AMC Transcript Wednesday 2/20/02


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 2/20/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: Given your medical history and your recent health crisis, this pregnancy is not viable.

Chris: All I have to do is find one convenient heart attack victim who survived, and we got Proteus dead to rights.

Maggie: Vanessa -- "evil."

Jake: Greenlee, I love you so much.

David: No. No, I'm not at all surprised. That's exactly what I would expect him to do. Great. Look, just -- just call me if you hear anything else, all right? Thanks. Damn it.

Anna: What happened?

David: The Martins are bringing me up for a board inquiry.

Anna: Well, that's all right. You'll win the board members over. You always do.

David: No, no, this is different, Anna. I'm not just talking about losing my job here. All my research is at stake.

Anna: The hospital's not going to stop you from saving lives, David. Come back to bed.

David: Why do I always have to explain myself and defend myself to a bunch of pinheads who should be glad to kiss my feet!

Anna: Well, there's a naked lady in bed here who would be happy to kiss your feet.

David: Oh, no, no. Don't, don't all right? Don't try to jolly me out of this, Anna, okay? I'm not in the mood. Please. I mean, this serum that I've been developing obviously means nothing to you, but to me, it's the most significant work I've done this --

[Knock on door]

David: What? What? What? What do you --

Dixie: Hi. Sorry -- to intrude.

David: No. No, it's -- it's all right.

Dixie: David, I really need to see you -- in private.

Joe: What you're asking is impossible.

Chris: I'm asking you to help us put a drug trafficker behind bars.

Joe: And I sympathize. But patients expect medical records to be held confidential.

Chris: Dr. Martin, I can have a court order here in an hour. But then that would tip off the individual in question. Or you're going to let me take a look at those files for 15 minutes and we can do this all in-house.

Joe: The phone, please.

Nurse: Oh, sure.

Joe: Elsa, I would like to review the records of recent heart attack patients. And mark those who have had no prior history of heart problems. Immediately, please. Why don't you meet me in my office in half an hour? If I'm not there, wait a minute.

Chris: Dr. Martin, you're a good man.

Chris: Closer to Proteus.

Vanessa: Why wasn't Mateo Santos taken out last night? That incompetent guard -- he is? Well, he was supposed to finish off Mateo before the heart attack. You saw Mateo and Chris Stamp working together? Well, that will never last. I'll make sure of that.

Maggie: "Vanessa -- evil." Ah, Frankie, what does that mean? Did Vanessa have something to do with -- but no, it doesn't make sense. You had to have some time to leave this message, so -- so you knew something before. Maybe --


Bianca: Oh, I thought so. Why did you steal my book?

Mia: Excuse me.

Nurse: Yes?

Mia: Hi. I'm looking for Dr. Jake Martin.

Nurse: Dr. Martin's running a little late.

Mia: Okay. Thank you.

Leo: Hey, Mia, you looking for Jake?

Mia: Uh -- yeah, I -- we were supposed to -- you know, I haven't seen him since I pulled that guy out of Willow Lake.

Leo: You haven't seen him since then?

Mia: No. I -- I was expecting him to call me, and he hasn't. So what do you want with him?

Leo: Nothing. I'm looking for Greenlee.

Mia: What's that got to do with Jake?

Leo: Well, I don't know. Although, there might be a slight possibility that your friend Jake Martin ran off with my fiancée.

Greenlee: Where am I?

Jake: Hey, it's okay. I'm right here.

Jake: Hey. You okay? Look at me. What's my name?

Greenlee: Jake. You're -- not --

Jake: Leo?

Greenlee: Oh. Oh, this is freaking me out. I had a dream that I was in a shipwreck, and you were a professor, and Erica was a movie star, and there was a millionaire and his wife.

Jake: Well, that just means you were hallucinating.

Greenlee: Oh, I was in a gingham top and pigtails.

Jake: Well, you had it pretty rough. I think it's all over with.

Greenlee: It is?

Jake: Trust me. You're just as perfect as you always were.

Greenlee: But -- how many times did I wake up?

Jake: Why?

Greenlee: Because I remember waking up before, and you were sitting there, and you said you didn't know what you would do if you lost me. Jake, was that true?

