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All My Children Transcript Friday 2/22/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Maggie: I know exactly what you are.

Hayley: The disc is safe and sound with Ryan Lavery.

Chris: Hayley, shut up.

Leo: I'm looking for a couple friends of mine. I figured we could just fly over the immediate area and see the lights from the boat.

Jake: Here, let me have your hands. Stick them in there, get them warm.

Greenlee: It's never like this in the cartoons. People wash up on a deserted island, they never look like they're freezing.

Jake: Well, they don't bleed when they run into walls, either. That's the upside of being a cartoon person.

Greenlee: Explain the upside to being us right now. I'm not getting it.

Jake: Oh. Need something to screen this thing off.

Greenlee: Maybe we could light the bonfire, warm up until a plane flies over.

Jake: Well, unfortunately, we can't light that bonfire because it's only good for about 20 minutes, tops. And I want to save it so that I can light it when someone flies over and they can see it. Sorry.

Greenlee: Jake, when we were talking before and you said how you feel, I -- I feel --

[Airplane approaches]

Jake: Shh, shh. Do you hear that?

Kendall: Okay, what the hell did I write that check for? Not that it matters anyway. Watching it bounce is going to be like having front seats at a Lakers game. I hate this! Ugh!

[Knock on door]

Kendall: If that's you, Mr. Wolfe, give me some heat and then you'll get your check for the room.

Ryan: I'm not the manager and I don't want your money.

Kendall: Hurry up; it's got to be, like, 20 below. Jeez.

Ryan: Whoo!

Kendall: What's up? Was I writing too loud for you?

Ryan: No, I'm on my way into town. I thought maybe if you're hungry, if you want to come along, get something to eat.

Kendall: In this weather?

Ryan: I'll be in front of you.

Kendall: I'll pass.

Ryan: Yeah, well, how about if it's on me?

Kendall: Oh, I am so swept off my feet. "Hey, want to ride on the back of my bike? You might freeze, but there's free food in it for you." Maybe afterward we can really wing out and go hit a bucket of balls.

Ryan: Or if you're broke, you could just, let's say, admit it, stop being a jerk. Because the way I see it, two losers stuck in a dump like this, I mean, we have no reason to pretend.

Kendall: I'll go change into something warm.

Ryan: Good answer.

Kendall: Actually, I love riding on the back of your bike. Except the part where I have to scrape the bugs off my front teeth.

Ryan: That's the spirit.

Hayley: You're a real charmer, aren't you?

Chris: No. Never have been.

Hayley: Well, let me explain to you how we do things in the human world as opposed to the tree you just swung down from.

Mateo: All right. Come on.

Hayley: Number one, never tell me to shut up. And number two, Simone has been with us from the beginning on this. What we know, she knows. So you don't have the authority to remove her from what we're doing.

Simone: It's okay. I shouldn't have come over here.

Hayley: That's not up to him to decide, Simone.

Simone: Hayley, really, it's okay. It's just that we've all been running so many different acts, I'm not sure really what's real anymore.

Hayley: Well, it's been very hard on all of us.

Simone: Still, I shouldn't have busted in on you guys. I'm sorry.

Hayley: Why don't you go see if she's okay?

Mateo: Be nice.

Chris: Okay, now it's time for my crash course, young lady. It's called "How not to screw up my investigation 101."

Hayley: Oh, your investigation.

Chris: Rule number one is you don't spout off information in a public place when you don't know who the hell is listening.

Hayley: You invited us to this public place and I knew Simone was there.

Chris: No, you didn't.

Hayley: Yes, I do, and I trust Simone -- a hell of a lot more than I trust you.

Chris: And you gave Lavery the disc because you trust him?

Hayley: I trust him with my life.

Chris: Tell me what he's really like.

Hayley: What the hell is it to you?

Anna: We have the most unusual pillow talk, don't we?

David: It's all right. We don't have to talk about what you came here to tell me. I have better things I'd like to do.

Anna: No, wait. You know what -- you have to know. Listen, I think Stamp is winding up his Proteus operation and he's going to pin whatever he can on you. That's why he's freezing me out of the investigation.

