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All My Children Transcript Monday 1/14/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Brooke: Donít you get how much I love you?

Edmund: Laura, listen to what your mom is saying.

Laura: I would rather die than talk about any of this in front of you.

Simone: He's missing. Mateo's in trouble.

Proteus: Careful what you promise me, Mateo.

Vanessa: I'll be in touch.

Kendall: Erica hated Frankie. She said she went to Frankie's room to end it for good.

Kendall: Erica hated Frankie. She hated that my sister was in love with Frankie.

Jack: And what else did your mother say?

Kendall: She said she wanted Frankie dead.

[Gallery murmurs]

Chris: Objection, Your Honor. The witness is speculating. She wasn't there.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Order! Stained. The witness' last comment will be stricken from the record.

Opal: This is terrible, what's happened.

Myrtle: Listen, Darling, Kendall is stuffing it to your mother.

Opal: That's right, that nasty little ingrate.

Chris: Your Honor, you should declare a mistrial.

Judge: Mr. Stamp, approach.

Chris: The people are not buying a case with this witness. Ms. Hart is perjuring herself to get revenge on her mother. She is a biased witness.

Judge: Ms. Hart has been sworn in to testify and tell the truth. It is up to you to prove whether or not she's doing otherwise through either cross-examination or additional testimony.

Chris: Your Honor, you know that I have not had the adequate time to prepare for this witness.

Judge: It's duly noted and I sympathize, but take your seat. Ms. Hart, you will answer these questions succinctly and directly. Do you understand?

Kendall: Yes, Your Honor.

Chris: Your Honor, I want the record to reflect that I object to Ms. Hart's testimony in its entirety.

Judge: Noted, Mr. Stamp. Mr. Montgomery, continue.

Jack: Thank you, Your Honor. Ms. Hart, Erica Kane is your biological mother. Is that not true?

Kendall: She carried me for nine months -- miracle of miracles.

Chris: Your Honor --

Judge: Ms. Hart, a yes or no answer will suffice.

Kendall: Yes.

Jack: Would you please characterize for the court your relationship with the defendant?

Chris: I object.

Judge: Overruled.

Jack: Let me make it simple. How do you feel about your mother?

Kendall: I have never hated anyone more.

Brooke: That you of all people would say something so casual like that -- that you would rather die than talk in front of Edmund?

Laura: Come on, Mom. It's a figure of speech.

Brooke: You are the luckiest girl that I have ever known, Laura.

Laura: Well, I guess that depends on how you look at it.

[Phone rings]

Edmund: Look at it this way -- I got to take this. Excuse me.


Brooke: I love you!

Laura: And that makes me the luckiest girl you know?

Brooke: You have got to stop testing my love -- unless you want to wreck our relationship the way you wrecked your marriage.

Edmund: You are not supposed to contact me directly.

Simone: What choice do I have, huh? Please, Edmund, come over here now.

Edmund: You're jeopardizing the assignment.

Simone: Too late for that, all right? Mateo's missing.

Edmund: What?

Simone: Proteus must've grabbed him.

Edmund: Where have you looked?

Simone: Come here first. Hayley's freaking out, and she's going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get herself and who knows who else killed.

Edmund: Okay. I'll be right there.

Vanessa: Hayley -- Hayley, it's okay. Just tell me what the problem is now.

Hayley: Oh -- where is your son? Where's your son David?

Vanessa: Well, I'm not really sure, but if you tell me the problem, maybe I can help.

Hayley: No, you can't help me.

Vanessa: Look, I heard about your separation. I'm so sorry. So, is it Mateo? Is there something wrong with him?

Mateo: No cameras. Just -- just boxes. Just -- just boxes.

[Greenlee screams]

Leo: Hey, hey, hey -- Mateo!

Leo: Put it -- put it down!

Greenlee: Mateo --

Mateo: What the hell are you doing here?

Leo: Put down the chair, and we'll talk! Put it down!

Greenlee: This is an Enchantment warehouse.

Mateo: Oh, yeah? What do they store here, huh?

Greenlee: Packages, supplies. I don't know. We haven't used it for months.

Leo: You want to tell us why the hell you were about to whack someone with that chair?

Mateo: Don't you worry about it. Don't you worry about it. You say this place has been deserted for months?

Greenlee: Yeah, as far as I know.

Mateo: Then why are you here? Huh? Who sent you?

Greenlee: No one sent us. The building's scheduled for demolition. I was thinking that we could use it for something.

Mateo: For what?