Jake: Doesn't matter.

Greenlee: What does that mean? Jake, where are we?

Jake: Were lost, that's where. Kind of looked around here for some clues and couldn't find anything and I don't know how long we drifted in the boat. I don't know how far out here in the water we are.

Greenlee: No, that's right. That's right, we were drowning you kept waking me up. I remember that. I didn't dream that, right?

Jake: No. No. Why?

Greenlee: You saved my life. I didn't dream that.

Jake: Oh.

Greenlee: Oh.

Jake: I want you to know something. It wasn't just me saving your life. You fought. You fought like hell. And I will never underestimate you again.

Greenlee: Oh, look.

Jake: What? What?

Greenlee: My ring. It's gone. Where is it? I need my cell phone. No, I need that right now. I've got to call Leo right now!

Mia: Wait a minute. You think that Jake and Greenlee are together?

Leo: I don't know how tight you and the doctor are, but, yeah, I think those two ran off together -- in a sailboat, believe it or not.

Mia: Oh, my God. Your mother was right. Huh.

Leo: My mother? What does that have to do with Jake and Greenlee sailing off together?

Mia: She predicted it. I mean, she encouraged it.

Leo: Well, what are you talking -- when? What did my mother do?

Mia: Your mother told Jake that he should sail away with Greenlee.

Leo: When -- what did Jake say?

Mia: Well, Jake told her she should mind her own business. And then she told him to be honest and admit that Greenlee loved him and that he loved her.

Leo: I don't believe this.

Mia: Oh, but she was right. I mean, I can't believe this. Jake said that she was full of it, and he said to just forget it and -- and start packing and --

Leo: Okay -- so you and Jake we're planning on leaving together?

Mia: Yeah. I quit my job. Oh, my God. I gave up my apartment. Why didn't he just admit it? I mean, he could have just told me the truth.

Leo: So he lied to you?

Mia: Yeah, he lied to me. He lied. He didn't even have to. I –

Leo: This is -- this is so not like Jake. I mean, he's like an Abe Lincoln clone, for God's sakes. There's something really screwed up about this.

Chris: Dr. Martin, there is something else. I need a list. I need a list of all of David Hayward's patients.

Joe: Dr. Hayward?

Chris: Yeah.

Joe: What's he got to do with your drug case?

Chris: Well, I can't give any information at this point, but I sure would appreciate you giving me that list.

Joe: All right, Mr. Stamp. I suppose I have no choice, since this is an official request.

Chris: Thank you.

Joe: Should have started there in the first place. You would have saved time. I'll get you the list.

Maggie: I'm sorry. You're right. Here. Have it back.

Bianca: Why'd you take it?

Maggie: I don't know why.

Bianca: You know that this is the only thing that I have left of Frankie, right?

Maggie: Well, that's why.

Bianca: What?

Maggie: Listen, I don't have anything of my sister's. I want to feel closer to her, so maybe I took it so I could understand her death more.

Bianca: You're lying. Look, just tell me why you really took it.

Maggie: You know -- you know, you are just like your mother. Everyone's wrong but you. Why shouldn't I miss my own sister? I loved her. You know, maybe if it wasn't for you, she'd still be alive.

David: Anna, we're going to need some --

Anna: Privacy?

David: Yeah.

Anna: You want the room? Okay. If you need me, just whistle.

Dixie: Sorry.

David: Dixie, I know what you must be going through right now. But there's no point in really dwelling on it. You have no choice. You have to do this.

Dixie: What are you talking about?

David: I'm talking about the abortion. It's the only way.

Dixie: No, I would never do that. I want this baby.

David: Dixie, you don't know what you're saying. If you try to bring this baby to term, it could prove fatal for you.

Dixie: But I'm much better now. I'm much better and stronger, thanks to you.

David: Your heart will never operate normally, Dixie. I thought you understood that. Did Tad talk you into this? Is this his idea?

Dixie: No. Tad still doesn't know that I'm pregnant. And that's partly why I'm here. I need to make sure that you're going to keep my secret.

