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All My Children Transcript Thursday 2/28/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Chris: I can't move my legs.

Bianca: Maggie was trying to figure out who killed Frankie.

David: Would Vanessa go after her own niece?

Vanessa: I may be crazy. I may be. But I'm not going to take the fall for Proteus.

Leo: We never had a chance.

Greenlee: Leo --

Leo: No, just leave me alone, okay? I get the picture now.

Ryan: It's -- it's freezing outside. Like a late-season cold snap or something.

Ryan: I know because I was sitting on my motorcycle out in the parking lot for, like, 45 minutes. I thought the guys from the psych ward were going to come put me away if I stayed out there any longer.

Chris: What do you want?

Ryan: I wanted to run away from you as far as I possibly could, but I only got as far as the frozen tundra of the parking lot. I just -- I couldn't walk away from you after what you did for me.

Chris: I'm supposed to get some rest, so you can go. Go on.

Ryan: I talked to Dr. Joe after he examined you. He said that maybe the swelling will go down on its own and then they could operate and they could remove the bullet fragment, and you could be fine. You could be --

Chris: Nah. Nah, couldn't be.

Ryan: I'm trying.

Chris: Do me a favor -- stop trying. You hate me. You hate me, Lavery, and just because I can't walk, you want to make nice with me now? I'm not interested. I'm not.

Jake: She didn't sleep at all until about an hour ago, and I want her to get some rest. Look, Leo, she almost died of a fever, and I'm going to look after her.

Leo: Oh, yeah? Did you sleep with her, too?

Jake: What?

Leo: Well, you were about to last night before I showed up here. What, do you think that I believe you suddenly had an attack of conscience, Jake, now that I am here?

Jake: You don't know me at all, Leo.

Leo: Oh, bro, you were so ready to bust a move on her, it's not even funny.

Jake: Look, you sick, little puppy --

Greenlee: Cut it out! Both of you. You're really making me mad.

Leo: You okay?

Greenlee: No. I'm stranded on this ridiculous island, and I have the world's worst hangover. If you two pains in my neck want to impress me, figure out a way to get us off this sandbar before the "Lord of the Flies" kids show up.

Bianca: Leo, hi, it's Bianca. Please give me a call as soon as you get this message, okay? I'm on my cell phone. Oh, Uncle Jack. They think that Vanessa Cortlandt was responsible for Frankie's death.

Jack: What?

Bianca: And Anna found something, Uncle Jack. I think Vanessa is after Maggie, too.

Jack: Why do you think that?

Bianca: Maggie figured it out first.

Anna: Are you all right?

David: She was my cousin, Anna. Frankie was my flesh and blood.

Anna: Yeah, I know.

David: If Vanessa can kill her own niece, what's to stop her from doing it again with Maggie? They're kids, Anna. I mean, just a couple of kids. How could she do this?

Maggie: Don't do this.

Vanessa: You shut up! I'm trying to think.

Maggie: Well, stop thinking and feel something, damn it!

Vanessa: So much for loyalty, huh? And all that talk of admiring what I've done.

Maggie: I just want to go home.

Vanessa: Home? My sister, that pathetic mother of yours, never knew how to keep a home. Tell me, is she on the government dole now?

Maggie: What do you want?

Vanessa: I want all of you pests to disappear. Now, enough of this because I have work to do.

Maggie: What do you mean? You can't just leave me here. It's freezing.

Vanessa: I threw another log on the fire. See how I provide for you?

Maggie: Where are you going?

Vanessa: I told you, I have things to take care of.

[Knock on door]

Stuart: Hello! Anybody here?

Stuart: Hello!

[Knock on door]

Maggie: No!


Stuart: Is anybody there?

Marian: Vanessa. Mind if we come in? It's freezing outside.

Vanessa: Stuart and Nanook of the North.

Stuart: Oh, well, we're glad it's you.

Vanessa: Well, are you, now?

Stuart: Yeah. Well, not many people use this place, and we were out snow shoeing.

Vanessa: Oh, how aerobic of you.

Stuart: And when we saw some smoke coming from the chimney, we thought we'd better check.

Marian: Yes. Are you here alone, Vanessa?

Vanessa: Well, Marian, this is hardly the place I'd invite company to.

Marian: Wait a minute. Are you saying that you live here?  

Vanessa:  I seem to have no other choice.

