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All My Children Transcript Thursday 12/27/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Anna: If it takes me forever, I'm going to find out what you're up to.

David: If you cross me, Anna, you become my enemy.

Vanessa: Make love to me, Larry.

Larry: Yes, ma'am.

Leo: I don't think that it was an accident that we saw each other at the Christmas tree lot at the same time.

Greenlee: Me, neither.

Mateo: Proteus is on the edge; he's making mistakes. I say we push it.

Edmund: What are you going to do?

Leo: My leg's asleep.

Greenlee: Maybe I can help.

Leo: That feels good. Now, what about my leg?

Greenlee: Oh, here we are again.

Leo: Exactly where we should be.

Greenlee: I could stay like this forever.

Leo: And we're going to.

Greenlee: Except we need to take a break.

Leo: Not on my account, we don't.

Greenlee: The Crystal Ball is tonight. We got to make an appearance.

Leo: Oh, no, not this year, Greenlee. Come on.

Greenlee: But I should go there for my job's sake.

Leo: I don't want to.

Greenlee: But don't you want to go and show off?

Leo: Have you forgot I'm still married? I'm not divorced yet. What do you think it would look like if we both showed up there together?

Greenlee: That's not the reason you don't want to go.

Leo: Why else?

Greenlee: Do I have to say it? You're afraid we'll run into Jake.

Anna: You just threatened me? Okay, so, obviously, I must be closing in on what you are up to.

David: You know something? You always give me this impression that it's personal between us, but actually you're just spying, right?

Anna: Oh, it is personal. It's personal between us.

David: I am being as honest as I know how to be.

Anna: Okay, so I'm only allowed in so far. Is that it?

David: Well, that's as good as it's going to get.

Anna: That's not good enough.

David: All right, well, that's too bad, you know, and I don't have time for this.

Anna: Why? Why? You have some other lovesick female who's trying to burrow her way into your heart? Is that it?

David: I'm warning you, Anna. Don't push me.

Anna: Because you'll push back. Oh, I understand.

Mateo: Edmund, you got to back off. I'm telling you, you know more than you should already.

Edmund: You're trying to do too much.

Mateo: I have no other choice. The threats from Proteus, they won't stop.

Edmund: I understand. Just -- you don't have to take it all on your shoulders.

Mateo: You don't understand. My family's life is on the line. Do you realize I had to smuggle my kid into town so my wife could spend Christmas with him?

Edmund: We've got a plan in place, all right? Just hang in there one day, one day to see if it works.

Mateo: I canít. Every day I wait, I'm putting the people I love in more -- they're more at risk. I can't do it.

Edmund: Mateo, Mateo. Proteus -- if he -- that computer disk -- just let him access it, all right? As soon as he does that, the feds have him. Electronic fingerprints. Let the feds do it.

Mateo: I don't -- I don't trust them. I got to do this myself.

Edmund: How?

Mateo: By using myself as bait.

Edmund: You thinking of your family now? You thinking of your family? What is Hayley going to think about this, huh?

Hayley: Actually, Edmund, it was my idea.

Brooke: That's cute. Hey.

Stella: Hey. Mr. Grey would like you to taste the wine before it's served.

Brooke: Oh. He does?

Stella: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Oh. Well, I'm honored.

Jamie: Can I help?

Brooke: In your dreams. Oh, it's going to be lovely. Thank you, Stella.

Stella: Thank you.

Brooke: So I guess we're all ready for the guests to arrive, yes?

Jamie: You think so, huh?

Brooke: What? Oh, my -- oh. You know what? Maybe I shouldn't have agreed to do this.

Jamie: Are you kidding? Edmund couldn't have a better date tonight.

Brooke: You really like him, don't you?

Jamie: Yeah. Because you like him.

Brooke: Palmer.

Palmer: Mm-hmm?

Brooke: You look gorgeous.

Palmer: Well, thank you. I feel, well, just a little overdressed.

Brooke: Oh, you know what? Excuse me; I'm going to remedy that.