Greenlee: For one of those industrial background photo shoots. You know, people love that glamour meets grunge thing.

Mateo: Who else knows about this place?

Greenlee: It's not like some top-secret hideout. Anyone with Enchantment can get in here.

Mateo: All right. Thanks.

Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why does any of this matter, anyway?

Mateo: Don't -- don't worry about it. Just tear this place down.

Greenlee: What was that about?

Leo: Uh -- I'm not sure he knows.

Vanessa: Keeping your problems to yourself really never solves anything, dear. It is Mateo, isn't it? Hayley, what is wrong with him?

Hayley: He's an idiot. He -- Mateo left me and the baby. He's got some new --

[Phone rings]

Hayley: Whore and -- and shiny new toys. And if that's him, I'm going to tell him exactly what he can do with his new life. Excuse me. Hello? Hello?

Edmund: Hayley, it's me. Where are you?

Hayley: Edmund, I'm at the courthouse. I -- I don't know --

Edmund: Wait. Hold on. Don't -- don't say anything. Just try to stay calm, all right?

Hayley: I'm scared.

Edmund: I'm on my way to pick up Simone, and then we will get you. We'll find him, okay? It's not over, Hayley. Don't give up the game.

Laura: So, what, it's all my fault? Never mind the fact that Leo never loved me or lied to me all through our marriage?

Brooke: Leo lied to himself, too.

Laura: So that wins him points? He's a prince for saving a dying, sick girl? When did I become a villain?

Brooke: Leo and Greenlee are not blameless. But we're talking about you, honey, and your responsibility for what happened.

Laura: You have no idea how much I loved him.

Brooke: Of -- of course I do. But what he felt for you was not enough. And you didn't give it time to grow because you were insecure.

Laura: Well, with good reason. Where is he now? He's with her.

Brooke: Honey, everything that you did -- you needed proof of his love constantly. You -- constant bids for his attention. You tried to sabotage Greenlee. It pushed him away from you.

Laura: He was faking it all along. He never loved me like I loved him.

Brooke: No, he didn't, but how could he?

Laura: That's low.

Brooke: Laura, you made him the center of your world. You know, you made him your whole universe, and -- and the rest of us, we just -- you know, we slipped into some black hole somewhere.

Laura: That's not true. I never stopped loving you.

Brooke: What you did with Leo -- you -- you made him into a religion, and you demanded that he do the same with you. Honey, it -- it's not healthy, and I will not let you do the same with me.

Laura: I'm not trying to.

Brooke: When you came here last night, you wanted me to get rid of everybody for you -- your Aunt Phoebe, Edmund. I don't have to cut those people out of my life to make room for you because the room is there for you. You are already in it.

Laura: You sound like a "Dear Aggie" column.

Brooke: Laura -- honey, my world revolved around you when you were sick, okay? I lost sight of everything and everybody outside of your health.

Laura: I was dying. You're supposed to put a dying child first.

Brooke: First. Yeah, but that means that there's a second and maybe even a third, but that was not true for me, okay? Nothing else mattered. I lost all objectivity, Laura, and I am to blame as much as Leo because I wanted you to be the shoo-in choice for him. Anything -- anything to make sure that you had the will to live and that you were going to be happy in that life.

Laura: Where's the crime in that?

Brooke: Because I cheated you of true love.

Laura: But I wanted Leo.

Brooke: We don't always get what we want. And my trying to give you everything that you wanted, I didn't give you the help that you needed.

Laura: Which was what, having me institutionalized?

Brooke: Laura, blinding myself to your mistakes also made me lose sight of my own life. But I found my way back to Edmund, and I love him, and I want to have a future with him.

Laura: Okay. So you've made your choice. Why are you beating me up?

Brooke: Oh, because don't you know that love means that you share? I mean, like, God, haven't I taught you anything? I will love you as long as I live and beyond. And it doesn't matter what either of us do, ever. You will always be my daughter. You will never lose me, and you have to trust me, Laura. You have to trust me.

Laura: I canít.

Brooke: Yes, you can.

Laura: No. You all say that, but it doesn't last. My first mom left me, and Leo left me, and I can't handle it again. I canít.

Simone: Thank God. We've got to stop Hayley before she accuses Chris Stamp and half this town of being Proteus.

Edmund: Meet me in the car.

Simone: I'll be there in two minutes. Hey, baby. Where have you been? I've been so worried.

Mateo: You're acting like a wife. That's not your job.

