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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 11/20/01

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Tad: Leslie can't hurt us anymore.

Dixie: What about you?

Jesse: Don't you see what she's getting at here, Tad?

Dixie: Are you going to hurt us again?

Mateo: That girl sitting next to Bianca -- is she with you?

Erica: Why? Do you know her?

Mateo: She came to my club asking for drugs.

Hayley: Daddy's coming home to us real soon, I promise. That's my sweet --

[Hayley gasps]

Dixie: I saw Leslieís foot kick the stool out from underneath his -- his feet, and then I saw the rope around his neck, and I -- I don't know how I got to him so fast. I don't know how I managed it. I just --

Man: Fine, Mrs. Martin. No need to go over it again. If you'll sign here, we'll avoid a trip to headquarters.

Tad: We all set?

Man: Yeah. Thanks for your statement.

Dixie: What about Leslie?

Man: She's been sedated and will be transferred to a secure facility. You won't be bothered again. Count on it.

Tad: Come on. Let's go home.

Dixie: How can we?

Tad: You heard the detective. It's over. It's a piece --

Dixie: Look, the house is there, sure. But home? The lives that we had? Honey, that's gone.

Opal: Erica, just hold your horses, okay? I don't really feel right about leaving just --

Erica: Well, there's no problem. Tad said he doesn't want you fussing over him. And my daughter is in such serious trouble.

Opal: Why? What's wrong with Bianca?

Erica: Look, I will tell you when we're alone. But in the meantime, I need you to get me some street drugs.

Opal: Are you serious?

Erica: Yeah, shh. I'm very serious. I'm dead serious. Marijuana, ecstasy, whatever -- whatever you can get your hands on. And I need them tonight.

Frankie: Bianca, isn't it kind of late?

Bianca: Why did you bolt when my mom said you were trying to buy drugs at S.O.S.

Frankie: Why? Your mom will do anything to get you against me.

Bianca: So, is it true? Did you? Are you using? Just tell me, Frankie.

Frankie: It's not what you think.

Bianca: Okay, then, what is it? What's wrong?

Ryan: Hayley? Hayley, I was just about to take off when I saw your lights go out. You okay? Hayley!

Hayley: Mateo, you've got to help me! Help me! Mateo, help me, come on. I need you to drain the pasta so I can take care of this garlic bread before it gets ruined. The key to a proper dinner is coordination. Now, another word for coordination is -- "help!"

Mateo: Okay. I'm on it. That's right, that's right. I do all the heavy lifting in this house.

Hayley: Very manly.

Mateo: Yes.

Hayley: Now, after you drain that pasta properly, I want you to drizzle marinara on top. I'm going to serve the salad, and then we'll be ready.

Man: [Distorted voice] Are you ready?

Mateo: What the hell's going on?

Man: [Distorted voice] This is what you asked for Mr. Santos. I am Proteus.

Mateo: What's with the show, Proteus? Why'd you chloroform me?

Proteus: I ask the questions.

Mateo: Okay. Well, why don't you do it face to face? Come on, I want to see who I'm dealing with.

Proteus: Perhaps someday, if you last.

Mateo: And if I don't?

Proteus: Let's not be negative, Mr. Santos. After all, you're being considered for management training.

Mateo: Should I be impressed?

Proteus: You should be honored.

Mateo: All right, then. I'm honored.

Proteus: That's better. You'll find it very demanding, but the rewards are substantial.

Mateo: That's what I want to hear.

Proteus: For those who succeed. Let's hope you fall into that category. If you don't, you'll be no more than an errand boy like the unfortunate Roger Smythe.

Mateo: You know Iíll succeed. We both know that.

Proteus: We'll see.

Mateo: No, come on. I'll prove it to you. Listen to me. Just make me part of the team, and I'll go straight to the top.

Ryan: Hayley?

Hayley: Oh! Ow!

Ryan: You all right? What's going on?

Hayley: I'm glad you're here. The fuse box went out. The fuse went out, and I can't find the box thing.

Ryan: Okay, okay. All right. So you think it's a fuse?

