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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 3/13/02

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Mia: Jake.

Jake: Mia, hi. Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

Mia: Hmm. Look, I'm -- Iím on a break from B.J.'s, so you're going to have to make this fast.

Jake: Okay. Fast. I got a proposition for you.

Guard: What's the trouble?

Anna: Oh --

David: Trouble? No, there's no trouble. Is there, Vanessa?

Anna: No, we just came by to cheer up the patient -- prisoner.

David: You can go. Vanessa's going to be fine. She was just a little bit overwhelmed, that's all.

Anna: Yeah. Thanks.

Guard: Okay, Doc.

Anna: So what shall I call you? "Mommy"?

David: I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the ceremony.

Anna: Oh, it was lovely. We eloped to Elk Green.

David: Yes. We recited our own vows.

Anna: Dearest --

David: Beloved --

Anna: It was sweet. Oh, wait.

Vanessa: Oh!

Anna: Good catch.

David: I really want you to get to know Anna, Mother. We'll come and visit you every Sunday -- in prison.

Anna: What's the matter, Vanessa? David's found his soul mate. You don't seem happy about that.

David: Oh, and don't look now, Anna. Vanessa seems like she's becoming jealous.

Anna: Whatever for?

David: Probably because you're generous and kind and compassionate. You're the kind of person that I can trust and love with my whole heart. In other words, you're everything she's not.

Vanessa: Oh, you stupid fool! She will never replace me! Never!

Ryan: Liza. Hey. Liza, are you freezing? Liza?

Ryan: You all right? What's going on?

Chris: Come on, you useless hunks of flesh. Get the lead out. Oh. Ow! Damn! Whew. Ooh.

Kendall: And a gracious good afternoon to you, Mr. Stamp. Would you prefer lunch in bed or out in the lanai? Bed? Good choice.

Chris: What are you doing, Ms. Hart?

Kendall: This balanced meal is brought to you by industrial food services. Recycled nutrients. Nothing goes to waste. We have chicken a la king, the ever so popular carrot coins, and for dessert, jiggly green stuff. Now, be good and be sure to gag it all down.

Chris: What the hell are you trying to pull on me?

Kendall: X-ray eyes on the blink, Mr. Stamp? I'm here to blackmail you.

Jack: So you want me to help you get rid of Kendall.

Erica: I'm desperate, Jack.

Jack: Well, I only know of one way to get her out of your life for good.

Erica: Name it.

Jack: Murder.

Erica: Jack, this is no time to joke.

Jack: What makes you think I'm joking?

Erica: Well, what kind of a monster do you take me for?

Jack: Now, certainly you're not afraid that you'll get caught? Seems that getting out of murder raps is your best event.

Erica: Oh. Okay, stop, Jack.

Jack: No, you stop. Stop trying to control everybody and everything that comes into your life, Erica.

Erica: Excuse me. You're the one who offered Kendall a bribe to leave town.

Jack: Mea culpa. You caught me. You caught me using your tactics. Yeah, I tried to buy Kendall out of your life, but did it work? No, it did not.

Erica: And you did it for Bianca.

Jack: No. I did it for you. You never learn. But then again, neither do I.

Erica: So -- this means that you won't help me with Kendall?

Jack: You're something, you know that? You only hear what serves your purpose.

Erica: Well, obviously, I made a mistake calling on you.

Jack: Well, then maybe you should do us both a favor and take me off your speed dial.

Erica: Fine. I won't turn to you again.

Jack: Is that a promise?

Erica: I have to go to the hospital.

Jack: You have a volunteer shift? Gee, that's funny, I just can't picture you in a candy striper's uniform.

Erica: I'm going to see Chris.

Jack: Oh, even though he doesn't want you there?

Erica: He wants me.

Jack: He just doesn't know it yet.

Erica: For your information --

Jack: Here we go again.

Erica: Chris needs me.

Jack: Yes, here we go again.