David: Well, what's so new about that? Stamp has been trying to nail me for months.

Anna: This is different. He's taken a whole other tactic, and quite honestly it scares me.

David: All right, what has he done?

Anna: Stamp has requested all of your patient files from the hospital. Not only that, I overheard him saying that he wants new records on people that have had heart attacks recently in Pine Valley. Now, you and I both know that heart attacks don't have anything to do with the Proteus case.

Maggie: No! No! No!

Maggie: You really are a monster.

Vanessa: Oh, please, oh, please. I only gave you half a dose, my dear. You are not dying. Merely a crisis control. I do not kill family -- though Lord knows sometimes they push me to the brink over and over again. All right, darling, if you can make it to the sofa. Oh, well -- now how am I going to get you out of here?

Vanessa: Oh, this has all gone way out of hand. Why can't people just stay out of my way? This close to getting out of this Mayberry revisited and the two Bobsey twins have to show up brandishing sonnets. Well, it's probably all my fault. I care too much. That's all there is to it. I -- I should've burned the damn book! But I wanted Bianca to have a little memento of Frankie. And you know something -- every time I do that, try to do something good, it always comes right back to bite me!

Vanessa: Good pulse. She's out like the proverbial light. Okay, so, so, so. It's moving day again.

Mateo: You want something? Huh?

Simone: No.

Mateo: Listen, I realize that what went on between us was pretty intense, okay, and it was hard to know when the game stopped and the real stuff began. I admit that.

Simone: Yeah, which makes it awkward now that the game is over.

Mateo: And I'm sure having Stamp involved makes you feel like you're getting pushed out.

Simone: Oh, aren't I?

Mateo: You're going to get your story.

Simone: Yeah, after all the action is over and you fill me in.

Mateo: We will fill you in as soon as we can.

Simone: Yeah, well, I don't want to get the story like that, all right? My life was full and intense there for a while and that's the way I love it. And it didn't matter if I don't get a lot of sleep. It made me feel like my life had some substance, that it mattered what I was doing.

Mateo: Hey, I understand.

Simone: You know, and now you've just, like, pushed me off to the sidelines, there with my laptop and -- and my notepad, taking notes, while the story's going on without me. And you know what -- it was mine.

Mateo: Simone --

Simone: No, you know what -- you don't even know what I have sacrificed to come here, what I have given up. There has got to be a way to convince Stamp that he's got to let me in for the end. Can't you do something? That's good. Yeah, I get it. It's not just Stamp who wants me out. You do, too.

Mateo: It's the way it's got to be.

Simone: Yeah, you're -- you're with Hayley and you don't want your fake mistress hanging around. It's a little too much, huh?

Mateo: Yeah, it's a little awkward.

Simone: All right, you know what -- just go, all right? Hayley and Stamp are waiting for you.

Mateo: Listen --

Simone: Hmm. Don't, all right? Do not tell me how sorry you are. I like the Band-Aid pulled off fast.

Chris: You just told me that Ryan has evidence to put Proteus away, and you're asking me why I want to know about him?

Hayley: I seem to remember your fascination beginning before all of this. I remember when you were a bartender at SOS and Ryan and I were having a conversation and you were eavesdropping and he called you on it. What's that?

Chris: Not bad for an amateur.

Hayley: Oh, what's supposed to mean?

Chris: Well, that's the way I would play it, I mean, if I were grilling a perp. I'd pretend like I didn't know anything.

Hayley: I don't know what you're talking about.

Chris: Oh, come on, Hayley, give me a break. You know the whole story about Ryan and me, don't you?

Hayley: Oh, you mean I know that you offed his father.

Chris: Such a nice way of putting things.

Hayley: You know, Ryan doesn't like you, you're using my husband to do your dirty work, so I really don't give a damn if you don't approve of my vocabulary.

Chris: Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? Because I've been hated by professionals.

Hayley: So I understand. I feel sorry for them. What are you looking at?

Chris: You don't let anyone in easily, do you?

Hayley: Why, you want bond with me?

