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By Suzanne

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Greenlee: Leo!

David: I know what you're doing. I know what's really going on.

Chris: Proteus is on to you.

Mateo: It doesn't mean that he knows Ryan has the disk.

Chris: The longer that Lavery has that disk in his hand, the more his life is in danger.

Jake: Greenlee, I don't want you to worry about Leo. It's just us here.

Greenlee: We're not alone, Jake.

Vanessa: All right, David, ever my accuser. What have I done now?

David: That wasn't your lawyer on the phone.

Vanessa: Oh, well, then who was it? Who was it?

David: I know you well enough to know when you're lying, Vanessa. This is you, doing your usual cover-up!

Vanessa: Oh, no, don't tell me you still believe I killed Larry.

David: No, no, this is so far beyond Larry right now, Mother. Do you remember Paolo, your other gigolo on the side?

Vanessa: Oh, poor Paolo? What does he got to do with any --

David: Poor Paolo died prematurely -- heart failure, brought on by a drug that you gave him.

Vanessa: Paolo fell! He died of head trauma.

David: After his heart gave out! Now, isn't it interesting that your latest lover, Larry, died the same way?

Vanessa: He has nothing to do --

David: Do you know that there's a federal agent right now in Pine Valley tracking a major drug lord? He's made a connection, mother. He's investigating deaths of sudden heart attack victims.

Vanessa: Well -- oh, good, God, David. You aren't suggesting that I am Proteus?

Anna: Hi. I work for Chris Stamp, the federal agent who was in earlier.

Nurse: Oh. How can I help you?

Anna: Yeah, Dr. Joe Martin released some medical records to him, and we need copies for the DC office.

Nurse: I'm not authorized.

Anna: No, here's authorization from Agent Stamp. Everything's in order, and it's kind of urgent, so if you could rush it through?

Nurse: I'll take it to records right away.

Anna: Thank you.

[Under her breath Anna says:]

Damn, I'm good.

Kendall: Ryan, don't go!

Ryan: What? What are you doing? I got to do this.

Kendall: No, you don't. Just let Hayley sort this out.

Ryan: What?

Kendall: You are in way too deep.

Ryan: It's not your problem, Kendall, all right?

Kendall: Just trash the damn disk and just get away from this drug scene before you get yourself killed.

Ryan: Nothing is going to happen to me.

Kendall: Can you promise me that?

[Ryan opens the door and runs into Erica]

Erica: Ryan? Is Kendall in there? I really need to speak with her.

Kendall: Erica, go away.

Erica: We need to speak, Kendall.

Kendall: I have nothing to say to you.

Erica: Well, you're not the only one giving me the silent treatment. Bianca won't see me and she also will not take my phone calls, Kendall.

Kendall: Hmm. Smart cookie. But what does that have to do with me? Ryan, wait.

Ryan: Oh, no thanks. I'm going to let you two ladies duke it out.

[Tires screech]

Chris: Ryan, we need to talk to you right now, in private.

Ryan: What's going on?

Mateo: It involves Hayley.

Ryan: Well, she just called me --

Mateo: She's fine.

Ryan: Where is she? Wait, when did you get out of prison?

Chris: Look, we'll explain everything inside.

[Mateo, Chris and Ryan go into Kendall's room - Erica starts to follow and they close the door in her face]

Kendall: No way am I staying out here freezing my butt off.

Erica: Well, you heard what Agent Stamp said. He needs to speak to Ryan in private.

Kendall: Like I give a rip what super cop wants.

Erica: You don't like Chris?

Kendall: He's a storm trooper with attitude and a badge. I don't like him harassing Ryan.

Erica: You certainly seem very protective of Ryan.

Kendall: He's a friend.

Erica: You don't do friendship, Kendall. You want Ryan as much more than a friend.

Chris: Hayley was calling you to tell you to give me the disk.

Ryan: Yeah. Right.

Mateo: Listen, Stamp convinced Hayley and I that's the only way to go.

Chris: Just give me the disk, Ryan.

Mateo: It's cool. Give it to him.

Ryan: No. No, not until I clear this with Hayley.

Mateo: She's at the police station.

Ryan: What's she doing there?

Chris: Simone gave your name to a contact. That someone might be connected to Proteus.

