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is not my best look this morning.

Woman: No, actually, you look better in person. Younger. And even prettier.

Erica: Oh. Well, thank you. I think.

Woman: Erica Kane just said thank you to me. No one's going to believe this. I got to get your autograph.

Erica: Yeah, I -- I don't have a pen.

Woman: None of us do. No sharp points in the slammer, you know?

Erica: Sensible, I guess.

Woman: Here's a crayon. I always keep one on me. You never know what's going to happen when you go off to work at night. You know how it is.

Erica: No, I --

Woman: Here. Sign this. Make it to Trudee, with two ďEísĒ. The second is silent.

Erica: Here you go.

Trudee: This is so incredible. Me in the same cell with Erica Kane. Who'd-a thunk it, huh? Hey, when we get sprung, we should do lunch.

Erica: Oh, thank God.

Chris: Thank you, Officer.

Erica: Did you get me out?

Chris: You're going to be arraigned in a few minutes.

Erica: What about the boy who was with Frankie? Did you find him?

Chris: He was a teenager, about Biancaís age.

Erica: Then, you know he was a teenager. Then, did you find out who he is?

Chris: Look, why don't we talk about that later on.

Erica: I don't mean that you should frame him. And, anyway, you were right about that all along.

Chris: Look, will you just stop talking and listen to me?

Erica: What is it?

Chris: I came here to tell you that you have to find yourself another lawyer. I can't represent you.

Dixie: You still haven't told me what you're up to, David.

David: I'm not up to anything. I'm simply bringing these down to the lab. Now I don't have to. Doreen? Would you be kind enough to bring these blood samples to the lab for me?

Doreen: Of course, Doctor.

David: Thank you.

Dixie: So, since when does the Chief of Cardiology have to run errands that a nurse or an orderly could do?

David: There wasn't an orderly in sight. And since there was only one nurse at the station and we don't like to leave them unmanned, I figured I'm going in that direction, anyway, so why not? Besides, it's all part of my new man-of-the-people charm. No task is too menial.

Frankie: You're sweet to care, Bianca-la.

Bianca: Well, I mean, I would've told you, but I didn't know whether you were going or staying or whatever, so why bother, right?

Frankie: I'm staying. So, tell me.

Bianca: I hope you don't have a problem with this. I'm gay.

Frankie: I don't have a problem with that.

Bianca: Frankie, I -- I think I love you. Let me see.

Frankie: Do you see anything?

Bianca: Yeah. Good news. It's an eyelash, not an eagle. Make a wish.

Frankie: What?

Bianca: You've never done this before? You just -- you make a wish and close your eyes and blow your eyelash away, and it comes true.

Frankie: Okay. Okay, okay.

Bianca: Did you really wish?

Frankie: I wished for the courage to tell you that I love you, too.

Bianca: Oh, Frankie! Damn you!

David: Bianca? Bianca. Bianca. It's okay. It's all right.

Dixie: Oh, Sweetheart, breathe, breathe, try to breathe. You got to get some breath.

David: Try to calm down, okay? Try to calm down so I can take care of you, I can examine you, all right? It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. All right, take a deep breath. Come on, breathe. Take some breaths. All right. Okay, good. All right, now, this is just so that I can give you a grade on the test -- what's your name?

Bianca: Bianca.

David: Okay. Can you tell me where you are?

Bianca: The hospital.

David: Good. Good. Give the girl an A. Here, look. I want you to follow this light, okay? Okay. All right, we're almost done. You want to tell me what that was all about?

Bianca: I just had a bad dream.

David: I'm sorry, Bianca.

David: Look -- I know this is going to be hard for you to believe, but I do know how you feel.

Bianca: Look, I don't want to be rude or anything, but you donít. Okay? You don't -- you don't know how I feel. How I felt about Frankie.

David: No. No, you're right, I donít. I don't know about your relationship, and I would be foolish to think that I would. That's yours and yours alone. But as far as losing someone you love -- well, I have some pretty heavy credentials in that area. I don't want to turn this into a sharing session here, but my father committed suicide when I was a kid.

