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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 12/18/01

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Mateo: We got to pretend that we're over. We got to keep it going 24/7.

Adam: Don't try to play the victim and don't try to make me the bad guy. You've been lying to us.

Liza: If Adam knew that I'd hired you to help me get custody of Colby --

Man: It wouldn't be pretty.

Liza: I think that might be an understatement.

Chris: I got to see what a real dirt bag your father was.

Ryan: What did you do to him?

Chris: I was the judge and the jury.

Val: Can I tell you how incredible it is to have you back, Erica?

Erica: Oh, I'm so glad to be back.

Val: You know, it's been hell working with Greenlee Smythe. She's impossible, Erica. But at least that's all over now, right?

Erica: Val, I -- I'm not sure that it's all over at all because you know I still have to go to trial.

Val: No, no. No, no. I am not even going to think about you going to jail -- not now, not ever. Mr. Stamp.

Chris: Hey, Val. You -- you mind if I talk to boss lady alone?

Val: Sure.

Chris: Thank you.

Erica: Chris? You look like you didn't sleep last night.

Chris: I didn't.

Erica: What happened?

Chris: Uh -- my -- my past, it caught up with me.

Erica: What do you mean?

Chris: I told Ryan Lavery the truth about his father.

Erica: What does that have to do with you?

Chris: I'm the one who killed him.

Liza: Adam? Colby?

[Adam reads a note]

Liza: "Colby and I are getting a surprise together. Be back soon."

[Phone rings]

Liza: Hello?

Man: Liza? It's Mark McCabe.

Liza: Mr. McCabe, I thought I told you not to call me here at my home.

Mark: I know, but can you speak freely? Liza: Well, now I can. What is it?

Mark: I was wondering if you'd made a decision about what we discussed in the park the other day.

Liza: No, I haven't. I'm still weighing the options.

Mark: Well, let me stress how important it is for you to make a -- a preemptive strike against your husband now when he least expects it.

Liza: Mr. McCabe, it is a week before Christmas. I am not going to disrupt the holidays or ruin them for my daughter with divorce proceedings.

Mark: Mrs. Chandler, you --

Liza: No, I will get in touch with you when I've made a decision. Please don't call me here at home.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Where is he?

Liza: Ryan, no, no, you can't go -- if Adam sees you here, there will be so much trouble.

Ryan: Where is he?

Liza: My God, why?

Ryan: Because I'm going to kill him.

Adam: Ok. Colby, your assignment is to find the biggest and tallest tree on this lot.

Colby: Ok, Daddy. J.R.!

J.R.: Hey, there. Who said you could come here and bug me, huh?

Colby: I'm not bugging you. I'm helping Daddy pick out our tree.

Adam: How's the community service work going, Son?

J.R.: Colby, you know what you need? You need a Charlie Brown tree.

Colby: No way.

J.R.: Yes. Well, you're too little to have a big one. It's against the law. Did you know that?

Colby: Daddy --

Adam: He's just joking with you, Sweetheart. Maybe you can come home with us and help us decorate.

Marian: Colby? Colby? Oh, there you are. I found the perfect tree for the gatehouse and I want you to check it out to make sure that Uncle Stuart will like it, ok?

J.R.: Ok.

Marian: We really need your help.

J.R.: Now, remember what I said -- a little Charlie Brown tree, ok?

Marian: Come on, Darling. We'll be back soon.

Adam: All right, point me to the tallest trees on the lot.

J.R.: Get off me, ok?

Adam: J.R., please.

Adam: J.R. --

J.R.: Don't try to pull this -- this happy-family act with me, ok? Do what you need to around Colby, but leave me the hell out of it.

Mateo: What are you doing here?

Simone: Great -- oh!

Hayley: I'm taking back what's mine.

Simone: What, are you drunk?

Mateo: Listen, just get the rest of your junk that's here and you get out.

Hayley: I am not speaking to you with the whore in my house.

Simone: Oh, that's it. You know what?

Mateo: Ok, ok, just listen. Just go get changed.

Simone: Really?

Mateo: Yeah. Go, go.

Mateo: Where's Lorenzo?

Hayley: With your mother.

Mateo: In Texas?

Hayley: That's right. I don't want him anywhere near you. I know he's just a baby, but I don't want him getting around what you say or do or think. I don't want it getting into his subconscious.

Mateo: You can't do that. I want him back here right now.

Hayley: Oh, he is coming back -- to me, not to you.

Mateo: Oh, look, look, look, you --

Hayley: And that's why I've got to get my job in order.

