AMC Transcript Friday 11/23/01

All My Children Transcript Friday 11/23/01

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Mateo: Well, we have a lot to be thankful for this year, don't we?

Hayley: Yes, we do. So we'd like all of you to join us as we celebrate a very special Pine Valley Thanksgiving.

Mateo: And remember, anyone you hold in your heart is right there at the table with you.

Stuartís voice: "I really miss you, Scott. Thanksgiving Day seems to be more important than ever this year. I hope that you are safe in the big city. Marian is usually up with the sun on Thanksgiving getting the turkey ready. But this year I'll let her sleep and dream sweet dreams. The best thing about days like Thanksgiving is they make us do things that remind us all why we're here on this earth and why we need each other. Sometimes I wonder, since it's so easy to imagine being happy and peaceful, why it's so hard to do. Then I remember -- there are people who know that life is a gift, who make time for the little things, who treasure their friends and family."

Brooke: Oh.

Brooke: Oh. This is my favorite picture of Jamie. So cute.

Jamie: Mom, I got the extra chairs from the garage.

Brooke: Okay, good, Honey. But never mind about that. Did you -- did you get a chance to get a haircut?

Jamie: Everything was closed, so I borrowed your razor.

Brooke: You what? Ah! Oh my -- your beautiful hair! What did you do?

Jamie: J.R. dared me. Cool, huh?

Brooke: What were you thinking?

Jamie: Mom, chill. It's a skin cap.

Brooke: Oh. Oh, well, take it off before company --

Jamie: Ow! That hurts!

Brooke: Well, how come it's not going to come off?

Jamie: Because I stuck in on with wacky glue.

Brooke: You what? You didn't. You did? You -- I'm going to have to give you your Thanksgiving Day boogie. Come here. Ooh!

Stuart's voice: "I feel sorry for people who have to work on Thanksgiving. It's a time to be with family. But there are certain special people who can make anyplace feel like home. When you think about it, home are wherever you're with the people you love."

Jake: Hey, Pop.

Joe: Hey.

Dixie: Hey, guys.

Joe: Dixie, Tad, what a wonderful surprise.

Jake: What are you guys doing here?

Tad: We're hanging with you since you and Mom and Jake were nice enough to take the shift so the staff could spend, you know, Thanksgiving with their families.

Dixie: Yeah, where is Ruth?

Joe: Oh, she's down in Pediatrics. She's reading to the kids about the first Thanksgiving.

Dixie: Oh.

Opal: Gobble, gobble, and gobble, everybody! Happy Thanksgiving! So, what are you gawking at?

Tad: Trying to figure out where the thermometer pops out when you're done.

Opal: Oh, ha-ha.

Dixie: Don't listen to him. You look great.

Opal: Well, thank you.

Joe: What you got in that bag, Opal?

Opal: Oh, well, these are chips to go along with my special holiday dip.

Tad: Oh, God.

Opal: Yep, it's Tad's favorite, you know. You're going to find that you want to double, triple, even quadruple dip. I got an extra jar on ice in the lounge just in case.

Jake: Well, that's very thoughtful of you, Opal.

Opal: Well, yeah. Well, my garbanzo guacamole surprise is a family tradition.

Tad: Yeah. The surprise is trying to keep it down. Won't have to make a run to the E.R., we're already here.

Opal: Oh, please. You know, I remember when you were just knee-high to nothing, in your jimmies, parked in front of the tube on Thanksgiving, watching the giant balloons float down Broadway, and pigging out on this stuff, mister. So, come on. Help yourself. Just dig right in.

Tad: Ah, the memories. Dad, why don't you do the honorary chip this year?

Opal: Oh, no. No way, Jose. This is a family tradition. The first chip goes to you, my little giblet. Come on, now.

Stuart's voice: "Scott, I miss you so much on a day like today. But it's nice to think about families that are just starting out and making up new traditions of their own."

Isabella: Don't forget to take out the bag of giblets.

Rosa: Mama, I know. I watch you do this every Thanksgiving.