Palmer: Okay.

Opal: Hello there!

Brooke: Hello there, Sweetie. You're a vision in pinkness.

Opal: Oh, well, thank you.

Brooke: You're welcome.

Palmer: Dear God. Making a fool of herself and the evening's hardly begun.

[Stella gasps]

Palmer: Oh!

Stella: Oh, Mr. Cortlandt, I'm so sorry! How could I be so clumsy?

Palmer: No, no, it's quite all right. Forget about it. Oh, I have --

Stella: Oh, my God.

Palmer: I have plenty of time to go home and change.

Opal: Or you could send your wife, but -- oh, wait. She isn't here, is she? Have you been stood up, Palmer? I mean, I thought she was so devoted to you.

Larry: You're sure we're safe here, right?

Vanessa: We're safe here. He won't be back for hours. Whoo. Now, shut up and earn your salary.

Greenlee: The only reason I want to go to the Crystal Ball is for my career. Erica won't be there, obviously. After I do a little networking, then all the movers and shakers there will make the connection -- Greenlee-Enchantment, Enchantment-Greenlee. That's all.

Leo: Why would you even mention Jake?

Greenlee: Because I know you've been thinking about him.

Leo: No, I havenít. Have you?

Greenlee: Only that you've been thinking about him.

Leo: I've been thinking that you've been thinking about him.

Greenlee: You see? I was right.

Leo: About -- what the hell are we talking about?

Greenlee: Look, I know it's hard for you to forget what happened in the elevator when Jake said that he --

Leo: Greenlee, it was a Christmas gift how we got back together. Why do we want to ruin it with all this stupid talk?

Greenlee: Right. Absolutely. We won't go anywhere. You're so right. We are fine right here.

Leo: I just -- I don't want to talk about Jake.

Greenlee: We don't have to. There's no reason in the world for you to worry about him.

Leo: I'm not -- I'm not worried. I never said that!

Greenlee: All right, it doesn't matter.

Leo: You just can't let this go, can you?

Greenlee: I did let it go. I dropped the subject.

Leo: No, you didn't.

Greenlee: Well, then let's just drop it right now.

Leo: As far as I'm concerned, it's dropped.

Greenlee: Do you really want to pretend it never happened? I mean, Jake said that he was in love with me right in front of you, and now you're afraid that --

Leo: I'm not afraid. And I'm not worried.

Greenlee: Well, you shouldn't be because he took it back.

Leo: He what?

Greenlee: He came to my office and he took back what he said.

Leo: When?

Greenlee: What?

Leo: When did he take it back?

Greenlee: I don't know.

Leo: Did -- did you get back with me before or after Jake said he didn't love you?

Greenlee: I -- it's the right decision, and that's the only thing that matters, isn't it?

Leo: No, it's not the only thing that matters.

Greenlee: Before or after -- who cares, Leo? We belong together. We should've realized that a long time ago.

Leo: So it was after.

Greenlee: Okay, now, who's trying to mess this up with all the talk, huh?

Leo: I don't want to mess this up, okay?

Greenlee: Aren't we the happiest we've been in, like, forever? Right here, just the two of us? And there's always going to be other people saying things and wanting things and taking things back. We can't let those people get between us.

Leo: No, we can't.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Leo: Greenlee, I don't care whether or not Jake loves you. I never cared about that. What I want to know is if you're in love with him.

Edmund: I am not hearing this. Who came up with this plan?

Hayley: We're in on this together.

Mateo: We -- we have a pretty good line on what makes Proteus tick. Our plan is to make him good and mad.

Edmund: Oh, well, that part ought to be a real success. You're going to rip off a drug lord's drug profits? How much?

Mateo: 10, 15 grand.

Hayley: It's not the loss of money that makes him crazy. It's the loss of control.

Mateo: He thinks I'm scared of him. That's what gets him off.

Edmund: You should be scared of him. Proteus kills people. You think he's not going to kill you?

Anna: Oh, I thought we finished our conversation. Was there something else?

