AMC Transcript Thursday 1/17/02

All My Children Transcript Thursday 1/17/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: This is Erica's trial hell, not mine.

Jack: You're going to feel like it's yours when you're on that witness stand.

Chris: While I was out there defending you, you were over here doing your own little dance and covering your tracks.

Greenlee: What's wrong with him?

David: Oh, you know, bruised kidneys, torn stomach, pulled groin.

Greenlee: Poor baby.

Mateo: Proteus spared my life on the condition that I took someone else's.

Greenlee: Okay. The coffee will be ready in just a few minutes. It's only been brewing an hour, so I want to give more time.

Leo: Great.

Greenlee: Comfortable?

Leo: Like a bug in a rug.

Greenlee: Okay. What do you think?

Leo: I think -- I think "wow."

Greenlee: I'm getting much better at breakfast.

Leo: Looks that way, Greens.

Greenlee: Yeah, I kept the eggs nice and soft, just the way you like them.

Leo: Mmm. Mmm. Well, you know what? Maybe you should go shower. And I'm going to eat while you get ready for work.

Greenlee: No, I'm staying home today.

Leo: No, no. No, I'm okay, really.

Greenlee: Can't I dote on my fiancÚ?

Leo: Of course you can dote. I'm just going to be sitting here resting and watching TV all day. You should go to work. You really should. This thing that you were obsessing about last night -- you said you needed to talk to Val about it today. You should really go to work.

Greenlee: Yeah, I do need to call in on this. What?

Leo: I just like watching you.

Greenlee: You can watch me all day if you want.

Leo: Greenlee, if you stay here, you're just going to be stressing about this stuff all day. All right? I'm okay.

Greenlee: Really?

Leo: Really, really. Go to work, cutie face.

Greenlee: No, I have to stay here and take care of you. You would do that for me.

Leo: I'm unemployed. Of course.

Greenlee: For now. Listen, I'm going to check my e-mail, I'm going to deflect Val, and then I am all yours. Okay?

Greenlee: Val, I have to cancel that meeting with Lacey today. Well, nothing is more important than this, okay?

Mateo: I find out today. I find out who Proteus wants me to kill.

Erica: Would you take my breakfast tray for me, Tony?

Erica: I wasn't sure that you'd be here this morning.

Chris: You mean despite your best efforts, Erica?

Erica: Have I lost you?

Ryan: I may be the one in shorts, but who's the one with their pants down, Kendall?

Kendall: You want to let go of my hand, six-pack?

Ryan: Looking for something in my pants?

Kendall: I knocked, you didn't answer.

Ryan: So you just decided to come in and help yourself?

Kendall: In a way.

Ryan: To what?

Kendall: A razor.

Ryan: A razor?

Kendall: A razor. You've heard of them, right? Or do you shave that chiseled face of yours with a pocketknife and some soap flakes?

Ryan: So you think I keep my razors in my pants?

Kendall: I hear you don't keep too much else in them. Hey! Oh, tough guy.

Ryan: See, it feels pretty smooth to me. I think you've already shaved, Kendall. I really -- unless you were planning on shaving something else.

Kendall: Whatever.

Ryan: "Whatever"? You broke into my room; you're going through my pants looking for my wallet.

Kendall: And what if I was?

Ryan: Gee, I'm not supposed to have any reaction at all to that?

Kendall: Look, I'm a little low on cash and the ATM's in this town, they don't seem to like my card. So I wanted to borrow a little money for a cab. I can't show up to testify against Erica Kane on a bus, you know.

Ryan: Oh. You mean your mother, testify against your own mother.

Kendall: Oh, God. Can I have a 20, or what?

Ryan: Well, that's different -- you asked.

Kendall: Oh, so if I had just showed up, knocked on your door, and put out my hand, you would have given me money? Are you going to put some pants on anytime soon?

