AMC Transcript Friday 3/1/02


All My Children Transcript Friday 3/1/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Anna: Perhaps Maggie was here against her will.

David: Would Vanessa go after her own niece?

Vanessa: Now, David, darling, you have all of Proteus' files.

Chris: Hayward is Proteus. You impound the computers.

Jake: We have to let these people know what Vanessa tried to do to us.

Greenlee: This happened to all three of us, all three of us are going to do this together. Leo?

Hayley: I'd like to know what it is that can't wait and why we have to meet here.

Chris: All I want to do is leave a message for them. The minute you -- never mind, they just walked in. Took your sweet time getting here.

Hayley: Well, I'm sorry. Five minutes out of surgery and you've already set up command central.

Mateo: Yeah, we couldn't do this on the phone?

Chris: Not for this. I promised you'd be there for the end of the Proteus case, didn't I?

Hayley: It's over?

Mateo: You got Proteus?

Chris: No, but we're working on it. Police are collecting evidence right now as we speak. If everything goes according to plan, we're going to nail him by tonight.

Mateo: "Him"? We think Proteus is a him?

Hayley: What about Vanessa?

Chris: Hey, look, she may be in on it, but we're going after her son, David.

Mateo: Get out of here.

Hayley: David Hayward is Proteus?

Mateo: Stamp, he saved your life.

Chris: No, no, no, he didn't save my life, Mateo. He crippled me, okay?

Anna: It's so cold in here, David. I have to turn the heat up. "Sure, go right ahead, Anna." Oh, thank you, I will.

Anna: You going to go through every file on that damn thing? Paranoia is not becoming, you know.

David: Somebody broke into this cabin.

Anna: No, they didn't. The alarm went off. I expect it froze -- or maybe a rat bit the wires or something.

David: Or somebody broke in.

Anna: They didn't. We looked. Nothing's been tampered with, David.

David: All right. Everything's there, everything's complete.

Anna: Okay.

David: Maybe you're right. Maybe it was just a squirrel or --

Anna: Good. Let's go.

David: Wait a minute.

Anna: Oh, David, please, I have to get back.

David: No, no, no, that -- that's not my file. What the hell is that? I've never seen that before. It's a list of money transfers from the Cayman Islands?

Anna: Scroll down, David. Wait a minute. Move. Where did this come from?

David: How the hell would I know?

Anna: I recognize these code names.

David: You recognize them? All right, well, then what is it? Tell me.

Anna: This is accounting for funds sent to Proteus.

David: What?

Anna: Right here. See? These all the deliveries to SOS, the time, the date. These files belong to Proteus. These financial records would match the disc that Mateo made. You understand me? It's the other half of the puzzle, David. It's what the Feds need to put Proteus away for good, and it's on your computer. Thank you.

David: Anna, I swear on my life, I've never seen this file before. Somebody is setting me up! I'm not Proteus!

[Pounding on door]

Derek: Police! Open up, Hayward!

David: Did you call the police on me?


Jake: Greenlee. You can't do this. I won't let you.

Greenlee: No, don't try and stop me. Leo's in trouble. Give me that!

Jake: Will you just stop and think? Vanessa tried to kill us. We need to go back in there and tell the police what she did.

Greenlee: I will, right after I find Leo.

Jake: Greenlee, we have to press charges and you know that.

Greenlee: No, I know that Leo is trying to find Vanessa. If he's helping her and the police show up, he's going to be arrested.

Jake: If he's helping her try to escape, he should be arrested.

Greenlee: Well, I'm not going to be the reason Leo's tossed in jail.

Jake: If he is tossed in jail, it is his choice.

Greenlee: Jake, this isn't about me choosing Leo over you. I have to help him, and I'm not going to let you get in my way. You got that?

Vanessa: Leo, darling, what do you mean I have to get out of the country? What --

Leo: I don't have time to explain. I just need to see you now.

Vanessa: Well, of course, Darling. Well, meet me at the airport, and you bring the tickets to Spain.

Leo: No, the airport's no good. That's the first place they're going to be looking for you.