David: All right. Maybe I overreacted.

Anna: Well, you just called me your enemy and made a veiled threat to my life, so, yeah, I guess you did.

David: I suppose it's in your nature to spy.

Anna: Because I'm a woman?

David: No. Because you are a spy.

Anna: Ah, right.

David: You did come after me with one goal, Anna, and that was to bring me down.

Anna: No, no. My goal is to bring Proteus down.

David: And I made it very clear that I am not Proteus.

Anna: Have you? Have you? I mean, I -- I don't actually remember you denying it.

David: And what good would that do, hmm? Would it stop you from believing what you want to believe?

Anna: I don't believe you're Proteus.

David: Then why do you keep after me if I'm not what you want?

Anna: Did I say that? I keep after you, David, because I can't help myself. And because you're hiding something.

David: I'll never give you what you want.

Anna: No, I think you will, in time. And I don't mind waiting.

David: It is important that you know this, Anna.

Anna: Mm-hmm?

David: This is not a game.

Anna: Oh, I'm aware of that. I am.

David: Good. And I know that you need me to trust you, but I canít. Yet I need you to trust me.

Anna: And I canít. So we're at a standoff, right?

David: It doesn't have to be that way. You could leave right now. Walk away.

Anna: Oh, come on, you know me better than that. For whatever reason, I am no more capable of walking away than you are. But that doesn't mean we can't continue to have fun. But listen, there is something that I want you to believe -- and, no, I am not the enemy.

David: Do you have any plans tonight?

Anna: Yeah, a good book.

David: Well, they're having the Crystal Ball this evening at Weirdwind.

Anna: Oh, my goodness. You got one of these?

David: Yeah. That surprised me, too.

Anna: I didn't get one.

David: Hmm. Well, I'm sorry to hear that. So, would you like to go with me?

Anna: Are you asking?

David: You know something? Yes, I am. I know it's short notice, but the boutique is open in the lobby. So you can go off and pick yourself out a nice dress if you want.

Anna: Oh, please. Come on, what kind of a spy would I be if I couldn't be ready for a ball at a moment's notice? You knock on my door in half an hour. I'll be ready.

Mateo: You're right. When he finds out that I've stolen from him, he'll want to kill me.

Edmund: So, what are you going to do? Beat him to it?

Mateo: I'll be ready for him. I know a lot more about Proteus than he thinks, and when he comes after me I'll know a lot more. And like you said, the computer program -- you know, we'll have that up and running now, so we can trace it back to him and --

Edmund: It's a great plan. What if it doesn't work? You think you're the only person that's tried to nail this guy? What if he's one step ahead of you?

Mateo: What if he isn't?

Edmund: Are you ready to lose him?

Mateo: We have no other choice. I'm not going to live my life like this anymore.

Edmund: Fine. And I understand why you want to move now. But, please, I'm asking you to wait and really consider what you're doing here.

Mateo: I have considered, I've weighed my options, and I can't wait. I -- I can't wait for Proteus to get wise to me.

Edmund: What makes you think you're just going to deal with Proteus? I mean, do you think you're going to get close to this guy? He has other people do his dirty work for him, Mateo.

Mateo: It's between Proteus and me this time.

Edmund: I got to change, get back to the ball.

Mateo: Edmund?

Edmund: Yeah?

Mateo: Just so you know, when we get back there, Hayley and I aren't going to be speaking to each other. You know, we -- we hate each other, so --

Hayley: He's right, you know.

Mateo: Of course he is.

Hayley: But you'll go through with it anyway, won't you?

Mateo: We can't live like this anymore.

Hayley: I know that. You'd better get back. You've been gone too long anyway. Your date's going to start to worry.

Mateo: I wish I was with you. I'll tell you what -- when I see you from the other side of the room, I'll itch my nose, and that means I'm thinking about you, okay? And then you do it to me. Yeah. Just like that.

Leo: Do you think it's a hard question?

Greenlee: No. Of course not. It's just, after all that's happened, I --

Leo: Are you in love with the guy, Greenlee? It's a pretty definite question.