Mateo: Proteus would kill for the disk.

Chris: If we move now, we can drop him first.

Mateo: Hand it over.

Ryan: You trust this guy?

Mateo: I have no choice.

Ryan: Well, I do.

Chris: Look, you got a problem with me, that's fine. Mateo's making the call on this.

Ryan: Sounds like he's been spending a little too much time with you.

Mateo: Listen, don't worry about him. You trust me, right?

Ryan: No.

Mateo: I really don't care. Give him the disk.

Ryan: No, you know what? Not until I clear it with --

Mateo: Listen, that's not going to happen. Hand over the damn disk.

Vanessa: Well, since we know the whole town, including the FBI, are all searching for this, you know, infamous Proteus, very well, David, they got to have somebody. Well, fine! I confess. I am Proteus. Oh, and I was just on the telephone with one of my henchmen telling him to go ahead and, you know, knock off my next victim. You know, a drug lord's work is just never done.

David: You're absolutely right, Mother. I must have been brain dead to think that you were the mastermind of anything. I mean, look at you. Your life is a disaster. You couldn't even hold on to an old goat like Palmer. Yeah, right. You're the head of some major drug cartel. I don't think so. You may not be Proteus, Mother, but you are desperate. Now, why is that, hmm? What's going on? Did you trip up, trying to make some extra cash on the side? Did Proteus make you an offer you can't refuse?

Vanessa: All right, David, I'm warning you --

David: Are you working for Proteus, Mother? Are you part of the drug ring? Were Paolo and Larry -- were they on the payroll? Did they have photos of you in compromising positions?

Vanessa: David --

David: Were they blackmailing you to do their dirty work --

Vanessa: David, I am warning you!

David: You're warning me? I don't think so, Mother. I'm not in the one in trouble here. I'm telling you right now, if you are connected to Proteus, get ready, Mother, because you are going down. [Maggie weakly hits the wall]

David: What the hell was that? Do you have someone stashed in here?

Greenlee: Leo. How did you find us?

Leo: Well, I talked to the guy who sold Jake his boat, and he said that you guys were probably heading south, so I chartered a plane to do a fly-over, and, well, I saw your bonfire, and here I am, just in time for the weenie roast.

Greenlee: It's amazing. You're really here?

Leo: Yeah, yeah. You know why? Because I just couldn't believe that you would just up and ditch me for Jake. How stupid was I?

Jake: Listen, I'm going to go check out that rescue plane.

Leo: Rescue? You don't look like you need saving.

Greenlee: You know, Leo, you have to know this -- I didn't just up and ditch you. Jake and I were --

Leo: Greenlee, please. I don't want to hear about you and Jake and your little island paradise, ok?

Greenlee: No, no, no, shut up and listen to me, Leo. We were shanghaied.

Leo: Oh, you were shanghaied? Right, right, right. You were brought here by pirates and held at saber point, right? So, where's Capt. Hook?

Greenlee: You left my place to buy champagne, remember?

Leo: Right.

Greenlee: Well, Vanessa came back and she drugged me. She drugged Jake, too, and she put us on his damaged boat and cast us off to sea. We nearly drowned. But Jake got us onto shore, and I almost died, Leo.

Leo: Are you for real? You actually believe what you're saying?

Greenlee: It's the truth. Vanessa wanted to kill me so she could have you all to herself.

Leo: Oh, Greenlee, that is so sick and twisted. Come on --

Greenlee: Leo, I know! Vanessa is a complete psychopath!

Leo: No, my mother -- would you just stop pinning this on my mother? She had nothing to do with this!

Greenlee: Ask Jake!

Leo: To hell with Jake! You're right where you want to be, Greenlee, doing what you always do! My problems with my mother are just an excuse to run back to him.

Greenlee: That is so not true.

Leo: No, no, no, no, that is you all over. Every time something happens between us, you run back into his arms.

Greenlee: That's not fair!

Leo: You need men falling over all of you, Greenlee, telling you how wonderful you are because you're so pathetically insecure.

Greenlee: Is that what you really think about me?

Leo: That's what I know. I just wished to hell I'd figured it out sooner.

Greenlee: How dare you judge me after what I've survived. How typical of you to dis me and defend your psycho mother!