Edmund: Ahem -- speaking of wives, your soon-to-be-ex is at the courthouse. She's ready to do some major damage.

Chris: Your Honor, the prosecution is digging for tabloid headlines, not facts.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Both of you, approach now. Gentlemen, I'll tell you, you're both starting to try my patience.

Chris: Your Honor, Ms. Kane's supposed sins as a mother are irrelevant --

Jack: It speaks of the defendant's character, for Peteís sakes, Stamp.

Chris: This character assassination is not testimony.

Judge: Gentlemen, just calm down. Continue this bickering, and I'll hold both of you in contempt of court. Mr. Montgomery, make your point with Ms. Hart. Let's proceed, gentlemen.

Jack: Yes, Judge.

Erica: Chris, why did you object? I mean, Jack was doing your work for you.

Chris: Because he knew that I would damage her credibility on cross. He's about to spin it against us.

Jack: Ms. Hart, you testified to this court that your mother called to enlist your aid. Is that correct?

Kendall: Yes. She wanted me to help her jump bail to escape prosecution.

Jack: So you and your mother have kept in touch all these years despite your animosity toward her?

Kendall: I haven't heard a word from her since I left Pine Valley in 1995.

Jack: So I guess it's safe to say that you would be surprised by this telephone call?

Kendall: I was floored. The woman who hates my guts, who treats me like dirt, calls me out of the blue begging for my help? Amazing.

Jack: Would you please relate to this court the content of this conversation to the best of your recollection?

Kendall: Erica calls me and tells me that she's charged with murdering this girl Frankie. She says that she needs help to escape the country because she can't make arrangements herself. So she needed me to help her set up the private jet, obtain the fake passport, set up the slush fund, the whole nine yards.

Jack: Now, Ms. Hart, at any point did your mother tell you why she wanted you in particular to help her with this?

Kendall: She thought she was so brilliant. She said no one would ever believe she'd choose me. Her every move was being monitored. She couldn't ask any of her friends. But the daughter who despises her -- Mother laughed about that, what a genius she thought she was.

Chris: Objection, Your Honor. There is no way to substantiate one word of this.

Jack: Ms. Hart is relating a conversation she had with her mother. That is not hearsay in any way, shape, or form.

Judge: Objection overruled.

Jack: Ms. Hart, what was your reaction when your mother requested that you become her accomplice in this escape plan?

Kendall: Well, I didn't say no -- not right off. I mean, I was sort of flattered. Mother needed me -- this was a first. She made me feel wanted. She really sucked me in. But that only lasted till the big payoff.

Jack: Ms. Hart, would you please identify this for the court.

Kendall: That's the check I received for $50,000 made out to cash.

Jack: And the signature on the bottom?

Kendall: "Erica Kane."

[Gallery reacts]

Vanessa: You know, Ericaís victim is my poor, sweet, little niece, Mary Frances. But then you know today all anyone seems to care about is celebrity.

Edmund: Delivered as promised.

Mateo: Why'd you drag me down here?

Hayley: My lawyer's late.

Mateo: He's late? Listen, if I came down here for nothing, I swear to God --

Hayley: If you lay one hand on me, so help me God --

Mateo: Oh, please. I wouldn't dirty my hands with you.

Hayley: I want to have the divorce. I want a divorce, and I'm going to take everything you have -- the business. I'm going to take the condo and all -- everything. All our money. You can kiss your assets good-bye, you and your little whore.


Brooke: Laura, we're all afraid of being alone.

Laura: You? You have everything. You have this house, your career, your family. Everyone loves you. You've got it all.

Brooke: I love my life -- the one that you see now. But when that drunk driver hit my little girl, he nearly killed me, too. I wanted to be dead. I wanted to be with her. And that defined every relationship that I had since. I mean, how could I trust that Edmundís love would last if I gave myself to him? How could I not think that maybe I would lose him?

Laura: So you get what I'm talking about?

Brooke: Sure, Honey. You know, so, I mean, instead of committing, I ran away. And Edmund moved on, and he found Maria, and he fell happily in love and -- and I was hurt. And so I -- I just hid my heart away.

Laura: No one's ever going to hurt me again.

Brooke: Driving love away is not going to stop what's going to happen, okay? My darling, you've been given a second chance in life, and you have to be happy, and you have to trust that love is going to come your way.

Laura: I screwed my life up.

Brooke: Ooh -- just a little bit. You know what? Most of us do at some point or another. You are worthy of being loved, and you don't have to test that every five minutes, okay? Because life throws enough interferences in our way. You don't have to add to them. Believe me.