Greenlee: I -- I just want to be clear about what I feel for Jake.

Leo: Look, I know that you're fond of the guy, Greenlee, and I know that you're grateful to him and I know that you'd feel real sorry for him if he fell in a manhole, but that wasn't the question.

Greenlee: Leo, you have no idea how horrible it was when you were married to Laura. Being told constantly by you that we would never, ever be together again. I made life hell for Jake, but he was really there for me.

Leo: Yeah, the guy's a prince.

Greenlee: You want me to tell you that Jake doesn't mean anything to me, and I can't do that.

Leo: No, I want you to be honest with me, Greenlee. I know that he was a strong shoulder for you to lean on and I know -- I just want to know if your friendship turned into something else, that's all. I want to know that you're mine and only mine. I don't want to wait for the shoe to drop.

Greenlee: Well, you don't have to.

Leo: Then why won't you answer the question?

Greenlee: I will.

Leo: Then answer it.

Greenlee: No. That's my answer -- no.

Leo: Why didn't you say that in the first place?

Greenlee: Because we always do things this way, the hard way. The way that'll cause the most trouble and heartache.

Leo: Let's not do that anymore.

Greenlee: Okay. A person can only be in love with one person, right? And that person is you. I love you, Leo, and only you.

Vanessa: I do love it when you do that.

[Vanessa laughs]

[Door opens]

Vanessa: David? David, calm down.

David: Put this on.

Vanessa: Stop it, stop it!

David: And you --

Larry: Hey, hey, wait a minute --

Vanessa: Wait a minute, wait a minute. He's not the one you want to hit, David!

David: Oh, that's all right. Heíll do. Now, get your stuff and get out! What the hell is the matter with you? What are you doing here?

Vanessa: David, I am truly, truly, truly sorry, darling. I'm -- I didn't think you'd be back for hours.

David: Yeah, so, what, you decided to use my room? My bed? Ugh! What, is there any line that you won't cross?

Vanessa: Please, just forgive me, David. Forgive me, honestly.

David: My God, just take your stuff; just get out of my room!

Vanessa: Darling, don't condemn me. I'm your mother, yes, but I am a woman, too!

David: Oh, no, no. Please, please don't give me that I-have-needs speech, all right, because I'll get sick.

Vanessa: All right. There's -- there's really nothing I can say for myself, is there? You know, Palmerís good to me. He tries. He does, Darling. It's just that I happen to be weak. I'm weak and I do not mean to hurt people.

David: I don't care, Mother. I don't care, okay? What, you think I'm morally outraged here? I don't care how you decide to live your sick life. All I ask, all I ever ask is that you leave me out of it!

Vanessa: I have!

David: What? What? Did I not just walk in on you with your chauffeur having a little fling in my bed? Ugh!

Vanessa: All right, it was a shock, Darling. But, really, no matter what went through your head, this has nothing to do with my love for you.

David: Oh, please. Your love? You're kidding me, right? Look, whatever your warped agenda is, I would never mistake it for love, Mother. All right? How were you trying to use me this time?

Vanessa: Oh, how dare you judge me.

David: Oh, isn't that interesting? No more tears? You couldn't even keep up the pretense of being ashamed.

Vanessa: I should be ashamed? You should look into your own ugly heart before you cast the first stone, David!

David: Forget it, Mother, okay? There's nothing you could say to hurt me. Just take it.

Vanessa: Really, Darling? Well, don't be too sure. Because I know what you're up to, David. That lovely little cabin up the mountain, you know. You worked so hard to create a secret little world for yourself, and I could bring it all down, crashing around your ungrateful head.

David: You don't know what you're talking about.

Vanessa: No. I'm an idle housewife who has a curious nature and a great interest in her sons' lives. So who better in the world would know who you are, David, but your mother? And I do. I know who you are.

Leo: Now that I know you love me and only me, I'm starting to get my appetite back.

Greenlee: Oh, I've got lots of menus. Unless you meant something else.