Leo: My mother did not try to kill you!

Greenlee: You want proof? Want proof, huh? See that bruise? That's where Vanessa stabbed me. She drugged me, just like she drugged her smarmy lovers. She's a cold-blooded killer. What, do you think Jake and I were taking a cruise on the love boat? You see Jake's boat? No, because it's lying at the bottom of the ocean. We nearly drowned.

Leo: So, how did you guys get back to shore?

Greenlee: Jake. He saved my life, twice. After I got to shore, I stopped breathing. Drug overdose, thanks to Vanessa, but Jake brought me back. We knew we'd be stranded on this God-forsaken island, but Jake didn't panic. He built that bonfire in the hopes that someone would see us.

Leo: Greenlee, I didn't know. Greenlee: You didn't know because you didn't ask. You assume the worst, typical Greenlee, like you even know me. You don't, Leo. You don't know a damn thing about me.

Leo: Well, I know that I saw you and Jake laying about right here, about to make love, so --

Greenlee: Yeah, we were, and you want to know why? Because he didn't accuse me of being a bottomless pit of need and insecurity. All he did was tell me how much he loved me, and it wasn't just the words. He's proved it a hundred different ways, and all you've proven is that you'll back your mother instead of believing for one nanosecond that I could be telling the truth. Pathetic is you, Leo.

Jake: Leo! You got to get back to that plane right away!

Leo: What, are you the king of the island now?

Greenlee: Oh, shut up, Leo. What's wrong?

Jake: Leo's lady pilot just pitched a jealous fit because she found out that Leo's on a rescue mission to save his fiancée.

[Plane flies overhead]

Leo: Oh, no.

Jake: There she goes, right there!

Greenlee: She left without us?

Jake: Hey!

Greenlee: No!

Jake: Come back!

Greenlee: No!

Leo: Hey!

Greenlee: Hey! Come back!

Vanessa: There is no one else in here, David.

David: Really? So you don't have another lover stashed behind closed doors, huh? What, was he going to come out and rescue you if I got too rough? All right, let's see what he can do.

Vanessa: David, you must stop interfering in my life! I haven't done anything criminal, but you have.

David: Oh, ok. Here it comes. I knew it was going to come. Go ahead.

Vanessa: Well, we all know the hospital's investigating your unauthorized experiments, not to mention your misappropriation of funds.

David: And your point?

Vanessa: My point is I can be your strongest ally or your worst enemy.

David: Either way, I lose.

Vanessa: Yes, well, I also know about the cabin and all your secret experiments there, Dear. Now, what do I do? Do I keep my mouth shut? Do I go to the hospital and ruin your career? Hmm? You stay out of my life, David, and you could have your own.

David: Oh, that's nice. Blackmail from my mother.

Vanessa: Oh, no, no. This is sort of a family hygiene, huh? One hand washes the other. Now, will you please leave Mummy in peace. Otherwise, I'll just have a little chat with Joe Martin.

David: You're beyond help, you and your vapid little life.

Vanessa: This your final warning, David.

David: Your threats don't scare me, Mother. I don't give a damn about you, and I certainly don't give a damn about your little boy toy stashed in your other son's bed. No wonder my father killed himself.

[David storms out]

Vanessa: You have gone too far this time, David, too far! How can David belittle me like that? How dare he just dismiss me like that! He has no idea who he is dealing with, does he? Oh-ho-ho-ho, he'll learn, won't he? He will learn. Oh, you think you're so clever, don't you? Trying to warn David. Well, you've had your last chance, dear. I'll make sure of that.

Kendall: I don't have a thing for Ryan.

Erica: Oh, not that you'd tell me if you did. You want my advice?

Kendall: Please spare me.

Erica: Just stay away from him. You and Ryan, you don't stand a chance.

Kendall: Thanks for the forecast.

Erica: I don't know Ryan very well, but he's a very decent guy, he seems, and he certainly doesn't deserve you and the hell you promise.

Kendall: Ryan likes me. He needs me.

Erica: No one needs you, Kendall.

Kendall: You must or you wouldn't be here.

Erica: What are you doing?

Kendall: I'm going back to my own room before I get frostbite.

Erica: No, you leave them alone.

