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All My Children Transcript Monday 12/17/01

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Laura: Which boy is it going to be, Greenlee? Rocky road or vanilla? You choose.

Chris: I came here to tell you the truth -- the whole truth about your father.

Mateo: Excuse me. Do you know a guy named Smythe?

Bartender: He was here earlier.

Mateo: What's he up to?

Roger: I won't mess up again. Please, you got to take care of me.

David: From now on, Roger, I own you.

Anna: David is Proteus.

Ryan: So, you just come at me out of nowhere with this. Why? Why would you say this? What kind of sick, twisted mind do you have?

Chris: It's the truth.

Ryan: The truth. I'm out of here.

Chris: Don't you have the stomach for it? I mean, you wanted to know. Oh, yeah, yeah. Like, you know, ripping my head off and shoving it down my throat is not a good idea.

Ryan: You stay out of my life, all right?

Chris: Why would I make something like this ? What would I get out of it, Ryan? I killed your father. I was on the job, but I'm not going to -- I'm not going to lie to you about it. I wanted to do it. I wanted him dead.

Ryan: Why would you say this to me? What -- what are you trying to do to me?

Simone: Come on, it's late. Let's get out of here. Come on, Matt. I'm cold. Take me to the condo and heat me up.

Mateo: I got something to deliver to Proteus, something he's going to like. I got to wait.

Simone: Well, we've been waiting here all night.

Mateo: All right, listen. If Smythe doesn't show, I'll deliver it to Proteus myself.

[David administers a shot to Roger]

Roger: Oh.

David: Get up.

Roger: That's so much better. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David: From now on, Roger, you do exactly as you're told. Is that clear? You follow your instructions, or you're a dead man.

Roger: I understand. Really, I understand.

David: Here's your car keys. Get out of here.

Roger: Yes. I think -- I think I can drive now. I'm sorry that I -- I'm sorry I bothered you up here. I know you don't like to be disturbed, especially when you're up here. I'll -- I'll just be going. I'll just be going.

David: Roger -- you tell anybody about this place, and you'll wish you had died tonight.

Laura: Well, gee, Greenlee, looks like no one's signing up for "sucker of the year." That is what's supposed to happen, right? One of these two comes and takes care of poor, little Greenlee. So I guess that means you're the one who gets to choose.

Greenlee: Isn't it time for you to have a spasm or something?

Laura: So, who's it going to be, huh? Leo? He doesn't exactly have that shoulder-you-can-lean-on thing, but he is cute. And you guys do have that sick chemistry thing.

Greenlee: Which is more than you ever had.

Laura: Oh. So do we have a winner? Vanilla? Chemistry boy it is.

Greenlee: If someone doesn't stop her --

Laura: Well, wait, wait. If you choose Leo, you miss out on all those fuzzy, warm moments of personal growth with Jake. And if you choose Jake, you miss out on all those moments of sizzle with Leo. Oh, dear. What is our Greenlee going to do?

Greenlee: Do you hear what she's doing? Are you going to let her get away with that?

Laura: I guess they are.

Greenlee: You know what? Fine. I don't want either one of you. You just stand there staring at me like a couple of -- this whole thing is so bogus. I am so out of here. Let me out!

Greenlee: You want to give me the silent treatment because of all the terrible, terrible things I did? Ok, fine. I so apologize, Jake. It must have been torture for you putting up with immature, irresponsible me for all those months. And I'm so glad you forgave me, Leo, even though there wasn't a damn thing to forgive me for.

Laura: Well, I guess that tanks for the apology part.

Greenlee: And you -- you are so puke green with jealousy because I have two men who are in love with me, and that has never happened to you in your pathetic loser life!

Laura: See, I look at them, and I'm not getting love.

Greenlee: You wouldn't know it if you fell over it. They love me, both of them -- me.

Laura: And I'm the pathetic one?

Greenlee: But I don't need a man.

Laura: That's a joke, right?

Greenlee: I don't need Leo or Jake or any man on the planet.

Laura: You couldn't go 15 seconds without a man.

Greenlee: I have a life and a career --

Laura: Anything with a pulse.

Greenlee: A career that makes me happy and fulfilled.

Laura: Only thing that would be better for you than one man chasing you around is two.

Greenlee: I can be on my own. I don't need anyone.

Laura: Get real. I bet you can't go three months without chasing Jake or Leo or both of them.

Greenlee: You are so going to lose that bet.

Leo: You know --

Greenlee: Oh, you want to help me now?

