AMC Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Leo: I ran into Larry’s fist.

David: Vanessa's chauffeur? That's great. Our mother's taste in men has taken a violent turn.

Opal: I think you have a God-given gift and it's going to waste.

Hank: Well, I've tried to sing. I just can't.

Kendall: They're going to put you away for life.

Ryan: You get off on watching your mother get carted off to jail.

Kendall: What have you done to me?

Erica: What have I done to you? Nothing, Kendall. You've done it all to yourself. You keep thinking you're going to win. You're never going to win. This is your life. This will always be your life.

[Erica laughs]

Kendall: No -- no. Let -- let me out of here! Let me out of here! Let me out of here! No!

Ryan: Kendall, you all right? What's going on? Why you screaming?

Anna: What the hell are you doing, dragging me down here? Let go! Look, I am not just one of the girls, you know. It would be a mistake to treat me like that.

Chris: Don't you ever shut up?

Anna: I am just as competent as you are. Remember that.

Chris: Look, I brought you down here so nobody would overhear us talking. Now, just shut up!

Anna: Is that an order? That sounded remarkably like an order.

[Chris chuckles]

Anna: Are you laugh -- you think I'm funny? You think I'm funny? Oh!

Chris: Now, you stop the Lara Croft imitation. I'm serious. I need you to help me.

Vanessa: Oh, David, I was absolutely thrilled to get your message, Darling.

David: Have a seat, Mother.

Vanessa: Look, I know -- I know you're still upset with me about my little petite indiscretion, but, Darling, I really can explain.

David: That's not why you're here.

Vanessa: Look, no matter what, it was totally unforgivable, David, for me to use your boudoir for a little romp between the sheets. But you know I get spontaneous --

David: Your gorilla on the side beat the hell out of Leo.

Vanessa: Oh, dear. You know about that? Well, I'm sorry.

David: What, that -- that's all you have to say about it? Your son ended up in the hospital because of that animal, and you're sorry because I found out about it?

Vanessa: Well, normally Larry is a very sweet person.

David: Did you happen to see Leo after sweet Larry got through with him?

Vanessa: But Leo was so angry --

David: Oh --

Vanessa: Not that one could blame him, of course. But when he went to see Larry, Larry felt threatened. And I warned Larry. I said, "This will never, ever happen again."

David: Oh! Oh, you warned him? Oh, that's fantastic. So he's still working for you!

Vanessa: Well, Darling, there's no reason to be so draconian about it.

David: And you actually think that you can control him, right?

Vanessa: I know I can, I promise. It's taken care of.

David: No, Mother, it is not taken care of! But it will be.

Vanessa: I don't think I like your tone, David.

David: Well, you better get used to it, Mother, because from this moment on you do as I tell you. Because if you don't, the life as you know it will be over.

Opal: Oh, Hank, you --

Hank: Sometimes it just takes a little champagne. Know what I mean? Here.

Opal: Uh -- you know, I just can't. I'm sorry.

Hank: You're sure?

Opal: I just feel like such a traitor. My best friend in the whole world is in jail, and I'm drinking champagne? What are you smiling for?

Hank: Oh -- the way you say "my best friend in the whole world --" it's -- it's so committed. It's just like the next words out of your mouth would be "and anyone who wants to hurt her has got to come through me."

Opal: Oh, yeah, right. Like -- like I was such a big help to Erica.

Hank: Opal, you stood by her. You didn't care if she was guilty or innocent. You were there for her.

Opal: Yeah, and a fat lot of good it did her, too. I -- oh.

Hank: Oh, this really is one of those nights, isn't it?

Opal: Sorry.

Hank: Here. Sit down. Sit down. You just tell me all about it. Come on, I -- you got a lot of stuff bottled inside of you. I want to hear all of it.

Opal: I don't know. I just -- I didn't do a damn thing for Erica. I didn't do a damn thing for anybody. I couldn't even help that poor, little child who was living right under my own roof.

Hank: Frankie?

