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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 2/19/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Bianca: I want to take control of my trust fund and finally be free of you.

Jake: Wake up! Vanessa drugged us. She set us adrift on this boat and it's leaking. And we're going to go down with it if we don't act fast!

Chris: What is it going to take for you to open up and trust me?

Mateo: Prove to me that you're not Proteus.

Chris: I can prove it.

Vanessa: Mr. Santos is a dead man walking.

Greenlee: I'm so hot. No, I'm cold. What am I we what am I doing here? What are you doing here?

Erica: Well, I'm always here when I'm not over there. That's the problem with being stranded on an island, you know. There aren't many options.

Greenlee: But -- I'm strand on an island with Jake. At least I think I am.

Erica: Jake? Is that someone new? Does he by any chance have anything to do with the movies?

Greenlee: Wait a minute -- you're the movie star?

Erica: If I can bring just one ray of happiness into the life of a lonely fan --

Greenlee: I'm having an out-of-body experience.

Erica: It reflects your real life.

Greenlee: But you're the movie star, and I'm the one who doesn't even have a character.

Erica: Apparently you don't even have a mirror.

Palmer: Now, now, now, no reason to fuss on a beautiful day like this. How about a nice dry martini? I know I'm ready for seconds.

Vanessa: Oh, you're ready for Davy Jones' locker, you old coot.

[Palmer chuckles]

Leo: What's Davy Jones' locker?

Joe: Burial at sea.

[Canned laughter]

Greenlee: Why is there laughter? That isn't funny.

Leo: That's when they laugh the loudest -- when it really isn't funny. Who's they, anyway?

Greenlee: Oh, oh! Thank God you're here! Get me home, please. Get me home.

Jake: Well, as pleasantly stimulating as this close physical proximity is, I would be less than honest if I didn't inform you that going home is not practical, considering the longitudinal differences between this island and Pine Valley.

Leo: He uses really big words all the time, but I know everything there is to know about hammocks -- everything.

Vanessa: No, no, no, don't you go. Don't haggle over her, boys. She is a wicked, vile little nobody, and I want her dead.

[Canned laughter]

Greenlee: That isn't funny. She means it. Help me!

Vanessa: No, no, no --

Greenlee: Please. Help me!

Vanessa: No, get -- let it go, let it go, let it go. You can sleep forever. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep --

Jake: Keep fighting. You understand me? You keep fighting, Greenlee.

Opal: You think this is funny, having me sit here alone in a joint like this waiting for you?

Erica: Well, it's better than my sitting here alone waiting for you.

Opal: You mean it's okay for me?

Erica: Well, look, I can have a certain amount of anonymity here. I couldn't anywhere else in this town -- you know, I'd be just hounded by fans, by press. Look, Opal, I'm sorry. I really am. It's just that I love my daughter. You've got to tell me -- how is Bianca?

Opal: What can I say? She isn't great, Erica. I mean, she is going to class every day. I know that for a fact.

Erica: Oh, that's good.

Opal: Yeah, but she is having a tough, tough time of it with everything -- I mean, with your trial, with losing Frankie. And now with Frankie's darn double in town, I mean, that just serves as a constant reminder that --

Erica: Opal. Opal. You just told me how I'm going to get Bianca to speak to me again. That's it.

Bianca: Frankie!

Guard: I don't know who your connection is, but they must be pretty big. They never let anybody in here at this hour to see a prisoner.

Hayley: Sometimes it helps to have a --

Mateo! Mateo! Mateo! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Help him! Open this. Mateo!

Hayley: They killed him. Oh, my God, they killed him. Hurry. Mateo, are you okay?

Mateo: Shhh. Ow, ow, ow.

Hayley: You're bleeding.

Mateo: No, look, look. I'm okay. Hey, the guy who relieved you did this.

Guard: What the --

Hayley: Oh, my God.

Mateo: It's okay. I'm all right.

Hayley: Mateo, how did this happen? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You're bleeding. Your head is bleeding.

Mateo: I hit my head on the way down. You going to take care of this or what?

Guard: I'm on it.

Mateo: I'm sorry I scared you.

Hayley: I came in here, I thought you were dead.

Mateo: I know. I'm sorry I scared you.

Hayley: How did this happen?

Mateo: It's all right. It's okay. Come here.