Chris: No. I was thinking about Ryan. The guy's been handed nothing but bad breaks his whole life, he loses his wife who he loved more than anything in this world, and he still winds up with a tough, smart cookie like you to trust him with her life. Says a lot for someone.

Hayley: Simone okay?

Mateo: Yeah, she understands.

Hayley: That doesn't answer my question.

Mateo: She's cool just as long as she gets her story.

Chris: You know, I don't know about that, Mateo.

Mateo: Listen to me, listen, she covered my back for three months, okay, and you're going to treat her like she's some tabloid reporter or something?

Chris: Hey, I'll treat her like Edward R. Murrow the second I have that disc in my hand. So why don't you call Lavery and tell him that I'm on my way over to pick it up.

Mateo: I don't think you were listening. Hayley and I want in, all right, and you don't get anything until you agree.

Chris: You should know this by now -- this is not a game. The longer that Lavery has that disc in his hand, the more his life is in danger. Proteus is going to think nothing about killing him.

Kendall: Surprise.

Kendall: I'm not quite as stupid as I look. Bummer, huh?

Ryan: How did you --

Kendall: How'd I figure it out? It's not every day that a guy like you offers comfort and support, to say nothing of a free meal, because he's suddenly decided I'm Americaís sweetheart. Add that to the fact that the Feds already trashed your room and didn't find out what they were after. You can see how the connection was made, grasshopper.

Ryan: Yeah, the disc was very important, Kendall.

Kendall: Really? I thought Stamp was after it because it had your English term paper in it. Again, not as stupid as I look.

Ryan: Huh. I never thought that you were stupid, Kendall, and you can believe this or you don't have to believe it, but I'm sorry that I put the disc in your doll's head. I don't like to use people. It's not my style.

Kendall: Yeah, but if you got to use someone, I'm the perfect candidate.

Ryan: I never thought that.

Kendall: Oh, sure you did. I mean, it's not like I have a real firm grasp on right and wrong. Well, at least not so it gets in my way.

Ryan: So you're not angry about this?

Kendall: With my track record? Please, that'd be a little bit hypocritical, don't you think?

Ryan: Well, I'm glad that you're taking it this way.

Kendall: Well, a friend of yours was in trouble. You needed to hide that disc fast. You just did what you had to do, right?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. I'm glad that you're being so understanding.

Kendall: Well, I've done worse for a pack of cigarettes. In fact, I bet at this very moment --

Ryan: What?

Kendall: I assume you'll be wanting that disc back.

Ryan: Ahem. Kendall, don't --

Kendall: Now, try to see this from my point of view. It's Hayley's disc, she's loaded, and, as you so gallantly pointed out, I'm flat broke.

Ryan: How much, Kendall?

Kendall: Hmm, this isn't going to be as easy as I thought it would be.

Ryan: Yeah, right.

Kendall: No, it's true. I mean, I do need money, and, you know, when something like this falls into your lap, you can't be squeamish, but I don't like doing this to you.

Ryan: How much do you want, Kendall?

Kendall: How about 100 thou?

Mateo: Look, no one knows what Ryanís holding, all right? He's not in any danger. I think you just want to be in control.

Chris: Look, the three of us know about it, Ryan knows about the disc, and, as of 10 minutes ago, Simone knows about that. When that many people know about something, it's impossible to keep under wraps.

Mateo: Come on, come on. You're being ridiculous.

Chris: No, no, no, I've been there, and I'm telling you this is where mistakes happen -- big mistakes -- the kind you regret for the rest of your life.

Hayley: Maybe he's right.

Chris: Mateo, Proteus is on to you. He knows the both of you were faking it.

Mateo: It doesn't mean that he knows that Ryan has the disc.

Hayley: He or she.

Chris: He or she, whoever. They have to know that something is out there, some kind of evidence, and it's my responsibility to make sure it's handed over to the appropriate federal agencies and locked up before -- before Proteus goes hunting and starts to kill people.

Hayley: Right. You're right. He's right. We can't do it our way anymore.

Mateo: We still have the disc.

Hayley: We don't, Ryan does, and it's dangerous for him to hang on to it.