Vanessa: What do you mean look for me, Darling? I mean, who, what --

Leo: Go to the boathouse by the lake. It's so cold tonight, nobody's even going to be out here.

Vanessa: Of course, Darling, of course. But one thing, Leo -- you are still coming with me, aren't you?

Leo: Yes, Mother. There's nothing left for me here.

Vanessa: Leo, darling, this is all very upsetting to me. I wish you could tell me more, but, well, at least it's a comfort to know my darling boy is taking care of me again.

Leo: Look, just come to the boathouse now!

Vanessa: Oh, shh! I really am too soft for my own good. Okay. Leo's trying to warn me, trying to be protective. Warn me from what?

Maggie: Vanessa, the cops are after you.

Vanessa: Oh, those buffoons? Please.

Maggie: Please just let me go. If you let me go now, you can still yourself in and you can still get a chance.

Vanessa: Shh! Are you always this annoying? I should never have taken the tape off your mouth.

Maggie: Listen, you said that Leo was trying to save your butt. Why would he do something like that?

Vanessa: Oh, bless him, he's simply being overprotective.

Maggie: He doesn't seem like the overprotective type to me.

Vanessa: Well, that happens to be because he doesn't have any idea I've already lined someone to take the fall for me.

Maggie: Go ahead.

Vanessa: David -- David is behind this, I know it.

Maggie: Why are you blaming David?

Vanessa: Because he has been undermining Leo's confidence in me and spreading nasty, vicious rumors.

Maggie: Finally someone with some sense.

Vanessa: You know what, you know what -- it'll actually do David some good to take the blame for something I did.

Maggie: Amazing. You realize you're setting up your own son to take the fall for you? What kind of mother does something like that?

Vanessa: I can't leave Leo waiting in the cold, not this cold.

Maggie: They're going to figure it out, Vanessa.

Vanessa: What? You think those idiots in this town can even have the imagination to think I could run such a complex, international organization as vast as mine?

Maggie: You actually think that that ditzy act is going to work for you now?

Vanessa: I beg your pardon? You think it's easy playing a ditz, huh? You have any idea the artistry involved in that, the subtle, delicate balances you have to make, never using clichés? You know something? Meryl Streep and Sally Field may have Oscars, but they can't hold a candle to me. Well, you may applaud now. Sorry, you can't, can you? Okay, well, Mary Margaret, I guess this is adios.

Maggie: Wait, wait, you're going to take me with you, right?

Vanessa: My Lord. Oh, you know what? I never thought I'd say this, but I somehow think Proteus is actually going to miss little old Pine Valley.

Maggie: Vanessa, untie me. It will make it easier for you if I can walk.

Vanessa: Actually, it's been kind of fun toying with their little lives.

Maggie: Come on, aren't you going to untie them?

Vanessa: You know what -- they'll still have a Proteus to kick around, so I won't actually be leaving, you know, and poor David, the darling, thought he could take me on.

Maggie: Vanessa, you can't leave me here, please.

Vanessa: But I'm afraid I have to, darling. Listen, I was going to use you as a hostage. You have that perfect little waif face and everything. But I don't think I'll need to do that now since my darling boy is taking care of me again.

Maggie: Vanessa, I will freeze to death.

Vanessa: Oh, come on. Oh, someone will wander by before that happens.

Maggie: Well, you had said you don't kill family.

Vanessa: Oh, whine, whine, whine! I stoked the fire, dear. Look, I've given you this to keep you warm, for Pete's sakes. I've done the best I can for you. This is adios now.

Maggie: Please, don't leave me. What if someone doesn't come?

Vanessa: Do this -- "mmm." You are so stubborn, darling. And as far as the what-ifs go, what if -- if I'd listened to the what-ifs stop me, I wouldn't be where I am today now, would I? Uh-uh, uh-uh. Okay, well, if you survive, you give my best to Pine Valley, all right?

Derek: Open up, Hayward! We have a warrant!

[Pounding on door]

David: Yeah, yeah, one minute, one minute! You did this, didn't you?