Hayley: Oh.

Mateo: They find the guy who did this, he's going to lead us right to Proteus.

Hayley: What? What are you talking about?

Mateo: They screwed up. They screwed up. Don't you see? This is our way out of the mess.

Hayley: I don't understand. Why are you wearing this vest? It's like you were waiting for this to happen.

Mateo: Me hitting my head -- my head, it wasn't planned, but the vest, yeah, it was planned.

Hayley: Planned by whom?

Mateo: Stamp.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: He came by, and he told me that there was a hit on me. He gave me this vest, and I pretty much -- I pretty much had to lie in wait. Don't you understand? If they catch this guy, it's done.

Hayley: Are you saying Chris Stamp saved your life?

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: The man who is directly responsible for you being in here?

Mateo: He saved my life, and he pretty much gave us back ours.

Hayley: Are you sure that he's not Proteus? What if this is some double-cross that's just gone wrong, Mateo?

Mateo: I don't think so. I don't think so. Whatever -- they find this guy, he's a direct link to Proteus.

Chris: You may be right. We got him.

Vanessa: Any chance at all they'll be found? Oh. And you are absolutely positive that both Greenlee Smythe and Jake Martin were on that boat when it went under? Well, don't worry. I'll hold you to it.

[Knock on door]

Vanessa: You just await my instructions.

Vanessa: Palmer.

Palmer: I knew it.

Vanessa: You knew what?

Palmer: You've always been unreliable, but absolutely, astoundingly predictable. I knew that this is where I'd find you.

Vanessa: You -- you knew you'd find me here in Greenlee's apartment.

Palmer: Yes. Getting comfort from the only male left on the planet who isn't repulsed by you.

Vanessa: Yes, my son loves me. What do you want to do, Palmer, take that away from me, too, as well as my home and my livelihood? Is that why you're here?

Palmer: No. I'm here to tell you that there is no deal.

Vanessa: I'm sorry.

Palmer: Our divorce will be final as soon as I can find a judge I can bribe to make it that way. And guess what -- you get nothing.

Vanessa: Oh, no settlement. Hmm, are you threatening me, Palmer? Because if you are --

Palmer: No, I'm not threatening. I've got you cold, you unabashed, cold-blooded murderer.

Leo: Are you Richard Cuneo?

Richard: I am. You're Leo?

Leo: Yeah, I am. Oh, listen, you didn't by chance sell a boat to Jake Martin very recently, did you?

Richard: Right. I still don't know why I'm here.

Leo: Yeah, well, this is -- could I have a vodka? My girlfriend and I got into a really wicked fight, and, well she got so mad that she took off with Jake.

Richard: Took off on a boat? You asking me or telling me, man?

Leo: I have to find her.

Richard: Drop dead.

Leo: No, I have to find her. Listen to me. Just listen to me for a minute. If you know that they left together and you know where they went, you have to tell me.

Richard: If I did know and did tell you, then what? You sail off to find them?

Leo: Yeah, tonight.

Richard: You look like the kind of guy that rides as a passenger.

Leo: Listen to me -- I will do anything. I'll say anything. I'll even pay anything. So are we speaking the same language yet or what, skipper?

Vanessa: Sleep, sleep, sleep. You can sleep forever.

Greenlee: No. No! No! I'm not a wimp, and I don't dress like this, and I'm not going to do what you say, you psycho.

[Canned laughter]

Greenlee: It isn't funny. She is a psycho.

Erica: No, she's not a psycho. She's "and his wife." If she were a psycho, it would say so in the song.

Leo: I love the song.

Palmer: I hate that song. Every time I hear it, it sticks in my head. Come along.

Greenlee: Somebody has got to believe me.

Jake: Well, that's not literally true. You see, the moral and physical imperatives are such that none of us actually has to believe or not believe.

Greenlee: Would you shut up?

Joe: Yes, shut up!

Leo: Hey, I didn't say, "Shut up." She said, "Shut up."

Greenlee: But you're all crazy. Why won't anyone listen to me?

Vanessa: I'm listening to you. I'm listening. But I'm going to make certain that nobody else does. Hand me that syringe of poison from my bag.

Palmer: Yes, dear, of course.

[Canned laughter]

Palmer: Ah, here we are.

[Canned laughter]

Palmer: Oh.

