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All My Children Transcript Friday 2/8/02

By Amanda
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: At first I didn't understand. Now I see how much you really loved Frankie.

Anna: You're Ryan痴 father?

Hayley: The disk is hidden in the passageway. I put it there myself.

Jake: But I could use a first mate. Why don't you come with me?

David: The woman is deranged at best. That's enough to put her away.

Greenlee: Put who away?

David: Vanessa.

Leo: You're not going to have our mother committed, David.

David: It's for her own protection.

Leo: She just lost her home -- and her husband and her identity for -- so she's acting a little crazy. So your fight is to call the men with the white coats? Come on.

Greenlee: David is right, Leo. Your mother needs help.

Leo: Oh and look who壇 suddenly concerned about my mother痴 well being. Greenlee you池e working overtime to get Vanessa out of your hair. That isn稚 any of your business anyway.

Greenlee: I'm going to be your wife.

Leo: Yeah, well, if think that you can tell me who's in and out of my life, maybe we should rethink that.

Jake: Linda, where are the interns who are supposed to update these charts? Are they hiding or sleeping around here? Where they at?

Nurse: The accreditation process starts tomorrow, Dr. Martin. The paperwork has to be processed by then.

Jake: Well, that's fine, all right? I just don't know why I知 the guy who is always stuck doing this stuff. That's all I知 trying to say.

Mia: Do you really need an answer to question?

Jake: Hey, hey, Mia. I値l be right with you

Jake: Yeah.

Mia: So, did you do it? Did you give our notice?

Jake: Oh, Well, no, not actually, I just --

Mia: You know what? Forget it. It痴 -- obviously, you like it here after all, so I will make my own great escape from Pine Valley, and I tell you what -- I値l send you a post card.

Erica: I知 so glad you came to see me. I was just thinking about you.

Bianca: Look, I came to tell you something. I知 going to -- my birthday is tomorrow.

Erica: Did you think that I forgot? Honey, that was the happiest day of my life. I wasn稚 sure how exactly you'd like to celebrate this year, but whatever --

Bianca: Celebrate? Your night?

Erica: No, whatever you want, honey.

Bianca: I want my independence. I値l be 18 tomorrow, I知 going to be an adult. I want to take control of my trust fund and finally be free of you.

Liza: Why don't you just call Derek and at least you could find out what they have on him!

Adam: I did that told you. I got nothing from him.

[Doorbell rings]

Liza: Dixie and Tad. I didn't expect to see the two of you together.

Dixie: We came right from the airport. Excuse me, I知 sort of anxious to see J.R.

J.R.: Hi.

Dixie: Hi.

J.R.: Hey.

Dixie: Oh, you have no idea how good it is to hug you. Tad and I wanted to talk to you about some --

[Phone rings]

J.R.: What? I got to take this.

Dixie: Oh. Go ahead, go ahead then.

Adam: Tell them you'll call them back.

J.R.: Hello?

Ryan: J.R., It's Ryan. I致e got a job for you.

J.R.: Look, I told you, I値l give you the -- I値l give you all the money for wrecking the bike, but I知 grounded and I am stuck here right now.

Ryan: Perfect. Perfect. Listen, this is not a moneymaking job. I need you to sneak me into your house.

[Part of transcript missing here]

Erica: I still miss my mother every single day of my life. And your grandmother and I, we fought a lot more than you and I do.

Bianca: Yes, I know, mom, and you still have to win.

Erica: No, honey -- I値l be better, I swear I will.

Bianca: You can't --

Erica: You're an adult. I accept that, I know that.

Bianca: You can't change, Mom. I -- I saw the look on your face when you found me hugging Frankie痴 sister.

Erica: Well, I was in shock. I mean, I thought that Frankie had come back from the dead.

Bianca: It was total disapproval. It was just the same as it was with Frankie. You haven't learned a thing, Mom. You still think everything that you did was right and you would do it all over again.

Erica: But all that's changed now because you are 18 and because I know that you can leave anytime you want.

Bianca: Right, so I知 going to save us a lot of [missing] and I知 going to just leave now

Erica: Well, could I at least give you your birthday present?