Chris: Finally, the voice of reason.

Hayley: I'm going to call Ryan and get the disc back.

Simone: It's me, Simone. I'm ready to deal.

Anna: Well?

David: Recent disclosures, my status at the hospital is once again uncertain, and blah, blah, blah.

Anna: What does that mean, David?

David: It means that they refuse to tell me about my files.

Anna: And if Chris has them?

David: There's no way I can know it. And there's not a damn thing that I can do about it.

Anna: You know he's going to try and dig up whatever he can, use it as leverage or to discredit you.

David: It doesn't matter what he's planning to do. The end result is going to be the same.

Anna: Yeah. He's going to find out about your research, add that to the review that Jake's already started, and -- oh, David, I already told you that you could lose everything.

David: I -- are you sure that he's just trying to gather all this information on me? I mean, what does this fishing expedition have to do with the Proteus investigation?

Anna: I don't know. What do heart attacks have to do with Proteus?

Vanessa: How? How, David, are you going to keep yourself from being transferred to state hospital? You need an attorney.

David: What I need is for you to calm down, listen to me, and do as I say, okay?

Vanessa: Well, what could I possibly do?

David: Mother, right outside this cubicle, there's a locked medicine cabinet, okay? It's behind the nurses' station. I need you to get me some potassium and a clean syringe. Stay here.

Anna: No, where are you going? Please tell me. Tell me.

David: I have to go to the hospital. I want to try and find out about my files, okay?

Anna: What if they won't talk to you?

David: There's a woman there that works in the records department and --

Anna: I'm coming with you.

David: No, no, no, donít. Look, I'll be much more persuasive on my own, okay?

Anna: David --

David: No, Anna, please, just trust me. Okay?

Anna: Okay.

Jake: Okay, hang on.

Greenlee: The wind's blowing. I can't hear anything.

[Airplane approaches]

Jake: Look, look, right up there! There's some lights!

Greenlee: You're right -- and they're moving.

Jake: All right, let me get this thing lit.

Greenlee: "Da plane, boss, da plane!"

Jake: Ugh! Damn it.

Greenlee: Here, here, here.

Jake: There she goes, there she goes, all right.

Greenlee: Go, go, go, go.

Jake: I got it, I got it.

Greenlee: Hurry up, hurry up, Jake, it's getting closer. Come on, did you get it?

Jake: There she goes, there she goes! Come on.

Greenlee: We're over here!

Jake: Hey!

Greenlee: Hello! We're over here! Hello!

Vanessa: The deposit those medical people had me put down on this is absolutely criminal. What do they think I'm going to do, abscond with the damn thing, roll all the way to China? Must have some medical scam going on I'm not aware of, shame on me.

[Knock on door]

David: Leo? Leo, it's me. Come on, open up. I need to speak with you. It's about Vanessa.

[Knock on door]

Vanessa: You know, nobody has to put up with what I have to up with. Job had nothing on me.



Vanessa: I'm coming! Possess your soul with a little patience, please.

Vanessa: Leo isn't here. He's out making arrangements for us to escape from this hellhole. And by the way, David, I know why you're here. I heard you. I heard what you said. You wan to talk to Leo about me.

David: You're right, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Mm-hmm, what?

David: I came here to talk to Leo.

Vanessa: And what about, hmm? Did you bring commitment papers with you for him to sign? Or do you want to ask him to maybe pony up for half the asylum expenses?

David: Obviously, I didn't expect to find you here. But maybe it's for the better. Maybe it's about time you and I had an honest talk.

Vanessa: Well, isn't that impossible? I mean, you think I'm a joke.

David: That's not true, Vanessa.

Vanessa: I know you don't love me, David dear. In fact, Leo is the only one that has any feelings for me.

David: You're right, Vanessa. Maybe I don't have any great love for you, but I do feel responsible for you.

Vanessa: Well, and your kind of responsibility entails what? Ha-ha-ha, we know.

David: I know you think that I'm threatening you, but I really just want to protect you.

Vanessa: Well, it seems to me the only person I need protection from is you.

