AMC Transcript Friday 1/18/02

All My Children Transcript Friday 1/18/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Vanessa: [As Proteus] Mr. Santos?

Mateo: Yeah.

Vanessa: Are you ready for your assignment?

Leo: I didn't exactly do your daughter.

Greenlee: Leo -- what is wrong with you?

Leo: I think somebody stole my knees.

Greenlee: Leo!

Kendall: Why do you want to take me to the courthouse?

Ryan: Because I want to see who cracks first, you or Stamp.

Greenlee: Val, stop standing there with your mouth hanging open and call 911.

Rudolph: Emergency Services has better things to do than to deal with a drunk.

Greenlee: You pompous jerk! He's not drunk. He was mugged last week, and he's on pain pills.

Rudolph: How many, the whole bottle?

Greenlee: Listen, you stuck-up moron --

Val: Greenlee!

Greenlee: He was helping me help you come up with an image for your so very uncool department store that lives in a 1950s time warp. You got it? I mean, have you looked at your clientele? Have you told the old bats that shop there that Mamie Eisenhower has been pushing up daisies for a couple decades?

Leo: Mamie Eisenhower -- now, that was a woman.

Greenlee: Leo, Leo, baby, stay awake, okay? No more sleeping. Leo --

Leo: Oh, God. I screwed it up again for you, didn't I, Greenlee?

Judge: Is there a problem, Mr. Stamp? Mr. Stamp? Are you listening to me, Mr. Stamp?

Bianca: What's happening to him?

Opal: I have no idea.

Judge: Mr. Stamp!

Chris: Ms. Hart, do you remember a few moments ago the judge reminded you that you were still under oath?

Kendall: Yeah. Yes.

Chris: And when you took that oath, you put your hand on the bible and you swore to tell the truth, the whole truth.

Kendall: I did. I will.

Chris: It's a sacred oath. But does that oath mean anything to you?

Jack: Objection, Your Honor.

Judge: Where are you going with this, Mr. Stamp?

Chris: Right here, Your Honor. Ms. Hart, tell me -- that oath means nothing to you, does it?

Kendall: What are you doing?

Chris: You're lying.

Jack: Objection!

Chris: You're lying, Ms. Hart. You hate your mother so much that you would lie under oath just to nail her to the wall.

Kendall: No.

Jack: Your Honor, I object.

Chris: You don't care that she's innocent. You don't care that she's your mother. All you care about, Ms. Hart, is ruining her. Am I in the same ballpark as your truth or what, Ms. Hart?

Vanessa: [As Proteus] I asked you a question, Mr. Santos.

Mateo: Yeah, like I have choice with you, Proteus. Yeah, I'm ready.

Vanessa: To kill whoever I say to kill?

Mateo: Just tell me who it is, and I'll do it.

Vanessa: [Normal voice] Did you actually think I would simply call you up and send you off, guns blazing, like a Charles Bronson?

Mateo: I don't know what you mean.

Vanessa: Don't you? Use your considerable smarts, Mateo. What do I guard above all else?

Mateo: Who you are.

Vanessa: [As Proteus] That's right. And why do I value that so much?

Mateo: Self-protection.

Vanessa: Very good.

Mateo: You think if someone knows who you are, they can take over your operation.

Vanessa: [Normal voice] I knew I was working with you for a reason, Mateo. But I have to be careful around you, too, don't I?

Mateo: What do you mean?

Vanessa: You want more and more, don't you?

Mateo: I want more responsibility. I told you that.

Vanessa: You want my responsibility. Be honest.

Mateo: Wait a minute.

Vanessa: [As Proteus] No. I knew that the moment I laid eyes on you. You want it all, Mateo.

Mateo: Wait a minute. Are you saying I know you?

Vanessa: [Normal voice] Mr. Santos, if you didn't, where exactly would the fun be?

Mateo: Okay. Like, I mean, I have a chance with you, you know? You have every card in both decks, and you know that.

Vanessa: Proteus always has the advantage.

Mateo: Yeah, I got that.

Vanessa: You sound awfully cocky for a man about to receive an order to kill.

Mateo: You told me that if I didn't do this, if I didn't prove my loyalty to you, that I was a dead man. How else am I supposed to act?

