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All My Children Transcript Thursday 11/29/01

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>> Previously on "All My Children " --

Greenlee: Leo, I'll marry you.

Mateo: I don't want you dragging my son down to that studio.

Hayley: Your son?

Mateo: Yes, I want you and him home where you can be safe!

Chris: Just tell me the truth. Tell me the truth and trust me. I love you.

Jake: Why were you out riding alone at night?

Bianca: Frankie.

Adam: Was I exaggerating? Liza hardly knew we were there.

Hayley: Yeah, well, Dad, she's depressed. She just lost her baby.

Adam: She's hardly spoken since we got back from the hospital. She just sits and stares.

Hayley: She's in shock. Who wouldn't be?

Adam: I know, but I'm trying to get through to her. She's shut me out. I want to help her deal with this loss.

Hayley: Dad, will you back off, please? This is about Liza. Not everything is about you. It's about her grief, and there are some things you can't control and this is one of them.

Adam: I am not trying --

Hayley: That's exactly what you are doing. You are trying to control her grief. She's not ready to deal yet. But when she is, she will come to you. And when she does come to you, you damn well better be there for her.

[Mateo on the computer at SOS]

Mateo: Ok. If I were Proteus, my password would be --

Mateo Santos. Let's try that. Nope. Hmm.

Simone: Need some help, Boss? I am computer-friendly.

Mateo: I'm not your boss. I fired you, remember? What are you doing here?

Simone: Right, right, you sacked me because you wanted to go after Proteus on your own. I want in on the kill.

Mateo: You want to know why I let you go?

Simone: Yeah.

Mateo: It's because you got something I want. Something I have no business wanting.

Simone: What?

Mateo: This.

[Mateo kisses Simone]

Leo: That's a yes? You will marry me?

Greenlee: Yes, Leo.

Leo: Greenlee, I so don't deserve this, but thank you so much.

Greenlee: Just promise me something?

Leo: Anything. The world on a string. I'll gift-wrap it for you. Whatever you want.

Greenlee: Just promise that we'll be happy. Blissfully, perfectly happy forever and ever.

Leo: We can write it on the back of the marriage certificate. That's fine. Of course. But -- I have to take care of the Laura situation first.

Greenlee: Well, take your time, Leo. There's no hurry.

Jack: Leo, Leo, where is Bianca? What the hell happened? You have anything?

Leo: Uh, she's --

Jake: Jackson, good, you got my message.

Jack: Where's Bianca?

Jake: She's in there. She just regained consciousness.

[Jack and Jake go see Bianca in her hospital room]

Jack: How is she? Yeah?

Jake: Katie, can you give us a minute, please?

Jack: Hey, Sweetie. It's me. It's Uncle Jack. Listen, can you tell me anything about what happened tonight?

Bianca: Oh. Frankie --

Jack: Yeah, with Frankie, Honey. Can you tell me -- Bianca?

Leo: I guess something heavy went down with my cousin Frankie, huh?

Jack: Yeah, Leo, you can say that. Frankie's dead.

Leo: What?

Chris: You stop bawling like a baby.

Erica: You just -- you took me by surprise.

Chris: Knocked you off your gorgeous pins, huh?

Erica: Like I just -- I didn't expect that. I mean, I just wasn't ready.

Chris: It's not like I planned it.

Erica: No. No. It's just that the world is a whole different place than when I woke up this morning. I mean, Frankie is dead and Bianca will be devastated.

Chris: Erica, you don't have to explain anything.

Erica: No, I want to.

Chris: Maybe I should take back what I said.

Erica: No, you can't. You told me you loved me once before. You didn't mean it then. But I think you do mean it now.

Chris: Ah. Sorry I opened my big mouth.

Erica: Please don't be sorry.

Chris: Erica, I'm your attorney now. So you need to come clean with me. You were found at the scene of a crime with a kid shot dead and the smoking gun in your hand.

Erica: I did not kill Frankie Stone.

Chris: But maybe you know who did.

Erica: Chris --

Chris: Now cut the crap and tell me whatever it is you're holding back.

Erica: I'm not, I swear.

Chris: Don't lie to -- please. Just don't lie to me.

Erica: All right. All right. I haven't told you everything.

Simone: Didn't your Mama teach you to ask for permission?

Mateo: You've been sending me signals from day one.

Simone: I suggested that we have an affair, fake it as a cover to throw off Proteus.

Mateo: I don't want to fake it. I want to keep it real.

Simone: Oh, no.

