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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Anna: I don't trust Stamp. Neither should you. That's all I can give you. I hope it helps.

Mateo: You realize we're being watched, right?

Hayley: What are we going to do?

Mateo: We've got to pretend that we're over.

David: Here's a list of dos and don'ts, Roger. I suggest you follow them this time.

Leo: So what's it going to be? Here's your ring, so are you going to marry me or not?

[Roger groans]

David: I don't believe this.

Roger: What -- what did you give me? It feels so different.

David: You've been drinking? What was the one thing that I told you you could not do on this drug, Roger? Of all the stupid, irresponsible -- wake up, you royal pain in -- I said wake up!

Roger: So tired.

David: Listen to me! Did anybody see you come in here?

Roger: No, no. Nobody saw me, all right?

David: I've got to get you out of here.

Roger: No hospitals, please. No hospitals.

David: You know that's the last place in the world I would take you.

Roger: What are you going to do to me?

David: You're going to have to walk on your own, do you hear me?

Roger: Okay.

David: Come on. Walk, damn it! Come on!

Anna: Are you going to make that call?

Ryan: What?

Anna: The number I gave you to get more information about your father's death. Are you planning on using it?

Ryan: Why do you care? Anna, what's your stake in helping me find out the truth?

Anna: I don't have a stake in this.

Ryan: Oh, yeah, you do.

Anna: What's your point?

Ryan: [Missing] is about you not trusting Chris Stamp completely, but I just seem to think that there's a whole lot more to the story than that.

Anna: An assassin was hired to kill me. She killed your wife instead. I'll always feel responsible for that.

Ryan: So this is all for me? This is supposed to make up for what happened to Gillian?

Anna: Why are you questioning me?

Mia: Am I interrupting?

Anna: No. I am. So I'll be in touch, okay?

Mia: Okay. So what the heck was that?

Ryan: Apparently, Anna has some information about how my father died.

Mia: Wait a minute. What kind of information?

Ryan: I have no idea.

Mia: You mean more than what Chris told us that day at the motel?

Ryan: She said that the story that Chris told me had some missing chapters, but I -- I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. I'm going to try this number.

Ryan: Hello. Yes, I was -- I was told that maybe that you could help me find some information out about my father. My name's Ryan Lavery. I'm Patrick Curry's son. He's deceased. Fine. Same number? Great. Great, I'll have him call you in the morning. Thank you, very much.

Mia: Well?

Ryan: Well, they'll only speak to my attorney.

Mia: Who are "they"?

Ryan: I have no idea.

Mia: So you think this might be the runaround or something?

Ryan: I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Ryan: You son of a Ė

Leo: You're right. I know this is weird and I know that I handled everything really badly, especially while I was married to Laura.

Laura: Uh, news flash, Leo -- we're still married. It's bad form to propose when you haven't yet filed for divorce.

Leo: I lied to you. I lied to myself. I never listened to anything you had to say and I never took into account any of your feelings. I was -- I was a louse. I know that now.

Laura: This is gross, really.

Leo: You needed somebody that you could count on, Greenlee. And I acted as if everything that ever happened between us never mattered, which was a total lie. You needed somebody to talk to, somebody to help you through all this, and Jake was there for you. But I'm back. Can't you see that I'm here right now for you? It's just you and me, Greenlee, right now. So here.

Laura: This is unreal.

Leo: It's okay. You can take my ring. We can be together. I forgive you.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: What?

Greenlee: What?

Leo: Greenlee --

Greenlee: You forgive me?

Leo: Yeah.

Jake: Oh, boy.

Greenlee: Where the hell do you get off, du Pres?  

Leo: Where do I get off? I just found out that you've been comparing me to your favorite ice cream flavors, Greenlee -- and he's the one with nuts!

Greenlee: How can you even put that in the same sentence?

Leo: You know, it's not even like I was cherry punch or big bad banana. I was your vanilla, for crying out loud.

Greenlee: Can I tell you how sick am of that stupid ice cream flavor metaphor thing, huh?

Leo: It's your metaphor! You're the one who invented it!

Laura: Time to own it.

Leo and Greenlee: Shut up, Laura!

Greenlee: You took the whole stupid thing out of context thanks to her, who else. If you'd actually been eavesdropping on my conversation with Jake when I first said it, you might actually have understood what I was trying to say, Leo, before it got all twisted by Lauraís insanity.

