AMC Transcript Wednesday 2/13/02


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 2/13/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Chris: I can't accept how you didn't trust me.

Jake: So this is what you've been researching with hospital money. I got you now, Hayward.

Dixie: Tad and I aren't married anymore. We got the divorce. Why are you surprised?

David: Well, I figured, considering --

Dixie: Considering what?

Vanessa: I did not kill Larry!

Derek: We're taking you in. Cuff her, boys.

Greenlee: Hey, hey.

Leo: Hey, hey. Morning.

Greenlee: Where were we?

Leo: Well, I was ragging on Vanessa and bored you unconscious.

Greenlee: Oh, I fell asleep on you, Leo. I'm sorry.

Leo: No, no, shh. Lay down. You were tired.

Greenlee: But we were talking.

Leo: I like watching you sleep.

Greenlee: Oh. Poor Leo. There's nothing lonelier than being awake by yourself in the middle of the night.

Leo: I got through it.

Greenlee: I know why you couldn't sleep -- Vanessa.

Greenlee: Leo, your mother deserves to go to jail. She's going to be tried for murder and spend the rest of her unnatural life behind bars. And you'll be free of her scaly clutches.

Leo: She used me. She tricked me and David. She actually had us carry a dead -- a dead ex-lover's corpse in a trunk. I mean, what kind of a mother does that to her own kids, Greenlee?

Dixie: Shouldn't we check the date and --

Joe: No, no, it's already on there.

Jake: Hey, Dix. Heard you're good to go.

Dixie: Yeah.

Jake: I'm glad everything checked out okay.

Dixie: Thanks.

Tad: Even if we have Hayward to thank for it?

Jake: Well, Dixie’s health is what matters, Tad.

Tad: Well, that wasn't your slant yesterday.

Jake: You had your reasons.

Tad: One very good one. Dixie almost died, and David saved her.

Jake: No, no, no. Actually, David saved her to save himself. And somebody's got to yank him down off his pedestal.

Joe: Excuse us, please. Look, Jake, now, you know I don't want Hayward around here any more than you do.

Jake: Well, obviously we disagree on this, dad, because this man's going to bring down this hospital.

Joe: We agreed to keep him on staff.

Jake: No, you agreed.

Joe: Now, I expect you to abide by my decision.

Jake: You'll just let it go? Let David Hayward get away with all the unprofessional behavior he's had here since day one? I'm sorry, Dad, I can't go along with that.

Tad: Listen, if you don't mind, I'm going to go get the car, okay? I'll warm it up for you.

Dixie: Wait, wait -- no, don't go yet. I need to talk to David first.

Anna: Good morning. Oh, you're all revved up and ready to go.

David: Yeah, it's amazing what a good night's sleep will do.

Anna: Oh. Do I take credit for that?

David: In part. The sight of watching my mother being carted away to jail had something to do with it. I haven't slept that well in years.

Anna: That's just wrong.

[Phone rings]

Anna: No, no. Don't answer that. Do not answer that, please.

David: Sorry, my WSB wench. I'm on call.

Anna: David.

David: Dr. Hayward. Yeah, yeah. Sure. Listen, just -- just give me a moment to shower and get some clothes on, okay?

Anna: Oh.

David: I'll come by. Okay.

Anna: David.

David: I'm sorry, Anna.

Anna: It's Dixie, isn't it?

Jake: Okay, one copy for me, original stays in the file. Hayward none the wiser.

Jake: Now, I wonder if one of these keys fits Hayward’s secret lab. There's only one way to find out, Jakemeister.

Jack: Ah, Erica, please come in.

Erica: Jack. Is this going to take long?

Jack: Why? You in a big hurry?

Erica: Well, I just want to get it over with.

Jack: Well, you know, sometimes the wheel of justice turns a little slowly when it comes to perjury and obstruction of justice charges.

Erica: Well, I'm sure we'll be able to work out something once my attorney arrives.

