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All My Children Transcript Monday 11/26/01

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Bianca: I lost so many people last year. I don't know if I could take it if I lost Frankie, too.

Leo: I wouldn't listen to a word you said about -- and you were right about everything. Greens, if it takes the rest of my life, I want to make this up to you.

Tad: I love you.

Dixie: I love you, too. But this is over.

Greenlee: Can't you tell me how long he'll be in there?

Nurse: No.

Leo: Greenlee. Is it your father?

Greenlee: No, no, no. He's still all right.

Leo: Good, that's -- that's a relief, right?

Greenlee: Definitely, definitely a big relief. It was sweet of you to track me down to check, though.

Leo: Actually, I was -- I was here to --

Greenlee: Jake.

Jake: Listen, I'm really busy right now, so --

Greenlee: Well, can't you spare me even one single second, even to talk about my father?

Leo: Look, you guys go ahead. I'm -- Lauraís waiting.

Greenlee: Laura? Did you say Laura?

Leo: Yeah. She -- she asked to see me.

Greenlee: Why?

Leo: That's what I'm here to find out.

Greenlee: Watch out for chloroform bottles and laundry carts.

[Leo chuckles]

Leo: Okay, I'll -- I'll --

Jake: Listen, the last I heard, your father's condition is continuing to improve. But if you want a more detailed report, you're going to have to see Hayward.

Greenlee: No, I don't need a doctor, Jake. I need you.

Erica: What was she thinking? What am I saying? Greenlee Smythe never had a thought in her head.

Chris: From CEO mogul Goddess to file clerk? That's not just a demotion -- that's a tragedy.

Erica: Well, that poor excuse for skin, Greenlee Smythe -- do you have any idea what she did?

Chris: Uh -- "Pine Valley of the Apes", was it?

Erica: Yeah, well, in addition to sabotaging a very promising ad campaign, she seems to have established a whole new system of filing -- I mean, no alphabetizing, no arranging things according to heading or according to product description, no, no, no. She had three ways to file. Everything went under either "hip", "has promise" or "gag me." I mean, "gag me" -- look at this. Three files, three disgustingly overstuffed files!

Chris: What does it matter to you as long as she can find things? Relax.

Erica: You're right, you're right. You know, what does it matter to me? Because she will never step foot in this building again. I fired her.

Chris: You what?

Erica: Well, after her stalking situation was smeared all over the industry, I really had no choice.

Chris: Of course you did. You -- you could've called me first.

Erica: Excuse me?

Chris: Look, why show restraint or reason when you can just erupt!

Erica: If my decision interferes with your drug investigation, tough!

Chris: No, no, no. No, it interferes with us working as a team, together, every time you have a knee-jerk reaction to a situation. You're right, it's going to make it a hell of a lot tougher for roger now that he doesn't have access to the company computer. But that's secondary for right now.

Erica: Yeah, you're damn right it is! But, hey, call the boys in Washington, you know? Have me locked up.

Chris: Aside from Greenlee and me, what's really gnawing you?

Erica: It's every mother's dream, isn't it? It's what we hope and pray for. Bianca has found love. She's in love. Isn't that great? Isn't that just cause for rejoicing all over the world?

[Loud music plays]

[Pounding on door]

Frankie: Opal, I turned it down! I swear I did!

Bianca: Hey! What was that?

Frankie: Hey. I thought you were Opal.

Bianca: What is it? What are you listening to?

[Music stops]

Bianca: What is this?

Frankie: Uh, nothing much. It's --

Bianca: Frankie, it's the locket that I gave you. It's broken.

Dixie: Ahem.

J.R.: Mom, are you tailing me?

Dixie: J.R., We were supposed to talk after school, and you just threw down your books and ran out.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I've got to practice sculling.

Dixie: Well, I've been waiting all day.

J.R.: Well, tell me so I can get to my workout.

Dixie: I had this rehearsed.

J.R.: Spit it out. I mean, how bad can it be?

Dixie: There's no way for it to be easy. Um -- Tad and I are breaking up again.