Mateo: What -- what -- you don't have to be afraid of me.

Simone: Oh. Who's the act for, Mateo, huh? There's nobody here.

Mateo: It's for you. You want me.

Simone: Wow. Really?

Mateo: I kissed you, you kissed me back.

Simone: You're married. You have a new baby.

Mateo: I'll be discreet. Trust me, Hayley won't have a clue.

Adam: Hayley, what's wrong?

Hayley: Nothing.

Adam: No, don't tell me that. I know you.

Hayley: I am fine. I'm fine.

Adam: You're shaking.

Hayley: I'm sleep-deprived!

Adam: Has the baby been keeping you up at night?

Hayley: No, the baby is an angel.

Adam: What about Mateo?

Hayley: What about him?

Adam: Well, is he carrying his share of the load? Is he helping you with the baby?

Hayley: Dad, please, the baby's fine, Mateo's fine. We are all fine. Now can you stop with the inquisition?

Adam: No.

Hayley: Oh, why did I come here?

Adam: Why did you?

Hayley: Because, uh, I'm going stir-crazy at home.

Adam: Does Mateo you're here? Sweetheart, have you had a fight?

Hayley: This is so none of your business.

Adam: Every time you and Mateo get in trouble, you end up here.

Hayley: Which shows my appalling lack of judgment.

Adam: What's he done this time?

Hayley: Nothing!

Adam: Oh, Sweetheart, come on, talk to me. That's what I'm here for. If your marriage is in trouble --

Hayley: Oh, Dad, for crying out loud, please stop it! I came here to see Liza.

Adam: And you're about to dissolve in tears.

Hayley: Losing a baby is the saddest thing there is!

Adam: Losing anybody you love! But if Mateo has hurt you some way, if he's stepped out of line --

Hayley: Oh, will you stop it, please? I am not some mafia princess. I don't you to take care of my husband for me.

Adam: So he did hurt you.

Hayley: No! I don't want to talk about it, Dad. I'm fine. Just butt out! Please, my marriage is fine, my husbands fine, my baby's fine. That's it, that's it.

Liza: Listen to her, Adam. Hayley, go and find Mateo. And you fix it the way that you feel is best.

Hayley: That's what I'm going to do.

[Door opens and closes]

Adam: I'm glad to see you up and about.

Liza: Adam, we need to talk -- about us.

Leo: Frankie's dead?

Jack: Yeah.

Jake: She was your cousin?

Leo: Yeah.

Jake: I'm sorry, Leo.

Leo: Yeah, well, it's not like we were close or anything, but my God. Bianca was totally wrapped up with her. This must have completely wrecked her. That's probably why she went out riding in the dark.

Jake: Well, she's really lucky that she didn't get herself killed.

Leo: So what was it? A car accident or what?

Jack: Actually, Leo, Frankie's death is under investigation.

Leo: What does that mean?

Jack: Means I can't talk about it.

Jack: Jake, what's Bianca's prognosis?

Jake: Well, she sustained a minor concussion and I would like to keep her for observation.

Jack: But she's going to be all right?

Jake: She's going to be fine. I expect a full recovery.

Jack: Thank God. Well, I guess I'd better get Erica down here.

Leo: I just left her a message on her cell phone.

Jack: Yeah, but I know where she is. Listen, if Bianca wakes up while I'm gone, I don't want anybody -- I mean nobody -- talking to her or asking her questions, you got it?

Jake: Wait a minute, Jackson, is this official?

Jack: Yes, it's DA's orders.

Leo: All right, well, I'm going to call Vanessa.

Jake: Katie? Come here, please?

Katie: Yes, Dr. Martin?

Jake: Katie, I'd like for you to make a note on her chart that Ms. Montgomery is to receive no visitors.

Katie: Not even family?

Jake: No one. Ok, thank you.

Greenlee: Hey.

Jake: Hey.

Greenlee: How's Bianca? She going to be ok?

Jake: Yeah, yeah, she's going to be fine. You can ask Leo what's going on, ok?

Greenlee: I wanted to tell you, I -- I told Leo I'd marry him.

Jake: Well, I'm really happy for you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Liar.

Erica: But, Chris, I really don't know where to begin because, really, you know what happened.

Chris: No, I don't, Erica. I don't. So why don't you start at the beginning and stop when you get to the end.

Erica: Well, it started with Frankie's phone call tonight. She was hysterical. I mean, she was crying.

Chris: Because?