Jack: And what poor guy did you convince to take you on as a client?

David: Look, can we not -- can we not make a big deal out of this? Okay?

Anna: I think I'm being quite reasonable under the circumstances. Yesterday you gave this very pretty speech about how the newly divorced Dixie is firmly planted in your past and you are moving on. Now, we both know that you're kidding yourself.

[David groans]

Anna: I don't understand why you can't just admit it.

David: Oh! Come here.

David: I don't want to do this right now, okay? Listen to me. I'm going to the hospital, I'm going to see Dixie, and then I'll be right back. Now, if you trust me, you'll be here when I return.

Anna: David, what if I don't trust you?

David: Well, then you can leave. It's your choice.

Greenlee: You know what you need? Refocusing. Turn around. Okay. Now, relax. Close your eyes. Picture a beautiful spring day.

Leo: Greenlee, I'm really not in the mood for this.

Greenlee: Just go with me, okay?

Leo: Yes.

Greenlee: It's morning and the sun is shining through big, puffy white clouds, and the sky's a perfect shade of blue.

Leo: Blue? Really? Wow.

Greenlee: Leo, listen, okay? There's a soft breeze blowing, and the birds are doing their chirping thing, and the church bells are ringing.

Leo: We're -- I'm going to church?

Greenlee: We're going to a wedding, Leo.

Leo: Oh.

Greenlee: Our wedding. Are you with me now?

Leo: Absolutely.

Greenlee: Okay. The wedding's about to start, and the church is decorated with zillions of candles and --

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: And flowers, and you're standing at the altar.

Leo: And where are you?

Greenlee: I'm late.

Leo: You're late for the most important day of our lives, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I'm checking out the sprinkler system. I don't want to get rained on.

Leo: Ah. So what am I doing while I'm waiting for you?

Greenlee: Oh, you're checking out the guests. Erica's in the front pew working her palm pilot and her cell phone, and Myrtle's passing out peppermints to all the kids to keep them quiet.

Leo: What kids?

Greenlee: Some precociously cute kids who are the ring bearer and the flower girl.

Leo: We don't know any precociously cute kids.

Greenlee: Then we'll rent some. Okay. Now, I'm getting ready to walk down the aisle. Oh, my god, Leo! You're wearing a powder blue dress shirt with a ruffle.

Leo: It's the latest in retro chic.

Greenlee: No! No. No. I'm not going to marry a man who looks like a bowling alley lounge lizard.

Leo: Fine. Feature me in a kilt.

Greenlee: A kilt?

Leo: Yeah. Like Pierce Brosnan. Apparently, he's the sexiest man alive, so --

Greenlee: Oh, not to me. Hmm. Cute knees.

Leo: Hmm. Ooh. It's quite an updraft, though.

Greenlee: Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay. So I'm walking down the aisle and you see me, and I'm gorgeous as ever, and the minister gives us his blessing. And then we exchange our vows. I, Greenlee, take thee, Leo, to be my wedded husband --

Leo: Aw --

Greenlee: To love, honor --

Leo: And obey.

Greenlee: Do I look like June Cleaver?

Leo: Marriage is all about sacrifice, Greenlee, so, yeah.

Greenlee: Well, then how about if I promise to love, honor, and cook for you till death do us part?

Leo: Well, I've -- ahem -- I've tasted your cooking and death would probably come sooner than later --

Greenlee: You beast! I can microwave.

Leo: We're going to eat microwave popcorn for the rest of our life? Okay. Better we promise to love, honor, and order takeout.

Greenlee: I am so going to prove you wrong.

Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey. Where are you going?

Greenlee: I'm going to the kitchen. Name a dish -- any dish.

Leo: Okay. I'll take a petite brunette over easy.

Greenlee: Oh.

Greenlee: Why are you looking at me like that?

Leo: I don't know. Maybe because I love you so much.

Erica: Chris, I knew you wouldn't let me down.