Bianca: Mom --

Erica: Please?

Bianca: I -- I知 not in the mood for presents.

Erica: Oh, come on. I know you're going to like this. Val and I, we looked all over for a jeweler who could make this for you. Look.

Erica: I faxed him copies of -- of your old locket, the one your father gave you, and he copied it. See?

Bianca: It's exactly like it.

Erica: Exactly. And so this one can replace the one that -- that you gave Frankie and all the bad memories that go with it.

Bianca: And we can just start over, right? We can just pretend that Frankie痴 murder never happened, right?

Erica: No, of course not. We can't do that, but we can --

Bianca: Mom, it is so easy for you, isn't it? You can just create your own reality. Get on the job, spend a lot of money. You can erase the past and it's like nothing bad ever has to happen. Even with Kendall.

Erica: Kendall? What has Kendall got to do with any of this?

Bianca: You tried to erase her, too, didn't you, Mom? God, maybe that's why she's become the way she is.

Kendall: God, what a hypocrite you are. You lecture me on how to behave and here you are, shacked up in a motel with a married woman!

Ryan: You know what? I知 going to give you some advice now, Kendall. Mind your own damn business and don't tell anybody that you saw Hayley here. You understand?

Kendall: Hmm. You know how pathetic losers like me are when they've got~ a juicy secret like this one.

Ryan: Do I sound like I知 kidding? Because I知 not. You tell anybody about Hayley and me and you're going to pay for it.

Greenlee: No, I know you don't mean that. Of course we're getting married -- even though Vanessa would like nothing better than to break us up.

Leo: Hmm. So why didn't you tell me you went to see her? Wouldn't be because you tried to bribe her and then blackmail her, would it?

Greenlee: I was trying to talk to her like a normal person.

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: But David is right. She's not normal. Not even close.

Leo: And, what, designing your own cover for "The Informer" is normal Greenlee, like I told you before, this is none of your concern.

David: Of course it is her concern, Leo. She's coming between the two of you.

Leo: So you agree with her? And you agree with him? Does it matter what I think?

Greenlee: Look, Leo, I know you cut your her a lot of slack, but she's acting weirdly irrational, even for her.

David: Yeah, and she doesn't even know about this Larry business.

Greenlee: Larry? Vanessa's ex-chauffeur/lover? I know he's the guy that beat Leo up. There's more?

Leo: No, there isn稚. And I知 in no mood to speak to either one of you about this, so just drop it.

Greenlee: Fine. Don稚 speak to me. But David is a doctor. If he thinks his own mother is mentally imbalanced, you should believe him.

Leo: Why? He's done nothing but try to distance himself from Vanessa. Now suddenly he wants to play the concerned son by putting her away? Forget it. He doesn't give a damn about Vanessa. He just wants payback for the way his father died.

Dixie: J.R., I知 just -- I知 just trying to tell you something.

J.R.: You know what? I know what you're going to say. You went to get a divorce and ended up not getting it, right? Big surprise.

Dixie: No, we got a divorce. It's just that something happened on the island.

Tad: You okay?

Dixie: Yeah, I知 okay. I知 fine.

Tad: Are you sure? They told us to go right to hospital.

J.R.: Mom? What?

Adam: What happened?

Liza: Are you sick?

Dixie: No.

[Dixie coughs]

Dixie: Honestly, I知 -- I知 fine. I just -- we had a little scare while we were there.

J.R.: It's her heart again, isn't it?

Dixie: Yes, it is, but I don't want you to worry about it.

J.R.: Damn it. Are you sure you're okay?

Dixie: I知 fine. I just have to go to the hospital for a little while so that they can monitor me And I -- I知 assuming that it's okay that you stay here with your father for a little while longer.

Adam: Of course, yes. This is J.R.'s home.

Dixie: Good, thank you. And, Liza?

Liza: J.R. knows the rules. I trust that he will honor them.

J.R.: Yes, of course.

[J.R. sighs]

J.R.: You know what? I知 going to go to the hospital with you. You know, I can ditch my homework. It's --

Dixie: No, no, no.