Marian: Oh, please. You expect us to believe that you're living out here in this pump house in the middle of the woods with no heat and no room service and, more importantly, no escort service?

Stuart: Marian. It does feel kind of cold in here, even with the wood stove burning.

Vanessa: Oh, I know, I know, but I have to make do, you know? It's a very difficult time for me.

Marian: Well, you know what they say about one's bed.

Vanessa: One's bed?

Marian: Mm-hmm. You make it, you lie in it.

Stuart: Marian, don't be mean.

Marian: And from what I understand, whenever there is a bed, you always seem to be close by, Vanessa.

Vanessa: You know what? I know I'm awful. I'm awful. I just can't seem to help myself.

Stuart: Vanessa, Marian didn't mean --

Marian: Oh, yes, I did. She is a horrible human being. You have hurt more people and ruined more marriages in this town alone.

Vanessa: I'm sorry --

Stuart: All right, that's enough. We're leaving. Come on.

Marian: No, I'm not leaving.

Stuart: No, we are leaving right now. I'm sorry you're feeling so much pain.

Marian: Well, I'm not sorry you're in pain. She's probably throwing herself some kind of pity party because some young hunk stood her up.

Stuart: Vanessa, if you're going to be staying here for long, you better make sure you got plenty of wood, okay?

Vanessa: Thank you.

Stuart: Marian?

Marian: I'm coming.

Stuart: Come on, come on.

Marian: It's freezing out here.

Vanessa: Snow shoeing? And that cow has the audacity to walk in here and insult me.

[Maggie mumbles]

Vanessa: Hush. There, you see, now, it's warmer in here, isn't it? Don't say your Auntie Van never did anything for you. Shh.

[Phone rings]

Vanessa: Oh, no. Now you want to talk to me. Now you want to see me, David. Well, I'm sorry. It's too late for apologies.

[Maggie mumbles]

Anna: It's not going to help you or the case calling her all the time. If Vanessa has Maggie, we will get to her before --

David: Before what? Before she kills her other niece? I can't believe this is happening. Is it possible that my mother could be this -- this despicable?

Jack: So this code that Maggie thinks she figured out was in a book of sonnets that Frankie left for you?

Bianca: Yeah, and I think that she knew that it was a code about Vanessa and she just pretended that it didn't mean anything.

Jack: And that would be to protect you?

Bianca: I don't know. Or to confront Vanessa on her own. But, Uncle Jack, if this is really true about Vanessa, there's no way that she will let Maggie get away with this.

Jack: No, no, you're absolutely right. Derek?

Derek: Yeah?

Jack: Listen, what's being done about all this?

Derek: Well, we're gathering all the evidence we can. I put out a missing persons report on Vanessa and Maggie. But that's about all we can do right now.

Bianca: What if it's not enough, Derek? I mean, if this is true about Vanessa, then --

Officer: Lieutenant? Could you come here for a minute?

Derek: Excuse me.

Jack: Thanks, Derek.

Bianca: Why are people like this?

Jack: I don't know, honey. Honey, I don't know. I wish I did, but I don't. But we're going to find out what's going on. We're going to get to the bottom of this. We're going to find Maggie.

Bianca: You know, if something happens to her, it's going to be like Frankie all over again.

Jack: Listen to me. Listen -- everything is going to be okay. Now, I promise you that. Everything is going to be okay.

Ryan: Look, you threw yourself in front of me. You took a bullet --

Chris: You have no idea. You have no idea why I did what I did. Don't try to figure me out.

Ryan: Well, you did it. I mean, it's done, and now you're in here and you can't walk and nobody's being straight with you, so --

Chris: Oh, but you are? All of a sudden, you're being straight with me? Look, I've been a fed too long not to know a guilt-provoked epiphany when I see one, Lavery. My answer to you is a big, fat "no thanks".

Ryan: Listen to me, you're in here because of me, and I don't like you any more than I did before, possibly even less, but I've got to take responsibility for --

Chris: For what? For what?

Ryan: Can't you see I'm trying to help you?

Chris: I don't want you -- I don't want you to help me.

Ryan: Fine. That's fine. You have a nice life.

Chris: I don't need a lecture from you, Doc.

Joe: What do you need, Chris?

Chris: I need to get the hell out of this bed and walk again. Can you arrange that for me, Doc?

