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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 12/19/01

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Greenlee: They love me, both of them. Me.

Laura: And I'm the pathetic one?

Greenlee: But I don't need a man.

Laura: That's a joke, right?

Greenlee: No, I don't need Leo or Jake or any man on the planet.

Anna: Am I your girlfriend, David?

David: Would that be a problem?

Tad: I am still part of this family. You can't just vote me off, you know.

Chris: I trust you with my life.

Erica: I trust you with mine.

Stuart: Merry Christmas.

Boy: Merry Christmas to you.

Stuart: Ho-ho. Let Santa help.

J.R.: Uncle Stuart, please stop trying to cheer me up, okay?

Stuart: Why? Because it's working? J.R., you haven't had it easy. But this is the time of year when miracles happen. If you believe that life will get better, it will.

Dixie: Listen to Santa, honey.

Stuart: Dixie!

Dixie: Hi.

Stuart: Merry almost Christmas.

Dixie: Thank you. You, too. Hey, I think there's a little kid over there who's waiting to have his picture taken with old St. Nick.

Stuart: Oh, that's me.

Dixie: Yeah.

Stuart: See you.

Dixie: See you later. So, you know, you haven't given me your wish list yet.

J.R.: I don't want anything, Mom. It's okay.

Dixie: I don't believe that.

J.R.: No, really, there's nothing that I need at all. Oh, what did you bring him here for?

Dixie: I didn't. I didn't. I swear I didn't.

Tad: Hi. I heard you were working the lot this year.

J.R.: Why don't you leave me and Mom alone, okay?

Tad: J.R., how many times do I have to say it? I made a mistake, and I'm sorry. But even if Leslie came back to Pine Valley because of me, she's --

David: Leslie Coulson was here? You brought that lunatic back to town? Who the hell are you trying to get killed, Tad?

Greenlee: "Stop in the name of love." More uptown, less Motown. Oh. "You have the right to remain enchanted."

Leo: So, what's it going to be? Here's your ring. So, are you going to marry me or not?

Greenlee's voice: Tell me what you think of me.

Jake: You really want to know?

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. I really want to know.

Jake's: Well, good, Greenlee, because here it comes. I love you, damn it.

Greenlee: Focus, Greenlee. You've sworn off men. I got to get out of here.

Greenlee: Jake --

Jake: Hey.

Greenlee: I -- I don't have time.

Jake: Make time?

Leo: Can I get you anything?

Bianca: No, no. You know, Leo, when I got up this morning, I got that I had a choice. I could go to Frankie's funeral and just totally lose it, throw myself on her grave, and basically just die along with her.

Leo: Bianca.

Bianca: No, it's okay. Leo, I -- I want to live. I -- I don't want to waste my time crying about everything that's gone wrong. I have my whole life ahead of me. And I can't let anybody stand in my way -- not Frankie, not my mother. Nobody.

Chris: Hold it right there, lady.

Erica: Chris. I thought you were asleep.

Chris: No, after years of stakeouts, you learn to snooze with one eye open. Where you going?

Erica: Just out for a walk.

Chris: No, that's not allowed.

Erica: Chris, please just go back to sleep. Please, you've exhausted yourself taking care of me.

Chris: No, no, no, no. I'm still on duty. Got your car keys in there? Where you lamming off to?

Erica: If you must know, I'm going to see my daughter.

Chris: No, no. Bianca is at Myrtleís.

Erica: I know.

Chris: Well, then you also know, like, that's way out of bounds because it's going to set your ankle bracelet off, and then they're going to haul that cute little tush of yours right back to jail.

Erica: No, I don't care. I have to see my daughter.

Chris: No, no, no, no, no. Not tonight.

Erica: Chris, let go of me.

Chris: Look, I -- I am not going to let them ever put you back in jail again. You understand me?

Erica: And stop looking at me like that. I can't do this anymore. Just have to go. Just have to go away.

Chris: Now, you can see Bianca. You can see her here, or you can see her at Enchantment.

Erica: I can't -- Bianca hates me. Bianca is not going to come see me. I've got to go see her.

Chris: No, look, just give her a chance to chill out, and then, you know, she'll come around in a couple of days.

Erica: You don't know that. You don't know how much Bianca despises me. I don't even know how you understand what I'm going through at all possibly.

Chris: Well, what are you going off on me for? I mean, what did I do? I'm one of the good guys, remember? I mean, at least I was. I told you things that I've never, ever told another living, breathing soul.