Leo: Uh -- now I can't remember what I meant. Oh, yeah, that's right. I meant the stomach thing.

Greenlee: Okay, okay. What are you in the mood for? Indian? Tex-Mex?

Leo: How about aristocratic pate?

Greenlee: I don't think I have that take-out menu.

Leo: I'm talking about the Crystal Ball, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Really?

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: You don't mind?

Leo: Nah. Let's go show off.

Greenlee: Ah! Wonderful! I have this drop-dead gown. It's -- but you know what? You might be right. Maybe it's in bad taste to show up since you're still married.

Leo: Yeah -- Brooke probably wouldn't be too thrilled, huh?

Greenlee: And it might do more harm than good for me, Enchantment-wise.

Leo: And knowing us, we're probably going to cause a scene, and then, of course, you'll blame me.

Greenlee: Blame you?

Leo: Yeah, I'm sure you'll find something.

Greenlee: You're the one with the extraneous wife.

Leo: And you're the one who can't go to a public function without causing a major flooding, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You're going to throw that in my face?

Leo: Look, is that gorgeous gown of yours going to be trimmed with gorilla fur, by chance?

Greenlee: Whose fault was it that drove me to do that?

Leo: Come on, whose fault -- what the -- what are we doing?

Greenlee: That unsmart thing again.

Leo: It's like we're looking for trouble.

Greenlee: Why do we keep doing that?

Leo: I don't know, but let's not.

Greenlee: We threw away the lists.

Leo: We decided to ignore all of our faults, so --

Greenlee: It's a big job.

Leo: Hey, we can do it.

Greenlee: And we want to. We just have to remember what it feels like to be like this.

Leo: I like being like this. Hey, we can go to Wildwind, or we can stay here. It doesn't matter. We're going to be great either way.

Greenlee: I don't mind being seen with you. You're the most handsome man in town.

Leo: Yeah?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Leo: You're the most beautiful woman and the smartest. And the most versatile.

Greenlee: Well, yeah.

Leo: So, come on. Let's go.

Greenlee: Can I ask you a favor?

Leo: Yeah, sure. What?

Greenlee: I just thought that, you know -- the engagement ring in the elevator?

Leo: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Greenlee: You still have it?

Leo: Um -- check my coat pocket. Now, I want you to wear that in good health.

Greenlee: Hey, you put it on me. No, let's do the whole thing again.

Leo: Again? It's a little anti-climatic, isn't it, Greenlee?

Greenlee: No, not for me, it won't be. Come on. Ask me to marry you.

Leo: You mean, with the whole one-knee thing and everything?

Greenlee: Everything.

Leo: Okay. My darling Greenlee, please --

Greenlee: No, come on! No fooling around. For real. Come on, for real.

Leo: I love you. Will you marry me, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Yes, Leo. Yes, I'll marry you.

Leo: Yeah! We're getting married!

Opal: Well, I bet you're excited, huh, to be hearing your old trio tonight?

Hank: Yeah, it'll be great to see them.

Opal: Yeah. I'll bet they'll be wonderful.

Hank: Oh, they are. They sound great.

Opal: Ooh, thank you. You know, I have a little confession to make. I -- I went over to the mall and I got a couple of your old CDs, and then I just raced home and put them on so I could hear them.

Hank: I'm flattered. What'd you think?

Opal: Oh, what did I think? They were -- well, you -- you were just -- just great. I mean, your voice is so beautiful. You put so much meaning, so much feeling into all the words.

Hank: Thanks.

Opal: Yeah, I mean, I'm just going to say this really quick before I chicken out because I know it's not my place, really. But I -- I think you have a God-given gift and it's going to waste. It's just shameless. I mean, it's practically sinful. All right, I've said enough. I'll -- you don't have to pay any attention at all.

Hank: No, you're not saying anything I haven't thought a million times. The truth is, I've -- well, I've tried to sing. I just can't.

Opal: Well, you mean, literally, you can't --

hank: It just doesn't work. I thought it would pass, but it hasnít. It looks like it's permanent.

