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All My Children Transcript Friday 1/25/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Vanessa: [As Proteus] Not tonight.

Mateo: No, no, no, you said 7:00. You said 7:00. I've been waiting here.

Ryan: Let's see what you're hiding, Stamp.

Rudolph: If and when Erica Kane ever comes back where she belongs, I'll consider a continued relationship with her, but I don't do business with irresponsible children.

Chris: I want Bianca Montgomery to testify.

Ryan: My birthday.

Ryan: All right. What is it Stamp wants? What? What else do you want to know about me? You, Chandler -- what am I, your research project?

Anna: In my agency, we call this sloppy work. And Stamp would know it was you in an instant.

Jake: Well, his req log says the file was mailed last Tuesday. I'm aware that that's already late, Dr. Peterson. Listen -- Dr. Hayward's research was delayed, all right? You have a tracking number? Okay. Oh, it's a standard op? Well, is it standard op for an ER doctor on duty have to handle your red tape? Well, just hang on a minute. Hang on. Just hang on.

David: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Jake: Your job.

Mateo: Listen -- you know this is an act, right? And we've got to keep it up no matter who's watching. All right?

Leo: Greenlee, let me go to Erica. This whole thing is my fault, and I should be the one to tell her.

Greenlee: No. No. No, she hates excuses, and it won't change anything.

Leo: Well, what's she going to do when she finds out what really happened to the Lacey's account?

Greenlee: Fire me.

Greenlee: She makes it look so easy, Leo. I mean, she comes in here, she kicks butt, and she looks like a million bucks doing it. Then she makes a million bucks doing it and she makes it look like anyone can do it. Anyone can't.

Kendall: Who the hell are you? Yeah, you.

Greenlee: How about you go first?

Leo: Well, maybe I can help. Greenlee, this is Kendall Hart, Ericaís daughter.

Jack: Your Honor, the Commonwealth has been patient beyond reason in this matter. And if defense counsel actually believes that he can call a new witness after he has rested, after the jury has deliberated and reached a verdict --

Chris: Maybe the prosecution should check their fact book first next time, Your Honor. There are over seven precedents from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania alone where additional testimony has been allowed after final summation has been made.

Jack: And if counsel is referring to Cermak vs. Malone, that additional testimony was excluded --

Chris: That testimony was reversed, Mr. Prosecutor, and a new trial was held. But something tells me you already knew that.

Jack: Oh, I already knew that. I also know that a new trial was granted only after new evidence --

Chris: The defense has new evidence. Your Honor, we have evidence of what really happened on the night Mary Frances Stone died and was murdered by --

Erica: No, don't!

[Gallery murmurs]

Chris: Erica --

Erica: Chris, for God's sakes, please, don't do this.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Order! Order!

Judge: That's quite enough.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Order!

Chris: So it's true.

Erica: You son of a --

Chris: I underestimated you, but you did the same thing with me, Erica. I'm nobody's fool. Do you understand?

Erica: I'll never forgive you for this.

Chris: I don't give a damn. Your Honor, your indulgence for an explanation?

Judge: Mr. Stamp, explain quickly.

Chris: When the defense has new evidence after summation, it must be heard. Not only because excluding this information would fall under reversible error --

Jack: What the hell does he think he has?

Chris: But also would cost the state a lot of money and another trial. On top of which, Your Honor, it would just be wrong. Unlike the prosecution, I am not here to railroad anyone. I am here to get to the bottom line -- the truth. The truth no matter what it is. And, Your Honor, that young woman can lead us to the truth.

Judge: Okay. I'll allow this.

Jack: Your Honor, the Commonwealth would like to go on record as encouraging this court to hear any new evidence that would serve justice. However, we strenuously object to the sensationalistic way in which it's been presented.

Judge: Duly noted. Would you rebrief and bring in the jury?

Opal: Now, you just hold tight, honey.

Bianca: Opal, Chris is wrong. I -- I don't know what happened.

Opal: Well, then that's just what you say when you get up there.

Erica: You're just winging this, aren't you? Bianca doesn't remember anything. Nothing's changed. So what is your plan? You plan to force this out of her, Chris? Is that what you plan to do? What if there's nothing to get, Chris?

Chris: Bianca knows the truth, and I know how to get it out of her, Erica. That's my job.