Leo: No, no --

Greenlee: It's a little late.

Leo: Count me out.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: I'm not begging you anymore. You got it?

Mia: Ryan, let's just go.

Ryan: No, just a second, please. What's with you, Stamp? Are you trying to mess with my head?

Chris: No, I'm just giving you information, that's all. Ryan: No. No, you're not. You got some weird thing going on.

Mia: Ryan, let it go.

Chris: You know what your father was?

Ryan: I know what my father was, and I got the scars to prove it.

Chris: I bet you do. Ryan: So let's leave him out of this, all right? This is about you and whatever sick, twisted mind trip that you're on.

Chris: No trip. Just facts, Ryan.

Ryan: Facts?

Chris: Yeah.

Ryan: Really? First you tell me my father's dead and now you tell me that you're the guy who killed him.

Chris: That's right.

Ryan: So what other facts do you have? What do you got, some, like, souvenirs, maybe some snapshots from the day?

Mia: Ryan, I want to go.

Chris: Why don't you listen to your girlfriend and just drop it, boy.

Ryan: What, now? After everything's got so incredibly interesting?

Chris: No, there's nothing else. I told you everything.

Ryan: Well, then why didn't you tell me this from the beginning?

Chris: Because I'm telling you right now. Your father was busted and killed on the drug bust.

Ryan: By you?

Chris: That's right.

Ryan: And you said that you wanted to see him dead.

Chris: Right again.

Ryan: Why? Why?

Mia: Ryan, let it go.

Ryan: No, there's something you're not telling me. I can see it! There's something you're not telling me. Tell me.

Chris: No, I said everything.

Ryan: No -- no, no, there's another shoe waiting to drop, and every time that I go out and I try and figure out what it is, I get the runaround. You want to tell me why that is?

Chris: There was a cover-up.

Ryan: Reason being?

Chris: They got to protect me.

Ryan: Sound of shoe dropping. Protect you from what?

Simone: Ooh.

Mateo: All right, come on, let's go.

Simone: Yes!

Mateo: Hey. Where the hell have you been? I've been freezing my butt off out here.

Roger: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Mateo: I don't wait for you. That's not how it works. You got that?

Roger: I was sick. I had to -- I'm here, I'm here. What's so important?

Mateo: I want you to deliver this to Proteus.

Roger: I can't just deliver that to Proteus.

Mateo: Keep your voice down.

Roger: What do you think I do, just call him on the phone and say "hey --"

Mateo: Listen, I -- I really don't give a damn what you have to do. You give it to him, and you just do what I say!

Roger: I'm trying to tell you, it's not that easy.

Mateo: Good.

Mateo: Let's get going. So, someplace private?

Simone: Yeah.

Mateo: Yeah?

Simone: I like the sound of that.

Mateo: My house. The little lady took the kid out, so we go there.

Simone: Yeah.

Mateo: Yeah?

Simone: Yeah, I like that.

Mateo: It's been a long time since I've enjoyed my home. Hey -- go.

Roger: Yeah -- there -- there might be a way.

Mateo: Good. Get lost.

Mateo: Let's go. Come on.

Simone: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Anna: Yeah?

David: I need you.

Anna: Where are you?

David: On Mt. Olympus. I have something for you.

Anna: Really? What?

David: When you get here.

Greenlee: You're not begging me? For what?

Leo: I don't know. Maybe to take my ring. You know, the one I just tried to give you.

Greenlee: Right. Right -- in front of wacko woman and the saint of Pine Valley.

Leo: I was defending you, Greenlee. You just said that's what you wanted.

Greenlee: Not like that.

Leo: Oh, well -- next time give me an instruction sheet because I'm lost.

Greenlee: You gave me my damn engagement ring in an elevator.

Laura: I don't think she liked that, Leo.

Leo: Yeah, I don't care what you think.

Greenlee: You did it to show up Jake.

Leo: No, I did it because I love you and I wanted to make you happy. Sorry.

Greenlee: Who wants to get their ring on an elevator? How romantic is that?

Leo: Oh, you wanted romance?

Greenlee: Duh. I said yes anyway.

Leo: You wouldn't go away with me.

Laura: Really? Now, that's interesting, huh, Jake?

Greenlee: Stay out of this. I was working.

Leo: Oh, you blew off Paris.

Greenlee: What did you expect? One minute you were married to Laura and I was just a memory, and then I set off the sprinkler system and you have a moment of truth?