Opal: That's tragic. I'm so sorry.

Hank: That's the way it is.

Opal: Oh.

Edmund: Are we having fun yet?

Hank: Oh, we sure are.

Edmund: Uh-oh. Did I miss something?

Opal: Well, actually, yes, you did. You missed the puffed-up Palmer Cortlandt getting a full glass of your prizewinning Merlot poured down the front of his shirt. And Vanessa wasn't here to help him out, so he just had to storm off to take care of himself, didn't he?

Edmund: Did you happen to see where Brooke disappeared to?

Opal: I can't say that I have seen Brooke in -- oh. I think I have seen her.

Hank: Shall we?

Opal: Mm-hmm.

Edmund: What happened to the redhead in the blue jeans?

Brooke: She's trapped in this body, waiting to come out.

Edmund: She's welcome any time, but I got to say you look pretty sensational with what you did with her.

Brooke: Thank you. I think it's going to be a wonderful evening.

Edmund: Yeah.

Brooke: I mean, the Crystal Ball is always wonderful.

Edmund: It's going to be extra special tonight.

Brooke: Don't put any more pressure on me, okay?

Edmund: No, no worries. I've chosen my co-host very well.

Brooke: I just want this to be a wonderful benefit for Maria, for her memory, because her foundation deserves the best.

Edmund: I think she would approve of the work that you've done.

Brooke: Thank you. I needed that.

Edmund: She'd approve of a lot more, I'm sure.

Brooke: Yes? What, the dress?

Edmund: You. You make me very proud.

Simone: Oh. Well, there you are, gorgeous. I missed you.

Mateo: Hi.

Simone: Everything copacetic?

Mateo: Yeah, everything's fine.

Simone: Well, you scared me. I was beginning to think that you and Edmund actually started.

Simone: Well, what did he want?

Mateo: He wanted to warn me and tell me how dangerous this whole thing was.

Simone: As if we didn't know.

Mateo: Yeah. That's the last thing I need. Hi. Why are you here?

Hayley: Ryan's my date for the evening.

Edmund: Maddie, come on.

Simone: Hayley, Ryan. What a surprise. Isn't it, Mat?

Hayley: Ryan, honey, would you do me a favor and get me a club soda? I have the worst taste in my mouth. Can't imagine why.

Ryan: Absolutely. I'll be right back.

Mateo: Can you give it break, all right? Take a five.

Simone: Take a five? I hardly think --

Mateo: Thank you.

Hayley: I'm here to have a good time, Mateo. That means not speaking to you.

Mateo: Why is he here?

Hayley: Who, Ryan? Oh, that's right. You don't like Ryan.

Mateo: Get rid of him.

Hayley: What? He's my date, Mateo, not yours.

Mateo: I had a little run-in with him at the pit.

Hayley: What pit? The roadside bar?

Mateo: Yes. He's, like, waiting in the wings -- you don't understand -- to jump in when we have troubles. We don't need him in our life right now.

Hayley: Mateo, please.

Mateo: You don't understand --

Hayley: Mateo, relax. Calm down.

Mateo: No, no.

Hayley: It's not a big deal.

Mateo: He is way too happy that I dumped you for the hired help.

Simone: "The hired help"? That's nice.

Mateo: Will you let me talk to my wife, please?

Simone: You know what? You can talk all you want, baby. Talk is cheap.

Hayley: Oh, be careful. You're leaving your paw prints all over him.

Simone: Oh, I guess I'm just a girl that enjoys her work.

Mateo: Oh, God.

Ryan: Well, well, what's going on?

Hayley: Your timing couldn't be better.

Ryan: Okay.

Hayley: Excuse us.

Ryan: Ahem. Well, that was a very strange vibe.

Hayley: What happened with you guys at the pit?

Ryan: At the pit? Ahem. Well, you deserve better than Mateo, and I guess I told him so.

Hayley: Oh. Well, listen, thanks, and I appreciate that and everything, but really, don't worry about me. Things aren't as bad as they seem.