J.R.: It's not a problem.

Adam: Think again, mister.

Dixie: You don't have to ditch your homework, really. Please, I値l be fine.

J.R.: Are you sure?

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: We'll call you as soon as we find out anything.

J.R.: Good. Well, you know what? I need to get a book. I left it out in the foyer.

Dixie: Okay, go.

Ryan: You're late.

J.R.: I知 sorry. There's, like -- everyone's in there.

Ryan: Who?

J.R.: My mom, my dad, Liza, Tad, everybody. What do you want?

Ryan: I need to pick something up from inside one of the secret tunnels.

J.R.: Why?

Ryan: Nah, mind your own business and remember I own you.

J.R.: Be quick. Do you know your way around here? It's like a maze.

Ryan: Uh -- no. You better show me.

J.R.: I can稚.

Adam: J.R.?

J.R.: I知 supposed to be in there doing my homework.

Adam: J.R., you finished out there?

J.R.: Yes, Sir. Coming.

Adam: Don't even think about going out. Get back in here and finish your work.

J.R.: Gee.

Erica: Bianca, have you asked yourself -- have you asked yourself, how did it happen that Kendall just so happened to be there when you met Maggie? I mean, doesn't that seem a little convenient to you?

Bianca: What?

Erica: Kendall wanted me to see you with Maggie, with Frankie痴 sister. She wanted that. It was no accident that I happened to run into you and Maggie. Kendall set me up, and she probably did the same thing with you.

Bianca: She did not. She was just there.

Erica: I am not going to allow you to get involved with Kendall. She's going to turn you against me.

Bianca: Well, Mom, it's a little late for that, don't you think?

Erica: No, I don't, and I won't accept it.

Bianca: Well, I知 sorry, there's nothing you can do about it. I知 going to see whomever I please from now on, even blood relatives, okay? Tell Coral that I will be by in the morning to get my things, okay? Please.

Erica: Well, all right. Go and live with Myrtle, but please, just be careful of Kendall.

Erica: Chris. Chris

Jake: Would you mind filing these charts for me? Thanks hey. So I got a minute. What's up?

Mia: Look, you know what? It's not a problem, really. Sailing around the world with you would have been really sweet, but I can get out of here even quicker on an air anew.

Jake: Well, listen, the plans haven't changed, Mia. They've just been postponed.

Mia: You know what? I mean, it's ridiculous. You say that you want an adventure, but you love it here I mean, you love being the go-to guy. You love saving the day, so why pretend otherwise?

Jake: Because I meant what I said. I am done saving the day in this hospital痴 they can go and they can find somebody else to do all of the dirty work. You know, Linda, forget it, all right? No more charts and I mean it.

Linda: I made you some cocoa. I know how you like it.

Jake: Well, thank you. Hot cocoa.

Linda: You're welcome.

Jake: All right, all right, listen. I cannot wait to get on the sailboat and take off, and the plans and the offer stands. If you want to join me, you're more than welcome.

Mia: Well, that depends. What's the postponement for? Personal reasons?

Jake: Well, actually, strictly professional reasons. David Hayward is about to be fired from this hospital, and I知 going to stick around to make sure that he stays fired.

David: I am not discussing my father's death with you.

Leo: You don't have to. I sat there and listened to you blame her for his death, David. But she's the one who suffered.

David: Vanessa?

Leo: Yes.

David: Vanessa suffered for my father's death?

Leo: Oh, you're the one who ended up with all the money.

David: What, are you out of your mind? Do you honestly think that matters to me?

Leo: Look, my point is, is that he had cut her out of the will --

David: Oh --

Leo: Before he killed himself.

David: You don't know what the hell you're talking about, all right, so back off, Leo, I知 warning you.

Greenlee: Leo, please.

Leo: Oh, you lived the cushy life, David, and she was kicked out to fend for herself and then for me.

David: Yeah, right, and she managed just fine, didn't she, Leo?

Leo: Yeah, she did manage just fine. And I saw the way she lived and what kind of life she had to lead because of that. No matter what happened to us, no matter how bad things got, she never once said one mean thing about you.

