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All My Children Transcript Thursday 3/7/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: You're being everything Erica could ever possibly want in a --

Greenlee: In a daughter?

Erica: You're going to marry me.

Anna: That's so great, you finding out about your mother. And she was in love with Chris, right?

Ryan: Yeah, and he was in love with her.

David: Where is Maggie now?

Vanessa: She's in God's hands.

David: I think I know where Maggie is.

Mr. Wolfe: It's about time you got back here.

Ryan: Mr. Wolfe, how are you? Great, listen, what's going on? Whose stuff is this?

Mr. Wolfe: Cute. Listen, your girlfriend said you two were consolidating to save money.

Ryan: Excuse me, back up for a second. My what said what?

Mr. Wolfe: Don't pull this on me, Lavery. You get shot at in my parking lot; you make it with your next-door neighbor.

Ryan: I'm not making it with Kendall.

Mr. Wolfe: And she's into me for 500 and said you'd cover it. What's that look for?

Ryan: Kendall Hart is not my girlfriend!

Mr. Wolfe: She is now, and you owe me.

Greenlee: This is fabulous.

Kendall: Put a sock in it, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No, really, Kendall. You're jealous.

Kendall: Of you? Knee-high to a garden gnome?

Greenlee: Your mother won't even acknowledge you, but she treats me like her protégé and adopted daughter.

Kendall: Good luck to you if that's true. You actually think you've found the perfect mommy and protector? Really, is that what you think, in Erica Kane? You're a fool. Reality check -- she's the master, and you're the servant. And she's so good at it, she'll actually have you believing that getting the dry cleaning and polishing her pumps is the answer to your corporate hopes and dreams.

Opal: Come on, Honey, we don't need to be here for this.

Erica: No, I'm not going anywhere.

Greenlee: Is it any wonder that Erica turns to me when she has one daughter, you, who is about as charming as the floor of a cow barn, and another, Lesbianca, who keeps going for straight girls who either ditch her or get themselves killed.

Erica: Don't you ever, ever talk about my daughter Bianca like that again. Do you understand me?

Frankie's voice: Maggie. Maggie, come on. Mags, it's me. Yeah, it's me.

Maggie: Oh, God. Frankie?

Frankie's voice: Wake up, please?

Maggie: You've come to get me. I'm coming with you.

Frankie's voice: No way. You have to wake up, you understand? It's not time. Not for you. You're not dead. Don't think you're going to be, okay? Just stay awake, Mags, I mean it, stay awake.

Maggie: Sleep --

Frankie's voice: No, not yet. Not now.

David: Maggie!

Leo: Maggie!

David: Maggie, are you here?

Frankie's voice: Make some noise. They've come to get you.

David: This damn thing is jammed.

Leo: I just can't believe that she would actually do something like this, man.

David: Oh, come on, Leo, Leo, Rosie admitted to it, remember?

Leo: All right, let's just get one of these doors open.

David: I'm trying.

Leo: Maybe it's not this church. Maybe it's one of the other ones in town.

David: All right, well, we're going to have to check every church until we find her. Come on, let's go.

Maggie: I'm tired --

Frankie's voice: Maggie, no. Don't let them leave you here. Maggie!

Maggie: No. It's her. It's Vanessa. She wants to kill me.

David: Leo, did you hear that?

Leo: Yeah, it sounded like --

David: Like a girl's voice, right?

Leo: Yeah.

David: Maggie!

Leo: Maggie!

Frankie's voice: Don't let her win and get you, too, Maggie. Come on, fight for yourself. Fight for me. Call out to them now.

Maggie: Help. Help!

David: Maggie!

Maggie: Help!

David: Okay, one, two, three -- come on. It's all right, Maggie. It's okay. We're right here. It's okay. Yeah, give me the coat. We've got to get her body temperature up.

Leo: She's getting blue, man.

David: Yeah, listen, listen, get out your cell phone, okay? Call 911. We've got to try and stabilize her right here. Tell them it's hypothermia, okay? Tell them there's no time to lose. Maggie? Maggie, you're going to be okay. We're right here. We've got you, okay? We've got you.

Leo: I need an ambulance.

