AMC Transcript Monday 3/11/02


All My Children Transcript Monday 3/11/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Zeke: The only way that I can help you is if you tell me the truth.

Greenlee: You don't know?

Leo: No, I don't know.

Greenlee: You really don't know why I'm here? It's because I love you.

Earl: Dearly beloved, we are gathered together in the sight of God to join this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony.

Earl: To celebrate the joining of this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony.

Anna: Nice flowers, huh?

Earl: There are no obligations on earth sweeter --

David: Mrs. Tuttle wanted you to have something old, borrowed, and musty.

Anna: I've got something borrowed.

Earl: The state of matrimony is based on a deep, invisible union of two souls who seek to find completion in one another.

Anna: If they're lucky.

Earl: Do you understand this?

Anna: Do we answer here?

David: Yeah, yeah, we understand the whole --

Anna: Definitely.

David: Missing rib thing --

Anna: We do.

David: Completion --

Earl: Should there be anyone who has cause why this couple should not be joined in matrimony, they must speak now or forever hold their peace.

Anna: No.

David: I think we're okay.

Anna: Yeah.

Mrs. Tuttle: No, wait. I have something to say.

Anna: What? What's wrong?

Earl: Now, what is going on, honey cups?

Mrs. Tuttle: You know this wedding is wrong. All wrong.

Bianca: You can't just up and run.

Maggie: Watch me. Will you give me the phone? What are you, 3?

Bianca: Look -- our work isn't done yet, okay? Have you read this? This is all about Proteus.

Maggie: What? Wicked picture. Wow, they work fast, huh?

Bianca: You can't leave yet. There's a chance that she might get off.

Maggie: It's out of my hands.

Bianca: What? Maggie, your testimony could stop this. Look -- would you read this? Vanessa is claiming multiple personalities.

Maggie: What?

Bianca: Yeah. Well, you knew that she would try to convince the jury that she wasn't in her right mind. But you will get up on the stand and you'll tell the judge or the jury or whoever exactly what happened, all about the drugging and the kidnapping and --

Maggie: She'll always win.

Bianca: Vanessa will finally get what's coming to her. You can help put her in jail forever, and I'll be --

Maggie: I can't help you.

Bianca: What?

Maggie: I'm sorry, but I cannot testify against her.

Bianca: Can't or won't?

Zeke: Just relax, Mrs. Cortlandt.

Vanessa: Not so fast!

Zeke: Trust me, you won't feel a thing.

Vanessa: I don't remember signing any release form.

Zeke: A release form for what?

Vanessa: Sodium pentothal.

Zeke: What makes you think that I would --

Vanessa: Oh! Oh, my friend -- oh -- Natalie Wood -- we were roommates together, I mean, many, many years ago. That was way before she was married.

Zeke: What about the drug?

Vanessa: But, anyway, Natalie was so afraid that her beau was sleeping around on her, and, of course, she couldn't get him to confess. What man in Hollywood would? But, anyway, she tried to get her hands on some sodium pentothal -- the truth serum, as we used to call it back then. But, anyway, the studio doctor was so mad for her, she could --

Zeke: Now, I wouldn't need truth serum if you would tell the truth.

Vanessa: Well, I do tell what ought to be the truth. And if that's sinful, then let me be damned.

Zeke: Who are you now?

Vanessa: You psychiatrists have the lousiest memories. You know exactly who I am. I'm Rosie, Rosie Wells.

Zeke: Rosie Wells wouldn't have anything to hide. Vanessa Cortlandt would.

Vanessa: Oh, is that what you think?

Zeke: Vanessa Cortlandt would be afraid to let me inject her with truth serum.

Vanessa: Afraid of what?

Zeke: Afraid that she would reveal too much about herself. You aren't Vanessa Cortlandt and you damn sure aren't Rosie Wells.

Vanessa: Well, then, good doctor, who am I?

Zeke: Proteus. Why don't you let me speak to her?

Mateo: What's taking her cab so long?

Hayley: Oh, come on. You know how hard it is to get a taxicab in this neighborhood. It’s like an act of Congress.

Mateo: Fine. I'll get Vincent to knock off early. He can take her home.

