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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 12/5/01

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Frankie: Bianca? Bianca!

Miguel: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Greenlee: I was thinking about hiring Leo so that he could help with this Lacy's meeting. Great. I knew you would go for it.

Brooke: It's not just Leoís stuff that's gone. It's Lauraís, too.

[Phone rings]

Edmund: Edmund Grey.

Brooke: Hi. It's me. Hey. Have you heard from Laura?

Edmund: No, I havenít.

Brooke: Are you at my office or yours?

Edmund: Actually, I'm at your office.

Brooke: Would you check the desk and just see if Laura left any messages?

Edmund: Sure, hold on. No.

Brooke: Is there anything from Leo?

Edmund: No. Brooke, what's wrong?

Brooke: Laura's run off, Edmund, and I have no idea where she's gone.

Greenlee: What? Do you think Iíll be too butch as boss?

Leo: No, I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that Erica, first of all, let you stay here and then hire me in, like, a second and a half. I just --

Greenlee: Erica's a smart lady. She didn't build this company on her good looks alone, you know.

Leo: Greenlee, what am I possibly going to do here?

Greenlee: Oh. Be brilliant and help me, starting with this huge meeting I've got with the Lacey's people today. I cannot afford to screw this up.

Leo: Why is this so life or death? I don't get it.

Greenlee: Because they're a huge client. Erica will buy me a boat if I keep them from ditching Enchantment.

Leo: A boat? Really?

Greenlee: You know what I mean. This is my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shine like a headlight for Erica. I mean, this could seal the deal forever with me, Leo.

Leo: I just don't understand why you're stressing about it so much, that's all.

Greenlee: Didn't you hear anything I just said?

Leo: Yeah, I just heard what you said. I just don't understand why you're so fired up about it. You have money. You have everything. Who cares if Erica is impressed with you or not?

Greenlee: This is because you want me to stop everything and go away to that inn with you.

Leo: It would be a lot of fun, Greenlee. I mean, I got the log, I got the negligee.

Greenlee: You know what, Leo?

Leo: What? What?

Greenlee: Jake wouldn't think twice about questioning why my career is so important to me or helping me out.

Leo: Okay, wait a minute --

Greenlee: And he wouldn't have to ask what difference it makes to do this right because he would just know. Could you please just do this for me?

Opal: Oh, my Lord in heaven. This can't be happening.

Bianca: Opal, what is it?

Opal: Oh -- oh, nothing, sweetie pie. You're awake. Honey, you slept like a stone, you know? I know because I was sitting there keeping watch on you all night long.

Bianca: What did you just read in the paper?

Opal: Nothing, honey. It's just --

Bianca: Opal, don't start and tell me it was your horoscope or something. What was it?

Opal: All right, but it was -- it was a horrible, horrible mistake, I'm sure. There's got to be some explanation. It says that -- that they arrested your mama for killing Frankie.

Opal: Honey, your mama is no murderer, okay? I mean, they should be looking for that boy that was with Frankie before all of this happened.

Bianca: I don't agree, Opal.

Opal: You don't -- well, who --

[Knock on door]

Bianca: Yeah? J.R.

J.R.: Hi. Can I come in?

Bianca: Yeah. Sure.

J.R.: Hey. I didn't know you were here. Sorry about that.

Opal: Well, I am, and I'm glad to see that you're here, too, honey, because now we can both help to keep --

J.R.: Opal? Do you think I could talk to Bianca alone? It's kind of important.

Leo: Okay. Uncle.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: I don't want to fight with you about Jake, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I don't, either.

Leo: We're both exhausted. You're running on fumes right now. So let's not start talking about things we shouldn't be talking about until we're fully rested.

Greenlee: Okay. I do need to bring us up to speed on this meeting, though.

Leo: "Us"?

Greenlee: You're working with me, remember?

Leo: You want me to be a part of this life-defining meeting? Are you kidding me?

Greenlee: Absolutely.

Leo: Greenlee, I don't -- I'll ruin it.

Greenlee: No, you will not.

Leo: I don't know anything about what you're selling.

Greenlee: Follow my lead.

Leo: Follow your -- follow your lead about mascara? I don't know anything about mascara!

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Oh! That's them.

Leo: Greenlee, please don't make me do this.

Greenlee: Leo du Pres, you do this for me, please.

Leo: If it's Val, he can help you.

Greenlee: It's not Val. I scared him off.

Leo: How?

Greenlee: Leo, are you going to do this for me?