Hayley: Oh, well, you tell him that Mommy and Daddy will be picking him up first thing tomorrow morning.

Mateo: If he answers my mom, I'm calling "20/20."

Hayley: Did you hear that? Okay. Yeah, no, I appreciate everything you've done. I just -- you have no idea how badly I want to see him. Yeah. Okay, well, thank you for everything. He was laughing, you know, when she was kissing him on his little neck?

Mateo: Mm-hmm. He was making that little sound?

Hayley: Yeah.

Mateo: When you see him tomorrow, you can do that, you know? It's going to be nice to be all together again.

Hayley: I'm telling you, I can't -- I can't wait to see him. I mean, I feel so fortunate to have you and him, and we've missed so much precious time.

Mateo: Yeah, but you know what? When we weren't with him, he was loved, and he was safe, and he was happy.

Hayley: Yeah, but he wasn't with us.

Mateo: Well, maybe, you know, he didn't even miss us.

Hayley: How can you say that?

Mateo: Let me tell you a little story.

Hayley: Hmm. About?

Mateo: You like my stories?

Hayley: I love your stories.

Mateo: There once was this little baby boy, and his name was Lorenzo.

Hayley: A fine and noble name.

[Classical music plays]

Mateo: What do you think?

Hayley: You did all this?

Mateo: Yeah, I told you I couldn't wait for you guys to get home.

Hayley: Oh, Enzo. It's so beautiful. The flowers smell beautiful.

Mateo: It's like a garden, right?

Hayley: Yeah.

Mateo: Except with all the chicken and apple pie.

Hayley: It smells like a garden.

Mateo: Yeah. Yeah, you know, I read in this book -- you know, the baby's first few months -- it said that they can remember things this early.

Hayley: He's 36 hours old.

Mateo: No, they have memories of scents and smells. So I figured if Lorenzo came home and he smelled good food and beautiful flowers --

Hayley: You thought of everything.

Mateo: Yeah, I tried. And the music is supposed to enhance him intellectually and creatively. Yes, Lorenzo.

Hayley: Did you read that, too?

Mateo: Yes, I did read that. Yes, Lorenzo, yes.

Hayley: And is this us?

Mateo: This music?

Hayley: Mm-hmm.

Mateo: Yeah, I think it's us. I think it's us sometimes. Or maybe we could do a little bit of this.

[Light jazz plays]

Mateo: Yeah? Hey, bud. Hey, bud, look. Look. This is where you're going to live. You see that? You see that? This is where you're going to live sometimes, and wherever you are, I don't care wherever you are, your dad's going to take care of you and your mom, okay? But right now, I need to dance with your mom. You want this? No, he doesn't want it. Here you go, buddy. Here you go. Ohh. Here you go. Come on.

Hayley: This feels so right.

Mateo: Yeah. You happy?

Hayley: Oh, I'm so happy. This is -- this is paradise.

Mateo: It is, isn't it?

Hayley: Mm-hmm.

Hayley: Oh, my God.

Mateo: What?

Hayley: You are the perfect father.

Mateo: Yeah, I am.

Mateo: What was that look for?

Hayley: Your story just took a U-turn.

Mateo: What?

Hayley: That is so not the way it would have gone down.

Greenlee: Erica, I was defending you to this -- this sorry excuse for an offspring.

Erica: And you use my daughter, Bianca, to do it?

Kendall: Hello? First-born here. Not that you care, or that you'd like to admit it.

Erica: Stay out of this, Kendall. Okay, you have been good to me recently, and I certainly appreciate your contributions at the office, but you are never to say anything to anyone about my daughter ever again.

Kendall: Your daughter. The other daughter.

Erica: Why are you still here? Haven't you used enough people yet? Haven't you made your rounds yet? Haven't you taken advantage of everybody who has the ability to be taken advantage of?

Greenlee: You're right, Erica. You're so right about her. You should have seen her at Enchantment when she thought you were being convicted of Frankie's murder. Feet up on the desk, champagne from the private wine cellar -- I had to have her thrown out.

Erica: You went to my office?