J.R.: You're not moving me down to Pigeon Hollow again, are you?

Dixie: No. No, no, no, no, no. Tad is the one that's moving, not us.

J.R.: When was this decided?

Dixie: A few days ago. We wanted to wait to tell you so that you and Jamie could have a happy Thanksgiving.

J.R.: Whatever. At least Dad will know where to find us. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Dixie: Wait a second. I mean, I think we, you know, we should discuss this, right?

J.R.: Why? It's a done deal for now, right?

Dixie: No, this time it's permanent.

J.R.: Why does that sound so familiar? Oh, that's right -- you've said it before.

Dixie: J.R., You're not listening.

J.R.: "Tad and I are calling it quits, Honey. He's moving all of his stuff out, but don't you worry. We still love you as much as ever." Hey, listen, Mom, I've heard it all.

Dixie: This is serious.

J.R.: It always is. Just don't go redecorating because you're just going to have to redo it all when he comes back.

Leo's voice: Brooke, I want you to cash this check. It's not everything, not by a long shot. But it's my first installment, and I'm going to keep giving you these until I've completely paid you back.

Laura: Payback for what, Leo?

[Knock on door]

Laura: Come in.

Leo: Hey. How are you feeling?

Laura: Better. Nice of you to be concerned.

Leo: Yeah, look -- Laura, I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't -- I didn't mean to hang up on you. It didn't even occur to me that --

Laura: That I might possibly be telling the truth?

Leo: Look, maybe this should wait until you're back on your feet. Until you're stronger. What are you doing? Maybe you should go back to bed, Laura.

Laura: No, no, no. I'm strong enough to put everything out on the table. And why shouldn't we? I know what you've been up to.

Erica: I'm all right. Thank you. I just better be all right. I mean, this is just the beginning, isn't it?

Chris: Well, it's got to be a shock when -- when the child you've nursed through croup and chickenpox all of a sudden grows up on you one day.

Erica: That doesn't begin to cover what I'm going through.

Chris: Well, one day, you're the guiding force in her life, and the next day, she's handing that title over to someone else. You know, Erica, I -- I think that all parents go through this sooner or later.

Erica: Chris, look -- forgive me if I don't find comfort in your words, but I highly doubt that you have ever had this exact experience that I'm going through.

Chris: True. I've never had a daughter fall in love with another woman, but I do recognize raw fear when I see it, Erica.

Erica: That's awfully dramatic.

Chris: Darling, you -- I sympathize. You got to let yourself off the hook. You can't go on thinking you can protect Bianca day in, day out for the rest of her life. It's impossible.

Erica: Chris, when Travis took Bianca away from Pine Valley, I had this recurring nightmare. I mean, I was alone on a beach. I was lost on a crowded beach. And then all of a sudden, I would find myself under the water with somebody pulling me down or something just pulling me down. And I couldn't get above the waves. I was drowning. I mean, you don't have to be a rocket scientist or Dr. Freud to recognize abandonment fears.

Chris: Well, for what it's worth, I -- I think that you and Travis have done a fine job raising Bianca.

Erica: Thank you. I'd like to think so. It's just that Travis' death was so sudden, and Bianca is still grieving. I mean, she and her father, they just adored each other.

Chris: Sweetheart, you know, you never stop missing the ones that you love, never.

Erica: I found Bianca at my mother's grave. I mean, I heard her. She was thanking her grandmother for helping to bring me around in my acceptance of Frankie.

Chris: Your what?

Erica: It's my latest strategy. I mean, I have to try to -- to accept Frankie for Bianca's sake because Bianca cannot endure another loss. She -- she told me that. And I ache for her, Chris. I ache for her. I don't know how she can continue to be so loving and -- and kind in the face of all the loss that she's experienced. I mean, I miss my father so much.

Chris: What?

Erica: What?

Chris: No, no, you -- you just said that you miss your father.

Erica: Then I just must've gotten it mixed up.

Chris: No, no, no. I don't think so. See, you miss your father as much as Bianca misses hers. That's why this is ripping you apart. You see more of yourself in Bianca than you want to admit, Erica.