David: Oh, please, please! -

Leo: You were always the genius brother, the doctor.

Greenlee: Maybe she said that to make you feel inferior.

Leo: Nice, Greenlee. Thanks a lot.

Greenlee: Oh, Leo, we've seen Vanessa痴 movies. She's a brilliant actress and she always has an agenda.

David: Look, listen to me. Leo, I知 not out trying to get revenge on our mother. I cut that woman out of my heart a long time ago. It was the only thing I could do to survive. I知 sorry that you aren't able to do the same.

Greenlee: It's not too late, Leo.

Leo: Would you both just shut up? You had far more of an agenda than Vanessa ever had. And you -- since when are you the expert on parents? What about the sickos who raised you? Didn't they always work it out so that they were in Switzerland when you were in San Diego, and then they were in San Diego when you were in Switzerland?

Greenlee: Stop it. Why do you feel you have to hurt me? I知 trying to help you.

Leo: But I don't need your help! All right?

Greenlee: Fine! I値l go!

Leo: Go! Why don't you run to Jake?

Greenlee: That was a really mean thing to say.

Leo: Why? You always run to Jake when things don't go your way, Greenlee. And he is understanding yet noble, as he provides a strong shoulder for you to cry on, doesn't he?

Greenlee: After the way you致e been treating me, who would blame me for running to Jake?

Leo: Not me. Go if that's what you want. Believe me, I知 not going to try to stop you.

Greenlee: Of course. Why would you need me when you have your mother?

David: I知 sorry, Leo.

Leo: Oh, would you give it up. I don't need a big brother right now.

David: Yeah, you do.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Hi.

Bianca: Hi. I didn't call.

Kendall: Oh -- that's okay. Come on in. How are you holding up?

Bianca: Fine.

Kendall: Bianca, you have been on my mind all day. I think you are so brave.

Bianca: I知 brave?

Kendall: Yeah, totally if someone that I loved was murdered and then I ran into someone who looked exactly like him, oh, God, I don't know what I would do. But you dealt with it.

Bianca: Well, you saw the way I dealt with it, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, you kept together. I知 glad I was there to help you whatever way I could.

Bianca: Right. Actually, that's why I知 here.

Kendall: You don't have to thank me.

Bianca: Oh, I know I don稚. Kendall, we're sisters, right?

Kendall: Right.

Bianca: So you'll tell me the truth?

Kendall: About?

Bianca: When you called me over to S.O.S., did you know that Frankie痴 twin sister would be there? Did you set me up?

Erica: It's just that I致e always been able to make her come around, you know, and I thought that she was going to love that locket that I had made for her. But then --

Chris: Look, Erica -- please, I知 trying to get some work done here.

Erica: Please don't be cold with me, Chris. I can't stand it that everybody I care for is just turning against me. And don't pretend you don't feel anything.

Chris: Of course I feel -- for Bianca. That poor kid has been put through hell, Erica.

Erica: Well, then why don't you help me? Help me get through to her. What do I do? I mean, she and I -- we would have made peace by now if it weren't for Kendall. Kendall is the one who's keeping Blanca痴 anger alive.

Chris: No, you only have yourself to blame for that! You're the one who brought Kendall back into your life, you.

Erica: How dare you throw that in my face!

Chris: Look, I don't care.

Chris: Look, I知 trying to do my job here!

Erica: You don't care? Fine. Then get out! Go! You no longer have my permission to look in my computer system.

Chris: Look, I appreciate your permission, but I have a warrant. Mateo's been arrested

Erica: Yeah, well, damn your damn warrant, Mr. Stamp!

Chris: Now look what you've gone and done, Erica. You wrinkled my warrant but luckily it's still good. Now, if you want me gone, you'll let me get this done.

Erica: Look, of course I care about Mateo. What are you looking for anyhow that's so important?

Chris: I got a glimpse of the computer program that Proteus was using. There痴 nothing incriminating on Mateo痴 hard drive, but there's got to be something here.

Erica: Not in my Enchantment system.