Erica: Donít. Don't you dare say it, Jackson Montgomery.

Chris: Why don't you just take this slop and get away from me.

Kendall: Here's the deal, Stamp. If you don't boot me out of here, and let me stay, and if you're nice to me, maybe I'll give you an update on Ryan.

Chris: That's why you're here?

Kendall: You interested?

Chris: What makes you think I want an update on Ryan?

Kendall: Oh, please, this game you guys are playing is so old.

Chris: Yeah, well, if this is boring, you got a door right there you can walk out of.

Kendall: You need some new moves, Stamp. You act like you don't give a fig about your son, and then Ryan pretends to shrug you off.

Chris: What's it to you, anyway?

Kendall: It's a total farce. Because every time the two of you guys stomp off telling each other to go to hell, you come up with some lame excuse to get back together for another shouting match. Why waste time drawing lines in the sand when you could be getting to know each other?

Chris: This is so rich -- Kendall Hart, Pine Valley's new authority on family values?

Kendall: Look, I know my family thing sucks. I know that.

Chris: Hmm.

Kendall: But I've been with Ryan through all the crud you've dumped on him. He's taken a lot from you, Stamp. You want to know why? Because of something he said today. He said he was a lot like you. He said it out loud, right in front of me, and he wasn't embarrassed or ashamed or mad. Ryan said it like he was proud.

Adam: Yeah, Adam Chandler. I want to speak to my wife. She's not there yet? No, no, no, I don't want her voice mail. Have her call me.

Stuart: Adam?

Adam: Stuart?

Stuart: I picked Colby up and brought her home.

Adam: You did? Why?

Stuart: Well, they called from preschool and asked me to come and get her. Liza always gets her, but she didn't show up.

Adam: Oh. Well, maybe -- she'll explain it when she gets home. Have you seen this?

Stuart: Oh. Oh, that's terrible. I never would have believed that Vanessa Cortlandt was a druggist.

Adam: Drug dealer, Stuart. And what's not to believe?

Stuart: Well, she's not like those -- those bad guys on television. She -- she dresses up and she smells really nice.

Adam: Camouflage, Stuart. Vanessa Cortlandt is as dirty as they come. Her people were pushing drugs all over Pine Valley. Proteus is the reason that J.R. got involved with drugs in the first place. I can't believe Palmer Cortlandt was so stupid. He didn't even know what he was married to.

Stuart: I kind of feel sorry for him.

Adam: Your sympathy is wasted. The negative press will send shock waves through Cortlandt Electronics. Their market share will plummet. As a matter of fact, this would be a wonderful time to stage a raid.

Stuart: That's not right. You don't hit somebody when they're down.

Adam: Of course you do, Stuart. It's called the stock market.

Stuart: Who are you calling?

Adam: Hello, this is Adam Chandler again. Give me extension 6311, please. I've got the old geezer right where I want him. Who's this? No, I want to talk to Doug Mitchell, the Chief Financial Officer. He's not? Liza did what?

Ryan: Here. Here, drink this.

Liza: What is it?

Ryan: It's water. Unless you want something stronger.

Liza: No. I'm not -- I'm not thirsty.

Ryan: Hey, you okay?

Liza: Sure, why?

Ryan: Well, because you kind of freaked me out a minute ago.

Liza: I did?

Ryan: Yeah. You did. I came out of my bathroom, and you're sitting in my room like you're in some sort of, like, altered state.

Liza: Actually, I don't really even remember driving here. But I think the stress from home or work -- I'm sorry.

Ryan: Well, yeah. You know, I can relate. All the stuff that's going on in my life right now, I kind of zone out, too.

Liza: WRCW covered the shooting. I heard you were involved.

Ryan: Yeah, I was.

Liza: That you got -- well, you almost got shot.

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: Chris Stamp took the bullet for me.

Liza: You owe him your life.

Ryan: In more ways than that.