Opal: Yeah. I mean, there she was in my house. She was in trouble. You know, I didn't even see it. I didn't even notice anything. I wasn't even paying attention. Maybe if I had been, she would -- she'd be alive and we wouldn't be going through all of this. You know, maybe if I had been there that night, I could've stopped it or something. Just --

Hank: That's a lot of maybes.

Opal: Something.

Hank: I think -- I think Erica is really fortunate to have a friend like you.

Opal: Why in the world would she be fortunate?

Hank: Because you are the most loyal person I've ever met.

Opal: I didn't even help her. I messed up my own testimony.

Hank: I don't want to hear about what you didn't do. All I know is what you are, and that is spectacular.

Opal: Oh, Hank, you got to stop saying such nice things --

Hank: I'm not through. You're smart.

Opal: Me?

Hank: Oh, yes. And beautiful and strong.

Opal: Oh, now, really --

Hank: And just talking to you just makes me feel so damn good.

Opal: Well, that goes both ways.

Hank: Really?

Opal: Oh, yeah, really.

Hank: I'm glad. That's why I say that Erica’s fortunate.

Opal: Well -- well, I hope so. I mean, because in my time in life, a girlfriend gets to be mighty important, you know?

Hank: Your time of life?

Opal: Well, you know what I mean. Apart from Petey, Myrtle and Erica are about all I got.

Hank: You want it that way?

Opal: Well, I got my son and my girlfriends. I'm free as a bird.

Hank: That and --

Opal: And what? Come on. You said that you can talk to me, Hank. What?

Hank: I think that being loved by you would be the most wonderful thing in the world.

Opal: Oh, Hank, I -- if you can make me this flummoxed just by talking, I mean, Lord knows what it must've been like when you oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Hank.

Hank: No, no, it's okay.

Opal: No, that isn't okay. I know that you're still grieving for your wife, and for me to bring that up -- I mean, to remind you of it -- well, like -- like I'm doing now --

Hank: Opal --

Opal: Sorry.

Hank: Opal --

Opal: What?

Hank: Just drink some champagne with me, okay?

Opal: Okay. Yeah.

Hank: I got a surprise for you.

Palmer: Opal, I have to talk to you.

Opal: It's a bad time --

Palmer: Now! It's important.

Anna: You want me to help you? Holding on to me like some demented leech is not the way to get it.

Chris: If I let go of you, no funny stuff?

Anna: You scared?

Chris: Oh, come on, could we stop this?

Anna: Just let me go. Ooh. You loved it.

Chris: If you help me, I'll make it worth your while.

Anna: All right. Five minutes. Five. Go.

Chris: Do you remember our deal? You were supposed to help me on the Proteus case?

Anna: Yeah, and you were going to get me back into the W.S.B., and we all know what happened with that.

Chris: Well, if you didn't spend so much time helping David, maybe you would've came up with something.

Anna: Says the man who's taken off, oh, how many weeks playing lawyer to Erica Kane? You've got four minutes.

Chris: I want to put you on another case.

Anna: You got something else you want me to help you with?

Chris: Yeah.

Anna: Okay, what's in it for me?

Chris: Same deal as before -- I put in the good word --

Anna: Ah --

Chris: Twist a few arms, you're back in the W.S.B. or the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. if you want. Huh?

Anna: How about something a little more local?

Chris: What do you have in mind?

Anna: Well, I heard that the --

Chris: What?

Anna: The Chief of Police slot might be opening up.

Chris: You want to be the Chief of Police in Pine Valley?

Anna: I have experience. You know that.

Chris: Well, that means -- that means you're going to settle here? Why?

Anna: That's none of your business. Can you deliver?

Chris: Let me see -- Chief of Police for Pine Valley.

Anna: Oh, come on.

Chris: It shouldn't be a problem.

Anna: Deal?

Chris: Deal.

Anna: Okay. What do you want me to do?

Chris: I want you to start a covert investigation into the death of Frankie Stone.

Anna: You having second thoughts about your client's innocence?