Chris: I don't know. But if there's something here -- uh-huh, I値l find it. I値l find it.

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: Mateo, you better be right about this. If you can use this to nail Stamp, then he'll be out of my life for good.

J.R.: You know, I finished all my homework. You can check it if you want.

Adam: Oh, I believe you. Now go upstairs and read a couple of chapters of that novel.

J.R.: Why are you still on my case? You know, how many times do I have to say it? I知 sorry that I took Liza痴 car without permission.

Liza: You know what? If you live here, we just have to know that we can trust you.

J.R.: You can.

Adam: The way we trusted Mateo?

J.R.: Okay, look, Mateo痴 innocent. That has nothing to do with this.

Liza: Regardless of whether Mateo is innocent or not, we don't need another problem in the family.

J.R.: Now you're going to go against him, too, Liza? You know, I can see my dad loving it -- loving it -- that Mateo痴 going to jail, but not you.

Adam: Did you get any drugs from Mateo?

J.R.: What?

Adam: You heard me.

J.R.: You know what, Liza? You don't have to worry about me living in your house because I知 not going to. I would rather live in a cardboard box.

Liza: J.R. --

Adam: What are you doing in my house?

Liza: Ryan, what's going on? What are you doing here? `

Erica: You have a right to be angry with me. I lied to you. I lied to you and I handled everything badly.

Chris: Look, please, please --

Erica: And you felt that I was using you. But surely after all that we have shared, Chris --

Chris: Look --

Erica: You must understand that was not my intent and that I having my child to worry about.

Chris: Look, we've already been through this. I told you I don't care anymore.

Erica: Well, then I have to explain myself better.

Chris: I don't want any more of your explanations!

Erica: I told you that Bianca always comes first with me. I told you that. And I didn't lie to you about that, did I?

Chris: No. No, you didn't lie about that.

Erica: And you even said that that was one of the reasons that you --

Chris: What? What? "Loved"? "Loved" you? Is -- is that the word you're looking for, Erica?

Erica: Yes. That's what you said. And you said you admired the strength and the intensity of my love for my daughter. Don't you remember saying that?

Chris: I said a lot of things.

Erica: Look, I understand why it's so hard for you to comprehend what it is because you don't have a child of your own. And unless you're a parent yourself, it's very hard to grasp what you would do if you found your child in trouble like that.

Chris: Will you stop? You -- you think that just because I致e never rocked a child to sleep or -- or planned for his future that I can't understand how a parent loves or cares?

Erica: Well, then why don't you see that what I was doing was all about protecting --

Chris: Well, believe it or not, Erica, I know what it takes for a parent to lie to protect the child. I know! But I also know when you've taken things too far, and this has gone too far!

Erica: And I知 sorry. Chris, I am truly sorry.

Chris: I wonder. I wonder if -- if you could ever understand what it's like to give your heart and your soul to a person only to find out that you池e part of a lie.

Erica: I can see that I致e hurt you, and I never meant to do that.

Chris: No. But I get -- you know, I get what your motives were. But I can't understand. I can't accept how you didn't trust me.

Kendall: You think I set you up what kind of a sick person would do something like that?

Bianca: Just answer the question, Kendall.

Kendall: How about you answer it?

Bianca: Look, every single memory that I have of you is bad. I don't recall you being anything but mean and twisted.

Kendall: That -- part痴 not my fault.

Bianca: But I don't want to hate you, Kendall. I really don't. It takes far too much energy so just tell --

Kendall: Don't -- then don't hate me, Bianca. I would never, ever do anything bad to you.

Bianca: So then you didn't know about Maggie?

Kendall: No, I had no idea she would be here. Oh, my God. She got to you.

Bianca: Nobody got to me, Kendall.

Kendall: We were getting along, and she couldn't stand that.

Bianca: Look, I知 here on my own.

Kendall: Oh, my God. One by one, our mother is turning everyone in Pine Valley against me.

Bianca: One by one?

Kendall: Yes. Jackson Montgomery was here.

Boca: For what?

Kendall: To bribe me. He shoved money in my hand to get me out of town.