Leo: Okay, fine. You explain it to me.

Jake: Explain what?

Leo: The freaking ice cream thing. You explain to me what Greenlee meant when she compared us to ice cream.

Jake: No, no, Leo, you're not going to drag me into this one. I'll sit this one out. Time-out, okay? I'm going to see if I can fix this thing so no one gets inflicted with bodily harm here.

Greenlee: Leo, you just said you forgive me. For what? For taking care of myself while you ran off with this pathetic loser?

Laura: Hey! Watch your mouth.

Greenlee: You never told me you'd been married before.

Leo: I never married Katerina for love, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, worse, you married her for money.

Leo: And I didn't want your money! Don't you remember I asked you for the prenup? So that I would never get any of your money. Don't you remember that? Huh?

Laura: You forgot to ask me for one of those.

Leo: Will you please just stay out of this.

Greenlee: Just wait. Wait.

Leo: Greenlee -- you broke my heart when you left me.

Greenlee: You broke my heart. You wiped your big, stupid feet all over me when you married Laura, and I don't care if she was pulling some Julia Roberts "Steel Magnolias" thing in the hospital and you married her to give her a reason to live.

Laura: I had a heart transplant.

Greenlee: Yeah, I know all about it. This is because Jake was there for me and you weren't.

Jake: Just fix the elevator, Jake. You're not here and they can't see you.

Greenlee: You want me to feel bad because he picked up the pieces and made me feel good about myself while you were setting up the tackiest house, I may add, with transplant girl over here. And I'm supposed to feel guilty about that? About taking care of myself, working on my career, getting help and friendship and --

Laura: Sex?

Greenlee: More than you were, I promise. Despite what that little jerk just said, I did get something from Jake that I never got from you, Leo, and that is something that you cannot take away from me for the rest of my life.

Leo: Self-respect.

Greenlee: Yeah. I'm not the same woman you left, Leo. I am stronger and more confident and I am happy about it. Do not expect me to apologize for that because I won't ever.

Leo: That's not what I was asking you to do, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Okay. Okay, then please tell me what it is that I did while you were married to Laura that is requiring you to forgive me so you'll feel unburdened enough to marry me?

Laura: He's forgiving you for falling in love with someone else. Leo's forgiving you for falling in love with Jake.

Palmer: What the devil is going -- I mean --

Vanessa: Darling. David, is Mr. Smythe ill?

Roger: Da -- damn. Now? I couldn't possibly, candy pants. Not the way I'm feeling, not right now.

Palmer: That's a new one.

David: Uh, Mr. Smythe had a little too much nog and not enough egg, if you know what I mean.

Roger: Don't you remember what you used to call me, candy pants, huh?

Vanessa: Oh, my, obviously, you're mistaking me for someone else.

Roger: Hot cross buns! It's been a long time since anybody ever called me that. I used to love the way you'd say it, Vanessa.

Vanessa: David, what on earth are you doing with this drunk?

David: Well, he was, uh -- he obviously had a little too much to drink down at the bar, and since I've kind of become the in-house doctor here at the hotel, management called me and asked to make sure that he wasn't dying of alcohol poisoning.

Palmer: And is he?

David: Unfortunately, not yet.

Palmer: But what are you doing up here with him?

David: Well, apparently, he was making a real scene down at the bar, so I just brought him up here to quiet down for a little while.

Palmer: And now?

David: And now I'm going to unload him in a cab and send him home.

Palmer: Not too many doctors of your caliber would bother helping a stranger like this.

Roger: Stranger? I'm no stranger.

David: No kidding.

Roger: No, Sir.

David: Look, he really needs to sleep this off and I have to finish this, so if you'll excuse us? Come on.

Vanessa: Well. It's no wonder Greenlee Smythe has so many family issues with a father like that.

Palmer: "Candy pants," Vanessa?

Vanessa: Oh, Palmer, come on. You don't think --

Palmer: Just who haven't you slept with in North America, Vanessa?

Vanessa: Oh, Palmer, Palmer, you're not going to believe the ugly rantings of a drunk, now are you?

Palmer: Well, all I know is he had the right idea.

Vanessa: Where you going?

Palmer: Well, I'm going to have a nightcap. Maybe six of them.