Chris: No, no, no. Anna, look -- I've been looking at this case from only one angle. I never really went with my gut on it yet.

Anna: Well, that can happen.

Chris: Yeah, but now I got to go back to the beginning. I got to start with the vic -- you know, like I usually do. Who she was, what she was, where did she come from?

Anna: Yeah. Is that where I come in?

Chris: Yeah. The only person in this town who has any familiarity with Frankie Stone's history is Vanessa Cortlandt. I want you to get close to her.

Anna: Oh, no. Are you serious? How will me bonding with Vanessa help any? I mean, the woman's a joke.

Vanessa: I am going to do what you tell me to do?

David: That's right. New day, new rules.

Vanessa: You're going to dictate, and you -- you think I'm going to accept this?

David: Yes, you will, Vanessa. Do you even give a damn what happened to your son?

Vanessa: Oh, all this solicitude for Leo? I mean, I have dreamed for so long, David, that you might just take a little interest --

David: Stop it, Mother! Just shut up! There are two issues here -- what happened to Leo and you threatening my research!

Vanessa: Well, I promise you, Larry will be good as gold.

David: And you will not compromise the work that I've devoted my life to.

Vanessa: And you will stop treating me like some idiot!

David: Like what? Like what? What? What, like a pathetic woman trying to stay young by shacking up with some thug who's one step above the missing link?

Vanessa: Careful, David, before you say something --

David: What, something that I might regret? Oh, please. My entire life is one, big regret, and your name is all over it.

Vanessa: David, I am your mother.

David: Oh, come -- please, God. Thank you. No, come on. You're a loser as a mother. You're a joke. In fact, you're an even bigger joke as a human being.

Vanessa: Am I? Am I really? Is that what you think of me, David?

David: , Come on, Vanessa. Let's be honest with each other. You're so shallow that the only thing that's ever been a concern of yours is to make sure that people believe that your I.Q. is greater than your shoe size.

Vanessa: Ooh.

David: And I'll give you this -- the act used to be entertaining. But now it is just embarrassing.

Vanessa: Well, I just might surprise you, David.

David: Oh, really? How? What, by convincing me that you actually have had a thought for someone other than yourself? Oh, don't -- don't tease me, Mother.

Vanessa: You do know exactly how insulting you're being, don't you?

David: What I know is this -- that I have spent my entire life working so hard to get you and my rotten past behind me! And what I do, my work, is meaningful. And I will not let you or anybody else take away the one thing that is of meaning.

Vanessa: And if I wanted to, David, what would you do about it?

David: Oh, what, are you challenging me, Mother? Is that it? All right, well, you listen to this. I don't think it would take anything for me to convince the good people over at Oak Haven that you are out of your mind. So you listen to me, Vanessa. You screw up one more time, you cross me one more time, and I'm telling you, Mother, I will have you committed.

Kendall: What the hell are you doing in my room?

Ryan: Well, excuse me for trying to save your life. It sounded like you were being murdered in here.

Kendall: No. Last time I checked, my mother was still behind bars, thank you. But thanks for the thought. Now, close the door on your way out. What?

Ryan: I was -- I was just thinking.

Kendall: Well, go do it in your own room.

Ryan: No, you've been doing this whole number about wanting to bury Erica.

Kendall: We all got to have a dream.

Ryan: Yeah, but except that you were having a nightmare.

Kendall: So?

Ryan: So I was just thinking that maybe today wasn't as much fun as you thought it was going to be.

Kendall: Today was the best damn day of my life.

Ryan: Today was the best day of your life?

Kendall: Yeah. And the truly beautiful part is I didn't even have to lie. Erica actually did everything I said.

Ryan: She trusted you.

Kendall: Can you believe it? I mean, for years I've been the nondaughter. Then all of a sudden she calls me asking for my help. You know, when I heard her voice, I thought it was a joke, like some sicko was imitating her or something.

Ryan: But it was the real thing.

Kendall: Yeah. Fresh after offing Binky's little girlfriend.

Ryan: Wait a minute. She told you that?