Isabella: But this is the first turkey you've cooked all by yourself. So be careful and don't stuff the bird too full.

Mateo: Are we lucky or what?

Hayley: Oh. This is the kind of Thanksgiving I dreamed about when I was a kid.

Mateo: Hey, lives it. 12 hours of nonstop football. Do you know what that means?

Hayley: No, it means nothing. Your son wants to watch a video.

Mateo: No, no. We're not watching videos. We're watching football.

Hayley: No, Enzo, no.

Mateo: Football.

Hayley: No football. No.

Isabella: Let me take a picture of the baby for his first Thanksgiving.

Hayley: We got a lot to be thankful for.

Mateo: Yeah, thanks to you.

Stuart's voice: "There's something about this day. We let ourselves play. We take a break from the everyday craziness and remember who or what makes our lives special."

Bianca: Mom.

Erica: Oh, sweetheart, Bianca.

Bianca: You think you can work on Thanksgiving?

Erica: Well --

Bianca: Mom, I need you.

Erica: I need you too, baby.

Stuart's voice: "We all need each other now more than ever to remind ourselves how truly blessed we really are."

Bianca: Mom --

Erica: I know what you're going to ask. You're going to ask me, what am I doing here working on Thanksgiving?

Bianca: And in Greenleeís office.

Erica: Former office. Bianca, you can't believe the mess that she left here. I mean, unfilled reports and incomplete budget projections and this -- this marketing survey was due last week. And who even knows if these numbers even tally?

Bianca: Mom, are you at work to avoid me? Are you mad at me?

Erica: Of course not, Sweetheart.

Bianca: Well, it's just you didn't even leave a note where you were or anything.

Erica: Well, you knew where to find me.

Bianca: Well, yeah, I figured. I mean, where else would you go?

Erica: Would it surprise you to know that I was planning on coming home very soon, that I have a wonderful Thanksgiving planned for us, just you and me?

Bianca: What about Uncle Jack?

Erica: Well, I'm sure that he has other plans already.

Bianca: You didn't even ask him?

Erica: Well, Honey, I've been so busy.

Bianca: Well, so, what, it's going to be just you and me alone at that humongous table?

Erica: No, we'll ask Coral to join us.

Bianca: Well, Mom -- I love Coral. You know I love Coral. It's just not the same. Nothing feels right. And it's not just you and me, it's everything.

Erica: Oh, Honey. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Bianca: It's not your fault.

Erica: Yes, it is. I've been so preoccupied, and that is just -- it's so wrong. You know what? I think there's still a way to make this Thanksgiving very special.

Bianca: How?

Erica: Because someone I know needs us very badly right now. Come on.

Stuart's voice: "We're grateful for life's blessings, for all the wonderful things life has in store."

[Doorbell rings]

Brooke: Ooh. Excuse me.

Brooke and Edmund: Happy Thanksgiving!

Brooke: Oh, look at your outfit, Maddie. That is beautiful. And, my dear, could you be more handsome? Hmm?

Sam: Do I have to sit at the kiddies table?

Edmund: Oh, if you're lucky. Oh, by the way, I brought you -- I brought you this, a little red and white from the ursine reserve.

Brooke: Oh, red and white --

Maddie: Red, white, and blue!

Edmund and Brooke: Red, white, and blue.

Edmund: Yeah, blue wine is the best, isn't it? Yes. And, you, my dear. Hello, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Hello, Darling.

Maddie: Ah!

Edmund: I brought a six-pack, stashed it in the garage. You and me pop a few later.

Phoebe: Oh, thank you. You do keep me young.

Edmund: Do I smell turkey?

Brooke: Do you? I don't think so. I just put it in the oven.

Edmund: Yeah, well, point the way. Show me the mess.

Brooke: We don't have to go in there yet. We've got hours before dinner.

Edmund: Oh, yeah?

Brooke: Yeah.

Edmund: Well, thanks for including me.

Brooke: Well, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without you.

Jamie: Hey, hey!

Maddie: Jamie!

Jamie: Hey! Hey.

