AMC Transcript Tuesday 3/19/02


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 3/19/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: Chris is used to being on the move, he's used to being in charge.

Ryan: Oh, so you feel sorry for him?

Kendall: When he gets out of here, he's going to need all the help he can get.

Erica: [As Greenlee] This is Greenlee Smythe. How may I help you?

Greenlee: There's a loft in my building for sale. It's currently being sublet by a woman named Simone something. I want to buy that loft right now.

Opal: I knew it. I just knew it. Oh, Erica, this cannot come to any good. Don't you flash those pearly whites at me. You are already in the hand basket and you're headed straight for Hades.

Erica: No, I am leaving a note for Greenlee to come and see me as soon as she comes in.

Opal: Part of your plot, I presume?

Erica: Shh!

Opal: Well, Honey --

Erica: Not so loud.

Opal: You have got to pull the plug on this devious scheme you're hatching or you're going to go down in flames.

Erica: Would you please relax?

Opal: I can't! You know me. I see things, and I saw something last night in a dream.

Erica: You had a dream about me last night?

Opal: Oh, don't be looking like that. It wasn't pretty, so don't be flattered. It was about Kendall --

Erica: Oh, sorry.

Opal: And you using Greenlee to get her, to hurt her. Oh, my Lord. I don't remember all the details, but I'm telling you, there were people that were being chased and tortured and screaming. I am begging you, please, just drop this plan. It's scaring me.

Erica: Opal, I'm fine. I had an idea and I shared it with you. Why are you worried so much?

Opal: Well, maybe because the last idea you had almost landed you 25 to life.

Erica: Oh. I am not doing anything illegal here.

Opal: Well, what are you doing then? Come on; tell me the rest. Spill.

Erica: Well, you know how it's common knowledge to take advantage of people's weaknesses?

Opal: Uh-huh.

Erica: Well, I am going to take advantage of the one thing that Kendall and Greenlee have in common.

Opal: Which is?

Erica: Blind ambition.

Greenlee: Good morning, neighbor.

Greenlee: How are you and your roomie fitting into our building?

Simone: I wouldn't know.

Greenlee: Sorry?

Simone: I wouldn't know. Leo didn't come home last night. I cannot believe this is happening.

Greenlee: Trouble?

Simone: The guy that I subletted the apartment from -- he just sold it.

Greenlee: Really?

Simone: And the new owner is kicking us out. Damn. Oh, I can't believe this.

Leo: Come on, you've never done that before? You've got to be kidding me.

Woman: Driving to New York and back in 38-degree weather with the top down is a first for me, and I didn't think I had too many of those left. Thank you.

Leo: You're welcome. Although the fact that we drove by your apartment rather than going inside sort of eludes me.

Woman: I know you had a whole plan worked out, Leo.

Leo: Oh, you live on Park Avenue. I love those places. I just -- I just wanted to go inside and see --

Woman: What, my art collection? I doubt it.

Leo: I can appreciate fine art, okay, and beauty.

Woman: Right. Hello. Are you serving?

Bartender: Yes.

Woman: I think all I can handle is a mimosa.

Leo: Make it two. Kyle, by any chance, was there a watch left here last night?

Kyle: Yeah, there was.

Woman: Couture, 18 karat with diamonds?

Kyle: Yeah, we actually had a pool in the back to see if it was real.

Woman: It's real. A pool?

Leo: Small town, Pauline, small town.

Pauline: But an interesting one, I'm finding. You live here.

Leo: True, true.

Pauline: With your mother?

Leo: No, not with my mother.

Pauline: Vanessa Cortlandt is the talk of New York.

Leo: Oh, whatever.

Pauline: What, you don't want to talk about her?

Leo: Will you like me more if I do?

Pauline: I'm not sure I could like you more.

Leo: Ah, flatterer.

Pauline: But I would die to hear about all the Proteus goings-on. I mean, really, who wouldn't?

Leo: You know, I've used a lot of lines to get next to pretty girls before, but using my mother's alter ego's definitely a first.

Pauline: Is that a yes?

Leo: Sure. Sure, whatever you want to know.

Pauline: I'd like to know everything.

[Shower runs]

Ryan: Kendall Hart strikes again. Tell me something -- are you ever going to stop?

Kendall: Which part?

Ryan: Trying to rip me off.

Kendall: If I wanted to rip you off, I would do it while you were watching. Because I get the feeling you like to watch.

Ryan: Is that right?

Kendall: The shower's running, Lavery.

Ryan: Yeah, I know.