Bianca: Frankie, it's -- it's busted already.

Frankie: It is. I -- I'm really sorry, Bianca. It was an accident. It had to be.

Bianca: You didn't even notice it was on the ground?

Frankie: See? This is why I shouldn't have nice things. Please -- please don't hate me.

Bianca: It's just a locket, right?

Frankie: No, it's not. It means a lot more to you than just a hunk of jewelry.

Bianca: Frankie, I didn't -- I didn't want to pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable. That's not why I gave this to you.

Frankie: No. I put it on my desk last night. I -- probably -- probably the maid knocked it over or somebody, and when I was rocking out to my music, I guess I -- I guess I just stomped on it.

Bianca: Stuff happens. This is nothing that can't be fixed.

Frankie: You know, since it's so valuable and all, why don't -- why don't you hold on to it? I can't be trusted with it.

Bianca: Frankie, I trust you with everything. I -- I'm always going to.

Frankie: Watch out. What's that saying about learning your lesson, repeating history?

Bianca: I'll risk it.

Frankie: Damn! Ow!

Bianca: What?

Frankie: Oh, it feels like a bird just flew in my eye.

Bianca: What -- what is it? Let me see.

Frankie: Oh, it'll come out on its own. It just --

Bianca: No, no, no, no. Shh! Don't move around so much. Let me see.

Frankie: Oh. Can you see anything?

Bianca: Yeah. Good news -- it's an eyelash, not an eagle. Make a wish.

Frankie: What?

Bianca: You've never done this before? You just -- you make a wish and close your eyes and blow your eyelash away, and it comes true.

Frankie: I don't think the wish Gods would grant me anything if they see me for the fake I really am.

Bianca: Frankie, don't be so hard on yourself. This is not a living, breathing thing, and you don't need it to remember that somebody cares about you.

Frankie: You gave me your heart.

Bianca: You still got it. Smile. Close your eyes and make a wish.

Frankie: You're too old to believe in magic.

Bianca: You're too old not to.

Frankie: Okay. Okay, okay.

Bianca: Did you -- did you really wish?

Frankie: I wished for the courage to tell you that I love you, too.

Jake: Have you had any sleep since last night at all?

Greenlee: Not at all. All this stuff is churning around in my head. Jake, I don't even know who my father is or what's going on. We both know his heart trouble is legitimate, medically speaking.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: But his memory lapse? It's so convenient.

Jake: Why would he fake it?

Greenlee: Why would he leave my office and end up in a hotel in Philadelphia? What if he's up to something horrible and that's why he's so interested in Enchantment's computers?

Jake: Greenlee, do you have to go looking for trouble?

Greenlee: I never have to look. I'm a magnet.

Jake: All right. Well, when blood flow is affected, memory loss can occur.

Greenlee: But not all the time?

Jake: Not all the time, no.

Greenlee: So it could be an act.

Jake: Well, then, why don't you confront him and find out?

Greenlee: Jake, he has a bad heart. It could give him a fatal coronary.

Jake: Greenlee, if his memory lapse is really on the up and up, why would he get mad? I mean, he might get a little confused or think you're nuts or something, but --

Greenlee: Do you think I'm nuts? Don't answer that. There are so many unanswered questions, Jake. I mean, part of me thinks that I should just forget about him. I should just disconnect, ignore him and the whole situation and let him screw up his own life.

Jake: Assuming that that's what he is doing.

Greenlee: But I canít. I can't just write him off. Why are you smiling?

Jake: Because I just think that character growth is so satisfying.

Greenlee: Jake, are you accusing me of being a little less shallow than I used to be?

Jake: Well, that would be my diagnosis, yes.

Greenlee: Then, you must know the cause.

Jake: Life experience?

Greenlee: You.

Jake: Oh, so some of my fine, upstanding Martin attributes are contagious, huh?

Greenlee: I don't think you can love someone who's better than you are without learning something.

Leo: What I've been up to? What are you --

Laura: Oops -- I meant what you've been up against. I should have picked up on all those signals and hints, but I -- I guess I just didn't want to face it.