Hayley: No, no, because then you're going to get stuck closing.

Mateo: Well, I don't want her lurking around.

Hayley: Just chill. Come on. Watch this movie. $10 says Jake decks Leo before the night's out.

Greenlee: I love you.

Leo: You sure about that, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I've never been more sure about anything in my entire life.

Jake: Really? I was under the impression that you love me.

Greenlee: Jake, what are you doing here?

Leo: Busted.

Jake: I'm just in time to hear your --

Leo: Cold busted.

Greenlee: Listen; let me explain to you --

Leo: Stone cold busted.

[Leo laughs]

Woman: You do know you are paying for my dry cleaning.

Greenlee: You do see grown people talking.

Leo: Waiter, can I get a round of drinks for me and my friends?

Jake: You know what, Greenlee? I have to tell you, you are some piece of work. You know that?

Woman: Who are you, her bodyguard?

Jake: Not anymore I'm not.

Woman: What's your problem?

Greenlee: This isn't any of your business.

Leo: Jake, what can I get you to drink? It's on me.

Greenlee: Like you need another drink.

Leo: You know --

Jake: Greenlee, Greenlee, if you wanted to sneak off with Leo --

Greenlee: I didn't sneak off. After you left, somebody called me. Whomever it was made Leo sound devastated.

Jake: Because he couldn't have you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Whoever called said Leo sounded suicidal.

Jake: Oh --

Greenlee: I do love you, Jake.

Leo: Is there an echo in the room? Because I could've swore you just told me that you love me, Greenlee.

Woman: All of you have issues. I am so out of here.

Leo: Hey, who whoa, whoa, whoa, Kerry, Kerry, call me -- hey --

Greenlee: Jake, I do love Leo.

Jake: Like a brother?

Leo: No, Jake, not like a brother.

Greenlee: I don't have a brother, so I wouldn't know. Plus I --

Jake: What? What? What? Why don't you just tell me? Just spit it out and tell us.

Leo: Is that my cue?

Jake: Shut up, Leo.

Leo: No, you shut up, Jake.

Greenlee: All right! I love both of you.

Vanessa: Protein. Protein -- my mother wanted me to eat much, much more protein. She said if I did I would learn my dance routines much quicker and maintain them. Ah, but I didn't care because I danced until my feet were just bloody because, well, pain just became my friend.

Zeke: You said that you stayed at the Hills Institute when you lived in Los Angeles.

Vanessa: I never lived in Los Angeles. Hollywood.

Zeke: Tarzana. I called there to verify your stay, and I asked them to fax copies of your case. You had a breakdown.

Vanessa: I was exhausted. Just simply exhausted. I probably didn't have enough protein.

Zeke: No, you weren't malnourished. You were psychotic.

Vanessa: Well -- Hollywood can be a very tough town on a girl. But, you know, I came right back. Right after that I was up for "An American in Paris." I mean, voulez-vous --

[Vanessa giggles]

Vanessa: What?

Zeke: My every instinct tells me that you're faking. When I was about to inject you, suddenly I was talking to a very sane woman well aware of her situation and her legal rights.

Vanessa: Well, I simply stopped you from taking advantage of me, Doctor, in giving me some strange drug.

Zeke: After you spent the bulk of your life trafficking drugs, destroying the lives of innocent children, you want me to think that you are the victim? Huh?

Vanessa: What I would like you to think, Doctor, is that I am a woman who loves her craft. I'm a thespian down to the core of my --

Zeke: Well, listen to me, Proteus -- Vanessa, Rosie, or whoever the hell is in there. I've seen firsthand the damage that you have done, and I would like nothing more than to inflict the same pain and suffering on you. I'm referring another psychiatrist to this case. There's no way I could be objective.

Vanessa: Well, you're just afraid, aren't you, Doctor? You're afraid you're going to fall in love with a starlet, aren't you?

Zeke: You know, if it was up to me, I would recommend the injection, and it would be something far more powerful than sodium pentothal.

Vanessa: And please tell the nurse I'm ready for my sponge bath! Decent massage.

Bianca: Why won't you testify? You have a chance to put Vanessa away.