Erica: And I wish you hadnít.

Chris: I have no regrets.

Erica: Look at me.

Chris: What, like I could tear my eyes away?

Erica: You're wasting your time with me.

Chris: Says who?

Erica: Says me. You come in here, you confide in me, you -- you spill out your soul to me.

Chris: Sure. That's because I love you.

Erica: You share your secrets with me. And I can't give you anything in return.

Chris: What, are you kidding me? You think I'm into true confessions? I mean, but you gave me the courage. You made me look down inside here where my guts are. You let me run to the end of my reel, and -- and you hit me hard truths. You never flinched, Erica. No woman has cared for me since --

Erica: I can't care for you the way you want me to care for you.

Erica: I'm sorry. That's just the way it is. It's just the way it's got to be.

[Doorbell rings]

Opal: Oh, hi, honey.

Erica: Opal.

Opal: I'm sorry. I left my key in my other pocket and -- um -- maybe I'll just hightail it on up to my room.

Erica: No, don't you go, Opal, because I -- I was just on my way out.

Opal: You going to the office?

Chris: No, she's not. You do me a favor, Opal. You keep an eye on your friend here. Don't let her move. Comprende? Don't move.

Opal: What the Sam Hill is going on with you two?

Erica: I'll tell you, Opal. Chris just opened his heart to me, and I plunged a knife through it.

Bianca: Frankie is dead, and almost nobody showed up for her. How sad was that? And then I realized, do I feel sorry for her or for myself?

Leo: Bianca, you lost somebody that you loved.

Bianca: No. I should be used to it. Leo, when I -- when I love somebody, I become a crash test dummy. I hold my heart out, and I beg them to break it. I did it with Sarah and Laura and Frankie. Somewhere down the line, I got the impression that love had to hurt and hurt bad. How warped is that?

Leo: You're being way too hard on yourself.

Bianca: No. Leo, I'm -- I'm finally cutting myself a break because I finally realized that even though I'm out of rehab and I look okay, I never stopped starving myself. If a relationship came along that felt good and felt healthy, I pushed it away. And I got to stop. No more junk relationships. No more depriving myself.

Leo: From now on, it's life a la mode.

Bianca: You're right. I'm going to take charge of my life. What do you think?

Leo: Well, I think you never wimp out on anything. You really inspire me, Bianca.

Bianca: Thank you. You're my guru, too, Leo. The way you stood up to Laura at your wedding.

Leo: Oh. Bianca, I just couldn't go through with that farce anymore.

Bianca: Yeah, I know, so you didnít. You said no to her, even though it brought a lot of bad stuff down on you.

Leo: And it's still raining down.

Bianca: Laura?

Leo: Greenlee. I finally popped the question.

Bianca: And she pounced on the ring and said yes, right?

Leo: Uh -- no.

Bianca: What happened?

Leo: Jake Martin happened.

Greenlee: What do you want, Jake?

Jake: To clear up what happened yesterday on the elevator.

Greenlee: Forget it. I opt for total amnesia and moving on.

Jake: Well, I can't because I totally trashed you. I mean, the words just started flying out like bullets, and the next thing --

Greenlee: Nothing's wrong with your aim. "Greenlee, your great tragedy is you don't know how to love." Hit the bull's-eye, didn't you, Doc?

Jake: You're right about that. And I had no right to judge you, especially not in front of your fiancť.

Greenlee: Ex-fiancť, twice removed.

Jake: Whatever. I just wanted to come here and apologize.

Greenlee: You're sorry?

Jake: Everything I said yesterday was wrong.

Greenlee: Everything? Even the part when you said you loved me?

Jake: If I could take it all back, I would.

Tad: Why don't you go ruin somebody else's Christmas and leave one.

J.R.: Hey. We are so not your family, okay? Mom kicked you out, remember?

Dixie: You know what, J.R.? Let's not do this here.

David: That's the first I've heard of this. You two have split up?

Tad: Like I said, it's none of your concern.

Anna: Hi. Hi. Is there a problem?

David: Yeah, there is, but it's not mine. Apparently, Tad and Dixie are headed for divorce court. So, what happened, Tad? Three strikes and you're out?

Dixie: David. Look, that's enough. J.R.? Great. Thank you, guys. 'Tis the season, right?

Tad: You pompous ass.

