AMC Transcript Thursday 2/7/02


All My Children Transcript Thursday 2/7/02

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Previously on "All My Children" --

[Erica cries]

Leo: Is Larry dead?

Vanessa: You mean by my hand?

Mateo: I'm going to get out of this. I don't know what Stamp's up to, but he's not putting me in jail.

Kendall: Ryan, don't go.

Anna: You're Ryan’s father?

Erica: Okay, that's enough.

Greenlee: Are you sure?

Erica: Oh, positive.

Greenlee: You had me worried for a minute there.

Erica: Oh. I just -- it was the oddest thing. I mean, my throat just closed up, and I -- I couldn't breathe.

Greenlee: Isn't it a horrible feeling?

Erica: Yes, it is. I mean, all I could do was gasp, and then my eyes tired up.

Greenlee: Allergies are the worst.

Erica: Aren't they? Yes. Okay. Well, now that whatever just was affecting my throat that's gone, then let's get back to work. So the autumn palette is absolutely wonderful, but the -- the copy, you know, and the names are deadly.

Greenlee: You know, from what I heard, Kendall is a grade A unmitigated bitch. I feel so much better.

Erica: Well, Kendall certainly has a very unique effect on people.

Greenlee: Run her out of town, Erica.

Erica: What?

Greenlee: Getting rid of Kendall is a project I could totally sink my teeth into.

Kendall: Don't go, Ryan. How could anyone ever want to leave perfect Pine Valley? Was it Chris Stamp? Ryan, don't let him win.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Make it fast. What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here. All right. Stay where you are. I'll be right there.

Kendall: Who was that?

Ryan: Look, I got to go.

Kendall: Ryan, who was on the phone?

Ryan: I got to go. You know what? You should, too. No, really, really. Get out of this dump. Go. Get out of this town. There's nothing for you here.

Kendall: A lot you know. There is plenty for me here. There's plenty for me here, and this time I am taking what I want.

Chris: Don't tell me what Ryan needs to be.

Anna: He could be your son.

Chris: But he has nothing to do with this case.

Anna: Okay, maybe you're not up to it right now, but I hope one day soon you'll tell him the truth.

Chris: Well, I'm sorry, your hopes don't factor into this. I'm not telling him.

Anna: Well, I will.

Chris: No, you're not.

Anna: Is that an order?

Chris: Look, you're back on the Proteus case, which means you're under me. You want to be the top cop job in this burg? Then don't cross me, and it'll happen.

Anna: As long as I keep quiet?

Chris: Smart girl.

Hayley: Then get him up here.

Officer: I can't do that, Mrs. Santos.

Hayley: Where is Derek Frye?

Chris: Mrs. Santos.

Hayley: Oh, Chris, please. Just five minutes with Mateo.

Chris: Your husband -- he's being transferred to a federal facility.

Hayley: I need to speak with him.

Chris: He's not allowed to have any visitors while he's in the federal facility.

Hayley: Two minutes!

Chris: Mrs. Santos, you can't --

Mateo: I thought I told you -- what are you doing here?

Hayley: I just thought of something. The disk can prove you're not Proteus.

Vanessa: My sons, my pride and my life -- both so against me!

Leo: Mother, just tell us what you know. Is Larry dead or not?

David: Yes, police station.

Vanessa: No! No, darling, please. You mustn’t. I'll tell you everything. Every dreaded detail.

David: I want to know the truth, Vanessa, or I call them right back.

Vanessa: Very well. Then you shall have -- has it. The whole ugly truth.

Leo: Well? What happened to Larry?

David: I can hardly wait.

Vanessa: You -- you have no idea the pressure that I had been under. Do you have the slightest inkling? My whole world was --

David: All right, all right. Stop with the sloppy waterworks, will you?

Leo: Just let her talk.

David: No. You know, actually, I like the brave, stiff-upper-lipped performances much better. Go ahead, Vanessa.

Vanessa: I -- I told you. When I tried to end it with Larry at the Valley Inn, he did not take it very well.

David: They never do, do they, Mother?

Vanessa: Look, I begged him. I begged him, just please go away. Please, just leave me alone. Go somewhere, start all over again. I thought I'd gotten through to him, you know, and when he left, I thought, "Oh, good, good. I can just rest." But then he came back.