Bianca: Well, Mom isn't responsible for that. She and Uncle Jack aren't even close anymore.

Kendall: Well, then he thought it up on his own to get close to her.

Bianca: No, Uncle Jack isn't like that.

Kendall: How much you want to bet she poisoned his mind full of bad thoughts about me?

Bianca: Kendall, you're just making this up.

Kendall: No, I知 not. Whether or not he knows it, your Uncle Jack is doing Erica痴 dirty work for her. And whether or not you know it, so are you.

Leo: Look, David, this -- this brother thing is just a technicality, so if you want to pretend us to be strangers, that's -- that's perfectly fine with me.

David: Yeah, well, I would mind, Leo. All right? I spent my entire life alone. I never even gave it a second thought, but I like having you in my life.

Leo: Spare me.

David: No, come on. I was best man at your wedding, remember, and I felt that we've been developing, you know, kind of a nice connection.

Leo: So the perfect way to bond, in your opinion, is, what, to get together and measure mother for a straitjacket?

David: What if she really killed Larry, Leo -- the way she did Paolo?

Leo: We have no evidence of that.

David: Yeah, but even if we don't have hard evidence Right now, we both know she's capable of it. Do you honestly believe that we should just turn a blind eye to that?

Leo: Look, Mother isn't pure evil the way she is in your mind, okay? Is she a weak person? Yes. Has she become selfish in order to survive? Yes. But, you know, despite anything she's done or may not have done, she's always loved me and in her own twisted way, she's always loved you, too.

David: Look, look -- I understand why you need to stand up for her. When I was a kid, I didn't think anybody was more beautiful in the entire world. And when she decided to be kind, I was the happiest kid alive.

Leo: So maybe I saw more of that side of her than you did

David: Leo, please, let's not become enemies over this, all right? No matter what Vanessa痴 done, she痴 -- she's a problem for both of us. You know that. I mean, look how she's coming between you and Greenlee.

Leo: No, that's no reason to have her committed, David.

David: All right, all right, maybe this isn't the time to try and figure this out. I know -- you're right, she has - gone through a lot lately, but no matter what face you put on it, Leo, she's not handling it well.

Leo: Oh, I guess not. Maybe she does need some help.

David: That's all I知 saying, okay? So why don't we try and get that for her? We can make sure that she has a full psychiatric evaluation.

Leo: And you're going to handle it? David, come on, we both now that you're not going to have Vanessa痴 best interest at heart.

David: We'll do it together, okay? Nothing can be done without your consent.

Leo: Let me think about it.

David: I promise you I'll do my best for her, Leo -- if not for her sake, then for yours.

Leo: Don't say another word.

David: All right, brother.

[Leo sighs]

Leo: I defended you.

Vanessa: Oh, Darling.

Erica: Oh, let me in, Kendall.

Kendall: Sorry.

Erica: Fine. Then we'll have it out here. You have stooped to a new low, Kendall.

Kendall: You mean even for me?

Erica: I mean even for you. I realize that Bianca is no match for you. She is 18 years old now and she thinks that she's all grown up, but she is still a child, and she is easily fooled, Kendall.`

Kendall: Do you think so? Well, come on in, then, and say hi to Bianca. Let's see which one of us can fool her the easiest. Don't be angry, Bianca. Erica only meant -- well, just what exactly did you mean, Mother?

Erica: Oh, you have made a big mistake, coming between my daughter Bianca and me.

Ryan: Are you ever going to stop following me?

Chris: I wasn't looking for you, Ryan, but now that I see you, want to tell me what you're doing here?

Liza: First, why don't you tell me what you're doing here, Mr. Stamp?

Chris: Mrs. Chandler.

Liza: Yes, I know. Federal agent.

Ryan: Doesn't mean you can trust him.

Derek: Hi, Liza.

Liza: Derek, what are you doing -- search warrant?

Derek: We'll do the job as fast as possible.

Ryan: Good luck, Liza, and make sure you count your silverware after they're gone because --

Chris: You're not going anywhere. Now tell me what you're doing here.

Ryan: Or what, Stamp?

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Jake: This.

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