're coming on to me.

Kendall: You do not get it. I do not have to come on to any guy, okay?

Ryan: Kendall, don't do this, okay? Please, donít.

Kendall: Ryan, shut up. Shut up. You came on to me, sweetheart. You just don't want to admit it.

Ryan: Kendall Ė

Adam: I am not going to let you take Colby away from me again.

Liza: I'm not trying to take her. She's lost.

Adam: You're lying. I'm on to your little plan.

Marian: Adam, there's something wrong with Liza.

Adam: You shut up! This has nothing to do with you.

Marian: She can't remember. She doesn't remember anything.

Adam: I am going to fight you every inch of the way. Do you hear me? I never thought you could stoop this low, using our daughter.

Marian: We're wasting time.

Adam: I never thought it was possible for a mother to be worse than Arlene, but --

Liza: What? What did you --

Adam: Even Arlene -- even Arlene in her drunken stupor would never stoop that low. And you -- you staging this, using Colby, trying to get Colby away from me, and I want to know where the hell she is! Where is she, Liza?

Marian: Oh, my God, Liza. Oh, my God. What's wrong?

Simone: You, a tarot card reader?

Leo: Well, Vanessa had to tell the manager something. We're surrounded by cops and there was a crowd gathering.

Simone: Well, what did you do?

Leo: What was I supposed to do? I was 16. I just laid the cards out there and read the guy's future. So I was laying there and I'm --

[Simone laughs]

Leo: "I see in your house of communication that your line is always busy."

Simone: Did it work?

Leo: Yeah, well -- yeah, I was a good actor. She taught me well.

Simone: I cannot believe your mother put you through all these situations.

Leo: Well, it was like a typical day with my mom.

Simone: Still, it must have been so hard for you.

Leo: Well, you know, you got to understand she took a lot of pride in conning people. A lot of pride. So when she let me, you know, fly on my own, it just felt like she had faith in me, like she trusted me, you know? I know it sounds crazy, but those are the times that made me feel like she loved me, I guess.

Simone: What a horrible thing to do to a kid. And all this time she was Proteus and hid it from you.

Leo: Like I said, she was an amazing actress. She fooled the world. And when I found out that she was like this major drug lord, I guess I found out that she was conning me, too. No, no, no, no. Keep writing. Go. All of it.

David: Pregnant?

Anna: Are you denying it? Oh, for God's sake. Dixie is having your child.

David: No. No, that -- that's crazy.

Anna: Yeah. That's why she rushed her divorce from Tad.

David: No, Dixie divorced Tad because she no longer wants to be married to him.

Anna: That's why she left the country.

David: Anna, look, you've got this whole thing wrong, okay? Dixie is not pregnant.

Anna: Yeah. I used to be a spy, you know. I have very good contacts.

David: Well, then you need new contacts --

Anna: Stop lying to me!

David: All right.

Anna: Thank you.

David: Dixie is pregnant, but I am not the father. Dixie and Tad were together before the divorce, okay, while they were separated. Dixie didn't tell him that she was pregnant.

Anna: But she told you?

David: Yeah, she was scared.

Anna: Of what? Taking responsibility of her own decisions?

David: Anna, Dixieís heart condition precludes a safe pregnancy. Tad knows that, and he would have pressured her to not take this child to term. Look, Dixie -- she wants to have the baby.

Anna: Of course. The saint.

David: She didn't want to argue with Tad about her decision, okay, and she didn't want to upset J.R. so she decided to leave town without telling them.

Anna: Well, it's a very good cover story, I must say.

David: Anna, come on. I swear to you, that is the truth.

Anna: Mm-hmm. And Dixie confided all of this to you?

David: Yes, because she needed help finding a doctor in a hospital in Europe.

Anna: She always needs your help.

David: I am not involved with Dixie.

Anna: You are always involved with Dixie.

David: Not in the way that you're implying. Look, it's strictly professional.

Anna: That's why you kept this secret from me. That's why you shut me out again.

David: I'm sorry, Anna. My hands were tied. As a doctor, I made her a promise.

Anna: God. I mean, really, is it more important to you that you keep your word to Dixie than it is that you're honest with me?

David: Can we please just drop this?

Anna: No. No, no, we can't. We can't let it go.

David: I am not the father to Dixieís child.

Anna: Don't touch me.

David: I didn't do anything wrong. I helped an old friend, which is exactly what you would have done.