Vanessa: Connect me to the bar, please. Roger Smythe, please. No? Well, I know he comes in about every day around this time, so -- not at all today? No. No, thank you.

Vanessa: Oh, David, David. What are you up to?

Mateo: Smythe better show.

Simone: Stay cool. If he says he'll be here he'll be here.

Mia: All right, all right, just calm down.

Ryan: Are you seeing this?

Mia: I don't know. What am I seeing exactly?

Ryan: Mateo here with that woman that works at his bar. I mean, he's with her.

Mia: Okay.

Ryan: So he's got a new baby at home with Hayley.

Mia: I know, but, I mean, is it really any of your business?

Ryan: Hayley's a friend of mine. What, am I supposed to sit around and watch her husband all over some waitress?

Mia: No, I just think that people's personal lives are their own business, I guess. And I -- I mean, I heard about you and Hayley.

Ryan: Heard what?

Mia: Well, it's a small town, Ryan.

Ryan: What did you hear?

Mia: Just that a while back, when Hayley and Mateo were broken up, that you and Hayley had a thing.

Ryan: Yeah, and I'm assuming you're getting to a point sometime soon.

Mia: You know what my point is.

Ryan: No, actually, I donít. What I do know is that Hayley deserves lot better than this.

Mia: Ryan, donít.

Mateo: What the hell are you doing?

Ryan: I was just about to ask you the same question.

Mateo: Why don't you get out of my face?

Ryan: Why don't you tell me what you think you're doing?

Mateo: What's it look like I'm doing?

Ryan: It looks like you're killing yourself. You want to tell me why?

Roger: Oh!

Roger: Thank -- thank you for helping me.

Roger: You -- you never -- you never answered me before, David.

David: Before you made a total fool of yourself in front of my mother and her husband?

Roger: What did you do to me?

David: I gave you what you wanted, Roger. I gave you what you said you needed.

Roger: Do you think this is easy for me?

David: I told you to follow my instructions. They weren't too difficult, Roger.

Roger: Do you --

David: I warned you and you didn't listen.

Roger: You think I want to feel this way?

David: No, I donít.

Roger: Then stop torturing me! Help me. Please?

Anna: Oh.

Chris: Not so fast.

Anna: What are you doing?

Chris: Why don't you answer that one for me first, Devane?

Anna: Are you following me, Stamp?

Chris: No. I'm trying to figure out what the hell you're doing telling Ryan Lavery to call the bureau asking questions about his father.

Anna: Oh, you're good. That didn't take you long, did it?

Chris: You think you're smart, don't you?

Anna: I hold my own.

Chris: You know, you think you can squeeze me and get what you want? You think this little renegade op you're running is going to get your job back with the WSB or the one with the bureau? Well, you can forget it. You're not getting a damn thing back, and I'm going to make sure of it.

Anna: Is that right?

Chris: You might as well be dead, Devane, for all you're going to be able to do from now on, you hear me?

Mateo: Ryan, just turn around, go back to whatever you were doing over there, your little date, sit down, and stay out of my business.

Ryan: So what, you left Hayley? Is that what's going on here? Like, what, three months after she had your baby?

Mateo: Ryan, Ryan, I'm warning you --

Ryan: That's nuts, man.

Mateo: To stay out of my business.

Ryan: Where is Hayley, by the way?

Mateo: She left me. It's called abandonment. And she took my kid. And you can tell her she's not getting away with that one, all right?

Ryan: What, you think you should have the kid, or maybe you?

Mateo: Yep.

Ryan: I hope she takes you to the cleaners.

Mateo: Ryan, Ryan. Stay away from my wife.

Ryan: Don't bank on it.

Ryan: Don't you ever tell me what to do about anything.

Mateo: Mm-hmm. Well, just warning you.

Mia: Ryan, come on, let's go.

Ryan: Look, somebody's got to take care of her.

Mateo: What, that's you, that's you?

Ryan: Well, isn't going to be you, is it?

Mateo: You're going after my wife again, aren't you? Is that what this is about?

Laura: Ms. Smythe, I believe that's your cue.

Greenlee: Shut up, Laura.

Laura: No, you know you deny up and down that you fell in love with Jake while you were waiting for Leo to dump me. Come on, it's no surprise. Pine Valley royalty in the shape of a Martin doctor shows interest, and you tell me Greenlee Smythe isn't interested in seeing how that plays out?