Kendall: As if you could hear anything I said to defend myself. You want to believe the worst in me. Don't let me spoil your fun. And you want to believe this one over me? You have a knack for hiring and birthing the wrong girls, Mama.

Opal: Well, that was attractive.

Erica: And as for you -- if you can't value the things that I care most about, like my family and my company --

Greenlee: No, I do value them, Erica. It's just Kendall. She makes me blurt things out.

Erica: That is not a sign of maturity, Greenlee, and if you hope to work beside me, then you certainly need maturity enough not to take the bait that people like Kendall Hart throw out there.

Greenlee: After what I've been through, you need maturity, huh? You want to see mature?

Erica: I'm waiting. Seems like I could be waiting a long time.

Greenlee: Hello, I know you are all about getting Chris upright again, Erica, but have you heard what I've been through this week?

Erica: Whatever. That is no excuse to go around excoriating my daughter Bianca to anyone, especially Kendall Hart.

Greenlee: Listen, what is left of my nerves is, like, history, okay?

Erica: You were here insulting my daughter Bianca. Now, that is unacceptable under any circumstances. Given this little outburst, I am still waiting to see that mature side of you make an appearance.

Greenlee: You know something? You're impossible. There is no pleasing you ever, Erica.

Erica: I take exception to that.

Greenlee: Of course you do because nothing is ever good enough. No one ever behaves or performs the way they should. Your daughters tiptoe around you --

Erica: Oh, now, you just wait a minute.

Greenlee: And Chris Stamp won't give you the time of day because you dance around what you really want from the poor guy. Damn it, if you tell him -- love him, tell him, already.

Erica: Who do you think you are, telling me about me? My goodness, and worse yet, telling me how I feel about anyone.

Greenlee: That's right. I'm criticizing you, and God forbid anyone ever disagrees with anything you say.

Opal: Well, she does have a little bit of a point there. Look, I'm going to make my presence useful here, okay? We're all a little bit on edge, wouldn't you say? I mean, shootings, broken legs, and such, that can bring that out in anybody, and I think it might be a good time for us to just move along, okay? Come on. Come on.

Greenlee: God, what have I done? Do I go after her? Do I E-mail her? Jake. Jake. God, I hope this doesn't cut off someone's oxygen. I need you.

Ryan: Mr. Wolfe told me that you're my girlfriend now.

Kendall: I can totally explain.

Ryan: Yeah, I know you can.

Kendall: You do?

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: You're not mad?

Ryan: No.

Kendall: I moved into your room without asking.

Ryan: Yeah, I know.

Kendall: I told the manager that I was your girlfriend and that you were going to pay the rest of the bills for me.

Ryan: Yeah, I know.

Kendall: Okay, Ryan, this is seriously freaking me out. Why aren't you yelling at me?

Ryan: I don't know.

Kendall: Don't you want to?

Ryan: Not really.

Kendall: Ryan, what's wrong with you? What happened to you?

Hayley: Please, you were so not in control of those first few days with the baby.

Mateo: All right, this is my fantasy, okay?

Hayley: Oh. Well, here's how it would have been if I were in charge.

Mateo: What do you think?

Hayley: I think I just brought my child into a war zone!

Mateo: What?

Hayley: Oh, no. He needs to be changed.

Mateo: Be careful there. Careful.

Hayley: You've got diapers, right?

Mateo: What?

Hayley: What? Huh?

Mateo: The diapers? I thought you were supposed to get the diapers.

Hayley: No, you were supposed to get the diapers. How is it possible? How is it possible that you cannot remember the diapers, you cannot remember to make the bed, but you can remember to buy this 200-pound teddy bear that thinks he's taking over the room?

Mateo: It's a girl.

Hayley: What's a girl?

Mateo: The bear, it's a girl.

Hayley: The bear is a girl?

Mateo: Uh-huh. Bears -- Teddy can be a girl's name, too, you know?

Hayley: Hint -- you are seriously the most deranged husband on the face of the planet.

Mateo: But I love my wife and kid.

Hayley: I know you do. We're so lucky. Let me tell you something, though, if you don't get the smell of last night's moo shu pork out of this bedroom --

Mateo: Uh-huh?

Hayley: I'm leaving you.

Mateo: You busting my chops?

