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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Jack: Your mother called to enlist your aid? Is that correct?

Kendall: Yes. She wanted me to help her jump bail to escape prosecution.

Anna: You don't have to worry. I know how much this research means to you. I'm not going to tell anyone.

Greenlee: Were you mugged?

Leo: Yeah, well, that pretty much describes it.

Greenlee: He's going to be okay, right?

Leo: It's a good thing we got our own on-call medic.

Greenlee: Leo -- what goes best with Laura leaving town, red or champagne?

Leo: Mmm -- I'll take whatever's on tap.

Greenlee: Champagne. We'll drink a big, fat, bubbly bon voyage to your soon-to-be ex-wife. You do the honors. I'll get the ice bucket.

[Leo groans]

Leo: Ah, God!

Greenlee: Leo, what's wrong? Leo, what's wrong?

Leo: I need Jake.

Anna: Oh, David, hi. Aren't doctors supposed to clear their throats or knock or something?

David: I just saw your name on the patients roster. Have you had a relapse? Is your heart --

Anna: Oh, wow, you're so intense. Do patients like that? Do they like that sort of fiery bedside manner?

David: Anna, tell me what's going on. What is wrong?

Anna: Nothing. Sound as a bell.

David: Then why are you here?

Anna: Routine checkup.

David: Routine?

Anna: Yeah. I promised Alex I'd come in from time to time to be poked and prodded.

David: You all right?

Anna: Perfectly. Want to see me touch my toes?

David: You know, I could've been here for you while you had your examination.

Anna: It's okay. I don't need you to hold my hand.

David: Yeah, well, you really shouldn't have been here on your own.

Anna: Nice. You're not concerned about my health. You just don't want me to be here alone with your colleagues because I might spill the beans. Well, you can wipe that look off your face because I didn't give away any of your medical secrets. Ha, ha.

Jake: Hayward -- what the hell are you doing?

Jack: What do you say we take a walk in here? We’re going to have a little private conversation, huh?

Kendall: Mr. D.A. wants to thank me.

Jack: You think Mr. D.A. wants to thank you, huh?

Kendall: Well, my testimony is going to convict Erica. You looked brilliant in court.

Jack: That's only half the job. Now I have to prepare you for Chris' cross-examination.

Kendall: I can handle whatever Erica’s squeeze toy throws at me.

Jack: You think so?

Kendall: Yes.

Jack: The minute he puts you on that witness stand, he is going to do everything he can to discredit your testimony.

Kendall: Like what? He's going to try to make me look like a big, fat liar?

Jack: Gee, imagine that being difficult, with your history?

Kendall: Why, Jackson, are you saying you don't believe me?

Erica: I'm so sorry. I was just so terrified that you hate me.

Chris: Oh, hate you, darling? You know you can trust me with your life. I love you. So why don't you give it up? Tell me what really happened the night that Frankie Stone died. You can end it right here. Talk to me, Erica.

Erica: You didn't come back to tell me that you still love me?

Chris: That was just my angle to get you to open up.

Erica: Angle?

Chris: Yeah. But nothing like the con game you've been running on me since day one, Darling.

Erica: Chris, my feelings for you are real.

Chris: You played me for a sucker.

Erica: I love you.

Chris: Bull! You set me up.

Erica: Chris, you must believe me.

Chris: Believe what? Believe another pack of your lies?

Erica: Chris, please, let me explain.

Chris: Bottom line -- you used me. While I was out there defending you, you were over here doing your own little dance, covering your tracks.

Erica: No, Chris, that's not the way it was.

Chris: That's exactly the way it was. You see these eyes, Darling? Well, they're open now -- finally. I see it for what it's worth. So why don't you just tell me how it really went down the night that Frankie died. Give it up.

Erica: The night that Frankie died. Just -- it's a very long time ago. And I was scared. I mean, I wasn't thinking.

Chris: No, no, no, no, no. Don’t. No -- these gears up here were working just fine, Darling. Your brain was on overdrive, figuring out the odds, scoping the angles.

Erica: Don't you remember how upset I was?