Bianca: I didn't know.

David: Yeah. You know what the hardest part of it was for me? That nobody wanted to talk about it. This huge thing happened to me in my life, and everybody wanted to act like it hadnít. Like we could just ignore it, erase it. It used to make me crazy, you know?

Bianca: Yeah, I know.

David: Well, I just want you to know that I don't like pretending. So if you don't want to talk about it, that's fine. But if you do want to talk about it, I'm a really good listener, okay? I still remember what it feels like, Bianca -- the hurt and that feeling that the pain will never go away.

Bianca: That's not how I feel. I'm not hurt. I'm not in pain. I'm -- I'm so angry.

Erica: Chris, you can't desert me.

Chris: Look, I'm not, and I wonít. But I cannot represent you.

Erica: You said you would be my lawyer.

Chris: But that was last night, Erica. That was when you needed someone right away.

Erica: No, I still need you.

Chris: Look -- I thought about this, and I've been thinking about it ever since you were arrested.

Erica: I can't believe this. I really can't believe you're doing this to me.

Chris: Look, I am doing this because I love you and because I care for you, and you deserve only the best, and right now I'm not it!

Erica: Of course you are.

Chris: Erica, please listen to me. I am not qualified to walk into a court of law and try a murder case. I'm not.

Erica: You are a lawyer, aren't you?

Chris: Yes. Yes, I went to law school, and I passed the bar. But then I went into the bureau after that. That was years ago.

Erica: Well, then you are qualified.

Chris: No, I'm not! Erica, I've never handled a criminal law case in my life.

Erica: Oh, well, hey, so what? You can do that now.

Chris: No, no, no. Look, you need someone with the experience that I don't have. You need a shark to get you out of this!

Erica: Well, I need you. And we're not going to talk about this anymore --

Chris: No, no, yes, we are. We're not finished --

Erica: Now, what about this boy? Did you find out that he was a teenager? Do you know who he is?

Chris: Yeah, well, look, about that kid --

Erica: We need that kid. We need that kid to establish reasonable doubt.

Adam: The hell you do! What are you trying to do? Pin your crime on my boy?

Liza: Okay. But don't go on the big slide. That one's too high.

Colby: Okay, Mommy.

Liza: Thank you, baby.

Mia: Hi, Liza. Do you mind if I sit down?

Liza: No. It's a public park. You can sit anywhere you like.

Mia: You know, when I came here to Pine Valley, I probably couldn't have started off worse with you.

Liza: Well, if your goal was to get me to dislike you, I guess you were successful.

Mia: No, I wasn't. Honest. I wish we were -- I wish I could be the kind of sister that you need right now. I'm so sorry about your baby.

Liza: Why are you doing this?

Mia: Ow you don't trust me, okay? And that's totally my fault. But I just -- I want you to know that I understand.

Liza: Please, um --

Mia: I lost a baby of my own.

Liza: You had a miscarriage?

Mia: No. I had him. And I was really young, and I just -- I -- I couldn't -- I didn't really have any way to support him.

Liza: You gave him up for adoption?

Mia: Yeah. I had to.

Opal: Oh, if there's anything that I can do -- although, I suppose you think I've done enough.

Man: Well, there is one thing.

Opal: Oh, just name it, and I promise I won't lay a hand on you. Oh, that didn't come out right, either.

Man: You can let me buy you breakfast.

Opal: You want to treat me? After I've been dumping beverages all over you?

Man: Well, let's just say I have a thing about not letting a pretty lady pay her own check.

Opal: Well, um -- I -- I couldn't say you wouldn't be a lifesaver because the fact is, I did forget --

Man: Your wallet. Yeah, I heard.

Opal: Oh.

Man: And if you don't let me do this, it's going to ruin my whole day.

Opal: I accept. Thank you.

Man: No, thank you. Miss --

Opal: Opal. Just Opal.

Man: Pleased to meet you, Opal. I'm Hank Pelham. Care to join me?

Opal: Well, no. I was --

Hank: I hate to eat alone, and I did come to your rescue.

Opal: Well, when you put it that way, I guess -- thank you.