Hayley: That is so how it would have gone down, and you know it.

Mateo: Yeah, well, in both fantasies, there was a happy ending, though.

Hayley: Well, we earned the happy ending. I'm just glad you didn't bring that big old bear home.

Mateo: Why's that?

Hayley: Three's a crowd.

Maggie: Don't let her near me. Vanessa is trying to kill --

David: No, no, Vanessa is never going to hurt you again, Maggie. I promise you, okay? We've got you covered. You're going to be fine. Vanessa's in custody.

Maggie: She is?

Leo: Yeah, yeah, you're going to be okay, kid, okay? You are.

Maggie: She left me here to die.

Leo: I know, and I'm so sorry that she did this to you, but you're going to be all right.

Paramedic: We've got to get her in.

Leo: Go. Go, go, go, go.

David: Listen, Maggie, we're your family. We're going to take care of you, okay?

Maggie: Okay.

David: We're your family now.

Erica: And what did you mean by saying to me that Greenlee had a point?

Opal: Oh, I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself, but, look, I know that you show Chris you love him, I know that.

Erica: Well, I could not possibly let him know that I'm the one who got the specialist for his legs.

Opal: I understand. Okay. No, no, don't go in there right now. Just let the man have his space.

Chris: I'd like to answer that. Proteus, A.K.A. Vanessa Cortlandt, is in our custody, and we've rounded up virtually every one of her known accomplices.

Reporter: One of the tabs is screaming about Enchantment Enterprises.

Chris: How so?

Reporter: They say Erica Kane could face charges.

Chris: First of all, Erica Kane had absolutely nothing to do with this. Second of all, I'm going to tell you guys something, and I want you to get it straight the first time -- Erica Kane risked her reputation and the integrity of her company in order to help the federal government bust this drug ring wide open, and the fact that she did supports her commitment to publicly fighting drug abuse, all the more real, and all the more legit. Now, I want to tell you guys something. I swear, if any one of you take what I just said and twist it around to sound like something else, I'm personally going to come after you. Look, guys, in my book, Erica Kane is a hero, and she should be looked upon --

Reporter: Ms. Kane, do you care to comment?

Erica: No. I think Mr. Stamp gave you all you need.

Reporter: Is it true that the two of you were involved?

Chris: All right, that's it, guys. Out of here. No more questions, please.

Opal: Yeah, come on. Let me help you with this, Chris. Come on, fellows. Let's not be messing with the G-man, okay? We'll get out of here while the getting is good.

Erica: Are you all right?

Chris: Fine, thank you.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you for what you just did for me with those reporters.

Chris: I just told the truth.

Erica: You defended my honor.

Chris: No. No, that's not what I did at all, Erica.

Kendall: Why are you acting like this? Okay, you are seriously freaking me out, Ryan. Look, I'm sorry I dumped the whole girlfriend thing on you. I know you're not swimming in money.

Ryan: He loved her.

Kendall: Who loved her?

Ryan: Stamp. He loved my mom, and he tried to help her.

Kendall: Whoa. He told you that?

Ryan: He told me about their "blue-sky days." I mean, he didn't know what they were, but I sure as hell do. I can't believe -- I can't believe what I didn't know about her.

Kendall: What were "blue-sky days"?

Ryan: I can't believe I'm saying this out loud, let alone to you. But I -- I thought I knew who Stamp was, you know, I mean, as a person. Not my father, but -- every time I think I've got him figured out, I'm -- I'm wrong.

Kendall: Yeah, I know what that's like. Well, you know what? Maybe this is not such a good idea. I should probably figure out something else and go.

Ryan: No. No, you can stay. Stay with me.

[Hayley laughs]

Mateo: What's so funny?

Hayley: I'm sorry.

Mateo: What?

Hayley: I didn't mean to laugh, you know -- I mean, I was just thinking about how here we are in our bedroom, alone, together. No worries. We're making out, and we don't have to worry about somebody being out to get us, or somebody out to kill us, or somebody out to kidnap us anymore. You know, we're going to pick up our son tomorrow. I'm just -- I'm beside myself that we don't have to run around like maniacs anymore. We can have this conversation about our fantasies without worrying about who's listening to us.