Stuart's voice: "Scott, I guess I should end this. But Marian is still sleeping. She's got a little cold. And I'm a little bit lonely. But I've got memories of you to keep me company. Like the summer you shot up like a sunflower and I saw my boy becoming a man."

Jake: Oh, hey.

Opal: Now, just have a little bit, okay?

Dixie: Oh.

Tad: Well, it's official. Mom doesn't want us to wait on the festivities.

Dixie: Yeah, she wants to hang out with her other kid in Pediatrics.

Opal: But she's going to miss out on my dip. I guess that means extra for you, sweetie pie.

Jake: Hey, big dipper, the game's about to start.

Dixie: Great. You guys are going to be glued to the TV set.

Jake: Let me have that.

Tad: Got to do it, Sweetheart. It's like candy on Halloween.

Joe: Isn't it wonderful how some things never change? Some people never grow up.

Jake: Don't mess with it. I'm sorry. You want me to be mature like him? Come on.

Tad: Is that a shot? That's a shot.

Jake: And by the way, I got dibs on the wishbone.

Tad: No, you donít. You got it last year --

Joe: All right, guys. All right, behave. I'm going to have to send you up to your rooms.

Dixie: Oh, you guys want some nostalgia? I was going to wait until J.R. got here, but --

Opal: Oh, isn't that precious?

Dixie: He made it for me in first grade.

Opal: First -- it's awful good for a first-grader.

Dixie: Hey.

Joe: That's right, J.R. Show us how much you've grown up.

J.R.: You guys put me through this every year. Is it ever going to stop?

Opal: No, it's not.

Tad: And when it does, it'll be way too soon. Stay with me.

Jesse: Hey. I know you're not crying.

Tad: No. Just my sinusitis. Irritates my eyes.

Jesse: Yeah, that sinusitis, man, it's out of control here in Pine Valley. Got to watch that. Come on, Tad. It's me, Jesse, you're talking to here. I know you're flashing back to the times when the kids were little.

Tad: Dixie is right about one thing. It goes so fast.

Jesse: Yeah. Time moves on, man.

Tad: Kind of makes me wish we had another baby to pass around.

Man: Please, my wife's going to have a baby, like, right now!

Jake: All right.

Joe: All right.

Jake: Let's get her into 2. They're going to ask you a bunch of questions there at the desk. Go easy. Slow down, slow down. You're all right. You'll be just fine.

Tad: Would you quit fooling around?

Opal: Can I interest you in a little more dip, honey?

Dixie: So, is this your first baby?

Man: Yeah. It wasn't due for three weeks.

Dixie: Well, babies come in their own time.

Man: We were driving to Indiana. That's where Bethís parents live. She went into labor right in the car.

Tad: Well, you know, kids are full of surprises. I guess yours started a little early, that's all.

Man: You think? Beth is a little scared because it's early, and I don't have the camera or her bag or anything.

Opal: Oh, well, here -- I got a camera. Right in here. Here, take this one. It'll make you feel a little better.

Man: You sure?

Opal: Oh, absolutely. You know, everything's going to be just fine, Honey. I promise. You just tell her that that little baby couldn't wait to be held in her arms, or yours.

Man: Yeah?

Tad: Yeah.

Opal: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Trust me. When it comes to being a father, sometimes you just have to make it up as you go along.

Man: Is he your son?

Tad: He's our son. We raised him together. And my mother's right, you're going to do just fine. Sometimes you make mistakes. I made a couple ourselves. But anything I did I did because I love my family.

[Beth screams]

Man: Beth! Why won't they let me in there?

Dixie: It's going to be all right. Come on, sit down. Watch the football game for a little while. It might take your mind off of it. It'll be okay. You'll see. Oh.

J.R.: Mom? This is, like, kind of grossing. Maybe we should go on to Brooke and Jamieís.

Dixie: No way. We are staying put. How did you get so much taller than me?

J.R.: Mom.

Dixie: No. I remember the first day I held you in my arms. Boy, it seems like yesterday. It was the best moment of my life.