David: Too bad your scheme with Leslie backfired, huh, Tad? Hmm? But, you know, on the bright side, Dixie finally cut you loose. Now, that's cause for rejoicing, huh?

Jesse: Ooh, easy there, Taddy-O. Come on, you lose it with hayward, you're going to blow any slim chance you got of getting Dixie back.

Anna: Why pursue this? Come on. Excuse us. David, you know, it's bad form to ignore the woman you're with because you're fixated on another.

David: What are you talking about?

Anna: We came here to buy a Christmas tree. Or can you only concentrate on one thing?

David: Do you believe that moron, Tad -- bringing Leslie back to town? She could have attacked Dixie again!

Anna: But she didn't. Dixie's fine. And separated. And I'm leaving.

David: Why?

Anna: I don't want to stand in your way.

David: Well, what about the Christmas tree?

Anna: Buy one. Buy one for Dixie. Hang yourselves from it -- I don't care.

Greenlee: I get it, Jake. You said you loved me and I cut both you and Leo off at the knees, so you took back what you said to save major face.

Jake: Well, it's not actually that simple, Greenlee.

Greenlee: We don't do simple, do we, Jake?

Jake: You're right about that. Do you remember the night that I came home to the loft and I found you stumbling around drunk on champagne?

Greenlee: Yeah, the night that Leo and I broke up.

Jake: Yeah. Well, I have to tell you, I don't even know what I was thinking because I should have totally taken myself out of that situation right from the start. I mean, sex without strings and passion without commitment and -- who the heck do we think we were kidding?

Greenlee: You're saying -- you're saying there were strings?

Jake: No, I'm saying -- I'm saying we all used each other. I mean, this has been going on, this whole game of one-upsmanship, and the winner gets what?

Greenlee: Me?

Jake: That's cute. Yeah. Well, you're right about that. You are the prize. And that's why I told you that I loved you -- to just make Leo crazy. And it was a really dumb thing for me to do, and it just goes to show you, you know, how everything just got out of control yesterday. And I'm really sorry that I used you like that.

Greenlee: Okay.

Jake: And please just forget I ever said anything.

Greenlee: Rewind, erase, forgotten.

Jake: Good. Good. You know what? There's one other thing I wanted to mention to you.

Greenlee: Hmm?

Jake: You know how you kind of kicked Leo and I to the can at the same time just to give yourself a little breathing space?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Jake: I think that was a really, really good move. And I think that you have really good instincts and you should follow them.

Greenlee: Instincts. Check.

Jake: Oh, and congratulations on getting your job back. I mean it. I only want the best for you.

Jake: So long.

Greenlee: Jake?

Jake: Yeah?

Greenlee: Wait. Don't go yet. There's one last thing I need you to do for me.

Leo: So there we were, stuck between floors -- me, Laura, Jake, Greenlee. And there was Jake professing his love to Greenlee to a string arrangement of "Muskrat Love."

Bianca: You're kidding.

Leo: Well, yeah, only about the Muzak.

Bianca: So what did Greenlee say to Jake?

Leo: Well, she basically told him to beat it, but he's under her skin. I could tell.

Bianca: Poor Leo.

Leo: No "poor Leo." I'm joining your "no victims" club.

Bianca: Yeah, but after everything you and Greenlee went through to be together, it's --

Leo: Bianca, this is how it is. I loved and I lost. Okay? But our friendship is still standing. And you're going through a lot right now, and I want to be there for you, okay? Greenlee can wait.

Bianca: Thank you.

Leo: Come here.

Chris: Bianca. I'm glad you're here. Let me fill you in on what's been happening.

Bianca: With my mother?

Chris: Yeah.

Bianca: I'm not available. I'm sorry.

Chris: You want to cross her off your list? Go right ahead. Her life's about over anyway.

Opal: All right. All right. Now, come on. Talk to Opal and tell me just exactly what went do with you and Chris.

Erica: Well, Chris caught me trying to sneak out of the house.

Opal: But you're under house arrest.

Erica: I know. But I had to see Bianca. I mean, today was Frankie's memorial.

Opal: Yeah, I was there. She held up just dandy.

Erica: But I wanted to see for myself. And I had to get away from him.

Opal: From Chris the incredible hunk? Why?

Erica: Because he's been so good to me.

Opal: And that's a problem?

Erica: Oh, Opal. He opened up to me. He -- he bared his soul.