Mateo: Are you happy?

Hayley: I'm think I'm delirious.

Mateo: Good. Let's take advantage of it.


Leo: Greenlee, if she would've hurt you, I don't know what I would've done.

Greenlee: What's happening?

Leo: Vanessa is very sick.

Leo: She left Maggie in the freezing cold in the attic of a church, tied up.

Greenlee: Is she going to be okay?

Leo: I don't know. I guess so. I mean, just seeing her like that, you know. I mean, David said she had hypothermia.

Greenlee: Oh, God.

Leo: It's just -- it's almost so much more real. It's not this crazy threat anymore. She would've killed you and Maggie. I mean, my whole life, she's been this horrible, destructive force, and I just went along with it for the ride. And because of that, one of my cousins is dead and the other one is almost dead. And you came this close to dying. You know, if I just wouldn't have been so blind. If I just would've kept my eyes open, Frankie might still be alive and Maggie wouldn't have gone through what she just did. And maybe I wouldn't have lost you forever.

Nurse: She's all set, Doctor.

David: Thanks, Anne. I'll call you back in here to sit with her when I leave, okay? I'm the family and medical contact for this patient. It's a lot nicer in here, don't you think?

Maggie: Can't tell you how happy I am to be in a hospital. You know, David, if you and Leo hadn't gotten there, I don't know what --

David: Well, we did, Maggie. You have nothing to think about or worry about anymore.

Maggie: Okay. I think I've got a cold, too. Can't tell you how happy I am to have one of those.

David: You were very brave, Maggie.

Maggie: I was scared out of my mind.

David: Of course you were.

Maggie: I mean, before you got there, I thought Frankie was talking to me.

David: She probably was.

Maggie: You don't strike me as the type.

David: Oh, really? And what type is that?

Maggie: To believe in, I don't know, the things that are not normal.

David: Well, can you believe this? I'm your family and I'm going to take care of you.

Maggie: Yeah.

David: Good. Because that's all the thanks I need. So we're square, right?

Maggie: You may be. I'm too young. Thank you.

David: You're welcome.

Erica: Chris, those reporters are going to quote you. I was just trying to thank you for what you did for me.

Chris: All it was, darling -- it was just my sense of fair play, that's all.

Erica: I see. So this is just business? This is just a nice fed agent trying to make my company look good?

Chris: Yeah, well, would you rather I let the tabloid press sink your stock value?

Erica: I'd rather we speak plainly to one another.

Chris: This is as plain as I get.

Erica: Fine. Then it was just business.

Chris: Yep.

Erica: Terrific.

Chris: Great.

Erica: I didn't think it was your way of taking me back, if that's what you're thinking. I know it wasn't.

Chris: Good.

Erica: Good.

Chris: Good, because it wasn’t. We're not even in the same universe. So now we -- we don't have to deal with each other at all, do we?

Erica: Then this is good-bye.

Chris: Good-bye, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Good-bye, Mr. Stamp.

Chris: I -- I would normally show you to the door, but I can't exactly jump to my feet, can I?

Ryan: These last couple of days, you really stood by me. You know, my family's gone and my friends, they -- they have their own stuff going on. And you've really been there for me, and that -- that has not gone unnoticed.

Kendall: Well, you got shot at. And then there was this thing with your real father. Wouldn't have made me the nicest girl in Pine Valley if I had said sayonara right then, would it?

Ryan: I'm sorry, have you ever been mistaken for the nicest girl in Pine Valley? You can stay, all right, for a few days. That's fine.

Kendall: Thank you.

Ryan: But I cannot cover all your bills. You've got to get a job.

Kendall: I will, I will. I don't like to freeload, contrary to popular opinion.

Ryan: Okay.

Kendall: Okay.

Ryan: All right. Well, you know, this -- this is my palace.

Kendall: Yes, I've seen it before.

Ryan: Yeah, but you've never lived in it before.

Kendall: No, that would be new.

Ryan: I guess we can just sort of share or split the dresser space.

Kendall: Cool.

Ryan: And I don't take much time in the shower or, you know -- very low maintenance.

Kendall: I won't be in your way.