Leo: Laura. Laura, if you don't stop talking --

Laura: What, you'll make me? Come on, Leo. I slept next to you for a while. I know what gets you hot, and jealousy gets you hotter than anything.

Leo: I'm not jealous of anything.

Laura: Okay, angry. Angry because you asked Greenlee to marry you and she's still interested in that elevator repairman over there -- I mean, Jake. Look, I know it's been a dry spell, but don't you have any self-respect? Couldn't you wait for someone with half a chance of not ditching you as soon as something better came along?

[Leo scoffs]

Greenlee: You stupid little wench!

Jake: Hey! Greenlee, stop!

Laura: Oh, my God! We're falling!

Laura: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, what a nightmare!

Greenlee: Oh, you got that horrible perfume all over me! Ugh!

Leo: Jake?

Jake: We're okay. We're all right here. Just the elevator dropped a couple of feet whenever the power went out and it just repositioned itself. We're fine.

Leo: What, emergency brakes?

Jake: Yeah, yeah, think so.

Greenlee: You are a freaking menace!

Laura: Me?

Jake: Hey, hey.

Laura: You tackled me like a linebacker in a 10x10 elevator.

Greenlee: Because you're acting like a lunatic from Oak Haven.

Laura: And you're acting like the lowlife poseur that you are.

Jake: All right, that's enough! Both of you!

Greenlee: Don't lump me in with her, Jake. You saw the way she --

Jake: No, you are both ridiculous, all right? I've had it up to here! All the insults and your back stabbing and your accusations! It's enough to make someone sick!

Laura: Oh, look, you're not exactly an innocent bystander, Jake. You've lied to protect Greenlee more than once.

Jake: You know what, Laura -- for once you are right. I have been involved. Consider my involvement officially terminated with all of you.

Greenlee: What's that supposed to mean?

Laura: Sounds like he's taking himself off your 31-flavor menu.

Jake: You are a waste of Gillian Lavery's heart. You find out that Leo here doesn't really love you after all, so you decide that the only thing that you can do for yourself to feel good is to make this man miserable the rest of his natural days. And, Leo, you're the Peter Pan of Pine Valley.

Jake: You know what, you're right, you're right. I'm not even going to waste my breath on you. Where do I start with you, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Give it your best shot, Doc. Go on. I'm obviously not going anywhere anytime soon. Tell me what you think of me.

Jake: You really want to know?

Greenlee: Oh, yeah, I really want to know.

Jake: Well, good, Greenlee, because here it comes. I love you, damn it.

Jake: All right? Happy now?

Ryan: So you're here with -- with her and you're asking me to stay away from Hayley? If they meant anything to you, Hayley and Lorenzo, you wouldn't be here right now.

Mateo: Here's the deal with this guy -- he waits in the wings for something to go wrong with my marriage, right, and then he swoops in and goes after my wife. That's his MO.

Ryan: You really, really are a stupid man.

Mateo: Oh, no, I found you laying the groundwork a couple weeks ago when you were in my living room telling my wife to go back to work early. You helped this whole thing along. You.

Ryan: What? Wait, wait, wait, you -- you're blaming me because you're cheating on Hayley? You're trying to blame me for this?

Simone: Uh, I have a name, thank you.

Ryan: Really?

Mateo: Yeah, listen, you have --

Ryan: Does he know that?

Mateo: You haven't gotten over Hayley. That's what the whole thing is. Right?

Ryan: So now you're disrespecting my late wife. This --

Mateo: Listen, I liked Gillian, I liked Gillian, but just because she's gone doesn't mean you get to go after Hayley.

Mia: All right, all right, stop. Enough, enough.

Ryan: Nice. Very nice.

Mia: All right, sit down. Just -- come on, sit. Sit. Look, you don't want to do what you're thinking about doing

Ryan: Did you hear this? Did you hear him?

Mia: Yeah, I heard him, I heard him.

Ryan: You really don't understand.

Mia: No, I do. It's horrible seeing your friend's husband with this other woman, I know, but that's not what this is about. Ryan, please tell me what's going on, okay?

Ryan: Does anybody tell the truth anymore? I'm just curious because I am so sick of all these lies that people tell. Nobody tells the truth anymore. Nobody.