Liza: Do you feel responsible or something?

Ryan: No, not really. Actually, most of the time, I just wish the whole damn thing would go away.

Liza: The shooting?

Ryan: The shooting and everything that led up to it. Everything is connected. Did you ever notice that? That you can't always see the big picture right away. It's like a -- it's like a puzzle and -- and you don't know what it is until the last piece fits into place.

Liza: I guess I just don't know what you're talking about.

Ryan: Chris Stamp getting shot out there -- that was the last piece of the puzzle. That day, I found out he was my father.

Liza: Oh, my God. Are you sure?

Ryan: As sure as I am about anything.

Liza: I thought your father was -- was dead.

Ryan: Well, that's a whole other story. And I don't really want to get into it right now. Hey, Liza, hi. Are you okay? What did you want to talk about? What did you come here for?

Liza: I -- I --

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Right -- oh.

J.R.: Here you go. 100, even. Count it if you want.

Liza: What are you doing here? And what the hell are you trying to buy?

David: And what makes you so irreplaceable, Vanessa?

Anna: No one can do the things you do, right?

David: You've outsmarted us all.

Anna: And you'll continue to do so.

David: Okay, so what's your next move?

Anna: Well, maybe you're all played out?

David: Ah, that's too bad, huh? A bedridden has-been. Proteus in an open-back hospital gown.

Anna: Maybe the world is no longer your oyster.

Vanessa: I am --

David: You are?

Anna: Go on.

Vanessa: I am the star of this picture. There is no way you can replace me with her! I was hand-picked for this role. I'm -- besides that, the costumes have already been fitted, and the huge press party at Ciro's has always been -- oh. This is the role I was born to play. Born.

David: Anna, could you give me a moment with my mother alone, please?

Anna: Yeah, sure.

Vanessa: Listen, darling, I'm sure you'd be wonderful as a bride in any other picture but this.

David: All right, Mother. Anna's gone. It's just you and me, just the way you like it.

Vanessa: Excuse me, but I'm expecting a very important call from my press agent.

David: You're playing to an empty house, Mother. I'm not buying your Gloria Swanson routine.

Vanessa: Oh -- because I look terrible? Oh, I must look a fright, darling. Oh, hand me that mirror there. Right there, would you, please? Please, darling?

David: Why not? Here. Take a look at yourself.

Vanessa: Oh.

David: You're all washed up.

Vanessa: Oh! These bruises. Oh. Oh, oh, oh. Brilliant, don't you think? Mr. Westmore gets a bottle of champagne and my congratulations.

David: You're going away, Vanessa. Do you here me? To prison. Or maybe if you're lucky, to an asylum. Anna's with me now, and we have our whole life ahead us.

Vanessa: Listen, darling, we're not doing that scene today, are we?

David: Anna is going to help me repair all the damage I've done because of you. All the mistakes I've made, all the wrong turns I've taken because you sent me down a crooked path. Even when I was gone, you were always there, just hovering over me like a dark cloud, poisoning every one of my decisions.

Vanessa: Ooh, I do hope Mr. Wyler doesn't keep us late tonight because he's such a stickler for perfection.

David: I sabotaged all my relationships, Mother. I compromised, I gambled with my career because you taught me that rules were for losers. Well, guess what, Mother -- the spell is broken. It's a new day. With Anna, I'm going to become the man that I was intended to be, while you rot away in a prison somewhere. Or hopefully, a padded cell.

Vanessa: David?

David: Oh, come on, give me a break. What kind of act is this supposed to be?

Vanessa: Oh, God, Rosie, thanks for taking five because this son really needs talking to.

David: Oh, what a bunch of nonsense.

Vanessa: Try to straighten him out. So, David, you think I ruined your life, huh? What did I do? Poison your entire life? I made you -- blood, sweat, and with more money than God!

Liza: I knew it. I knew I couldn't trust you!

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Liza: You're using drugs again, aren't you?