Ryan: All right.

Kendall: So here we are.

Ryan: Yep. Here we are.

Hayley: You know what?

Mateo: Hmm?

Hayley: I finally feel safe again.

Mateo: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Hayley: I feel like the earth has finally steadied underneath our feet, you know? Tell me it's real.

Mateo: It's real.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Hayley: The telephone can ring without it being life-threatening again.

Mateo: That's true.

Hayley: So why don't you answer it before I have a nervous breakdown?

Mateo: Hello?

Woman: Mateo, it's Sally from the club.

Mateo: Hi, Sally from the club. What's going on down there?

Sally: I am so sorry to bother you with this. The cappuccino is going to blow.

Mateo: Again? Am I the only guy that can fix that thing? Thanks a lot.

Sally: I'm sorry.

Mateo: No, I'm serious. If a broken cappuccino machine is the worst thing that's going to happen today, thank you.

Sally: I know you wanted the night off, but you mind coming in?

Mateo: I'm there, and I'm going to bring my wife. Sally, you made my night. What?

Hayley: Sally made your night. Sally and a broken cappuccino maker made your night. I make love to you like a goddess, and Sally makes your night?

Mateo: Come on. Come with me. We'll be ordinary people.

Hayley: Sounds fantastic. Should we get dressed or go nude and give them something to talk about?

Sally: Edmund Grey, please. Sally from SOS Edmund, it's me. Mateo bought it. He's on his way down here right now. No, I think it's great. I think he totally needs a surprise. Well, we're set up for as many people as we can get down here, yeah. I didn't even have to ask. He said he was bringing his wife. Hayley and Mateo will be so psyched.

Donald: Hello.

Sally: Hi.

Donald: I couldn't help but overhear. Did you just say that Hayley and Mateo Santos are going to be given a surprise party here tonight?

Sally: Yeah. Do you know them?

Donald: I'd like to get to know them better. How'd you like to make some easy money?

Opal: Well, how did it go in there after I left?

Erica: Men.

Opal: That bad, huh?

Erica: Oh. Really, is there anyone dumber than a man who refuses to talk about how he really feels? Anyone?

Opal: I don't know. What'd he do?

Erica: Chris completely denied that any of those gorgeous things that he said about me to those reporters meant anything at all, had anything to do with caring about me.

Opal: That doesn't surprise me.

Erica: Opal, he practically proposed to me through them.

Opal: Uh, Honey, I think you got to get your hearing checked. I mean, he was not making any sweeping romantic gestures. He was just setting the record straight, you know? I know, I was here. I heard it.

Erica: Well, then you obviously didn't hear what I heard.

Opal: Obviously. That's what worries me.

Erica: This is just such a waste of time. I mean, I should be in there. I should be helping Chris to get better faster. Why is he so dense?

Opal: Well, maybe because he's proud, he's hurt, and he's a man. That's a triple threat.

Erica: Well, I am hopping mad, Opal.

Opal: Well, then let's just go and get something to eat. It'll make us both feel better.

Erica: You always make me feel better, Opal.

Opal: Well, good. Because you are not easy to amuse. Let's go. All right, to hell with that guy.

Kendall: There, it all fits.

Ryan: Barely.

Kendall: Well, this is only temporary. We'll survive. We have everything we need. We have TV, bathroom. A very generously sized bed. How are we -- what do you want to do about -- well, how do you -- you want to help me out here?

Ryan: No, you tell me.

Kendall: Tell you what?

Ryan: Tell me what you want.

Greenlee: Leo, I'm not going to let you blame yourself for what Vanessa did. Even if you knew, which you didn't, how could you have stopped her? I mean, she wasn't fooling around. She was dead serious, and she was really good at it. I don't blame you. Neither does anyone else. So stop blaming yourself, okay? Okay?

Jake: I can take you home now.

Leo: Go.

Greenlee: Leo --

Leo: No, I said go. Go.

Maggie: David -- wait -- Frankie?

Vanessa: Guess again.

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Hayley: Yeah, you think?

Greenlee: Get out of my face. This is between me and Leo.

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Vanessa: What's wrong, dear? You're not afraid of me, are you?

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