Erica: Because Bianca had walked in on her here. Frankie was with a boy in bed. So Frankie was terrified.

Chris: Of what?

Erica: Because Bianca was so upset. She was afraid that maybe Bianca would do something foolish, you know, like harm herself. And so I panicked. I panicked because I could hear in Frankie's voice that she was really scared.

Chris: Go on.

Erica: Well, that's when I got off the phone and that's when I asked you to help me find my daughter. I know that I must have sounded really incoherent at the time, right?

Chris: Why, uh -- why did you want us to look separately?

Erica: Well, so we could cover more ground. Look, I also called Leo.

Chris: Ok. So you came over here already knowing that Bianca had run off.

Erica: I guess I hoped Frankie could help me find Bianca, could tell me where she had gone.

Chris: Bianca caught Frankie cheating, and you think that she told Frankie where she was headed to, hmm?

Erica: Look, I had run out of places to search for Bianca. So I know it was a long shot now, but at the time all I could think of was trying to find Bianca and keep her safe.

Chris: And so what happened after you got here?

Erica: Well, I rang the bell. Nobody answered. And I knew that Opal wouldn't mind, so I just -- I let myself in.

Chris: The door was unlocked?

Erica: Yes. And then I came upstairs and I came to Frankie's door and I called Bianca's name, but there wasn't any answer. So I opened the door, and that's when I saw her -- Frankie on the floor, dead. It's really awful. I mean, there was blood and -- I don't know, it was like suddenly I just went into slow motion. It was like it wasn't real. I felt like I went into a trance.

Chris: Go on. Please.

Erica: Well, I walked over to the body and I, uh -- I took the gun from Frankie's hand.

Chris: Do you know why you were still holding it when I walked in?

Erica: I was?

Chris: Yes.

Erica: It's because it was reflex. Because it was like taking a loaded gun away from a child. I know I shouldn't have taken it. I know I shouldn't touched it.

Chris: Why did you?

Erica: I'm -- I'm not sure. I told you, it was like I was in a dream and like I was in slow motion and like I was watching myself. I mean, maybe I was in shock. Because I certainly wasn't expecting this.

Chris: What -- what happened after you picked up the weapon? What then?

Erica: Well, I -- even though I was in a fog, I knew that I had to do something and I knew what it was I had to do. I mean, I had to wake myself up from this nightmare and call you. Because I knew that you were the only one I could depend on. I knew that if I called you, you would know the right thing to do.

Chris: You know, Erica, you -- you haven't told me anything new. Not one word.

Erica: I told you that -- that I was in a trance.

Chris: That's not enough.

Erica: Well, it's the truth.

Chris: Look, you know, you and I -- you and I, we separated hours ago, and the events you just described to me clock out to a half-hour at the most. And please, don't try to explain it to me that the loss in between time was because you were in some altered state.

Erica: Oh, I see, you don't believe me.

Chris: And you don't trust me. You know, go find yourself another lawyer.

Erica: No, wait, Chris, please. Please don't leave me, please. Please don't abandon me.

[Erica kisses Chris]

Jake: All right, well, I won't lie about the feelings that I had for you, Greenlee. They were real -- very real. But I got over them.

Greenlee: Love is not like a cold, Jake. You don't just get over it.

Jake: All right, well, let's just say it's a work in progress. All right, because one day very soon I'm going to wake up and you're going totally be out of my head.

Greenlee: It won't happen.

Jake: It will happen. You want to know why? Because I'm just like you. When I love someone, I want their full attention. And it hit me in the head like a sledgehammer when I realized that's never going to happen with you because there's always going to be another guy in your space. Always. I mean, whether it's Leo or it's some other guy yanking your chain. So, I mean, I don't want you to get the wrong impression. I really enjoyed the game while it lasted. But I'm not going to play anymore.

Greenlee: Well, I don't want to, either. Look, I didn't set out to be part of some stupid triangle. It just happened.

Jake: You let it happen.

[Laura is listening to Jake and Greenlee's conversation]

Greenlee: No! Jake, how can I make you understand? It's like when you're a kid and you grow up loving vanilla ice cream. You say that's it for life, my favorite flavor. And then one day someone offers you a scoop of Rocky Road, and you don't want to try it at first because of all those nuts and gooey marshmallows and chocolate. But then you figure, what the hell. One taste, what harm can it do? And so you close your eyes and you go for it. There are all these textures and flavors and you love it. Even if it is gooey. Rocky Road was a road I'd not taken. I didn't want to go there. I was happy with vanilla. Till I met you. You're my Rocky Road, Jake. I don't want to give you up.