Joe: Will someone help this young man into some scrubs? We have a Thanksgiving baby on the way.

Young Scott: Did something happen to Mom?

Stuart: No. She probably just got to talk and forgot about the time.

Young Scott: Sometimes I get so scared when she's not around. I'm always afraid she won't come back.

Stuart: Oh, Scott. Hey, she'll be back. She'll always come back. Come on, we'll wait for her together, okay? Sit over here. Pretty soon I'll be around to keep you company whenever your mom's not around.

Young Scott: After the wedding, you'll be Mom's husband, right?

Stuart: Yep, that's right.

Young Scott: And that'll make you my father, right?

Stuart: Yeah. Sure. But I want you to remember one thing -- we've always been good friends, right? And I want us to always be good friends.

Young Scott: But you will be my new father, right?

Stuart: Yeah, if that's what you want.

Young Scott: Do you want me to call you "Dad"?

Stuart: Well, you had a dad.

Young Scott: He's dead.

Stuart: Yeah. I'm going to be like your dad in some ways, you know.

Young Scott: He wasn't around that much.

Stuart I'm going to be around a lot.

Young Scott: When Mom's gone?

Stuart: Well, yeah. And now -- when we're all together. Sometimes, you know, I'm going to have to tell you what to do.

Young Scott: Yeah.

Stuart: And sometimes you may not like it.

Young Scott: That's okay.

Stuart: It wouldn't be because I don't love you. It would just be because I want you to do what's right, and -- even if you don't know that.

Young Scott: I know. So, can I call you "Dad"?

Stuart: Yeah. Yeah.

Marian: Oh. Oh, please. I really needed that. Stuart?

Stuart: Hmm? Oh.

Marian: Honey?

Stuart: Hmm?

Marian: You're crying.

Stuart: I am?

Marian: Yeah. Did you have a sad dream or something?

Stuart: No, no. It was a happy dream. I was dreaming about Scott when he was little.

Marian: You were? I know how much you miss him, Darling.

Stuart: I was writing him a letter while you were sleeping. How do you feel?

Marian: Oh, please. I feel so much better. Thanks.

Stuart: Happy Thanksgiving.

Marian: Thank you. Oh, my gosh! Look at the time. Oh, please, Stuart, why didn't you wake me up? I won't be able to cook a meal for us now.

Stuart: Oh, no, no. You needed the sleep.

Marian: Oh, but, Darling, we won't have a Thanksgiving now. Darn!

Stuart: No, I don't know about that. I had another dream, too. A happy dream. We were with all of our family and our friends and we were sitting around this great big table. We were holding hands, and we were giving thanks.

Marian: Well, too bad it was a dream.

Stuart: Well, we can go back there. The best part is we don't even have to close our eyes.

Marian: Stuart, what are you doing now?

Stuart: I'm going to get dressed, and we're going home for the holidays.

Marian: We are? Okay.

Edmund's voice: I had a great time. In fact, if you want to know the truth, for the whole evening, it was one of the best evenings I ever had.

Brooke: You're not serious.

Edmund: I'm dead serious. I love your family. I love you.

Brooke: What? What did you say? Where were you just now?

Edmund: Time traveling.

Brooke: Ooh. It must have been a good trip. You were smiling.

Edmund: It was the best of times. Wouldn't mind going back. Or forward.

Brooke: And what's stopping you?

Edmund: Nothing. Um -- um -- come with me. Get the kids together. We're going to go --

broke: What? What do you mean?

Edmund: It's time to change the rules of Thanksgiving. All of them, right now. Guys --

Brooke: What?

Edmund: Let's go. Come on. We're going to pack up. We're going to go to another place.

Brooke: Where?

Edmund: I've got a great idea. Just trust me on this one. Come on, come on. Let's go. Bring your stuff and grab your food.

Brooke: Are they expecting us where we're going?

Bianca: Mom, are you sure that we shouldn't have called first?

Erica: Oh, Honey, there is just no doubt that Myrtle is spending Thanksgiving all alone. Let's put on our happiest faces, and let's go in there and just cheer her up.