Mateo: What, what -- your talk show?

Hayley: Right. I need a job so I can take care of my son since you decided to throw your life away and shack up with your waitress.

Mateo: Don't you blame that on me. You were planning to go back to work, well, when you and your little boyfriend --

Hayley: Oh, shut up, Mateo! I had to have a job so I could raise my son and give him the things he deserves, which is not you, the piece of junk of a father that you've turned into. If I had known -- if I had known that you were going to turn into this kind of person, I never would have had a child with you. Never, ever! You gave this to me, and you let -- you let her wear it? Bastard.

Adam: J.R., why are you doing this?

J.R.: You had to come here, didn't you? I mean, there are a dozen other places that you could go to get a Christmas tree, but you had to come to the one here at the community center -- right? -- Where I'm doing my time -- with Colby.

Adam: Colby thinks her brother is working. Her big brother is working. She wanted to see you.

J.R.: Oh, cut the crap, Dad. You arranged this whole thing just so you could see me, just so you can try to act like we have this normal life in this normal family, which, hello, we don't, ok?

Adam: J.R., it's Christmas. I'm trying to repair some of the damage that's been done to this family over the year. Is that so awful?

J.R.: You mean the damage that I did, right?

Adam: No, no.

J.R.: You mean -- you mean you're going to take the heat for this? Now you're the Christmas martyr, too, is that it? The obscene 16-foot-tall trees for the annoying rich people are down the aisle to the left. Why don't you go pick one out and leave me alone, ok?

Adam: I just can't do right by you anymore, can I?

J.R.: No, you can't. So stop trying.

Ryan: Where is he?

Liza: Ryan --

Ryan: Where is he? What, is his butler dressing him or something? Or has he already orchestrated a half dozen takeovers --

Liza: Ryan, what is going on?

Ryan: Where is he?

Liza: I have no idea! Are you happy?

Ryan: I'll wait for him.

Liza: Oh -- to kill him?

Ryan: No, to talk to him.

Liza: About what?

Ryan: About the private investigators that he hired to do a background check on me and on my family.

Liza: I thought we already had this conversation.

Ryan: Well, you see, I don't think Adam told me everything that the PI's found out.

Liza: And what more could there possibly be?

Ryan: A lot more, ok? I'm just going to wait for him. I don't care how long it takes. I don't care.

Liza: Ryan, what -- what did you find out that you didn't know before?

Ryan: I found out who killed my father.

Liza: Who?

Ryan: An FBI agent.

Liza: You're not serious.

Ryan: Yes, I am serious, and I know him, too.

Liza: You know an FBI agent? Come on, Ryan --

Ryan: Chris Stamp killed my father.

Erica: I'm sorry, Chris. Did I hear you correctly? Did you say that you killed Ryan Lavery's father?

Chris: Yes.

Erica: When?

Chris: A long time ago.

Erica: And you told Ryan this?

Chris: Yeah, I told him last night, and he didn't take the news too well, so he clipped me one -- good.

Erica: What happened?

Chris: I was on a case a while back in drug trafficking. Ryan's father, this guy, Patrick Curry, he was a player -- dealer.

Erica: Ryan Lavery's father was a drug dealer?

Chris: A big one.

Erica: So this happened, then, during a bust?

Chris: No.

Erica: No -- what do you mean, no? What happened? I mean, Chris, you're an FBI Agent and this horrible man was a drug dealer, so, I mean, it was obviously self-defense.

Chris: No, not -- not in the traditional sense.

Erica: Look, why don't you just please tell me. Tell me, how did this happen?

Chris: Look, Erica, I -- I have no pride about this, none. Patrick Curry was the scum of the earth, and he deserved to die, but he didn't die because the bust went bad or because he was coming at me or he was after another Agent. He died because I -- I set him up to die.

Erica: What do you mean, Chris?

Chris: I set a trap for him. I lured him in and then I killed him.

Erica: Because he was a drug dealer.

Chris: Because he -- because he killed the only woman I ever loved.

Erica: I -- understand. I mean, you're telling me that it wasn't an accident, that you murdered someone, and this man had killed --

Chris: My fiancée. She was the -- it's before I met you. The only woman I've ever loved. She was --

Erica: What was her name? Her name?

Chris: Linda.

Erica: And did this Patrick Curry, did he know Linda?

Chris: No, he didn't know her. No. It was pretty common knowledge at the time that I was after him, and he knew it. And he -- he figured the best way to get to me was to -- was to get to her.