Chris: Is that supposed to convince me to take your case?

Erica: Will you? Please, Chris, please, I need you. I need you more than ever.

Chris: You need to get honest.

Erica: That kiss was honest. I think you could feel that.

Chris: That's besides the point.

Erica: Is it?

Chris: Yeah. And I don't want you to change the subject.

Erica: I have not been changing the subject. I don't know what to do next. Can't you see that? Please, please. Please help me, Chris.

Chris: No, no. This -- this isn't you, Erica.

Erica: What do you mean?

Chris: You're playing me.

Erica: That is a terrible, hurtful thing to say, especially after, I mean, I just opened myself up to you.

Chris: No, no, no, that's what you want me to believe, but that's not what you're doing.

Erica: Chris, I told you --

Chris: Yeah, you told me. You've told me a lot of things, but you've kept me at arm's length for months. And now there's a dead body and you start throwing yourself at me? What? I got to ask myself why.

Erica: I did no such thing. No.

Chris: Ok, fine. You have it your way.

Erica: Look, please, wait. I just don't know what else to say. I -- ok, look -- I don't know if this is important, but there is something else.

Chris: What?

Erica: As I was driving up the driveway, I saw a van pulling out.

Chris: Did you get a license plate?

Erica: No, of course not. I had no reason to be suspicious at that point.

Chris: Can you describe the van, like the make, the model?

Erica: It was white.

Chris: That's it?

Erica: And there was a dent on the passenger-side door. I remember this. It was shaped like a crescent moon. Frankie's lover.

Chris: What?

Erica: Bianca walked in Frankie. She caught Frankie in bed with a boy or a young man, so couldn't that have been him in the van?

Chris: Did you get a good look at him?

Erica: Yes, it was definitely a male and he had long, tangled hair.

Chris: Ok, skip the hair analysis, all right? Just tell me how fast he was going.

Erica: Fast -- 40, 50 miles an hour fast. Really fast. I mean, he was probably making a getaway. He was probably leaving the scene of a crime.

Chris: And what happened to the Frankie offing herself scenario?

Erica: I don't know, maybe this lover of hers, he set it up so it would look like a suicide.

Chris: Wait a minute, you expect me to believe that you saw some guy making like a bat out of hell out of the driveway, but you were close enough to a good enough look to describe the split ends he had?

Erica: Yes.

Chris: Then how -- how could you make out a dent on the other side of the van in the door?

Erica: I don't know! I just could! I did! Do you have to question every single thing that I say?

Chris: Yeah, when none of it makes sense and none of it adds up! What, did you think I was going to miss it, was it going to get by me?

Erica: Chris, you're my lawyer. You're supposed to be defending me. Whose side are you on, anyway?

Chris: Yours, Darling. Always yours.

Jack: Sorry to interrupt.

Chris: Didn't I tell you we'd catch up with you down at the station?

Jack: Yeah, I know what you told me, Stamp. Erica, there's been an accident. It's Bianca.

Simone: Are you sure about this, Mateo?

Mateo: Very sure. Relax.

Simone: This is quite a turnaround.

Mateo: Enjoy it. I intend to.

Simone: Whatever you say.

Mateo: You're a very sophisticated woman, Simone, so nothing but the best for you.

Simone: Thank you. Mmm.

Mateo: You know what, there's nothing I enjoy more than sipping champagne with a beautiful woman. Something that I can't do with my wife. So, here's to all the things that I can do with you and not my wife.

Hayley: You know, I'd love to hear what those things are.

Adam: Comfy?

Liza: Yes, thanks.

Adam: How about some tea?

Liza: Maybe later.

Adam: Ok. Well, is there anything else I can do for you?

Liza: You can sit down so we can talk. The baby that I lost was another man's child.

Adam: Liza, I know, I know. And if he had lived, we would've raised him together because I love you. Liza: I --

Adam: And any child you bring into --

Liza: Please let me finish. The baby that I lost was Ryan's. I cheated on you. I excused myself and I held you to higher standards.

Adam: And I understand why.

Liza: And I blamed you for our problems, the difficulties in our marriage.

Adam: That's all in the past now.

Liza: No, it's not. Because I haven't accepted responsibility. I haven't owned my part in this.

Adam: You don't have to explain or apologize to me.

Liza: Yes, I do. I -- I slept with Ryan. I did what I did to get back at you. I said that wasn't the reason, but it was because I wanted you to suffer the way that I did, and there was this crazy thought in my mind that somehow that would make us even. But when I saw you suffer, it just made me hate myself.