Opal: Well, honey, that sounds like a good thing, no?

Erica: No. Opal, it shows that he trusts me. And I just couldn't stand that. So I needed to put distance between us, and I told him that -- that I can't be what he wants me to be, that I can't return his feelings for me.

Opal: And why is that?

Erica: Because it wouldn't be fair. I mean, Chris has shown me in a hundred ways how much he loves me, and I encouraged it. I wanted him to love me.

Opal: But now?

Erica: He believed me when I told him that I killed Frankie. He's offered to be my lawyer. He played right into my hands.

Opal: But everything played out just the way you wanted, so what's the glitch?

Erica: Glitch. The glitch is that I pushed him away and I didn't want him to go. I want him to hold me and tell me that he loves me. Because I lied, Opal. I do love him. I love him with all my heart.

Leo: Listen, she's already been through a lot today. She doesn't need any sort of guilt trip --

Chris: Why don't you just give me a minute, okay? Look, Bianca, your mom is in a very bad place right now.

Bianca: Well, yeah. She's -- she's on trial for murder.

Chris: Look, she's the first one to admit that she's racked up a lot of mistakes. And she hates the fact that some of these things might have -- have damaged you.

Bianca: Mr. Stamp, every single evil deed my mother has ever done has been because she loved me. She really should have sent you with a new line because this one is so five minutes ago.

Chris: Well, your mom didn't send me. Do you -- do you know your mom loves you?

Bianca: You know, I don't even know if she knows how to love.

Chris: Do you hate her for this?

Bianca: I love her. I wish I could hate her. That would make everything so much easier.

Chris: Well, why don't you cut your mom some slack? Go see her.

Bianca: Look, Mr. Stamp, I'm sorry. You're going to have to hold her hand through this one. I got to take care of myself.

Chris: Okay.

Opal: Honey, it is okay to love Chris.

Erica: No, Opal, it's not. If I commit myself to this man, I'm going to have to tell him the truth -- that I didn't kill Frankie, that Bianca --

Opal: You know, there isn't a problem on this earth that can't be solved by love. Tell Chris how you feel.

Erica: I canít. I can't do that. Because he's got to believe that I'm guilty so he can defend me.

Opal: Well, he can defend Bianca.

Erica: No. Opal, look -- Chris has never tried a case ever in his life. So Bianca would go to prison.

Opal: Well, then we'll get her another lawyer.

Erica: No, I don't even want her to go to trial. Please, Opal. I mean, she's suffered enough.

Opal: Think how much she's going to suffer watching her mama be sent up the river. Or think how's she's going to feel a few years down the road when you're wasting away behind bars and she finally remembers that she's the one that killed Frankie.

Erica: Oh, that will never happen. Bianca will never remember.

Opal: You don't have any guarantee of that.

Erica: Well, it can't happen. I mean, it -- it just mustn't ever, not ever.

Opal: Sweetie pie, you know I would never steer you wrong. I just think you have got to trust what you feel for Chris. Trust that he can help you and Bianca reach the other shore, no matter how far away it looks.

Erica: How do I do that, Opal?

Opal: I think you start with the truth. Tell Chris that you love him, and take it from there. I mean, you can't go on like this. You know that.

Jake: Here. This one looks pretty good, right here.

Greenlee: Thanks for helping me, Jake.

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, it's no problem. I actually was planning on getting a tree for myself, anyway. What? What's with the look?

Greenlee: You know, I'd cross the street to avoid a cliche. You know, the old "I guess this means we can still be friends"? But what's the alternative?

Jake: Well, there is no alternative. I'm going to help you with the tree, and then we're going to go our own separate ways.

Greenlee: You mean, you're not going to help me with the lights?

Jake: Come on, Greenlee.

Dixie: Hi, guys.

Jake: Hi.

Dixie: Excuse me. Hi. Sorry. Stuart, have you seen J.R. anywhere?

Stuart: No, no. There's Tad.

Dixie: Oh -- um -- I'm not looking for Tad. Tad and I aren't together anymore, Stuart.

Stuart: Oh, no. No, not you two?

Dixie: Yeah. Thanks.

J.R.: Hey, you got a light?

Mia: Yeah. If I did, I wouldn't give you one. You know, you look too smart to smoke.

J.R.: Hey, I asked for a light, not a lecture, okay?