[Gallery murmurs]

Jack: Your Honor, the people wish to enter this check as evidence.

Erica: Chris, object. Do something.

Chris: Did you sign that check?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order!

Chris: Your Honor, I would like to request a short recess --

Jack: Your Honor, I have but just a few questions left for this witness.

Judge: Very well. Let's continue. The check will be entered into evidence as people's exhibit number 27. Continue, Mr. Montgomery.

Jack: Thank you, Judge. Now, Ms. Hart, you -- you didn't reject Ms. Kane's plan originally, did you?

Kendall: No, not until she gave me the check. Her begging and fawning was just window-dressing. It was a business transaction. She wanted to use me and then pay me to remain silent.

Jack: So, what was the problem? The check wasn't large enough?

Kendall: It could've been for five million, I still would've called your office. Why should she get away with this? Because she's gorgeous and famous and rich?

Jack: That's all, Ms. Hart. Oh, you know, actually, there is one more thing. Could you tell us when that phone call was made?

Kendall: Um -- I can't recall the exact date.

Jack: Well, just give us a ballpark idea, just so we have it in context.

Kendall: Okay, that's easy. It was about a month ago, before her pathetic self-defense confession.

Jack: So, in other words, fleeing justice was part of Ms. Kane's plan from the very beginning?

[Gallery murmurs]

Edmund: You guys won't be arrested for disturbing the peace in here. You can talk. The place is not bugged.

Mateo: This feels so good.

Hayley: I was so afraid that I lost you. I was so frightened. I was afraid --

Mateo: I -- listen, we made a mistake. Skimming the profits off Proteus did not force his hand.

Hayley: You still don't know who he is?

Mateo: No, and I managed to get myself in much deeper.

Edmund: Where did he take you?

Hayley: So he did take you somewhere?

Mateo: Yeah. Some abandoned warehouse owned by Enchantment.

Hayley: Where does that lead us?

Mateo: Chris Stamp and Roger Smythe both had access to the data and inner workings of Enchantment.

Edmund: So they'd know about the warehouse. They could've used it.

Hayley: I just -- I want to take a moment and just -- I'm so thankful that you're -- you're okay. Thank you, God.

Edmund: That's the part I don't get. They abduct you. Why release you?

Hayley: Uh -- scare tactic?

Mateo: Proteus spared my life on the condition that I took someone else's.

Hayley: What do you mean?

Mateo: He said I could live if I killed for him.

Hayley: You -- you're not serious?

Edmund: You agreed?

Mateo: I had to.

Hayley: Mateo, you --

Mateo: I had to. If I didn't, I wouldn't be here right now. Hayley, I got to go along with this.

Chris: Objection, Your Honor. The D.A.'s making a closing speech. "Part of Ms. Kane's plan" is inflammatory, and I demand that it be stricken from the record!

Jack: I was merely trying to establish a time line for Ms. Hart's involvement.

Chris: Bull!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: You overstepped, Mr. Montgomery, and you know it. The jury will disregard Mr. Montgomery's last comment. It'll be stricken from the record.

Chris: Thank you, Your Honor.

Bianca: That is not true!

Kendall: It is, Bianca. Erica was determined to get away with this murder.

Erica: She needs me. Chris --

Chris: Yes, and what you need right now is a miracle. Kendall just convinced this entire court that you committed murder.

Laura: When I was in the hospital, feeling so dead --

Brooke: Oh, honey, you don't have to think about that anymore.

Laura: I was just listening to the machines. And I thought as long as I heard a beeping and saw the fluids moving through the tubes that I was still alive. But I kept expecting it to stop.

Brooke: But it didn't, and you're alive and you're strong.

Laura: And it was like a miracle, but it felt like a trick. Why should I get somebody else's heart? And once I did, I wanted everything it wants in case it didn't last.

Brooke: And that everything that you wanted was Leo.

Laura: Leo. Happiness. I wanted to beat Greenlee. I wanted to win. And if anybody got in my way or got hurt, tough. After everything I'd been through, the hurt would make them stronger, and if it didn't, I didn't care.

Brooke: Do you care now?

Laura: I want to. I want what you wish for me. I want to be not so afraid and jealous and angry. I want the kind of love you think I can have.

Brooke: Then you will have it. And I will help make sure that you do.

Laura: There's something I have to do first, something I have to do alone.

Greenlee: There's nothing visually interesting. There's no ductwork. There's no iron stairs. Hmm -- forget shooting here.