Maggie: Bianca, what do I look like? Do I look rich to you? No. I'm a nobody. Courts don't listen to nobodies.

Bianca: Maggie, that has nothing to do with it.

Maggie: Yes, it does, Bianca. The rich and powerful always get off, and Vanessa is both.

Bianca: So what? Look, you have to tell the truth.

Maggie: So I came here to find out about my sister's death. Mission accomplished. Good-bye.

Bianca: So you know what happened that night. You know who shot Frankie.

Maggie: Will you forget it?

Bianca: No! Why don't you tell me?

Maggie: Why? What's the difference? What is it going to make? Frankie's dead!

Bianca: I want to know what happened that night after I left her room.

Maggie: Fine. The last time we were in Frankie's room --

Bianca: We were trying to figure out why that sonnet was missing?

Maggie: Yeah. Well, I figured it out.

Bianca: You told me that those letters didn't make any sense.

Maggie: I lied. I didn't want to hurt you. So -- it spelled out "Vanessa" and "evil."

Bianca: So, what, you -- you confronted her?

Maggie: Yeah. And basically she told me that she offered Frankie a better life, she could make something of herself.

Bianca: By conning me.

Maggie: But Frankie couldn't do it. She was going to betray Vanessa by ratting her out. So you know good old Aunt Vanessa.

Bianca: She killed her. She killed Frankie.

Maggie: Well, not exactly. Vanessa claims that she blabbed about Frankie and how she was ticking her off, so one of her hit men tried to impress her and --

Bianca: And he shot her.

Maggie: Well, whether Vanessa pulled the trigger or not, it's irrelevant because if it wasn't for her, Frankie would still be alive.

Bianca: So how can you leave now?

Maggie: Hello. Where have you been the past couple days? My psycho aunt tried to kill me, and I was a second away from freezing to death.

Bianca: Ah. So you're just going to run and hide?

Maggie: Uh -- yeah. She came back and tried to kill me off, so, yeah, I think so.

Bianca: Right. I didn't know you were such a wuss.

Maggie: Excuse me?

Bianca: You heard me -- a wuss. You bailed on Frankie when she was alive, and now you're going to bail on her now that she's dead.

Maggie: That's so not fair.

Bianca: You blamed Frankie's death on me. But, in fact, you're the one who let her down, and it looks like you're still at it.

Mrs. Tuttle: This wedding, this marriage will be cursed if --

David and Anna: If what?

Earl: Well, my wife feels that people should --

Mrs. Tuttle: Say their own vows. You have to speak from the heart or else --

David and Anna: Or else?

Earl: Or my wife feels that people are cursed if they don't --

David: Speak from their heart?

Mrs. Tuttle: So, who is going first? Well, you have to look into each other's eyes and talk about the great love you two share.

David: Oh, I -- I don't know. Lamb chop, why don't you go first?

Earl: Well, there you go, Mother. That's what you wanted.

Anna: Fine, I'll go first.

[Anna clucks]

Anna: Okay, here goes.

David: Are you going to wrestle me? Are you going to --

Anna: Dr. David Hayward -- that's his name -- this is the last place I expected to be tonight and this is the last thing I expected to be doing.

David: Oh, words of love.

Anna: I'm getting there, okay? However, oddly enough, I'm having a wonderful time because it is so unexpected and you know how I hate to be bored. And somehow this feels right. So let the adventure begin?

Earl: Is that it?

Anna: Oh, it was the best I could do. I'm sorry. It was short notice. I --

Mrs. Tuttle: Okay, sonny, your turn.

David: Um -- okay. Thank you, Anna, for -- for taking me as I am without trying to make alterations. Thank you for -- for challenging me at every turn. Thank you for teaching me how to disarm someone with two quick moves.

Anna: No, no --

David: And thank you for making the supreme sacrifice of becoming my wife.

Mrs. Tuttle: Oh, Earl, marry these two lovebirds.

Earl: Do you take Anna to be your wife?

David: I do.

[Anna laughs]

Earl: You promise to love, honor, cherish, and protect her, forsaking all others and holding only unto her forevermore?

David: Yes, I do.

Earl: And do you, Anna, take David to be your husband?

Anna: Oh, I do.