[Canned laughter]

Vanessa: Oh.

[Canned laughter]

Greenlee: She's going to kill me.

[Canned laughter and applause]

Greenlee: Please -- please help me.

Leo: You know, both of us would be really glad to help you.

Jake: Well, that is, for exclusive connubial rights.

Leo: Yeah, what he said. The only thing is you have to pick which one of us.

Greenlee: That's not fair. That's not fair. Not fair. Not fair. Not fair. It's not fair. Not fair. Not fair. It's not fair. It's not fair. It's not fair. Not -- not --

Jake: What is it? What did you say? Tell me.

Greenlee: Cancel --

Jake: Hmm?

Greenlee: The cable.

Bianca: Maggie, I -- I'm so sorry.

Maggie: No. Don't be.

Bianca: I didn't expect anybody to be here. I thought the house was empty.

Maggie: And why wouldn't you?

Bianca: Look, I feel really funny finding you here.

Maggie: I came to see if I could find -- I don't know what, exactly.

Bianca: Feel closer to Frankie, maybe?

Maggie: Yeah. I guess that's why you came, too. Bianca, I know that you see her when you look at me.

Bianca: Well, everybody does.

Maggie: Yeah, but you loved her. I know you're struggling.

Bianca: Well, you're her twin sister. I mean, Maggie, I can't even imagine how hard this must be on you to be without her.

Maggie: Um -- Opal hasn't had anyone stay in here since what happened, has she?

Bianca: No, not that I know of.

Maggie: It still smells like her. That pillow? It's all Frankie.

Bianca: Yeah, amber.

Maggie: What?

Bianca: Amber. She always wore amber. I used to think it was one of the reasons that my mother hated her so much. I mean, how could my girlfriend wear some health food essential oil when she could be wearing Enchantment perfume?

Maggie: I didn't know it was amber. Gosh. I never even asked her what it was that she wore that smelled so good. I'm sorry.

Bianca: That's okay, it's okay.

Maggie: Um, well, I was looking through some stuff here, and, well, it doesn't seem like anything here was Frankie's.

Bianca: Well, she came to Pine Valley with just a backpack. That's it. And anything that was in there was -- it went with the police after she was killed.

Maggie: Except for the book of sonnets.

Bianca: Right. You probably think that I'm a freak for carrying it around all the time.

Maggie: No. Well, a little bit. No, joking. Um, can I see it? Because I've been thinking a lot about that page that was ripped out.

Bianca: Sure. What have you been thinking?

Maggie: I remembered Frankie wrote notes all the time. I mean, she used to write in the margins. It drove me crazy.

Bianca: There's no writing in that. I've looked at every sonnet.

Maggie: Wait, look. There's -- there's impressions on this page. She must have written on the page that was torn out.

Bianca: Oh, my God. It's like little circles. A lot of little circles.

Maggie: Oh, my God.

Bianca: What?

Maggie: My mom. When we were kids, my mother used to tell us, "No talking, be quiet." Frankie used to circle letters, you know, to send me a note or something.

Bianca: Do you think that's what she's doing here?

Maggie: Bianca, I think this is Frankie's last message -- to you.

Greenlee: Not fair. Not fair, it's not --

Jake: Hey, what's not fair?

Greenlee: Fair --

Jake: Huh, tell me, baby, what's not fair, all right?

Greenlee: Not fair -- not fair --

Jake: Tell me what's not fair. Choose, Greenlee.

Greenlee: But it's not fair that I have to choose.

Erica: That's right. Why does she get to choose when she's not even the movie star? All the men love me.

Jake: If you pick me, I'll save your life, and I'll keep you safe and warm, and I'll always be grateful to have someone as swell as you.

Leo: And if you choose me, I won't be grateful, because I think I'm God's gift to women, but we'll really, really have fun.

Greenlee: But I don't want to decide. I did decide, and then everything went wrong.

Vanessa: You didn't choose right, so I killed you.

Greenlee: No, you didn't. I'm still alive.

Vanessa: Not for long.

Greenlee: But I don't want to die, and I don't want to choose.

Vanessa: Well, no one can help you here now. It's all over for you, all over for you, it's all over for you, it's all over for you.

Greenlee: No -- no -- no --

Jake: Greenlee, hold on, hold on.