J.R.: No, I'm not!

Ryan: Hold on!

Liza: Wait till your father hears about this.

Ryan: Listen --

Liza: That you're using drugs again.

Ryan: Liza, this is not what it looks like.

Liza: Well, what about you? You're selling drugs? What, are you crazy?

Ryan: Wait a minute! The money is not for a drug deal, okay?

Liza: Then what's it for?

Ryan: It -- it's payback. I lent him some money; he's paying me back.

Liza: So Adam freezes your allowance and you come to him to get money from him to support your habit?

J.R.: I don't have a habit.

Liza: Then let's go down to the police station and have Derek do a drug test.

J.R.: Okay, why don't we? We'll go together, okay?

Ryan: Listen; you got to trust me on this, okay? The money was not for a drug deal. Give the kid a break.

J.R.: Yeah, like that'll ever happen. You know, I can't even blink without her coming down on me --

Liza: You know what? You have given me no reason to trust you!

J.R.: I'm clean! Okay? I have been for months. You can ask my probation counselor.

Ryan: You guys really don't have to go to the mat on this. I can tell you, it wasn't for drugs.

Liza: You know what? Speaking of your probation officer, what's he going to think when you cut school?

J.R.: It's teacher conferences. There's no school today, okay?

Liza: School. Oh, my God. Colby -- I forgot Colby!

J.R.: She's whacked.

Jack: Do you think you know what I was going to say?

Erica: Oh, I know that it was going to be something very insulting, that's for sure.

Jack: Well, actually, I was going to say that you're about to go chasing after Stamp.

Erica: Chris is not another conquest for me, all right? He is not another trophy for my wall, he is not a -- a beast to be tamed, and he is not another notch in my bedpost. Do I read you correctly?

Jack: Yeah, that was pretty much the gist of it, yes.

Erica: Well, you're wrong. You're completely wrong because I love Chris Stamp. And he loves me. He doesn't seem to realize it at the moment, but he will.

Erica: Is there something wrong with subtle persuasion?

Jack: No, not at all. But, Erica, you're about as subtle as a fully loaded Mack truck going 80 miles an hour. You know, I tried to warn the poor slob.

Erica: Excuse me?

Jack: Chris -- he and I, we had a talk.

Erica: When was this?

Jack: During the trial, when you had him jumping through legal hoops for you.

Erica: Well, what was said?

Jack: I tried to tell him to put some walls up so he wouldn't get sucked into your game.

Erica: How dare you! You had no right to interfere in my life!

Jack: You had no right to do to that man what you did.

Erica: I have explained all that.

Jack: He came to this town -- to our town, Erica -- to try to clean up a major drug problem. But you knew that, and it didn't bother you one little bit. You didn't hesitate for a second to pull him off that job and put him on your own little private agenda.

Erica: Oh, now, you just wait a second there. Chris wanted to defend me.

Jack: Sure, he did. And you knew that and you played on that. You knew he had feelings for you, and you played on that. And when he realized what you were doing, what did he do? Did he cut and run? No, he stayed here to finish the job he came to do because it seems to me that Chris Stamp fights for the right things. God help him. He thought you were one of them.

Erica: I know everything you're saying. I know all about that. It's one reason I love Chris Stamp so much. And I'm going to show him how much.

Jack: Then try this, Erica. Try giving this man you love so much what he deserves -- some respect.

Chris: Kendall, you're -- you're quoting Ryan? And he said he was proud to be like me?

Kendall: Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I can see it.

Chris: How so?

Kendall: Look, neither one of you pulls any punches, especially when you square off. You get him going, Chris. Not just mad -- you get inside him. It's not easy to do.

Chris: And you know this because -- you've tried?

Kendall: Hell, yeah. Connecting with Ryan -- it's like trying to connect with a boxer. Everything I say he dances around. Then again, my footwork is pretty fancy, too.