Myrtle: One second on the clock, and they kick a field goal from the 37-yard line!

Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Myrtle: Now, that is the 54-yard field goal.

Chris: We saw it.

Jack: Yeah, we can do the math. Will you please just pass me the chips so I can rub the salt in my wound here?

Myrtle: Come on, you guys. Pay up, pay up, and pay up.

Chris: I'm -- I'm a little short this week.

Jack: Get it out.

Myrtle: Pay up! Pay up, you guys. Listen, there are no freebies in this house.

Erica: Excuse me. Excuse me?

Myrtle: Erica! Oh, Erica. Erica and Bianca. Oh, my.

[Myrtle turns off TV]

Myrtle: Oh, hi. I didn't hear you come in.

Erica: Well, no, of course not because you were so busy screaming bloody murder.

Myrtle: Well, we were just having a little -- you know, a little bit of high spirits.

Erica: And how many of these high spirits have you been drinking, Myrtle?

Myrtle: Well -- really just enough to wash down the peanuts and the -- what did we have, boys?

Chris and Jack: Buffalo wings.

Myrtle: Oh. Buffalo wings.

Erica: Buffalo wings. Myrtle, you mind telling me what's going on here?

Myrtle: Well --

Bianca: It looks to me like they're having a little fun there, Mom. You remember fun, right? F-u-n?

Myrtle: Yeah, well, the thing is I -- I had a friendly wager with these two fellows, and my team creamed them.

Erica: Gee, gambling on Thanksgiving. That's nice, Myrtle. Whose idea was this?

Jack: It was hers.

Chris: Yeah, hers.

Jack: It was all her idea.

Erica: Well, I should have known.

Chris: I -- well, you know, us friendly bachelors and bachelorettes, being lonely, we like to stick together.

Myrtle: Well, we -- we don't like beer in our tears -- I mean, tears in our beer.

Jack: Have another one! A salty beer, huh? Listen, listen -- what are you doing here?

Erica: Well, Bianca and I wanted to treat Myrtle to a nice, warm, family Thanksgiving.

Chris: Oh, oh.

Chris and Jack: Mmm.

Chris: I'm impressed. Did you defrost this yourself?

Jack: Are you kidding? She's still trying to get a TV station on the microwave. This is Coral's doing, isn't it?

Bianca: Myrtle, we're so sorry to barge in like this.

Myrtle: Oh, Darling, don't be ridiculous. I am just so happy to see you.

Bianca: Thank you. Mom got this radical idea that you needed cheering up or something. But to tell you the truth, I think it's me and Mom that need the fixing.

Myrtle: Well, you came to the right place. I know you and your mom have been having difficulties lately.

Bianca: Oh, did she say something to you?

Myrtle: No, no, no. Listen, in my prime on midway, I used to be able to -- I used to be able to gauge somebody's weight within half a pound. I don't have to be an old carnie girl to know that my dear ones are hurting.

Bianca: Oh, we don't want to bring you down with us.

Myrtle: Nonsense. You need a bit of Myrtle's tonic, that's what you need. I know what. Let's go for a stroll down memory lane. Now, look at this. Let me see. That is your beautiful mother.

Bianca: Mom!

Myrtle: And this is you on your christening day.

Bianca: Look at that.

Myrtle: Look how beautiful you looked.

Erica: That's beautiful.

Bianca: Look at that.

Myrtle: And this is the day you took your first step.

Erica: Oh, it sure is, Honey. I just held my arms out to you, and you just walked right into them.

Chris: Oh, the good old days, huh?

Erica: The best. A baby is a promise you make to the future. And do you know what? The future is now.

Jack: What does that mean?

Erica: Well, it's like the song says, Jack. "These are the good old days." And I'm going to prove it to you.

Rosa: Oh, no, no, no. Say it's not true.

Mateo: What's up?

Rosa: I did everything but turn on the oven.

Hayley: Hey, you know what? That turkey looks a little rare there.

Rosa: We are so far behind schedule. What are we going to do?