Ryan: My room, my dress code. But then, I mean, you know that I'm just some loser staying in a motel. Isn't that what you said to me last night?

Kendall: Are you carrying a grudge, hmm, Mr. Pouty face?

Ryan: So let me just get something straight. You'd rather come in here and rip me off than suffer the indignity of asking me for a loan.

Kendall: Screw the indignity. What I don't want is to owe anyone anything ever.

Ryan: So you steal?

Kendall: Will you stop being so literal?

Ryan: What is your story, Kendall? What is up with you?

Kendall: I just don't like people having claims over me, not even for spotting me a 20. But the clock's a-ticking and I'm making an exception here and I'm asking.

Ryan: Because Plan A was such a bust.

Kendall: You know what? I don't have any more time for this. Since I'm running late, I have to paw it to the courthouse, and I need to leave now.

Ryan: Is that your backhanded way of asking me for a ride on the back of my motorcycle?

Kendall: Do I look like I ride on the back of motorcycles?

Ryan: You look like you do whatever you had to do to get exactly what you want.

Kendall: Whatever. You know what? Have a lovely day full of grand purpose and accomplishment. Since you woke up this late, I'm sure you're going to have to get a move on it.

Ryan: I don't know if I can compete.

Kendall: With? Who? Me?

Ryan: Well, I mean, all I have to do today is shave and then some errands. But you -- you have to put the woman who gave birth to you behind bars for the rest of her life.

Kendall: I'm just going to watch the jury do their thing.

Ryan: Don't you have to get cross-examined today? What, do you think that's going to be a cakewalk?

Kendall: What, by Erica's fed-by-night, lawyer-by-day, 1-800 attorney? Please, that is so not an issue.

Ryan: Really?

Kendall: Really.

Ryan: Well, then why are you so scared?

Chris: We have a lot of work to do today, Erica, so let's save the schmaltz for later, okay?

Erica: Schmaltz?

Chris: Look, I don't want to get into how I feel for you or how mad I am at you for undoing everything I've tried to do to save your neck, got it? And no outbursts would be a pleasant surprise. None.

Erica: You have my word.

Chris: Good. Just too bad your word doesn't mean anything these days.

Erica: Chris --

Chris: Look, just do me a favor. While I've got Kendall up there during my cross and I'm going after her, try to look pained, saddened. Think you can pull that off?

Erica: You're going to go after her?

Chris: Yeah, well, what did you think I was going to do, stand by and watch your daughter destroy your life without countering? Now, you just do for once what I tell you to do.

Chris: Please, sit down.

Erica: I'm sorry.

Chris: Are you?

Erica: I'm sorry that I made things so hard for you.

Chris: Are you?

Erica: Yes.

Chris: Well, that's just great.

Erica: I mean it. I mean it, Chris. I know now that changing my plea in the middle of your defense of me -- that was just --

Chris: Was stupid, arrogant, self-centered --

Erica: Chris --

Chris: Manipulative --

Erica: You said that you thought that self-defense would work.

Chris: Yeah, well, I'm kind of fond the truth as the thing that will work. Now, I'll make do with what we have, and I'll do the best we can.

Erica: I know you're furious with me. But I like it when you say "we." I really do.  

Chris: We -- we have a lot to go over before we go to court.

Erica: All right.

Chris: You mean that?

Erica: Mm-hmm. Mean what?

Chris: Do you -- when I say we have a lot to go over, do you -- what do you think I'm referring to, hmm? I want everything you have on your daughter.

Erica: Chris, Kendall is as much my daughter as you are.

Chris: No. Just tell me.

Erica: No, I mean that. No one knows less about Kendall Hart on the face of the earth than I do. No one.

Greenlee: Val, don't make me hurt you. Just cancel the appointment. Well, I'll deal with the fallout. Done. So, do you want cocoa?

Leo: Cocoa?

Greenlee: Instead of coffee. I mean, sick people drink cocoa. It's a rule, right?