Leo: Okay. I'm -- I'm still lost. I don't know what we're talking about.

Laura: About the marriage, and what went wrong -- or, actually, of course, nothing went right. I was after perfection. I don't know about you, Leo. What -- what were you after?

Leo: I -- I tried.

Laura: We said, "I love you" often, but I guess that wasn't enough.

Leo: Laura, I cared for you. I still care for you. I guess the -- I guess I thought that, you know, saying the words and being married was, you know -- that would make everything okay.

Laura: Hmm. Poor Leo. You really gave it your best, didn't you?

Leo: Yeah, well, I convinced myself that I could make it work. If I hadn't -- you know, if I had just been honest with myself from the beginning, I would've saved us both a lot of anguish.

Laura: Hmm. Not to mention everything that Greenlee's been through.

Leo: Well, I'm to blame there, too. It's not just you.

Laura: No, we were both wrong.

Leo: Look, I'm sorry.

Laura: Leo, stop.

Leo: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Laura: I don't want to see you beat yourself up.

Leo: Okay, well, I just want you to know that I sincerely, deeply regret everything that's happened to you.

Laura: I know more than you think I know.

Leo: Well, I guess the question is -- can you accept it?

Laura: I have. Honestly, Leo. I'm ready to let you go.

Leo: You agree that our marriage was a mistake?

Laura: Well, Leo, you married me for the wrong reasons.

Leo: Laura, I -- I only wanted to help you.

Laura: And you were so noble and self-sacrificing, but that was wrong. We were both wrong. You think we can still be friends?

Leo: Uh -- do you mean it?

Laura: Can you forgive me, after all the wretched things I've done? I mean, landing back here in the hospital has really been the wake-up call that I need. I mean, life is too short to waste any time. No more lost causes for me.

Leo: That's -- that's good.

Laura: Yeah, I'm going to take control of my life. I'm even thinking of seeing that therapist.

Leo: Get out. That's great! I think that you should take advantage of everything that's out there. This is -- this is -- this is, uh, very good.

Laura: Mm-hmm.

Leo: This is fantastic that you're really coming around, Laura.

Laura: Isn't it?

Leo: Yeah.

Laura: I'm just so surprised it took me so long to catch on.

Leo: Aw, who cares? Who cares? The -- what matters is that you're taking steps to make yourself better. That's -- you know, until you get sprung out of here, then we'll talk about whatever it is that we have to do to settle everything.

Laura: Sure.

Leo: Okay. Well, we'll talk. And in the meantime, take care.

Laura: You bet.

Leo: Okay.

Laura: I'll take care -- of you.

Bianca: I wished for it, too. I couldn't help it. Thank you.

Frankie: Oh. Don't dissolve on me.

Bianca: No, I wonít. I wonít.

Frankie: So, we both got what we wanted, huh?

Bianca: Yeah. What's the matter?

Frankie: I didn't get you anything -- I mean, like the locket.

Bianca: Frankie, come on. You just gave me, like, the most beautiful gift I've ever gotten in my entire life.

Frankie: You are so amazing.

Bianca: You are. I'm so lucky to have found you. Oh, my God. I don't want to leave!

Frankie: Well, then, stay.

Bianca: Oh, I have to go. I promised my mom I'd run these stupid errands for her.

Frankie: Well, then maybe you should go because, I don't know, our truce thing is still really shaky, and I don't want to mess up anything now.

Bianca: All right. I'm going to see you later, right?

Frankie: No, actually, I think I'm going to go find some other fantastic girl.

Bianca: Stop it! You better not!

Frankie: Like there could be another.

Bianca: You look in the mirror.

J.R.: Hey. Don't you worry about me. You guys go on. Do your little dance -- together, split, cut in, regroup -- whatever it is that keeps you guys going.

Dixie: Since when did you get so cynical?

J.R.: I'm a realist, Mom.

Dixie: Well, realistically, I -- I think you should be prepared, okay? Because this is going to be in the paper.