David: Your secret? This could kill you. You know that, don't you? And you expect me to just stand by and let you kill yourself?

Dixie: Well, no, I'm not going to die. I've never wanted to live more. I just need your help. Please, David, please. Help me and this baby.

Vanessa: I don't want to hear your excuses. Just do it!

Vanessa: Where is that shipment? Where the hell is that shipment? It was supposed to be -- I am supposed to be long gone from here. And thanks to your incompetence, I am taking chances I should never take.

Chris: Mrs. Cortlandt.

Vanessa: Leo isn't here. I assume you've come to see him.

Chris: Yes, I have.

Vanessa: Well, you'll have to come back later because I'm on my way out.

Chris: Well, since we're both here now, why don't -- why don't we have a chat?

Vanessa: I would love to stay and have a nice chat, but -- but I'm on my way out. I have an important hairdresser's appointment.

Chris: Yeah, well, I just want to ask you a few questions -- about your former chauffeur.

Vanessa: Ah, poor Larry, yes. Sure. What did you want to ask?

Chris: To your knowledge, did he have any kind of heart trouble?

Vanessa: Oh, well, you know, I can really see myself discussing the medical history of my chauffeur with my chauffeur.

Chris: Yeah? Well, he was a little more than just your chauffeur, wasn't he, Mrs. Cortlandt?

Vanessa: Yes, he was my chauffeur -- just the way you were Erica Kane's chauffeur. And I wouldn't dream of asking what the two of you talked about. Excuse me, but I really have to fly.

Chris: I just have one more question.

Vanessa: About Larry, my chauffeur. Yeah, what is it?

Chris: Did he and your son David -- did they have any kind of dealings together that you would know of?

Vanessa: David and Larry? Why, I would be very surprised if they did. Of course, you know, stranger things have happened in the high seas. Sorry. It's kind of an inside joke.

Chris: Well, look, if anything should come to mind later on about what we've talked about --

Vanessa: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Please.

Vanessa: Yes. Yes, of course. I'd be happy to help in the good work that you're doing. Well -- oh, Mr. Stamp? Is it true what they're saying about Mateo Santos? I mean, is -- is he really a drug lord? I mean, poor Hayley if he is. And why would you put him in a federal prison?

Chris: I really appreciate your cooperation, Mrs. Cortlandt.

Vanessa: Oh.

Chris: And if you think of anything, please call me.

Vanessa: Yes, yes. And you do that.

Vanessa: Okay, Mr. Stamp, what do you really want? Ransacked half this town, come up with nothing. Well, I guess I better find out.

Bianca: You know, I have already blamed myself for Frankie's death, like, a million times, so you can't really hurt me by telling me that it was all my fault.

Maggie: Bianca, I'm not trying to hurt you, but, you know, you accused me of stealing your book.

Bianca: Well, you did steal my book.

Maggie: I was trying to get to know my sister better.

Bianca: Oh, right, right. So you never talked to her, she didn't even mention that you existed, and now you think that you're the only one that can mourn her or something?

Maggie: Okay, who's trying to hurt -- who's trying to hurt me now?

Bianca: Look, I loved your sister. She loved me, too. At least we had that.

Maggie: Yeah, so you keep on telling me.

Bianca: Knowing me is the reason that Frankie understood how incredible it is to really be loved. And you know how I know that? She told me so. And I'm never going to forget it, ever. It's a lot more than you can say.

[Door opens and closes]

Maggie: Frankie, I am so sorry I had to do that. I didn't want to. Oh, maybe you're not the only con artist in the family. Only thing is, I hate it.

[Maggie sighs]

David: I can't believe that you even think for a minute that you can make this work.

Dixie: Just hear me out, okay? No one can know where I am, first of all, okay? Not Uncle Palmer, not J.R., and especially not Tad. Nobody can know about the pregnancy until it's over.

David: Dixie, you're going to have a hard enough road as it is to walk down. You're going to do this alone with nobody there that cares for you beside you? That's crazy.

Dixie: Well, no -- it would be much harder if people knew. Much harder on my heart --

David: No, I'm not convinced of that.