Chris: Erica -- you were the picture of cool. You knew exactly how this would play itself down before the first cop even got there. What a performance.

Erica: That's absurd.

Chris: Is it? You call me to Frankie's room, I find you holding the gun, and you swore to me that she was dead when you got there.

Erica: I was in shock.

Chris: Sure -- until they found the locket Bianca gave Frankie at your place, along with some burned negatives. And then I find out the gun that was used to cap Frankie was not the gun that you were holding. So, what do you do? You start singing another tune. "Oh, I shot her in self-defense."

Erica: What -- what is the point, Chris, of just rehashing all this?

Chris: The point is I want to know who you were when I signed on as your lawyer. Were you the woman who sacked me in court, who got on the witness stand and confessed to killing Frankie? And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse -- boom! -- Your daughter Kendall walks in, tells the court that you gave her a check for 50,000 large to help you flee the country. That's what a guilty person does, Erica. That's the last act of desperation when a person knows they're going to be facing some hard time. So, as your attorney, I got to ask you just one more time -- no lies, no curveballs. Want it down the middle. Did you kill Frankie Stone in cold blood, yes or no?

Jack: Do I think you were a liar?

Kendall: That's the question, Counselor.

Jack: Only if it serves you.

Kendall: But you believe me now?

Jack: Yeah, you showed me the check that Erica wrote to try to buy her way out of the trouble she's in.

Kendall: And if I didn't show you the check?

Jack: I wouldn't have believed you for a heartbeat.

Kendall: It's nice to know some things haven't changed around here.

Jack: All right, all right, just -- just listen to me. Now, when Stamp gets you on that stand, he is going to try to smear you all over the place.

Kendall: What's the worst that he can do?

Jack: Research. Find out all the scams you've pulled across the years -- some of them against Erica. And he is going to portray everything you said on that stand as payback.

Kendall: I've got nothing to hide.

Jack: Kendall, you've got a rap sheet that reads like the police gazette, for Pete’s sake.

Kendall: Well, wait a minute. Hold on. This is Erica’s trial here, not mine.

Jack: Yeah, well, you're going to feel like it's yours when you're on the witness stand.

Kendall: I came forward to stop a killer from escaping. They should be handing me the key to the city.

Jack: Don't kid yourself, Kendall. You're nobody's hero.

Kendall: I don't care what anyone in this podunk town thinks about me.

Jack: I wonder. So, why'd you come back to this podunk town?

Kendall: To see that justice is done. What other motive could I possibly have? You look tired, Jackson. I was watching you in court. It's no picnic, is it, going after the ex-love of your life? It's okay. I understand. In fact, I actually sympathize with you. You don't want to be the one to put the noose around Erica’s neck. No problem. You just sit back and chill. Let me do the honors.

David: How long you been waiting there, Martin?

Jake: Long enough to see you invading my patient's privacy.

Anna: Oh, no, no, no. It's all right, Jake.

David: He's your doctor?

Jake: Listen, why don't you leave so she can finish getting dressed.

Anna: You know what? I have a better idea. Why don't you both give me some privacy?

Jake: Actually, Hayward, glad I ran into you.

David: Oh, well, I'm sorry to deflate your joy, Jake, but I have a patient --

Jake: This won't take long. What can you tell me about this?

David: Well, from where I'm standing, it looks like a file folder. Can I go now?

Jake: Actually, it's a set of numbers that was passed along to me by my father.

David: That's wonderful. Hail to you and the chief of staff.

Jake: The guys in accounting have uncovered a substantial overrun in research and development this quarter.

David: You don't say?

Jake: I don't say. I reran all these numbers, David, and I trace them right back to your department.

David: All right, so I'm a few bucks over.

Jake: Thousands, David. How do you explain that?

David: I don't know. Maybe the bean counters goofed?

Jake: No, I'm afraid they didn't, David. The hospital wants an itemized breakdown of your expenses, right down to the last test tube.

David: So this is your job now, Jake, huh? Satisfying the pinheads in accounting? That's fine. I'll take care of it.