Kendall: Whoa, slow down.

Ryan: What the hell do you want?

Kendall: I had a feeling you'd be back. Looks like I was right. You know how much I like being right.

Ryan: Why are you still here?

Kendall: For you.

Leo: You do realize that we're still stuck here and her health is still at risk because of you, right?

Jake: Me? If you hadn't been such a caricature with that woman pilot you conned into flying you all the way out here --

Leo: She was going to fly us home, Jake, if you had kept your yap shut!

Greenlee: Shut up!

Leo: For once in your life, it's okay to tell a white lie.

Greenlee: Both of you! It's ridiculous.

Jake: You got that right. This is --

Greenlee: Jake, I need to talk to Leo alone.

Jake: Why don't I go get some firewood, then.

Leo: Don't get lost because I'm not coming to find you. You were spooning him.

Greenlee: I was freezing my butt off.

Leo: Yeah, well, I wasn't exactly in a smoke lodge, inhaling eucalyptus, Greenlee, and getting a massage.

Greenlee: Come here.

Leo: What?

Greenlee: I said, come here.  I was afraid I was never going to see you again.  None of this is real. Leo, your mother set this whole thing up. She tried to kill Jake and me together. I don't know what to say to you to try and --

Leo: Make it better? My mother tried to kill my fiancée. And my fiancée was gone for, what, like, a day and a half and was about to do it in the sand with her old boyfriend. Greenlee --

Greenlee: Don't do this, Leo. Don't try and make this something it's not.

Leo: Do you have any idea how long it's going to take me to get that visual of you and Jake out of my head?

Greenlee: How long?

Leo: Too long.

Greenlee: I never wanted to hurt you -- or anyone.

Leo: You mean Jake?

Greenlee: No, the both of you.

Leo: Oh --

Greenlee: Don't do this to me, Leo. For crying out loud, you know, you married her. You married her, and you left me with nothing.

Leo: You're going back to Laura now? You're using that as a reason for this? Laura is gone. I proposed to you, Greenlee. We're planning a wedding, for crying out loud.

Greenlee: We still are, but do you have any idea how rejected I was? How long it's taken me to get over that, even now? Even with the commitment and the ring? Oh, and she took that, too. See that? Your mother took it. I'm sure of it. I am having a really bad week, Leo. Can I get anything remotely resembling a break here anytime soon?

Leo: It looked like you left me. What the hell was I supposed to think?

Greenlee: Well, you did leave me to marry Laura.

Leo: Oh --

Greenlee: And you treated me terribly. You broke my heart. You married her once. You almost married her twice. I had nothing and no one to lean on except for Jake, and he was always there for me.

Leo: Unlike me. I'm never there for you. I mean, I only chartered a plane and sea-landed it with some chick that I sweet-talked into flying it here, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Don't blame me for leaning on Jake. He's helped me, okay? He's helped me. But you know what I feel in my heart --

Leo: No, I don't want to hear it right now. I can't. And I really don't want to.

Greenlee: What, now you don't care?

Leo: I'm trying not to. It hurts much less. Oh, perfect timing, as usual.

Jake: Well, I ought you might want to be interrupted to be rescued.

Greenlee: What?

Jake: There's a coast guard cutter dead aiming for the island right now. It ought to be here in less than five minutes.

Greenlee: Oh, my God, Jake.

Jake: Listen, the first thing that we're going to do when we get back is go straight to the police and let them know that Vanessa tried to kill us both.

David: I don't think Vanessa even knows how to pick up her own voice mail.

Anna: David, she's not going to answer the phone. She can't know how close we're getting, but she must feel it's the end of the line.

David: Did I tell you that she was at the memorial service?

Anna: What?

David: Frankie's memorial service. There was hardly anybody there. No one knew the kid. Bianca was a wreck. Erica was in custody. It was basically just Opal, Myrtle, Leo, and myself. And then Vanessa shows up. She sits in the back, bawling like a baby. She tells me after the service that she has all these regrets, you know, because she cut her sister out of her life and she doesn't know her children. What an operator.

Anna: Well, David, it's part of her cover. I told you that. She knew what she was doing.

David: She killed a 19-year-old girl, Anna. Her niece. Is the next one -- the other one next? Did she already do it?

Anna: David, stop it.