Leo: Val needs you at the office, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No, Val will deal.

Leo: I don't need you to be nursing me, okay? It's very sweet and it's great of you and everything, but I'm really, really okay.

Greenlee: Are you trying to get rid of me, or what?

Leo: I'm just trying to be supportive.

Greenlee: If I want to stay here and take care of you and you're telling me to go to the office, it's not supportive, Leo.

Leo: Why are you forcing this?

Greenlee: Why are you resisting me?

Leo: You're the one who said that I was t backing you up enough with your career thing at the office and that it was important to you.

Greenlee: We, it is important to me, but I want to take care of you.

Leo: And you practically shoved it down my throat that Jake was Mr. Perfect pitch when it came to supporting you as a career woman.

Greenlee: Here we go. Do I throw Laura in your face every three seconds?

Leo: Oh -- uh -- you really want me to answer that question, Greenlee?

Greenlee: You know, I am being kind and loving and thoughtful, and you are being awful.

Leo: Oh, awful? You told me that you needed me to be the perfect -- God! I'm yelling.

Greenlee: So am I.

Leo: Why are we doing this?

Greenlee: Habit?

Leo: Well, I want to break this habit.

Greenlee: Do you think we could be nice to each other for more than, like, five minutes at a time?

Leo: Well, I think that it would take some rehearsal time. But, yeah, I think that we could pull it off. Do you?

Greenlee: Well, yeah. I'm going to start my rehearsal right now. I'm going to stay here, and I'm going to be nice and sweet and nurse, like, all damn day. You are going to love me more by dinnertime than you do right now. Your eggs look like they're getting hard. Don't you like them?

Leo: I don't like to eat and fight at the same time.

Greenlee: Well, I'm going to make you a kick-butt lunch. You'll be so impressed.

Leo: Oh, well, I'm going to impress you when I'm up on my feet soon.

Greenlee: No, this isn't a competition. Why can't you just hear what I say and take it in without topping it?

Leo: I do that?

Greenlee: Maybe we shouldn't talk.

Leo: At all?

Greenlee: Yeah, we'll just -- we'll just sit here. You rest, I'll sit here. We'll be still, like -- like yogis.

Leo: I really do love you.

Greenlee: And I want to do right by you.

Leo: So I have a plan.

Greenlee: What is it?

Leo: This.

Mateo: This isn't a good idea. You know that, right?

Hayley: I know. I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Mateo: Me, neither. I've been here since dawn.

Hayley: Tell me it's going to be okay.

Mateo: It's going to be okay.

Hayley: Who do you think it is? Who do you think he wants you to kill?

Mateo: Somebody that's important to him.

Hayley: What if -- what if it's not? What if it's just some random person?

Mateo: No, it's not going to go down that way. It's going to be someone that Proteus wants out of the picture. I got to find that person, find out what they know, and that will get us closer to the source.

Hayley: What if he's following, you, Mateo? What if he's following you and he figures out this whole thing is just a trap and you're not going to kill anybody and it's just a trap?

Mateo: I'll handle it.

Hayley: Mateo, he will kill you. He will have you killed.

Mateo: I hate sleeping alone.

Hayley: So do I.

Hayley: I had a dream last night. I had a dream last night, and so I came here today so I could -- so I could think about how we should handle this.

Mateo: Handle what?

Hayley: Mateo, what if this plot to have somebody killed is just a test?

Mateo: We know it's a test. It's all a test.

Hayley: What if it's the ultimate test, Mateo? What if the person he wants you to kill to show your loyalty to him is me?

[Leo groans]

Greenlee: Are you crazy?

Leo: Sort of.

Greenlee: Leo, David said you have to restrain yourself for a while.

Leo: So I can't kiss you? Come on.

Greenlee: If you keep kissing me like that, the next thing you know, we're going to be in bed, forget doctor's orders. Oh, you know I can't stand it when you do that. Okay, I have to be strong, for both of us.