Kendall: It's getting steamy in there. What should we do about it?

Ryan: You want to tell me why you were sneaking in just now?

Kendall: I wasn't sneaking in. You were in the shower.

Ryan: Yeah, well, usually when I'm in the shower, you let yourself be known by slamming the door and turning the boom box up to 11, but this time you were sneaking around like a mouse trying to lift my wallet.

Kendall: Oh, that is ridiculous. If I was going to rip someone off, it wouldn't be someone like you who would hound me until there's no tomorrow. I was just -- I don't know what I was doing.

Ryan: Why's your stuff on the bed? You leaving?

Kendall: Yeah. And I want to thank you for letting me stay here as long as you did. I mean, I really -- never mind.

Ryan: So, like, you're leaving leaving? Leaving town?

Kendall: No such luck.

Ryan: Well, where you going? You don't have any money.

Kendall: I'm getting a job.

Ryan: In the meantime?

Kendall: Myrtle's, okay?

Ryan: Myrtle's?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Does your sister know about this?

Kendall: Bianca helped it happen.

Ryan: Why would you want -- wait a minute. Chris Stamp is staying at Myrtleís.

Kendall: And?

Ryan: And?

Kendall: What is your problem?

Ryan: You are so incredibly transparent.

Kendall: I am?

Ryan: Yeah, you are. Your mother's ex-boyfriend is staying at Myrtleís. You're going to make the moves on him just to drive your mother insane.

Kendall: Do I look that sick to you?

Ryan: Yeah, actually, you do.

Kendall: And I'm transparent? Look at you. You're a jealous mess.

Ryan: What? Jealous of what?

Kendall: Of your own damn father, you idiot.

Mia: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you trying to do? Jeez.

Chris: Trying to get on with my life. Is that okay with you?

Mia: Yeah, no problem. So are you going to ask me what I'm doing here in my smart little outfit? I'm a trainee in the P.T. department. That's physical therapy.

Chris: I know what P.T. is.

Mia: So anyway, I've been assigned to observe your session this morning, and I thought I'd just drop in and let you know.

Chris: Now I know.

Mia: So is there anything that I can do for you?

Chris: No. Yeah. Yeah, can a trainee get me in that chair?

Mia: I think so. Do you want me to?

Chris: Yeah.

Mia: Okay. Going to want to put your legs down. Put that one there. One, two, three. There you go. All right. You look a little surprised.

Chris: You did that pretty good for a trainee.

Mia: Oh, well, you know --

Chris: You -- you assigned to my case?

Mia: Yep, yours and others.

Chris: Huh. You don't seem nervous.

Mia: I'm not.

Chris: Oh, good for you.

Mia: Mm-hmm. So it looks like Dr. Stannart has you cleared for a complement of exercises this morning.

Chris: Oh, goody, goody.

Mia: You know, if you dedicate yourself to this, you could make some pretty quick progress.

Chris: Can't wait.

Mia: Are you trying to get rid of me, Mr. Stamp?

Chris: No, I'm actually trying to make up to you for giving you such a bad attitude for no reason at all. How am I doing?

Mia: Real good.

Chris: Good. Congratulations on your job.

Mia: Thank you.

Chris: You -- you mind giving me a couple of minutes alone before you take me down to the torture chamber?

Mia: No, absolutely not. In fact, there's some other patients I'm going to introduce myself to.

Chris: Great.

Mia: All right. So I'm going to come back for you in a few minutes, okay?

Chris: Thanks.

Mia: Okay.

Chris: Sorry to do this to you, kid, on your first day, but Ė

Opal: But now just how does Greenlee and Kendallís blind ambition have anything to do with Mr. Stamp?

Erica: It doesn't.

Opal: My eye.

Erica: Really, Opal, that's the truth. I mean, it's a totally separate issue. Although I admit I've got just so many plates spinning right now, I'm going to have to really keep up.

Opal: Well, then let's just roll back a little bit here and start with one plate at a time.

Erica: Okay. Yes?

Opal: Now, you took a call from Revlon yesterday.

Erica: Yes, I did.

Opal: For Greenlee.

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Opal: Pretending to be Greenlee to Revlon, who's bird-dogging her?

Erica: I have to protect my interests, Opal.

Opal: Well, it wasn't that long ago that you were wanting Greenlee to be thrown out with the bath water.

Erica: Opal, Greenlee knows too much. She has proprietary information at her fingertips. She is not going to give that to Revlon.

Opal: So you threw out the flowers from Revlon and you had your trusty Val shred the magazine article they sent and you're intercepting their calls.