David: Yeah. I had a feeling.

Leo: Come on, man, just --

David: Just get to the point, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Fine. He said he'd had some time to consider it and think it over, and the situation demanded a little more. He wanted money, a great deal of money. And I -- I tried to reason with him.

David: You mean you fought with him, argued with him.

Vanessa: I tried to explain to him. I was out of Palmer’s life. I was no more -- I had nothing!

David: Oh, yeah, I see. So did that soften good old Larry’s heart or not?

Vanessa: Well, certainly made it very clear to me that Larry didn't possess any of the qualities a woman seeks in a man, no.

David: I'm not going to touch that with a 10-foot -- just go ahead, Vanessa.

Vanessa: When he came back, he threatened to beat me up again. Oh, this time he threatened to leave scars. You know what he's capable of.

Leo: Yeah. I do.

Vanessa: Well, I offered him everything I had. I actually had a couple thousand dollars here. He said that would not be enough, that he wanted my jewelry!

David: Oh, jewelry or your life. Now, that must have been a very tough decision, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Oh, come on, David, they were some very sentimentally precious jewels in there!

David: Of course they were -- in direct proportion to the price tag.

Vanessa: They were all I had.

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you gave him -- you gave Palmer the best months of your life. I've heard it before. Now, what happened? Did Larry take the deal or not?

Vanessa: Yes. That was everything I had in that trunk, you know that. He dragged it just out of here, and that's the last I saw of him.

David: You know, I'm curious about something, Vanessa. Why would he toss the trunk in the lake?

Vanessa: Well, I don't know. He took out what he wanted, and having no further use for it just dumped it wherever he was -- the man was crazed.

Leo: Do you want some water or something?

Vanessa: Oh. I want my five carats of diamonds, beautifully set in these blossoms with platinum stems. And I would like to have my emerald choker back and the sapphire ring that Palmer gave me on our one-month anniversary. Yes -- oh, God, how I could give myself to that man --

Leo: You don't have to remind us, Mother, please?

Vanessa: Oh, my God. Listen, I know. I realize that, you know, to some people, jewels feel just cold. But not to me. When I would hold those stones, I could see myself in them.

David: Hard. Lifeless.

Leo: Knock it off.

Vanessa: Oh, God, David. It's so easy for you to scoff, isn't it? You've accomplished so much. You're a world-renowned cardiologist who saves lives every day, and in comparison what am I, huh? Some vapid, silly, ditsy, useless -- well, I'll tell you something. When I held those jewels, I felt value. I felt my worth. I almost felt loved.

Leo: Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay. We get it.

David: Yeah, we get it, and we're throwing it right back. Stop blubbering, Vanessa. That story is laughable.

Erica: Getting rid of Kendall? That's a very tempting thought.

Greenlee: You owe it to yourself.

Erica: Look, even so, I can't do that. It's too late.

Greenlee: Why? What happened?

Erica: Kendall has wheedled her way into Blanca’s good graces.

Greenlee: After what happened at your trial? How can Bianca not see right through her?

Erica: Oh, Bianca is still fragile, and, of course, Kendall is capitalizing on that.

Greenlee: Well, I'll talk to Bianca. I'll get Leo in on the plan. She trusts him.

Erica: Well, the thing is Bianca can't get past the loss of Frankie, and, of course, now that her sister is in town --

Greenlee: You mean her sister as in Kendall?

Erica: No. No. I mean Frankie’s sister. Maggie -- her identical twin.

Greenlee: You met her, too? Is that freaky, or what?

Erica: Well, it certainly isn't going to help Bianca get over the loss of Frankie, that's for sure. And so now if I also make Kendall leave town, then Blanca’s going to hate me even more than she does already.

Greenlee: Oh, Bianca doesn't really hate you.

Erica: Bianca loathes me. She loathes me for the way I handled myself after Frankie’s murder, for the way I blasted Frankie’s sister when I met her -- oh, for a whole multitude of sins both real and imagined.

Greenlee: Blanca’s confused.

Erica: Bianca thinks that I am a faithless, misguided control freak. That's what Bianca thinks.

Greenlee: If my mother was willing to go to jail for me, I'd worship the ground she walked on. I mean, how many mothers prove their love like that?