Chris: I got your message late last night, Erica.

Erica: And here you are.

Chris: I tried to get back to you. I called your home, I called your cell phone, but all I got was your voice mail.

Erica: Well, all that matters is that you made it.

Chris: Erica, I know your MO like I know the back of my hand.

Erica: My MO?

Chris: Yeah. Oh, please, please, please, don't play coy with me, okay? You deliberately didn't pick up the phone.

Erica: Are you saying that I was avoiding you? Why would I do that?

Chris: Because you can't take no for an answer, and then you figured that I'd have to show up and, you know --

Erica: And you did, and I was right.

Chris: Yeah, but you wanted me to show up so you could charm me back into the lawyer's seat. Well, I got a news flash for you -- it's not going to happen. All the king's horses, your best dress, and your sweetest smellingest perfume is not going to put us back together again, got it?

Jack: What he means is that you're going to have to find another lawyer.

Erica: I don't need a translator, Jack.

Chris: Okay, so -- so then, what -- what part of "I'm not your boy anymore" don't you get? I told you after that fiasco of a trial we had that you were supposed to get yourself another mouthpiece because we were finito.

Erica: Oh, well, I don't want anybody else. I mean, if you're not going to represent me, then I -- I --

Chris: Then what? You're going to go it alone? Knock yourself out. Look, pal, I hope you go for more than a slap on the wrist, okay?

Erica: Jack, I would like a moment alone with Mr. Stamp.

Chris: No way. I'm out of here. We're through.

Erica: No, not quite.

Jack: Excuse me.

Erica: He thinks he's so funny.

Chris: Erica, I --

Erica: Chris --

Chris: Look, I really don't have time for this.

Erica: Chris, I have a confession to make.

Chris: You know, I've had it right about up to here with your bogus confessions.

Erica: You were right. I did dodge your phone calls in the hopes that you would show up.

Chris: That it?

Erica: No. I also did play on your sympathy because I know that you're a gentleman. You're much too much of a gentleman to leave a lady in distress.

Chris: You see? You see? You don't need me. You got all your bases covered.

Erica: You're wrong, chirps, I do need you. I need you so much that I resorted to these shameless tricks. Just -- hoping that I would see you today.

Chris: Well, now you've seen me. Now I'm going.

Erica: Chris, I don't blame you for being mad. I'm just happy you have any feelings for me at all. I mean, even if it's just anger. I know I can be infuriating. But so can you, you know. I mean, you haven't always been so lily-white honest with me, either. I mean, look what you were like the first time our paths crossed. You showed up pretending to be a janitor. I mean, you pushed your way into my office with your vacuum cleaner and your attitude, and I thought that you were the rudest, most arrogant man I had ever met.

Chris: But I was no match for you, was I, Erica?

Erica: You were the perfect match. Who else could win my heart in a broom closet? I've never known a man like you. You're a man of a million disguises, and I saw through every one, didn't I, right to your heart?

Chris: Yeah. Now, look what you did to it. Why don't you save it for someone who cares?

Erica: You care. You don't play by anybody else's rules and neither do I, and that gets us in trouble. And you were right about something else, too. If I made one mistake, it was that I -- I should have taken you into my confidence in the courtroom. I should have trusted that your love for me would keep Bianca and me safe.

Chris: Yeah. Too little, too late.

Erica: It's not too late because you still love me. In spite of everything, you still love me. And I love you. We belong together. You know that as well as I do. And don't tell me you haven't thought about me or wanted me. You told me secrets you never told anybody else. Please, Chris -- please just give me a chance to make it up to you. I promise you, it'll be worth the risk if we can just get back to what we had. Please, Chris. You love me, and I love you. And all you have to do is want it enough. All you have to do is want me. Tell me that you want me, Chris. Just show me. Let –

Anna: Dear David, in light of the fact that we drove to your cabin in your car, I have no means of transportation. Therefore, I am captive here, so please don't keep me waiting too long. Love, Anna.