Erica: Well, it's just business, nothing personal.

Opal: Well, so would you mind telling me what all of that has to do with Kendall? Come on, I'm waiting.

Erica: All right, come here. I am going to give "Greenlee" to Revlon.

Opal: But you just said --

Erica: But I am not going to give Revlon to Greenlee.

Opal: Are you trying to make my hair stand taller by itself?

Erica: Pay attention.

Opal: I am trying.

Erica: I am going to send Kendall to Revlon, but Revlonís going to think that it's Greenlee.

Opal: Will Greenlee know?

Erica: No, of course not. Look, Kendall is going to work for me and for Revlon in Paris, thousands and thousands of miles away from Pine Valley, but Greenlee is going to stay put right here with me. Brilliant, huh?

Opal: Well, to somebody maybe. I don't get it.

Erica: You will. The only thing I have to do is just now make sure that Greenlee doesn't find out that Revlon has been -- how did you say it? -- Bird-dogging her. Hi. I just left a note for you.

Greenlee: No problem. I was looking for you. Have you read this? I got my first write-up in the trades, Erica. I'm making news.

Erica: Well, it's your article that I wanted to talk to you about.

Greenlee: It's pretty cool, huh? Did you read this part? "Ms. Smythe is a triple threat -- brains, great business instincts, and a personal style that is remarkable in its elegant simplicity. She's an All-American beauty with a tacit understanding of what works best for her." What's "tacit" mean? Otherwise, I think it's a rave.

Erica: Well, it's just public acknowledgment of what I already knew about you.

Greenlee: Wow, Erica, thanks.

Erica: Well, I mean, you are still a little bit raw, a little bit rough around the edges, but you know something -- you do more around here than anybody else does. And I've been thinking -- it's time that I reward you for that.

Greenlee: Really? You do?

Erica: I do. I've been thinking about this. And the conclusion I've come to is that I really believe the very best way to reward your efforts is to extend your contract.

Greenlee: Oh, the one I signed with a "no compete" clause?

Erica: Exactly. And, of course, a raise commensurate with your contract.

Greenlee: All because of the article?

Erica: All because of what you have shown me that you could do -- I mean, against my better judgment. Greenlee, I would really like to think of you like -- like my daughter.

Greenlee: Are you sure? I mean, I'm honored if you're serious.

Erica: Why don't you just take my hand and see. Now do you believe me?

Greenlee: Starting to, yeah.

Erica: Good.

Opal: Oh.

Erica: You cold?

Opal: Oh, me? No. No, I'm just reacting to hell freezing over.

Leo: Oh, Prague, Madrid, Lisbon, Geneva, Milan, to Oslo, St. Tropez.

Pauline: You and your mother lived in all of those places?

Leo: Oh, can we please leave her out of it, Pauline?

Pauline: I'm sorry. She just intrigues me.

Leo: Yeah, well, I want to intrigue you.

Pauline: You do.

Leo: Because of my notorious mother, right?

Pauline: Because you survived your notorious mother. Tell me more about how you took control of your life despite the burdens she placed on you.

Leo: I'd rather talk about you.

Pauline: I'm way too boring.

Leo: Or if you prefer not to talk, we could always go back to your place for a little bit.

Simone: Sorry to interrupt. I need you. Can I borrow your date for about five minutes? Oh, Leo.

Leo: What, what?

Pauline: Do I know you?

Simone: You know you do.

Pauline: I don't -- I don't recall ever --

Simone: Yeah, uh-huh, right. Oh.

Pauline: That's my purse!

Leo: Simone, what are you doing?

Simone: Sorry. You want me to tell him or should you?

Pauline: Excuse me.

Leo: Pauline Ė

Leo: Thank you so much for ruining my day. Do you have any idea how loaded that girl is? She was my meal ticket, and she would've been yours if you weren't such a --

Simone: Leo, wake up. Sheís a reporter.

Leo: Pauline?

Simone: Frost. I know her. She was obviously gathering her information, researching you on a microcassette in her purse.

Leo: Oh, you've got to be kidding. I didn't know.

Simone: Well, here's something else you didn't know.

Leo: What?

Simone: We just got evicted.

Ryan: You think I'm jealous? You think I'm jealous of Chris Stamp?

Kendall: Your father. Your father, Chris Stamp.

Ryan: Yeah, well, I don't really care who he's seeing.

Kendall: Unless it's me.

Ryan: So wait a minute -- you are seeing him?

Kendall: Oh, for crying out loud!