Adam: I survived it. We both did.

Liza: But look what I held to your head. If you made a mistake, if you plotted behind my back, I said I was out of here, we were through. And I got pregnant with another man's child and I lied to you, and to Ryan. And you were still the problem, not me.

Adam: You were scared. You were confused.

Liza: Oh, stop. Stop making excuses for me. I did this to our marriage.

Adam: Well, maybe I didn't give you a choice. I shut you out.

Liza: Because you didn't want to be judged! I judged you by one set of rules and I had other separate rules for myself. I came down on you for being controlling, and here I was fighting for control. I took your daughter away from you and questioned your fitness as a father. Colby lost a brother or a sister because of my selfishness.

Adam: The miscarriage was not your fault. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Liza: I'm not being hard enough. I was very selfish.

Adam: Liza, you're human, just like the rest of us. We all make mistakes.

Liza: Mothers shouldn't make mistakes that harm their children. I need to know that I've learned how not to make those mistakes again.

Adam: You're looking for guarantees. We don't get them. Not even as loving parents. We try, we fall, we stumble, we get back up, we try again.

Liza: Then what do we hold on to?

Adam: Faith. In ourselves, in our children. In each other.

Greenlee: Do you see what I'm getting at?

Jake: Yeah, yeah, I think I do. You want your ice cream and you want to eat it, too.

Greenlee: What?

Jake: Yeah. You want me and Leo both. You want to double-dip. You want your Vanilla and you want your Rocky Road.

Greenlee: That was a metaphor, you poop.

Jake: That's right, it's a metaphor for greediness, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Is it greedy not to want to let go of something good?

Jake: You can't have it both ways. I mean, I might be your flavor of the month this month, but what's it going to be next month? Who's going to be your Rum Raisin? Who's going to be your Jamaica Almond Fudge?

Greenlee: No one.

Jake: Well, I know that when you say it now, you really mean it, but --

Greenlee: I do. I don't want to lose you, Jake.

Jake: It's too late.

Leo: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey.

Leo: I'm sorry I left you here. I had to go call Vanessa, had to tell her that my cousin Frankie just died. Greenlee?

Greenlee: Hmm?

Leo: I just told you that my cousin Frankie died.

Greenlee: I'm so sorry, Leo.

Leo: No, you're not.

[Laura tries to sneak back to her hospital room]

Jake: Laura. What the hell are you doing?

Mateo: Hayley, what you heard -- it's not what you think.

Simone: Yeah, believe it. We were just winding down, having --

Hayley: Will you excuse us? I'd like a word alone with my husband.

Simone: Of course.

Mateo: Hayley --

Hayley: Go! Make it good.

Mateo: Ok, um -- what you heard about her and me doing things with her that I can't do with you, I was talking about the books.

Hayley: The books?

Mateo: Yes, you know, the accounts for S.O.S. She was complaining that I was being harder on her than I was to you.

Hayley: Yeah, that's a really interesting choice of words, Mateo.

[Mateo sighs]

Mateo: We had an argument. We had an argument, I was --

Hayley: And you cracked open the champagne to celebrate your cruelty?

Mateo: No, I was just trying to smooth things over. You know, she was right, I was wrong. I -- I wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings. That's why I busted out the champagne. That's it.

Hayley: That is a crock and you know it.

Mateo: What are you talking about?

Hayley: Enough. Enough! I've had it up to here with the lies, Mateo -- the lies. You're not talking about balancing the books with Simone. And although you looked guilty, I don't believe that you were coming on to Simone because, for some reason, this is all an act. What I want to know is why. Why are you acting like this stranger to me?

Mateo: I told you, it's work.

Hayley: It is not about work. It is not about work and it hasn't been about work for months now. You jump out of your skin every time the phone rings when you're home, whenever that is, which is never. I tell you that I want to go back to work and you go ballistic on me. I can't come back to work, I can't call you here because you're never here, and they never know where to find you, Mateo. And I am sick of it. I am absolutely sick of it. And the lies. The endless, nonstop lies. Lies to shut me up and to shut me out, and I think that you are sick of it, too. I think that you are sick and tired of what you are doing to me and what you are doing to our marriage, and I want you to tell me why, Mateo. I need you tell me why. What is going on with you? Because if you don't tell me, I will find out on my own! Oh, fine.