Erica: If only Bianca felt like that.

Greenlee: Well, she should. Bianca has no reason to ever doubt your love for her.

Hayley: Give them the disk.

Mateo: No.

Chris: Put him in the van.

Mateo: Can I have five minutes with my wife, please?

Hayley: Please? Please, I just want to talk to him for a minute.

Ryan: Give him the five minutes. Or, what, maybe it'll make you look bad?

Chris: In the office -- watch them.

Ryan: In case you were wondering, I'm here for Hayley. She called me.

Chris: Okay.

Ryan: You're going to let me stay this time? Or are you going to get me thrown out?

Chris: Look, don't get involved with Mateo and Hayley right now. That's my advice to you.

Ryan: That's your advice? Advice? Thank you very much. I'll treasure that.

Chris: Look, just stay away from them.

Ryan: Why? You afraid I know too much? Like, what you did to my father is exactly what you're going to do to Mateo.

Chris: I mean it.

Ryan: Or what? What, you going to slap some bogus charges on me and have me sent off to the pen? Get rid of me?

Chris: Oh, no, you're so far off on this.

Ryan: Of course I am because you'd like a way more permanent solution. What am I talking about? Just ask my old man. Wait. You can’t. Because, thanks to you, he's dead.

Anna: Take it easy, Ryan.

Ryan: Oh, good. More advice I don't need.

Anna: You need this.

Ryan: You two, like, hanging out now? Siding with him?

Chris: She's working with me.

Anna: I am.

Ryan: Wow. That's real nice. Real nice and cozy.

Hayley: I'm going to have Barry stall the transfer somehow.

Mateo: How?

Hayley: I don't know. He'll find a loophole or a stay or --

Mateo: Stamp's not negotiating.

Hayley: Well, he's going to have to because I am going back to that passageway and I'm getting that disk.

Mateo: You -- you leave that disk where it is. It's safe there.

Hayley: And you'll be safe once I hand it over to the feds.

Mateo: No, I won’t.

Hayley: What are you talking about? It proves that you're not Proteus, all those financial statements.

Mateo: No.

Hayley: They can trace those statements and find out who Proteus really is.

Mateo: You can't give him the disk.

Hayley: If I don't give him that disk, you're going to jail.

Mateo: And if you do, if you give him the disk, I'm a dead man.

Hayley: Don't say that. How can you say that?

Mateo: Because it's true.

Hayley: I don't understand. How can turning over the disk be dangerous?

Mateo: Because Stamp could be Proteus.

Hayley: Fine. We'll give it to Derek or Jack.

Mateo: Don't you understand? The feds have jurisdiction. All the evidence goes right back to Stamp.

Hayley: And if he is Proteus?

Mateo: He could erase the files from the disk or he could add something to hang me.

Hayley: Are you telling me that there is no way out of this for us, ever?

Ryan: Wow. You should give your new pal Anna here a promotion. You are very, very good.

Anna: No, it's not what it looks like.

Ryan: I never suspected that you were working me over for him.

Anna: No, I didn't.

Ryan: You know what? I'm going to go before I do something that you're going to arrest me for, okay?

Hayley: The disk is our only ammunition and proof that you are innocent, Mateo -- we need that.

Mateo: We need to save it.

Ryan: No, really, it's fine. Talk to Chris Stamp. We're really tight.

Mateo: I trusted you to get her out of town.

Ryan: What are you talking about?

Hayley: He tried.

Mateo: I wanted her safe and away from all this.

Ryan: What did you want me to do? Chain her up? I missed that part.

Hayley: It's not his fault. I did this, Mateo. We -- we can trust Ryan. We need him.

Mateo: All right. All right, I'm sorry.

Ryan: So, what, are they taking you to federal lockup?

Mateo: Yeah. I need you to get Hayley to Texas.

Hayley: Oh, no. Oh, no, I'm not going anywhere until this is over with.

Mateo: Please, please, for Lorenzo’s sake.

Hayley: I'm not leaving.

Anna: Is that what you wanted? Wanted Ryan to shut me out like that?

Chris: Look, I don't give a damn about your relationship with Ryan.

Anna: He's never going to believe another word I say.

Chris: Yeah, well, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Just keep thinking "Chief of Police," Anna. Chief of Police.