Ryan: Well, you just said it!

Kendall: Do you hear anything in that side of meat between your ears?

Ryan: I hear everything! I'm just trying to understand what you're doing at Myrtle's, all right? Chris is a mess right now. And I don't think you should be taking advantage of him while he's down just to make your mother go into orbit.

Kendall: Do you think I sit around nights dreaming up ways to torment my mother?

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: Fine. Fine. Since I'm leaving here, you're not going to have to hear me scheme ever again, okay? Thank you so much for the bunk. It was annoying as hell.

Ryan: Well, not as annoying as you!

Kendall: Or you!

Jake: Hey, guys. How's it going?

Intern: Fine, Dr. Martin.

Second intern: Thank you for asking.

Jake: What, like I never ask? Oh, okay, I get it. It's because I'm the new Chief of Staff.

Intern: Well, things are different now, aren't they, Dr. Martin?

Jake: Well, I hope not.

Jake: Mia, hey.

Mia: Oh, my God, Jake. I just lost my first patient.

Jake: Wait, wait, you what?

Mia: Chris is gone.

Mia: Oh. Where'd you find him?

Jake: Parking lot.

Dr. Stannart: He was trying to make a getaway.

Mia: What, did you have this planned all along or something?

Chris: What, to leave this place? Yeah. Wouldn't you? Oh, I forgot -- you like it here.

Mia: Look, you want to walk again, it's going to take some physical therapy, okay? I'm so sorry, Dr. Stannart.

Dr. Stannart: It's all right. There's no need to try to escape like you're being held prisoner.

Chris: Yeah, well, I think there was. Look, I want out of here. I'll make my appointments, but I'm not staying here another day longer. I'm out.

Jake: All right, well, Chris, in time --

Chris: No, no, no, you see, Jake, I don't have time, okay? Now, if neither one of you two are going to discharge me, then go get your father and he'll do it for me.

Jake: Well, my father's retired.

Chris: He what?

Mia: Jake's Chief of Staff now.

Chris: Really? Well, then congratulations.

Jake: Thank you.

Chris: Doc, all you have to do is say the word, I've got my freedom. Otherwise, you're going to need six guys like him 24 hours a day around me or I'm going to bolt. It's up to you.

Simone: I don't know why it happened. All I know is that I got a legal piece of paper in the mail saying that someone bought the loft that I was subletting and they don't want a subtenant like the old landlord did.

Leo: But you just moved in. I don't understand this.

Simone: I know! Doesn't it suck?

Pauline: Think I saved my purse.

Leo: Oh, yeah? Did you save your

Simone: You don't even remember me, do you? You arrogant, self-absorbed --

Pauline: Leo, I can explain.

Leo: No, you canít. You're a reporter, she used to be your intern, and she just ruined your little interview, so just let it go and move on.

Pauline: My editor will pay.

Leo: Oh. As much as you would've?

Leo: You know, I -- I think I'm losing my touch. I didn't even -- I had no clue. But now that I look at her, it's all over her.

Simone: So since I saved your little behind, are you going to help me figure out what to do about this apartment thing?

Leo: Well, I don't know what to do. If the place was sold and the new owner doesn't want to rent, you got to move out, right?

Simone: Well, I know, but I like that building. I love it. This is so unfair.

Leo: Hold on.

Simone: What?

Leo: I'll tell you later. Leave your cell phone on and I'm going to call you, okay?

Simone: Okay.

Opal: Now, Erica, you know darn well that I have no love lost for Greenlee Smythe, but I cannot stand back and watch you set up a car wreck like the one you're planning for that girl and for your daughter.

Erica: It's a business decision, Opal.

Opal: It's usury!

Erica: It's what?

Opal: Well, it's using or whatever. I don't know, but it's just not right.

Erica: Well, you talk about not right, you know how destructive Kendall is.

Opal: Well, yeah, but --

Erica: And I told you I would make sure that she stays as far away from Pine Valley as possible. I told you that.

Opal: All right, can I say just one last thing and then I'll shut up? I will. All right, this is it -- you're playing with people's hearts here, with Greenlee's and Kendallís, with your own and with Biancaís, too, and unless you fess up to that, you are an even bigger liar than the one I just saw here a minute ago. You're just one big, fat old liar. Okay. That's it. For this morning.

[Intercom beeps]

Erica: Yes, Val? Yes, yes, please, put him right through. Yes. You have something to report to me? Yes? He did what? Well, where is he now? I see. Okay, yes, thank you so much.