Earl: Do you --

Anna: And ditto on all the rest.

David: Ditto?

Anna: Ditto.

Earl: By the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife.

Mrs. Tuttle: Well, aren't you going to kiss her?

David: I'm getting to it.

Anna: Oh!

Mrs. Tuttle: So where are you two newlyweds honeymooning?

Anna: Well --

David: Pine valley.

Anna: Yeah.

David: That's 25, right?

Earl: I don't think you'll be going back to Pine Valley tonight.

Anna: Why? Give him a tip, give him a tip.

David: I'm getting to it, lotus blossom. Here you go.

Anna: Why?

Earl: The road's closed.

Anna: Really? It was fine coming up. Thank you so much.

Earl: Well, now it's flooded. I heard it on the radio right before you two walked in.

David: I -- I didn't hear it on the radio, did you?

Anna: No, I didn't.

David: Well, can you suggest an alternate route?

[Earl and Mrs. Tuttle laugh]

Earl: Alternate route. I love it.

Mrs. Tuttle: This is Elk Green, population 204.

Earl: Not Las Vegas.

Mrs. Tuttle: Don't worry. There's an inn next door. They have the prettiest honeymoon suite.

David: Oh, that's great. So, do you mind staying here for the night, buttercup?

Anna: Do we have a choice, turtle dove?

David: Okay, so do you -- who do I call for a reservation?

Mrs. Tuttle: No need. We're the innkeepers.

Earl: Follow us. Come on, honey.

Anna: Ooh.

Maggie: Listen -- you do not know me, and you do not know what I've been through. And don't come in here and act like you were the only one who even cared about Frankie.

Bianca: Frankie was strong and she was brave. She was --

Maggie: Oh, so she was brought here to con you because she was so brave and so strong?

Bianca: Don't badmouth Frankie to me.

Maggie: Listen -- my sister was everything I was not. Okay? She didn't want to take junk off anybody. All she wanted was to --

Bianca: All she wanted was to be loved. That was all she wanted. And she didn't care where it came from. She didn't care if it came from you or from me or from Vanessa. All she cared about was that somebody on this freaking earth cared whether she lived or died. Okay?

Maggie: Don't you understand? Going up against Vanessa is pointless.

Bianca: Your sister deserves some justice, Maggie. You owe her that.

Maggie: Bianca, listen to me. Vanessa has been avoiding prosecution since she started. Please, it's not going to work.

Bianca: Fine, fine. Leave Pine Valley. You're not the only one that can prove that Vanessa is guilty. I'll make sure that she's nailed to the wall.

Maggie: Is that what you want, justice? Or revenge?

Bianca: Both.

Zeke: So, did you get the forgiveness that you were looking for from Mateo?

Simone: Oh, no, no.

Zeke: Well, did he at least try to --

Simone: Nothing, Popi. Not a thing. Go ahead, say it -- "I told you so."

Zeke: Is that what you think?

Simone: Yeah, well, why else would you come down here? This is exactly like when Theodore was --

Zeke: That's in the past. I wasn't going to bring that up.

Simone: Oh, well, that's just it. You don't just outright bring it up, but you sure --

Zeke: I'm not going to be a pincushion because you're mad. Okay, Simone?

Simone: I'm not mad.

Zeke: I came down here -- forget it. I came down here because I wanted to be sure that you were safe.

Simone: What's going on? Why are you so worried about me?

Zeke: I was just with a patient, and she made me think about --

Simone: Wait. You're with a patient and you're worried? Oh, my God. Don't tell me your -- your patient's Vanessa Cortlandt?

Zeke: Keep your voice down.

Simone: I heard that she's like Sybil with multiple personalities --

Zeke: I can't talk about it, Simone.

Simone: Oh, come on. What is she saying, that Proteus killed all these people and, what, Vanessa was, what, sleeping? Shopping? Doing her nails? What? On --

Mateo: Vanessa's pleading insanity?

Zeke: This is a private conversation.

Mateo: She's faking. You can't let her out.

Zeke: I cannot discuss this case -- doctor-patient confidentiality.

Mateo: If you let her out on the streets, I swear on my father's grave I'll kill her.