Vanessa: [As Proteus] Interesting approach.

Mateo: I'm glad you like it. Now, are you going to give me any leeway?

Vanessa: On what?

Mateo: I have some questions. General in nature, of course.

Vanessa: Go ahead.

Mateo: Why me?

Vanessa: I watched your wife. [As Proteus] I watched how content and happy she was, thinking that her life was going to sail along on smooth waters forever. [Normal voice] She had everything -- a loving husband, a beautiful new baby. [As Proteus] And you're a man of the streets, Mateo. You work hard for what you've got. [Normal voice] And your wife -- well, she's an heiress. To the manor born, shall we say. And I found that usually those types marry opposites. It seems that my assumption is correct.

Mateo: Well, how'd you know? I mean, how'd you know that I was pretending to be happy with Hayley?

Vanessa: [As Proteus] Please. When is it not an act? Now, enough. Are you armed?

Mateo: You told me to be. I am.

Vanessa: [Normal voice] The problem must be solved this evening. You will go to the park, the Elm Street entrance. There's a pay phone there. When it rings at 7:00 sharp, you will pick it up.

Mateo: Okay.

Vanessa: [As Proteus] So, have a lovely day.

Mateo: Wait -- wait a minute. There's -- I -- I -- there's something else.

Vanessa: What?

Mateo: I have a question.

Vanessa: [Normal voice] No more questions.

Mateo: No, no, no -- how -- Proteus, how -- how does a woman like you get so good at reading men?

[Greenlee groans]

[Leo groans]

Greenlee: Come on.

Leo: Greenlee, I'm sorry.

Greenlee: No, listen --

Leo: I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: You didn't do anything. I didn't ask you if you'd already taken your pain pills before I shoved one down your throat. I should be shot.

Val: I volunteer.

Greenlee: Mr. Lacey, I'm sorry that I popped off at you before, but you were condemning Leo before you knew the whole story. And real people have real problems, right? I was hoping that you would help or have some compassion or something, and all you could do was just stand there --

Rudolph: Oh, please. He said he used to do my daughter.

Greenlee: Mr. Lacey, let's start over, okay? I have a great idea for your store.

Rudolph: My hopelessly time-warped store that's locked into 1950s and Mamie Eisenhower couture. Is that it?

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Rudolph: No, I am. I never should've let the advertising people talk me into a continued relationship with Enchantment.

Greenlee: Hang on, Rudy.

Rudolph: If and when Erica Kane ever comes back where she belongs, I'll consider a continued relationship with her. But I don't do business with irresponsible children. Good day.

Val: And I didn't think it was possible for Erica’s day to get any worse. You are lucky she's still in custody, Mister, or she'd come after you.

Leo: I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: No, no, Honey, come on. Listen, I'll fix this. It's fine. I'll -- I'll call Erica, and she'll be right on top of it. All right? Sit down.

Greenlee: Leo, don't be so quiet.

Leo: I can’t. Like --

Greenlee: You can't what? Is it us? Is it living together? Is it too soon after Jake and Laura and everything?

Leo: No. No.

Greenlee: Then what's going on? I know something's really wrong. What aren't you telling me?

Leo: My mother. Something's really, really wrong with my mother.

Chris: Perjury isn't anything new to you, is it, Ms. Hart?

Jack: Objection. Inadmissible.

Judge: I'm giving you some room on this, Mr. Stamp.

Chris: Thank you.

Judge: But not much more.

Chris: Thank you. Your motivation to lie under oath today -- is it the same as it was before? Which is the complete undoing of your mother's moral character?

Jack: Your Honor, please.

Judge: Sustained. Move on, Mr. Stamp.

Chris: You're right, Your Honor. I'll just leave it up to the good people of the jury to figure out exactly what her motivation could be here.

Ronnie: Very slick. He's managing to get it all in anyway.

Jack: Yeah.

Chris: Let's get a little background information on you, Ms. Hart. You think that your biological mother, Erica Kane, just dumped you.

Kendall: I don't think it, Mr. Stamp. It's fact.

Chris: Mm-hmm. How did you find out that you were adopted?