Erica: No. That is nothing but your stupid, arrogant male pride talking. That's all that is. You just can't stand not winning. Is that right? So what are you going to do? You're going to destroy my daughter in front of everybody in this courtroom? And why? Can you tell me why? I hate you for this.

Chris: I'll live with it. Bianca Montgomery.

Kendall: What a surprise. There are even more pictures of the CEO than there were before.

Greenlee: Funny, I don't remember asking you to come in.

Kendall: Always an experience driving up to this place. Reminds me of the mansion at the end of "Citizen Kane." That's a movie.

Greenlee: Gee, is it really?

Kendall: Yes, and in it, Charles Foster Kane is shown controlling people's minds -- how they thought, what they should think. You know, like how Erica tries to control how people should look and dress. Obviously, she's already gotten to you.

Leo: Can I help you with something, Kendall?

Kendall: Just like "Citizen Kane," this house of Kane is all about greed. And not just the green kind. Power, control, authority -- all bundled up in that little package.

Greenlee: How many years have you been rehearsing that out-of-tune little aria, hmm? In case you're wondering, I'm here working.

Kendall: Working?

Greenlee: So you and your deep thoughts about your mother's meaningless existence might want to find somewhere else to play.

Kendall: Well, from what my little birdies are telling me, you might want to rush right over to the unemployment office and fill out your forms.

Greenlee: Oh, so you can sit in? I think not. Enchantment is --

Kendall: Enchantment will be gone by the end of the month.

Greenlee: What?

Kendall: Finger on the pulse, huh? This place is dead, honey. D-e-a-d, dead.

Ryan: The door was locked.

Anna: Oh. Spy School 101.

Ryan: Oh, yeah. Aren't you clever. You know what? I really don't give a damn if Stamp finds out that I was going through his things, all right, 007?

Anna: Since I'm here, why don't you tell me what it is you're looking for?

Ryan: How about a little peace?

Anna: I don't follow.

Ryan: No, of course you donít. Of course you don't because you, Stamp, Adam Chandler -- you all think that you got this claim on my life. And you know what? You donít.

Anna: So why don't you tell someone, like me? Maybe I could --

Ryan: You could what? You could, like, help me? All right, actually, you know how you can help me, if you don't mind, is leaving, getting out of here. Because I need to find out why Stamp is poking around in my life, why he keeps acting -- I don't really need to explain anything to you. I really don't. I donít. I donít. So you know what? You, Stamp -- you guys can do your little dance and figure out who's the better undercover agent, all right? Just leave me out of it.

Anna: I was married to your mother's cousin.

Anna: If there's anything you want to know about your mother from me Ė

Mateo: See you later.

Vanessa: Hello, dear.

Mateo: Vanessa. Sorry about that. What can I get you?

Vanessa: A job.

Mateo: Vanessa, a job -- see --

Vanessa: Well, you don't understand.

Mateo: No, I think I do understand. You're going through something. A little bit of a crisis. You want to keep busy; you're looking for something to do. But, Vanessa, come on, you're married to one of the richest guys I know. I mean, can you really see yourself serving drinks or waiting tables?

Vanessa: Oh. Let me clear something up for you right away, Mateo. My marriage to Palmer Cortlandt is over.

Mateo: Really?

Vanessa: He kicked me out. So I need a job to pay my own way.

Mateo: I'm sorry about that. I didn't --

Vanessa: No, it's all right. I mean, you've had your own heartbreak about a marriage gone bad. Really, I -- it's just that, Mateo, I really am a very hard worker. I don't have experience at certain things, I know, but at one time I was a very important studio actress, and we worked extremely hard for very little pay, and it wasn't for the faint-hearted, let me tell you.

Mateo: Vanessa --

Vanessa: Oh. Actually, Mateo, I -- I don't want to actually wait tables.

Mateo: You thinking about tending bar?

Vanessa: Well, no. I'm afraid I'm not that good a listener, but Ė

Mateo: Well, then what is it you want to do?

Vanessa: I want to sing.

Mateo: You want to sing?

Vanessa: Yes, entertain.

Mateo: Here?

Vanessa: Well, I understand you have live music night occasionally.

Mateo: Yeah, we've had some bands.

Vanessa: Well, I am a chanteuse at heart, Mateo. I can be your regular nightly act.

Mateo: Really?