Anna: Of course I didn't. Delete the files, David.

Derek: Open the door now!


Anna: Come on, come on.

David: I can't delete them.

Anna: Yes, you can.

David: There's some kind of a safeguard on them.

Anna: Override it, come on.

David: Come on, come on!


Derek: If you don't open up in five seconds, we're coming through!

David: One minute, one minute!

Anna: Water. Get the water. We'll short the console. Quick. Come on, I'll keep going.

Derek: Stop him! Don't let him near that computer! And don't let her near it, either.

Greenlee: You want to tell the police what happened, go ahead.

Jake: We're both going to tell the police what happened because it's the right thing to do, and you know it.

Greenlee: Fine, go be right, Jake. I'm not stopping you. Just get out of my car so I can go find Leo. What are you doing?

Jake: I'm coming with you. If Leo's with Vanessa, there's no way I'm letting you anywhere near that nut case by yourself.

Greenlee: Thank you, Jake.

Jake: So look -- we're going to try to find Leo. But if we can't find him, we're going to come straight back here and we're going to press charges because I'm not going to be responsible for Vanessa hurting someone else. Is that a deal?

Greenlee: Deal. Yeah. What the --

Bianca: Greenlee.

Jake: Bianca, listen --

Bianca: Oh, thank God. I'm so glad you're all right.

Greenlee: Well, thanks for caring. Now get lost.

Bianca: No, no, no, I have to find Leo right now.

Greenlee: Listen, Leo has a lot more to worry about than your latest spat with Mommy, okay? Now please get out of my car.

Bianca: Greenlee, no, no, listen to me, Leo's life is in danger.

Vanessa: Here I am, Leo. Now -- what's going -- who are we hiding from, darling, and what are we hiding from? Because if David's been accusing me again -- what's going on?

Leo: You didn't tell anybody that you were coming here, did you?

Vanessa: No! I don't trust anyone. Except you. So here I am, bags all packed, ready to hit the road again, just like old times. Remember?

Leo: Oh, yeah, I remember.

Vanessa: Good. Stealing out of those little towns, nothing but the clothes on our back, remember? Maybe an added piece of jewelry here and there, waving bye-bye to our scam from first-class seats? You know, Darling, I think my favorite part of the whole thing was always the leaving.

Leo: Are you ready to leave here?

Vanessa: You don't even have to ask. I'm so ready. I'm just glad you realized you're finally ready to go, too.

Leo: Yeah, yeah. I've realized a lot of things.

Vanessa: Ah. Like, for instance, Pine Valley isn't nearly worthy enough of you, darling. You were born to be in the grand cities -- the Parises, the Romes -- not some backwater, suburban little town. And you know what, Darling -- after -- after you get rid of all the memories of that little tramp Greenlee, you'll be better off, Sweetheart. I know you don't believe me, Darling --

Leo: You asked before why we were sneaking out of here so fast, why we were hiding. Would you like to know the real reason?

Vanessa: Tell me.

Leo: I wanted to pull one last con before we left.

Vanessa: Well, my darling boy, you're back. Oh, and I was afraid this boredom capital of the world maybe had dulled your edge.

Leo: No, no, no, I'm still the same old Leo.

Vanessa: Really? Well, then tell me, Darling. Must have really pulled a good one this time, huh, given how the townspeople all trust you so. Who did you scam this time?

Leo: That would be you, Mother. This time you're the mark.

David: I don't know how you got a warrant to come in here. It's not like I've done anything wrong.

Anna: Derek, you're going after an innocent man.

Derek: He was trying to destroy the files on this computer. Did he make it?

Officer: Looks like they're all intact.

Anna: You shouldn't be going through his files. They're confidential. He's a doctor.

Derek: Well, it wouldn't be the first time a doctor was involved in drug dealing.

David: Oh, come on! What, this is about the Proteus investigation?

Anna: It can't be.

Derek: Oh, you're shocked, you're stunned, I know.

Anna: He's not a suspect. He can't be. You should call Chris Stamp.