Mia: Ryan, this isn't about Hayley and Mateo. Is it? This is what you don't know about your father and how he died, isn't it?

Anna: I'm curious -- why does this worry you so much, Ryan finding out the truth about his father's death? You're the one that opened this box in the first place.

Chris: You should've left us alone, Devane. You're using the wrong person to get at me, and it's not going to have the desired effect you want, I promise you.

Anna: No, I know more than you think I do, Chris.

Chris: No, no, no, I don't think so because if you did, you wouldn't even be thinking about messing with me.

Anna: I'm shaking in my boots.

Chris: You don't want to do this. You don't really want to take me on.

Anna: Wouldn't you say I already have?

Chris: Okay. Okay. Don't say you haven't been warned. And you stick with your boyfriend, Proteus, in there and see how far that gets you --

Anna: David is not Proteus.

Chris: Oh, you're sure about that?

Anna: Yeah.

Chris: Well, then if he's not, who is?

Anna: When I know, I'll call you.

David: You ask for my help, and yet you challenge me every step of the way. Where's the trust, Roger, hmm? What's in this for me?

Roger: You -- you promised me! You swore to me!

David: And you promised me total access and unwavering loyalty. In return, I give you what you need. And for that, I get what? Public displays having half the town talking? You doubting me and everything I've ever offered to you and delivered to you?

Roger: No, no, I am grateful to you!

David: You call this gratitude? Forget it!

Roger: No, no, no. I will die if you don't --

David: Right, how many times have I warned you, Roger? How many times?

Roger: All right, I -- I messed up.

David: You're stupid, you're weak, and you're ungrateful. And you're a threat to everything I've worked my entire adult life to accomplish!

Roger: I'm sorry.

David: I am saddled with you, Roger -- you and your lousy lack of discipline!

Roger: I'm sorry! I won't mess up again! Please! I will never betray you!

David: No, no, no, no. No, I cannot trust you.

Roger: You can! You can!

David: And if I can't trust you, Roger, you're of no use to me.

Simone: How?

Mateo: He's supposed to be here. I've got this computer disk to give him and he's not here.

Simone: Just sit tight. He'll be here.

Mateo: What if he doesn't show up?

Simone: He'll be here.

Mateo: Excuse me, do you know a guy named Smythe?

Bartender: Yeah, Roger. Yeah, he was here -- he was here earlier.

Mateo: He was already here?

Bartender: Yeah, about 35, maybe 45 minutes ago. Had a couple of drinks and I called him a cab.

Mateo: Oh, okay. What's he up to?

Mia: Okay, so what do I have to do to get you out of here?

Ryan: Let's go through this. My father was -- what was he? He was a drug-dealing, wife-beating, child-abusing pig.

Mia: I know.

Ryan: So -- so what does it matter how he died? Why do I care? Why do I care? Tell me why.

Mia: Well, I'm kind of wondering the same thing.

Ryan: Well, it's because of the lies, Mia. It's because I was raised on lies. They ruined my mother's life, they ruined my brother's life. Gillian died because of lies. Liza lost her baby. Now him? And even you.

Mia: You think I'm a liar?

Ryan: Come on. Mia, you lied to me before. You were raised by liars. Your uncle and your mother lied to you about who your dad was, what happened to him.

Mia: Yeah, I know, to protect me.

Ryan: Oh, to protect you. Did it?

Mia: No.

Ryan: No. That's why I need more. If somebody's lying to me about how my dad died, it's either to protect me or to cover something up, and either way, I can't let that happen.

Jake: Donít. Don't say anything. There's nothing to say.

Greenlee: You just said --

Jake: I said what I feel. You know, I don't even think I -- I don't think I like what I feel, not one bit. Actually, Greenlee, I hate what I feel because it feels like I have a 1,000-pound block on my back that's keeping me down and it won't let me stand up and let me live my life the way I need to live my life and the way I should live my life.

Greenlee: What do you mean?

Laura: He means you're ruining him like you ruined Leo.

Greenlee: I'm so sorry, Jake. I don't want to hurt you or weigh you down or make you feel --

Jake: You know what, you didn't make me feel anything.