J.R.: Oh, what? You guys are big news now?

Dixie: Not us. Leslie Coulson was in town.

J.R.: When? What was she after?

Dixie: It's all right. She was -- she's in a maximum-security facility. She's no threat to us.

J.R.: Mom, was Leslie after you?

Dixie: In a way, she was. And in a way, Leslie is the reason that Tad and I are splitting up.

J.R.: Mom, you lie. Why can't you let go of that? What does Tad have to do to make you forget it?

Dixie: Listen, Leslie coming back here was Tad's fault.

J.R.: No way.

Dixie: He knew where she was. He didn't call the police.

J.R.: That doesn't make any sense.

Dixie: He thought that he could control her. He thought that he could use her to get back at David Hayward.

J.R.: No, Tad wouldn't gamble like that, not after what happened.

Dixie: He wanted revenge, and he wanted to use Leslie to get it. The rest wasn't important to him. What are -- J.R., don't! What are you doing?

J.R.: It's fine.

Dixie: No! My God, you're bleeding! Come on!

J.R.: I barely even feel it.

Jake: Don't ever say that. I am not a better person than you are.

Greenlee: Don't dare lightning to strike us. Look, let me buy you my "good influence" lunch.

Jake: No. No, no. I can't, really. Actually, I've just eaten.

Greenlee: Then, we'll have dinner. I'll cook. Wait till you see my new kitchen.

Jake: Yeah, well, I saw it. I saw it, you know, when I was moving your stuff out, so -- anyway, cooking is not a necessity.

Greenlee: Coward! Okay, I'll make what I make best -- reservations at the Valley Inn.

Jake: Well, thanks for the offer, but actually I got to get back to duty here.

Greenlee: Another time, then?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We'll see.

Greenlee: Jake, you can't still be mad at me for crashing Leoís rehearsal dinner. Why? Everything turned out the way it was supposed to.

Jake: Do you really think that's true?

Greenlee: If I didn't think everything turned out for a reason, I'd go crazy.

Jake: You are the new and improved Greenlee Smythe.

Greenlee: I don't know about that. One thing's for sure -- no matter what happens, we'll always feel the same way about each other.

Leo: Greenlee, if you guys are all finished, do you mind if I take you away from here for a little bit?

Greenlee: You and me?

Jake: No, no, go ahead. Actually, I'm still on duty here.

Dixie: Jake! Jake, he -- he hurt his hand.

Jake: What happened?

Dixie: I -- I think he needs stitches.

Leo: Greenlee --

Jake: I'll look at it.

Dixie: Okay.

Jake: All right. Okay, well, let's get you to Radiology here, and we'll get some pictures taken.

Chris: I was thoroughly briefed on the subject of Erica Kane before I hit Pine Valley.

Erica: How flattering.

Chris: I know all about you, Erica -- your background, your childhood. I even know what happened when you went to go visit your father in California.

Erica: Well, you think I miss my father? I think you must have missed some classes in Erica Kane 101.

Chris: Erica, you -- you worshipped your father.

Erica: Yes, I did, when I was a little girl. I thought the great Eric Kane could walk on water. And when he invited me to visit him in Hollywood finally, I was ecstatic.

Chris: While you were there, you were -- you were taken advantage of.

Erica: Yeah, I was raped. My famous director father was, of course, too busy to -- to share my birthday with me. And -- and so he asked one of his actor friends to take his place. You know, stand in for him. Well, you know the rest. I blocked all this for a very, very long time. Did you know that? Did they tell you that? I don't miss my father. I miss the dream of what my father was supposed to be.

Chris: What would you do to, uh, spare your daughter, Bianca, that kind of pain, that -- that disillusionment?

Erica: I would walk through fire.

Chris: Same as your mother would do for you.

Erica: Chris, I thought that I had lost Bianca to anorexia. And now this Frankie person. Bianca will not be able to survive a broken heart.

Chris: Well, maybe she'll escape without one. I mean, if this kid's nothing but a con, she'll -- she'll catch on.

Erica: She'll still have a broken heart.