Jake: Well, this doesn't look like any mad doctor's laboratory. No beakers bubbling, no hunchbacked assistant. Here we go. All right. Let's just see what you've been up to here, Dr. David.

Dixie: Nothing. Just no more fussing, okay? I can take care of myself.

Tad: I -- I know you can. I never said you couldn't but if it's all the same to you, I think I'm just going to stick around.

Dixie: You're impossible, you know that?

Tad: No. Au contraire. I'm quite possible.

Dixie: You just don't want to leave me alone with David.

Tad: This is true.

Dixie: There's nothing going on, Tad. I just want to talk to him about my condition.

Tad: Why? Are you okay?

Dixie: I'm fine. I'm fine. Really.

Tad: I don't want to make you angry, you know? That's not the whole point of this. It's just -- I mean, listen -- you could divorce me, you could walk out of my life. I'm afraid that worrying about you is part of the package. That's just the way it is.

David: Hello, Dixie.

Dixie: Hi.

David: You said you wanted to see me?

Dixie: Yes. Thank you so much for coming.

David: It's okay. Is there a problem?

Dixie: Tad, I would like to speak to David alone.

Tad: Sure. Yeah, tell you what -- I'll just -- I'll wait in Dad's office. You know, just come and give me a shout when you're ready to go.

Dixie: Okay.

[Dixie sighs]

David: If you're concerned about your heart, don't. I spoke to your cardiologist and --

Dixie: Oh -- yeah, I know. I spoke to him, too. He said that I just had to rest, right, for a few days, and then everything would be back to normal -- whatever that is.

David: Okay, so why did you want to see me?

Dixie: I wanted to thank you.

David: You don't have to keep doing that.

Dixie: Well, your research saved my life, so --

David: Well, hopefully, if all the treatments are tested and approved, it'll save other people's lives, too, so --

Dixie: Right. About that treatment -- that injection that you gave me -- how safe is that?

David: If it saved your life, that's a good step. That's --

Dixie: Well, it's not my life that I'm worried about. David, I'm pregnant.

David: Dixie, I already knew that you were pregnant.

Dixie: You knew?

David: Yeah.

Dixie: How could you know? I just found out this morning. My doctor said it was confidential.

David: I -- I checked your blood work when you came back from the Caribbean. Here, sit. Sit.

Dixie: What? What? Why -- why did you do that?

David: It's standard follow-up.

Dixie: And why didn't Dr. Heineman tell me?

David: Because he wanted to make sure that you were strong enough to handle it, considering your recent divorce.

Dixie: And why didn't you tell me?

David: It wasn't my place.

Dixie: Not your place?

David: You're under the care of another physician.

Dixie: And when did boundaries ever stop you before?

David: Dixie, I made a conscious decision to back off.

Dixie: You don't think that I had the right to know something so momentous?

David: Of course I do, but it wasn't my call to make.

Dixie: Not your call? You made it anyway. You kept it a secret -- just like you kept my heart condition a secret. Whose life are we talking about here, mine or yours?

David: It's your life, yes. And I respect that. Don't you even understand why I did all of this with the medicine in the first place?

Dixie: Honestly, I -- I'm not sure that I do.

David: No? Well, I'm not going to say anything to embarrass you, okay? I just want to tell you this. Finding the cure for that illness -- it was the only way that I could offer you something that you couldn't refuse. Dixie, I was hoping that I could make up for the pain that I had caused you. Okay? And now that I feel that I've accomplished that, at least in part, I -- I think it's important that I just back off.

Dixie: You still knew I was pregnant before I did.

David: You had no idea?

Dixie: No, none. I mean, I was a little queasy, but I thought that was something to do with my heart condition.

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: This is just not what I expected. And Tad and I just got divorced.

David: Yeah. Look, speaking of Tad, do you want me to go get him?

Dixie: No. No, no. I'm not ready to do that yet.