Anna: Am I free to go?

Jake: Yeah, actually, you're doing great. But I want you to make an appointment for a recheck in three months.

Anna: Yeah, I promise. You off duty?

Greenlee: Jake!

Anna: Want to get something --

Greenlee: Jake? Jake.

Jake: Hey, hey, what's going on?

Leo: I don't know.

Greenlee: Yeah, I don't know. Something's wrong with Leo.

Jake: Let's get him to an examining room.

David: Leo, what happened, what happened?

Jake: David, I treated him last night for superficial injuries, all right?

David: Oh, looks like you did a bang-up job.

Leo: Stop it, you guys! I've already been through one fist fight, all right?

David: All right, listen, do you want me to examine you or not?

Leo: Sure, whatever, whatever. Nothing personal. It's just that it --

Jake: Forget about it --

David: Listen, Anna, you don't have to wait.

Anna: I know, but I will.

Greenlee: Jake, what do you think is wrong with Leo?

Jake: You know -- you know, offhand, I don't think that Leo has been honest with us about what happened last night.

Greenlee: He doesn't look that bad.

Jake: Well, Leo took quite a beating. And most of his injuries have been invisible -- you know, kidney punches and that kind of thing.

Greenlee: So?

Jake: Greenlee, I've seen a lot of guys come to this E.R. who've taken beatings like that, and it's usually the work of a professional.


David: Tell me if this hurts.

Leo: Yeah. Yeah. That's a real gentle touch you got there, David.

David: Okay --

[Leo groans]

David: On a scale from one to 10?

Leo: Come on! On a scale of one to 10, I'd say about 10 to the 10th power.

David: Why don't you tell me what the hell happened, Leo?

Leo: You got to promise you're going to keep it between us.

David: Just tell me.

Leo: I ran into Larry’s fist.

David: Larry?

Leo: Yeah.

David: Vanessa's chauffeur?

Leo: Yeah. He -- her boy toy. He did a full body workout on me, using me as his punching bag.

David: Why?

Leo: I don't -- I just -- I told him to leave her alone and to get out of town. I guess I got too mouthy. I don't know.

David: So he beat up on you?

Leo: Yeah. I didn't even see it coming.

David: That's great. That's great. Our mother's taste in men has taken a violent turn.

Leo: Tell me about it.

David: Look at me.

[Leo groans]

David: Look at . Leo, look at me. Open your eye. Leo -- open up.

Leo: This guy -- he seems like more than just a chauffeur. It scares me, man.

David: Well, I'm not crazy about it, either.

Leo: God!

David: It looks like you've got yourself a warning, little brother. No broken bones. No stitches necessary. Just some bad internal bruising.

Leo: So, what do we do about it?

David: Well, for starters, you should stay away from Larry.

Leo: Don't worry. So, have you talked to her?

David: That's an experience I try to avoid whenever possible.

Leo: She's in a really ugly place, man. I just -- I don't like it.

David: I'm so sick of her and her dangerous blunders.

Greenlee: Come on, Jake. You think Leo was jumped by some kind of hired thug?

Jake: I think it's possible.

Greenlee: No, it's ridiculous. Leo would tell me if he was in some kind of trouble.

Jake: Are you sure about that? I mean, why didn't he report this mugging to the police?

Greenlee: Because it was no big deal.

Jake: If it was no big deal, Greenlee, why is he in there doubled up in pain?

Greenlee: I don't know. You're always picking on Leo. Why is that, Jake?

Jake: Oh, come on.

Greenlee: I'll tell you why. It's because Leo's with me and you're not.

Jake: Greenlee, this is not some kind of romantic duel, all right? I really don't give a damn about him. But I do give a damn about you and what he's exposing you to. I mean, the last thing I want is to see you get hurt. If anything ever happened to you, Greenlee --

Greenlee: What, Jake? If anything happened to me, what?

Jake: Listen, I got to go, all right?

Anna: Can I talk to you about David?

Jake: You know what, Anna? I don't have the time --

Anna: No, no, no. Just -- just listen. He's under a great deal of pressure right now. His work is very demanding, and maybe that's why he's not, like, 100%.