Kendall: Yeah. Amazing, isn't it?

Ryan: Yeah, but it was self-defense. That's what she said on the witness stand.

Kendall: Sure it was. She hated Frankie Stone. She killed Frankie Stone because she hated her and she didn't want the little Binkster to be in love with her. And Erica always gets what she wants.

Ryan: Maybe, but she just doesn't seem like a killer to me.

Kendall: Hello? This is the woman who stabbed her ex-husband with a letter opener.

Ryan: Acquitted.

Kendall: Yeah, but she won't be this time. She's finally going to get what she deserves.

Ryan: If she asked you to go with her, would you?

Kendall: What?

Ryan: If she wanted to go on the run and she asked you to go with her, would you do that?

Kendall: She paid $50,000 for my help. It was a business arrangement for her. I was hired help, not her kid.

Ryan: So that's why you testified against her?

Kendall: If Erica had asked me to go with her, I would've told her to go to hell, okay?

Ryan: Hmm.

Kendall: What -- what's with the smile?

Ryan: Just stay away from poker games, Kendall, because you're just a lousy liar.

Chris: Joke or not, Vanessa is a source.

Anna: For what?

Chris: I don't know yet. But from day one, the thing that has stumped me about this case is motive.

Anna: Well, I hate to say it, but your client and her daughter both were emotionally involved.

Chris: Which works if you buy either one of them as the killer. But what if you don't? Huh? Who would have a reason to shoot a girl, comes into town without a dime to her name?

Anna: All right, okay. So we eliminate Erica and Bianca. Who do we have?

Chris: That's what I should've been thinking in the first place. But I was focused on -- on other things, it walked right by me.

Anna: So, where do we go now?

Chris: We start by you bonding with Vanessa Cortlandt.

Anna: But all Vanessa’s going to have on Frankie is family history and probably -- God help me -- trips down memory lane. Nothing to do with Pine Valley.

Chris: Which is good because I need everything I can get on Frankie Stone. Now, don't blow Vanessa off. She's a connection I haven't looked into yet.

Anna: Maybe because you knew there was nothing there.

Chris: Maybe she came into town because Vanessa asked her to come into town.

Anna: No. She never connected with Vanessa. Although that could've been because Erica figured out what she was up to.

Chris: You see? You're doing what I did -- making assumptions. Why wouldn't you start with some hard facts first?

Anna: Oh, God. I've got to take that -- that social-climbing airhead seriously?

Chris: Let me tell you something about Vanessa Cortlandt. She has played some very smart, very rich men -- guys who usually don't get burned easily.

Anna: Yeah, that fluffy kind of sex appeal -- it works every time.

Chris: Well, maybe that airhead act is just an act

Anna: It can't be. She's not that good a con.

Chris: That depends on who you're conning.

Anna: Yeah. Erica saw right through Frankie in, like, 20 seconds, but Bianca bought it all the way down the line.

Chris: And the first thing a good con does is disarm. If that ditsy thing that Vanessa does is an act, she's pretty damn good.

Anna: You don't really believe that. Do you?

Vanessa: So you want to have me committed?

David: What, you want to test me, Vanessa? Go ahead.

Vanessa: Yes, well, I'm sure you're aware that I do have a living spouse that has something he could say about that.

David: No, no, not after I get through with him, he won't.

Vanessa: Oh, of course, of course. How silly of me. So, David, what do you want from me?

David: For starters, I want you to get rid of your pet Neanderthal.

Vanessa: And if I won't?

David: Okay. Then after I go over to Oak Haven to talk to the people there, to sign your commitment papers, I'll make sure that I have a nice, little chat with Palmer. It's possible he might save you a few pairs of your shoes to remember him by when you get out of stir. But you know something? I wouldn't count on that.

Vanessa: Oh, dear, David, you seem to have me in a real bind. Well, congratulations.

David: You think I enjoy this, don't you?

Vanessa: Oh. The thought did cross my mind, dear.

David: No, I hate it.