Vanessa: Well, I know some women would bolt after being so unceremoniously dumped by their husbands, but not me. I will rise like a phoenix.

Mateo: I -- I don't know what to say.

Vanessa: I know, I know. Actually, I do. I understand your position. I really do.

Mateo: Well, I'm glad because --

Vanessa: But here's the thing -- if it doesn't work out after a week, I'll move on. You have my word about that. Oh, Mateo, I don't know what it is, this feeling, but for the longest time I've felt that you and I would eventually end up working side by side.

David: Look, I don't care if they're screaming for my requisitions. Stay the hell out of my files, Jake!

Jake: Dr. Peterson, I have to get back to you. If you had any idea how much follow-up I have to do to cover your lazy behind, Hayward --

David: Lazy? Have you seen my surgery schedule for the next week, Jake?

Jake: You bet I have, and you have other responsibilities in this hospital. You know, I've been covering for you for the last two months with the people from the Warneford Commission.

David: Oh, yeah? Well, what do you want, Jake? What, do you want flowers? Is that it?

Jake: No, I want you to do what you're supposed to do and stop pawning off your dirty work on other people like me. All right? I have my own schedule in this hospital.

David: Oh, oh, you have a schedule? You see, I wouldn't know that because I'm busy saving lives, Jake, not worrying about bureaucratic forms in triplicate!

Jake: And since when am I the one who's supposed to worry about it for you?

David: Look, you wanted to join this project, right? Didn't you?

Jake: Not as your personal assistant, I didnít. I have work to do in the ER.

David: Good. Go.

Jake: Dad, listen, I'm just --

Joe: I know, I know. You got to get back to the ER I heard. So did everyone on the corridor. It's always so very nice when patients hear doctors screaming at each other.

David: You're right, Joe. It's over, okay? So you can save your deportment speech for another day.

Joe: All right, David, I will. I'll get to the point.

David: Okay, and what's the point?

Joe: I'm here for my $50,000.

Anna: I was married to Duke Lavery. His cousin was Gail, your mother, right? I don't think that they were close at all, but they did stay in touch with cards and some letters, I think. Did she ever mention him to you when you were growing up?

Ryan: You really are a piece of work.

Anna: I'm not lying.

Ryan: Do you want me to, like, help you with Stamp in some way in your investigation, whatever the hell -- is that what it is? I mean, first, you used my father, so you bring up my mother? My God! Anna, what -- I know everything I need to know about my parents, thank you very much.

Anna: Look at you. All you want to do is beat up on someone all the time. You hate me. You hate Stamp. Adam Chandler. We're all burdens, we're all corrupt, and you pay the price. Have I got that right?

Ryan: This is really interesting. First, you poke around about my family, and then all of a sudden you give me, like, this dime store psychoanalysis for free.

Anna: It's not hard.

Ryan: Oh, no? Why's that?

Anna: You're not very complex.

Ryan: Oh.

Anna: You're a black-and-white kind of guy. Just like your cousin, Duke.

Leo: Mateo, what -- what the hell are you talking about?

Mateo: Just -- just come down to SOS, please.

Leo: I'm sort of in the middle of something here. I'm sorry.

Mateo: Leo, your mother's here, okay? Again. And she's not my damn problem.

Leo: Yeah, well, she's not mine, either.

Mateo: Get down here.

Leo: Oh, easy, Greenlee, easy.

Greenlee: You know, sorry to burst your vindictive little bubble, sweetheart, but Enchantment is running like a well-oiled machine. And it'll keep running like that whether Erica comes back or not.

Kendall: Listen to me. I know you lost Lacey's. I know three other tie-ins are also on the line.

Greenlee: You have no clue about what I've done --

Kendall: I know that you've been throwing your weight around here, trying to be like Erica for the last couple of months, all to disastrous effect.

Greenlee: You have no idea what I've done here.

Kendall: Look. Here's a time saver -- Erica loves her lackeys to grovel and run. Promoting someone for doing a good job is not her style. Ask Val. Do you know how long that poor thing has been getting her coffee?

Greenlee: Oh, my goodness. Do you not like your mommy? Do you have issues?

Kendall: This place is all about Erica, like it or not. Without her, it's over, and she's not coming back.

Leo: Kendall, you don't know what the jury's going to decide. None of us do.