Man: Agent Stamp?

Chris: Yeah?

Man: This just came in on the Santos investigation.

Chris: All right, thanks, Jimmy.

Anna: What is it?

Chris: Well, with any luck, this will close the Proteus case.

Erica: Is this a career advancement strategy, Greenlee, or do you really think that I did the right thing at the trial?

Greenlee: No, I am in awe of your entire plan. And it's a privilege to work for and learn from you.

Erica: Really? Well, not long ago you knew everything, and nobody could teach you anything, so what's changed?

Greenlee: I decided I need a mentor. You know, someone to give me some advice. That's hard for me to admit, but I do.

Erica: Okay, then. Since you do, let me give you some advice that you need.

Greenlee: About?

Erica: About men.

Greenlee: Hold on a minute. I don't need any --

Erica: How are things between you and Jake since you got back together with Leo?

Greenlee: Not good.

Erica: Go on.

Greenlee: It's a mess. Jake hates me, and Leo’s threatened by his very existence.

Erica: Well, it's a mess because you played it wrong, Greenlee. All wrong.

David: You always play that pathetic act as a cover. The first time you tried to pull it on me was when my father died.

Vanessa: Oh, David, I was in shock --

David: Oh, please. You didn't give a damn. But you played the helpless wife of a suicide to perfection, I'll give you that.

Vanessa: Oh, really? Well, I recall that I was despondent.

David: Why? Why? When you succeeded at getting rid of him, didn't you?

Vanessa: That is a disgusting -- a vile thing to say.

David: It may very well be, but it also happens to be the truth. Oh, come on, Vanessa. Weren't you a little proud of yourself? You got your husband to shoot himself!

Vanessa: Oh, God, David --

David: Brilliant, mother! Absolutely brilliant.

Vanessa: Why do you keep bringing that up? Your father has no bearing on this now.

David: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I never completely processed the fact that my mother had her hand in killing my father!

Vanessa: Oh! I am just sick and tired of having his death thrown in my face! Suppose I help you process it once and for all, David.

David: You go right ahead, Mother. Give it your best shot.

Vanessa: David, how did your father take on these godlike dimensions?

David: My father was a good man.

Vanessa: He had his good points.

David: Oh, well, at least you give him that much.

Vanessa: He also had major failings, which he was well aware of.

David: Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, maybe it had something to do with you nagging him, huh? Or picking at him 24 hours a day. What do you think?

Vanessa: Your memory is just a bit skewed, Darling. I mean, but you were just a boy.

David: Are you kidding me? I remember how you were with him. Your voice could peel the wallpaper!

Vanessa: Yes, well, it took a great deal to wake your father up.

David: Really? And how much did it take to kill him, Mother?

Vanessa: Your father was afraid of everything -- confrontation. Afraid to take what was his, what he had earned. You know, he would have been nothing without me.

David: Oh, really? And with you he was a suicide. Lucky for him he married so well, huh?

Vanessa: I was the strength in that family. And even after he killed himself, I didn't crumble, David. I made certain we survived. I clothed and fed us.

David: Yeah, any self-respecting thief or even a prostitute would have done the same.

Leo: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

David: But did you ever love us, Mother? Even for one instant, did you love us?

Vanessa: I got you into the finest prep school, I put you through college. Everything you are --

David: No, no, no, no, no. Don't you dare try to take credit for that.

Vanessa: Nothing that I've done, nothing -- no sacrifices, nothing makes any difference to you at all. If you had your druthers, I should have shot myself.

Leo: Mother --

David: Unfortunately, nobody gave me a vote.

Vanessa: You know, you think that somehow life would have been marvelous with this quasi-intellectual -- it would have been quite a mind pairing, don't you, Darling? But he would have dragged you down just like he did me. But I wouldn't stay down, David, no, and I never will.

David: What, is that supposed to be admirable, Mother? That's frightening.

Vanessa: If I were a man, you wouldn't say that to me.

David: What?

Vanessa: No. No. Toughness in men is always highly respected and ridiculed in women. You've tried to keep us down forever, telling us that -- that it's a man's world, but I'm going to tell you something. If I had been born a man, I would rule this world!