Hank: You're welcome.

Opal: So, what do you do, Frank?

Hank: Hank.

Opal: Oh, Hank. What do you do?

Hank: Well, I travel a lot. I spend a lot of time on the road.

Opal: Oh?

Hank: I'm an insurance salesman.

Opal: Oh, that sounds like fun. Well, the traveling part, I mean. Do you enjoy it?

Hank: Well, I get to meet some interesting people.

Opal: Um -- where are you from?

Hank: Oh, you name a state, I've probably lived there at one time or another. But there is definitely no mistaking what part of the country you're from.

Opal: Well, yeah. Folks do say I'm a dead giveaway. You know, the funny thing is, I don't even hear my accent anymore. I think I've lost it.

Hank: Well, I'm glad you havenít.

Opal: Why ever for?

Hank: It suits you.

Palmer: Oh. Oh, finally. I've been looking all over for you.

Palmer: What have you done with my son?

Opal: Um -- ahem. Excuse me a second. Palmer, don't get your knickers in an up. Petey and I are staying with Erica.

Palmer: Now, don't play dumb with me.

Vanessa: Although it comes so naturally.

Opal: I will thank you to keep your nasty mouth out of this.

Palmer: I understand you're afraid to stay in your own house now.

Vanessa: A palace he so generously gifted you.

Palmer: Because the murder took place there.

Opal: Well, I will admit --

Palmer: And it never would've taken place if you had had the sense not to bring in strays from the street.

Opal: Frankie is a very -- was a very nice girl, despite her blood. She just needed a break.

Vanessa: Oh. So, you've moved in with the woman who killed her.

Opal: Who is accused, not convicted.

Palmer: The point is, I don't want my son around t media circus that's swirling around Ericaís house.

Opal: Well, there isn't much that I can do about that, Palmer.

Palmer: Yes, there is. You can give him back to me, or I'll take you to court as an unfit mother.

David: I read in the paper that your mother was arrested. Now, I'm having a hard time believing that she would've killed somebody. Do you really think she did that?

Bianca: I don't know.

David: Your mother and I were pretty close, Bianca. Now, the woman I know couldn't have done something like that.

Bianca: All I know is that she -- she tried to keep me and Frankie apart every chance that she could get. It wasn't easy for us.

David: I'm sorry to hear that.

Bianca: Both of us got freaked out now and again, but we were trying, you know? And Mom just kept tearing it down. Or maybe --

David: Maybe what?

Bianca: Maybe she was right about Frankie. I didn't want to think so. I don't know. That's what makes it so hard, you know? I trusted Frankie.

David: And now?

Bianca: I feel like -- like she gave me everything I ever wanted and took it away. I don't know what to think.

David: Okay. Then how do you feel?

Bianca: Like, if mom was right, and Frankie really was out to just get what she could from me, it would kill me.

David: I hope that's not the case, Bianca. I really do.

Bianca: There's something else.

David: You can tell me if you want.

Bianca: I'm scared. There's this big chunk of time that's blank. I mean, I remember walking into Frankie's room and seeing her in bed with J.R., and then -- there's nothing.

David: You did take a pretty bad fall.

Bianca: It's not about the fall. It's like I saw something that I didn't want to remember. But I don't know what could be worse than what I saw, so -- so why can't I remember what happened afterwards?

Erica: J.R. is the boy?

Chris: That's what I was about to tell you.

Erica: Adam, I had no idea.

Adam: Yeah, well, you can lose any idea of framing him right now.

Erica: I would never do that -- never.

Adam: Erica, don't play me. I heard your lawyer asking about J.R.'s juvenile record.

Erica: Chris?

Chris: Well, I knew you weren't going to let it go, so I started digging.

Adam: Yeah, well, I'm warning you right now -- leave it alone. Or this mess you're in right now will look like a stroll in the park.

Chris: Don't you threaten her in front of me!

Adam: Actually, I'm trying to help. I had my lawyer on the phone all morning long trying to line up three of the best defense attorneys in the state for you.

Erica: You have?