Hayley: No, I think I'm standing here in the dark because my husband forgot to pay the bill.

Ryan: Okay. All right. Come on. Give me the flashlight; let me check it out.

Hayley: I feel like such a jerk.

Ryan: Don't, don't, donít. Stay here. I'll be right back.

Hayley: Ah --

Ryan: I'm very good. It's right on the wall beside the bathroom, all right?

Hayley: Oh.

Ryan: All you have to do is flip the switch.

Hayley: Oh. Good to know. Thank you. I really -- I can't afford to be stupid about this stuff anymore.

Ryan: Oh, please, don't, all right? We talked about this already. You can't expect to be an expert on everything just because you're a parent.

Hayley: I think I've proven that fact.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. Well, at least now you know where the panel is, okay?

Hayley: Yep. Progress. Thanks.

Ryan: And you know how the important things work.

Hayley: Yeah?

Ryan: Yeah.

Hayley: Sorry I'm so jumpy.

Ryan: You're not. You're not jumpy. You're a rock like always. But I've kept you up late enough. I'm going to go.

Hayley: Are you going to go to bed? Because I'm not. Please stay with me.

Frankie: You know, Bianca, I -- great. Look what you made me do.

Bianca: Why are you so freaked out? What is with you?

Frankie: Why? Maybe because you came here and busted in like some narc. Do you see any drugs in my purse?

Bianca: No, but --

Frankie: And have you ever seen me high?

Bianca: Well, I don't know.

Frankie: Yes, you do. You know.

Bianca: Look, okay, just because I've never seen you stoned doesn't mean that you don't get high. Maybe you do it when you're alone or when you're with somebody else. Frankie? Okay, forget about it. If you're not talking, I'm not staying.

Frankie: No, you're not leaving.

Tad: How can you say that? Home is all I can think about.

Dixie: Well, I wish --

Tad: You and J.R. and Jamie.

Dixie: I wish that were true.

Tad: It is true.

Dixie: I really do.

Tad: Dixie, it is true. Look, even if this thing with David got completely out of hand --

Dixie: "This thing with David"? It's your anger, Tad. Your hatred. And it's so ugly, and -- you have no idea how much it scares me.

Tad: I'm sorry, okay? Look, look. I am sorry. I am. I'm incredibly sorry for everything that I put you through. But Leslie is gone, okay? She is out of the picture.

Dixie: So, what do we do? We're just supposed to go home and laugh about it now?

Tad: No, but it's hardly the first time I've had to learn things the hard way. Come on, Dixie, please. Let's just go home. Let's be together.

Dixie: And what? And just forget this ever happened? I love you. You know that I love you. And I know that you love me, too.

Tad: And that's what matters, right? That is the most --

Dixie: But you can't change. And I get that, and I just can't live with it anymore.

Tad: Don't say that to me.

Dixie: I have to. This is over, Tad, for good.

Tad: Dixie, all I ever wanted from Leslie was for her to help me force a confession out of David. That's it. I just wanted to hear him admit to all the lousy things he has ever done to us, finally.

Dixie: So -- so that made it okay to lie to me and to everybody else that loves you in order to make that happen?

Tad: It wasn't okay. It was wrong. It was selfish.

Dixie: You put your anger in front of our marriage, in front of our children, our whole future.

Tad: I didn't.

Dixie: You did, you did.

Tad: I did what I did because --

Dixie: You deliberately misled me. You told me that Leslie was locked up, and you knew that she was with her sister.

Tad: It was only temporary. And Pam was doing a good job of handling Leslie.

Dixie: Would you listen to yourself? You got somebody who tried to kill me and you released from a mental institution, and you kept it a secret.

Tad: She was on medication. I thought she was acting kind of normal.

Dixie: So you trusted Leslie and not me?

Tad: Dixie, I just didn't want to worry you.

Dixie: Well, I think I should've been worried. I think I had the right to be worried. But instead I trusted you and you used that. Do you have any idea how insulting it is to be manipulated, dismissed, handled, treated like everything that you care about doesn't matter?