Greenlee: Oh, cool, you're still here. I was just talking to Miriam in H.R. and she thinks we should totally play up my article in the trades to promote a kind of, you know, new edge for Enchantment -- the way Stella McCartney got Chanel all hip and now and youthful again?

Erica: Look, I have to be somewhere.

[Door closes]


Mia: It's not easy having all this be your decision, is it?

Jake: Well, I certainly made judgment calls when I was on staff here, but the number of those calls has increased tenfold since my dad retired.

Joe: Oh, son.

Jake: Hey, there he is.

Joe: I just ran into Stannart. He says you authorized Chris Stamp's release. Is that wise?

Jake: Well, no, but I don't think I had any choice.

Joe: Let me see those charts, please. What am I doing, huh?

Jake: What, what? I would love your opinion. Take them.

Joe: No, no, no, no. I have no authority over any case now. No, I don't know what's the matter with me.

Jake: Well, nothing's the matter with you, dad. You're just doing what you always did.

Joe: Oh, I am? Was I always this bossy?

Jake: Heck, yes. You know, speaking of which, I hate to bring this up to you, but you kind of dropped the ball on your discharge paperwork.

Joe: I did?

Jake: Yeah, you did, and I have the benefits people breathing down my neck and I'd just like to get this cleared up.

Joe: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- hmm. You have enough to deal with, don't you?

Jake: You know I have enough to deal with. So you think maybe you and I can go on up to my office and try to get this handled and get it out of my face?

Joe: Of course, of course. Why don't we do it right now?

Greenlee: What do you want? I'm in no mood for a scene.

Leo: Your mood, I thought, seemed pretty upbeat. You were smiling when you thought I was someone else coming to the door. Wonder why.

Greenlee: I'm having a good morning. That okay with you?

Leo: That's fine. As long as it isn't at the expense of someone else. But it is, isn't it?

Greenlee: Is there a point here anytime soon?

Leo: No, really, Greenlee, I want to know. Why the happy dance face?

Greenlee: You wouldn't care if I told you.

Leo: What, you screwing someone over?

Greenlee: Ha.

Leo: I know that always made you giddy.

Greenlee: No, actually. I got written up in one of the trades. Happy now?

Leo: So that's it?

Greenlee: All right, cut to the chase, Leo. What are you getting at already?

Leo: Look, I know what you did.

Greenlee: When?

Leo: Oh, just spill, okay, Greenlee? Stop this. I know what you did.

Greenlee: Leo, you know what -- for crying out loud. You know what -- I was having a really good morning, and then you show up here, which is really not what I want anymore, okay?

Leo: Did you buy up the loft that Simone was going to sublet? Greenlee, they're kicking her out. Or, more to the point, you are, right?

Greenlee: Look, it was a business move. Nothing more, nothing less.

Leo: I'm not mad. I'm really not. I just want to ask you a favor.

Greenlee: What kind of a favor?

Leo: Forgive me. Please.

All: Surprise!

Nurse: We got you, we got you!

Joe: Thank you, all.

Jake: Oh, yeah!

Man: Congratulations.

Joe: Well. Oh, my. I guess I didn't mess up your life after all.

Jake: Hardly, hardly. I didn't know how else I was going to get you up here. I apologize, Dad.

Joe: Thank you, everybody. Thank you. Very special to me.

Jake: Well, listen, I hate toasts, but I'm going to do one right now. You know, I am Joe Martin's son. And being Joe Martin's son is not without complications. He's exacting, he's demanding, diligent, and he can be stubborn.

Joe: Oh.

Jake: And he's also the finest Chief of Staff this hospital has and will ever know. And the good news about all of this is, is that he's going to stay here with us and he's going to work at what he does best, his first love -- as a healer, as a comfort to all those sick and injured who pass through our doors. We're so grateful and so blessed to have you still with us, Dr. Joe. And I think I can speak for everyone here in saying that we're everything we are in this medical community because of you. And I'm everything that I am because I'm your son. I want you to know, Dad, I'm so grateful every day of my life to be able to say that. So -- ahem. Told myself I wasn't going to do this. To the most dedicated doctor, to the finest man that I've ever known, Dr. Joe, my dad. I love you with all my heart. Thank you.

Kendall: Whoa. What are you doing here?

Ryan: Looking for you.

Kendall: Well, what if I -- what if I wasn't home?

Ryan: Well, then I would've found you.

Kendall: You want something from me?

Ryan: You better be good to this place. You better be good to Myrtle.

Kendall: Hey, I was a good tenant when I stayed with you. I didn't trash your room.