Chris: You still dancing, Ms. Hart?

Kendall: Not as much. I mean, Ryan can still get all weird and shut down. He's not big on access, which makes sharing the same living space pretty interesting.

Chris: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You and Ryan are living together?

Kendall: Yep.

Chris: Ms. Hart, what is your angle and what do you want from my son?

David: What the hell is that supposed to mean, Vanessa? You made me with money?

Vanessa: Oh, David. David, David -- all those years, all those accolades and awards -- did you honestly think you -- you completed that all by yourself?

David: You're damn right I did!

Vanessa: No, darling. I made you the man you are today. What is it they say? No free lunch. I financed your success.

David: What -- what a bunch of garbage!

Vanessa: Oh, darling --

David: I never took a penny from you. I went through med school on a full scholarship!

Vanessa: Yes, a full scholarship, funded by moi.

David: You really are delusional.

Vanessa: Oh, darling, no -- you know, they always said I'd give my children anything. I spoiled them. Yes, I would do anything for my children. Well, the time came for college, so I endowed the university with a new science building, and so on, all the way through medical school, internship, and residency. Well, a little gift there, a foundation there, a new lab there -- yes, my darling. I financed and subsidized your entire career. My goodness, dear.

David: You're making this up.

Vanessa: No. Don't have to. Because of my largess, you can go around bellowing, "I'm the great Dr. David Hayward, world-renowned cardiologist." The only thing larger than your ego is mummy's pocketbook.

David: My research is my own. You can't take that away from me.

Vanessa: Oh, you mean your coveted Warnerford chair? Hold on to your hats. Mumsy's here.

David: You're a liar!

[Vanessa laughs]

Vanessa: No, darling, no. I don't have to lie. I have a career's full of canceled checks to prove it. What about the great David Hayward now? You owe me everything. How will you ever repay me?

David: I hate you.

Vanessa: Oh, darling, please. Those are words you'll regret some day. Ooh, is it -- oh, I mean, that Vanessa -- that Vanessa -- I mean, Medea to the teeth, and Medea -- but, you know, God, there's a role you could sink your teeth into. The horror. Horror -- absolute horror. Go choke --

Anna: David, what happened?

David: My whole life is one big lie.

Mia: Okay, let me get this straight. Somehow, you finagled it so that I can be a trainee in the physical therapy department. And on top of that, you got me a job at the hospital with full benefits and flexible hours so the job doesn't interfere with the training.

Jake: And you can start right away.

Mia: So why are you doing this for me?

Jake: Because I know that you hate slinging burgers at B.J.'s. Because I remember you telling me that you have an interest in working as a physical therapist. And most importantly, I think that you'd be an asset to this hospital.

Mia: You feel guilty.

Jake: Mia!

Mia: You feel guilty because I quit my job to sail away with you and then I got stuck on the mainland.

Jake: All right. Well, that's not exactly what happened.

Mia: Whatever. So how's Greenlee?

Jake: Greenlee?

Mia: Yeah, your island girl. Oh, don't tell me there's trouble in paradise?

Jake: What happened with Greenlee doesn't have anything to do with me trying to help you here.

Mia: You know, you're not connecting the dots here, but I am. I got an idea for you. Why don't you just go hang out on the railroad tracks and wait for some other damsel in distress? And then you can offer her a bright and shiny future as a physical therapist. Because, you know what? I don't need to be saved.

Jake: Mia -- Mia, wait. Wait. Hey --

Joe: Jake.

Jake: Hey, hey, hey.

Joe: Vanessa Cortlandt wants to see us. Says she has a statement to make.

Jake: All right. Well, do you know what it's about?

Joe: I hope it's a confession.

Jake: All right. Let's go.

Chris: Just answer my question. What's the deal with you and Ryan?

Kendall: We're not shacking up, if that's what you mean. It's what Erica thought. She thinks I'm after Ryan for whatever I can get, which is, A, a crock, and, B, stupid.