Erica: Oh, no.

Chris: Erica, I have always been so careful in my work. In that drug world with those animals, you learn never to trust anyone or anything because there's nothing they won't do and there's nothing they won't stop at.

Erica: Chris, how did this happen?

Chris: He found out that we were engaged and about to be married, and he hunted her down --

Erica: Oh, God.

Chris: Like she was some kind of animal.

Erica: Oh, Chris.

Chris: And he murdered her.

Liza: What did you do?

Ryan: I lost it. I mean, here I was staring at this guy that's been hovering over me like a fly for the last month, and he tells me that he's the man who killed my father? I mean, it was crazy.

Liza: Why would Chris tell you a half-truth up until now?

Ryan: I don't know. To protect himself?

Liza: Well, why would he tell you the whole story?

Ryan: Well, you see, that's just it. It's not the whole story. There's more to it, Liza. I can feel it.

Liza: Well, tell me how.

Ryan: Because Anna Devane got involved.

Liza: Anna?

Ryan: She got a number. She gave me a number to the bureau of somebody apparently that was going to help me find some more information about my father, and I called them last night, but they said they'll only speak to my attorney, so I called them again this morning because I don't have an attorney, and they basically just blew me off. They said it was a sealed file anyway, so I couldn't do anything without a court order.

Liza: So do you want to answer me why you would show up here ready to rip Adam's head off?

Ryan: Because I know he knows something, Liza. He's got this file on me for a reason, and I know he hasn't opened the whole thing yet.

Liza: Why do you think that?

Ryan: I don't know. That's why I'm here. I want to ask him.

Liza: I don't understand why this matters so much to you. No, no, no, I know it's your father. He died violently. He lived violently. You have been spending the majority of your life trying to undo that legacy. You have more information on him now then you have ever had. Why are you pressing? Why are you torturing yourself when, obviously, he's not the kind of person you'd even want to know?

Ryan: You don't get it, do you, Liza?

Liza: No, I don't. That's why I'm asking.

Ryan: Because everybody has lied to me. Everybody -- my father, my mother. Chris Stamp finds out who I am, he lies to me. Adam does this background check on me. He lies!

Liza: No, the one thing you do need to understand -- I'm not being proud -- is that Adam did a background check on you because he was jealous of you for me. I don't think that he's going to have information about your father.

Ryan: I don't believe that, Liza, and you shouldn't, either.

Liza: Why?

Ryan: Because the man that you're married to just cannot tell the truth about anything.

Liza: Well, I'm aware of that, Ryan.

Ryan: So if he knows how this happened and how Chris Stamp got away with murder, I just have to find out now.

Adam: I think I know what's bothering you, J.R.

J.R.: I doubt that.

Adam: You think I'm manipulating you by being here.

J.R.: Look, I am so over this good-father routine of yours.

Adam: I'm trying to be the best father I can to you, J.R.

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, I got that, and just when I needed you not to back off, you did.

Adam: Look, I told you I wasn't going to help you fix your problems anymore. It wasn't helping you or me for me to do that and you know it.

J.R.: Right, right. And now I've got the really bad freaking luck of making out with a girl who ends up dead an hour later. The cops are all over me, and so I'm stuck here in community service hell for the rest of my life, and you want me to go on and be your happy little son? Is that right? Have I got it right, Dad?

Adam: I can't do anything right by you anymore, can I?

J.R.: No, see, that's my gig, Dad.

Adam: Listen, that is not true. I -- listen to me, I think you're great.

J.R.: Yeah, right.

Adam: Yeah, I do. I think you're great. You've had a hell of a year in school and at home. And I think you're going to straighten it out. I know you'll straighten it out because you're so great. What about the way little Colby and Jamie look up to you? Little kids don't like bad big guys. It's a law of nature.

J.R.: Is it a law of nature for all of your kids to end up in therapy? You don't even show up to the sessions when you're supposed to be there.

Adam: Wait a minute. I have apologized for that. And I had a meeting with Dr. McMillan privately afterward, as I said I would.

J.R.: Right, right. What did you guys talk about -- about how psycho I was?

Adam: Hardly.

J.R.: Did he put you on the couch, Dad?

Adam: No, no.

J.R.: Like you'd go even if they made you. You are such a damned hypocrite, you know that?

Adam: Son -- son, that's not really a fair comparison. I'm trying to give you what you need for a full, rich life. Hopefully, fuller and richer than mine. And hopefully, a lot less stressful. Can't you see that? I'm trying to help you, damn it!