Jake: Mm-hmm. You know, Anna, this pressure that you say David’s under -- does that have anything to do with the medical secrets that you two were just discussing?

Jack: Boy, you are really some piece of work. Do you know that? I mean, you are really enjoying this -- going right for your mother's throat.

Kendall: My mother? Please, my mother ditched me the second I was born.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Erica was 14 years old when she was raped. It's a little hard for a child to raise a child, don't you think?

Kendall: So she just threw me away like a bag of old clothes.

Jack: No, she found you two loving parents who gave you a home, security -- things she could not provide for you.

Kendall: After everything Erica’s done, you still defend her like she made some amazing sacrifice. She didn't want me, Jack. I was the one she threw in the reject pile. I was the one who got shafted here.

Jack: You know what? From the bottom of my heart, I am really sorry that that's the way you see things.

Kendall: Save your stupid pity.

Jack: Why? You're so pitiful. You just love playing the misunderstood, put-upon victim.

Kendall: Then I must be just like my mother because Erica’s playing the victim for everything it's worth.

Jack: You think she enjoys that circus out there, huh? You think she enjoys waking up every morning, knowing that she might be spending the rest of her life in prison?

Kendall: Don't worry about it. She's got what it takes to survive. She can stand anything. Got a gay daughter? No problem. Just whack her lover.

Jack: It's a great deal more complicated than that, Kendall.

Kendall: It's classic Erica. She does the crime but not the time. Do you remember the, like, five minutes she served for trying to kill Dimitri?

Jack: Yes, yes, I do. This is a totally different situation.

Kendall: It's the second verse, same as the first. Erica cries for help, then pleads that she's been misunderstood. Then she gets her bulked-up boyfriend to defend her and comes running to me to help her escape. But for once, Erica messed up. Her plan is anything but foolproof. This time, Mommy is not getting away with murder.

Chris: Erica, think of all we've got riding on this. I can still help you. I can make this right. But to do that, you have to tell me the truth -- all of it.

Erica: Chris --

Chris: All of it.

Erica: I am so sorry. So sorry, Chris.

Chris: Are you? I don't think so. Guard! Get me out of here. Unlock this damned door.

Erica: Please forgive me, Chris. Please.

[Erica sobs]

Opal: So it finally happened, huh? Chris up and quit on you?

Erica: He wanted the truth -- the whole truth about Frankie. So, what could I do? Give Chris what he wanted and sacrifice Bianca? No. That could never happen.

Opal: Boy, oh, boy. You know, no mother lion has ever fought so hard to protect her cub.

Erica: I did what I had to do, but -- I don't know. Was I wrong?

Opal: Well, let's tally it up. You used the man you love to spare your daughter. And then you use your other daughter, the one that hates you, as extra insurance.

Erica: You know?

Opal: I know that you called Kendall, asking for her help, knowing full well she'd stab you in the back.

Erica: I had to. I had no choice. Bianca is all that matters.

Anna: Oh, that's not very professional, is it, listening in on me and David?

Jake: The door was open.

Anna: Yeah. I was just joking. Because he's been putting in so many hours, I've dubbed him my mad scientist.

Jake: Hmm. So, do you know what Hayward’s working on?

Anna: Standard protocol, I guess?

Jake: I wouldn't guess anything where Hayward’s concerned.

Anna: Oh, you don't think it's going to be another one of those Libidozone things?

Jake: It's not impossible.

Anna: Highly unlikely. You don't get the Nobel cooking up ways to poison people.

Jake: So, Anna, what is it? Is it Hayward’s ambition that attracts you?

Anna: I don't think that's any of your business, is it?

Jake: David Hayward messed up my sister-in-law's life, her marriage. So I just decided to hell with minding my own business. Now, I'm going to tell you, you stick with Hayward, you're going to regret it.

Anna: Duly noted. Thanks.

Greenlee: How is he, David?

David: Well, he wasn't faking.

Greenlee: What's wrong with him?

David: Oh, you know, bruised kidneys, torn stomach, pulled groin.