Anna: An old friend? You made a big mistake at a time in your life when you really can't afford to make any mistakes, especially with me.

Marian: Is she going to be all right?

Adam: For God's sakes, Marian, she just fainted.

Marian: Well, just stay away from her, Adam.

Paramedic: Who saw what happened?

Marian: My daughter was having an argument with her husband, then suddenly she just touched her head like she had a sharp pain, and then she passed out.

Mia: What happened?

Adam: What are you doing here?

Paramedic: She's stabilizing.

Mia: I heard the call on the hospital dispatch radio, and --

Officer: Have either of you got a picture of the girl?

Marian: Yes, I have a photo of her.

Mia: What? A picture of Colby? What's going on?

Marian: Colby's missing. We don't know where she is.

Mia: Okay, how much of the park have you guys checked?

Officer: We've got both entrances covered.

Mia: Did you check the arches by the horse statues?

Officer: Not yet. I got to wait for more backups.

Adam: Why did you ask that? What do you know?

Marian: Just keep away from her, you jackass.

Adam: I've got to find out the truth, Marian.

Marian: Can't you see there's something wrong with her?

Adam: Stop it! You knew she was stealing Colby. You helped her.

Marian: She didn't do nothing with Colby.

Adam: And you also knew that she was leaving me again. You knew that, didn't you?

Marian: That's nonsense, Adam.

Adam: She was taking Colby with her.

Marian: Colby is really missing, Adam. She's missing!

Adam: This whole disappearance thing is an act, along with this fainting spell. She's afraid to face me.

Marian: You have lost your mind.

Adam: Oh, have I really? Did you know that she has skimmed enough money off of Chandler Enterprises to fund a third world nation?

Ryan: What's going on in here? Liza?

Adam: Oh, look, look, look. Here's the reason!

Ryan: What?

Adam: Lavery, forget about it. Just forget about it. My wife is going nowhere with you.

Ryan: Adam, what the hell is wrong with you? And what did you do to Liza?

Adam: I want to know -- now, you've been plotting. I know that. You've been planning to run away with Liza and my daughter Colby. I want to know where my daughter is!

Ryan: Adam, what, are you insane? Marian, what's going on here?

Adam: I know you. She was sneaking off to meet you at your motel.

Ryan: What? She came to see me once.

Adam: Why are you here to meet her now?

Ryan: I'm not here to meet her now. I'm looking for some-- you know what? It's none of your business, Adam.

Adam: You're not going to get away with it, Lavery! I want to know where my daughter is, you son of a --

Ryan: Adam, get hold of yourself! Listen to you, all right? Obviously, your wife needs medical attention and you're arguing with me about some paranoid, delusional plot? Now, Marian, where's Colby?

Marian: We don't know.

Ryan: What?

Liza: Colby.

Paramedic: Just relax, Mrs. Chandler.

Liza: No, I have to find my baby.

Adam: Liza --

Liza: No.

Marian: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's happening to her again. Somebody do something!

Adam: Liza, Liza?

Liza: I need to find my baby.

Marian: My God.

Liza: We have to find our baby! I don't know where she is. I don't remember what happened to her. I don't remember what happened to her.

Ryan: I'll find her. I'll find her.

Kendall: Well, now that we're away from all those noisy cars, you want to tell me what your name is? Is it Megan? How about Desire? Anna? Okay, well, can you tell me what you were doing walking on the side of the road? You're not going to talk to me because I'm a stranger, right? Well, you are very smart. I can promise you we won't be strangers for long.

Leo: So what do you think? It's good stuff, huh?

Simone: Yeah, yeah. I don't know. It's just not enough, Leo.

Leo: Really?

Simone: Readers are going to want to know about Proteus, and your mother hid that from you. I mean, the Proteus end of it, you know? I mean, that's what's going to sell. Readers are going to want to get inside Proteus' head and, like, try to understand what drove her to make such horrible decisions. I mean, like a psych evaluation. You want to -- you want to take a breather?

Leo: Yeah, I should have seen it. You know, why did -- why did I turn a blind eye all those years?

Simone: You were a kid. It was your mom. You wanted her approval. You cannot blame yourself for that.

Leo: You know, what's so insane is, you know, I had this feeling that something was not right, you know? And I'm not just talking about moving from place to place.

Simone: What?