Leo: Well, unless you got homicide on the mind.

Greenlee: After Mateoís weirdness, don't even joke.

Leo: Yeah, that creeped me out, too.

Greenlee: Leo, you really should be home resting. I mean, after this guy mugged you and Mateo nearly cracking your skull --

Leo: I'm fine. Okay? I'm fine. And I'd prove to you just how fine I was if you didn't have that no nookie workplace idea -- or --

Greenlee: I know what you mean.

[Greenlee giggles]

Greenlee: I'll be off work soon. And I can show you some places where that rule doesn't apply.

Leo: I hope it's someplace real nearby.

[Phone rings]

Leo: Must be the --

Greenlee: Oh!

Leo: Love police.


Leo: Hello.

Laura: Leo? It's me.

Leo: Laura -- look, I don't think that we should be in touch, so I'm just going to go ahead --

Laura: Wait, Leo. I want to see you.

Leo: Well, if I didn't think that talking was a good idea, why the hell would you think I'd want to get together with you?

Laura: Come on, Leo. I won't take up much of your time. Just come to my mom's place. Leo, if we're going to move on, we need to settle things.

Leo: Okay. All right, I'll -- I'll meet you at Brookeís. I'll see you in a few. I take it that's okay with you?

Greenlee: Sure. Because you won't go see your ex alone.

Hayley: You can't be serious.

Edmund: Did Proteus say who you're supposed to hit?

Hayley: What does it matter who? A life is a life. You cannot go through with this, Mateo.

Mateo: Of course I canít. But I got to make Proteus think that I would. It's the only chance we have of landing him.

Edmund: Okay. Whoever is Proteus' target must be his enemy.

Mateo: Or someone who really screwed up.

Hayley: I'm taking this.

Mateo: We're way past that.

Hayley: We're out of this.

Mateo: Listen. He made it very clear that I'm expendable. Now, I've got to find out who the intended hit is and make contact. It's the only chance I have.

Edmund: We'd better split before somebody gets wise.

Hayley: Please, I need one minute alone with Mateo. Please.

Edmund: Make it brief. Good luck with the divorce.

Judge: And, further, the jury will disregard Ms. Montgomery's outburst and Ms. Hart's remark. Ms. Hart, you may step down.

Judge: This court is adjourned until 10:00, at which time, Mr. Stamp, you'll have an opportunity to cross-examine the witness.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Kendall: The best laid plans, huh, Mother? You're finally going to lose for once.

Bailiff: Time to go, Ms. Kane.

Chris: Could I have a few minutes alone with my client, please?

Bailiff: We can do that.

Chris: Thank you. That bailiff just gave you the biggest break you're going to get in this court.

Erica: Don't look at me like that, Chris.

Chris: Erica, you're not a stupid woman. Why did you withhold all of this? You -- you called Kendall?

Erica: I --

Chris: Yes or no?

Erica: Yes.

Chris: You signed the check -- yes or no?

Erica: Yes.

Chris: Oh, boy. Why -- why didn't you warn me? At least I could've done some damage control, but now --

Erica: You'll think of something.

Chris: Like what? Switch your defense to insanity? Because that they would believe. No sane woman would sabotage her own case the way you have!

Erica: Look, Chris, I thought that I had Kendall cowed. I thought that she would be too afraid to come out against me.

Chris: You -- you intimidated her?

Erica: I suggested to her that she would be foolish indeed to try to use that transaction against me, but she is just only interested in this childish revenge.

Chris: So it's true? All of it's true? You tried to draft your daughter into helping you escape prosecution?

Erica: Did you expect me to willingly go to prison?

Chris: So it wasn't self-defense?

Chris: Get her out of here.

Bailiff: Ms. Kane.

Laura: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Laura.

Laura: I should've guessed you'd tag along.

Laura: What're you looking for?

Greenlee: Oh, trap door, buzz saw that'll come out of the floor when we least expect it -- that sort of thing.

Laura: Hate to disappoint you, but I just wanted to make peace with Leo. I'm sorry for every horrible thing I've done to you. I want us to be friends.

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: That's the craziest thing you've ever said -- and that's saying a lot. Pathetic strategy, Laura. As if we'd be dumb enough to let our guards down based on that lame apology.

Laura: You're so predictable, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Like your opinions matter to me.

Laura: You know, of all the mistakes I've made, I think stooping to Greenlee's level was probably the lowest -- and the costliest.