Leo: Yes. Yes, yes.

Greenlee: Thank you, thank you. Now, just lay back.


Leo: You mean pass out?

Greenlee: You open the door.

Leo: Me?

Greenlee: Leo --

Leo: Greenlee, come on.

Leo: Hello. Come in.

Greenlee: Hello. Please, come in. You're so prompt.

Man: We're on a very tight schedule today. John Killington. This is my associate, Meredith Passel.

Greenlee: Greenlee Smythe. It's very nice to meet you. And this is my associate, Leo du Pres.

Meredith: Du Pres. I just saw something on TV about --

Greenlee: Oh, it's like "Smith" in France -- or "Smythe." Leo, the chairs. Well -- um -- let's get down to business -- or should I say re-negotiation.

John: There is no re-negotiation.

Greenlee: Come again?

Meredith: When this meeting was originally scheduled, it was to take place in the office of the C.E.O.

Greenlee: Yes, I know. But Ms. Kane has been detained, and I have full authority.

Meredith: She's been detained by the local police and charged with a capital crime.

Greenlee: Oh. You've heard?

John: Yeah. We would never continue to associate our company name with anyone who is --

Greenlee: Has she been formally charged?

John: Charged and ruined, you might say.

Brooke: Hi -- I didn't ask you to come.

Edmund: One of the reasons I came.

Brooke: I was awful to you at breakfast. You know, I stormed out, I left you there, and still you show up here. It's just --

Edmund: First of all, I'm here as your friend. Second of all, I care about you. And third -- look, you think I'm only going to be here when the sun is shining and there's no problems?

Brooke: Don't do that, okay?

Edmund: Do what?

Brooke: Don't be so damn nice to me when I am being impossible.

Edmund: I like you impossible. And I like you nice. Okay?

Brooke: I'm so glad that you're here.

Edmund: You don't have to do this alone anymore, okay?

David: Here's a list of dos and don'ts, Roger. I suggest you follow them this time, unless you want to end up back here.

Roger: Maybe I'll just purposely not follow the rules and see what happens.

David: Excuse me?

Roger: Well, considering what I'm about to face, David, a heart attack seems like a pretty humane way to go. Wouldn't you say so?

David: Don't say that in public, and don't think it in private. Not after all the hoops that I just jumped through to keep you alive, you ungrateful leech.

Roger: You have no idea what I'm going back into, do you, Hayward? I have no money, no place to live, no relationship, and absolutely zero job security, if you know what I mean.

David: You know what you do have? You have your health, thanks to me, Roger. You also have a beautiful daughter that, for some reason, cares whether or not you live or die. Now, that is something to be grateful for, don't you think?

Roger: I have busted my butt for years, and now I'm risking my life. And for what? For a weak heart? What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to live? Why would I even want to?

David: Unbelievable. Here. Just take this and keep your whining to yourself.

David: This should keep you going for a while. So don't be a fool with it, Roger, like you are with everything else.

Roger: If you're looking for thanks, you're looking at the wrong guy.

David: Anna.

Anna: Oh, good. You remembered.

David: What?

Anna: My name.

David: What is that supposed to mean?

Anna: A more insecure girl would have been quite put off by your lack of interest lately.

David: Yeah, I have been really busy as of late.

Anna: Really?

David: Yep.

Anna: How much work did it take to track down Roger Smythe? Don't fib because I just saw him leave.

David: You spying on me, Anna?

Anna: That is my chosen field.

David: I thought you already learned what could happen if you interfere in my personal business, Anna.

Anna: Oh, dear. That sounds decidedly like a threat.

David: No, not at all. Just a statement of fact.

Anna: Oh, this isn't going very well. Could you lighten up?

David: Could you?

Anna: Yeah. You know, I miss --

David: Oh, yeah, that's right. Not me, per se, just what we do, right?

Anna: Very, very well.

David: So, is that why you're here? To proposition me?

Anna: No, I thought it could be something simpler, like lunch.

David: You want to treat me to lunch?

Anna: You're the doctor, I think you should buy. Besides, you don't seem to be short on cash.

David: Is that supposed to mean something?

Anna: No. I just miss spending time together.

David: Wait here.

Anna: What?

David: Dixie?

Greenlee: Speaking of the papers, have you also seen all the incredible press Ms. Kane has been getting recently with her personal war against drugs? Her work with teens, her charity fundraisers?