Marian: Adam, we found the most beautiful tree, and Colby wants you to come and look at it.

Adam: Oh, the most beautiful, beautiful tree on the lot, I bet. Here we go.

Mateo: Hey.

Hayley: Can I tell you how much I hate this? I hate this.

Mateo: I know, I know. I do, too. Oh. But you -- saying that Lorenzo was in Texas, that was brilliant. If Proteus buys that, he's going to be way off-track.

Hayley: I can't stand this, what I did.

Mateo: I know, I know.

Hayley: I stood there in my living room while Simone was wearing the negligee that you bought for me? I can't do this anymore.

Mateo: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Listen to me -- and then that thing about you going back to work. What a great bluff, Baby. That was wonderful.

Hayley: That wasn't a bluff, Mateo. I'm going back to work. In fact, I'm already back to work.

Mateo: This is no time for you to go back to work, all right? You have a seriously high-profile job. It's --

Hayley: Precisely. I have major resources over there. I can do a lot of research on Proteus --

Mateo: What, are you crazy? No way. No way.

Hayley: Mateo, please. I want to do this. I want to help.

Mateo: No. Hayley: I want to be able to find him and shut him down so that we can have our lives back with our child!

Mateo: I can't let you do it. I can't let you -- it's too dangerous.

Hayley: You can't let me do it?

Mateo, I'm doing it. I'm in. It's too late to turn back now.

Mateo: Please listen to me. I love you and Lorenzo with everything. I will do anything I can to keep you safe, but you got to help me out here.

Hayley: Mateo, I am -- that's what I am trying to do. I am trying to help you. You have taken on too much already.

Mateo: I can handle it.

Hayley: No, Mateo, you can't handle it, not alone.

Mateo: I'm not alone. I've got Simone. She's keeping Edmund informed. We're covered.

Hayley: Yeah, well, we are not covered because you went in on this without telling me.

Mateo: Come on. I told you why I did that.

Hayley: Yeah, you told me everything. And now that I know, I'm not about to turn back. Don't shut me out, Mateo. Don't you freeze me out. I mean it.

Erica: Chris, tell me -- why would Ryan Lavery's father go after your fiancée and kill her in cold blood? Why didn't he come after you?

Chris: I guess -- I guess he knew the only way to really hurt me was -- was through her. Nothing could hurt me that way. Nothing.

Erica: It -- it just seems so --

Chris: Personal?

Erica: Yes.

Chris: It was.

Erica: And vengeful.

Chris: Patrick Curry was all about -- about revenge.

Erica: For going after him? For getting too close?

Chris: Yeah.

Erica: To catching him, to arresting him because he was a drug dealer?

Chris: Yeah, that -- that was it because I was getting too close and he struck first and he -- he -- he knew how to hurt me. He knew how to hurt me.

Liza: I'm so sorry you have to go through all this.

Ryan: I can't even tell you what I want to do to Chris Stamp right now. I can't even tell you, Liza.

Liza: Well, I would've felt the same way if I had looked the man in the eye who killed my father.

Ryan: There's a big difference, though.

Liza: How so?

Ryan: Well, I mean, you had a -- you had a real father. You had a good man. I had an abusive, drug-dealing drunk.

Liza: Ryan, he was still your father. And it wouldn't be normal if you didn't feel the way you do right now.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: It's the biggest tree I've ever seen.

Marian: Whoo! Oh, Colby, there's your -- mommy.

Colby: Mommy, we got the biggest tree. It's longer than the car. Come see.

Ryan: Adam, I --

Liza: Mother, do you think that you could take Colby into the kitchen and you could have some hot chocolate?

Marian: Of course, Darling. Come on, Colby. We'll all see the tree later, huh?

Colby: Wait until you see the tree.

Liza: No, I can't wait.

Ryan: Liza --

Liza: Adam, Ryan has heard some bad news about his father. Ryan: I need everything you have on my old man -- I mean everything.

Adam: I gave you everything. The file, the name of the PI, what are you looking for?

Ryan: I'm looking for the truth, Adam. You didn't give me that, did you?

Adam: I showed you the dossier I'd assembled on you and your family. You saw what I saw.

Ryan: Is there any chance that the man you hired didn't tell you everything?

Adam: I see no reason or motive for not telling me everything. I paid him well enough.

Ryan: Yeah, I bet you did. Did you also pay him not to take my phone calls?

Adam: I'll contact him. I'll ask him to contact you. Maybe you'll find out what you need.