Derek: Well, who do you think ordered the search?

Anna: Oh, he couldn't have. David just saved his life.

Officer: Lieutenant.

Derek: You been doing business in the Cayman Islands lately, Doc?

David: That file is not mine.

Derek: Oh, what, they were part of a package on an Internet upgrade?

David: I'm telling you that somebody planted them on my computer!

Anna: Don't try to explain, David.

Derek: Yeah, Proteus. This is really something you'll want to take up with the judge. But in the meantime, Dr. David Hayward, you're under arrest for trafficking in narcotics. Cuff him.

Officer: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney but want one to be present, one will be supplied for you free of charge prior to questioning.

Hayley: You're paralyzed? Are you sure?

Chris: I may never walk again, Hayley, and Hayward's responsible for it.

Mateo: What do you mean?

Chris: Look, he set it up so he'd do the surgery. And I don't know how he did it, but he made sure that there was a fragment of the bullet left inside of me, just close enough to my spine so I could spend the rest of my life in a fricking wheelchair.

Mateo: Listen, Stamp, listen, I don't put anything past Hayward, all right, but for him to orchestrate something like this, I mean, in front of a whole room, you know --

Chris: Look, he did this to me. And it fits Proteus' MO perfectly. In his book, the only thing better than killing his enemy is leaving them alive and making them suffer.

Hayley: But the syringe was found with traces of the heart attack drug and it had Vanessa's fingerprints all over it.

Chris: Look, look, I'm not counting Vanessa out, and she may even be a killer.

Hayley: It sounds like Vanessa is guilty to me. I don't see what any of this has to do with Hayward.

Chris: When Devane found the syringe, Hayward was with her. You're telling me that he couldn't have planted it?

Mateo: So Vanessa kills for him and then he sets his own mother up with a syringe?

Chris: Sounds like Proteus to me.

Hayley: Anna seems convinced that Vanessa is Proteus.

Chris: Yeah, well, Anna is not thinking too straight when it comes to Hayward, all right? What? You two think that this happening to me was all a coincidence?

Mateo: I -- I don't know about that.

Chris: Yeah, well, I do. I get shot and Hayward appears out of nowhere to save me and I end up under his knife and, the next thing I know, Dr. Martin is telling me that walking is no longer an option for me? That's no accident.

Hayley: You may not be in the best place right now to be objective.

Mateo: Yeah, you're a little too close to it; you know what I'm saying?

Chris: Don't make me laugh. You're questioning my judgment, the duo who trusted Simone?

Mateo: It's not the same thing, come on.

Chris: Look; she's the one who got me shot, okay? So excuse me if I don't have a hell of a lot of patience with your judgment.

Hayley: All we're trying to say is that --

[Phone rings]

Chris: Stamp. You got it? Oh, that's great. Look, you just do everything the way I told you to do it. I want you to follow the book on this, okay? Lieutenant, I am not telling you how to do your job, but this is my bust. I -- just give me a second. Lieutenant, you've done a great job. Thank you very much. Just keep me posted, okay? That was Frye. There was a raid at a secret cabin Hayward has. Frye's men caught him trying to delete the files on his computer.

Mateo: The same files I gave you about Proteus?

Chris: We're going to find out. They're taking Hayward and the computer down to the police station right now. Ain't this something -- Proteus is finally going down and I'm stuck in this lousy bed. Anyway, you two got clearance. You're lucky. You can go down there and watch it all happen.

Mateo: Thank you.

Hayley: I think it may be the other way around. I think that Hayward is helping his mother.

Mateo: I really don't care if David Hayward is Proteus or it's somebody else.

Hayley: All I'm saying is I'm not willing to count out Vanessa. That's all I'm saying.

Bianca: So Anna and David and I figured it out and we thought that Vanessa had used that heart drug on somebody else. We thought it might have been you or Maggie or Leo.

Greenlee: Leo was with us up until half an hour ago and he was fine. Are you sure about this?

Bianca: Yes, I'm sure about this. That's why I'm here. I'm supposed to give this statement to the police.