Mia: Ooh. Tough guy, huh? You know, maybe you should burn off some of that testosterone at the gym. It's healthier than smoking, and you could work on your six-pack.

J.R.: Are you for real?

Mia: Well, last time I checked, yeah. Oh, here. You know what? This will give you one free training session.

J.R.: No way am I hanging out with some muscle-brain jock trainer. No, sorry.

Mia: Would you hang out with me? See, because I'd be your trainer. Well, you think about it, and you can give me a call.

Dixie: Hey, J.R. Hi, baby. I was looking for you.

J.R.: Hey. Well, here I am.

Dixie: You are. Listen, I'm really sorry about that scene earlier with Tad --

J.R.: Look, Mom, forget it, okay? I got to get back to work, okay?

David: I am not going after Dixie.

Anna: What's stopping you?

David: Well, how about the gorgeous woman in my arms?

Tad: Dixie, did you find J.R.?

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: How is he?

Dixie: How do you think?

Tad: I'm sorry. I guess my -- my timing stinks.

Dixie: Thank you for being the one to say that.

Tad: You know, if you would just let me find him and talk to him, I know I could straighten everything out.

Dixie: Would you just wait a second before you just go off and do something stupid? Could you just think for a second?

Tad: You want me to back off?

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: Okay. You got it. I'll back off -- right out of your life. As a matter of fact, I'll have my lawyer call your lawyer. You have a Merry Christmas.

Greenlee: You know, it seems kind of silly to get two trees.

Jake: Why is that?

Greenlee: I bet you don't have any decorations.

Jake: Well, I can buy some.

Greenlee: Don't bother. I have decorations from all over the world. We could set this up at my place, and we could decorate it together.

Jake: Hmm.

Greenlee: Celebrate a global Christmas. Joyeaux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale -- whoa!

Mia: Ow!

Jake: Oh, oh, oh.

Mia: Ah!

Jake: Are you hurt?

Greenlee: You should watch where you're going.

Mia: Well, maybe you should have yelled "timber."

Jake: Listen, let me help you up. I'm so sorry.

Mia: No, I don't need help, really.

Greenlee: She's fine, Jake.

Jake: No, here. She's not fine, Greenlee. Did you hurt your ankle?

Mia: No, no. It's sweet of you to care, but, really, I'm okay. I just didn't see the sky falling on me.

Greenlee: Don't fight with the lady, Jake.

Jake: I'm oing to take a look at your foot, okay? Let me see.

Mia: Okay, okay.

Jake: I'm just going to see if you can flex it, okay?

Mia: Ah!

Jake: Sorry.

Mia: Ooh, ooh, I can feel it now. I sprained it. Mm-hmm.

Jake: Oh. You know what? You might have torn a ligament.

Mia: No, no, no, no, no. It's definitely a sprain.

Jake: Well, I'm a doctor, and --

Mia: Well, I'm a physical trainer, and I've had sprains before. And I know that that's a sprain.

Jake: Oh, okay.

Mia: Sorry, sorry. It's just that I get a little grumpy when people drop trees on me.

Jake: Actually, you're entitled. So -- it's a sprain, huh?

Mia: Yeah. Oh, God, and I really can't afford an injury right now. I've got to work. Pay off those holiday bills.

Jake: You know what? I bet you they have some ice here. We'll ice it, we'll wrap it, and I'm sure we'll have you on your feet and back to work in no time.

Mia: Just tell me one thing, Doc -- you think I'll ever kickbox again?

Jake: Kickbox? Really?

Mia: Well --

Jake: Wow, that's -- I don't see why not.

Anna: Oh, this is a nice one. This is really full. It's a Frasier. They've got the two-tone needles. I like this. What do you think, hmm?

Stuart: Dixie, did you find J.R.? Aw. Aw.

Jesse: Man, this is one sorry Yuletide scene.

Stuart: Dixie, Dixie, don't cry. Remember, it's Christmas. And it is going to be all right. Anything can happen.

Dixie: Oh, it would take a miracle, Stuart.

Jesse: You think you could pop one for this burg?

Jesse: Thanks, big guy.

Opal: Why don't I hop into the kitchen and heat up a pot of cider.

Chris: Why don't you do that, Opal.

Erica: I wasn't sure you were coming back.

Chris: Oh, you knew I would.

Chris: Don't you ever try to get rid of me again.

Erica: I'm so glad you're here. Chris -- I --

Chris: What?

Erica: I have a confession to make.