Kendall: Are you kidding? Right about now, the jury foreman is saying, "guilty." Poof -- no more Erica. No more Citizen Kane. Hello, inmate number 45672.

Chris: You've been having headaches. Am I right?

Jack: Objection, Your Honor. What does this have to do with the new evidence?

Chris: Confusing episodes preceded by blinding headaches. Am I right?

Jack: Your Honor, a ruling?

Judge: I will allow this.

Bianca: Yes.

Chris: During these episodes, you feel that you're about to remember something that you up until now have been unable to recall about the night Mary Frances Stone died. Am I right?

Jack: Objection, Your Honor. What does this have to do with new evidence? I move that this testimony be stricken.

Judge: Mr. Stamp, the D.A.'s right. I mean, is there any new evidence in this?

Chris: This is a forensics photo of the crime scene.

Jack: Oh, now, wait --

Chris: Has anyone showed this to you before?

Jack: Objection! Certainly no one has shown it to the state!

Judge: Sustained!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Chris: Bianca, look at this, please. Is it bringing back any memory of that night?

[Gallery murmurs]

[Judge pounds gavel]

[Gallery murmurs]

Erica: Chris, stop it! Can't you see she's scared?

Jack: Objection, Your Honor! This is the most contemptful kind of grandstanding!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Mr. Stamp, I order --

Chris: What is it that's on her shirt?

Jack: Stamp, for the love of God, leave her alone!

Chris: Look at this. Tell me what it is.

Bianca: A butterfly.

Erica: No, Bianca, you do not have to do this! You don't have to look at that picture, Honey!

Judge: Mr. Stamp, I will hold you in contempt of court --

Bianca: I have to look at it. I do. Frankie is wearing a T-shirt with a butterfly on it, and I never saw her wear that shirt. I don't recognize it. But I -- I've seen it. Haven't I?

Chris: This morning when you were visiting your mother in jail, you thought you were about to remember something, didn't you?

Bianca: Yes.

Chris: What?

Bianca: I saw Opal and she had a jacket on and a butterfly pin.

Jack: Objection, Your Honor. What is this possibly doing for anyone?

Judge: Mr. Stamp, this is your last chance --

Chris: Bianca, look at it and put it all together.

Bianca: The first time I had one of these headaches, I had run into Opal at B.J.'s, and she was wearing the pin. I -- I remember her friend had just given it to her.

Chris: Look at this. What does that butterfly mean to you? What does it mean?

Bianca: It means I must have gone back to Frankie's room the night she was killed and I must have seen her in this shirt with the butterfly on it.

Jack: Objection, Your Honor! It calls for the witness to make a conclusion she cannot possibly make, and it's the best example of leading the witness if I've ever seen!

Bianca: No -- no! I was there. I was there. I remember it now. I went -- I went back to Frankie's room to tell her that I hated her.

David: All right, Joe, I'll bite. What? What 50 grand?

Joe: Your research budget overrun, David. You said you would handle it, but you have not.

David: Just roll it over into the next year's budget, Joe.

Joe: Even if I were inclined to do that, David -- which I'm not -- how would I run the figures when I don't know how you spent the money? And in this hospital, a $50,000 expenditure cannot be labeled miscellaneous.

David: Fine, fine. Look, you know, it's amazing between you and your son that anything in this hospital gets done other than paperwork. You want the cash? I will write a check from my personal account by the end of the day. You can consider it a Hayward donation.

Jake: Hayward, you can't be serious.

David: No, I am serious, Jake, because the research I'm doing is top secret. Now, if I start itemizing receipts and orders, every competing hospital in this country is going to be after what I'm doing, and I will not let that happen. My secretary will walk over a check to your office by the end of the day.

Joe: Does he really believe that people examine his invoices in order to steal his research?

Jake: No, he doesn't. There's something else.

Joe: What are you talking about?

Jake: Dad, David Hayward wants to be reimbursed for the ink when he writes a prescription. He's covering something up. But what now?

Anna: I've been watching you, Ryan, for quite some time.

Ryan: There's a whole club of you. Did you know that?

Anna: I know what you've been through. Every miserable thing that could happen to a guy has happened to you this year. Look at you, you're still standing. You're one of the strong ones. Keep on marching no matter what.

Ryan: Your point, please?