Greenlee: Oh, ouch. Poor baby.

David: Yeah, well, the injuries should heal themselves, provided Leo doesn't strain the muscles. Now, didn't Jake tell you guys to take it easy last night?

Leo: Ah -- we might've misunderstood the doctor's orders.

David: Okay, great. Look, let me spell this out for both of you -- no sex for a week.

Leo: What?

David: Okay? Greenlee, why don't you take him home, put him to bed.

Greenlee: Yeah, but you just said --

David: Separate bunks. Seven days.

Leo: Thanks, David.

David: Sure.

Leo: I feel much better. So, what about the other problem?

David: Yeah, we'll -- we'll talk about that when you feel better, okay? Take it easy, brother.

Leo: Ah -- thanks.

Anna: How's Leo?

David: Oh, he's not doing too well, but he'll be okay.

Anna: You don't sound so sure.

David: It's not Leo.

Anna: What, then?

David: Yeah, look -- why don't we just drop it, okay? Let's get out of here.

[Leo groans]

Leo: Cheer up. I'm going to live.

Greenlee: Yeah? For how long?

Leo: What is that supposed to mean?

Greenlee: Let's go home. While I drive, you can tell me the real reason you took that thumping.

Erica: You're right, Opal. You're right. I did call Kendall knowing full well that she would turn on me.

Opal: Why? Why on earth?

Erica: Because -- because my back was up against the wall. Because there was a chance that Bianca -- that she would remember, you know, that night. And I had to prevent that. I mean, I had to make sure that I was the one who was punished for Frankie's murder so that Bianca could just get on with her life and she could forget.

Opal: Honey, do you really think that there is a chance of that happening?

Erica: It's the only thing I have to hold on to. It's the only thing I'm trying to hold on to. I mean, that and -- and Chris. Oh, boy, when I saw him in court and how he fought for me -- I really just wasn't prepared to see how he would take my side with so much passion, you know? I mean, he was so good, and I was just so afraid that he was going to succeed in getting the jury to find me not guilty.

Opal: So you brought Kendall back as your ace in the hole.

Erica: As my last resort, Opal. Believe me, I am not proud of -- of using Chris. But, I mean, drastic measures had to be taken to protect Bianca.

Opal: Well, you knew you could count on Kendall being true to her old, nasty self.

Erica: But part of me -- part of me was actually hoping that Kendall would not take the bait, that she could finally prove that maybe I was wrong to always reach the worst conclusion with her.

Opal: But, no, she's still the same, old, two-timing double-crosser she ever was.

Erica: And it is so sad. I mean, I have two daughters. And one of them has fought so hard, you know, to become kind and -- and just loving. The other one just lives to fight and destroy me. Kendall doesn't know it, but what she's doing -- she's actually saving Bianca and me because, by betraying me, she's keeping Bianca out of prison. And for that, I am grateful.

Jack: All right, now, Stamp has you on the witness stand. He has you on the defensive. There's one thing you cannot do, and that is lose your cool. You follow me?

Kendall: Cool. Got it, Jack.

Jack: I want one-word answers -- yes or no. No elaborations.

Kendall: In other words, don't let the jury see the inner me.

Jack: My gosh, you are a bright girl.

Kendall: God forbid the jury should end up feeling sorry for Erica, saddled with an ungrateful daughter.

Jack: I don't even want you making eye contact with that jury. You follow me?

Kendall: Don't sweat it, Jackson. No matter what I say, Erica is going to come off as the only loser. Can I go now?

Jack: Not a moment too soon. I'll see you in court.

Kendall: Okay. Mr. Stamp. Can't wait for you to get me on that stand.

Chris: Your office told me I could find you here.

Jack: Yeah, well, here I am. I imagine you've come to tell me that you've bailed out on Erica and have decided to let her fend for herself. Frankly, Chris, I don't blame you.

Chris: I'm not walking off this case. I'm staying till the bitter end.

Opal: Now, let me just get this straight here. You are grateful to Kendall for hammering the last nail into your coffin?