Adam: Yes, I have. They give a whole new meaning to the term "dream team." When they finish their dog-and-pony show, the jury will all be reciting "reasonable doubt" in their sleep.

Erica: Really?

Adam: Really. Yes. These guys are good. You're not going to just get off. You're going to get an apology from the governor.

Erica: And why are you doing this for me, Adam?

Adam: Well, we have a mutual interest in this, Erica.

Erica: Yours being protecting J.R.

Adam: And yours being your freedom.

Erica: Happy endings all around, Adam?

Adam: Yeah, that's always the best way, don't you think?

Erica: No.

Chris: Look, Erica, if these people are as good as he says they are --

Adam: I only deal with the best.

Chris: Then I would take this man up on his offer and just say thank you.

Erica: I don't want Adamís lawyers.

Adam: Have you lost your mind?

Chris: What are you doing?

Erica: There's only one person I want to represent me. And that is Christopher Stamp.

Adam: Don't you understand what I'm offering? The best legal team in the state, free of charge.

Erica: I am saying no, thank you.

Adam: Why?

Erica: Look, you say that we have a mutual interest. I say we have a conflict of interest.

Adam: That's ridiculous.

Erica: You want to protect your son.

Adam: Yes. And help you.

Erica: Until the first time you think that J.R. is in trouble, and then I will be stuck with your so-called dream team, who will leave me twisting in the wind.

Adam: Oh, Erica. You know I would never do that. We've been friends for years. Even been married a couple of times.

Erica: No, please, that is not a recommendation.

Adam: No, I mean we had a past.

Erica: And I always learn from my past mistakes, Adam.

Adam: Good luck with your client. You're going to need it.

Chris: Do you realize what you've just done?

Erica: I have total faith in you.

Chris: I could never stack up to the kind of legal firepower he was offering you!

Erica: I thought that you said you love me.

Chris: Erica, I love you. And that's why --

Erica: That's what I need. I need a man who loves me. I need a man who will fight for me, not some hired guns by Adam Chandler who he can turn against me the minute he thinks the case is not going his way.

[Chris sighs]

Chris: Please. Don't ask me to do this, Erica. Please!

Erica: Chris, I have to. Please. Please do this for me. Please help me.

Dixie: Everything will be okay. Really.

Bianca: Thank you. Thank you. Both of you.

David: Now, I'm hoping that the time is going to come that you'll be able to look back at the time you had with Frankie and you'll remember only the good times, you know? Those things that made you care about her.

Bianca: I can't even wrap my head around that one.

David: No. No, of course you canít. I know it's a little early for that. But I did come because I wanted to ask a favor of you. I decided to have a memorial service for Frankie.

Bianca: You?

David: Yeah, I know. I didn't really know her well and certainly not as well as I should have, but she was my family.

Bianca: Oh, right.

David: Now, of course, I'll make all the arrangements, but I was hoping that you might like to help me along with them -- you know, with the plans.

Bianca: Oh, I don't think I could.

David: You see, the thing is, Bianca, I didn't know Frankie. So I have no idea what kind of music she would like or what we should say about her.

Bianca: Yeah, I don't know if I knew her, either.

David: Maybe you didn't have all the facts, but you cared about her, so you knew her. And I'm believing that the day is going to come sometime soon where you're going to want to sit down and tell me all about her. Okay? She had a really rough life, Bianca. She got dealt a pretty bad hand. I think it would be good if we could just send her off in style, huh?

Dixie: You know what? I have to go. I'm sorry. You hang in there, okay? Really.

Dixie: Hi. Excuse me; remember those blood samples you took to the lab? Did you notice if mine was in there? I'm Dixie Martin.

Doreen: I don't remember the name.

Dixie: Hmm. Well, I had some blood work done today. Maybe you could check and see if the results are back?

Doreen: I'll check.

Dixie: What?

Doreen: The lab doesn't have any blood test samples on you. I don't know what could've happened to it.

Liza: A baby boy?

Mia: Yeah.

Liza: How old were you?

Mia: God, I was just a kid.

Liza: Wasn't there someone in your life to help you if you wanted to keep him?