Dixie: I'm not going into this recklessly or irresponsibly. I want this to be safe. That's why I need your help.

David: What exactly do you expect me to do?

Dixie: Well, you know doctors all over the world. You could send me to the best place, wherever that is, where I could just get the care that will make this possible.

David: Dixie, any doctor that I recommend you to is going to tell you immediately that this pregnancy is not acceptable.

Dixie: You could convince them otherwise. I know you could because I worked for you, remember? I know how well you're regarded. They'll do whatever you say.

David: But that's like asking me to sign your death certificate. And as a doctor, I can never, ever accept that type of an agreement. And as a man, Dixie, forget it. I can't do that.

Dixie: David -- David, aren't there more important things in life than just surviving? Look, you took a needle and put it into your arm with a drug to test -- to save my life. What if you'd died?

David: I can take the risk for medicine, okay? But I'm not going to take a risk on your life. I'm not going to do that.

Dixie: But -- isn't there a chance that I could die even if I do stop this pregnancy? Next month or next year? If you're really wanting to talk about risks and probabilities, don't I have a much higher chance of dying than a regular, healthy person already?

David: Yeah. Yeah, you do

Dixie: Okay. I am pregnant. I love this baby. I'm willing to risk my life for it. Help me. Please.

David: All right. All right, I'll help you. But on my terms. I'll be your doctor. I'll go away with you.

Leo: So the last thing Jake said to you was that he was going to call you?

Mia: Yeah. I can't believe he'd blow me off like that.

Leo: Yeah, I know. That sounds like something I would do. And not to you, of course. Dr. Joe.

Joe: Is there a problem?

Leo: Uh -- I don't think so.

Joe: Have you seen Jake?

Leo: Well, you obviously haven't, either.

Joe: No, I haven't, not since yesterday.

Leo: Yeah, I think -- I think that he went AWOL. I think he took Greenlee with him.

Joe: Well, he'll be here. Your brother, David, is due to appear before the board today, and Jake intends to testify against him, so he wouldn't want to miss that. If you see Jake, would you ask him to call his father?

Mia: Yeah.

Leo: You know, this is getting weirder and weirder. Come with me.

Mia: What?

Jake: Yeah, I don't believe this. We almost drowned last night, Greenlee, and all you can talk about is Leo?

Greenlee: I have to warn Leo, Jake. Vanessa said she was going to kill me, so I couldn't take him away from her. We have to get to that lunatic before she does anything -- ow.

Jake: Okay, all right, listen, listen, hang on a minute. I'm sorry. Just hang on. All right, I know what Vanessa did. She drugged me, too.

Greenlee: What?

Jake: I almost died, Greenlee, though I forgot to tell you.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Jake, are you all right?

Jake: I'm fine.

Greenlee: Don't you see? Leo's really in danger, then.

Jake: Okay, okay, Greenlee, hang on a minute. Hang on. We are out here in the middle of -- I don't know where the heck we're at -- away from civilization where there are no rules, no laws, so I'm going to have to make up a few. The first one is I don't want to hear about Leo or his sick mother.

Greenlee: Are you kidding? She's the reason we're here.

Jake: That's right; we're here, all right? It's just you and me, and we better start caring about that.

Greenlee: I care about whether Leo lives or dies.

Jake: You better start caring about whether you're going to live.

Greenlee: Jake, you think we might really die?

Jake: We're not dead yet. And I intend to keep us alive, no matter what it takes. Like I already have.

Greenlee: Yes, but --

Jake: But we have some new rules here. I want you to start thinking about that party game.

Greenlee: Party game? Now? Jake --

Jake: Except this time, it's for real. I want you to ask yourself this question, Greenlee. If you were stranded on a desert island -- which you are -- who would you rather be with, me or Leo?

Greenlee: You just broke the law.

Jake: That's right. I make them, and I can break them. And I can do whatever I want.

Greenlee: Jake --

Jake: No, there's no way I'm going to let us die here. But I'm not going to spend whatever time we have wasted on talking about Leo.

Greenlee: Jake --

Jake: And you're not going to think about him, either, Greenlee. Now, look, I have been a lover, a friend, a support, a savior. What the hell's Leo been? He's been a loser, a liar, a jerk who ran off and married someone else. Raised by a con artist, sociopathic mother.