Greenlee: You just said --

Jake: No, listen. All right, for once in your life, just listen to me. Sometimes, Greenlee, people fall in love and it's easy, it's simple. All right, it's not hard, it's not impossible. All right, it's not torturous. Sometimes people just fall in love and it's easy.

Greenlee: Loving me is easy? You just said you hate that you love me.

Jake: Oh, Greenlee, for God's sakes. You know what? You know, the problem is here is this. This whole situation with Leo is difficult, and that's the way you like it. All right, if it isn't painful to you, it isn't real. If it isn't a big argument and if it isn't -- it's not true to you. And that's a problem. It really is. It's something you need to overcome because love sometimes is simple. And it can be easy and natural and it doesn't have to be a living hell. It can just be what it is. But that's not good enough for you because you always have to undo it. Then you always want to come back and kick yourselves in the butt and try to make it all work again.

Leo: Jake, why don't you just back off.

Greenlee: You're not the first person to tell me I don't know how to be loved, Jake.

Jake: Yeah, I know. I know because we've actually been all through that before. And it's your own little drama, Greenlee, and I just can't let you drag me into it.

Greenlee: I do know how to love, Jake.

Jake: Yeah, you do. Problem is, is after you do fall in love, you want to tear it apart.

Leo: Jake, I said back off.

Greenlee: That's not fair. That's not true. I do want to be loved and I want to love somebody.

Jake: Do you? I mean, do you really, really want to love somebody? Because you had it. You had your shot at it right here. And you let it go. So, anyway, you need to step back and take a good look at yourself because Leo here, he just proposed to you again in front of his wife and in front of your replacement boyfriend. And he's sticking his neck out on the line, and I think you ought to let him just save some face, put on the damn ring, get on with it.

Leo: Greenlee, he's wrong. You do love. You can and you will. You love me like I love you.

Laura: Gag me.

Leo: Marry me, Greenlee. Show Jake and show yourself that you can love better than anyone. You can love me.

Laura: Which one of you heroes are going to console her? Here. We're all we've got now.

Greenlee: Ew! Get off of me!

Laura: Well, then. Which boy is it going to be, Greenlee -- rocky road or vanilla? You choose.

Roger: Da -- David, I'm sorry! I won't screw up again, I promise you!

David: I never should've given you the benefit of the doubt. It's not like me. I know better than that. But you were so pitiful, Roger.

Roger: You never helped me out of pity! You needed me!

David: I needed you? A dog off the street would've done the same job!

Roger: What are you going to do? You just going to let me die, then? Is that why you brought me up here? David -- David, please. We've come so far. Don't do this to me. Donít. Please, don't do this out of spite, don't do it out of anger! Help me, please! I'm begging you!

David: From now on, Roger, I own you. Everything you are and everything you ever will be belongs to me.

Roger: Yes, yes. I'll do anything you want.

David: Exactly. Exactly what I want.

Roger: Yes.

David: No questioning, no doubting whatsoever. Do you hear me?

Roger: Please, I -- I hear you. And I won't mess up again. Please, you got to take care of me. I can count on you. I know I can. Please, I'm begging you, please.

Roger: Oh, thank God. Oh, thank -- thank God.

Anna: David is Proteus.

Chris: I've been looking for you.

Ryan: I was just coming to look for you.

Chris: We have to talk.

Ryan: Yeah. We do.

Chris: It's about your father.

Ryan: Yeah, I heard something about that.

Chris: It's not going to be that easy to hear.

Ryan: Well, then just say it.

Chris: Look, why don't -- why don't we sit down.

Ryan: You know what, you know what? I'm really not into this.

Chris: Okay, so you ready to hear me out?

Ryan: What, again?

Chris: I came here to tell you the truth, the whole truth about your father.

Ryan: Ah, well, I'm still standing here and I haven't heard anything new, so why don't you just say it. You know what, I'm out of here.

Chris: I told you your father died resisting arrest. I didn't tell you the rest on purpose. I wanted you to know the truth, but I didn't want you to know who killed your father.

Ryan: Why?

Chris: Because it was me, Ryan. I killed your father.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Laura: I bet you can't go three months without chasing Jake or Leo or both of them.

David: I have something for you.

Anna: Really? What?

David: When you get here.

Stuart: I heard some stuff about you and Hayley. Tell me it's not true.

Mia: I told you the truth. What more do you want? 

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