Mia: I didn't.

Liza: It sounds like.

Mia: Look -- I don't want this to be about me crying on your shoulder, okay? I just told you because I wanted you to know that -- that I understand and that they're not just empty words.

Mia: What?

Liza: Um, that thing that you're doing with your hair -- my little girl does that.

Mia: Really?

Liza: Yeah. Especially when she's nervous.

Mia: Yeah, me, too. Do you think it's hereditary?

Liza: It could be.

Mia: I like that. It makes me feel like Colby and I are connected. Hey, who's that guy over there?

Liza: Where?

Mia: Over there next to the kids. Should we go check him out?

Liza: No. No. He looks harmless.

Mia: Are you sure?

Liza: Would I let my child play out there if it wasn't safe?

Mia: No. No, you wouldn't. You know, I could go push Colby on that swing. I'd love to hang out with her.

Liza: Well, we're going home.

Mia: Oh. Okay. Maybe some other time.

Liza: Maybe.

Mia: Yeah, I got to get going, too. I'll see you around.

Liza: Yeah.

Man: I waited till you were alone, since you said you didn't want anyone to see us together.

Liza: Yeah, thank you.

Man: I have to tell you, Mrs. Chandler, I'm not wild about all this subterfuge.

Liza: We have no choice. If we're dealing with Adam, we have to be as underhanded as he is.

Man: Around the firm we say when you're in family law you've got to be ready for anything, but meeting with my client in a playground -- that's a first for me.

Liza: Yeah. Well, believe me, I understand and appreciate that we have to be careful. Believe me, if Adam knew that I'd hired you to help me get custody of Colby --

Man: I understand. It wouldn't be pretty.

Liza: Oh, well, I think that might be an understatement.

Man: I know how down-and-dirty a custody battle can get. My question is, are you prepared for what's going to happen?

Liza: I've been married to Adam for a while. I've seen plenty.

Man: Well, you've never seen him the way he's going to be when you start fighting for his child, I can promise you that. No, custody suits are the worst kind of litigation. You got two people who used to love each other. Now it's all turned toxic. They're hurting, they're angry. And they know all the secrets. They know just where to stick in the knife. People do some amazing things.

Liza: Yeah, I'm sure.

Man: Then I have to ask -- are you certain you want to go through with this custody suit? Because in my experience, once you start, there's no stopping.

Colby: Hi, Mommy.

Liza: Hi, baby. Um -- Colby, this is, um, a friend -- of Mommy's.

Colby: And Daddy's?

Opal: Palmer, you know I would never, ever let anything hurt Petey.

Vanessa: Do you really think all this turmoil isn't traumatic for him?

Opal: He is perfectly safe with me. You have nothing to worry about with him.

Vanessa: Well, I'm not quite certain you're equipped to judge that.

Opal: If you don't keep your jaw from flapping, I --

Palmer: She's right, Opal.

Opal: What?

Palmer: Who brought Leslie Coulson back into town?

Opal: You're holding that against me?

Palmer: It was your son.

Vanessa: Oh, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Opal: Does she have to be here?

Vanessa: Actually, it's a brain cell problem, Darling. I mean, both she and her son both share the I.Q. of an artichoke.

Opal: Are you going to let her talk to me like that?

Hank: Maybe he will, but I sure as hell won't. That's about enough.

Chris: Erica -- don't make me be the guy who fails you.

Erica: Oh, you wonít.

Chris: Look at me. Erica, look at me. I want to be the one who fixes everything for you. I want to catch the bad guys for you. I want to make your omelettes for you in the morning and be able to open a jar when you canít. I want to be --

Erica: My knight in shining armor.

Chris: Yes. And heaven help me.

Erica: Oh, Chris --

Chris: I haven't been this stupid for a female since high school.

Erica: Oh, Chris --

Chris: And you better stop saying that because, if you don't, then I'm going to have to haul off and kiss you, and we just don't have the time to do that.

Erica: Okay.

Chris: Okay.

Erica: Okay.