Erica: Yes, I am. And who knows? Maybe Kendall will even benefit from this experience.

Opal: Benefit?

Erica: Well, I mean, once she finally thinks that she's gotten back at me, I mean, maybe she'll finally just stop living in hate and she might even do something positive with her life.

Opal: Well, that is mighty large of you, considering the dirt she's done you. You know what you are?

Erica: What?

Opal: You are a giant. All the things that you have sacrificed for both of those girls -- your freedom, your time with Bianca, and your true heart's desire.

Erica: You mean Chris.

Opal: I saw the look on his face in court today when he realized that you had shanghaied his defense. And then I saw that same look on his face just now as he was leaving the cell. I don't know if you're losing your lawyer, but I think it's pretty clear that you are losing that man's love.

Jack: Well, what can I say? I admire your loyalty to your client.

Chris: I didn't swing by here for a clap on the back, Jack.

Jack: No, I didn't think you did.

Chris: Good. So here's the deal -- I need more time to prep for Kendall Hart's cross.

Jack: No, here's the deal -- you don't get any more time.

Chris: You sprung a surprise witness on me.

Jack: That doesn't seem to bother the judge one least little bit.

Chris: So you're not going to cut me a break?

Jack: No, I'm going to see you in court tomorrow.

Chris: Damn it.

Jack: It's not just the time constraint and the pressure of this trial that's getting to you, is it? It's Erica.

Chris: Don't get me started.

Jack: I've been there, Chris. And even though we're opposing counsel, I got to tell you, I feel for you.

Chris: Yeah, right.

Jack: Look, Erica, since the night Frankie Stone was killed, has been a defense attorney's worst nightmare.

Chris: I should've seen this one coming clear as day.

Jack: No, no, no. You would've been the first one, then. We've all made the same mistake. You think that you've got Erica handled, but guess what? Erica can't be handled. She may let you think that you're calling the shots, but you're not calling the shots. She's calling the shots.

Chris: Sounds like you've been there.

Jack: Yeah. Every time I've thought that I had her figured out, every time I was positive I knew what was going on behind those gorgeous, brown eyes, next thing I knew, I found out everything I knew was wrong. So, since I have been there, you want some free advice?

Chris: Sure.

Jack: For the duration of this trial, you don't let her draw you in. You keep your head down, you do the best work you possibly can, you let the system do its job, and you disconnect.

Chris: You think that'll work?

Jack: It's worked for me since day one of this trial. Because I'll tell you, Chris, if I let her get to me, it's all over.

Greenlee: Hang on, hang on, hang on.

Leo: Whoo! Whoo!

Greenlee: So, Vanessa got herself into another jam again.

Leo: Yeah. And, of course, I tried to get her out of it. Here. Help me.

Greenlee: Here -- oh. Why, Leo?

Leo: Oh, because I'm stupid. Because I don't learn. Because -- well, basically because I'm stupid. You can stop me at any time, Greenlee.

[Leo groans]

Greenlee: Careful.

Leo: Where's the remote?

Greenlee: You want to watch television right now?

Leo: I'm not good for much else right now.

Greenlee: Wait. You were just telling me about Vanessa.

Leo: Actually, I wasn't.

Greenlee: Leo, come on.

Leo: Aha, aha, there you are, you little -- maybe we can watch some Marx brothers reruns?

Greenlee: Not now. You were telling me about your insane mother.

Leo: Greenlee, it's not exactly my favorite subject.

Greenlee: I'm the same way with Daddy, okay? No matter how awful he is to me, there's always a soft spot for him.

Leo: Yeah, and I've got pulled muscles and no love life for seven days.

Greenlee: Leo, this guy who roughed you up -- there's nothing illegal going on, right?

Leo: Uh-uh.

Greenlee: So we're not going to start getting visits from a guy with a broken nose and a name like Mugsy?

Leo: I swear to you -- okay? Nobody's going to be coming after us. Nobody's going to touch us -- either one of us.

Greenlee: What exactly did Vanessa do?

Leo: Can we please just drop the subject?

Greenlee: No, I'm worried about you.