Kendall: I overheard my parents talking.

Chris: Mm-hmm. And then you decided to set out on your own and find the person who had the audacity not to raise you.

Kendall: I had a right. So, when I was old enough, I got access to my birth records.

Chris: And then you took off after that, right?

Kendall: I wanted to know who she was.

Chris: "She"? She has a name -- Ms. Erica Kane -- the birth mother. The heartless teenager who gave you away just so you could have a better life.

Jack: Oh, objection again, Your Honor.

Chris: Your Honor, the prosecution introduced the subject of the witness' feelings about the defendant. I feel I have the very same right to explore that area myself in cross.

Judge: I'll allow this -- for a time.

Chris: Thank you, Your Honor. When you decided you had to confront your mother, Ms. Hart, were you -- were you living on the streets?

Kendall: No.

Chris: No. In fact, you came from loving parents. You never wanted for anything. Look at this. Despite them not being well-off, the Harts managed to put enough money aside so that Ms. Hart could have her own college fund -- your college fund. They saved 1/10 of their income every single year from the day they brought you home until the day you graduated high school.

Kendall: What are you doing?

Jack: Your Honor, is there a question in our future somewhere here?

Chris: You're damn right there is, Mr. Prosecutor.

Judge: Mr. Stamp --

Chris: Ms. Hart, tell me -- tell the court, tell all of us -- what has Erica Kane ever done to you that would make you hate her so much?

Kendall: Look, I don't know --

Chris: Is it that she made a horrible decision when she was a child of rape?

Jack: I object, Your Honor!

Chris: That she thought only of her child and not of herself? When she was all of 14, she made sure, Ms. Hart, that you had loving, caring parents who would provide you with every opportunity in the world. Is that the horrible sin that woman who carried you for nine months committed, had the nerve to commit? Or, better yet, are you just plain nuts, Ms. Hart? How's that for a question?

[Gallery murmurs]

Jack: I'm still waiting for a ruling, Your Honor. And I would ask that the court strike every last word that the defense attorney has offered in the past few minutes here in this court.

Mateo: No, I'm serious, Proteus. I mean, most women don't have a clue about what makes men click.

Vanessa: [Normal voice] Go ahead, Mateo. Play your little game. Try to discern my gender if that's what you think you need to do. But I may or may not be a man or woman, but it will lead you further away from unveiling my identity one way or the other.

Mateo: Wait a minute. Whatever. I'm just trying to prove myself.

Vanessa: Prove it in the ways that I ask. Launder my money. Follow my orders.

Mateo: I do that. I just think --

Vanessa: I do the thinking, Mateo.

[Dial tone]

Mateo: You're a genius.

Hayley: Well, it just dawned on me, you know. Listening to her talk about watching me -- she sounded like a jealous woman, and men don't talk that way.

Mateo: Well, it narrows the field. I'm sorry. I -- I know it wasn't easy for you to hear all that. Hey, what's wrong?

Hayley: She said she was going to give you her orders on who she wants you to kill tonight.

Mateo: Yeah, I know.

Hayley: Yeah, I know. Well, that will -- that will bring you one step closer to Proteus' identity. You'll be that much closer to finding out who Proteus is.

Mateo: What are you saying?

Hayley: What I'm saying is Proteus is going to use you to eliminate the enemy, and then Proteus is going to eliminate you.

Vanessa: No need to panic. And it never pays to become too excited. Everything is still under control. And after tonight, all my problems will be solved.

Vanessa: Well, you got my message. Good. You're going to be very, very busy this evening after sunset. But until then, you are all mine.

Greenlee: I knew there was more going on with your mother.

Leo: Could she be any more cliche? The aging actress bored in her marriage doing the driver in the back of the limo. It's like every time I close my eyes, I just -- I see it.

Greenlee: Leo, hear me when I say this. You're not the type to judge anyone, even your mother. I mean, why -- why is this getting to you?

Leo: Because of you.

Greenlee: What? Me? How?

Leo: I knew that I didn't have the picture-perfect mother. I would tell anyone who would listen that she dragged me half across the European continent, from one count's house to the next prince's, trying to scam people, and then expecting me to pull it off. It's -- it's not conventional.