Meredith: Look, her gay daughter's girlfriend is dead, and Erica Kane is accused of the crime. I'm sorry. I don't see how we can get beyond that.

Greenlee: Are you two American?

Meredith: What?

John: Meaning?

Greenlee: Are you Americans? It's a simple question.

Leo: Greenlee --

Greenlee: No, Leo, I want to hear their answer. Are you?

John: Yes, we're Americans. Your point?

Greenlee: In this country, you're innocent until proven guilty. So as far as I'm concerned, as far as you're concerned, and, Frankly, as far as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvaniaís concerned, Erica Kane is innocent until further notice. So, where you do want to reopen the discussion of a new deal? Hmm?

Bianca: It's good to see you, J.R. I mean, because it's my senior year, I'm on independent study, so I'm not in school a lot.

J.R.: Look, I'm sorry about what happened to your friend.

Bianca: Thank you. You know that I didn't know her that well, but thank you. J.R., you seem really nervous.

J.R.: I am.

Bianca: Why?

J.R.: Bianca, if I could be anywhere else but here right now, trust me, I would be.

Bianca: I don't get it.

J.R.: Look, I know -- I know you don't want to seem that upset because maybe it's easier for you to let go that way. I don't know. I mean, I do that stuff with -- I do that stuff with my mom and Tad all the time. Okay, look -- what I'm trying to say is -- I don't know what I'm trying to say.

Bianca: Neither do I.

J.R.: I know -- I know Frankie -- she meant a lot to you. I know this because -- because I saw.

Bianca: You mean you saw us together?

J.R.: No. I saw you see me with her. And I know this is going to hurt you really --

Bianca: J.R., what --

J.R.: That guy you saw Frankie in bed with the night that she was -- she was killed? That was me, Bianca.

J.R.: Okay, look -- you got to know I had no idea that you two were -- she was -- I didn't know, okay? I mean, if -- if I knew you guys were together, I never would have -- I never would have done that, okay? I mean, I had just met her, too. You know, that -- that probably doesn't make it any easier for you, but -- I mean, I was in the park, and I had just gotten in this huge -- this huge fight with my mom. And I ran into Frankie, and she was -- she was smoking a joint. She asked me -- she asked me if I wanted a hit, and so I took a couple of hits off it. And then she wanted me to go back to her place. I mean, I thought we were just going to hang out and listen to music and chill out for a while, but the next thing you know, things changed and we were -- I didn't have sex with her. I want you to know that, okay? Ever. After you left -- I didn't. Okay? Look, I'm -- I'm really sorry about all this.

Bianca: It's okay. It's okay, J.R., really. Um -- do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

J.R.: No, it's fine.

Bianca: Okay. Um -- when you met her, did she seem angry or upset or anything that you could tell?

J.R.: She was -- she was messed up.

Bianca: You mean she was stoned.

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, but it was more than that. I don't know. I couldn't really tell. I was kind of in my own world, you know? But -- it kind -- it kind of seemed as though she was almost -- she was rushing it. Like it was something that she needed to do, like she was trying to prove something.

Bianca: She was.

J.R.: Man. Are you going to be okay?

Bianca: Yeah. I'll be -- I'll be fine. I'm cool. The girl I was totally crazy about is dead, and my mom was arrested for her murder. I'm going to be great.

John: Ms. Kane obviously brings out the loyal side of her employees.

Greenlee: Which says something, no?

John: I'm just not sure my company can continue to have in-store displays with snipes of Erica Kane holding a bottle of perfume.

Leo: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. "Snipes"?

Greenlee: Pictures.

Leo: Oh. Sorry.

Meredith: John, I think this is too risky.

John: I think so, too.

Greenlee: Not good enough.

John: What?

Greenlee: You can't say no.

Meredith: We can, and we have.

Greenlee: But why? You know there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Meredith: Murder is bad publicity.

Greenlee: You know, there's a restaurant in New York where this mob guy got offed. You know, back in the 1980s, way before any of the Sopranos were singing, if you know what I mean. It was huge before the hit. After? You had to wait six months for a reservation, I swear. And today people are still waiting in line to take pictures, right where that guy got --

Leo: What I think Ms. Smythe is trying to say is that you might actually benefit from standing by Ms. Kane in a crisis such as this because she's going to be exonerated down the line. Right?

Greenlee: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. And this -- "positively arresting." What do you think?

David: Is everything okay?

Dixie: What?

David: Are you all right? Your health?

Dixie: I'm fine, David.