Mateo: Can we nuke it?

Isabella: The turkey's too big.

Rosa: I have completely ruined dinner. I can't believe this. What else could go wrong?

Mateo: No, no, no. Chill out, chill out. We'll just have some -- you know, some potato chips --

Hayley: Yeah, chips.

Mateo: And dip and pie and stuff for Thanksgiving.

Hayley: That's all right. Have you heard from my father?

Mateo: No. Did you try the house?

Hayley: I tried. Nobody's home. Well, no turkey, no Grandpa. Looks like your first Thanksgiving is a bust.

[Doorbell rings]

Mateo: No. I'll get that.

Stuart: Happy Thanksgiving!

Hayley: Hey.

Mateo: Hey, come on in.

Stuart: Can we come in?

Mateo: Sure, come on.

Marian: We'd have called first, but Stuart wanted to surprise everybody.

Isabella: We're so glad you came.

Mateo: Hey, hey. What's that smell? Is that turkey?

Marian: It's a complete dinner from the Serving Spoon.

Stuart: You haven't eaten already, have you?

Rosa: No, no. We were just about to sit down.

Hayley: This is great. Come on in. Terrific.

Stuart: Let me see the guy.

Hayley: There he is.

Stuart: Oh.

Hayley: Look who's here.

Stuart: I couldn't let my Godson celebrate his first Thanksgiving without being here.

Hayley: Oh, there he is.

Stuart: He's everything we give thanks for. He's everything in the world we have to look forward to.

[Doorbell rings]

Hayley: Now, who could that be?

Mateo: Oh, all right. Here, take that. Over here. Oh, jeez.

Hayley: Will you get that?

Mateo: I'll get that. Yes, yes. Sorry, guys.

Edmund: You got room at the table for about six more?

Mateo: Come on in.

Edmund: Happy Thanksgiving.

Brooke: Is it okay we just came and crashed your Thanksgiving?

Hayley: Oh, please. How are you?

Brooke: Hello, hello.

[Baby cries]

Joe: It's a girl.

Man: Yeah. She's here. I mean, she's perfect. They both are.

All: Aw.

Man: Thank you.

Jake: Well, your wife and baby are doing just fine.

Man: Beth's all right? Really? Because when I saw those little feet --

Joe: Yeah, well, it's a good thing you got here when you did.

Jake: Yeah, actually, the baby was a breech, which could have been complicated.

Joe: But we managed to turn the baby around.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Man: She came through like a champ, didn't she?

Jake: You bet she did.

Man: I got to go get some pictures.

Jake: All right.

Opal: So, what are you going to name your little princess?

Man: Gosh, Beth and I sort of thought it would be a boy. We didn't really settle on any girls' names. You guys helped save my baby and my wife. You're on a roll. Maybe you can come up with a name for my daughter.

Joe: Well, I -- ahem -- I have to think about that.

Jake: I'm actually drawing a blank here.

Dixie: Can I make a suggestion?

Man: Go for it.

Dixie: Well, what about if you named the baby Faith?

Man: Faith. Yeah, I like it. Thank you. I'll talk to Beth.

Joe: Well, you ever question whether your life has meaning?

Jake: Never again, Dad. Happy Thanksgiving.

[Music plays]

Edmund: It's a beautiful day.

Mateo: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

Edmund: You're just noticing?

Mateo: Yeah, I've had a few things on my mind, you know?

Edmund: Not today.

Mateo: No. Today is a day for counting our blessings.

Edmund: Yeah. Like that little blessing you and Hayley just produced.

Mateo: Life is good.

Edmund: Hold on to that thought.

[Music plays]

Rosa: Mama, what's wrong?

Isabella: Nada, mijo. Nada.

Rosa: You're crying.

Isabella: It's what mothers do when they see their children safe and happy and the heart of the family.

Phoebe: You know, I think, of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is really my favorite.

Hayley: Really? Why is that?

Phoebe: Well, no presents. The day itself is really the present.

Hayley: That's true.

Phoebe: We set aside time to really be with each other and have time to be loving and caring.