Greenlee: I have my own law. Don't put Leo down. It's Vanessa --

Jake: That's right.

Greenlee: Who's crazy.

Jake: That's right, Greenlee. Vanessa is crazy. Maybe she even eats her young. I don't know. But you know what? Let her. I don't care. And I'm going to see to it that you don't, either.

Greenlee: Jake, I've never seen you like this before.

Jake: Well, you just better get used to it because that's the way it's going to be because I'm going to get us off this island.

Greenlee: I believe if anyone can get us off this island, Jake, you can.

Jake: Well, good. Now, we got to start making a bonfire here before it gets dark.

Greenlee: A bonfire? How do we do that? Like, gather branches and things like that?

Jake: That's right. That's right. Let's get to it.

Greenlee: Maybe a plane will fly overhead and see us. And then we can go home.

Jake: Is that what you want to happen?

Greenlee: Jake, I -- I --

Jake: Greenlee! Hey.

Leo: You know, I just can't believe that everywhere we've looked has turned out to be a dead end. Jake Martin is the most predictable guy in the world. He plans out everything. He would never leave you out in the lurch. No, I mean it. He wouldn't do that, not to you. And he definitely, definitely wouldn't pass up the opportunity to stick it to my brother.

Mia: Maybe his father was wrong.

Leo: I don't think so. Dr. Joe hates David almost as much as Jake does. No, this -- this doesn't make any sense. You know, I'm starting to think that they didn't even leave on their own accord.

Mia: You know, in everything that you're thinking, you're forgetting one thing.

Leo: Hmm. What's that?

Mia: Love.

Dixie: David, this is not about what happened between us. I need your help as a doctor. I need your medical expertise.

David: That's exactly what I'm offering you. This is not about my feelings for you, Dixie. And as a doctor, you know that you cannot afford to turn me down. Please, please, let me -- let me do this for you.

Dixie: You've saved my life how many times?

David: That doesn't matter. I want to keep doing it.

Dixie: There's so many reasons why you shouldn't come with me.

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: I mean, if we leave together, Tad will think that's very suspicious, and he won't stop until he finds out what exactly is going on.

David: That's not a good enough reason. We'll figure it out, okay? Nobody will ever suspect anything.

Dixie: No. No, I have got to do this on my own. If I depend on you in a moment of weakness -- you might be able to talk me out of it. And I don't want that. So, please, if you -- if you ever cared about me --

David: You know I have, and you know I do.

Dixie: Then just respect my wishes. And just do what I ask this one last time.

David: Do you remember all the times that I told you that I saw myself as a better person in your eyes?

Dixie: Yes.

David: I owe you so much, Dixie -- for showing me the vision of that person, for showing me the possibilities of that person. All right. All right, I'll do what you want.

Dixie: You'll help me?

David: There's a clinic in Zurich. It's very discreet. They'll take your case if I ask them to.

Dixie: Thank you.

David: They'll also do it for free for my sake, okay? No, listen.

Dixie: Oh, that's ridiculous.

David: Let me do this, okay?

Dixie: Thank you.

David: I'll get your records there.

Dixie: You know, I think there's hope for you yet, Dr. Hayward.

David: You really think that?

Dixie: With all my heart.

Dixie: Okay. I've got your promise?

David: I won't do anything to jeopardize your secret, okay? Tad will never know that -- that you're carrying his baby.

Dixie: Okay. I'm trusting you.

David: Here. Ahem. This is the -- this is the clinic, okay, with the name of the head doctor. Call him, okay?

Dixie: Okay.

David: I'll get it to them by the afternoon -- the records.

Dixie: I guess this is good-bye. Hey.

Maggie: Excuse me. Hi. I'm looking for Dr. Hayward.

Anna: Oh, hi. Yeah, you're his cousin, right? Maggie, is it?

Maggie: Yes. I really need to see him.

Anna: Oh. He's in conference. Can I help?

Maggie: No. It's family stuff.

Joe: I trust you were comfortable waiting in my office?