Leo: The moment of truth was before the downpour, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Hey, now you're in love with me.

Leo: I thought that's what you wanted.

Greenlee: You didn't even give me a chance to breathe.

Leo: Well, excuse me. Sorry. I thought we loved each other.

Greenlee: You're still married to her.

Laura: Thank you for reminding him of that.

Greenlee: Shut up! For months you were so careful with her. You treat her like she's -- she's made of glass. And then when you're with me, it's, "sorry I practically got you arrested, but now I'm back." And the next thing I know, your socks are in my drawer?

Leo: So you think I'm moving too fast? I thought we both agreed -- you know, we wasted so much time. I thought you wanted it this way.

Greenlee: I want -- I don't know. But you should.

Leo: Oh, I -- that is --

[Leo screams]

Leo: Get me out of here! I am -- I'm not doing this, Greenlee.

Greenlee: What? What are you doing now?

Leo: I'm not getting pulled into another fight with you. This isn't about me or what I did. Laura's right.

Laura: Finally.

Leo: I -- I screwed up. I'll admit that. But so did you. The only difference between us, Greenlee, is that I love you.

Greenlee: Leo, let's do this later.

Leo: No, now is a pretty good time for me because I finally figured t what's going on here, Greenlee.

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Leo: The -- the -- why I'm not the right flavor. You don't love me. You can't.

Greenlee: That's crazy, and if I hear that one more time --

Leo: The only person you love is yourself. And I can't be the guy to come between you and -- you.

Greenlee: That's not true.

Leo: How can you love me, Greenlee, when -- when you're already taken by you? Jake, my friend, you win. She's all yours.

Jake: No. No, she's not.

Greenlee: Jake --

Laura: Said the woman who can't live without a man.

Jake: I made it real clear. I won't be a contestant in the Greenlee Smythe sweepstakes.

Laura: Well, my goodness. We went from double dipped to double dumped in one night. Impressive.

Mateo: Ah, here we are.

Simone: Oh.

Mateo: Home sweet home. No wife, no screaming kid. Just you and me. You want some?

Simone: Later.

Mateo: Come on. Let's party.

Simone: Uh-huh. And I want to be all there when you get it going.

[Mateo laughs]

Mateo: I'll be there.

Simone: Yeah?

Mateo: Oh, yeah.

Stuart: Mateo! Oh. Hi.

Simone: Hi.

Stuart: Um -- how's everything? Ok?

Mateo: What are you doing here?

Stuart: Oh, well, I just came by to -- to see how's everything and -- and -- I heard some stuff about you and Hayley, and I want you to tell me it's not true. Mateo, tell me this isn't happening.

[Computer modem connects]

Roger: Uploading and delivering to Proteus.

Automated voice: You have mail.

David: Mail? That's interesting. Let's see what we got.

Chris: Thank you.

Bartender: You're welcome.

Chris: So, have you chilled out enough to listen without trying to rip my head off?

Ryan: What are they protecting you from? And who is it that's protecting you?

Chris: Who do you think?

Ryan: Why are they covering up the shooting?

Chris: Because I set him up.

Ryan: You what?

Chris: I was working narcotics at the time, and I got to see what a real dirt bag your father was.

Ryan: Well, like I said, you're not telling me anything I don't already know.

Chris: And it became a personal mission.

Ryan: A mission or a target?

Chris: That, too.

Ryan: Go on.

Chris: You see, I'm very thorough. By the time I was ready to make my move, I knew everything about Patrick Curry right down to the brand of toothpaste that he used. Setting him up -- a piece of cake.

Ryan: You see, now, that doesn't sound very legal to me.

Chris: Well, I didn't give a damn. You see, I was the judge and the jury.

Ryan: So you're a dirty cop and you're proud of it. What'd you do to him?

Chris: Oh, I set up a deal that was so sweet, I had him drooling. And then when he couldn't stay away, there I was -- long arm of the law.

Ryan: Entrapment.

Chris: Yeah, amongst other things. But, you know, punks like him -- they don't have a grasp of legalities, not to mention the fact that your father wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed --

Ryan: So you tricked him?

Chris: If you know what I mean.

Ryan: Yeah, I know what you mean. You tricked him.

Chris: Tricked? Nah. See, I just pushed a couple of little buttons, and he went for that gun just like I knew he would.

Ryan: So he had his gun out when you shot him?

Chris: In self-defense. I shot him twice -- just to make sure. I mean, I didn't have to. Nah, I had to, even though I knew I got him with the first one.