Ryan: I used to live here. I liked it here.

Kendall: Well, bully for you.

Ryan: I'm just saying that Myrtle is a friend and she likes it when I come by. We have pie and coffee and we hang out a little bit.

Kendall: Okay, Opie. What does that have to do with you looking at me like I'm about to spray-paint the walls with graffiti?

Ryan: This look familiar? Because you left it behind.

Kendall: Oops. Sorry.

Ryan: No, actually, you're not.

Kendall: What?

Ryan: You wanted me to find it.

Kendall: Are you serious?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm serious.

Kendall: Ryan, why are you all twisted up like a pretzel over this?

Ryan: I'm not twisted up like a pretzel. I'm just trying very hard to make sure that you don't take advantage of my friend Myrtle. Is that okay?

Kendall: Because when you were sanitizing your motel room after I left, you found something of mine, something intimate, and it just ruined your life.

Ryan: You know what -- just take it.

Kendall: Fine. Fine.

Ryan: Great!

Kendall: Good!

Ryan: Well, I guess we're through then!

Kendall: We never were a thing to be through, so how can we -- all right, fine. Fine! I left it on purpose, okay?

Ryan: You see? I knew it.

Kendall: Great. Well, you win.

Ryan: I don't want to win, Kendall. I -- I want you to tell me why you left it there on purpose.

Kendall: To bug you. Which I did, obviously.

Ryan: Well, are you happy now?

Kendall: Oh, thrilled. You?

Ryan: Yeah, ecstatic.

Chris: Just let me go! I can get to the damn door myself! See? I did it! What? Did I scare you?

Ryan: I didn't know the hospital was releasing you today.

Chris: Yeah, well, neither did they. Am -- am I interrupting something?

Ryan: No.

Kendall: No, no.

Chris: Good. Think I terrorized that ambulette driver. He's doing 60 miles an hour down the road. Does -- does Myrtle know you two are hanging out here in her living room while she's out playing bridge? Does she?

Ryan: Go ahead, tell him.

Kendall: I'm living here now.

Chris: Is that so?

Kendall: Yeah, to be near my sister.

Chris: Uh-huh. And what about you?

Ryan: I'm not living here.

Chris: Just visiting Kendall?

Kendall: He brought me a teddy.

Chris: Cute.

Ryan: Well, this is cool that you're -- that you're home, right?

Chris: Yeah, well, I'll tell you what -- one more day in that hospital and I would've been holding somebody hostage to get my walking papers -- or in this case, my rolling papers. No, that's -- that's something else.

Kendall: Yeah.

Chris: Look, I know where Myrtle hides the bourbon, so why don't --

Ryan: You know what -- so do I.

Chris: You do?

Ryan: Yeah.

Chris: How?

Ryan: Well, I used to live here. For you, for you --

Kendall: Thank you.

Ryan: For me. Now, are you going to be able to stay quiet long enough for me to make a toast?

Chris: I'll try as long as you pour.

Ryan: All right. This could be messy. All right, for you, I'm going to fill yours up.

Kendall: Hmm, thanks.

Ryan: To -- to rolling papers. No, no, wait. To Myrtle's bourbon before lunch.

Chris: All right, I'll drink to that.

Ryan: I'll drink to that.

Kendall: Me, too.

[Kendall coughs]

Ryan: Ah! Good Canadian whiskey.

Chris: Amen.

Ryan: Another?

Kendall: No, I'll wait. Welcome home, Honey.

Greenlee: You want me to forgive you? Why?

Leo: So we can stop this. Stop trying to get back at me by hurting other people.

Greenlee: Look, I'm not some vengeful creep --

Leo: No, you're not, Greenlee, I am. Look, I lied to you. I told you I was moving in with Simone, but I'm not. I never was. She found me asleep on a park bench and offered to let me crash at her place for a few days if I helped her move her stuff in, that's all. There's nothing going on between us. There's never going to be. I guess I just -- I -- I did it to hurt you. And that's just wrong. We have to stop doing that. And I don't want Simone to miss out on a great apartment because you and I can't be honest with each other. I'm not living with her. So if that's the reason you did what you did, then please, just think about letting her stay. Not for me, but for you, for -- just think about it.

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Kendall: How long do you think it'll take me to get him into bed?

David: Aren't you going to say good-bye?

Leo: Depending on what you say, my mother could end up on Death Row.

Man: Perhaps that's something you should be prepared for.

Distorted voice: You'll never be free, Vanessa. I'll see to that.

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