David: You are seriously delusional, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Oh -- you'd like to believe that, wouldn't you? You would like to believe that. But one day you'll find out exactly who I am, and you will also learn that you owe me everything you are, everything you had, and me alone!

Greenlee: How can you know I played it wrong? It was an impossible situation.

Erica: Yes, for you I'm sure it was. But you have given Leo too much of your power.

Greenlee: I've given Leo --

Erica: All of it, in fact. There's nothing left for you.

Greenlee: What?

Erica: Look, when you were first engaged to Leo, before you broke it off with him when you found out that he was in town to marry you for your money --

Greenlee: Oh, how humiliating.

Erica: Yeah, I'm sure that that was very difficult for you.

Greenlee: And then when Leo turned around and married Laura, I wanted to kill him.

Erica: Yes, and you let the world know that. However, when you got involved with Jake, then you added to your power because --

Greenlee: Leo was intensely jealous.

Erica: That was a power surge. However, you did experience a little short when, after Leo broke up with Laura, what did you do? You accepted his proposal.

Greenlee: But I won him back.

Erica: Greenlee, he won you back. But where was the groveling? Where was the crawling?

Greenlee: Well, Leo wasn't into making me suffer.

Erica: Greenlee, you should have been into making him suffer. You should have made him work to win you back. But instead what did you do? You gave up Jake.

Greenlee: Well, I wanted to stay friends with Jake.

Erica: Oh, don't insult my intelligence.

Greenlee: And don't insult mine. I still care about Jake.

Erica: Yes, of course you do, that's not what I'm talking about. That much is obvious. It's the relegating Jake to friend status that I have a lot of trouble with. That's absurd.

Greenlee: Well, part of me does want Jake to play a more important part of my life, but --

Erica: But you're engaged to Leo.

Greenlee: Yes.

Erica: Which, if you look at that the right way, puts you in a marvelous, marvelous position -- caught between two handsome men.

Greenlee: Hmm. I am, aren't I?

Erica: So you can learn to enjoy that, and you can learn that that is just the most rewarding time of a woman's life.

Mateo: Proteus isn't done with me yet. Do you understand me?

Hayley: Stop asking me to run.

[Mateo sighs]

Mateo: He wants to punish me, and I don't want you to be the closest target.

Hayley: You wouldn't abandon me if our roles were reversed.

Mateo: For Lorenzo. You need to stay safe for Lorenzo.

Hayley: This is crazy. We can prove you're innocent.

Mateo: We will -- eventually.

Hayley: What if Proteus comes after you?

Mateo: He's not going to come after me while I'm in custody. Now, just -- just trust that I'm doing the right thing, and I won't be able to do the right thing if I think you're in danger. All right?

Hayley: Fine, I'll go home, and I'll pack my bags. And I'll go back to Texas.

Mateo: Thank you. Thank you. Time's up, huh?

Chris: Yeah, but I want to ask you something before you go. Hayley, Ryan, you want to wait outside?

Mateo: Oh, come on, you can say whatever you have to say in front of them.

Chris: Okay, fine. This is the last time I'm going to ask you for the truth about your connection to Proteus.

Mateo: And I told you the truth.

Hayley: You know Mateo was set up with those drugs.

Chris: I'm not going to make this offer again.

Hayley: He was just gathering evidence to find out who Proteus was.

Chris: Oh, really? What kind of evidence? What did you get, Mateo?

Mateo: Nothing.

Chris: Hayley?

Mateo: Nothing.

Chris: All right. I'll just find out on my own.

Mateo: Yeah, you better get a search warrant.

Ryan: Yeah, he's got one.

Chris: Actually, I've got three -- your place, S.O.S., and your father-in-law's place. I'll let you know if I come up with anything that clears you --

Mateo: Yeah, keep in touch.

Chris: Or incriminates you.

Mateo: Good.

Chris: Time.

Mateo: Go get the disk. Get the disk and hide it.

Officer: Your van's ready.

Ryan: I'll take care of her.

Chris: Let's go.

Erica: If the men don't compete, how will you know the best man won?

Greenlee: Oh, the best man is Leo, even though he's shutting me out.

Erica: If you say so. But it seems to me that you have just handed him the reins to your relationship.

Greenlee: Oh, no. Wrong. Leo is not my lord and master.

Erica: Well, maybe you ought to let Leo in on that.