Ryan: So, that's it? That's all you got?

Chris: You wanted to know how everything went down, didn't you? Now you do.

Ryan: That's the big secret the agency has been hiding?

Chris: Oh, it was big -- for me.

Ryan: Nothing happened to you. They covered for you.

Chris: Well, they couldn't publicly admit that one of their own broke every law in the books, not to mention the bill of rights.

Ryan: So you really must have messed him up, huh?

Chris: Oh, I paid for it. They busted me down to desk jockey for two years.

Ryan: What do you want, my sympathy?

Chris: I don't want your sympathy. But it was the two worst years of my life.

Ryan: Still beats dead.

Chris: You got that right.

Mia: Ryan, you got what you wanted. He told you the truth. So, what more do you want?

Man: Oh, are you folks all right? Because, you know, I have the elevator checked once a month. I mean, like a clock. And it's been going -- it hasn't made any -- look, I'm really sorry.

Laura: Don't be. We've had each other for company.

Man: Yeah, well, as long as you're not -- well, I -- I'm going to go and fix something --

Leo: Ok.

Man: Someplace.

Laura: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I am starved. B.J.'s, anyone? Burgers, fries?

Jake: Laura?

Laura: Yes, Jake.

Jake: Stuff it.

Greenlee: I am not in love with myself. I am not the one who went on a massive ego trip and married a nut case to prove he was a prince. I cut you slack for months, and you won't even give me days, and you -- you hurt me.

Leo: There's a lot of that going around.

Greenlee: Don't talk to me.

[Knock on door]

Anna: David?

David: Thanks for coming.

Anna: Yeah, I'd never miss a chance to visit you in your lair.

David: My lair? You make it sound so ominous.

Anna: Is it? What have you been working on up here? Dark and dangerous things?

David: Define "dangerous."

Anna: You first.

David: I'll pass. Are you --

Anna: What?

David: Oh, I don't know. You just seem like you're in a strange mood tonight. Is there something you're not telling me?

Anna: Yeah. But, then, you already know that.

David: Yeah, that's true. I guess I just thought that --

Anna: Thought what?

David: Nothing. The reason why I asked you to come up here tonight is because I want to thank you.

Anna: For?

David: For telling Stamp that I'm not Proteus and for believing in me.

Anna: I did do that, didn't I?

David: It's not every potential felon who has his own operative out there to prove he's innocent.

Anna: You like that, do you?

David: Mm-hmm. Gives new meaning to "she's there for me."

Anna: I didn't do this just for you.

David: I'm crushed.

Anna: Never.

David: Ok. Why'd you do it?

Anna: For the chase, the truth. I do have ethics, you know.

David: I believe you.

Anna: No, no -- the question is now, am I backing the wrong horse?

David: Anna, what's wrong?

Anna: Nothing.

David: That's not true. You once said you trusted me, and you meant it. But now -- I mean, has something happened to change that?

Mateo: Why don't you just go home, Stuart? Come on.

Stuart: I can't.

Mateo: It's none of your business, really.

Stuart: Yes. Yes, it is. I care about you and Hayley and Lorenzo.

Mateo: Oh, Jesus.

Simone: Aren't you going to introduce me, Matt?

Mateo: Yeah. Stuart, this is Simone. Simone, this is Hayley's Uncle Stuart, the family saint.

Simone: Oh. Hey, there, Uncle Stuart.

Stuart: Uh -- Miss --

Simone: Simone -- you just call me Simone. All my friends do.

Stuart: I'm sure you're a very nice person.

Simone: Oh, thank you.

Stuart: Well, I need to talk to Mateo alone.

Mateo: Well, it's bad timing, Stuart.

Stuart: Hmm?

Mateo: Bad timing. I got something to do. You know what I'm saying?

[Mateo chuckles]

Stuart: No, Mateo, Mateo -- I have to understand what's happening.

Mateo: All right. Fine. You want the short version so you can get out of my face, so you can go home to that yappy wife of yours? I'm sure Hayley's been telling you a lot of stuff about me.

Stuart: No, no, no, no. Hayley hasn't been telling me --

Mateo: Well, it's all true.

Stuart: Hayley would never tell me -- say anything against you.

Mateo: It's true, it's true, and it doesn't matter. It's over. It's done. We're through. We're done.

Stuart: No.

Mateo: Yeah.

Stuart: Not you and Hayley.