Kendall: Look, I help Ryan out when Chris gets in his face, which is, like, 24/7. Stamp killed Ryan's dad. Now he wants to bond? How sick is that?

Erica: Well, it's their business.

Kendall: Meaning it's what Chris wants?

No, no. No way do I trust that guy.

Erica: Well, you don't have to.

Kendall: And you're still hung up on him. That's why you're willing to wait out here in the arctic, chilling ice.

Erica: I came here to discuss Bianca and your interference.

Kendall: Oh, this is classic Erica Kane. You did a real number on the guy. You used him in court the way you used me and Bianca. And now you've got a new agenda -- getting Chris back in your life. You'll pull out all the stops. Play the loyalty card, try some shivering and shimmying. Oh, man, and you call me manipulating.

Chris: Mateo, Mateo!

Chris: Mateo, Mateo! Why don't you just calm down, go outside, and make sure that we weren't followed, all right? I want to talk to him for a minute.

Chris: Look, Ryan, I am not out to hurt Hayley. I am trying to protect her and Mateo -- and you.

Ryan: Well, I don't need your protection.

Chris: You're wrong. Holding on to that disk could cost you your life.

Ryan: Like you give a damn.

Chris: Look, just give me the disk. I'm looking out for you, damn it!

Ryan: Looking after me like you looked out for my old man? Set up a meet and then put a bullet in my skull? Well, hey, this is your chance. I mean, there's no witnesses here. If you want to do it, do it right now, just like you did my old man.

Chris: Whatever else you think, I am not out to get you. And what do I have to do to prove that?

Ryan: I don't want you to prove anything! I want you to get out!

Chris: I can't!

Ryan: Why the hell not?

Chris: Because I care!

Ryan: What? Why?

Chris: Think. Think hard, Ryan. Your mother's photo, the one that had "Stamp of approval" written on the back. Look at me. Look at me! Look, you have to see it because I can. I knew your mother, Ryan. I loved her. I loved her nine months before you were born. I'm your father, Ryan. I am.

Ryan: You're my father?

Chris: I am.

Ryan: And I'm supposed to believe that because --

Chris: Because it's the truth. Ryan: What, do you have some sort of, like, forged blood tests or something?

Chris: Look, I just told you I knew her.

Ryan: Yeah, but --

Chris: Ryan, your mother -- your mother was on the run from Patrick because he had been beating her.

Ryan: So? Then you stepped in? Lucky her.

Chris: She was afraid. She was afraid for herself and for her little boy, Braden.

Ryan: For Braden. Chris: Yeah.

That's why they came to Chicago.

Ryan: To hide?

Chris: To go to the cops.

Ryan: And that was you?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, they stayed with me for a few weeks.

Ryan: Braden never said anything about that.

Chris: Ryan, he was 2 years old.

Ryan: And they stayed with you?

Chris: Well, your mom was pretty convinced that Patrick would track them down if they stayed at a motel, so --

Ryan: Wow, talk about choices.

Chris: Hey, it was her choice. You got my word on that.

Ryan: Well, that's very comforting. So what happened next? You moved in on her?

Chris: No, I fell for her.

Ryan: Go on.

Chris: Your mom, Ryan -- your mom was more alive than anyone I'd ever met. I loved that about her. I loved her. And I wanted a future together with her.

Ryan: Is that what she wanted?

Chris: I was hoping so, but, you know, that day the photo was taken, the one that says "Stamp of approval" on the back of it?

Ryan: What about it?

Chris: She wanted to go down to the lake. You know, it was her idea.

Ryan: She loved the water.

Chris: Yeah, well, we sat on the shore, we listened to the waves, and we all ate corn dogs together and watched Braden skip stones on the water. Happiest day of my life.

Ryan: And what happened after that? You blow it?

Chris: I must have.

Ryan: Why? What'd you do?

Chris: I don't know. I don't know, Ryan. All I know is that a few days later, she just left and she went back to Patrick, and she -- she never told me why and she never told me about you.

Ryan: Did you ever see her again?

Chris: No. Never.

Ryan: And how long have you known about me?

Chris: About a month. Maybe a little longer.

Ryan: And you never said anything.