David: Everyone else? Your kids?

Dixie: J.R. And I are here to see Bianca Montgomery.

David: Oh. Oh, yeah, I heard that she was admitted last night. I didn't realize she knew my cousin.

Dixie: Obviously, you were very close.

David: I didn't even know Frankie, but I am sorry what happened to her.

Dixie: You look wrecked.

David: I didn't know her, Dixie.

Dixie: She was just a girl.

David: I know. It's an obvious waste.

Dixie: You know what else is a waste?

David: No.

Dixie: The police thought that J.R. murdered Frankie.

David: What?

Dixie: He was the last person to see her alive -- obviously, before the person who actually killed her. Do you know why the police questioned him?

David: Because he was the last person to see her alive?

Dixie: Because his prints were all over her room, and the police knew they were his prints because they had them on file because of the record you helped him get a few months ago.

David: His prints were on file already, Dixie.

Dixie: Don't you even start. You videotaped him, you blackmailed him, you drove him over the edge. And for what? For me? Well, look how well that turned out.

David: I have a lot of regrets in my life, Dixie, and few are greater than hurting you and your son.

Dixie: Forget it. If I had never let myself get involved with you, none of this would have happened to J.R. Because I did, he's not the same kid. That's for sure.

David: Okay, I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry the way that things turned out. I am. Look --

Dixie: No, don't! Don't you --

David: What? I wasn't --

Dixie: Don't you touch me.

David: No, I was only trying to --

Dixie: Don't you touch me, don't you -- don't you ever come near me.

David: I had no intention of upsetting you, okay? Dixie? Dixie, have a seat. Just -- just sit down for a minute, okay? Take a deep breath.

Dixie: I'm fine.

David: No, no, you're not fine. Look at you. You're upset about your son. You're not even concerned about your health.

Dixie: I'm fine. I was fine before --

David: Have you kept up with your schedule of appointments?

Dixie: No, I haven't, all right?

David: What about your blood work?

Dixie: I'll do it.

David: No, you cannot do that. Dixie, you cannot push those things aside. Do you understand? Wait a minute. Where are you -- you need to rest.

Dixie: I don't want to talk to you. Don't talk to me ever again. I mean it.

Brooke: Edmund, I don't know why I couldn't listen to you, you know, or why I wouldn't listen to you.

Edmund: What? About Laura?

Brooke: Yes, when you kept telling me that she was losing control, that she was, you know, different with me than she was with the rest of the world. I just -- I didn't want to hear any of it.

Edmund: You were just being protective. You're a mom. I wouldn't expect anything less. And we'll be here for her. Both of us.

Brooke: If we can find her. I mean, look at this place. It's like Leo and Laura never -- never were here, they never had a life here or a marriage.

Edmund: Maybe they didnít. People make mistakes. It's up to family and friends to just fix them.

Laura: What are you guys doing here?

Brooke: Laura, I came here to find you, and I figured out that you'd moved.

Laura: And?

Brooke: "And?" Honey, I was scared to death.

Laura: I'm fine. I'm just taking it one step at a time.

Brooke: Alone? You were moving without telling anybody?

Laura: Yeah. I had to act fast to get what I wanted. It's not like I was going to hide it from you, Mom.

Edmund: Why did you come back here?

Laura: To pick up some things I want to take with me. Is that okay with you guys?

Brooke: Laura, you know, we just want to help you.

Laura: Well, you canít. I have to do this alone.

Brooke: So, you found a place?

Laura: Yeah.

Brooke: Where?

Laura: Not far.

Brooke: "Not far," where?

Laura: I don't know, in town, I guess.

Edmund: Look, Laura, you've been sick, and your mom's worried about your health. After what's happened in the last year, don't you think she should know where to find you?

Laura: I got a loft space, okay?

Brooke: A loft space?

Laura: Yeah.

Brooke: Laura, no.

Laura: What?

Brooke: A loft space near Greenlee's neighborhood? In the same neighborhood? The same street?

Laura: In the same building, a few flights down. Greenlee comes out again on top. Happy now?

Brooke: Laura, what on earth would make --

Laura: Mother, don't freak out on me.

Brooke: You took an apartment in Greenlee's building?

Laura: I got it on short notice. It works for me. Okay? You don't need to read anything else into it.

Brooke: Well, how could I not? And who wouldn't?

Laura: It's just for now. Eventually, I'll find something else. I just didn't want to spend another night here alone in that bed.