Greenlee: May I take the rest of the afternoon off?

Erica: Go on. Reclaim your power.

Greenlee: I will.

Erica: And then come back and reclaim your career because obviously we have accomplished nothing for Enchantment today.

Greenlee: Well, as a happy, romantically well-adjusted employee, I'll be more productive.

Erica: I certainly hope so.

Greenlee: And I'll have this completed and on your desk in the morning.

Erica: Mm-hmm. Greenlee? Thank you for your kind words about Bianca.

Greenlee: Blanca’s a smart girl, Erica. It's not going to take her long to realize she's incredibly lucky to have you.

Vanessa: Go ahead, David, call the police. Tell them I murdered Larry.

Leo: Stop pushing him!

David: She can't help herself. It's what she does best.

Vanessa: What, Darling, are you trying to break me? I can take anything you throw at me.

Leo: Shut up!

Vanessa: Leo, darling, doesn’t be angry.

Leo: Why can't you ever admit when you're wrong?

Vanessa: Because I rarely am. I haven't had any practice.

[Vanessa chuckles]

Vanessa: Don't be upset, Darling, don't be upset. And you know when your brother goads me like this, I have to lash out. You understand?

Leo: You're not helping anything, Mother.

Vanessa: Darling, don't frown. Oh, Leo, I depend on you so much. Come on, nobody in the world knows me better than you do, Darling. Your love keeps me going.

David: Leo, let's get out of here. Come on.

Vanessa: Leo, I love you. No matter what you ever say or ever do, Darling, that will never change. I love you.

Leo: It's like being run over by a tank. What do we do now?

David: I work to get that psychotic nightmare committed -- today.

Kendall: Come on, Ryan, I know you're in there. It's not like the whole county can't hear your motorcycle.

Ryan: Something you want?

Kendall: I brought doughnuts for you to celebrate your return.

Ryan: Oh. Thanks. Thanks.

Kendall: Hey!

Ryan: Want a doughnut? Well, we better call the airline. We got to get on this.

Hayley: I'm not getting on a plane.

Ryan: What are you talking about? You took one from San Antonio.

Hayley: I lied to Mateo. I'm not going anywhere. No.

Ryan: You're staying here --

Hayley: Yes.

Ryan: In Pine Valley? You can't, Hayley. I promised him that I would take care of you.

Hayley: You can do that from right here at the Pine Cone motel.

Ryan: No, you see, that's -- that's wrong in so many ways. I don't even know where to start.

Hayley: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Ryan, I'm not going to sit back idly in Texas while Chris Stamp thinks of new and unusual ways of setting my husband up.

Ryan: Well, what good are you going to do for him here in this dump?

Hayley: This is a dump. Didn't you used to have a yacht?

Ryan: I don't want to talk about it.

Hayley: Look. There is a computer disk, and it is imperative that I get my hands on it. It could clear Mateo’s name and put Proteus away.

Ryan: All right. Where is it?

Hayley: I know exactly where it is, I just don't know who I can trust it with.

Ryan: Well, we'll worry about that once we get it, all right?

Hayley: Not you. I'll take care of that. You're in this thing too deep already.

Ryan: Hayley, when Proteus is packed off to prison, I want to be the one who slams the doors on the van for transport. You know what I'm saying? I want to be the one who slams the door in Stamp's face.

Chris: These are the three search warrants. This is for Mateo Santos' residence. This is for S.O.S.

Officer: All right.

Chris: This is for Adam Chandler's residence.

Officer: All right.

Chris: I want backup at all three spots, okay? Make sure that gets it done okay? Each group is to have one of these with them.

Officer: Each one? All right.

Chris: You got that?

Officer: Yeah.

Chris: Excuse me. Devane, if this has to do with Ryan --

Anna: No. No, it doesn't.

Chris: Good.

Anna: All right. I went over what we got on Santos, and I read his statement.

Chris: Really? That tells me you're taking your job seriously, then.

Anna: You are dead wrong about him.

Chris: Maybe that's because you're not fully informed.

Anna: So, what, you have something concrete that you're not sharing?

Chris: Uh --

Anna: Because, look, I am telling you, you are making a big mistake.

Chris: No, I'm not making a mistake. Mateo is on the level, he's not Proteus, and I never thought he was.