Chris: No, you see, I thought you had had enough piled up on you, losing your wife and your mom, finding out your father's a drug dealer who was set up, killed by me. I -- look, I know this is a shock, but I also want you to know that I'm on your side. I'm on your side, Ryan, all the way, 100%.

Erica: I'm not going To discuss Chris with you.

Kendall: Fine, I'll do the talking. You know how some people have hobbies? Some are into scrapbooks, some collect coins. You, Erica, collect men.

Erica: Well, where you're concerned, I seem to always be collecting insults. Look, maybe if you had ever really been in love --

Kendall: Love. You kid yourself that they love you. But at the first chance, they make their getaway. You trapped Chris for a while, tortured him, and added him to your trophy list. But he got smart. He got away, too.

Erica: Is that how you see it?

Kendall: I see you here baiting your trap. You're a fool if you think Chris Stamp will let you get back with him again. But, hey, that's the thrill, that's the turn-on, right? The thrill of the chase? Oh, my gosh, where's my camera? Is this for real? The self-absorbed Erica Kane is actually hurting?

Erica: Yes, Kendall. I'm hurting. I did torture Chris, and I deserve to lose him. I made a horrible mistake. I hurt someone who loved me, who wanted to have a future with me. That's a very hard reality, Kendall.

[Mateo is walking around and hears a noise]

Mateo: Who's there?

[The sniper hits Mateo in the head and knocks him out]

[Door opens]

Anna: Hi. How'd it go? You manage to worm anything out of her?

David: Who?

Anna: Your mother.

David: And how did you know I was with Vanessa?

Anna: Well, I figured you weren't going to the hospital. So I did, instead.

David: Why?

Anna: Joe Martin did let Stamp review your patient files. I thought maybe you'd like some copies to see what it was he was looking through.

David: And how did you pull this off?

Anna: I'm just clever, I guess. Ok, included in these documents are your patients, plus files on four recent heart attack victims.

David: You took one hell of a big risk. For me?

Anna: When are you going to get it through your skull that I just want to help you? Okay, let's look at these.

David: Interesting reading, huh?

Anna: Very. Concentrate first on the heart attack victims. Ok, we've got an Officer Sweeney, father of a murder victim/drug dealer. The FEDS have connected him right back to Proteus.

David: All right. Go on.

Anna: And then we have this prison guard who tried to kill Mateo. Now, he's linked directly with Proteus. And Larry, your mother's driver.

David: Let me see that file.

Anna: Have I got this straight, David? You suspected Vanessa of inducing Larry's fatal heart attack, kind of like her other lover, Paolo? And then when I mentioned the fact that Stamp was going after cardio cases, you thought to yourself, "hmm, maybe I better go have a chat with mom."

David: You are good, Devane.

Anna: Well, it wasn't that difficult. Did she give anything away?

David: No. She threatened to tell the hospital about my research if I didn't back off.

Anna: Really?

David: Yeah.

Anna: You are on

to something, then. David: Yeah. And whatever she's hiding, I'd stake my life that it has to do with Proteus.

Anna: Right. Let's pay Vanessa another visit, now, while we've got the ammo.

David: She's not alone, if you get my drift.

Anna: Really? We could catch her in the act, show her those files, then maybe she'll fess up.

David: You don't know Vanessa.

Anna: She doesn't know me. She's about to get a crash course. Come on.

Leo: No! Come on! God, I cannot believe this!

Jake: Well, that plane is gone, and the odds are the pilot's not coming back. It just looks like we're here for the long haul, just the three of us.

Greenlee: This is all your fault, Leo. That pilot, you came on to her, didn't you?

Leo: Yeah, I told her that we were going to go off to Spain together. Greenlee, I had to find you, whatever it took. It was the only way. Jake, can I see the mark that --

[Jake shows him]

Leo: Why would -- like -- how could she do something like this?

Jake: Well, Leo, your mother hates me because I went after David.

Greenlee: She hates me because you loved me, because I took you away from her, and because she's totally insane. You didn't believe me before. Do you believe me now?

Leo: Jake, Greenlee, I'm so sorry.

[Leo walks away and sits alone - trying to understand what Jake and Greenlee have proven to him about Vanessa]

Jake: You want to go after him, don't you? Don't do it. Stay here.