Greenlee: So the cops are on to Vanessa?

Jake: Well, that's not a bad thing, Greenlee.

Bianca: Look, Vanessa is probably the one who killed Frankie, all right, and now that we've found Maggie's earring at your place, it looks like Maggie's next.

Greenlee: Oh, my God, if she's sick enough to turn on her own family, would she kill Leo?

Maggie: Help me! Help! Somebody! Somebody, help! Help! Please.

Vanessa: You're going to con me? Oh, Darling, you're joking. I always forget how much you love teasing me.

Leo: Do I look like I'm teasing?

Vanessa: Whatever. Whatever, Darling. I mean, really, I just want to get out of here. Let's go.

Leo: You don't get it, do you? I'm not going anywhere with you.

Vanessa: Now, Leo, Leo --

Leo: Damn it, Mother, you tried to kill Greenlee.

Vanessa: What? I have no clue -- what? I mean, have you heard from her recently?

Leo: Very recently. I've seen her. Yeah, yeah. She's alive, Mother.

Vanessa: Of course she is, Darling.

Leo: She survived the drugs that you gave her and the wrecked boat that you put her in.

Vanessa: Oh, now, come on, come on. Who knows what lies she's been telling you, Darling. You know you can't trust a word out of her mouth.

Leo: I've seen Jake, too. They're both alive and they're both well enough to be siccing the police on you as we speak. How could you do this? How could you try to kill the woman that I love?

Vanessa: Oh, come on, Darling, this can't be you talking to me. I mean, you can't accuse me --

Leo: You shut up. You shut up. I want you to admit it. I want to hear you admit what you did.

Vanessa: Well, I'm not going to buy into this crazed, crazed delusions --

Leo: For once in your life, Mother, you're going to tell me the truth and you're going to stop lying. Or I will tie you to that boat out there and watch you sink to the bottom of the lake, just like you did to Greenlee.

Anna: Derek, you have the wrong man. Can you not see the fact that I gave you the disc you're using to incriminate him? Why would I do that if he was Proteus? What are you doing? What are you doing? He's not giving you any trouble.

Derek: Look, you're the one I don't trust. And if you don't keep quiet, I'm going to have you arrested for aiding and abetting.

Anna: I'd like to see you try. No, Derek, I really would.

David: Anna, Anna --

Anna: Well, he thinks he can push me around.

David: No, he thinks that he can arrest you, and he can, so be quiet. I don't want you in jail with me.

Anna: You know who set you up. It's your mother.

David: Anna, Anna, stop.

Anna: She's the one they should be questioning.

David: Just keep quiet, okay? Don't say another word until my lawyer gets here.

Mateo: Lt. Frye? Hey, Derek.

Anna: Oh, thank God. Would you tell Frye, please, that this man is not Proteus?

Mateo: I don't think so. You see, I'm the one who set the trap with the computer and, from what I hear, he fell right into it.

Anna: Has everyone gone crazy? Can nobody seem to grasp the fact that David's been framed?

David: Mr. and Mrs. Santos are not my friends, Anna. They're not about to help me.

Hayley: Oh, help you, after what you've done to this town, drugging a boatload of people? I know I'll never forget that.

Anna: That's ancient history, isn't it?

Hayley: Well, some things just stay with you. So strange the way pharmaceuticals keep following you around. It's not so hard to believe that you'd be caught up in a drug ring.

Mateo: I'm going to go with that cop over there and we're going to check out your computer. If I find out that you're involved, I don't care how little, I'm going to make prison seem like heaven compared to what I'm going to do to you.

Vanessa: All right, all right, I'm guilty! If you choose to look at it that narrowly.

Leo: So you're admitting what you did?

Vanessa: Yes, I drugged Jake and Greenlee and I sent them off on a boat. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that they came back. Are you satisfied?

Leo: What about Larry and Paolo?

Vanessa: Well, Paolo wasn't exactly an accident and Larry didn't die of natural causes. And I've probably done a lot of other things wrong, if you want total honesty.