Mateo: Yeah, yeah. She's with Daddy Warbucks, and I'm here at the condo.

Stuart: I -- I know.

Mateo: Uh-huh.

Stuart: I know she -- she moved out.

Mateo: Yeah.

Stuart: That doesn't mean --

Mateo: Well, it does because now I have Simone to keep me warm. You know what I'm saying? Do you understand what I'm saying?

Stuart: I -- I -- I -- I don't believe that -- that --

Mateo: It's over. It's over, as in end of story.

Stuart: No, no, it's not -- not the end of the story. Not -- you and Hayley love each other.

Mateo: Stuff happens, Stuart.

Stuart: No, not when two people are right for each other, like you and Hayley. That doesn't make any sense.

Mateo: You know what? It's really late.

Stuart: Are you telling me that you don't love Hayley anymore?

Mateo: Go home, Stuart.

Stuart: No -- no. Is that what you're saying to me? Come on. Hey, Mateo, look at me. Look me in the eye. Look me in the eye and tell me that you don't love Hayley anymore. Mateo?

Mateo: It's over.

Stuart: Oh, my gosh. That look.

Mateo: What?

Stuart: No --

Mateo: What look? What are you talking about?

Stuart: I've seen that look before. That's the way -- that's the look that Adam gets when he's lying to me.

Mateo: You don't know what you're talking about, Stuart. It's over. You're way off base.

Stuart: I saw that look. I saw it in your eyes. Mateo, you're not telling me the truth. What are you doing?

Simone: Oh, Mateo --

Mateo: No, no, no.

Simone: Can't we go in now?

Mateo: Just hang on. It's good. Come on.

Simone: This is getting old, Baby.

Mateo: Well, he's not going to go. He's not going to let me go until I tell him what he wants to hear, right, Stuart?

Stuart: Yeah, right.

Mateo: Right. All right. It all started after the kid was born.

Stuart: Yeah, I know. You both wanted him so bad. You were so happy.

Mateo: She did a 180 on me, man. You know, she got all neurotic in the head about being a mom -- something to do with Arlene or something. You remember how weird she got.

Stuart: Yeah.

Mateo: Yeah.

Stuart: She told me she was afraid she wouldn't be a good mom because --

Mateo: Yeah, whatever --

Stuart: She didn't have a good mom when she was growing up --

Mateo: I didn't hear half of it. And I guess that's what she said.

Stuart: And I told her she was wrong. She would be a great mom, and I was right. She was perfect with Lorenzo.

Mateo: Yeah, right.

Stuart: Isn't that what you want?

Mateo: Stuart, one minute I had a wife, a woman. And the next minute -- I don't know -- I got pushed out in the cold. This place turned into baby central. I was alone.

Stuart: You were -- you were jealous of Lorenzo? Is that what you're telling me?

Mateo: No, it's just that, you know, someone has to look out for me. No one else was. The kid was yapping all night, crying. Hayley was on my back -- "do this for the baby, do that for the baby."

Stuart: Yeah? Go on.

Mateo: And then there was this great opportunity for me. You know, to make some money. Some real money. And I did it, and I was good at it. And she didn't want me to do it. She was on me all -- why are you looking at me like that?

Stuart: Uh -- it's ok. It's ok. I mean, it's -- I understand. Well, I don't understand, but -- it's ok.

Mateo: Why don't you go? Why don't you -- why don't you get out of here, Stuart? I've had enough, all right?

Stuart: All right, I'll go. I'm going to leave now. And -- you do what you have to do.

Stuart: Don't you worry. You and Hayley are going to be fine.

Anna: Yes, something has changed.

David: All right. What is it?

Anna: When I was talking to Stamp -- when I was defending you -- he was not happy.

David: Why doesn't that surprise me?

Anna: In fact, he was so not happy, he fired me.

David: You're not working for him anymore?

Anna: No. He told me -- and I'm paraphrasing now -- he said that my career was over and that the only future I had was as your girlfriend.

David: Harsh.

Anna: Very. But it led me to the question -- did I really come up short in the deal?

David: And what do you think?

Anna: I don't know.

David: Are you up for a little experiment?

David: Well? Maybe we need to try that again.

David: Anna, I'm dying here. What's going on?

Anna: Am I your girlfriend, David?

David: Would that be a problem?

Anna: It just sounds so tame. Not like us.

David: Well, what if I said that I was Proteus, hmm? Would that make it better? More dangerous?