Tad: That's not me. You know it's not. You're making me sound like Adam.

Dixie: Yeah, it's Adam, all right. Now it's you, too.

Jesse: She's right.

Opal: Erica, you are making no sense at all. I mean, here I already got Tad and Dixieís marriage heading for the rocks, and now you want drugs? The whole world is falling apart.

Erica: Oh, on that I agree. But it's up to us to make it right.

Opal: Well, now you've really lost me. It's official.

Erica: Two cappuccinos, please.

Waiter: Sure.

Erica: Come sit over here. Op, do you remember when you planted drugs on Will to try to keep him from completely devastating Hayleyís life?

Opal: Yes. Of course I remember. But that was an extreme situation.

Erica: So is this an extreme situation. Bianca is being completely exploited. She's being completely taken in by this Frankie.

Opal: You can't compare those two situations, Erica. You just can't.

Erica: Opal! Why am I the only one who seems to understand exactly how fragile Bianca still is? You know how she battled that anorexia, and then, as soon as she finished with that, her father died. I mean, that was only a year ago. Come on. I mean, she's only made one close friend in this entire town, which is Leo.

Opal: What has that got to do with Frankie or drugs?

Erica: Okay, for starters, I happen to know for a fact that Frankie tried to buy drugs at S.O.S.

Opal: And did you tell Bianca this?

Erica: I did. And Frankie didn't deny it. And, of course, Bianca feels sorry for Frankie. Look, I don't want a drug user around my child. I mean, who knows what that could trigger.

Opal: Well, you are going to have to trust Bianca, that's all.

Erica: Well, I do trust Bianca. But that Frankie is a drug addict, period. I would stake my life on it.

Opal: Yeah, I can see that you would, but --

Erica: Please, Opal, please. I mean, if you'd just plant these drugs on Frankie, then she can be arrested and I can get her out of Biancaís life before she does any lasting damage.

Frankie: Okay. If I told you I tried to score some drugs at S.O.S., it would be over between us, right?

Bianca: Frankie, just tell me -- do you use drugs?

Frankie: You aren't going to let this go, are you?

Bianca: No, I'm not.

Frankie: Okay. Sometimes.

Bianca: Because?

Frankie: Because I guess it makes me feel better. I don't know.

Bianca: I understand.

Frankie: What are you talking about? You aren't into stuff like that.

Bianca: No, drugs weren't my thing, but, I mean, I -- it doesn't matter. I was in rehab with a lot of kids who had a lot of addictions for all kinds of reasons.

Frankie: Hey, I never said I was a freakin' addict, all right?

Bianca: Okay. Neither did I.

Frankie: All right. It's like a casual thing, you know? You don't believe me.

Bianca: Frankie, what matters is what you believe.

Frankie: Yeah?

Bianca: Yeah, I'm not going to judge you. Look, I'm just trying to get to know you better. I mean, if you'll let me.

Hayley: Let me make you popcorn or a sandwich or -- I'm out of beer, though --

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You don't have to make me any food. I'll stay if you want me to, okay?

Hayley: You sure?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm sure. What's wrong? I mean, I'm not trying to butt in. I'm just -- you know, I know Mateo would hate that. I just want to know --

Hayley: It is Mateo.

Ryan: Oh.

Hayley: I mean, he's wonderful, but it's weird. It's -- it's like we have everything we ever wanted and suddenly he's restless or something.

Ryan: Well, is the business in trouble? I mean, what's he telling you?

Hayley: Nothing.

Ryan: Well, you see, that's a guy thing. When Incredibledreams was in the tank, I did the same thing to Gillian.

Hayley: I don't think so. I don't think it's the money. I mean, that place is packed every night. And he's just got this edge with everybody.

Ryan: You're both adjusting.

Hayley: Yeah, well, that's not going to fly anymore because tonight when the power went out, I realized that Mateo was gone more than he's here.

Ryan: I bet you if you called him right now, he would come home.

Hayley: I don't want to sound like a wee-wee head.

Ryan: A what?

Hayley: A wee-wee head.