Chris: Bianca's a smart kid. She'll catch on. And when she does, she'll give this kid a swift kick in the fanny right out of town.

Erica: Look, it's bad enough that Bianca is in love with Frankie. But it seems that this Frankie person has some genuine feelings for Bianca. And believe me, that makes her much more dangerous.

[Rock music plays]

[Turns up volume]

[Turns off music]

Greenlee: And you ran three red lights to get here?

Leo: They weren't red, they were yellow.

Greenlee: Which is not the "floor it" signal.

Leo: Greenlee, I just really had to talk to you -- like, immediately.

Greenlee: At least -- at least in the car we had heat.

Greenlee: Why am I beginning to think this was planned?

Leo: Because it was.

Greenlee: So you lured me to this boathouse for nefarious purposes?

Leo: Well, this place definitely does have some memories, doesn't it, Greenlee? It's been the scene for some major moments, that's for sure.

Greenlee: Will this be another major moment?

Leo: Well, that's pretty much up to you.

Dixie: So, is his hand broken?

Jake: No. No, no. Actually, he only bruised a few bones.

Dixie: No stitches?

Jake: Not one. Now, should I ask what's going on, or should I just mind my own business?

Dixie: Tad didn't tell you?

Jake: I don't know if I like the sound of that.

Dixie: He probably thinks I'm going to change my mind.

Jake: Dixie?

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: Tad and I are getting divorced.

Jake: Dixie, no. No, what are you talking about? You -- you guys worked so hard at piecing this relationship back together. You have a great life together.

Dixie: I know. I know. That's what I thought. Until Tad figured that he could use Leslie Coulson to get back at David Hayward.

Jake: Wait a minute. Wait -- you're blaming Tad because Leslie Coulson tried to kill him?

Dixie: Yes, that is exactly what I'm doing. He found out where she was, and he did not call the proper authorities. He just tried to enlist her in this plot to get back at David.

Jake: You're not making this up.

Dixie: Of course I'm not. I wish I was. He's been lying and obsessing about this for months.

Jake: I don't know what to say. I just -- I'm sorry.

Dixie: Oh, don't -- don't say that I should, you know, listen to his point view or give him another chance because, really, I just can't.

Jake: I'm not going to. As far as I'm concerned, Tad deserves whatever you dish out.

Laura: Now you see it, now you donít. Now you see it --


Woman: The humiliation. It's cruel!

Second woman: I know. Imagine being Laura Du Pres.

First woman: No, thank you.

Laura: Did I hear my name?

Nurse: I'll -- I'll be right there!

Second nurse: I have to --

Laura: Why were you talking about me?

Nurse: Turn on your TV. WRCW.

Laura: Please, God, tell me I'm not on the news.

TV announcer: Welcome back to "Americaís most embarrassing moments on video." Wait till you get a look-see at the odds-on favorite to win this week's "Badge of Shame."

Laura: Oh, like I care about this crud.

TV announcer: The wedding that turns into a baptism. Can you believe that? The Laura and Leo "do pray not to drown" nuptials!

Leo: Greens, you look cold. Why don't you come over here?

Greenlee: Leo, it's cruel to keep me in suspense. Get to the major part.

Leo: You are definitely unique, Greenlee. You're impatient, you're spontaneous, and you are definitely resourceful.

Greenlee: Am I getting an award?

Leo: Yeah, and I got the soggy tux to prove it.

Greenlee: Leo, I set off the sprinkler system to get out of the air duct, not to stop your wedding.

Leo: Yeah, and that was probably the most refreshing shower I've had since -- well, the mid 1980s at least.

Greenlee: I could have doused you a long time ago if I'd known it would do you any good.

Leo: Greenlee, please, just let me have it. I've been so mean to you for so long, please -- it'll at least make me feel a little less guilty.

Greenlee: We've already been through this, Leo. We've both made mistakes. Personally, I've perfected the art. How is Laura? You never said.

Leo: Surprisingly good. She's actually coming around.

Greenlee: Really?

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: How so?

Leo: Well, I think she gets it that she and I never had what it took to make a marriage.