Brooke: Honey, you could have stayed with me and Aunt Phoebe and Jamie, and you know it.

Laura: I didn't want to, okay?

Edmund: When are you going to start looking for another place, Laura?

Brooke: Today. Right? Today?

Laura: No, I'm staying at the loft today.

Brooke: Well, don't get too cozy because you're not staying, Laura. No way.

Laura: I'm not a child, Mom. I'm married.

Brooke: Well, not for long. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know that Leo is going to want a quick divorce, and I think it's better if you stop thinking of yourself as his wife.

Laura: Thank you. That helps.

Brooke: Honey, look, I'm not saying this to make you feel bad. I really am not. I was just so worried about you and about your health for so many months, I think I didn't see what was really going on.

Laura: Which was what, Mom?

Brooke: That Leo does not want to be married to you now. And he didn't before. And I don't say this to hurt you. I just say it because I want you to let go faster and to move on.

Laura: I've moved on, Mom. Literally and figuratively.

Brooke: What, into his new girlfriend's apartment so that you can see her in the lobby every day and him, too?

Laura: Fine! Okay, fine! I'll start looking for something else.

Brooke: When?

Laura: Now. Okay? Today. I don't know.

Brooke: I'll help you.

Laura: Whatever! Is there anything else? I don't want you two to watch. I feel pathetic about this enough.

Edmund: Laura, don't do this to yourself.

Laura: Edmund, why don't you just stay out of this, okay? Or just take my mother away? Now what?

Brooke: I want you to see someone.

Laura: Who? For what? You mean a shrink? I already did that.

Brooke: No, you didn't. You didn't even have one session, Laura. You need to talk to somebody. You need somebody to help you to find out why you're making these kinds of decisions. I mean, moving into Greenlee's building?

Laura: The only reason I'm being this way is because Greenlee drove me to it.

Brooke: It's reason enough, all right, to see somebody. Please.

Laura: This is so lame. Why are you making me do this?

Brooke: Because I love you! I love you. And I will take you there if you're not going to take yourself.

Laura: Okay. I'll go.

John: Count us in.

Greenlee: I took the liberty of having Legal draw up a new deal. I hope you don't mind.

Meredith: You're very sure of yourself, aren't you?

Greenlee: Tell me something, Meredith -- aren't you?

Meredith: I am.

Greenlee: It shows. I hope it shows on me, too.

John: This is fine.

Greenlee: Seriously?

John: I'll have my lawyer alter the language on the length of the deal, and we'll do a trial run of a few weeks, and contingent on Ms. Kane's innocence. But after that, I think we're good to go.

Greenlee: Oh, there is one more thing.

John: I can only guess.

Greenlee: When Ms. Kane gets bail and is back to work, it would really help if you told her this deal was contingent not so much on her innocence or guilt but on me handling the account.

John: This is your baby, Ms. Smythe. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anna: Nothing seems to divert you from those charts, does it?

David: Well, it is my job.

Anna: Nothing except Dixie, of course.

David: Are you gearing up to make a point, Anna?

Anna: What exactly is your deal with her, anyway?

David: There is none.

Anna: Oh, come on.

David: You know something? I'm not getting into this with you here.

Anna: I want to make something very, very clear to you, David. I don't know whether we're building anything together or what. It may be nothing. If it is, that's fine. I'm perfectly able to handle that. But I was starting to think that maybe we were moving in the opposite direction of nothing. Until recently, of course. Until your exchange with Dixie.

David: You don't want to go down that road with me.

Anna: I'm already down that road, my friend. If we're together, if we come together, I want it to be with a clean slate.

David: And how do you propose we do that?

Anna: I don't know. If you want to continue on with me, then I need you to know I'm not going to stand around and watch you fawning over Dixie. Do you catch my drift?

David: You know what, Anna? That's entirely your call.

Dixie: Hey.

Opal: Oh, hi, Dixie.

Dixie: Hi, Opal. How you doing? What's going on?

Opal: Well, I've been here with Bianca all night.

Dixie: Oh, yeah, because of Ericaís arrest, right?

Opal: Oh. I just can't believe it, you know? I thought she was just going down there for some questioning, and then I read the papers this morning. You and I both know that they are pinning this on the wrong gal. I mean, there was some boy that was with Frankie just before she was done in, and I think that is the little bugger they should be chasing after.

Dixie: Opal, uh --

Opal: Yeah?

Dixie: The little bugger is J.R.

Opal: You can't be serious.