Chris: You don't think Ryanís a good catch?

Kendall: I think he's all that and a bag of chips. But I have made a New Year's resolution, the only one I have managed to keep. When it comes to guys, they got to have cash in the bank. And on top of that, they have to see me as their dream girl.

Chris: Hmm.

Kendall: I don't have that effect on Ryan, and he doesn't do it for me, either. So we share bed space and small talk. That's as far as it goes. So, Pop, have no worries. Ryan is safe.

Chris: "Pop." Fair enough.

Kendall: Okay? Your turn on the grill. What's the real deal with you and Erica?

Stuart: Now, just calm down, Adam. Liza can explain what happened.

Adam: Explain? Doug Mitchell has been the Financial Officer for Chandler Enterprises for the past 25 years. And Liza up and just fires him, just like that, for no reason. And she didn't tell me.

Stuart: Well, Chandler Enterprises isn't your company anymore.

Adam: Liza always keeps me apprised of anything that really matters. At least, she always has. I don't know what she's thinking of.


Liza: Hi.

Adam: Hi.

Liza: Stuart, thank you for getting Colby.

Stuart: Oh, sure. She's -- she's at our house. Marian's reading to her.

Adam: Liza, we need to have a talk.

Liza: Yes, we do, about J.R.

Adam: J.R.?

Liza: You will never believe where I found him this afternoon. Down on Front Street, flashing a wad of cash.

J.R.: You couldn't wait to get home to tell him, could you? Whatever she said, it's a lie.

Liza: Lying is what you do, J.R.

J.R.: You're a reporter. At least get your damn story straight.

Adam: Wait -- just a minute.

Liza: Excuse me?

Adam: Please, just tell me what happened, one at a time.

Liza: He had this big --

J.R.: I had went to the Pine Cone Hotel --

Liza: Wad of cash --

Adam: One at a time, please. One at a time. J.R.?

J.R.: I went to the Pine Cone hotel to pay back Ryan Lavery some money that I owed him. And Liza was there.

Adam: What were you doing in Ryan Lavery's motel room?

Kendall: Come on, Stamp. I showed you mine. Where do you stand with Erica?

Chris: On these useless pegs? I don't stand at all.

Kendall: Ha-ha. Now, spill. Have you crossed Erica off your list?

Chris: There was nothing to cross off, Kendall. What went down between us was a con. Erica just wanted to get me in that courtroom, that's all.

Kendall: Well, I got sucked in the same con, but for totally different reasons. But I got kicked just as hard.

Chris: So, Kendall?

Kendall: So, Chris?

Chris: You came down here to fill me in on Ryan? That's it?

Kendall: Yeah.

Chris: No other reason? No ulterior motive?

Kendall: Well, I do have a pile of parking tickets you could fix for me.

Chris: I don't fix tickets.

Kendall: You could lend me the cash to pay the fines.

Chris: No.

Anna: Well, you would have succeeded without the scholarships and appointments or whatever the hell it is she put on her platinum card. You're the reason for your success. Your achievements are yours alone. I mean, Vanessa didn't finance your genius, did she? She most certainly isn't responsible for any of the lives that you saved. And all in all, can she take credit for your mind, your talent and skill as a surgeon and a healer? I mean, come on, David. She didn't give you the courage to take risks and push boundaries to find cures to save lives. She didn't do that. The one gift she gave you is life. And what you've done with that is yours. It's your passion, your determination that's turned you into an incredible physician -- and man.

Anna: Well, don't doubt that. Please. Don't ever question that again.

Anna: You all right? What are you thinking?

David: I was just thinking that now you know something else about me that no one else can find out.

Anna: That's all right, isn't it?

Anna: I'm your wife, remember?

Joe: Vanessa, what is it you wish to tell us?

Vanessa: Oh, Vanessaís gone back inside.

Jake: So, Ms. Wells, what is it you want?