[Mateo pulls Hayley close and whispers in her ear]

Mateo: Listen to me and don't say a word. Just listen to me. I need you to trust me. I need to shove me and I want you to run, and I want you to hide and you wait there. You wait for me, ok?

[Mateo pulls away from Hayley]

Mateo: If you want me to forget her, then I suggest you start showing me how to forget her!

Hayley: Forget it! Forget you. You can just have your slutty little waitress. I'm so done with you.

Liza: I want to believe in us, in our future. I want to have faith. I just -- I don't know how to get it.

Adam: I wish I could tell you how to get it. I wish I could just hand you the faith that you need, but I can't. You're going to have to find it for yourself. I think you can.

Liza: I'm trying, for me, for Colby.

Adam: I wish the answer were simple, I could just give it to you. I think the best thing I could do for you right now is just to leave you alone for a while.

Liza: No, no, I don't want -- I don't want to be alone. Please don't leave me.

Adam: Ok. Whatever it is you need, I'll give it to you, if it's in my power.

Liza: I just -- I just want you to hold me. I just want you to tell me that everything's going to be all right.

Adam: You have my word. Everything is going to be all right.

Greenlee: Leo, really, I'm sorry about your cousin.

Leo: Greenlee, come on. I saw you when I walked in here. You were with Jake.

Greenlee: It's no big deal. We were talking.

Leo: About?

Greenlee: Bianca. What else?

Leo: You tell me.

Greenlee: Leo, it was perfectly innocent, so don't go all caveman on me.

Leo: I just -- I just want to know where I stand, that's all.

Greenlee: Leo, Jake and I are history. All you have to know is that I love you and only you.

Katie: Doctor?

Jake: Yeah, thanks.

[Jake watches Greenlee kiss Leo]

Laura: I'm looking for Dr. Hayward. Why don't you take a picture? It lasts longer.

Jake: What?

Laura: I said I'm looking for Dr. Hayward.

Jake: Yeah, well, Dr. Hayward's not on call tonight.

Laura: They make a cute couple, though, don't they?

Jake: Laura, go back to your room.

Erica: Oh, Jake. Jake, how is Bianca?

Jake: She's resting comfortably.

Erica: Jack told me that she was thrown from a horse?

Jake: Yes, yes, she sustained a minor concussion, but she's going to be fine.

Erica: Ok, where is she?

Jake: I'm just going to go check on her.

Erica: Ok.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Erica, wait.

Erica: What? I have to go see Bianca.

Jack: I understand, but I cannot let you see her alone.

[Hayley walks with a flashlight ]

Distorted voice: Hayley?

[Hayley gasps]

Leo: Oh, good, Jackson found Erica.

Greenlee: Hmm, looks like the DA's giving her a hard time.

Leo: I'm going to run over there real quick.

Greenlee: Leo, don't.

Leo: Why not?

Greenlee: Because, Mr. Boy Scout, you've done all your good deeds for the day. You saved Bianca's life.

Leo: I just found her and brought her here. It's no big deal.

Greenlee: Well, it's the same thing. She could've died from the cold and exposure. You make me really proud.

Leo: Aw. I do?

Greenlee: Yeah, you do.

Laura: Poor vanilla boy. He's going to find out how much it hurts to come in second. I'll make sure of it.

Erica: Jack, what are you doing? I mean, why can't I see Bianca?

Chris: What's the deal, Jackson?

Jack: Look, Bianca and Erica are material witnesses to a homicide. There's no way I can leave them alone together. As a federal agent and a lawyer, you should know that.

Erica: Wait a second. Are you implying that Bianca has anything at all to do with Frankie's death? I mean, Jack, you are so out of line!

Jack: Erica, I'm not implying anything. Look, it is my responsibility to preserve the integrity of this investigation.

Erica: What about my integrity?

Chris: Wait a minute, wait a minute. There is a way around this, correct?

Jack: Yes, there is, and I was just about to suggest it. You can see Bianca right now as long as there's an officer of the court present, and that would be me.

Chris: As her attorney, I'd also like to be present.

Jack: Fine, I have no problem with that, Mr. Stamp. Shall we?

Chris: Thank you.

Erica: Bianca. Sweetheart. It's Mommy. Open your eyes, honey. Please open your eyes.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Stuart: We're going home for the holidays!

Edmund: Time to change the rules of Thanksgiving.

Chris: Mmm, I'm impressed. Did you defrost this yourself?

Myrtle: You are a blessing.


Tad: Tell the truth -- did you do this?

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