Greenlee: No -- no -- no --

Jake: Greenlee, hold on, hold on.

Greenlee: No --

Jake: Greenlee -- Greenlee, hold on. Greenlee, listen to me --

Greenlee: No --

Jake: You've got to hold on.

Richard: Look, Dr. Martin did talk to me about going over some good sailing routes to the south.

Leo: Where south? Like the Bahamas? The Caribbean? Where?

Richard: He just said south. If you ask me, he was nuts for being so hasty, shoving off and not doing the repairs I told him had to be made.

Leo: He took off with stuff broken?

Richard: Didn't I just say that?

Leo: That's so not like him.

Richard: What do I know? Port pantry owner -- he said he didn't even stock the galley.

Leo: What? He took off without food? And Greenlee was onboard with him? What the hell was he thinking?

Opal: Are you telling me that you're going to use that poor dead girl's twin to win back your daughter's love?

Erica: Look, Opal, if I can get Maggie to like me, if I can win her over, then she will act as an advocate for me with Bianca. Maggie seems a little less brittle than Frankie, so I think I can do it.

Opal: And what are you going to do when the whole cockamamie thing backfires like an old v6 in a junkyard that hasn't seen new plugs since Eisenhower, huh?

Erica: It's not going to backfire.

Opal: No? Oh, I see. I get the picture now why we're having to spend our time in a juke joint like this. You're hoping that your favorite federal agent might stop by for an after hours brewski, aren't you?

Erica: Look, Opal, my only priority is my daughter. Have you seen Maggie? Have you seen her? Have you?

Opal: Yeah. She dropped by the house, asking if she could spend some time in her sister's old room.

Erica: Is she there now?

Opal: I don't know. I guess she could be. I mean, I told her she was free to spend the night if she wants. Hey, now, wait a minute.

Erica: Opal, thank you, and I love you. I mean it.

Opal: Erica

Bianca: Maybe she tore out the page so that the message would be more hidden and only somebody like you could figure it out.

Maggie: No, no, I'm sure. This message is for you.

Bianca: Maggie, I think it's about whoever wanted Frankie dead. If we can get an exact copy of this edition of the sonnets and find that missing page --

Maggie: Then we can compare the circled letters in this page to the letters in the other book. Bianca, is there an all-night bookstore or something?

Bianca: It's not all-night. We have a half an hour. I'll be right back, okay? Wait for me?

Maggie: Okay. Bianca -- thank you.

Bianca: Do you think that Frankie would have been glad that we met?

Maggie: I don't know. You knew her better than I did.

Bianca: Not better. Just different.

Maggie: Go.

Bianca: I'll be back, I'll be back.

Chris: Mateo, can you I.D. this guy?

Mateo: It's the guy who stabbed me.

Guard: You son of a --

Chris: Shut up! The only thing I want to hear out of you is who gave you the order to kill Mateo Santos.

Guard: Go to hell.

Chris: "Go to hell"?

Hayley: Mateo, Mateo, no. Mateo, no!

Mateo: Who sent you, hmm? Your head's going to fit right through there. Who sent you?

Guard: You going to get him off me?

Chris: You going to talk? You all set in here, Doc?

Doctor: I'll check on him in the morning.

Hayley: Yeah, we won't be here in the morning, but thanks.

Chris: You talk, you get a deal. You don't, I'll make sure you spend the rest of your life in here.

Guard: Fine. What do you want to know about Proteus?

Chris: Keep it simple. Just give us a name.

Chris: I said you could start with a name, Kiefer. Don't play games with me.

Guard: Look, you're not offering any proof of protection, or --

Chris: What, you're getting scared now? You're hyperventilating?

Hayley: Oh, my God.

Mateo: He's having a heart attack!

Guard: Can't -- breathe --

Hayley: Oh, my God.

Mateo: He's having a heart attack!

Chris: Guard!

Mateo: Guard!

Chris: Get that doctor back in here now!

Maggie: Hello.

Erica: Maggie, may I come in?

Maggie: Well, far as I know, you stole all the evidence already, so everything else here is Opal's.

Erica: I regret those decisions.

Maggie: Well, I hope that keeps you warm at night.

Erica: Look, I don't want to bicker with you.

Maggie: Well, that makes two of us.

Erica: I'm here because of my daughter.