Greenlee: I'm in love with both of you. I never meant for any of this to happen, but it's the truth.

Jake: Yeah, well, this beats all --

Greenlee: And before you go off on me, remember, I tried to choose but it never worked.

Jake: You know what? I'm going to solve your little problem for you, Greenlee. All right? I -- I hereby now withdraw from all the competition.

Leo: So I'm the winner.

[Leo laughs]

Greenlee: Leo, please, drink your coffee.

Jake: Obviously I'm only good enough for half of what you need, right?

Greenlee: I never said that.

Leo: Remember -- remember in the elevator right after Christmas when we first got back together and I asked you to your face if you were in love with Jake?

Greenlee: And I told you no.

Leo: Mm-hmm, and it was a lie, wasn't it? All you've ever needed from me, Greenlee, is to be the president of your fan club.

Greenlee: This is so out of hand.

Jake: You know what? Good luck, Leo. You can have her. She's all yours.

Leo: No, no, no, bro. She's all yours. You have her.

Jake: It's too late. She's yours.

Greenlee: Hey, I'm not going to let you toss me around like -- wait a minute. Don't you walk out on me.

Leo: You're never going to love me and only me, Greenlee. My whole life I've been settling for scraps, making myself think that I could be satisfied with whatever I was lucky enough to get. I'm tired of begging, so I'm just not going to beg anymore.

Greenlee: Wait a minute, Leo. Where are you going? Leo –

Zeke: Making public threats to kill someone is not the smartest thing you can do. Somebody might take you serious.

Mateo: You think I'm kidding? Vanessa murders people. She ruins people's lives.

Hayley: Mateo, I need at help with that thing that's broken.

Zeke: We were just about to leave. Come on, Simone.

Hayley: Mateo --

Mateo: She's going to get away with it.

Hayley: Mateo --

[Hayley gasps]

Hayley: Take it down a notch! Oh. Oh, my God. You're bleeding. You are bleeding.

Mateo: She thinks she's crazy? She hasn't seen crazy --

Hayley: What? What are you talking about?

Mateo: She -- she claims that she has multiples.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: She's going to cop an insanity plea

Hayley: Well, I -- well, it's -- Vanessa’s --

Mateo: Wait, wait, wait. Are you -- wait, wait, wait -- you're buying this?

Hayley: I'm not -- I'm just saying that anyone who parades around as Proteus the drug lord -- you know, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Mateo: Where were her multiples before she got caught?

Hayley: I don't know. All I'm saying is that it's a possibility, okay?

Mateo: All right, well, I'm -- she's not going to get away with this. I promise you that.

Hayley: Whoo-hoo. Come on back to the home planet now. Think nice, calm, serene thoughts.

Mateo: That's my big guy, huh?

Hayley: Mm-hmm.

Mateo: You, me, and Mommy on a playground in two days.

Hayley: See, isn't that much better than thinking about whatever it is mean, old Vanessa Cortlandt is doing?

Mateo: Yeah.

Man: Mateo Santos?

Mateo: Yeah, that's me.

Man: Subpoena to appear at a pretrial hearing and an order that states --

Mateo: Wait, wait, wait. You want me to testify against Vanessa Cortlandt? I'm in.

Man: You are prohibited from leaving town until you give your deposition.

Mateo: What?

Man: Don't leave town.

Anna: You know, I just think it's so sweet that Mrs. Tuttle is such a romantic after thousands and thousands of weddings, with the bouquet --

David: Yeah, yeah -- yeah, great.

Anna: And the basket --

David: But did she have to force me to lug you over the threshold?

Anna: Tell me that's not a crack about my weight.

David: Are we fighting already?

Anna: Yeah. We're married, aren't we?

David: Yeah. I can't wait for the wedding night.

Anna: I think we need to establish some ground rules. You hungry?

David: Tempt me.

Anna: First, we're not telling anyone we're married.

David: Because you want to still be considered for the chief of police position?

Anna: Right. And I don't want this marriage thingy screwing up my chances. Grapes?

David: So you're saying that you think that I'm less than an upstanding citizen in this community?

Anna: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

David: Hmm. Well, it was your idea to get married, sweet lips.