Leo: So you murdered Larry and Paolo?

Vanessa: Oh, come on, Darling, murdered? Wrong choice of words there, because who did I kill? Worthless riffraff.

Leo: You killed people, Mother -- living, breathing people.

Vanessa: No, because the world will be far better off without the Larry’s and the Paolo’s. I mean, what are they ever going to do for world peace or finding a cure for cancer? And as for Greenlee --

Leo: What about Greenlee?

Vanessa: Oh, God, Darling, look, I saw the way she hurt you when she was with Jake, Darling. She's going to continue to hurt you. There will always be another Jake out there, you know, until you get rid of her. I just simply won't have my son putting up with all that humiliation, that grief.

Leo: I was the one who hurt Greenlee over and over.

Vanessa: No, you see, that's the cruelest thing she's ever done to you is to make you feel responsible for all that she's done.

Leo: I was the one who was bad to her, Mother.

Vanessa: No, no --

Leo: Yes.

Vanessa: And I'm not going to have you feel that guilt for something she -- anyway, Darling, you know what? We can go into this in further detail later, but right now we have to get out of here. Come on.

Leo: Do you hear anything that I say?

Vanessa: Yes, Darling, but it's because I understand how much you hate this hellhole just as much as I do.

Leo: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Vanessa: Oh, Leo. Well, now, come on. You can't leave me and abandon me.

Leo: You don't get it, do you? You really don't get it.

Vanessa: Because, my darling, I know that you still love me. You brought me here to warn me, to protect me.

Leo: No. I brought you here so that I could look you in the eye and I could tell you that I can't stand you.

Vanessa: You don't mean that.

Leo: All those years, Mother, all the cons and the scams, did you ever ask yourself why I did it?

Vanessa: Because we both loved it.

Leo: No, I did it because I wanted your life to work. Every time we moved to a new place, I was hoping that maybe this was going to be it, maybe she'll be happy now.

Vanessa: Leo, stop, stop, stop.

Leo: No, you're pathetic. You're sick. You don't have a heart, you don't have a soul, and, you know, if it was anybody else, I'd feel bad, but for you I don't -- I don't feel anything. Nothing.

Vanessa: Leo. Leo, stop. Please, Darling, you just can't walk away from me, abandon me after all these years. Come on. Leo? Leo? I want you to turn around, Darling. I want you to turn around and look at me one last time.

Anna: This is a witch-hunt.

David: Anna, you're just making things worse.

Anna: I could kill your mother. I could strangle her with my own bare hands.

David: This isn't my mother.

Anna: Oh, shut up.

David: She's not capable of this. Even if she was, what could she possibly do to me?

Anna: Excuse me, but the metal things around your wrists are not friendship bracelets and the cop going through your computer isn't shopping on-line.

David: I don't give a damn who's looking at my computer, okay? There's nothing on there that'll hold up. I keep meticulous records as to my whereabouts. They'll be hard-pressed to prove that I was someplace where I wasn't.

Anna: She could and she did frame you.

David: Anna, Anna, Anna, Vanessa gets off on being the mother of a great doctor, okay? I mean, if there's anything she's proud of in this life, it's that fact. Listen, don't you understand? It's like in her twisted way, it validates her in the eyes of others. I'm telling you, there's no way, there's no way that she would frame me.

Anna: David, she was going to allow Leo to take the rap when she accidentally murdered one of her lovers.

David: That's not the same thing. It's different.

Anna: Okay. How is it different? Explain to me, how is it different?

David: Because it's different.

Mateo: Bad news, Hayward -- the numbers on your computer match the numbers on my disc. Proteus is the only person who had access to those numbers.

Anna: Yes, and Proteus installed it in David's computer --

Derek: All right, Ms. Devane, I've heard enough from you. Please put Dr. Hayward in a cell.

David: I want to see my attorney the second he gets here.

Derek: Fine.

David: Everything's going to be all right.

Anna: No, it's not going to be all right. I'm going to see to it that he gets out of here.