Erica: Myrtle, hi. Well, I thought that we could do lunch? Oh, Myrtle, I would stop by, but -- look, is Bianca there, Myrtle? I'd love to talk to her. Oh. I see. Okay. Right. Oh, okay. Oh, okay, Myrtle. Bye-bye.

Erica: Bianca, hi! Hi, honey. I'm so glad to see you! Come on in.

Bianca: If this is not a good time, I can --

Erica: Of course it's a fine time. Any time you show up is the perfect time. I'm so glad you're here. I have so much to say to you.

Bianca: Well, same here. And if you don't mind, I’d like to go first.

Anna: Let me get this straight. You just had an innocent man sent to prison?

Chris: Yeah. Well, now he's safe and he's out of our way.

Anna: I don't like that.

Chris: Being kept out of the loop?

Anna: No. Feeling something close to respect for you.

Chris: Oh. So then you agree, then, playing Proteus' MO might be the way to go, then?

Anna: Mm-hmm. Setting up someone else to take the fall so that he will plan his escape.

Chris: Right. Mateo was the sacrifice. He had to be locked up. It lets Proteus think that he's temporarily getting away with it.

Anna: Yeah, and if he thinks the heat's off, Proteus is more likely to trip up.

Chris: Right.

Anna: Where do we start?

Chris: Well, Mateo’s not guilty, but he is definitely hiding something, Devane, that we would find very useful.

Anna: What?

Chris: Well, I'll let you know when I find out, won't I?

Anna: These search warrants are for real, then?

Chris: Yeah, they're for real. Unless you've got a better idea.

Anna: Oh, God. You know, I just wish that we could do our job without steamrolling over good people.

Chris: That's life.

Anna: It doesn't bother you? Turning Mateo and Hayley’s life upside down?

Chris: They made their own bed, let them sleep in it.

Anna: And alienating Ryan even more?

Chris: You can't alienate someone who already hates you, Devane.

Hayley: The disk is hidden in the passageway. I put it there myself.

Ryan: Well, could anybody have moved it?

Hayley: The only other person that knows it's there is Mateo. No way.

Ryan: All right. I'll go get the disk. While I'm gone, don't do anything. You're not here. Don't answer the door, don't answer the phone, nothing.

Hayley: I won't sneak past the manager's desk, if that's what you mean.

Ryan: Right. Right. Because if Proteus' people find out you're here --

Hayley: Proteus is not going to find out I'm here, I promise.

Ryan: Okay.

Hayley: Hey, Ry? Thanks a lot. You're a good man.

David: Watch me, Leo. You watch me cut through all the red tape. One call to Dr. Nevis, and Vanessa will be in evaluation.

Leo: She's not going to cooperate with this, David. She's not going to just walk into a doctor's office.

David: Yeah, well, then Dr. Nevis will have to come here. But by morning, she will be in a locked ward.

Leo: Listen, you can't commit her.

David: Not without Dr. Nevis I can’t.

Leo: We haven't even discussed this.

David: I don't have to.

Leo: Look, you wanting it doesn't make it right, okay?

David: Leo, after what we just witnessed, what is there to discuss? We both know the woman is twisted! She's been twisted for years! She drove my father to suicide; she "accidentally" killed one lover! And we can both guess what she did to Larry.

Leo: Well, hey, you have no evidence of that.

David: Even without the business with Larry, the woman is deranged at best. That's enough to put her away.

Leo: Yeah, but --

Greenlee: Put who away?

David: Vanessa. I want to call a colleague to have her committed, and Leo is playing devil's advocate.

Greenlee: You're against it?

Leo: Look, all I'm saying is that an asylum might not be the best answer.

Greenlee: Well, if the question contains the name "Vanessa," it is. David, you are completely right. Call. Do whatever it takes.

Leo: David, I said no.

Vanessa: The lake, you idiot. Well, we didn't have to wait for the spring thaw, did we? Somebody found the trunk. Well, now you go fish. You find Larry’s body before somebody else does. Look, I'm wrapping things up here shortly, and I don't want any loose ends. Santos? Good. Good. Well, once I'm safely out of Pine Valley, I'll contact my little friend in prison. And Mateo Santos might die in a grisly prison brawl.

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