David: So it's Tad's?

Dixie: Yeah. We -- were talking about the divorce, and we got into a fight, and one thing led to another, you know --

David: Dixie, I don't want to be your confessor, okay?

Dixie: Well, I'm sorry. You asked.

David: Yeah. Well, I'm sorry I asked.

Dixie: Well, can I ask you something medical?

David: Sure, go ahead. Anything.

Dixie: This treatment that you gave me -- the experimental thing -- what effect is that going to have on the baby?

David: Well, the -- the medicine is still in the testing stages, so I can't say definitively whether it compromises the fetus or not. But given the circumstances, it really isn't an issue.

Dixie: The health of my baby is not an issue?

David: Well, given your medical history and your recent health crisis --

Dixie: What?

David: Dixie, this pregnancy is not viable. You can't carry this baby to term.

Chris: I know what you want. You want me to kiss you so I can wipe this slate clean. You want me to love you like yesterday never happened.

Erica: And you want that, too. I know you do, and you know you do.

Chris: I wanted you. Erica, I wanted you from the moment that I laid my eyes on you. You were like no woman I'd ever known. You had this fire, this spark that was --

Erica: I still do. And you still want me. You know you do, Chris.

Chris: How I feel or how I don't feel about you is not the point, Erica. It's about you and how you see the rest of the world. You -- you look at it like you're the center of everyone else's orbit. You don't give a damn about right or wrong. You only care about getting what you're after.

Erica: No.

Chris: Look, Erica, listen to me. It's not all about you anymore, sweetheart. It could have been. You know I would have done anything for you. Anything. That scares the hell out of me, Erica. But -- thanks for the wake-up call. If you ever need someone to do your dirty work again, you go to the yellow pages because I'm gone.

Jack: Well, looks like you still need a lawyer, huh?

Jake: What's this? A research grant. "The Chen Jade project." Yes! This is it. You are buried, Hayward.

Jake: Ow.

Greenlee: What are you thinking?

Leo: Ah --

Greenlee: Hmm?

Leo: I've got this fantasy.

Greenlee: Does it involve me and kitchen appliances?

Leo: Well, no, not this particular fantasy, but it is pretty domestic. I often wonder what it -- what it would have been like to have been born into a different family -- you know, with a whole new set of parents. You know, the normal kind of parents.

Greenlee: Do you think there is such a thing?

Leo: Yeah, I think so. Picture a dad who actually hangs around after the children are born. He's got a normal job. He comes home after work and shoots hoops with the kids on the backboard that they put up over the garage.

Greenlee: Does he let you win?

Leo: Well, yeah, of course, every time.

Greenlee: Hmm. And what is Mom doing while Dad is bonding with the Brady tribe?

Leo: She works, but only part-time so that she can be there when the kids get home from school. She's a social worker.

Greenlee: Helping families in need.

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: Yeah.

Leo: But she always has time for us. We're always first, no matter what. Did I tell you she's also a painter?

Greenlee: Oh! Talented lady.

Leo: Of course. She converted the garage into a studio.

Greenlee: So her kids can finger-paint next to her while she works.

Leo: Yeah. She calls us her masterpieces.

Greenlee: A portrait of Leo as someone who belongs.

Leo: Yeah, it's stupid.

Greenlee: What? Are you kidding? You don't think I've had the same fantasy? It's my favorite run -- my favorite one -- right up there with the one where I die a horrible death, and everyone comes to my funeral and tells me how sorry they are for being mean to me.

Leo: So you would trade in Rog and Mary?

Greenlee: In a heartbeat. My fantasy family lives in Vermont. And we all ride horses. Dad owns and operates a maple sugar farm.

Leo: Hmm.

Greenlee: And Mom makes these incredible quilts.

Leo: Yeah?

Greenlee: Granny Moses works of art. She's made one for me with my name on it and the time and the day I was born. She keeps it in a cedar chest with a lock of my hair and the very first tooth that I lost.