Leo: Go ahead. Let's see how tough you are. See, Greenlee? If you stay here all day, I'm not going to get any rest at all. What?

Greenlee: Well, for the sake of your health, I have to go to the office.

Leo: Oh, you're so good to me.

Greenlee: Your bruises are really bad. Your muscles are ripped. You have to rest.

Leo: See, that's why you have to go to work. Because if you're here, I'm just going to be all over you all day long.

Greenlee: That is really playing dirty, du Pres.

Leo: I just need to get some sleep, Greenlee. I'm not going to die. All right? So go be the cosmetics queen, kick some eyeliner butt. I'm just going to be here slovenly, trying to heal all day long. And when I do heal, I'm going to make love to you for a week straight, okay? Okay? Say okay, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Okay, Greenlee.

Leo: That's my girl.

Greenlee: Val, call the Lacey people back in. Val? Val, pick up the phone or else. I -- I'm going to go grab a shower.

Leo: You're gorgeous.

Greenlee: Val? Val?

Leo: Oh, please, God.

Erica: Look, the things that I'm about to tell you -- I mean, I don't want to say them about anyone, but knowing that I have to tell you these things in reference to someone who is my child, it just -- it makes me ill, Chris.

Chris: Erica, just -- just tell me.

Erica: All right. Sometimes, I feel that Kendall Hart was put on this earth just to --

Chris: What? Just to what?

Erica: Look, she thinks that I'm inhuman because I am her mother and put her up for adoption. Kendall does not take into account the fact that I was raped, that I was 14 years old, and that if I had kept her, that her life and mine -- it would not have worked. I know what it's like to have a child and to love her. I mean, I know that. I have that with Bianca. But I had Bianca from love, when I was an adult. Look, I know that you don't have any children, Chris. I know that you don't really understand this. I'm aware of that.

Kendall: You're two of a kind.

Ryan: What?

Chris: You're crazy.

Kendall: No. No, you really are alike. Look at you, both here doing your white knight thing.

Erica: Chris, are you listening to me?

Chris: I'm here.

Erica: No, you're not. What, are you judging me? Are you judging me because I put Kendall up for adoption?

Chris: You know, it may come as a surprise to you, Erica, but I do think about other things besides you. Guard? We have to get ready to go over to the court.

Kendall: You think I'm scared?

Ryan: I think you're petrified

Kendall: Of the trial? Man, you don't know me at all.

Ryan: Kendall, you came in here and you made as much noise as a jackhammer.

Kendall: So?

Ryan: So, you did it for me.

Kendall: Come again?

Ryan: You have cab fare, Kendall. You probably have enough cab fare to go to New York and back for the afternoon. But you came in here because you knew I was asleep and you made sure that you made enough noises to wake me up, and you did the whole thing just to pick a fight with me.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You think I'm using you as a prop to get me pumped to testify? You really are the most conceited, self-absorbed guy --

Ryan: Chris Stamp is going to have you for breakfast on a cross.

Kendall: Not a chance.

Ryan: Oh, look at that -- you're sweating.

Kendall: Not a drop. And as for Chris Stamp, if you think I'm going to let him use me for his 15 minutes of fame, you've got yourself a delusion going on.

Ryan: Hey, I'm not the one freaking out here.

Kendall: I'm not freaked out by Chris Stamp.

Ryan: Kendall, you're a lot of things, but you're not stupid. You know his M.O. You know that he would pull the trigger on his own mother if he had to. Hey, just like you. That's why you're so wigged out.

Kendall: That is so whacked, Ryan.

Ryan: Is it? You know, he's done it.

Kendall: Done what?

Ryan: He's killed a man. Well, at least one that I know of, and not just on duty.

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Ryan: He killed my father.

Kendall: Chris Stamp murdered your father? You want to tell me what the hell this is all about?

Ryan: No. All right. It was a million years ago. I don't even know why I brought that up.