Ryan: Okay, listen, just call him at S.O.S., and I'm sure he will come right home. Please. Maybe he likes wee-wee heads. Go ahead. Call him.

Hayley: We'll see.

[Proteus laughs]

Proteus: You amuse me, Mr. Santos. You imagine you can become my partner?

Mateo: Why not?

Proteus: I have no partners.

Mateo: Yet.

Proteus: That won't change. But I do have subordinates.

Mateo: Then that's what Iíll become.

Proteus: You think you're qualified?

Mateo: Yeah. I've proven myself, Proteus. I have followed your orders. I cleaned your cash. I increased your percentage. I've done everything you've asked. I found that glitch in your money-laundering scheme and I fixed it. I opened the accounts in the Cayman Islands. I made the contacts in Philly and in Brooklyn and Jersey --

Proteus: Please. I know what you've done. I've watched and tested you.

Mateo: And I passed.

Proteus: That's why you're here now.

Mateo: Oh. So, what's next? Are you ready to make me rich?

Proteus: I am. But there is one condition.

Mateo: Yeah, what's that?

Proteus: Turn around. You're looking at her.

Mateo: No. My wife is not part of this deal. You got to sit from my family.

Proteus: Your wife, your sons, and your sisters, your mother -- all weak spots, Mr. Santos. And my most trusted associates have no weak spots.

Hayley: He's not there.

Ryan: Well, that just means he's on his way home.

Hayley: Maybe.

Ryan: Not maybe. Definitely. All right, go make some popcorn. I'll wait with you. I'll teach you everything I know about electrical circuits. Should take about two minutes.

Mateo: You want what I can deliver, you stay away from my family.

Proteus: Or what?

Mateo: I don't want to discuss any other options. Just let me show you how valuable I am.

Proteus: And then?

Mateo: And then you give me something -- something that assures me that my family is going to be safe.

Proteus: And?

Mateo: I'll be yours for life. Deal?

Proteus: All right. Accepted, Mr. Santos.

Mateo: Good. Let's do business.

Opal: I don't know how you can stoop to frame a child.

Erica: Trust me, Opal, this Frankie Stone is no innocent child.

Opal: If that poor kid is using drugs, Erica, she needs help.

Erica: Well, let her get help in prison. That's where she belongs.

Opal: Do you hear yourself? Are you not the same celebrity that sashays her behind into schools across the country to preach about the dangers of drugs and the power of love and rehab? And now you want to destroy this young girl's life with your lies?

Erica: She's a drug addict, Opal.

Opal: And you don't care.

Erica: I care that she's all over my daughter.

Opal: Yeah, yeah, I can see that. And so you want to just set her up because she is a problem for you. I mean, you don't want her around, so let's just dispose of her any way we can. To hell with what's right. It's just your family comes firs

Erica: You got that right. And I thought you understood that.

Opal: Well, I thought you had some principles.

Erica: I do.

Opal: You do, oh, yeah, when it's convenient for you. Well, you know something? I have a family, too. And I just saw my son about to hang from a noose, okay? So I'm going to go and be with them and not waste my precious time with you and your selfishness.

Erica: Opal -- Opal -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You're right. You're right about everything.

Opal: Well, yeah, of course I am. And I'm sorry to be so harsh, but I cannot candy-coat this. Not when you're acting like this.

Erica: I just don't know what I'm going to do. I'm so scared for Bianca.

Tad: Dixie -- Dixie, come on. We've always been able to make things right. You know that. No matter what we've ever had to go through.

Dixie: I'm just so tired of the last-minute rescue. I want to trust you, not fate, not timing, not good luck.

Tad: You can trust me.

Dixie: Here's the thing -- I donít. Not anymore.

Tad: Look -- you know I can't do normal.

Dixie: If I had wanted normal, I wouldn't have married you once. This isn't about you measuring up to some fantasy version of a husband or a father or whether you can barbecue chicken and teach the boys to tell good jokes. You do that better than anybody. This is about who we are deep down.

Tad: Dixie, who we are --

Dixie: Just -- just -- just listen to me. I want to like us. I want to be proud of us and what we stand for.