Hayley: You're not buying it, are you -- Hayward is Proteus?

Mateo: We have solid proof on his computer.

Hayley: But the viciousness, the overall viciousness points to Vanessa.

Mateo: Listen, Vanessa or David, I really don't care. I'm making Proteus pay for what he did.

Vanessa: Leo, I love you, but, darling, I can't let you leave because you'll just go to the police, and I can't have that.

Leo: Whether I go to the police or not, Mother, this is over. They're on to you and you can't get away.

Vanessa: I can, Darling, I can. I've done it before.

Leo: This time is different.

Vanessa: No, if you just help me this one last time, Leo. Come on, all we've been through. Is that asking you too much?

Leo: It's not asking when you're pointing the gun at me.

Vanessa: Leo, I've asked you to go with me. I don't want it like this. I begged you. But that stupid little twit, she has changed you so much, Darling.

Leo: So what are you going to do? Can you really pull that trigger? What if I turn and walk out? Are you going to put a bullet in me?

Vanessa: Of course I'd aim to wound you. But I can't promise I'd do it.

Leo: So what if I don't walk out? What if I walk right towards you? Then what are you going to do?

Jake: Greenlee, you just ran a red light.

Greenlee: It was yellow.

Jake: Just slow down. We can't cover the whole town in one night. Just --

Greenlee: Just keep looking, okay?

Jake: Keep your eyes on the road! Greenlee! Give me the phone. Who you calling?

Greenlee: I'm just calling my voice mail to see if Leo left a message or something.

Jake: All right, there's no messages on here.

Greenlee: Well, think of someplace else to go!

Jake: Greenlee, we have checked everywhere that we can think of. We've been to Erica's house, B.J.'s, the Valley Inn --

Greenlee: Jake, please?

Jake: Listen, you have done your best, all right? I think it's just time now to pack it up and let's go talk to the cops and tell them what happened.

Greenlee: Just hang in just a little longer, okay?

Jake: Greenlee, the police know how to find people. They do it every day. It's their job.

Greenlee: I know you're being totally logical, and I respect that, but I feel with my gut. My gut says that -- wait a second.

Jake: What?

Greenlee: Isn't that Vanessa's car down by the boathouse?

Jake: That is Vanessa. That is her car.

Greenlee: Please, God, let Leo be all right.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah, look, that paperwork has to be perfect. I want you to tell Frye to check it. I don't want to lose this guy on a technicality, got it? All right, the lawyer. Tell me about the lawyer. Who is he?

Anna: You don't look so good. Your reputation is on the line, you know that?

Chris: I'm going to call you back. Next time you put Frye on the phone.

Anna: The cops have the wrong man.

Chris: Actually, we have him.

Anna: Well, whoever. You've made a mistake.

Chris: Evidence says otherwise to me.

Anna: Well, you've read the evidence wrong and now I want you to see to it that David is released. If I have to drag you out of that bed and down to the station myself, I'll do it.

Hayley: Yeah, no, I just wanted to check and see how Enzo's doing. I'm telling you, things are moving really quickly here. It won't be long now before I come home to get him. No. I know, I can't -- this is torturous. How is he, Rosa? You're kidding. He did? And I missed it? Mateo, Enzo said -- "Da-da." Where is he?

David: Guard! Guard! I want to talk to my attorney! He should've been here by now! Guard, I want to see my lawyer now!

[Door closes]

David: Finally.


David: Hello? Is that a guard?

Mateo: No. No guard, Hayward. It's just you and me.

Maggie: Please. Somebody help. Frankie? Frankie, please help me.  I'm so cold. I'm getting tired. I have to rest. Just for a minute. Just rest.

Vanessa: Please, Leo. Please don't come any closer. Leo, darling, I love you. Please don't make me hurt you. Please. Please.


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Erica: Compared to standing trial for murder, this little conspiracy with you is a piece of cake. Are you in?

Anna: Oh, I'm in.

David: Vanessa is Proteus!

Hayley: Mateo, please, I believe him!

Greenlee: Who's shot?

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