Greenlee: Oh. So this is about money? You're hoping that we'll give you some kind of settlement to set Leo free?

Laura: I meant my lies and cheating and what it did to me as a person. Here.

Greenlee: So?

Laura: I have to sign this to continue the lawsuit against you.

Leo: Do you mind if I talk now? So?

Greenlee: Oh, like there's only one copy. Please. I've done the old paper switch myself.

Laura: Well, you can check and make sure it's the original. Or call my attorney. He'll tell you it's over. Proving you wrong still makes me all warm and fuzzy, Greenlee.

Mateo: All right, look. We'll give it a deadline.

Hayley: I don't like that word.

Mateo: All right, a completion date -- February 14.

Hayley: Valentine's Day?

Mateo: I promise by then -- or before then -- I'll know who Proteus is, okay? Then you, me, and Lorenzo can go back to the life we had. I promise.

Leo: Is this on the level?

Greenlee: It is the original, Leo.

Laura: I didn't expect either of you to believe me, but when the divorce goes through uncontested and the lawsuit stops, I think it'll sink in.

Leo: Thanks -- assuming it's true.

Laura: Can I speak with Leo alone, privately?

Leo: Yeah. Yeah, it's okay.

Laura: You can't trust me, and I hate that it's my fault, but thank you for coming by to say good-bye.

Leo: Well, we'll still see each other around.

Laura: Yeah, maybe someday.

Leo: I don't get it.

Laura: I'm leaving town. I'm taking control of my life.

Leo: Well, that's -- that's a great idea, Laura, but you can't just leave your mom and everyone else behind.

Laura: Well, my mom read about this place for people whose lives have changed because of medical conditions -- to help them make sense of it.

Leo: But you'll be back?

Laura: Yeah, every so often, to visit my family.

Leo: So this is really good-bye?

Laura: What a relief, huh?

Leo: I hope you find what you're looking for, Laura. I really do.

Laura: That's the nicest thing you could've said to me. Brace yourself, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Ah, you ready to come clean, tell me what's really going on here?

Laura: I'm leaving. I'm moving away.

Greenlee: Well, good luck.

Leo: Sounds like you're making some really great changes.

Laura: Well, some things will always stay the same -- like I'll always hate the sight of your face, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh! You want to sling mud? Is that what you want to do?

Leo: Okay, time to go. Time to go.

Laura: Good luck with Greenlee, Leo.

Leo: Okay. Bye-bye.

Laura: Good-bye.

Leo: Hey --

Edmund: Greenlee, Leo -- what's going on?

Leo: Uh -- amazing stuff. See you.

Edmund: Well, the two of you are still standing. That's a good sign.

Laura: Edmund, I want to apologize. I've been nasty to you, and it's only because I've been thinking of myself. You make my mom happy, and nothing else matters.

Edmund: What did I miss?

Laura: Mom will fill you in.

Edmund: Who was that?

Brooke: Laura realizes that she has a lot of work to do.

Edmund: Work?

Brooke: To be the person that she wants to be. And she can't accomplish that here, so she's saying good-bye.

Greenlee: We're free, Leo -- free! She's as good as gone. We're going to have a stellar -- Leo, what's wrong? Are you -- Leo?

Leo: I'm okay. It's nothing.

Greenlee: It's what that mugger did to you -- I made it worse. I'm sorry.

Leo: It's just a stitch in my side, okay? We're charmed. We're the perfect couple with the perfect life.

Greenlee: Finally.

Kendall: There comes a time in everyone's life when a choice must be made to do the easy thing or to do the right thing. My mother gave me 50,000 reasons to become her accomplice, but in the end my conscience prevailed. I had to bring her to justice.

Reporter: One more question, Ms. Hart.

Myrtle: If there was any real justice, that piece of work would be struck by lightning. How's Erica?

Chris: Impossible. I'm going to go talk to her anyway.

Reporter: Looking good, Ms. Hart.

Kendall: Thank you.

Reporter: How do you think Erica Kane's feeling right now?

Kendall: Well, I'd like to think that, with the truth out, the horror of her crime is finally sinking in. But, you know, no matter what she's thinking or feeling, she deserves every bit of her suffering. After all, she did bring it on herself.

Erica: I knew I could count on you, Kendall.

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Leo: I need Jake.

Jake: You stick with Hayward, you're going to regret it.

Kendall: You don't want to be the one to put the noose around Ericaís neck. Let me do the honors.

Erica: I love you.

Chris: Bull! You set me up.

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