Dixie: Oh.

Stuart: You're not alone, you know. So many people love you, Dixie.

Anna: Right. So, we'll take this one, then, shall we?

Stuart: Do you mind telling me why you're crying?

Dixie: Oh, my marriage is over, and for weeks I've been pushing Tad to accept that fact, and apparently finally he has.

Stuart: And you wish he hadn't?

Dixie: Oh, hi.

J.R.: Hey.

Dixie: Did you find us a tree?

J.R.: No, not yet.

Dixie: Well, maybe we should look together.

J.R.: Later, okay?

Jake: Hey, J.R.

J.R.: Hey there. You okay?

Mia: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

J.R.: What happened? You get run over by a reindeer?

Mia: No, I got hit by a rogue Christmas tree.

J.R.: Ouch. You want me to do anything? Anything I can do for you?

Jake: No, actually, everything is under control. I'm taking care of the lady.

Mia: Hey, now, watch your mouth. Who says I'm a lady?

Jake: Well, I just call them like I see them.

Laura's voice: Get real. I bet you can't go three months without chasing Jake or Leo or both of them.

Greenlee: J.R.? J.R.? Would you help me take my tree out to the car?

J.R.: Yeah, I guess so. That's fine.

Jake: All right. There you are. Let's see if we can get that to stay on there.

Mia: Oh, thanks.

Jake: Can I give you a lift to the hospital? Get that thing x-rayed?

Mia: Oh, just -- just drop me off. I'm -- I'm too much trouble.

Jake: No, no, no, no. It's my specialty. Come on.

Greenlee: Merry Christmas, Jake.

David: Dixie.

Dixie: David, don't -- you know, donít. Don't talk to me.

David: Look; I'm sorry about the scene with Tad, okay?

Dixie: No, you're not. You just love pushing people's buttons. It's what you live for.

David: Well, excuse me for being upset that he invited Leslie back into the picture.

Dixie: You know what, David? You want to make me happy? Leave me alone.

David: Anna?

Anna: Chris, when you get this, please call me. I think I might have some information about Proteus.

Stuart: I wonder where this came from. I wonder who it's for.

Leo: Hot chocolate with marshmallows, just the way you like it.

Bianca: Mmm. Thank you.

Leo: Yes. What's this?

Bianca: That's an invitation to the Crystal Ball.

Leo: Oh.

Bianca: You remember last year's?

Leo: Yeah. A lot can happen in a year. So, what's the plan?

Bianca: I don't know. I got to wrap my head around why my mom did this to Frankie.

Leo: So, are you going to talk to her?

Bianca: Not yet. First I have to remember everything that happened that night, the night she was murdered.

Leo: And how are you going to do that?

Bianca: Going to get myself hypnotized.

Erica: Chris, I want to start by apologizing.

Chris: Oh, you don't have to.

Erica: Yes, I do, for me. I have treated you horribly. And I am so sorry.

Chris: All right, I accept your apology. Now, I know that you miss Bianca, so I went ahead and I took care of that for you.

Erica: What do you mean?

Chris: No, no, finish your confession first. Come on, come on. I like that.

Erica: I want to hear what you have to say first. What do you mean? You took care of what for me?

Chris: Well, before, when I left, I went and I talked to Bianca.

Erica: In heaven's name, why?

Chris: I went there to talk to her about -- I brought her up to speed about what everything that went down, you know, with Frankie and --

Erica: You went to talk to my daughter about me behind my back?

Chris: I went to talk to your daughter. Is that a problem?

Erica: Yes, it is. It's a big problem. I mean, I don't want you hounding my daughter day and night.

Chris: Hey, look, I wasn't hounding your daughter. I went there to talk to her about you. And she doesn't hate you. She told me that she loves you. And I'm going to do everything in my power to keep those lines of communication open so I can get you guys back together again.

Erica: No, I do not want you to interfere! I forbid you to interfere with my daughter.

Chris: You forbid -- lady, what is your problem? I've never seen a woman blow so hot and cold. I don't --

Opal: Chris, she can't help it. Erica always gets like this when she's in love.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "All My Children."

>> On the next "All My Children" --

David: Dixie, you have to let me do this.

Dixie: No. There's got to be another doctor on call.

Leo: She wants me so bad.

Greenlee: He so wants me.

Mia: Can I ask you out?

Chris: Just tell me what Opal told you to tell me.

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