Anna: But you'd be lying. Because you're not a drug dealer, are you? You're a cardiologist who saves lives.

David: Maybe. Maybe not. You never know.

Leo: You forget something?

Greenlee: I was going back for another load. Trust me, I'm not keeping mementos.

Leo: Hmm. Ah -- you remember when you gave me this?

Greenlee: In a moment of total brain melt.

Leo: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That was right after you gave me the fake job at Enchantment. So, do you still have your job?

Greenlee: That so doesn't concern you.

Leo: I'll take that as a yes. So, is Jake still acting as your career counselor?

Greenlee: I told you I'm not talking to you anymore.

Leo: I was just wondering if he bailed on that, too, that's all.

Greenlee: I hate you.

Leo: No, I think I said that first, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You know what? You are not coming near me again.

Leo: Just -- Greenlee, look at me. That's not a priority.

Greenlee: You're not going to sleep on my sofa tonight.

Leo: Yeah, I got that.

Greenlee: You are not sleeping near me ever again for the rest of your life.

Leo: Like I said --

Greenlee: You're going to have to find your own place to live in.

Leo: I'm already on it.

Greenlee: I don't care how much you beg or plead.

Leo: Greenlee, reality check. I'm not asking.

Greenlee: Fine.

Leo: All right.

Greenlee: So get out.

Leo: I'm going. I was just wondering if maybe you wanted your key back.

Greenlee: Oh. Yes.

Mia: Ryan, let's go back to the motel. You're just going to have to put all this behind you.

Chris: Well, now you know everything. There ain't nothing else. And that -- that junior G-man thing you were doing -- why don't you give it a rest, ok? Oh, and by the way, I hope you got my point. You see, because if I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. And I did the world a favor when I got rid of that bastard.

Mia: Oh, God. Come on!

David: All right, Anna. What's going on, really?

Anna: I just don't want to start something that I can't finish.

David: Who said anything about finishing? At least not for a while.

Anna: It looks like it's going to snow. I need to make it back.

David: It's really beautiful up here when it snows.

Anna: I have to make some calls.

David: That's a pretty lame excuse. There's a phone right here. You have a cell phone.

Anna: I need privacy. There's no negotiation.

David: Well, in that case, I guess there's nothing left to be said.

Anna: No, not a thing.

Anna: Oh.

[Anna remembers]

Anna's voice: I'll tell you something I've discovered. David isn't Proteus.

Chris: I hope you have hard facts to back that up. All right. Well, it's possible that he's not Proteus, but he's still high up in the organization.

Anna: No, I don't think so.

Chris: What is this, woman's intuition?

Anna: You think my emotions are running away with me?

Chris: I'm asking you to keep your libido on a tighter leash is what I'm doing.

David: Get up.

Roger: That's so much better. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David: From now on, Roger, you do exactly as you're told. Is that clear? You follow your instructions, or you're a dead man.

Roger:: I understand. Really, I understand.

Singer: I've made more mistakes than I can count upon my fingertips I have been ashamed and I have felt as guilty as all sin counting every tear that drops cannot account for any loss I'll let the past remain behind me now fill it up with goodness I'll drink it down with love never give up on me I will never give up on you you're everything I need

Simone: That's more like it, Lover.

Singer: Look at what we've been through

Simone: You ok?

Mateo: When I find Proteus, I'm going to kill him.

Singer: I have wished on every star that shot across my broken heart I am still amazed that you came true I have kissed a hundred lips

Laura: Hey, neighbor. You played that so well today. That whole rejection thing really turns on a girl like Greenlee.

Jake: First of all, how'd you get in here? And what are you talking about?

Laura: No, no, you were so on. That whole "I'm out of the running" thing -- I almost believed you.

Jake: You know, Laura, you don't know me very well. I don't play games.

Laura: Fine. Whatever. Just give her a few days to marinate, she'll be all over you --

Jake: Ok. All right. You've had your fun for the day. Now, get out of here now.

Laura: I guess this means we won't be doing the whole neighbor dropping in on each other thing?

Jake: Laura --

Laura: I'm gone.

Greenlee: Your clothes.

Singer: You're everything I need oh, just look at what we've been through I love you

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greenlee: You're out.

Erica: No, Greenlee, you are out.

Bianca: There's this huge chunk of my memory that's missing, and I have to force it out.

Tad: Thank God you're on a date.

Adam: I'm not going to let J.R. down. That tough love thing was an act.

Mia: He's here. What do you want me to do?

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