Dixie: I am.

Opal: But he didn't --

Dixie: No, no, no. No, of course, no, he didn't.

Opal: Well, of course, but --

Dixie: He was with the girl, and the police questioned him, and now he is in there with Bianca trying to explain what happened.

Opal: I was wondering what got him down here to see her. Who would have -- I mean -- Dixie, is he seeing girls? I mean, like that now?

Dixie: Sure.

Opal: I know -- I know he's not a baby or anything, but still --

Dixie: Opal, brace yourself. Petey's not far behind.

Opal: Oh, bite your tongue. And if he's anything like Tad, I -- you know, Dixie, this might be a real excuse for you and Tad to patch things up.

Dixie: Opal, I don't think so.

Opal: But don't you think that really what J.R. needs at home right now is the right role model of the male variety?

Dixie: That wouldn't be Tad. I'm sorry. I don't want to badmouth your own son to you, but he really, really, really crossed the line when he brought Leslie back to town. And J.R. was more upset about it even than I was. So I really don't think that having Tad around is going to be good for anyone.

Opal: It's just all so sad. But I don't think I'm really rested enough to discuss this any further.

Dixie: That's probably a good idea.

Opal: I think I better just get on home, get myself some shuteye before I got to get back here, look after Bianca and not be quite so loopy. I had this for her. I left it in the car.

Dixie: I'll give it to her if you want.

Opal: Oh, that would be great. I know you're mad as spit at my son, but can I still hug you?

Dixie: Yeah, okay.

Opal: Don't give up on love, Dixie.

Dixie: I didn't.

Dixie: Hi.

Bianca: Hi.

Dixie: Hi. I hope it's okay if I come in.

Bianca: Yeah, sure, sure.

Dixie: How are you feeling?

J.R.: I told her, Mom, okay?

Dixie: Okay. Opal had to go home and get a little rest, but she asked me to give this to you. What? What is it?

Bianca: Oh, my God. It's -- it's from Frankie.

Opal: Oh, I am so tired and so hungry. I feel like I could eat a whole pig. Why don't you just fry up a couple of eggs for me, give me a side of hash browns and just a good-sized chunk of that pig in the form of bacon well done?

Waiter: You got it.

Opal: That's to go. Oh, Lord. Lord, Lord. Oh, Opal. You could scare a bear this morning. Where is my wallet? I got it in here -- my -- oh, no. Oh, no, I don't have any money. I left my wallet in the drawer next to Biancaís bed. How am I --

Man: I could buy you breakfast.

Opal: Oh!

Man: Ah!

Bianca: I think I need to do this alone. [Jumbled]

Bianca: Yeah.

Dixie: Come on. Let's go. Oh, you have to see Dr. McMillan anyway.

J.R.: Can't wait.

Bianca: Frankie, you had the worst handwriting ever.

Bianca: Damn it, Frankie.

Bianca: Damn you.

Greenlee: Thank you very much. Bye. Oh, it is such a good day. So?

Leo: You were awesome. Really.

Greenlee: Maybe we should have walked them to the lobby. Could you do that?

Leo: You want me to run after them?

Greenlee: Yeah, will you?

Leo: Sure. This is your realm, so I'm not going to question you.

Greenlee: Jake, it's Greenlee. I know you don't care and I'm not sure why I care enough to tell you, but I just pulled off a miracle today.

Brooke: It's the right thing to do, Laura. You need somebody to talk to who's objective and who's not, you know, in the family loop. I love you.

Laura: I love you, too, Mom.

Brooke: So, did you get everything packed in your bedroom? Your clothes?

Laura: Not everything.

Brooke: Do you want some help?

Laura: Sure.

Brooke: Okay. I'll get a head start, okay?

Laura: Mm-hmm.

Laura: You think I don't know this is all you?

Edmund: Excuse me?

Laura: This shrink thing has you written all over it, and don't you freaking lie to me.

David: Jen?

Jen: Yeah?

David: Listen, you don't have to leave the desk unattended. I'm heading down to the lab. I'll take those with me.

Jen: You sure?

David: Yeah. Yeah, it's no problem.

Jen: Oh, thanks so much.

David: Okay.

David: No, thank you.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Man: Are you certain you want to go through with this custody suit?

Nurse: The lab doesn't have any blood test samples on you. I don't know what could have happened.

Opal: Are you going to let her talk to me like that?

Man: That's about enough.

Adam: What are you trying to do, pin your crime on my boy?

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