Maggie: And what does that have to do with me?

Erica: I owe you an apology.

Maggie: Oh, yeah? Well, what's in it for you?

Erica: Nothing. I just want you to know that I am so sorry for everything.

Maggie: I still don't get why you had it in for my sister. Is it all about the fact that she was in love with your daughter?

Erica: Look, your sister, Maggie, was confused.

Maggie: You are still at it, aren't you?

Erica: Pardon me?

Maggie: Gosh. Damage control. You can't even accept the fact that your daughter was in love with another woman, can you?

Erica: Okay. Do you want to speak plainly?

Maggie: Sure.

Erica: I despised your sister. I completely despised her.

Jake: Stay with me. Stay with me. I'm right here. Greenlee -- hey --

Greenlee: I don't want to choose.

Vanessa: Then give up. Sleep. Deep, restful sleep. There's no one here to defend you. Nobody.

Greenlee: That's not true, you stupid, old witch!

Jake: Okay, thattagirl, thattagirl. Thank God. Thank God you're okay. You're okay.

Mateo: No.

Hayley: What?

Mateo: No way.

Hayley: He what? He didn't make it?

Chris: The doctor said he had a massive coronary.

Mateo: He was our only link to Proteus.

Chris: I know. I know, Mateo.

Mateo: That -- now, come on, that was too pat, too neat.

Hayley: Mateo risked his life with that guy.

Mateo: Hold on, hold on a second, wait. This guy is about to tell us, the FBI, the one thing they've been waiting for, and he died? He keels over?

Chris: Look, I agree. I don't buy it, either.

Hayley: What are you saying? This guy gave himself a heart attack?

Chris: No, but somebody else might have. Look, when I first came to Pine Valley, there was this bad cop that was after Tad Martin, Officer --

Mateo: Sweeney.

Chris: Sweeney, right. Anyway, he died the same exact way. He just keeled over, and they never changed the cause of death, but he did have a needle mark in his neck.

Mateo: What, are you saying they could use some type of untraceable drug?

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Hayley: What? This -- what? That's crazy. What if somebody comes after him with a needle?

Chris: Mateo, this is just a setback. Because there's a pattern starting to form here. We can still nail this guy.

Hayley: How?

Chris: All I have to do is find one convenient heart attack victim who survived, and we got Proteus dead to rights.

Vanessa: Well, obviously you haven't heard that I have been completely exonerated from all wrongdoing.

Palmer: The guilty often go free.

Vanessa: Ah, well, for your information, our chauffeur, Larry, died of a heart attack. The coroner himself said that.

Palmer: Did the coroner know that you induced it? God knows, it's just dumb luck that you haven't given me one. One of the many reasons I'm leaving you -- to avoid an early grave.

Vanessa: Really? Is that why you're here? Just to call me names?

Palmer: No, no. It's much simpler than that. You go after my money, and I go after you with both guns drawn, my darling, and don't forget my background. In Pigeon Hollow, we don't pay much attention to rules.

Vanessa: Oh.

Palmer: You know, most men would be upset about losing a wife. Me? I'm just delighted to keep my money out of your filthy hands.

Vanessa: You can keep your money, you cheap old coot. I won't need it, anyway.

Vanessa: Leo, darling, thank God you're here.

Leo: I just saw Palmer in the elevator.

Vanessa: Oh, forget that.

Leo: What are you doing here?

Vanessa: I was worried about you.

Leo: I just asked you what you're doing here.

Vanessa: Well, I was worried, darling. I came at -- I was hoping that you didn't run after Greenlee and with Jake. I mean, that girl made her choice.

Leo: Yeah, but did she?

Vanessa: What do you mean?

Leo: Well, I just met the guy who sold Jake his boat, and he said that he set off without any sort of sail -- whatever boat people -- he didn't have any plans. He didn't fix anything up, and he didn't even bring any food. That's not Jake.

Vanessa: Well, maybe he's changed, you know.

Leo: No, Jake will never change. He's compulsively organized. Something's up. I'm going to find out what it is.

Jake: Come on. Come on, keep fighting. Thattagirl. Keep fighting. Keep fighting. You got it. Thattagirl.

Greenlee: You know who's here to defend me? Me.

Vanessa: You against me.