Ryan: Thank you.

Erica: I can see that you care about Ryan. I can see that very much.

Chris: Look, I feel -- I feel responsible.

Erica: I don't think you should do that, not really.

Chris: Look, I did this. This is all my fault.

Erica: No, it's not. It's not your fault.

Chris: Erica, I'm not just -- I'm not just defending you in this trial because I care for you. You did something you regret. And you're doing it to protect your little girl. And I can't tell you how much this means to me that you're willing to stand here and listen to me talk about this.

Erica: Of course I am. You mean that you never have told anybody this?

Chris: Never.

Erica: I think that this must mean that -- that you feel that you can trust me.

Chris: Trust you? I trust you with my life. I trust you with my life, Erica.

Erica: I trust you with mine. Oh, thank God I have you.

Mateo: I hear you. I hear you, but there's a lot more going on than you know, Baby. So will you please back off this plan to use the WRCW research department to track down --

Hayley: What else is going on that I don't know about?

Mateo: I passed off this computer program to Roger Smythe. If he uses it, if it gets in the system, then we can track down Proteus.

Hayley: Does Roger Smythe know that's what that's for?

Mateo: No. Absolutely not.

Hayley: And you think that what I'm doing is dangerous, Mateo?

Mateo: If he takes the bait, I got the guy.

[Phone rings]

Hayley: Oh, no.

Mateo: Shh, shh.

Mateo: Santos.

Proteus: Is this my software genius?

Mateo: Hey, Proteus.

Proteus: I had no idea you were so adept with a computer, Mr. Santos.

Mateo: I told you I wouldn't let you down.

Proteus: Well, it will help track the product much more efficiently. I'm very grateful, Mr. Santos.

Mateo: Well, there's a lot more I can do. You just got to let me do it. Proteus: It's all about trust, Mr. Santos. Any successful venture is.

Mateo: Well, hey, you trust me, right?

Proteus: If I didn't trust you, you'd no longer be with us.

Mateo: Ok. So, I can do a lot more. It's just you just got to give me the opportunity.

Proteus: I know and you will, in good time.

Mateo: He bought it. He bought the disc thing.

Hayley: This is so sick.

Mateo: Ok, now, now, will you let -- will you just let me do this the way I know how, huh? Will you please stay home? Don't go back to work, ok?

Hayley: I promise to think about it.

Mateo: Ok. Please, I promise I will take care of everything.

Hayley: Can you take care of this before Christmas?

Mateo: I have no idea.

Hayley: I'm telling you I'd have a lot better time dealing with this if I knew that there was some kind of end in sight.

Mateo: I can do this for you.

Mateo: Mom. Hey.

Hayley: You know how to reach your mom?

Mateo: Hold on. Yeah, I -- I made up this whole story to cover this up.

[Mateo dials his cell phone]

Mom, listen, I want to talk to Enzo. I want to hear him. Is he awake? Ok. Yeah -- no, I'll talk to you later. Just put him on. Ok, hold on a second. Give him my love.

Hayley: Enzo. Hi! Honey, Honey, it's Mommy. Can you hear me? I love you so much. Mommy loves you so much. I miss you.

Hayley: 100 Kisses for Mommy's big boy. You're such a big -- no, no, we're fine. We're ok, Isabella. We're really -- yeah, he's right here.

Mateo: Ma. Hey -- no, no, no. I just want you to stay put, ok? And keep an eye on Rosa. No, everything's going to be fine, I promise. Everything's going to be just fine. Take care of him, ok? All right. Kiss him good night for me. All right. I love you, too.

Mateo: He's safe, baby. We're safe, ok?

Hayley: I want this over, Mateo. I want it over.

Mateo: Just let me take care of you.

Mateo: I'll take care of you. I love you.

Erica: Chris, you have to rest. You have to rest. You're not going to be any good to yourself or to me or to anybody if you're exhausted.

Chris: Look, I know -- I know you wanted to work at home today, so why don't I take you there, huh?

Erica: Well, I'm not really ready to go just yet.

Chris: That's ok. I'll -- I'll stay. I'll wait for you.

Erica: Chris, you really should go home.

Chris: Look, please, don't -- don't fight me on everything. Just -- just let me in. Let me in.

Erica: Ok. Ok.

Chris: I'm going to go run down to the commissary, get a cup of coffee.

Erica: Ok.

Erica: Oh.

J.R.: Here. How about this one?

Woman: I really wanted a blue spruce.

J.R.: I don't know if we have any more of those, ok?