Leo: There's no need to be worried about me. She made her own bed. Okay, maybe that's not the best analogy, but --

Greenlee: Leo, we're supposed to be able to tell each other everything -- even the bad stuff.

Leo: I know, Greenlee. And I'm not trying to shut you out --

Greenlee: Then why are you?

Leo: Because I'm embarrassed. This --

Greenlee: About what?

Leo: My mother and her escapades!

Greenlee: Just say it, Leo. My future mother-in-law's a tramp.

Leo: Well, I didn't want to remind you of that, but --

Greenlee: You're afraid if you told me the whole sordid story that I'd pack my designer luggage and run?

Leo: Something like that.

Greenlee: Leo -- hand on my heart -- I'll never run from you again. Hey, you know, my bloodline's just as polluted as yours. Daddy's no prince, as you well know.

Leo: Yeah, I just -- I -- you know, you'd think that I would see this thing coming. I mean, she's always, always on the brink of disaster. And I always go running to her every single time to fix whatever it is she's broken, which usually means packing our own designer luggage and running.

Greenlee: But you're not running away this time.

Leo: Uh-uh. I want to be here with you. I want to watch you make Enchantment history, Greenlee. And I want to have something that I'm proud of, something that means something.

Greenlee: What happened to my carefree playboy?

Leo: I guess he grew up. I want to make you insanely happy, Greenlee. I want to be as good for you as --

Greenlee: You want to be as good for me as Jake.

Woman: Good evening, Dr. Martin.

Jake: Well, hi, Julie. I'm meeting a date here, but I don't think she's arrived yet.

Julie: Oh. Grab a seat, and I'll be over to take your order.

Jake: Thank you.

Anna: Well I’m starving. I'm going to have the enchiladas. What about you?

David: I'm not hungry.

Anna: Not very talkative, either. You've barely said a word since we left the hospital. What's wrong?

David: Nothing.

Anna: Oh, oh -- I hate when you're like this. What is it?

David: Oh, great. Did you see who followed us from the hospital?

Anna: Jake.

David: Those freakin' Martins. Always following me, breathing down my neck, watching everything that I do.

Anna: I have to tell you that apparently he overheard my remark about your medical secrets.

David: Tell me you're lying.


Greenlee: Leo, you don't ever have to be anyone but yourself. You're good just the way you are.

Leo: Even if I have a slut of a mother?

Greenlee: Even then.

[Leo laughs]

[Leo groans]

Greenlee: And just so you know, I understand why you can't turn your back on Vanessa.

Leo: We'll talk about that some other time, Greenlee. Meanwhile, David and I are going to take care of my mother and her Larry-boy.

Anna: Would you relax? Jake doesn't know anything. I didn't tell him anything. I covered for you.

David: Why the hell is he spying on me?

Anna: He's not spying. Don't be so bloody paranoid.

David: Why the hell did you open your mouth in the first place? You could've wrecked everything for me.

Anna: You know what? Go to hell.

Kendall: Erica, welcome to life in prison without possibility of parole. Let me tell you about your new digs. One, no private bath. No private anything. Prison-issue jump suits, and -- oh, yes -- bed buddies. Well, got to run. I promise not to ever write or think about you ever again. I hope you rot here.

Guard: You're not going anywhere.

Kendall: What are you talking about? She's the prisoner.

Erica: Wrong, Kendall. You're the one serving the life sentence.

Kendall: What are you -- no. What are you doing? No, I won't --

Erica: Too late.

Kendall: What have you done to me?

Erica: What have I done to you? Nothing, Kendall. You've done it all to yourself. You keep thinking you're going to win. You're never going to win. This is your life. This will always be your life.

Kendall: No! No -- let me out of here! Let me out of here! Let me out of here! No!

Erica: I have lost Chris. I know that.

Opal: Honey. You know, maybe it's not too late. Maybe if you just --

Erica: No -- no, Opal. There are no maybes. I cannot tell Chris the truth because I cannot sacrifice Bianca.

Opal: So instead you'll sacrifice the man you love.

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