Vanessa: Oh, my. Did anyone ever tell you how much you look like Tyrone Power? Oh, ho! Or is it Gregory Peck?

Joe: We're waiting.

Vanessa: Oh, yes. Well, Vanessa was just here, and she was going on about all the terrible things she did to advance her son Davidís career. And you know the kicker? The kicker is I think David knew about it all along and went along for the ride. Hmm. Now, should I tell you more?

Adam: All right. J.R. and Stuart are gone. Now I'd like an answer. What were you doing sneaking off with Ryan Lavery?

Liza: I wasn't sneaking.

Adam: Well -- why were you there instead of at work? And what was so important that you forgot to pick up our daughter from school?

Liza: Ryan and I just had a few last-minute preparations for Gillianís playground.

Adam: The playground is finished. The dedication was weeks ago. What do you have left to meet about?

Liza: What is this, the Gestapo? How many more questions do you have?

Adam: I'm merely trying to get an explanation.

Liza: Well, you know what? I don't owe you an explanation.

Stuart: I just saw Liza. She looked mad.

Adam: She is mad.

Stuart: Did you ask her why she fired that money guy?

Adam: No. No, and I'm not going to, and neither are you.

Stuart: Why?

Adam: Because it would risk my marriage.

Stuart: Oh.

Kendall: So, the Laundromat loser would not give us our money back. Ryan and I, we'd been throwing quarters in these clunker machines for weeks now, and they'd either break down or eat Ryanís shorts --

Chris: Right.

Kendall: But this bozo owner would just -- you know, he kept saying "No refunds."

Chris: So? So what did you do?

Kendall: So, the next time we went to the Fluff-n-Fold --

Chris: Yeah?

Kendall: I chatted up the owner --

Chris: Uh-huh.

Kendall: And Ryan got a bag of quick-drying cement and poured it in the washer.

Chris: No way.

Kendall: Yes.


Kendall: Oh, careful, careful, careful, careful!

Chris: Don't cross Ryan!

Kendall: Yeah. I mean, he has this weird, weird sense of justice. Wait, one -- wait, wait. One time, when Erica and I, we were having this knockdown-dragout fight, Ryan pulled up a chair --

Chris: Uh-huh.

Kendall: And he got a soda and a bag of chips. And he started giving this blow-by-blow commentary.

Chris: Oh, my gosh.

Kendall: He was totally nuts!

Chris: I can imagine Ė

Erica: Ryan.

Ryan: Erica. Wait a minute, I thought you were in there.

Erica: Well, why would you think that?

Ryan: Well, because somebody's making him laugh pretty hard. I figured it was you.


Chris: Oh, my --

Chris: Oh, oh, oh. Wait, call the doctor.

David: It's so strange. Even when I left home, Vanessa was out of my life. I always felt her there. You know? I always sensed her presence. It didn't matter. The distance never mattered. It didn't mean a damn. I always just -- I always knew she was there, you know? Like this -- this weight just -- just hanging on to me.

Anna: I don't think she has the same hold on you anymore. I really -- I -- I think she's dropped her last bombshell.

David: You really think so? I wonder.

Anna: Well, she's going to jail -- or the psych ward. Whatever. Either way, she's not going to be hovering around in the background, messing with your life. And quite honestly, I think that you're going to achieve even greater things with your mother finally out of the picture.

David: It's hard to imagine. I don't know.

Anna: Why? Try. You're going to be unencumbered. Finally, you're going to be free. Both you and Leo.

David: So you really believe the worst is over?

Anna: Well -- yeah. I do.

Joe: Excuse me. Dr. Hayward, the hospital board is holding an emergency meeting in 15 minutes. I want you there.

David: Why?

[Pager beeps]

Joe: Just be there.

David: Jake? All right, what's going on? I've been dismissed already. Why do you want me at this meeting?

Jake: We're going to nail your coffin shut, Dr. Hayward.

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