David: Did I tell you how she found out about this drug? You know, the drug that induces a heart attack, that doesn't show up in a forensic chem. screen?

Anna: No, I don't know.

David: I showed her how to do it. I was trying to get myself out of a jam. I actually spoon-fed this lunatic the perfect weapon to knock off anybody that gets in her way and cover up her own tracks. I did that.

Anna: You wouldn't have known.

David: I should have. I should have known. I should have seen this. I mean, she should have been stopped.

Anna: We will stop her now. I guarantee it.

David: If they don't find her, I will. And if I get there first, I'll kill her myself.

[Computer beeps]

Vanessa: Upload and complete. Now, David, darling, you have all of Proteus' files, which makes you, ipso facto, Proteus. Oh, darling, you crossed me. You really shouldn't have crossed me. After I had given you absolutely everything, you crossed me. Well, I'm sorry, dear; you're going to have pay, though. For life. You see, Mother still controls you.

David: Yes, hello?  Thank you.

Anna: Who was that?

David: That was the alarm company that monitors my cabin. They said that the alarm was triggered and that they didn't have a dispatch to send up there right now.

Anna: Okay, you're going?

David: I think I should. Look, I don't want anybody to know about this, okay? Don't tell anyone.

Anna: No, that's okay. We won't. Derek has this covered. I'll come with you.

Jack: Bianca, don't jump to conclusions, okay? Any conclusions. Just wait for the authorities to do their job, please.

Bianca: Uncle Jack, if Vanessa killed Frankie, if she stood by and she watched while my mother almost took the rap for it, then I want her to pay for what she's done.

[Phone rings]

Derek: Yeah, Lt. Frye.

Chris: Stamp.

Derek: Stamp, are you okay?

Chris: Listen, I've got to make this quick. I need you to get search warrants for David Hayward's room and for this cabin he has on the outskirts of Pine Valley on Old Orchard Road. You got that?

Derek: Look, what does Hayward have to do with this, anyway?

Chris: Look, I'm in a hospital bed with legs that don't work because of him.

Derek: What are you talking about, Stamp?

Chris: I don't have time to talk about this, Frye. You just find that SOB, and you search every last inch of that room in that cabin. You got me? Just do what I say. Unless you got something to tell me about why you let some psychopath paralyze me, I've got nothing to say to you, Doc.

Joe: Chris, I know you're dealing with a lot right now, but you've got it wrong about how this all came about. David Hayward had stopped you from bleeding to death, and then he repaired your heart.

Chris: Hayward is the reason why I'm in here -- first the sniper's bullet and then in your OR room.

Joe: It's not so. I was there. I observed most of your surgery.

Chris: Yeah, most. Well, maybe you missed the part where he cut off my legs. This is not a coincidence, Joe.

Joe: Look, I'm not a fan of David Hayward's. Not. But he does happen to be wonderfully gifted as a heart specialist and --

Chris: And you let him leave a bullet fragment near my spine, didn't you?

Joe: Look, Chris, we had a neurologist assisting, as well. The utmost care was taken. But removing the bullet fragment was not an immediate priority.

Chris: You listen to me -- David Hayward is a drug dealer. He is a major drug dealer. I have been trying to crack this case for over a year, and somehow you let my prime suspect operate on me. Are you catching my drift?

Joe: Yes, I'm catching your drift. But I also say that you're distraught. I understand that, but -- I want you to have some rest. Above all, I want you to get --

Chris: Sure, I'll get rest. Is that a guarantee that I'll get out of here?

Joe: Look, as soon as you get stronger, I guarantee we'll go in there and we're going to clean out that bullet fragment, and then we'll see.

Chris: See? You'll see if David Hayward wasn't thorough enough the first time he was in there? This is criminal. This is criminal.

Kendall: Is it so hard to believe that I stayed here to see if you were okay?

Ryan: Well, I'm not okay, Kendall.

Kendall: Yeah, I get that.

Ryan: And I still don't want to talk about it, okay?

Kendall: But I saw you talking to your father earlier --

Ryan: Don't call him that. Please.

Kendall: Fine, I get that. I don't like when people call La Kane my mother, either, so --

Ryan: I really -- I really don't want to talk about it.

Kendall: You didn't do this to him. You know that, right? You know that none of this is your fault.

Ryan: Thank you. I feel so much better.