David: I'm worried about you, Mother. You seem to be in over your head.

Vanessa: Really? So if I was in over my head, you'd be the last person in the world I'd call for a lifeline.

David: I'm the best hope you've got.

Vanessa: Oh, don't fool yourself, my darling, my little prince. You are not half as powerful as I've made you believe you are.

David: All right, all right, look, I don't want to keep doing this with you. I just want to know the truth. Did you kill Larry? Have you used the drug on anybody else?

Ryan: $100,000? Like in American money?

Kendall: Is there a problem?

Ryan: Okay, how about a counteroffer, all right? I hold you upside down by your ankles until you tell me where the disc is.

Kendall: See, that feels kind of hostile to me.

Ryan: Go with that feeling.

Kendall: But we should be negotiating nicely. I'm not the enemy here.

Ryan: Really? Could've fooled me.

Kendall: Remember, I turned down Chris Stamp.

Ryan: You know what -- you're right. So what do you say, like -- I don't know -- two bucks?

Kendall: 999,998.

Ryan: Kendall, this really is no time to be cute, all right? The disc wasn't mine. I'm serious. I made a promise to these people. I don't like to screw up my promises.

Kendall: Damn it.

Ryan: Now what?

Kendall: One of my major strengths is not giving a damn what anyone thinks about me. But suddenly watching you squint up those soulful eyes in that judgmental way you have, suddenly I don't want you to dislike me.

Ryan: Being the gentle soul that you are, Kendall, give me the disc.

Kendall: Here's the thing -- maybe you could --

Ryan: This is getting old! Give me the disc!

Kendall: Well, couldn't you just talk Hayley into giving me a reward for it? I mean, I'm not greedy, but Stamp did offer me $5,000.

Ryan: I don't think they call it a reward when you make somebody pay for something that you stole in the first place.

Kendall: Excuse me -- something you put in my room without my knowledge which could've gotten me killed.

Ryan: Please, don't be melodramatic.

Kendall: Okay, here's the bottom line -- I am flat broke and right now I have about one asset to my name and --

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Yeah? Hayley, you all right? What's going on?

Hayley: Ryan, I need to get that thing that you're holding.

Ryan: Hayley? Would you say that again? I can't hear you. It's breaking up.

Hayley: All right, wait a minute. Hold on, I'm going to -- can you hear me? I'm going to go outside. I'm going to go outside and see if you can hear me then, okay? Hello? Ryan, can you hear me?

Simone: I have some major information for you. There's some solid information, solid evidence against Proteus, and it's in the possession of Ryan Lavery. Uh-huh.

Greenlee: No! Come back, damn it! We're right over here!

Jake: Greenlee, it's gone!

Greenlee: No, they don't see us!

Jake: Hey, hey!

Greenlee: Come back!

Jake: Greenlee!

Greenlee: Come back!

Jake: Listen, listen, listen, it's okay, it's okay. There's going to be another one tomorrow night.

Greenlee: No, that was a private plane. It's the only one we've seen since we've been here.

Jake: All right, listen, we saw that one. There has to be others.

Greenlee: You don't know that. It could be weeks. And we're freezing, we don't have any food.

Jake: Greenlee -- Greenlee, just calm down, all right? You're going to be fine. I am not going to let anything happen to you, okay? I'm going to get us out of this.

Greenlee: Why does it always make me feel so much better when you say things like that?

Jake: Because you know it's true. Just like it's true that I love you.

Jake: I meant what I said before. I want you.

Greenlee: Jake --

Jake: And I want to be with you all the time because I like what you do for me.

Greenlee: What I do for you?

Jake: And you said yourself that you're good for me.

Greenlee: I talk too much.

Jake: You were right. Because schedules and budgets aren't always written in stone. And sometimes there's nothing to drink but champagne. Really. And every once in a while, I want to go after what I want and what I want to go after, to hell with the consequences.

Greenlee: You mean like now? To hell with Leo?

Jake: I mean like when I'm holding you in my arms, like before when you were sick. I was really, really scared that you weren't going to make it. Then I thought to myself this world would be a really bad place if you weren't in it.