Chris: Okay, now I want you to hear what I'm saying. Don't make me do this when there's so much to lose, when the rest of your life is at stake. Get someone else.

Erica: You won't fail me. You're the only one I can turn to. You're the only one who can help me.

Chris: No.

Erica: Chris, I really don't like begging, but that's what I'm doing right now. I'm begging you.

Chris: Well, then don't.

Erica: Do you have any idea how frightened I am? I don't know who to turn to. And if I can't turn to the man who loves me, then --

Chris: Erica. Please.

Erica: Please, Chris. Please. You'll do it?

Chris: It goes totally against my better judgment.

Erica: You won't be sorry. You won't be sorry. I promise you. Thank you.

Man: Ms. Kane? You're up next.

Bianca: Okay.

David: So you'll help me with the service for Frankie?

Bianca: Yeah.

David: Good. I'll set a date, and I'll get back to you, okay? You're not going to be sorry about this.

Bianca: Thank you for doing it.

News anchor: Now for late-breaking news. In Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, the local district attorney has announced that Erica Kane, C.E.O. of the cosmetics empire Enchantment, will be arraigned today for the murder of Mary Frances Stone. Ms. Kane Ė

Palmer: And who are you?

Hank: I'm the guy who's asking you to lay off.

Palmer: Friend of yours, Opal?

Hank: No, we just met. But whatever beef you have with Opal, I know she doesn't have to take this.

Palmer: Mm-hmm.

Hank: Now, say good-bye to the lady. Her breakfast is getting cold.

Palmer: Well, this is a private matter. You have no right to interfere.

Hank: Ordinarily I wouldn't, but in your case I'm going to make an exception.

Palmer: Mm-hmm. Do you happen to know who I am?

Hank: No. Should I?

Vanessa: Yes. He's Palmer Cortlandt. He's very rich.

Palmer: Well, thank you, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Well --

Hank: You may be rich, but you could learn some manners. Now, be a gentleman and leave her alone.

Palmer: Now, what could possibly make me do that?

Hank: Maybe next time I won't ask so nicely.

Palmer: This isn't over, Opal. Come on, Vanessa.

Hank: Is he always such a charmer?

Opal: He's gotten worse since he married that she-wolf. Well, I don't know how to thank you for defending me like that.

Hank: You could have dinner with me tonight.

Opal: All right. I'd like to.

Liza: Yes, this is a friend of Mommy's and Daddyís.

Man: Well, I'd better be going. We can pick this up at another time.

Liza: That would be great.

Man: You know where to reach me.

Liza: Yes. Thank you. Well, wasn't that great? Mommy got to see a friend of hers at the park. Like, when we run into Samantha or Carrie, and you guys get to play in the sandbox. That's kind of great for Mommy to run into a friend, isn't it?

Colby: And Daddy?

Liza: Um -- yeah. And a friend of Daddyís. But, you know, I was thinking -- maybe we shouldn't tell Daddy that we ran into his friend or that Mommy was with our friend in the park today.

Colby: Why?

Liza: Why? Well, because it's a surprise. And if we tell Daddy that we saw him it could ruin the surprise. I think that you and I, we call it a secret. Don't you?

Colby: Okay.

Liza: Okay. I love you. Thank you, baby.

David: Hey.

Dixie: Where's my blood work?

David: I assume it's down at the lab.

Dixie: They don't have it.

David: Well, then I guess there must have been some kind of a mix-up.

Dixie: Mm-hmm. You.

David: What are you saying?

Dixie: My blood work didn't make it to the lab. Just a little while ago I saw you with a whole bunch of blood samples. You do the math.

David: So you're accusing me?

Dixie: Yeah, I am. Where's my blood work, David?

Chris: Why don't you go ahead in? I have to get my briefcase, okay?

Erica: Okay.

Chris: I'll be right back.

Erica: All right. Shall we? What -- Bianca!

Bianca: I want to know what happened, Mother.

Erica: Bianca, what are you doing here? I mean, you're not well enough. You should be in the --

Bianca: No, no, no, stop it. Stop it and tell me now, Mother. Please, I need to know what happened the night that Frankie was murdered!

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