Anna: Because Jake is determined to expose your research methods, and he will do anything he can to get you convicted.

David: Hmm -- including using your testimony.

Anna: But wives can't be forced to testify against their husbands. It's so good, isn't it?

David: You put your life and your future on the line for me.

Anna: And you're wondering what's in it for me?

David: Yeah.

Anna: Firstly, you haven't been charged.

David: Yet.

Anna: Right. So I might never be called as a witness.

David: And if we keep this marriage a secret, you can still get the chief of police position.

Anna: That's what I like about you -- smart and cute. Secondly, now, and most important, if your research proves safe and marketable --

David: Which it will.

Anna: Then you, my sweet husband, stand to become a very wealthy man.

David: So I'm dealing with a gold digger here, huh?

Anna: After all I've done to protect you and your research, I think that as your wife it's just fair.

David: And you should become an enormously wealthy woman, right?

Anna: Did I say you were smart and cute?

Anna: Is marriage to a self-serving, pragmatic chief of police such a bad thing?

David: Relax. If you get something more out of this than just moonlit walks on sandy beaches, that's all right with me.

Anna: Say it -- whatever's on your mind. Speak now or forever hold your peace. Come on.

David: When Jake threatened me, you acted on instinct to protect me. That's a big deal, Anna. I'm never going to forget that.

Leo: This your DVD?

Jake: Yeah. Thanks. That's got to be yours.

Leo: Oh, yeah. Thank you. You didn't, by chance, see a blue and white robe in the --

Jake: Yeah, it was in the -- actually, in her -- her closet.

Greenlee: What are you two doing?

Leo: Well, before you got kidnapped, I was practically moved in here, so I'm just gathering a few of my things.

Greenlee: This is ridiculous.

Jake: You know what's ridiculous? Is the fact that I almost died saving your life.

Leo: Didn't you know that that's what happens in Greenlee's love fest?

Jake: I never realized it till now, Greenlee, but your life always seems so much more valuable than mine. That's the way you feel when you love someone.

Greenlee: If I haven't thanked you enough, then I'm sorry.

Jake: No, I don't want your thanks. I thought you were a woman -- the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. You're not that woman.

Leo: Greenlee is just a little girl.

Greenlee: No, Leo, please, you don't --

Jake: He's right, he's right. You're like a little girl who's never satisfied unless she has her double dip.

Greenlee: Ah! Not that again.

Jake: You don't even know the meaning of love, Greenlee.

Leo: You know what? Come to think of it, I saved you, too.

Jake and Greenlee: What?

Leo: Well, I mean, I tried to, anyway. After we got back together, we were going to save each other, right?

Greenlee: Yes, Leo, I remember so much of -- everything that you --

Leo: You don't trust me, Greenlee. You won't trust me -- even though, like my friend Jake here, I would've gladly died for you. He's right, you know. You wouldn't know real love if it slapped you right in the face.

Jake: I'm out of here.

Leo: Me, too.

Greenlee: Oh, no, you don’t. You two aren't going anywhere.

Hayley: Hi.

Bianca: Don't tell me I missed Edmund.

Hayley: Yeah, you just missed him.

Bianca: Oh, I can't believe this. I can't believe this. I just called Wildwind and asked Peggy, and she said that he was still here.

Hayley: Is there something I can help you with?

Bianca: Thanks, anyway, but I really don't think so.

Mateo: Hey -- what's that?

Bianca: Oh, it's an advanced copy I got at Enchantment.

Mateo: Does it say anything about her trying to plead insanity?

Bianca: Yeah. You heard about that?

Mateo: Yeah.

Bianca: How stupid is that?

Mateo: Don't you worry about that, all right? Don't you -- can I borrow this?

Bianca: Yeah. Keep it, in fact. It's a good article. It just needs a better ending. It needs Vanessa paying for what she did.

Hayley: Hmm.

Mrs. Tuttle: So sorry for disturbing you two, but this is for Mrs. Hayward.

David: Thank you, Mrs. Tuttle.

Mrs. Tuttle: Good night, lovebirds.

Anna: Good night.

Anna: What's that?

David: I guess it's all part of the Elk Green Inn's honeymoon experience -- a gift for the blushing bride.