Leo: God, that is so sweet.

Greenlee: Of course it is. It's a maple sugar farm.

Leo: Yeah. So what do you do there? Will you shovel muck out of the stalls?

Greenlee: Please. Just because my family lives in the sticks, doesn't mean I have to rough it. I still live here.

Leo: And you work for Erica?

Greenlee: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Greenlee: Listen, Leo -- I know why you're hurting because I've been there. Vanessa's a mother from hell, but you are who you are because you survived it, and I love you, all of you, for who you are. And I always will.

Jake: Oh. Damn! That is some way to greet a guest.

Anna: You're not a guest, Jake. You're an intruder.

Jake: Well, glad I didn't call first.

Anna: What the hell do you think you're doing up here?

Jake: Well, you're the secret agent, Anna. Why don't you figure it out?

Anna: Suppose I call the police? Maybe you'd like to talk to them.

Jake: You're not going to call the police, Anna.

Anna: Oh, I'm not?

Jake: Nah -- because you'd be forced to tell the police all about your boyfriend's secrets.

Anna: What secrets?

Jake: David's hush-hush project. The Chen Jade project. That one. Hayward's been using hospital funds to conduct illegal lab experiments.

Anna: Where'd you come up with that scenario? Maybe you should just stick to medicine and leave the detecting up to the professionals.

Jake: Like you?

Anna: Yeah, like me.

Jake: Hmm. So how long did it take you to figure out what Hayward was up to? That long, huh? So he duped you, too?

Anna: Professional jealousy is so unbecoming.

Jake: Hayward's got nothing that I want. But I'm sure the hospital will be interested.

Anna: You have no proof he's done anything unethical.

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, I have all the proof I need. I got it in David’s office.

Anna: Oh, you broke into there again, did you? Doesn't that make you the criminal?

Jake: Well, actually, Anna, see, I'm not the bad guy here because I'm not the one who chose to go on the other side of the law, and I'm not the one that's going to go down for it. Hayward is, and I'm going to personally escort him there.

Anna: I don't think so.

Jake: Yeah. You know what? You're a pretty smart lady. You ought to get out right now.

Anna: You pompous ass.

Jake: Stop protecting David. Otherwise, you're going to end up in the adjoining jail cell.

David: Dixie, you do know that this pregnancy is not viable, don't you? You were planning to terminate?

Dixie: You're not my confessor, remember? And you're not my doctor.

David: Wait -- no, no, no, no, no. Don't push me away, not now, not about this, please. Dixie, come on. You know your medical history better than anybody. You're operating on one kidney, you've had toxemia, you have heart problems. That's three preexisting conditions that could prove fatal if you try to go to term with this pregnancy.

Dixie: You're not my doctor.

David: Well, then fine. Then talk to Dr. Clader, okay? He'll back me up on this. Or even Tad.

Dixie: No.

David: That's the one thing that he will see eye to eye with me on.

Dixie: I can't talk to Tad.

David: Because you're divorced?

Dixie: Because he doesn't know that I'm pregnant.

David: You're planning to tell him, though, right?

Dixie: This is my pregnancy and my problem. I will handle it in my own way.

David: But you are going to handle it, aren't you?

Dixie: I'll do what I need to do. Do you mind?

David: Which means that you will terminate?

Dixie: Don't -- don't. Please, please. I'm fine.

David: Are you sure?

Dixie: Yeah. I just need some time by myself, if you don't mind.

David: But I'm not convinced that's the right thing for you right now.

Dixie: Please, David.

David: All right.

Dixie: Listen, just promise me something. Promise me that you won't tell Tad about this -- or anyone.

David: All right, I promise.

Dixie: You have to swear. Swear it.

David: I swear. I swear, okay? Look, I'm going to check in on you later.

Dixie: Why? To make sure I've scheduled an abortion?

David: Dixie, I'm sorry.

Dixie: Just go.