Greenlee: You hate conventional.

Leo: I know that, Greenlee. But then I meet you and I fell in love with you.

Greenlee: We're not conventional, Leo.

Leo: I know, I know, I know. But now it feels like we're looking at the "forever" word and --

Greenlee: Does that scare you?

Leo: No, it doesn't, but she does.

Greenlee: Why?

Leo: Greenlee, we're taking lives that we both thought were empty and we're filling them up every day. And my mother -- she's -- she's completely void, she's completely empty, and it scares me to know that about her. I mean, before, it was like she was my monologue, my joke of a mother who I'd use to break the ice and work the room. But now it's not -- it's not funny anymore. It's -- it's not funny at all, and I don't know what to do about it.

[Gallery murmurs]

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order. Order! I will clear this courtroom, one more outburst like this. Mr. Stamp, if I need to call a recess to give you a refresher course on witness cross-examination, I can do so if you don't get to the point. And you -- answer Mr. Stamp's question.

Kendall: Which ones?

Chris: Your testimony about your mother and her actions. Is it all lies, Ms. Hart?

Kendall: No, it's true, and I can prove it, too.

Chris: How? The check? The famous check that you say she gave you to help her flee the country? The one that was made out to cash over a month ago?

Kendall: Yes.

Chris: Ms. Hart, do you think your mother is cunning? Do you know the definition of the word "cunning," Ms. --

Kendall: Yes, she's cunning.

Chris: Uh-huh. Ms. Hart, is your mother both cunning and stupid?

Jack: Objection, Your Honor. It calls for a conclusion to what I can't even imagine.

Chris: Well, I can imagine. And the obvious conclusion is that woman, who runs a multimillion-dollar-a-year business in a cutthroat industry, does not commit a crime and try to cover it up by leaving her fingerprints all over the proverbial smoking gun -- or, in this case, the proverbial smoking check, the one that you claim she gave you to buy your silence.

Jack: Your Honor, how long is this court going to allow this "My Cousin Vinny" defense to continue?

[Gallery laughs]

Judge: Enough! Go on, Mr. Stamp.

Chris: Ms. Hart, on the check that you claim Ms. Kane gave to you, in the notation space in the bottom left-hand corner, is there a little note that says something like "Payment to woman who hates me so she can help me flee the country"? or "More money to Kendall, who accused me of a stabbing she committed herself"? Is there anything there like that?

Jack: Your Honor, I move for striking all of this questioning because there hasn't been a real question asked in the past 20 minutes!

Chris: Well, here's a real question for the prosecution that I know you'll like -- where were you on the night that Mary Frances Stone was murdered? Huh?

Jack: What? Objection!

Kendall: I'll answer that. I don't care. Because I've never killed anyone. I'm not like my mother or you. She kills for fun, and you kill for profit. Right, Mr. Stamp?

[Gallery reacts]

Chris: Your Honor, I move that the last remark be stricken from the record.

Judge: So ruled.

Chris: Thank you. I have only a couple of more questions for you, Ms. Hart.

Kendall: I'm waiting.

Judge: Keep your commentary internal, Ms. Hart.

Chris: You testified that Erica Kane told you she killed Mary Frances Stone and showed no remorse.

Kendall: That's right.

Chris: Who is Erica Kane's favorite writer?

Jack: Oh, for the love of --

Kendall: Excuse me?

Chris: Who is her favorite singer?

Jack: Your Honor, objection.

Chris: Goes to credibility, Your Honor.

Judge: All right. I'll allow this.

Chris: Don't know?

Kendall: Look, I don't know what this has to do with -- with the trial.

Chris: When is your mother's birthday, Ms. Hart? When is your mother's birthday? Do you know -- yes or no?

Kendall: No -- no, I don't know. What are you trying to prove here?

Chris: Here's my point. Even if -- and I am by no means conceding that this the truth, Your Honor -- even if Ms. Kane needed help with the automobiles and the trains and the boats and the planes and the Swiss bank accounts to flee the country, why the hell would she turn to you?

Jack: Objection. Calls for conclusion.

Judge: I'm allowing this. Answer the question. Maybe you should rephrase it for her, there, Mr. Stamp.