Anna: I've only met a handful of people like you. One of them being your cousin Duke. He also was outraged by basic rights being violated. Especially by the rich and powerful. Especially.

Ryan: So, what, you think that somehow distinguishes me in some way? Because I donít.

Anna: Oh, I do. Yeah, Ryan, I mean, there -- there's not a lot of people left like you. People who have such strong instincts about what is right and what is wrong. And I know, I know, it just drives you crazy when you can't work it all out.

Ryan: That's why I drink myself into oblivion and I complain. That's why.

Anna: I don't know, but I happen to think that perhaps it's because you have a lot of energy and you don't know how to channel it in the right direction.

Ryan: For the greater good, is that what you're saying?

Anna: For yourself. To restore order to your idea of what the world should be like.

Ryan: Why do you -- what are you talking about? What are you saying, Anna? Really, I have no idea.

Anna: I would kill to work with someone like you. No one in my business thinks the way you do. Well, I mean, no one that I know now, anyway. I think the way you do. I guess what I'm suggesting, if you're interested, is that I could teach you how to do this, you know, without making a mess. It'd be good for both of us.

Ryan: Anna, I'm trashing a guy's bedroom to find out why he's always in my business. I'm actually not on a job interview for the WSB. I'm not. Well, since you're not going anywhere, obviously, I -- I am.

Anna: Ryan, I was talking to you about your cousin Duke. You won't believe how many people that guy ticked off in his life and the good he did while he was at it.

[Pager beeps]

Anna: Oh, damn.

Vanessa: Now, Mateo, I do realize that some of your younger clients arenít up on the old standards. But I think I can work into my set something that would give even Madonna a run for her money. Oh, and I understand that Britney Spears is quite the thing. So I was thinking if you put together a medley that sort of has pop -- and what are you doing here?

Greenlee: You want to know what I'm doing here?

Leo: Easy, Greens.

Greenlee: No. No, Leo. Look, when you need rescuing, I'm coming with Leo because if I don't, you have one of your boys beat him up or you do your own emotional autopsy on him just for the fun of it.

Leo: Look, Mateo called me. What's going on?

Vanessa: Mateo, why did you do that?

Mateo: I just wanted to help you out. Listen, Vanessa, people come in here all the time all right? They have their problems, they want to talk about it and I will talk to you about the job later, all right? But this whole little, you know, charade that your marriage ending really wasn't important -- I know better than that. So I figured I'd call your family and you guys could talk.

Vanessa: It's okay. You know, you really are such a good man, Mateo.

Mateo: I just wanted to help.

Leo: Let's talk, okay? Let me do this alone. If I need you Iíll give the sign. Come here.

Greenlee: If I beg you, Mateo, will you give me every single detail about what kind of job Vanessa wanted? Pretty please?

Mateo: She wanted to sing.

Greenlee: Shut up.

Simone: No, really. She wanted to sing.

Greenlee: I can't stand it. Sing what? "Feelings"? "Hopelessly Devoted to You"? I'm in heaven.

Mateo: What are you talking about? I mean, come on, the woman's hurting.

Greenlee: Yeah, in the brain. She's nuts, Mateo. Certifiably nuts.

Bianca: I drove around for a long, long time. I -- I had been to see Frankie earlier, and -- and that's when I -- I saw her in bed with a boy. Oh. I just -- I -- I froze. I -- I ran. I ran out, I got in my car. I just -- I kept seeing them together. I kept seeing that look on her face when she looked up and she saw me watching them. I -- I couldn't get that look out of my head.

Chris: Bianca -- Bianca, you have to tell us everything truthfully. You're under oath. Your mother is accused of murdering your girlfriend. Please understand me when I say this -- this is not the time to be delicate.

Bianca: I don't know. I don't know. I didn't see his face. I -- I just saw that they were about to make love. And I ran and I got in my car. But I couldn't stay away. And I -- I don't remember deciding to go back to Opal's place. I just ended up there somehow.

Chris: Just for clarity, Opal's place is where Frankie lived?

Bianca: Yes. I -- I don't remember it in order, you know, I --

Chris: That's okay. You just tell us what you do remember.

Bianca: I remember being in the room.

Chris: Frankie's room?