Vanessa: Oh, good God, David, stop lying to yourself! You're exactly like your dreary father! He tried to control me, too.

David: Don't you dare -- don't you dare bring him into this.

Vanessa: Oh, he wanted to drag me down, living his livery little life, but I wouldn't let him. You see, I won!

David: Oh, yes, and we all know you did that, don't we, Mother? But don't you think that I am going to commit suicide.

Vanessa: Oh, my baby, there are so many worse things I could do to you if I desired. I could have you screaming for mercy in no time at all.

David: What, you don't think I'm going to actually take you seriously, do you?

Vanessa: Oh, David. You have always underestimated me. Even when you were a little boy, you need a little help with your math or your science or anything that required any real intelligence, you'd always go running to your father.

David: Well, that's because math and science are just a little bit over your head.

[Vanessa laughs]

Vanessa: No, you had no respect for me then, and you still don’t. David, you are so, so wrong because I am not the half-wit you think I am. I am --

David: You are what?

Vanessa: I am your mother, and no matter how nasty you are to me, I love you with all my heart.

David: You were going to say something.

Vanessa: No, no, I really can't let you goad me like this, David, because I get confused, I start to babble --

David: No, no, no, no, no. You were not babbling. I've never seen you speak so clearly. Now, what? You were just going to tell me something.

Vanessa: I did, Darling. I told you that no matter how nasty you are to me, I love you with all of my heart, David.

David: No, no! You -- you were going to tell me something important. What is it?

Vanessa: I don't know what you're talking --

David: You said -- you said -- you said that you're not the half-wit that I thought you were. Then who are you, mother?

[Knock on door]

David: Who is this -- Anna.

Anna: Oh. I'm sorry. I’ll come back later.

Vanessa: No, please, I was just leaving.

Anna: I'm happy to run into you, Vanessa. Great. Have you been keeping up with the trial?

Vanessa: What? Oh, excuse me.

Anna: Erica's trial -- have you been following it? Must be very difficult for you.

Vanessa: Forgive me. I'm sorry. I -- I really have to run, and -- yes, it's -- it's still so sad, poor Mary Frances and all, you know. David, darling, au revoir.

Anna: Bye.

David: I was under the impression that you wanted me to go to hell or somewhere in that general vicinity. What are you doing here?

Anna: Glutton for punishment.

Opal: Palmer, I am busy, and I'm not about to drop everything just because you are pitching a fit.

Palmer: Opal, Opal, it's about Erica. Please. I really need to talk to you.

Opal: Hank --

Hank: I'll be at the bar.

Opal: Thanks.

Palm: Opal, I just went to visit Erica. She wouldn't see me.

Opal: Well, I'm not surprised.

Palmer: What is she up to?

Opal: Palmer, Erica knows what she's doing.

Palmer: I used to think so.

Opal: Well, she is smart as a whip, and she can take care of herself.

Palmer: Listen, if she can take care of herself, why -- why did she hire an inexperienced lawyer and then fire him right in the middle of the trial?

Opal: Well, I guess she must have her reasons.

Palmer: What reasons? If she had trouble finding representation, she could've come to me. I could've gotten her Walter Hines -- F. Lee Bailey for that matter.

Opal: I know that. I know, Palmer, and she -- well, what I mean to --

[Opal sighs]

Opal: Look, Erica can take care of herself. She knows what she's doing.

Palmer: You already said that. Opal, is there something about Erica’s case I don't know?

Kendall: I'm not lying.

Ryan: Now, you told Myrtle that you put the past behind you, right? So, help me out here. If you still want to make Erica pay, then I guess -- I guess you didn't.

Kendall: As soon as I get out of this jerkwater town, I will.

Ryan: All right. So, what about the doll?

Kendall: What doll?

Ryan: The one that was in your luggage. I mean, is that the one that Myrtle was talking about? Is that the one that you put your birth certificate in that proves that Erica’s your mother?

Kendall: You came in here to check out my doll?

Ryan: Yeah. Well, I mean, your alarm clock was going off and it was ridiculously loud, so --

Kendall: You went through my things?