Greenlee: You're kidding.

Leo: No.

Greenlee: No more scheming, mind games, court orders? You're a free man?

Leo: I guess miracles do come true. You know, I first realized that when I was at the altar in front of Laura, and Reverend Baker was --

Greenlee: And the heavens opened up.

Leo: No, no, no. This happened before the water. You know, I was about to say hen this fantastic image just appeared and chased the words right out of my mind.

Greenlee: Dare I ask?

Leo: She was a vision with soft brown hair, completely covering her from head to toe. The gorilla of my dreams. What a knockout.

Greenlee: Comedian.

Leo: Seriously, Greenlee. When I saw you as Mrs. Kong, I knew that I had to have that in my life.

Greenlee: Me, monkeying around?

Leo: Yeah. Well, sort of. Things are just more interesting when you're around.

Greenlee: Most people just find me irritating.

Leo: Yeah, well, it's a good thing that I'm not most people. I'm just a guy who's crazy in love with the girl in the gorilla suit.

Erica: No, don't you see? She's a con. I mean, "Yes, I love Bianca, too" should have just tripped off her tongue. But basically what she did is ask what is in it for her. And then she covered with sarcasm and -- look, I know that she has real feelings for Bianca, but what I think is that she doesn't know exactly what to do with them yet.

Chris: What if Bianca is right about Frankie? Then you're just putting yourself through this living hell for nothing.

Erica: Look, Frankie threw herself in front of my car. That was premeditated, not accidental. Then she tried to score drugs at SOS. Frankie is not right for my daughter -- I mean, by anyone's standards.

Chris: So she's made a few wrong moves. So have you, so have I. So what?

Erica: So what? The stakes are way too high, so what. I'm not going to let my daughter's future depend on some juvenile delinquent!

Chris: You survived, and so will Bianca.

Erica: I mean, how did I let it get this far? Look, I wanted opal to plant drugs on Frankie so she could busted and have her rear end carted off to prison where it belongs so she couldn't hurt --

Bianca: Really? Who the hell do you think you are, Mom?

J.R.: Busted.

Frankie: Not unless you're because by the time you call the cops, I'll be out of here.

J.R.: Don't be so literal. Offer a new friend a hit?

Jake: You know, watching David Hayward suffer for his sins -- you can sign me up. But putting your lives on the line? I mean, how could Tad think that anyone's going to wrangle Leslie Coulson? I don't know what he's thinking messing up like this.

Dixie: Well, you know Tad. He makes the impossible possible.

Jake: Well, let me tell you something. With you threatening to leave him -- if that doesn't slap him back into reality, then there's just no hope for him.

Dixie: I'm not doing it to punish him. I just can't go through this again. That's why I have to end it. It's hell, though.

Jake: Tell me about it. It doesn't make all the hurt stop and go away when you know you're right, either, does it?

TV announcer: Bad enough the groom got cold feet. The wedding was all wet.

TV announcer: Most brides get their shower before the wedding. So, tune in to see the Du Pres' not-so-happy wedding again next week when we try to find a video even more embarrassing.


Leo: Did you hear what I said?

Greenlee: You'd have said, "I do," except a gorilla got in the way.

Leo: Oh, not just any gorilla, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I want to hear it again.

Leo: I, Leo Du Pres, love you, Greenlee Smythe.

Greenlee: Go on.

Leo: Go on?

Greenlee: Yeah. When I imagined it, there was more to it.

Leo: Oh. Uh -- I was an idiot for ever thinking I could live my live without you?

Greenlee: Yes! That's almost exactly how I heard it hundreds of times when I couldn't sleep at night!

Leo: Yeah, well, I can't promise to make up for lost time or sleep, but I can promise to do things right from here on.

Greenlee: Go for it.

Leo: Okay. But I can't go it alone. So, here.

Leo: Will you please marry me, Greenlee?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greenlee: You have no idea how many times I'd wished you'd say those words.

Tad: If you have a problem with me, I would really appreciate it if you would try to keep J.R. out of it.

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