Kendall: Ryan, you didn't make that man take a bullet for you, and you didn't make him tell you he was your father, and you didn't make it so the guy can't walk, okay? So just stop.

Ryan: I just -- I feel so incredibly bad, you know?

Kendall: Yeah, I know.

Ryan: I mean, one minute I want to -- I want to kill the guy, and the next he's throwing himself in front of me because he hears a sniper is after me. I mean, who does that?

Kendall: I don't know. I mean, I've heard stories of people who are selfless and brave --

Ryan: And stupid.

Kendall: And stupid. What are you going to do now? Now that you know who he is and what he did to save you?

Ryan: I don't know. I really don't know. I mean, even if he is my father, he's -- he might as well be a stranger to me. I mean, what do I do with this one? Can you tell me that?

Kendall: As ironic as might seem, I'm the wrong girl to ask that question.

Ryan: It's actually not ironic at all.

Kendall: Don't hassle me, okay? I'm trying to be there for you.

Ryan: I'm sorry -- be where?

Kendall: Here for you.

Ryan: Oh, are you?

Kendall: Isn't that what I just said?

Ryan: Is it?

Kendall: Are -- are you trying to make my head explode or something, Ryan?

Ryan: It's just, Kendall, I'm just never nice to you.

Kendall: No, you're not.

Ryan: I mean, I'm mean. I yell at you practically every single day.

Kendall: That's true.

Ryan: But then again, you're not exactly Miss Manners to me, either.

Kendall: Well, I only give what I get.

Ryan: Yeah, well, maybe that's your problem.

Kendall: My problem? We're talking about your problem here.

Ryan: I don't have any problem.

Kendall: Ryan --

Ryan: Okay, maybe I do, but there's really nothing you can do about it.

Kendall: You know, I read about this thing once in a book -- or maybe it was a magazine -- and it said that in certain cultures, there are these things called friends.

Ryan: Really? You read about that.

Kendall: Yeah. It seemed nuts to me. Crazy concept. But the basic idea was that if you had something in common with someone else and that someone else went through something that you could sort of relate to --

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: And you both share common situations, and that means that the two of you would be known as, at least to the general public, friends.

Ryan: I see.

Kendall: So since I know what it's like to have a parent from the conception lottery who you wish you didn't have, I guess my being here and offering this is my way of saying that if you need me or someone like me, I guess I could kind of --

Ryan: Be my friend?

Kendall: Yeah. What do you think?

Ryan: I think that with friends like you --

Kendall: Don't say it.

Ryan: Well, you know, I still reserve the right to yell at you all the time.

Kendall: And I still reserve the right to throw a vase at your head.

Ryan: That is friendship.

Chris: Mateo, it's Chris. I'm alive. That's about all I can say for right now. Look, we're moving in on Proteus. Today. I just wanted to let you know. You want in? Yeah, well, I figured as much. All right, look, here's what we're going to do --

Vanessa: Oh, good grief. You know, you should be locked up in a rubber room. I told you I was coming back. Can't you take my word for it?

[Maggie mumbles]

Vanessa: Just -- and don't give me those eyes. Just like David -- all disdain and judgmental. What? What? You want to say something? Maybe I don't want to hear it. Go ahead. Go ahead. Speak.

Maggie: Ah! You are the one who belongs in the rubber room!

Vanessa: Oh, fine, that's just lovely. That's really lovely. And to think I even brought you this. Look at here -- something to keep you so nice and warm. All you have to do is just unwrap it. Oh, you can't. Silly me. Your hands are tied. Later.

Maggie: Did you do it?

Vanessa: Did I do what?

Maggie: Sell your own son out to the cops?

Vanessa: I did indeed.

Maggie: Happy now?

Vanessa: Well, yes, I am rather pleased with myself. But, however, my dear, you are posing another very, very difficult quandary for me. Ooh.

Maggie: You know you're going to get caught.

Vanessa: Oh, please. I've been running this racket for 20 years. I haven't even gotten close to being caught.

Maggie: Come on, you don't think that they're going to figure it out?

Vanessa: I have covered everything.

Maggie: Oh, you haven't done anything. You're crazy and you're arrogant, and that's a bad combo platter.

Vanessa: You really want to be doing this to me right now, Mary Margaret, when I have all the power to make you sit here, right here in the cold and just die?

Maggie: You'd let me die? Oh, please. You could have done it before. Your stupid code.