Greenlee: I'm going to gather some wood.

Jake: Greenlee? Do you have any idea that you're one of a kind? I mean, here you are in the face of death, and there's no white lights and long tunnels for you. Nope. You hallucinate in TV reruns.

Jake: If there's something you want, look out, because you go for it. There's not a thing on this planet that can stand up to your totally goofy determination.

Jake: You know, all the time when you were pining after Leo, it took every single bit of strength that I had not to be able to tell you how I felt. And now I'm tapped out. I don't even want to fight those urges anymore. And I'm glad. Because I don't want to fight them. Because I love you. And I always will love you. Always.

Hayley: What the hell are you doing? Who is that?

Simone: Look, Hayley --

Hayley: You were telling someone information about the investigation! We trusted you, Simone!

Simone: No, you know what -- the right word is "used." You all used me.

Hayley: Who were you talking to?

Simone: You know, none of your damn business.

Hayley: Tell me who you were talking to, now!

Simone: You're hurting me!

Hayley: That's the idea!

Simone: Get your hands off of me! Stop it!

Hayley: Shut up!

Simone: Hayley, have you lost your freaking mind?

Mateo: What are you doing?

Hayley: I caught her on the phone telling someone stuff about Ryan!

Simone: Oh, you don't even know what you heard.

Chris: Take her into custody.

Simone: Who the hell are you?

Chris: I want you to call Ryan. You tell him to stay put and not to go anywhere.

Ryan: This is unbeliev-- it cut out right when Hayley was trying to talk to me.

Kendall: Uh, beating it up may not be the way to go.

Ryan: You don't understand. Something's wrong. I could tell in her voice. Something happened.

Kendall: What do you want me to do?

Ryan: I want you to press redial. Keep pressing redial until you get through to her. Tell her I have the disc and I'm going to take it someplace safe.

Kendall: Small problem -- you don't have it.

Ryan: Right, that's true, except you're going to give it to me right now. Like as in right now, Kendall. I'm not screwing around.

Ryan: All right, start making the damn phone calls.

Kendall: You're welcome. It's busy.

Automated voice: The number you've reached is presently in use. Please leave a message.

Vanessa: So you, what, think I'm some sort of a serial killer?

David: All I'm saying is that I believe that you need help, Mother, and I would like to get it for you.

Vanessa: No, David, you're the one that needs the help, my dear. No, you've got this crazy, bizarre mother fixation. You get thyself to a couch.

[Phone rings]

Vanessa: Excuse me, but I have to take this. Yes?

Man: Santos had a smoking gun. He gave it to a Ryan Lavery.

Vanessa: Well, then we'll just have to get it back, won't we, any way we can.

Greenlee: Jake --

Jake: Don't talk.

Jake: Doesn't this feel right? Doesn't it just feel like that all this had to happen, all of it, so we could be together like this?

Greenlee: Leo!

Anna: Oh, no, no, no. Trust him, trust him.

Anna: Come on, come on, come on. Somebody -- hello? Yes, hospital record department, please. Thank you. Hi. I'm looking for Dr. David Hayward. He said that he was going to come in and talk to someone in the department there -- you haven't seen him at all this evening? Okay. Thank you. Where have you gone? Oh, "Trust me."

Vanessa: Well. My lawyer. Seems all the adverse publicity about Larry has taken us away from having the upper hand in the divorce.

David: That lie doesn't even make sense.

Vanessa: Oh, for heaven's sakes, David, I'm busy. Can't you find something more interesting to do than harass your mother? Please. And you will forgive me if I don't tell Leo you were looking for him?

David: I know what you're doing, Vanessa. I know what's really going on.

Chris: Get her out of here.

Hayley: It's no use. I can't get through to Ryan.

Chris: I'll be at the Pine Cone in two minutes. They're taking her down to the police station. Go with them; give them your statement.

Mateo: I'm going to go with him, all right?

Hayley: Ryan, what is going on?

Kendall: I cannot believe I let you talk me into a freebie.

Ryan: You know what -- I'm going to be right back, all right? Just keep making those phone calls.

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