Leo: I don't know. I just had this gut feeling that I couldn't put my finger on. And --

Simone: Vanessa fooled everyone for decades.

Leo: She told me over and over that she depended on me, that she was lost without me, and I stood by her. And you know, I can see now how lost she really was. But it's too late now.

Simone: Don't do this, Leo.

Leo: I'm not.

Simone: Where are you going? Leo?

David: I didn't mean to hurt you by keeping Dixieís situation a secret from you.

Anna: To hell with Dixie. I'm talking about us, you know? The fact that she will always be between us. I mean, God, are we ever going to trust each other?

David: You might not trust me. But look at me. I've basically put my whole life entirely in your hands.

Anna: Well, that's too bad.

David: Well, not to me. I haven't regretted it for an instant. I mean, come on, Anna. We have been through so much together. Are we going to honestly start doubting one another now?

Anna: This affair -- or whatever the hell this thing is between us -- it's been a big game to you, hasn't it?

David: No.

Anna: It's been like sport.

David: That is not true. Not anymore. I've let down my guard for you.

Anna: No. Not with Dixie between us.

David: Dixie is not between us. I'm with you. We're married, right?

Anna: To protect you from criminal charges. Which reminds me -- charges have been brought against you, David.

David: What?

Anna: Yes. Jackson subpoenaed me to testify.

David: Against me.

Anna: In front of a grand jury. But of course he doesn't know that I'm married to you and that I could still refuse.

David: And you will?

David: You are going to tell Jackson that you're my wife and that you're not going to testify against me. That was the plan.

Anna: The grand jury convenes on Friday.

David: Anna --

Anna: Friday. That's when you'll find out if your wife will stand by you.

Kendall: Is this where you and your mommy were sitting?

Colby: Yes.

Kendall: Well, this is a cool sitting spot. Why did you leave your mommy?

Colby: Because she stopped talking and it scared me.

Kendall: Well, sometimes mommies stop talking so they can listen to their little girls. I'm sure she was listening to everything you were saying. No? She stopped listening, too? Are you sure? Well, all mommies are supposed to listen. But I'll tell you a secret. Sometimes mommies make mistakes and they don't listen. They don't mean to do it, but they do. When mommies stop listening, sometimes you can feel alone. But I'm sure your mommy didn't mean to make that mistake. In fact, I bet she's looking everywhere for you right now. She's probably yelling, "Lucy!" "Wilhelmina!"

Colby: That's not my name. My name's Colby.

Kendall: Colby? Well, that's a pretty name.

Liza: I didn't do anything to Colby.

Adam: No, it's all right. It's all right, Liza.

Liza: I don't even remember why she left or where.

Adam: You know Colby. She's so smart. She gets bored and just jumps from toy to toy.

Liza: I know, she -- what have I done? What have I done? Did you find her?

Mia: No, not yet, but -- oh, my God, Liza, look.

Adam: Oh!

Liza: My baby! My baby! My baby.

Liza: Look at me, look at me. Oh, I love you. I love you so much. I'm so sorry.

Kendall: I found her walking down Kenmore Street. She was picking up little rocks.

Marian: Oh, thank you, thank you so very much.

Liza: Thank you for finding her. Oh, my baby. My sweet baby. Oh. Oh, I'm sorry.

Ryan: You were -- you were really good with her.

Kendall: Whatever.

Mia: Thank you. Both of you.

Ryan: I didn't do anything. Kendall found her. I just told her who Colby was, you know.

Mia: We won't forget it.

Ryan: Listen, you want to go get something to eat, or --

Kendall: No. Maybe she would.

Ryan: What? Look, what happened in the motel, Kendall --

Kendall: It was a joke, okay? See you around.

Adam: Colby -- Colby, you mustn't go wandering off by yourself like that.

Mia: We didn't know what happened to you, little one.

Colby: But I had fun.

Adam: Well, why don't you go have some fun with Aunt Mia and Mimi right now, okay? Maybe Aunt Mia and Mimi will buy you some ice cream.

Mia: Oh, sure.

Adam: It's all right. We'll be home later.

Mia: Okay.

Adam: All right.

Mia: Okay, bye-bye.

Adam: It's okay. All right, all right.

Liza: Why did you send her with Mia and my mama?

Adam: Liza, I'm sorry, but you're not well. Now, why don't you let me get you somebody that can help you. Let me take care of you from now on.

Liza: I'm not going to leave Colby and go to the hospital.

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