Jake: Greenlee, you know he's responsible for this.

Greenlee: He didn't know about Vanessa.

Jake: Because he didn't want to know, Greenlee. You tried to tell him, and he didn't want to hear it. Here we are, we're sitting out here in the middle of this island somewhere. Leo's over there lost. And I know that you're wanting to go wrap your arms around him and comfort him.

Greenlee: Jake, it's not like Leo knew that this was going to happen.

Jake: Well, somehow, some way that did happen. And I don't know if it's him or if it's just his fate, but whatever it is, he always seems to come up with an excuse and you seem to let it pass.

Greenlee: Look at him, Jake.

Jake: I can't look at him, Greenlee. I just wish you would catch on to his act.

Greenlee: What act?

Jake: This whole damaged-soul thing that he does. He acts like he's hurt and he waits for you to tell him that everything is going to be ok and that somehow this is going to make him a better man. It never does, Greenlee. I really believe that this is as good as it gets with Leo.

Greenlee: Leo loves me.

Jake: Greenlee, as much as he wants to -- and I really believe that the man wants to love you -- but I just think that Leo is incapable of loving.

Greenlee: No.

Jake: Yes. Greenlee, it is true. And the sooner you realize it, the better off you're going to be. He plays on your sympathy. And then when you give in to him, he shuts you down, because Leo just doesn't have the tools to give himself, of himself, to someone. He's selfish and he's greedy. And you're just going to have to do what you've got to do.

Greenlee: What?

Jake: Let him go. You need to just- you need to look at us. You really do. Come on. I've never messed with your head, I'm always straight with you, and you always know where you stand with me. All I want from you is love and honesty. I mean, I think that's all either one of us want. I believe that. I think deep down that's all you're really looking for, Greenlee.

Ryan: You had, like, what, about a hundred chances to tell me the truth, and you -- you pick now.

Chris: It wasn't planned.

Ryan: Right, it just kind of, like, came out.

Chris: Yeah.

Ryan: Interesting. I mean, your timing.

Chris: Yeah, what about it?

Ryan: Well, I mean, it's perfect, really, playing the ace that you kept up your sleeve until now because you're so desperate.

Chris: It is not that.

Ryan: Well, yeah, you need something to -- you need something to save you, to prove that you're Proteus.

Chris: Didn't you hear a word I said?

Ryan: And the proof is on a computer disk and you need to destroy that disk!

Chris: Because I'm trying to protect you, damn it!

Ryan: Well, I'm not buying into your act, Agent Stamp!

Chris: Well, then go ask Mateo! Ryan: Ask hi

what? What? I mean, you've obviously got to him. I don't know what lies you fed him, I don't know what you said, but I'm not handing over anything to you, and I sure as hell am not buying into the lie that -- that you're my father?

[Ryan runs out of the motel room]

Chris: Ryan, wait.

Greenlee: Jake, Leo's in pain.

Jake: And you're the only one who can remove that thorn from his paw.

Greenlee: I have to go to him. He needs me.

Jake: Do you understand that he is trying to use this to get you back? And then what happens?

Greenlee: What?

Jake: Leo feels all better again. And then he hurts you all over again. Do you see that this is history repeating itself all over?

Greenlee: I have to go to him.

Jake: I'm going to ask you once. Don't. Choose us.

David: Vanessa?

Anna: Hello? She's gone, huh?

David: Anybody here?

David: Vanessa! Not a trace. Even the bed is made.

Anna: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's this?

David: What is it?

Anna: A used syringe.

Erica: Chris, what are you doing? What are you -- Chris, what are you doing? Chris! You just told Ryan that you're his father. You can't just let him walk away. Go after him. Go.

[Mateo comes to in time to see the sniper taking aim at Ryan]

Mateo: Ryan! Chris! Sniper!


Singer: Whoa oh, whoa, oh, oh ooh, ooh, ooh

[In slow motion you see Chris running towards Ryan - a shot rings out - Chris takes the bullet meant for Ryan - Erica sees Chris getting shot - Ryan and Chris fall to the ground]

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Leo: Look where you are, thanks to me.

J.R.: Like you didn't need room to pack, Mom.

Tad: Pack? Are you going somewhere?

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