Chris: Yes, I was. Is -- is that for me, as well?

Joe: Mm-hmm. Information about David Hayward's recent patients.

Chris: I notice you're more at ease sharing confidential information on David Hayward than you were about my first request.

Joe: At ease? No. No, I'm not at ease. I'm quite disturbed by your interest in hospital records, particularly if one of our physicians is suspected of a crime.

Chris: Your concern is duly noted, Doctor.

Joe: Yeah. Is there any of this you can share with me?

Chris: No. No, unfortunately the flow of information right now has to go one way, but I'll be happy to fill you in at the appropriate time.

Joe: Mm-hmm. Well, I'd appreciate that.

Chris: Thank you very much. Ah.

Anna: Getting pretty chummy with Dr. Martin, aren't you?

Chris: Chummy -- that's my middle name.

Anna: You're close to cracking this, aren't you?

Chris: It's a possibility.

Anna: What about our partnership?

Chris: Impossible.

Anna: Hey, you be careful. You pursue this, you're going to end up in a meter maid outfit.

Chris: Well, how do you figure that?

Anna: Trying to prove David is Proteus. You'd be the laughing stock of the agency. Yeah, you will.

Chris: That's funny, Devane. David? Proteus?

Anna: Do not make David your target.

Mia: You know, you've come up with every possibility except for the obvious one.

Leo: Okay. Which is what, love?

Mia: Love. Love makes practical, predictable people like Jake break rules.

Leo: No. No, that's --

Mia: Yes. I mean, look. Okay, let's face it; I don't really know Jake that well, okay? And I don't know Greenlee at all. But you do. Somehow, on some level, there must be something between them. Don't you think?

Leo: I don't know. They don't know.

Mia: Maybe they do know. Maybe they know more than you think.

Jake: Set you down. Just relax.

Greenlee: Oh. Jake?

Jake: Huh?

Greenlee: Oh. You can't blame me for worrying about Leo.

Jake: All right, all right, right, listen -- we're just not going to talk anymore, all right? That drug that Vanessa gave you interacted with the champagne that you had, plus you've had a couple quarts of salt water.

Jake: All right. You try to go back to sleep, okay? All right.

Greenlee: Wait.

Jake: What?

Greenlee: I -- I don't want to have another bad dream. I know -- I'll dream about you this time. Last time I dreamt about you, you said -- wait. Maybe I didn't dream that. Jake, when you said that you loved me, was that a dream or was it real?

Jake: It was real. 

David: We'll see each other again.

Dixie: Yeah, we will. Well --

David: Dixie, please take care of yourself, okay?

Dixie: Oh, I will. You, too. Try to be happy.

David: Well, that's a tall order. But I'll do all right if I know you're well.

Dixie: I will be well.

Jake: I've never hidden the fact that I love you.

Greenlee: I told you it would be a mistake to fall in love with me.

Jake: I know you did. And I don't regret it. I just want you to remember the question that I asked you before. Who would you most want to be stranded on a deserted island with, okay?

Greenlee: That won't --

Jake: Don't answer it. Just concentrate on the question.

Greenlee: I always feel safe when I'm with you, Jake.

Jake: That's a good thing.

Greenlee: I mean it. It's like no harm can ever be done to me.

Jake: No harm ever will be done to you. I promise.

Leo: Mother, I've been looking for you.

Vanessa: Well, here I've been, waiting for you, Darling.

Leo: Those tickets that you got us --

Vanessa: Two first-class to Spain.

Leo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I need them. Can you give them to me?

[Vanessa gasps]

Vanessa: You have changed your mind, Darling. You are going to come with me. Oh.

Leo: Haven't I always done what you asked me to do?

Vanessa: Oh, Darling, yes, yes. Oh, Leo, we are going to have so much fun. And Ibiza is -- is lovely this time of year.

Leo: That's right. Don't you mean that it's full of rich, lonely people that we can swindle?

Vanessa: Well, that's what I call fun.

Leo: That's right.

Vanessa: Oh.

Leo: Oh.

Chris: Stamp, checking in. Oh, I'm about to wrap this up. Proteus will be behind bars in a week.

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