Anna: You did not have time to get me a gift.

David: It's the type of husband that I aspire to be.

Anna: Are you serious?

David: What?

Anna: No, don't "what" me. You're not serious.

David: Wait -- Anna, no, this was supposed to be --

Anna: A joke?

David: Mrs. Tuttle was supposed to pick up a --

Anna: Oh, you think you're funny, don't you?

David: No.

Anna: Yes.

David: Well, actually, yeah, I do, but -- whoa! No, no, no, no --

Anna: Oh, you're ticklish.

David: Stop it.

Anna: Oh!

David: I think it'll look great on you.

Anna: You're kidding. I cannot wear this. Look. I haven't worn a nightdress since I was -- since I was -- oh, I've never worn a nightgown, actually.

David: Well, there you go. So this is a night for firsts all the way around. Actually, I think you'll do it justice.

Anna: Don't make me --

David: No, no, no, no, no. Wait a minute. No. Look, I asked Mrs. Tuttle to pick you up a negligee, okay? I -- I didn't realize that she was going to buy Edith Bunker's pajamas.

Anna: Wait there, funny man.

David: Wait -- no, no, no. You're not going to put that on, are you?

Anna: Oh, yes.

David: That's hideous.

Anna: No, it's hopeless is what it is. But this is your wedding night, and I wouldn't want to disappoint you. Be right back.

Leo: Greenlee, don't make me move you.

Greenlee: I love you. I love you both.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, we heard.

Greenlee: Yeah, but that does not give you the right to spit on me. You think I wanted it this way?

Leo: Yeah, I do. This is so you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You married Laura knowing it would break my heart.

Leo: That was never my intention, and you know it.

Greenlee: And you knew how I felt for -- about Leo from the very beginning --

Jake: Oh, Greenlee --

Greenlee: But you took a chance, just like I took a chance on you.

Jake: Yeah, but you trashed it, didn't you?

Greenlee: No, I didn't. If it weren't for you, I don't know what I would've done. There is a part of me that never forgot, that couldn't forget what you and I meant to each other before I found out about --

Leo: What? What, Katerina? I'm never going to be anything but Vanessa’s son to you, am I? I'm a con man, right? A gigolo.

Greenlee: That's not true.

Leo: Yes, it is true. But you know what? It doesn't matter because this is over.

Greenlee: No! You don't get to say it's over. Not like this. You want me to feel like some sort of two-timing slut. I haven't done anything wrong.

Jake: Greenlee, you did everything wrong.

Greenlee: The only thing I did wrong was feel too much or care too much or try too hard.

Jake: What are you talking -- you weren't even honest with either one of us!

Greenlee: You both gave me a lot, but, damn it, I gave back! And if you think I don't know how to love, then what the hell were we doing?

Leo: Greenlee, you made us both look like fools.

Greenlee: No, I love you both, and I never regret a minute of it. You want to wash your hands of me? Fine. But just know that when you walk out that door, you're giving up the best thing that ever happened to either of you. Now go and don't come back.

Hayley: Did Bianca seem a little off to you?

Mateo: She has reason to be. Look -- Vanessa Cortlandt's acting like this movie star. I mean, check this out. "Mrs. Cortlandt has no recollection of being Proteus."

Hayley: That's enough, really. Let's get out of here.

Mateo: What, we got to go?

Hayley: Yes.

Mateo: I got to close up.

Hayley: Let Vincent do it. What do you pay him for?

Mateo: Hey.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: Go start the car up. I'll be out there in a few minutes, okay?

Hayley: You have three seconds.

[Music plays]

[Phone rings]

Vanessa: There's a phone in this room --


Vanessa: Hello? Hello. Is anyone there?

Caller: [Distorted voice] Vanessa.

Vanessa: Who is this?

Caller: Congratulations.

Vanessa: Congratulations -- who is this?

Caller: You're still alive, but not for long. You'll be rewarded for what you've done very soon.

Vanessa: You --

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Roger: I need whatever you can give me right away so I can leave town. Are you going to give me the money or not?

Simone: I don't want you.

David: Morning, Mrs. Hayward.

Mateo: I'm going to make you pay. I'm here to punish you.

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