Hayley: Yeah.

Phoebe: When I think about all the things that lie ahead of you in your life, I really am jealous. I want to go on the journey with you.

Hayley: Aw.

Phoebe: Yes.

Marian: Stuart, this was the best idea you ever had.

Stuart: No, it's the second best idea.

Marian: Oh, what was the first best idea?

Stuart: Marrying you.

Marian: You have such good taste.

[Phone rings]

Stuart: Oh, this phone's ringing. It's me. Hello? Scott!

Marian: Hi, Scott!

Stuart: Happy Thanksgiving! Hi, buddy. Did you get my e-mail? Did you -- did you see the picture of Lorenzo? Oh, that's great. That's great. You having a great time -- a great day? Good. We're at Hayley and Mateoís house. What? What? What's all that noise? Hey, everybody! It's Scott calling from New York!

All: Hi, Scott!

Stuart: He says his whole apartment building is having Thanksgiving together.

Marian: Well, must be a very small apartment building.

Stuart: We love you, Scott. We all love you.

Erica: Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Edmund: Hi. Happy Thanksgiving.

Erica: I hope you don't mind that we came.

Mateo: Are you kidding me? Just -- the more the merrier. We'll set some more plates.

Edmund: More food.

Erica: That's great.

Myrtle: Oh. Oh, Darling. I -- I had to be here. I had to be here to see that new angel of yours. He's going to be the best part of all of this.

Mateo: Yeah? You want to tell him yourself?

Myrtle: You bet.

Mateo: Come on in.

Jack: She's been drinking all day.

Myrtle: Oh, Darling. Here, here, here.

Hayley: Oh, Myrtle. You want to take a turn?

Myrtle: Oh, there he is.

Hayley: Are you ready?

Myrtle: Oh, oh, oh. Oh, Darling. Oh. Oh, my. You are a blessing -- to all of us. Our future, Darling. Yes. I love you, too.

Dixie: Happy Thanksgiving. Wow! Look at all this food.

Brooke: Oh, I don't think any of it is going to go to waste.

Bianca: We're going to take some care packages over to the shelter later.

Opal: Oh, great. I'll help you deliver.

Bianca: Oh, awesome.

Brooke: You know what? I'll take some to the hospital, too, when I go to visit Laura.

Phoebe: And count me in, Darling.

Rosa: And me, too.

Dixie: You know, it's a funny thing. We were just driving home from the hospital, and I must have babies on the brain because I had to come here and see Lorenzo.

Opal: Me, too.

Stuart: I think we all pretty much had the same idea.

Erica: Well, he could grow up, he could change the world.

Phoebe: And so can we.

Marian: Starting with the very first baby step, right?

Erica: Right.

[Mateo claps]

Mateo: Let's eat!

[Stuart taps on glass]

Edmund: Speech, speech.

Stuart: We all have pretty much to be grateful for. We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing

All: He chastens and hastens his will to make known the wicked oppressing now cease from distressing sing praises to his name he forgets not his own. Beside us to guide us our God with us joining ordaining, maintaining his kingdom divine so from the beginning the fight we were winning thou, Lord, west at our side all glory be thane

Tad: Tell the truth. Did you do this?

Jesse: One never knows, Tad.

All: And pray that thou still our defender will be let thy congregation escape tribulation thy name be ever praised o Lord, make us free

Stuart: Everybody, I've got to capture this on film. So we'll never forget, okay?

Marian: Okay. Move down.

Stuart: Everybody -- all right. Can everybody see me? Look right into the lens here. Everybody say, "Cheese!"

All: Cheese!

Erica's voice: Everyone in Pine Valley wishes a happy and safe Thanksgiving to all of you across America. From our home to yours -- peace.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Laura: Please, God, tell me I'm not on the news.

Leo: I, Leo Du Pres, love you, Greenlee Smythe.

Greenlee: Go on. Yeah, when I imagined it, there was more to it.

Jake: As far as I'm concerned, Tad deserves whatever you dish out.

Frankie: I love you, too.

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