Kendall: To scare me, I believe.

Ryan: Look, I'm just trying to tell you that he is not Mr. Warm and fuzzy, okay?

Kendall: And you care why? You like me about as much as I like you, which is not at all.

Ryan: Yeah, this is not about you. This is about him.

Kendall: Stamp.

Ryan: I don't like the way that guy moves. All right? He pushes people around, he steamrolls, and I -- I guess I'm just trying to warn you that you could be next on his hit list, all right? Don't read anything into it. I just don't want you to be his patsy and fall apart on the stand.

Kendall: Well, which is it, Lavery? You think I'm a jerk for testifying against my mother, or you want to see me rip her apart just so it makes Stamp look bad?

Ryan: I don't really like anything about you, Kendall. I don't like what you're doing, I don't like where this is going down. But I don't like Stamp, either, and I can't let you believe that you're home free with this guy when I know better. You know what? Forget it. This is such a colossal waste of my time.

Kendall: Wait a minute. I want to talk about it --

Ryan: No, you wait a minute! You break into my room and you try and rip me off just so you can get pumped up before your big court appearance where you can crucify your own mother?

Kendall: She's not my mother, okay? She had me, she dumped me, she never wanted me back -- end of story!

Ryan: Are you going to play the victim your whole life because of the bad hand you were dealt with your parents? You got more love and affection than anybody could ever want, and you still don't think it's enough. Do you have any idea how rare that is?

Kendall: So, this father of yours that supposedly Stamp murdered -- he was no great shakes, either. Is that it?

Ryan: This is not about me.

Kendall: Fine. Fine! Have a nice day.

Ryan: You give me five minutes, and I'll take you.

Kendall: What?

Ryan: Let me get dressed, and I'll drive you to court.

Kendall: Did I ask you to drive me?

Ryan: In your own backward way, yeah, you did. You're going to have to hold onto me. Think you can handle that?

Kendall: I can handle anything.

Ryan: Good.

Kendall: Why?

Ryan: "Why" what?

Kendall: Why do you want to take me to the courthouse?

Ryan: Because I want to see who cracks first -- you or Stamp.

Greenlee: Why are you up?

Leo: I was stretching.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. Yeah, right. You okay?

Leo: Great. You look nice. Corporate, yet hot as hell. My kind of exec.

Greenlee: You sure I can't stay here and --

Leo: Greenlee, just go to work, okay? Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.

Greenlee: Huh?

Leo: Just go to work, okay? Just go. I want you to call me after you're brilliant at your meeting, okay?

Greenlee: Okay. Sleep.

Leo: Okay. Okey-dokey.

Leo: So, there, Jake, you happy now? Freaking selfless.

[Leo groans]

Greenlee: Liar. You big, fat, phony liar. You're not okay. You were faking. Why do you have to be a martyr for me, baby, huh? I can phone my work in.

Leo: Because I --

Greenlee: Why won't you let me take care of you?

Leo: Because I don't want to be a burden to you, that's why. Your work is important.

Greenlee: Oh, jeez! Look, I know David said these pills were really strong, but not taking them when you're in agony is just plain dumb.

Leo: No, no, no, no --

Greenlee: No. Swallow. Now, time to make everything go my way.

Leo: How?

Greenlee: You'll see.

Mateo: Proteus is not going to go after you. He's not going to have me kill the mother of my child to prove that it's over between us.

Hayley: And what has he done so far that gives you the idea that he is not capable of that? Mateo?

Mateo: All right, look. I want to hold you right now and tell you everything's going to be okay, but I can't. We got to be cool, all right? You got to think about yourself. Don't worry about me. I need you to be strong for Lorenzo.

Hayley: Lorenzo needs both of us.

Mateo: And he's going to have us back just like before. I promise. Don't move. Don't say a word.

Man: Morning.

Mateo: Morning. Look, I'm not taking any chances, okay?