Tad: And you're not.

Dixie: And I'm not. Are you?

Tad: Are you kidding? I've always been at my very best when I'm with you.

Dixie: That's sad, Tad, because you're all twisted up inside with this hatred of yours and you went after David because of me.

Tad: No, I went after David because of David. It was never -- none of it was your fault.

Dixie: Listen, if it was so meant to be, how come we always have to fight to be together? Where do all these obstacles come from, Tad? Why can't we just live our lives in peace and try to bring good things to the world?

Tad: That's what I want.

Dixie: We never get there. You know, we're always so caught up in our own stupid problems. And that makes me sad. Why can't we just do the happy ending, Tad, just once?

Tad: We can, and we will. This time.

Dixie: I just don't believe it. Not anymore. I'm sorry.

Dixie: I got to go.

Tad: Dixie --

Tad: I love you.

Dixie: I love you, too. But this is over.

Tad: I don't believe it. She's really leaving me.

Jesse: Yeah, well, you tried, Tad -- in the 11th hour.

Tad: No, I -- I mean it. I never in my wildest dreams even considered that something like this could happen.

Jesse: Well, it happened. You made it happen. You did this. You lost her. It's not like you weren't warned.

Tad: What do you mean, lost? What's with the past tense? You make it sound like it's too late to do anything about it.

Jesse: Well, it is -- for me.

Tad: What, you're going to bail on me now?

Jesse: Tad, I'm on borrowed time here. I've got to get back to the ranch with a quickness before God only knows what happens next.

Tad: No, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere -- not yet.

Jesse: Wait, wait, wait -- relax, okay? You are a changed man. You understand what you did wrong and why. You're not going to make those bonehead moves anymore, you know? Bedaubing. Done. Over. Get on. Move on.

Tad: All right, so help Dixie see that. Jesse, I need you.

Jesse: Ahem. My job here is done, Tad. It's --

Tad: No, no, no, it's not. Remember? You promised me. You promised me you were going to make things right with me. Now, take a good look around, sport. Does anything about this look right to you? I need you to help me get my wife back.

Jesse: Tad, do you have any idea how much work it is keeping you from self-destructing? What on earth makes you think Dixie would want to put herself through that again? Huh?

Tad: I don't know. All I know is that she's my world -- my world and everything in it. And I love her every bit as much as you ever loved angle. It's the truth. Jesse, come on. She's my heart and she's my soul. I will -- I'm begging you. I will do anything you tell me to do as long as you help me get Dixie back.

Erica: You are so right about me, Opal.

Opal: Honey, you know better than anybody how helpless a person can be when they're in the grip of an addiction.

Erica: And I guess that's what terrifies me because I just feel that Bianca is in Frankieís grip. I mean, that girl has become Biancaís whole world.

Opal: Well, more than anything, you want her to trust you, right?

Erica: Of course I do.

Opal: Well, don't go behind her back.

Erica: She just doesn't leave me any choice. You know, she just argues with everything that I say.

Opal: Well, I mean, setting up her best friend for a drug bust isn't going to mend any fences. Now, I know how desperate you feel. I really do. But, listen, don't make the same mistakes I made, okay?

Erica: Tell me.

Opal: Oh, I'm not going to list them, you know? I'm not in the mood for confessing, but just take my word for it. You manipulate your kids, they never, never forgive you.

Erica: Okay. Okay, forget about the drugs.

Opal: Thank you. I already have.

Erica: It's just that, you know, I felt like I was out of options.

Opal: Well, you're not.

Erica: Well, I don't see that.

Opal: Bianca's still speaking to you, isn't she?

Erica: Barely.

Opal: Well, then, you have to go to her and Frankie and just tell them everything -- how you feel, what you're thinking, what you're afraid of -- the whole maxilla. And then prepare to listen.

Erica: That's it?

Opal: Yeah, yeah, that's it. That is a lot, honey. It may be more than you can handle.

Erica: Oh, no. I can handle anything for Bianca.