Ryan: Well, I mean, the door was --

Kendall: You had no right!

Ryan: Well, okay. Obviously the doll means a lot to you.

Kendall: If you -- if you ever come in here again, I swear I'll call the cops on you. If you even touch my things, you will be in jail so fast --

Ryan: All right! I don't care about the doll and I don't care about what it means to you.

Kendall: Then why did you bring it up?

Ryan: Because it drives me crazy that you think you've fooled me and you haven't because I can see right through you like glass. You're a walking disaster area. Your problems have problems.

Kendall: Listen -- listen, I have had enough judgment from people to last me a lifetime, understand? I'm not about to take it from some loser who's been camping out in the sleaze motel from hell!

Ryan: Yeah, where you staying?

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Ugh. Now what?

Ryan: What are you doing here?

Chris: I came here to talk to Ms. Hart.

Ryan: Isn't there some kind of rule about messing with the witness?

Chris: I just want to ask her to fill me in on some history. Seems like she has some kind of a revenge thing going on with Erica.

Ryan: Oh, and you probably would know a little thing about that, wouldn't you?

Chris: I didn't come here to talk about that.

Ryan: Of course not. Of course not, now that you've been reinstated. And you even got this gig as a lawyer. I mean, now you want to put all the rough stuff behind you. I understand. Fresh start, clean slate. What a crock.

Chris: Just a few questions, Ms. Hart. It's not going to take long.

Kendall: Whatever I have to say, I'll say it in court.

Chris: Just want some clarification.

Ryan: Were you not listening? She said she doesn't want to talk to you. So are you going to leave here voluntarily, or should I throw you out?

Chris: I don't take orders from you.

Kendall: Listen, buddy --

Chris: Hey, hey --

Chris and Ryan: Don't call me that.

Kendall: Whoa. What was that all about?

Ryan: I just don't like being called that, all right?

Kendall: Neither do you, obviously. Hmm. You're two of a kind.

Ryan: What?

Chris: You're crazy.

Kendall: No. No, you really are alike. Look at you -- both here doing your white knight thing.

Ryan: What, are you insane? I am nothing like this guy.

Kendall: No, you're a little dumber than he is. At least he came here defending the woman he loves. You stepped up to do the honors for me, and you hate my guts. Actually, you're both idiots.

Chris: Obviously I'm wasting my time here, so -- see you in court.

Kendall: Well, Mr. Chivalry, the dragon has left. Is this the part where I swoon into your arms in gratitude?

Ryan: You really are the most --

Kendall: Oh, come on, come on, don't be shy.

Ryan: Obnoxious, rude woman that I've ever met!

Kendall: Don't be shy.

Ryan: It's really amazing.

Man: Hey -- would you two keep it down? There's people can hear you over on the next block.

Ryan: Oh. I'm sorry, Mr. Wolfe. I know this is such a fine establishment. I promise you it won't happen again.

Mr. Wolfe: Yeah, right. Oh -- almost forgot. This came for you.

Kendall: Who's it from?

David: I assume the "glutton for punishment" remark has something to do with the way that I treated you over at S.O.S.

Anna: I told you I covered up that slip I made with Jake about your research. He does not suspect a thing.

David: I know. I know. I overreacted. I had something else on my mind. I'm sorry.

Anna: Apology accepted.

David: And that's it? You're not going to interrogate me?

Anna: For what reason?

David: To find out what else I had on my mind.

Anna: Oh, no. I wouldn't dream of prying.

David: Of course you would. It's like breathing to you. Larry, my mother's chauffeur -- he beat up on Leo.

Anna: Vanessa had Leo beaten up?

David: No. At least I don't think so. But Leo found out that Vanessa was sleeping with him, so he went to confront him. Larry felt threatened -- Vanessa’s words, not mine.

Anna: So he beat up his employer's son? Oh, that's nice.

David: Yeah. Apparently he thinks he can get away with that. And you know something? He's right because he's still working for her, so to speak.