Hayley: I'm not blaming you. I would have done the same thing if it was you or the baby. I just never knew what it would feel like when confronted with it, and now I do.

Mateo: I'm going to take care of you, you know that.

Hayley: I hate this.

Mateo: So do I.

Hayley: I know I shouldn't be here. I know I shouldn't be here, but I can't leave you.

Greenlee: You look great.

Leo: Very pretty.

Greenlee: Oh, thank you, Honey.

Leo: Do you ever look at your eyes in the mirror? When you do, do you ever notice that when you look in your eyes, you're looking at yourself looking at yourself? I mean, but it's a mirror, so it's like it's doubled.

Greenlee: Just smile and look interested when Val and Mr. Lacey get here.

Leo: And then when you look in someone else's eyes, you see yourself looking in their eyes right back at you, you know? You know?

Greenlee: I love how you try and get me to relax. I've got to unpack this catered lunch thing. You know, I would have cooked if I had had the time, but I can't be a chef, a mogul, and a nurse all in one day, can I? How does Martha Stewart pull it off?

Leo: Doilies and music.

Greenlee: Right. Nice touch. I may even have some. Hmm. Oh.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: So, this thing I'm pitching to Lacey is for an upscale, hip image. Leo?

Leo: She means nothing to me.

Greenlee: You're a nut.

Leo: Finally! I'm a nut! Even though I'm vanilla -- so am I a funny nut?

Greenlee: You're a fun nut.

Leo: Well, that's good. I'm a funny, funny, fun nut, having big, big funny, funny fun, right?

[Doorbell rings]

Leo: Hello! Hello!

Greenlee: They're early.

Leo: They're early!

Greenlee: I haven't even touched up my makeup yet.

Leo: They're early! Who is -- who is they?

Greenlee: Leo, will you make nice? Stall Lacey and keep a leash on Val, okay? I'll be fast.

Leo: Leash Lacey and put makeup on Val?

Greenlee: I adore you. Thank you.


Greenlee: Leo!

Leo: That's me! Oh. Hello! Hello, hello. Welcome to our loft. What's up, Val?

Val: Leo, I'd like you to meet Mr. Rudolph Lacey. He's the Chairman of the Board of --

Leo: Rudy! It's me, Leo! I used to do your daughter, remember? Philomena. How you doing, buddy? It's good to see you.

Val: Leo!

Rudolph: What is this?

Bianca: There are a lot of people here.

Opal: Yeah, well, this town loves a good story. Oh, Honey, I didn't mean it like that. I know how tough this is for you.

Bianca: I know, I know.

Opal: Really.

Bianca: I know, Opal. I just wish that I could see mom once more before this thing starts.

Myrtle: What do you want to say to her, Darling?

Bianca: Um -- I guess that I love her and that I'm hurting for her even though what happened happened. If I could just remember more about what happened that night, everything would be different.

Opal: Oh, you don't need to do that, Honey. No, you don't need to that. All you need is to be here. She knows that you love her, and her seeing you here supporting her like that makes it all the more real. Really, that means everything to her.

Myrtle: Oh, here she comes.

Bianca: Mom?

Myrtle: No, Mom's problem.

Reporter: Right here, Ms. Hart.

Second reporter: All right, Ms. Hart. Can I --

Kendall: Isn't this fun?

Reporter: Ms. Hart? Ms. Hart?

Kendall: Welcome to my world of universal hate.

Reporter: I'm sorry. Would you --

Ryan: Would you guys get out?

Kendall: Please.

Ryan: Well, I got to hand it to you; you certainly know how to clear a room.

Kendall: Oh, they don't clear. They may hate me, but they're dying to know what I'm going to say in there this morning.

Chris: That's what I said, Mary. No one wants to hear another sob story about how someone's life was ruined because their childhood wasn't like something out of a sitcom. Talk about not taking personal responsibility for your own bad behavior.