Woman: Well, it's what I want.

J.R.: Look, lady, if we had one, do you really think I'd be keeping it from you?

[Bells ring]

Woman: Are you getting sharp with me, young man?

J.R.: Getting sharp? No. I --

Stuart: Ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho! My elves tell me we have a brand-new shipment of blue spruces.

Woman: Oh.

Stuart: Right up there, that way.

Woman: Oh, thank you very much.

Stuart: Happy sprucing! Ha, ha, ha. Ho, ho, ho!

Stuart: It's me.

J.R.: Yeah, I see that, Uncle Stuart.

Stuart: She was a little grumpy, huh?

J.R.: She was a pain is what she was.

Stuart: Yeah.

J.R.: Did they really get a shipment of trees up there?

Stuart: Well, I don't know. She'll figure something out. How you doing? You warm?

J.R.: Yeah. They got coffee and stuff for us.

Stuart: Yeah, good, good.

J.R.: Uncle Stuart, did my dad ask you to come here at all?

Stuart: No. Why?

J.R.: No? I just wondered.

Stuart: Was he here, your dad?

J.R.: Yeah, he was.

Stuart: Didn't go so well, huh?

J.R.: Not really.

Stuart: Oh. Sorry.

J.R.: It's ok. I mean, he brought Colby here to get a tree. You know, that's fine. I love her to death and all, but -- but he wants me to be best buds with him, and I just can't do that right now, you know?

Stuart: Yeah. Yeah, I know your -- here, here, have a seat. All right. That whole darn world is upside down right now for a lot of us. But you know what? It's Christmas. It is Christmas, and I know most people think that it's -- it's a bad time to just make nice, you know, but I don't. I think it's a great time.

J.R.: Yeah, but, like, if you don't mean it, if you're still mad at the person --

Stuart: As I've gotten older, I've found out that being still mad just doesn't get you anywhere.

J.R.: He doesn't hear me, Uncle Stuart. He doesn't -- he doesn't hear what I'm saying to him. Stuart: I know, but he loves you. He loves you a lot. I know he doesn't always show it the way you want him to. And I know your mom and tad are having a -- having some real troubles right now, and I know you're mad at your dad. But it's Christmas. It's Christmas, and the weatherman says we're going to have snow on Christmas day. So things could be worse, couldn't they?

J.R.: Yeah, I guess they could, couldn't they?

Stuart: Yeah. Yeah, why do you think I put on this jolly suit for? And this -- this beard itches like crazy.

J.R.: I don't know. What did you put it on for, Uncle Stuart?

Stuart: Because I think there's a little Santa in all of us. Then we just have to wake him up once in a while -- at least once a year, anyway. So come on, come on. Come on, let's get cheery. Be cheery.

J.R.: Ho, ho, ho.

Stuart: "Ho, ho --" that's ridiculous. Come on, you're going to have to work on that. Ho, ho, ho, ho!

J.R.: Ho, ho, ho.

Stuart: Ho, ho, ho, ho!

J.R.: Ho, ho, ho.

[Stuart laughs]

Stuart: Ho, ho --

J.R.: Ho, ho, ho.

Stuart: Keep going.

Ryan: I don't know how long I can keep this in, Liza.

Liza: Give me some time.

Ryan: Some time? How much time? I mean, you were pregnant with my child and you lost him because of that jackass in there and now you want me to tiptoe around his little feelings?

Liza: Can we just keep our voices down, please? I am jumping through hoops -- anything that Adam throws at me -- for one reason only and that's to protect my daughter. If you care about me, if you care about what happens to me, then just don't do anything. Please, just stay out of it --

Ryan: Liza, I just want --

Liza: Until I am free and my daughter is safe.

Ryan: I just --

Liza: Let me handle it.

Ryan: Ok.

Liza: Please.

[Marian laughs]

Marian: How about another kiss?

Stuart: Oh, yes.

[Stuart laughs]

Marian: I think -- I think I'm going to have to run over and kiss you, too.

Stuart: Oh, I think so.

Marian: Well, come here, let me kiss you.

Stuart: Oh, I think so. Here comes the mistletoe.

Marian: You're beautiful.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jake: Everything I said yesterday was wrong.

Greenlee: Even the part when you said you loved me?

David: Well, what about the Christmas tree?

Anna: Buy one for Dixie. Hang yourselves from it. I don't care.

J.R.: What did you bring him here for?

Jesse: This is one sorry yuletide scene.

Erica: I have a confession to make.

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