Anna: I'm sorry, David.

David: No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken it out on you.

Anna: I'm sure you'll find a way to make it up to me.

David: You're rather upbeat today. Should I be concerned?

Anna: I'm in the running for a new job -- Chief of Pine Valley Police Department.

David: What? And how did that come about?

Anna: Well, I can't go into specifics, but -- no. No. There is definitely something I need to tell you. Part of me getting this job is that I -- I have to -- I have an assignment, and -- this is insane. I'm going to be investigating your mother.

Opal: Look, Palmer, I'm not going to lie to you. Yeah, there are things about Erica’s case that you don't know. There's stuff about her case she isn't even telling me. You know there's a part of Erica that she always keeps to herself.

Palmer: But at a time like this?

Opal: Especially at a time like this, yeah. And if we love her, then we just got to accept that.

Palmer: I suppose so.

Opal: I know that you want to help her. I want to help her, too. But if she won't let us --

Palmer: There's nothing we can do. She knows that I'm only a phone call away.

Opal: She knows.

Palmer: Well, then, that's it. Thank you, Opal.

Hank: Are you okay?

Opal: Oh, yeah. It's just you know how sometimes you think you got everything straightened out in your head, and then all of a sudden your heart comes and flips it?

Hank: Yeah, hearts don't play by the rules.

Opal: They sure don’t.

Hank: Opal, I want to give you something.

Opal: Oh, Hank --

Hank: Something I've wanted to give you for a long time.

Opal: But you already gave me a present. I didn't get you anything.

Hank: Opal -- it's a song. And --

Opal: A song?

Hank: Yes.

Opal: Oh.

Hank: And I'm going to sing it right now for you.

Hank: Remember, it's been a while.

Opal: Just sing, Hank.

Hank: I have a feeling it's a feeling I'm concealing I don't know why it's just a mental incidental sentimental alibi but I adore you why go on stalling? I am falling my love is calling so why be shy? Let's fall in love why shouldn't we fall in love? Our hearts are made of it let's take a chance why be afraid of it? Let's close our eyes and make our own paradise little we know of it still, we can try to make a go of it we might have been meant for each other to be or not let our hearts discover let's fall in love why shouldn't we fall in love? Now is the time for it while we are young let's fall in love we might have been meant for each other to be or not to be let our hearts discover let's fall in love why shouldn't we fall in love? Now is the time for it while we are young let's fall in love

Kendall: Who sent you the box?

Ryan: Um -- my mother. It's trash. I'm out of here.

Kendall: So, we toss care packages from Mommy. Interesting.

Opal: Hank, I knew you would be good, but you have a beautiful voice.

Hank: Thanks, Opal. And thank you for making me use it again.

Ryan: I don't even know why I kept this. They're complete strangers.

Chris: Ryan, don't -- do it.

Ryan's voice: Hey, how did you track down Liza and Marian before before you got to Pine Valley?

Mia's voice: Whoa. What?

Ryan: No, I just need to know how you did it.

Mia: Why are you asking me?

Ryan: Because I need to know. Was it hard? Was it expensive? Did it take you a long time? What?

Mia: Slow down. What -- what happened?

Ryan: Um -- I was -- I was playing football in the park with some kids, and Leo and I got to talking about our childhood, and I -- I don't know. I guess I decided something that I never thought that I would decide.

Mia: Which is?

Ryan: I want to find my father.

Chris: It's me. I want you to run a background check. Ryan Lavery, AKA John Ryan Curry.

David: You're investigating my mother? For what?

Anna: I can't -- I can't go into the specifics. It's -- it's top-secret. Well, Chris -- Chris seems to feel that maybe there's more to Vanessa than we all realize.

David: Okay, what -- what exactly -- what did he say? What did he exactly --

Anna: David, it's nothing. He suspects everyone.

David: No, no -- come on. Anna, you have to be specific with me. What did Chris say about my mother?

Anna: All he said was maybe this airhead routine of hers is just an act. Perhaps she's hiding something.

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