Jack: Okay. I thought you'd like to keep your strength up until you heard the outcome of your perjury charges.

Erica: You spoke to Judge Pearson?

Jack: Yeah, just now.

Erica: Am I going to jail?

Jack: No.

Erica: Oh! Oh, thank God!

Jack: Well, you might also thank the one that put in a good word for you.

Erica: You?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Well, thank you, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, well, you keep that in mind when you're writing a nice, hefty check to cover your fine, my dear. And also clear your calendar for a little community service.

Erica: Community service?

Jack: Yes.

Erica: Jack, don't tell me -- I don't have to be one of those people by the side of the road spearing trash, do I?

Jack: Oh, gosh, I didn't think of that one. That's a great idea. You wouldn't object to that, now, would you?

Erica: I'll take whatever punishment that I have coming.

Jack: Without protest?

Erica: I am not in a position to protest.

Jack: I'm speechless.

Erica: Look, thank you, Jack. You handled this like the gentleman you are -- and almost always have been.

Jack: Almost.

Erica: Now, I know when the chips are down that I can count on you. And don't think I'm not grateful for that, Jack.

Jack: Yes, indeedy.

Erica: What?

Jack: You. My scarlet, you think if you go all helpless, then I'm a goner.

Erica: I do not. I don't think any such thing.

Jack: Yes, you do. Listen, this is me talking. I know you. You think you can bat those big, beautiful eyes, and I'm going to fall right into line and fall all over you, but guess what.

Erica: What?

Jack: It ain't going to happen, sister. So, may I suggest -- increase your fiber content.

Dixie: Don't worry, little one. Mama will protect you. I'll guard you with my own life.

Tad: Dixie?

Dixie: How long have you been standing there?

Tad: I haven’t. I just came around the corner. If you were finished with David, why didn't you come and get me?

Dixie: Oh, I just needed some down time.

Tad: Why? Did Hayward say something to upset you?

Dixie: No. No, no. I'm fine.

Tad: Are you sure you're okay?

Dixie: Yeah. I'm just tired.

Tad: Really?

Dixie: Really.

Tad: Okay. You want to go home?

Dixie: Please.

Jake: Anna, learn from David’s history or suffer from his mistakes.

Anna: Would you just spare me, Jake? Just spare me.

Jake: Let's just cut all the games here. Why don't you spare yourself? This man wrecked Dixie’s marriage and he tore her family apart.

Anna: I'm not sweet, delicate Dixie. I don't need to be saved. But you might.

Jake: Oh, me?

Anna: Yeah. This proof that you say that you have on David -- hand it over. Come on, because I'm going to call the authorities and have you down for breaking and entering. That's going to look real bad on your resume.

Jake: Hmm. So you're asking me to cut David a break, huh? No way. I'm not giving you a damn thing.

David: What the hell is happening here?

Greenlee: Okay. What shall we do today?

Leo: I don't know. Let's do something fun.

Greenlee: Okay. We could --

Leo: Something we haven't done before.

Greenlee: Shoot hoops at the community center.

Leo: Or we could go to Vermont, scout for that maple sugar farm.

Greenlee: The sap doesn't run when it's this cold.

Leo: Yeah, and you have an unfortunate history with basketballs.

Greenlee: Very true. I have an idea for a family outing. Why don't we camp out at the Valley Inn for a champagne breakfast?

Leo: Yeah. Champagne and strawberries -- now, that's roughing it.

Greenlee: What are we waiting for?

Leo: Let's go.

Vanessa: Hello, darling.

Leo: What --

Vanessa: Guess what -- I'm free. They dropped the charges. I'm free as a bird.

[Vanessa laughs]

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Greenlee: "Have a glass of champagne to pass the time. Be back soon. Love, Leo."

David: I need you to do something for me without asking any questions.

Jamie: So you're really going to ask Mom to marry you?

Hayley: I have something for you. It's your Valentine’s Day present.

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