[Vanessa laughs]

Greenlee: What about you? Aside from the fact that you stink, and you make Ma Barker look like Donna Reed, you're not so strong, you're not so scary.

Vanessa: That's ludicrous. I made mincemeat of you.

Greenlee: Yeah, that's because I thought I was dealing with a human being. You're just like that guy at the end of the Wizard of Oz. Once everyone knows what you're really like, who you really are, they can beat the ever-loving stuffing out of you -- just like this.

Jake: Okay. Okay. You go, baby. Fight it. You fight it right now. That's okay. Thattagirl. You're a little fighter, aren't you, hmm? Hmm? You go.

Maggie: Nice. You despised my sister, and now she's dead. Tell me -- what does knowing how you felt about her do for me?

Erica: I didn't wish her dead. No matter what you think, I'm not that kind of person.

Maggie: What a relief.

Erica: Look, the last thing your sister did was she wrote a letter just before she died, and she confessed that she had pulled some sort of con on my daughter. But I believe that whatever it was, that is part and parcel of why she was killed.

Bianca: Mom, Mom, how can you do this? Still?

Maggie: Wait a minute. Bianca, it's okay.

Bianca: No, it's not okay.

Maggie: No, Bianca -- my sister was not a saint. I knew it. And you knew it. And your mother knew it, too. And maybe if we could find out why she did this and who would want her dead, we could figure something out.

Bianca: Look, Mom, I want you to go.

Erica: Bianca, I was just trying to help Maggie.

Bianca: Go, please.

Erica: Maggie, if you need any help at all with anything, please call me.

Maggie: Bianca --

Bianca: I -- I don't want to hear it, okay? The exact edition of the sonnets. Let's do this, okay?

Maggie: Okay, line it up. See, I punched holes where all the outline circles were, so if we hold this page over the one that's missing, we can line up the letters, and read what Frankie was trying to --

Maggie: Okay, let's go. The first letter is -- V.

Chris: That's what I just said. I want a list of every heart attack victim in every hospital in and around Pine Valley over the last six months. I don't care -- look, I want them all.

Hayley: Are you 100% sure about this guy? Are you sure? Because this whole thing seems a little too convenient to me, huh? This is perfect. If he's Proteus, this is a perfect coverup. Perfect.

Mateo: Look, I don't think he's lying, but I'll keep my eye on him, all right?

Chris: This is good. We're getting close.

Hayley: "Good." The only thing "good" about what happened here tonight is that I get to take Mateo out of here now.

Chris: I'm sorry. I can't do that, Hayley.

Hayley: Why not?

Chris: Because I need Mateo to work in here with me. If you don't, you'll face the pending charges.

Hayley: Mateo was almost killed here tonight.

Chris: Hayley, I don't have a choice, and neither do you.

Maggie: It's a V -- A -- T -- M-L-Q-R -- that doesn't spell anything, though, does it?

Bianca: It's not a word or anything.

Maggie: I'm really sorry, Bianca, but I obviously had this all wrong. Um -- this has all been really hard for me, so I think I need to be alone for a little while.

Bianca: Sure. Okay.

Bianca: Maggie, I -- forget it.

Maggie: Good night.

Bianca: Good night.

Maggie: V-A-N-E-S-S-A. "Vanessa." "Evil."

Vanessa: Now, look, Darling, I know you're in pain, but you're looking for clues when there just aren't any. Greenlee ran off with Jake. That is as clear a statement of choice as you can make.

Leo: They wouldn't just run off without --

Vanessa: Well, maybe Jake decided suddenly that if he moved too slowly that he would lose Greenlee to you again. No, Darling, he ran off quickly for a reason, and so did she. Leo, please. My offer for us to live in Spain still stands.

Leo: No, I can't let this drop. I'm sorry.

Vanessa: Leo, she left her ring here -- the one you gave her. Wake up!

Leo: No, no! You know what? This just doesn't make any sense at all. If she's going to leave me, she's going to look me in the eye and do it.

Vanessa: Well, she can't! Greenlee's gone.

Leo: Well, then I'm going to find her.

Jake: Thank you. Greenlee, I'm right here. It's me, Jake. I'm right here.

Jake: I don't know what I would have done if I'd lost you, but you're okay. I'm right here. I'm not going to let anything happen to you. Because I love you. Greenlee, I love you so much.

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