Opal: Well, good, because that would be the most loving thing that you could do right now. Trust me.

Frankie: Well, you know, you might be able to handle me getting high, but your mom sure as hell isnít. I mean, she's going to use this against me, Bianca.

Bianca: Frankie, you don't know my mom.

Frankie: I know enough. I mean, she called me a druggie. That's not exactly accepting.

Bianca: Drugs scare her.

Frankie: Oh, ooh.

Bianca: Look, Frankie, my mom -- she knows what it's like to be addicted. She's not going to judge you.

Frankie: Hello. What was that scene at the Valley Inn?

Bianca: That was her, like, trying to protect me or something. If you come clean to her about your drug use, she'll get you help.

Frankie: I don't need help.

Bianca: You sure?

Frankie: I don't get you, Bianca.

Bianca: What's to get?

Frankie: You hear all this bad stuff about me, you find out I get high, and you're still here. I mean, you don't lay a trip on me.

Bianca: All I asked you for was the truth, and you gave me that.

Frankie: You sure? Because, you know, everyone's telling you I'm a poser and I'm a user and I'm a con. Why do you believe me? Why -- why are you still anywhere near me? Why, Bianca?

Mateo: That's it? I get promoted, and I don't even get a handshake? Come on, Proteus.

Proteus: Later.

Mateo: All right. You're the boss, right? So, is it chloroform time again?

Proteus: No need for that. We understand each other. I know you weren't followed. Take a look around.

Mateo: Guess the meeting's over, huh?

Jesse: All right, so let me get this straight. You are willing to have me risk spending the rest of eternity, what, lost just so you can patch things up with Dixie. Is that --

Tad: Yes. Because that's what angels do, isn't it? Look -- look at the bright side, okay? Maybe the big guy will give you another gold star or frequent flier miles --

Jesse: Don't -- don't, don't, don't, don't -- don't talk what you don't know. Okay, Tad?

Tad: Okay, I don't know. I'm sorry. You're right. I don't understand. The only thing I do know is that I love my wife and I cannot afford to lose her. Because if I do, I'm going to spend the rest of my natural life missing her, and I'll probably make a bigger mess of things than I already have.

Jesse: Ooh -- whoa. What is this? Insight. Foresight. That's new for you, isn't it?

Tad: Jesse, stay! Help me!

Jesse: Okay.


Jesse: Boy, you're going to owe me big time for this one.

Frankie: Now you're the one who's not talking. Bianca, why are you sticking around? All I give you is grief.

Bianca: That's not true.

Frankie: Sure it is. Guess I'm like my name -- Frankie Stone. Heart of stone. I guess it comes with the package, you know?

Bianca: Don't talk that way about yourself, Frankie.

Frankie: Why not?

Bianca: Because --

Bianca: Frankie, I -- I think I love you.

Mateo: Hey.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey.

Mateo: Is she all right?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, she's fine.

Mateo: She left me a message. I didn't know if she was okay or not.

Ryan: Well, she just had kind of a rough day. I'll let her -- I'll let her tell you about it.

Mateo: Okay.

Ryan: All right.

Mateo: How's Enzo? Is he --

Ryan: He's good. You know, he's always sleeping, like babies do, I guess. I just didn't want to leave her alone, you know. She --

Mateo: I appreciate it. You did the right thing.

Ryan: She was just worried about you.

Mateo: Yeah, I -- I don't know what I can do about that, you know?

Ryan: I guess she's just not as tough as she seems, sometimes.

Mateo: Yeah, I get that.

Ryan: You know, this is none of my business, but just so you know, I think she feels shut out or something.

Mateo: All right.

Ryan: All right. Listen, get some sleep, all right?

Mateo: Thanks, pal. I'll see you around.

Ryan: Yeah.

Mateo: Please, God, let me keep my family safe.

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Frankie: You really think that we can end up together one day, don't you?

Erica: We need to talk.

Laura: I'm still Leoís wife. We're still married. Does anyone have a problem with that?

Leo: If it takes the rest of my life, I want to make this up to you.

Jake: We found your father.

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