Chris: With pleasure, Your Honor. Why would Erica Kane confide in you about Mary Frances Stone?

Kendall: I -- I don't know. I'm not --

Chris: Now, remember, you put your hand on this Bible and you swore to tell the truth, and right now that jury's wondering if you've ever told the truth in your life. So make it good, Ms. Hart. Why would Erica Kane tell you something that is quite possibly, if true, the biggest secret of her life? Why?

Kendall: I -- I don't know.

Chris: You know what? No one else does, either.

Jack: Oh, objection, Your Honor!

Chris: I withdraw my last statement. No more questions for this witness, Your Honor.

Jack: Your Honor, I have a quick redirect, and I would like to get it in before any recess is called, if that would be all right.

Judge: Fine.

Jack: Ms. Hart, would you very simply and clearly tell this court what Erica Kane asked you to do for her.

Kendall: She asked me to -- to help her get a fake passport and hire a private jet to take her out of the country in case she was convicted of murder.

Jack: And did she tell you that she did, in fact, kill Mary Frances Stone?

Kendall: Yes.

Jack: I have no further questions, Your Honor.

Judge: Ms. Hart, you may step down.

Kendall: It was worth it. It was.

Leo: Greenlee, I'm worried that he's going to do the same thing to her as he did to me.

Greenlee: You think -- well, you're right. What wouldn't he do?

Leo: God, these pills. I'm talking too much. You see, we were always running scared, my mother and me. And every single time we'd have everything in place for a nice payoff, she would do something stupid, like sleeping with the chauffeur. So, of course, we'd have to bag everything, and we'd have to run to the next country and hope that our reputation didn't beat us there.

Greenlee: Leo, let this go.

Leo: Don't you --

Greenlee: Why are you obsessing?

Leo: Don't you get this?

Greenlee: No.

Leo: What if I'm just like her?

Greenlee: You are so not like her.

Leo: Well, what about what happened today, Greenlee? I screwed everything up. I ruined that Lacey's deal for you.

Greenlee: No, no, no, you did not screw it up.

Leo: Yes, I- Greenlee --

Greenlee: I did.

Leo: Who takes three -- three pain pills in less than 20 minutes? It's stupid. I screwed it up, just like I screw everything else up that's good.

Greenlee: Is that what you were trying to break by being with Laura -- the screw-up pattern?

Leo: I guess. But look who I picked to break the pattern -- a psycho heart transplant recipient -- which is actually worse than a psycho, skirt-chasing limo driver. You know what else?

Greenlee: What?

Leo: I'm -- I'm passing out now. Hmm.

Greenlee: I'm not letting us get screwed up. Not this time.

Vanessa: All right. I want you to go and warm up the limo, and I will be right behind you. Okay.

Vanessa: Well, you really do know how to make a girl feel special. Like a regular Ronald Coleman. Oh, but, Larry -- oh, Darling. Oh. I really won't miss you all that much.

Mateo: Proteus is not going to kill me. She -- this chick gets off on sparring with me too much.

Hayley: For Pete’s sake, Mateo.

Mateo: I know. I'll be careful. I will. Come here.

Hayley: I shouldn’t.

Mateo: I need you. I need you. Listen, I want you to go home and I want you to tell Lorenzo that I love him. I want you to give him a kiss and tell him that his daddy's going to be coming home soon, okay? Don't let go.

Hayley: Don't you let go.

Jack: This woman had nothing but contempt for the young girl that she murdered in cold blood. And I'll tell you something else -- she has nothing but contempt for you, the members of this jury, and for me, and for the people of the Commonwealth I represent, and for this judge who has presided over this case because Erica Kane is famous. She believes that she is above the law. She believes that she can sit here and tell us that she is innocent of the murder of Mary Frances Stone and that when that story isn't working out quite the way she planned, change it to a story of self-defense. Self-defense. Frankie Stone was a young woman from a troubled home whose only crime was falling in love with Erica Kane's daughter. But that act of love was something that Erica Kane would not accept and would not stand for. Oh, Erica Kane has contempt for all of us. But if you let her contempt for her innocent, 19-year-old victim go unpunished, then it is you who have contempt -- contempt for justice, contempt for the very sanctity of life. So I'm begging you to bring back a verdict of guilty. Please. Don't fail Frankie Stone.