Ryan: Well, at least somebody can say that.

Hayley: What's the matter, Ryan?

Ryan: It's a party, it's a party.

Hayley: Please, just tell me. What's the matter? Is it what we were talking about before? Your father? You found out what happened to your father?

Ryan: Well, since then, I found out who killed him.

Hayley: You know who killed your father?

Ryan: Yes, I do. Chris Stamp killed him.

Hayley: What? Chris Stamp killed your father? Why?

Ryan: Because he's a fed. He set him up. He ambushed him.

Hayley: I'm sorry, I'm just trying -- I know that your -- your dad dealt drugs, right? But he wasn't a big-time player, right?

Ryan: No.

Hayley: He was small-time. Why would he kill him?

Ryan: I don't know. I don't know. That's why I don't understand why Chris would go out of his way to do it. I mean, there's so many small-time drug pushers. Why would he go the extra mile?

Hayley: I don't know.

Ryan: Neither do I. But, you know, I have a -- I have a theory.

Hayley: Tell me.

Ryan: What if Chris Stamp put the squeeze on my father? In other words, what if he threatened to hurt him if he didn't cut Stamp in on the drug profits? And then what if my father threatened to expose Stamp? Then Stamp would have to go the extra mile to kill him, right? Hayley, what's the matter? What's wrong?

Vanessa: Oh, well, I'll get out of your hair now, David. So sorry to have inconvenienced you.

David: What do you think you have on me?

Vanessa: Oh, there's that tone of voice again, David. You really should learn to be sweet to your mother. Maybe after today, you will.

David: How do you know about my cabin?

Vanessa: When you were a little boy -- and you were a naughty little boy -- remember, you said, "How did you know"? And I said, "Because I have eyes at the back of my head, Darling." And I still do. Well, I certainly hope muscle boy had the good sense to wait in the car for me. Otherwise, I'm going to have to take a taxi.

David: Tell me what you know.

Vanessa: Or what?


Anna: What happened?

Opal: Oh, you can relax, Vanessa. Palmer went home to change. He doesn't know you've been AWOL.

Vanessa: Well, thank you for the bulletin, Opal, but I have nothing to hide.

Opal: Oh, no?

Vanessa: Ah, here you are, Darling. I've been waiting.

Palmer: Yes.

Opal: Oh, really? Waiting? Waiting where? Out in the parking lot? I mean, you just walked in here this minute.

Vanessa: Oh, no matter. What's important, Darling, is we're here and we are going to have a fantastic evening.

Palmer: We certainly are. My goodness, you look absolutely fabulous.

Vanessa: Oh, do I really? Thank you.

Palmer: Yes, you do.

Vanessa: Thank you, thank you.

["In the Mood" plays]

Vanessa: Oh, the music has started.

Palmer: Uh-huh. You up to the first dance?

Vanessa: Oh, my darling, you read my mind.

Palmer: All right, get your hands off me.

Vanessa: What?

Palmer: Where the devil have you been all evening?

Vanessa: Palmer, I told you I had errands to run for you, Darling. Oh, there's Leo.

Palmer: Wonderful.

Simone: Come on; let's get some champagne.

Vanessa: Oh. Darling, you be confident, whatever, because you're going to be the most enchanting woman here tonight.

Greenlee: Oh, well, one thing's for sure, I sure am the happiest.

Vanessa: Oh, my, oh, my. Is it? Is this an engagement ring? Is it true?

Leo: Yes, it is true, Mother.

Vanessa: Oh --

Leo: Greenlee's agreed to make me the happiest man in the whole, wide world.

Greenlee: Isn't it gorgeous?

Vanessa: Oh --

Greenlee: I can't even count how many carats that is on one hand.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

David: I'm going to take you to the Crystal Ball, and we'll have a great time!

Erica: I am going to be absolutely fabulous.

Chris: It may be the last fun you have for a long time.

Hayley: I think I will have a little champagne.

Palmer: What are we all looking at?

Vanessa: Trouble.

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