Ryan: Well, you'd know a little about that, wouldn't you, Mr. Stamp?

Chris: Excuse us. You got a problem you want to talk to me about?

Ryan: Nope. I'm just here to see justice in motion.

Chris: And what's that supposed to mean?

Ryan: Well, the way I hear it, there's a girl who's got a story to tell -- a true one, apparently. I know she's about to come under fire from you, and you wouldn't know the truth if it bit you smack --

Chris: What do you want?

Ryan: I want to see you rip someone apart when you yourself got away with murder.

Kendall:  Are you another one of my mother's lemmings, Mr. Stamp? Will you march over the cliff with her?

Chris: What is this, an alliance now?

Ryan: Please, I don't give a damn about her or you.

Chris: Then what the hell is this all about?

Ryan: I'm just here to satisfy my curiosity, watch a liar try a case.

Chris: You enjoying this?

Kendall: You boys are certainly entertaining.

Bailiff: Mr. Stamp, the judge is about to call the case.

Chris: Thank you.

Erica: So, Kendall is here?

Chris: Yep. And she's loaded for bear.

Erica: Did you speak with her?

Bailiff: All rise. Oyez, oyez, oyez. This court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Ronald Pearson presiding.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Mr. Stamp, are you prepared to cross-examine the witness?

Chris: Yes, I am, Your Honor.

Judge: Ms. Hart, you may take your seat.

Judge: Ms. Hart, you are aware of the fact that you're still under oath?

Kendall: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: Mr. Stamp, let move along, okay?

Chris: Thank you, Your Honor. I know this is difficult, Ms. Hart.

Kendall: Do you?

Chris: I have a lot of questions for you.

Kendall: I'll answer them.

Chris: Good. But first I want to make sure that you know what the meaning of the word "truth" is.

Rudolph: Is this supposed to be amusing, some sort of joke?

Greenlee: Mr. Lacey?

Rudolph: If you think that I want this -- this insulting street vernacular to be representative of my store --

Greenlee: Leo? Val, what happened in here?

Rudolph: Then perhaps Enchantment should find another retailer for its products in Pine Valley.

Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You don't have to get your knickers in a knot there, Rudy. I'm just --

Greenlee: Leo, stop! I don't know exactly what my fiancÚ said to you, Mr. Lacey --

Leo: Okay, I didn't exactly do your daughter, you know, in the biblical sense.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Leo: I kind of knew her, you know -- on the fidelity. We used to be all over the computers. I just followed her lead. You understand what I'm staying, Mr. Big man? 10-4? No? Oh, yeah, she was very, very hands-on with incredibledreams.

Rudolph: What does that mean?

Greenlee: Leo?

Leo: Hmm?

Greenlee: What the hell is wrong with you?

Leo: Uh -- nothing. I -- except, Greens --

Greenlee: What? What?

Leo: I think somebody stole my knees. Whoa!

Greenlee: Leo! Leo!

Val: What is wrong with you?

Rudolph: What is the matter with this boy?

Val: He's drunk.

Greenlee: What's wrong with you? Leo, talk to me.

Hayley: I cannot do this.

Mateo: No, no-

Hayley: No, I can't --

Mateo: Listen, I'm glad you came by this morning. I really am.

Hayley: Please, Mateo. Please, don't let this drag on and on.

Mateo: You have my word.

Hayley: Protect yourself. Protect who you are.

Mateo: I will.

Hayley: Don't let them take you away from us, Mateo.

[Phone rings]


Proteus: Mr. Santos?

Mateo: Yeah?

Proteus: Are you ready for your assignment? Mr. Santos, are you ready to kill?

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Leo: I screwed it up again for you, didn't I, Greenlee?

Mateo: How does a woman like you get so good at reading men?

Judge: Is there a problem, Mr. Stamp? Mr. Stamp?

Bianca: What's happening to him?

Opal: I have no idea.

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