Vanessa: You know what? You are honestly making me want to get this over with a lot quicker than just letting you freeze to death.

Maggie: Well, then, you know what? Go ahead and do it. I'm so sick of you. You know, this thing you're going -- oh, God, you're such a coward. Go ahead, Vanessa! You disgusting wench! Go on and kill me!

Jake: I'll go find a desk sergeant.

Greenlee: No, Jake, wait. Ready for this?

Jake: Greenlee, I don't give a damn if he's ready. We have to let these people know what Vanessa tried to do to us.

Greenlee: Hang on. Okay? You know what this means. They're going to arrest your mother, and this is the end of it for her.

Jake: Oh, for God's sakes, Greenlee. Greenlee, listen, there is no choice in this.

Greenlee: Leo, just tell me that this is what you want, too.

Leo: Jake's right. What choice do we have?

Jake: Good. Now what?

Greenlee: This happened to all three of us. All three of us are going to do this together. Leo?

Ryan: Oh, I'm beat. I'm beat.

Kendall: You look it.

Ryan: Yeah? Well, so do you.

Kendall: There. Back to normal insults. Very good. You know, you should get some sleep, and you can talk to Chris after he calms down.

Ryan: Oh, yeah? How long have you been waiting for Erica to calm down to talk to you?

Kendall: About 10 years.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you see? There you go.

Kendall: Yeah, but this is different. Your father took a bullet for you. Hell would freeze over and Erica would go blonde before she ever did that for me.

Ryan: I've got to get out of here.

Kendall: Well, can I drive you home?

Ryan: Excuse me? What, you got wheels now?

Kendall: Yes, pre-owned. I used the money Jackson threw at me.

Ryan: Look at you. Thanks, but I got my bike.

Kendall: You are not making this easy on me.

Chris: What the hell took you so long?

Derek: Nice to see your brush with death has opened you up so much.

Chris: You get those warrants?

Derek: Yeah, and I had to do a tap dance around the D.A. to get them. You want to fill me in?

Chris: Hayward. Hayward is Proteus.

Derek: Are you really sure about this, Stamp?

Chris: You get inside that cabin in his room. You impound the computers and don't let him anywhere. Don't let him anywhere near the delete button. You got me?

Anna: Okay, David, nothing's moved.

David: The door was locked.

Anna: Probably a false alarm. The state police answer hundreds of those a day.

David: No. No.

Anna: What is it?

David: Something's up. Something is wrong. I can feel it.

Greenlee: Where the hell would Leo run off to? In the middle of this?

Jake: Greenlee, he didn't just go. He took off to find his mother.

Greenlee: No, he didn't.

Jake: Yes, he did.

Greenlee: No, no, no, he did not.

Jake: Greenlee, listen --

Greenlee: He wouldn't. He couldn't. Not after what Vanessa did to me. To us. Oh, my God, I have to find him.

Jake: Greenlee -- damn it, Greenlee, come here.

Vanessa: You know, you really don't want to talk to me that way.

Maggie: Oh, shut up, Vanessa! You have been walking around here for the past couple of hours, threatening me, not threatening me, while you twist your little mustache. I know too much. Just go ahead! Kill me! Go ahead!

Vanessa: And you really think I don't see through this?

Maggie: See through what?

Vanessa: You're trying to goad me, aren't you? Into making some stupid mistake so I'll get caught. Are you really willing to sacrifice yourself to see me nailed to a cross just for killing you?

Maggie: You know what? I'm cold and I'm tired and I am so sick of you!

[Phone rings]

Maggie: Go on. It's probably David -- the son you just sold off.

Vanessa: Oh, don't you judge me. Don't.

Maggie: Oh, please. The one you sacrificed yourself for --

Vanessa: You -- you -- he betrayed his own mother.

Maggie: You betrayed yourself! You stupid old woman! Go! Do it! Come on, do it!


Vanessa: Yeah, he's come back to me. Hello, Darling. Where are you? I've been so worried about you.

Leo: Hello, Mother.

Vanessa: Darling, where are you? What's going on?

Leo: Are your bags packed?

Vanessa: My bags?

Leo: You have to leave the country. Today.

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Vanessa: Who did you scam this time?

Leo: This time you're the mark.

Chris: Proteus is finally going down. You can go down there and watch it all happen.

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