Bianca: Yes. I -- I don't remember walking in the house. I don't remember walking up the steps. I just -- I just -- I just remember being in that room and going to tell her that she was horrible and -- and then I walked in and she was on the floor and she wasn't moving and there was -- there was blood. I thought something --

Erica: She doesn't remember everything because she's blocking it out!

Chris: Erica, sit down.

Erica: She doesn't remember because she saw me!

Jack: Your Honor, please, I implore you --

Erica: Her own mother --

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order!

[Gallery murmurs]

Judge: Ms. Kane, order! I will hold you in contempt! Order!

Bianca: No, wait! That's not what happened at all. I remember.

Jake: 50 grand from his own bank account to keep requisition slips secret. I don't think so, Hayward. What are you up to now?

Anna: What is wrong with you?

David: I'm distracted, Anna. Is that all right with you?

Anna: Don't jump all over me. It's not my fault.

David: I'm sorry.

Anna: Is it whatever's going on over there with Leo and your mother?

David: Believe me, that's the least of my problems. It's Jake and his bloodhound father.

Anna: Oh. What's happened now?

David: Well, Jake knows something's up, he can smell it. And Joe knows that I moved some money around.

Anna: For the research?

Anna: Is he questioning it?

David: They are so by-the-book and so obnoxiously self-righteous, they're not going to stop until they dig me a hole.

Anna: All right, so you've had a run-in with Jake and his father, and you paged me -- thank you -- like it's urgent. Why are you so worried?

David: Well, for a number of reasons. One of them being you.

Anna: Me?

David: There's no paper trail, Anna. There's no evidence, no road leading back to me. But you know everything. You know what I did with my research; you know how I did it. You even know why I did it.

Anna: But you can trust me.

David: No, actually, I canít.

Leo: Okay, let me get this straight. You actually walked in here, sidled up to Mateo Santos, offered to be a lounge singer? Please tell me you're kidding, Mother.

Vanessa: Remember how well I used to sing.

Leo: No, I donít.

Vanessa: Yes, you do. Paris, Cote d'Azur.

Leo: Oh. But I do remember Prague. Do you remember that? Prague, when we got run out of town by that angry mob after you did "Je Ne Regrette Rien" topless? Remember that?

Vanessa: It was hot, wasn't it? Listen, darling, for Peteís sake, I need a job. My husband has just dumped me.

Leo: And this is how you expect to regain credibility? Come on. What are you looking at Greenlee for?

Vanessa: I wish we could just go. The three of us,

Leo: Go where? You want to hang out with me and my fiancťe now?

Vanessa: Leo, my darling, are you ever going to be on my side again?

Leo: Are you ever going to be normal?

Greenlee: Look, Mateo, you're a nice guy. I know you're having problems in your own marriage, but --

Simone: Well, that's over.

Greenlee: Yeah. I heard. But Vanessa is a whiner. That woman is a parasite. She plays victim and then she preys on unsuspecting nice guys like you to bail her out of her misery.

Mateo: Her whole world is falling apart. She has nowhere to go. She needs a job. Okay, as pathetic as that was for her, you know, to ask to sing here, I mean, you got to feel some compassion for her. Don't you?

Greenlee: That is such like a man, isn't it? Mateo, you never see who a woman really is or what she's really like. You just see what's on the outside and then you fall for it. And then the nice guys like you are all helpful. And the creepy ones like her last boyfriend --

Simone: Is that why her husband left her?

Greenlee: Honey, she was sleeping with the chauffeur.

Simone: Oh. Well, stuff happens.

Greenlee: Yeah, I know. Well, I saw her true colors last night.

Mateo: What do you mean?

Greenlee: Went over to talk to her about coming in between Leo and me, and she had some rendezvous scheduled with the dude for exactly 7:00 or something. You'd think she was never going to get it again the way she was trying to shove me out the door. I mean, she was like, "It's 7:00, you have to get out of here." And I wouldn't budge. And I have to tell you something. If I didn't know any better, that old broad would have killed me right here if she could have.

Mateo: What did you say?

Kendall: Who's laughing last, Mama, me or you?

Bianca: I -- I remember being in that room and seeing Frankie's body. You didn't kill her, Mom. You couldn't have.

Erica: No --

Bianca: You didn't -- you didn't kill her because -- because --

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Mateo: I have a proposition for you.

Greenlee: What did you have in mind?

Leo: Something large and romantic -- a night you're never going to forget.

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