Chris: Ladies and gentlemen, Mary Frances Stone was a con artist. She was out to get as much money as she could. And when she came to Pine Valley, her target -- target -- was the defendant, Erica Kane. You want reasonable doubt? I'll give you reasonable doubt. Mary Frances Stone was a wandering, promiscuous, drug-using liar who used anybody she got close to. Erica Kane is guilty. She's guilty of loving her daughter so much that she offered to help the very same person who was about to fleece her. Mary Frances Stone -- innocent? The prosecution has offered you only half-truths. He put a proven perjurer on the stand to refute the testimony of my client, the defendant, Ms. Erica Kane. And the only thing that he managed to prove, Ladies and Gentlemen, was that Erica Kane loves her daughter beyond all reason.

Ryan: Do these doors lock?

Kendall: You ditched me!

Ryan: I went to see Stamp. When he was done, I was done.

Kendall: Oh, yeah. I forgot -- you want to watch the guy who offed your father play lawyer. Hmm, that's --

Ryan: I tell you one private thing -- one -- and then you shout it out in front of a courtroom full of people. That was really very nice.

Kendall: Well, I didn't realize that Stamp killing your father was confidential 411.

Ryan: Well, I didn't realize that you would use it as your own personal version of "Your mama wears combat boots."

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Ryan: You know what? Just get out, please. Go. You're a spoiled little brat because Mommy didn't love you right. That's just -- that's boring. Go.

Kendall: You stinking, superior jerk --

Ryan: I said go!

Kendall: Fine!

[Door slams]

Kendall: At least I'm not afraid of Mommy's care packages. What, she sends you chocolate-chip cookies, and you freak?

Ryan: My mother's dead. Whatever's left in that box is just useless junk that she left at the nursing home after she died. And while I don't think that I've been subtle, I want to be really, really clear about this. Just stay out of my life! I need a neurotic bitch like you like you need a pouting loser like me. And next time you need to pick a fight with your mommy, choose somebody else to rile you up for the battle, all right?

Kendall: Fine!

Ryan: Fine!

Kendall: As soon as they put Erica’s head in the guillotine and pull, I am out of this stupid, stinking burb for good! Ugh!

[Door slams]

Ryan: What?

[Pounding on wall]

Ryan: Shut up!

[Doorbell rings]

Leo: Hey.

Bianca: Oh. Leo, it was awful. Kendall tore my mother apart on the stand, and Chris said just wretched things about Frankie, and everybody was talking, and I just -- I couldn't take it for one more minute.

Leo: Come here, come here.

Bianca: Oh.

Leo: Oh.

Bianca: Oh, God, are you okay?

Leo: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm hanging in there.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

Leo: How you doing?

Bianca: I am so sorry for unloading on you like that, especially now that you're living at Greenlee's. Is she here?

Leo: Uh -- yeah -- no, I don't -- she was. I don't know where she went.

Greenlee: I know you just came home. Open the damn door! What the hell are you trying to do?

Leo: There you go.

Bianca: Thank you. I am so sorry to do this.

Leo: Hey --

Bianca: Leo --

Leo: It's okay. Really.

Bianca: I just -- I keep thinking that I should be there for mom, and I -- I can’t. And I keep holding on to this book that Frankie gave me.

Leo: Oh, this is Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Bianca: Yeah. I keep thinking that when I'm holding it, I'm -- I'm closer to her, like I was holding her hand. You know, it is so weird -- Frankie and Shakespeare. I keep reading them over and over and over again, just trying to hear her voice in every one.

[Bianca sighs]

Leo: What is it? Bianca?

Bianca: I -- I wish I knew. I –

Vanessa: Oh. Greenlee, really, I do not have the time now.

Greenlee: Tough. We have to talk.

Vanessa: Tough. I have plans.

Greenlee: Cancel them -- now.

Judge: So, with all of that in mind, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, you are hereby charged to find Erica Kane either guilty or not guilty in the murder of Mary Frances Stone. You're dismissed to your quarters.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

[Gallery murmurs]

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