AMC Transcript Wednesday 11/14/01


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 11/14/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Edmund: One minute, you're afraid to let Hayward touch you, and the next, you're dating him?

Jesse: I will take you to Tad!

Leslie: We are gathered here to bless the joining together of this man and woman in holy matrimony.

Rev. Baker: Take the ring.

Leo: No.

Laura: No?


Dixie: Tad?

Dixie: Tad!

Dixie: What are you doing? Get out of the way!

Opal: Oh, Tad!

Dixie: Let me see. Get them off. Tad. Oh, my God.

Jesse: Guess I still got a little juice left, huh?


Brooke: Turn it off!

Laura: Leo? Leo, let's get out of here!

Leo: No. No.

Laura: You keep saying no.

Leo: Laura, it's over!

Laura: Don't say that!

Leo: Laura, we've been lying to each other for months! I can't -- I never should have let it get this far, but I did! And now it's done!

Laura: Are you trying to kill me?

Leo: No! I'm trying to save you and me! I can't marry you again, Laura. I can't be married to you anymore.

Laura: She did this!

Leo: No, she didn't!

Laura: Greenlee did this!

Leo: No, she --

Laura: She set the sprinkler system off. She you got to you before I did, didn't she? She got to you before I could lock her in the --

Leo: What -- what did you say? Laura, what did you do to Greenlee?

[Greenlee yelps]

Greenlee: Ah, no! No! Ow! Ow!

Dixie: Oh --

Tad: Hmm.

Opal: Honey. My, God.

Tad: Oh, oh.

Opal: You loon! What do you think you're doing? You get down there, on the ground!

Dixie: Hey, what happened?

Opal: I will --

Leslie: Ow!

Tad: I don't know.

Jesse: Guess it wasn't your time, Tad.

Opal: And that's for me!

Tad: I guess it wasnít.

Dixie: Wasn't what?

Leslie: Good-bye, Tad. Oh.

Jesse: Power surge.

Tad: Nothing like the nick of time.

Opal: Tad, honey, what was she trying to do?

Tad: I don't know, Mama. She just kept ranting about trying to kill me. She's one big psychotic mess.

Dixie: I don't understand. Was it -- you were --

Jesse: Tad, work it out, work it out, work it out.

Tad: I know, baby. It's like -- like time slowed down. That's just -- that's just shock. But it's all right now. Listen, no matter what happened, it's over and we're going to be okay. Won't we?

Jesse: Speak for yourself. I'm beat.

Tad: Anyway, thank you.


Leo: Laura, that was Greenlee. What did you do?

Brooke: Leo, what's the matter with you? Can't you see she's upset?

Leo: Brooke, just stay out of this. You said you locked Greenlee up.

Brooke: What?

Leo: Where is she?

Brooke: Was Greenlee here? Did she try and stop the wedding?

Laura: It was raining in here, Mother. What do you think?

Leo: That -- that scream was Greenlee. Tell me where she is!

Laura: Okay, all right! I was in the lobby. I had to walk down the aisle, and she came running in.

Leo: What did you do to her?

Laura: She was going to ruin the ceremony, Leo. I had to do something.

Leo: Tell me where she is!

Laura: I locked her in a closet in the hallway.

Brooke: Laura, no, no! Let him go.

David: Laura, Laura.

Brooke: Let this go. I know it's horrible. But you can't make Leo stay here with you.

Laura: She did this, Mother.

Brooke: Laura, Leo did this. He stopped the ceremony even before the sprinklers went off, even before Greenlee did a thing.

Laura: No, no. I don't accept that, and neither should you. Leo didn't know what he was saying.

David: Laura, I'm sorry, but he did. Leo knew exactly what he was saying and why.

Edmund: So, yeah, I found maintenance, and finally, they turned off the main line.

Phoebe: Thank goodness for that.

Myrtle: You okay?

Phoebe: Edmund, tell me, where did Leo run off to?

Myrtle: Looks like he ran off to his future, I'm sorry to say.

Phoebe: Dear. Well, we ought to go and talk to Laura, don't you think?

Edmund: You know what? Why don't you just let Brooke handle this? I think she'll be steering this ship from now on. Ladies, will you excuse me?

Myrtle: Sure.

Edmund: Care for a towel there, Miss?

Anna: Oh, I'm not so wet -- Sir, my arm?

Edmund: I see where you're going.

Anna: Yeah, maybe you should just let me get there. Edmund, you have got to stop grilling me about David. I've told you already that it is none of your business.

Edmund: Just tell me this -- are you hooking up with him because he's connected to Proteus?

Anna: Did you know that if you keep repeating the same behavior over and over again expecting a different result, it's a sign of madness?

David: Edmund, can I get one of those, please?

Edmund: All right, but it's all crazy -- yeah, sure, here.

David: Thanks. Leave it to my family to throw a big splash, huh?

Anna: Mm-hmm-hmm. David, Edmund wants to know why we're seeing each other.

David: Does he really? Well, that's interesting.

Anna: Yeah.

David: I didn't think he had any right to know anything about your personal life, unless there's something I'm missing here.

Anna: No, no. There isn't anything. He's just looking out for me, that's all.

Rosa: This is unreal.

Frankie: This is one nutty little burg, Pine Valley. Oh!

Rosa: I'm going to go see what I can find out, okay? I'll be right back.

Bianca: Okay.

Frankie: So let me get this straight -- Leo's ex was the one who was up in the ceiling yelling for help?

Bianca: Yeah, I think so.

Frankie: Crazy, let me tell you.

Bianca: Mm-hmm. Yeah, Leo and Greenlee are a pretty volatile couple -- or they were. They will be again -- whatever.

Frankie: You seem so sorry to see it end.

Bianca: What, the wedding? God, no. I mean, I told you; I was just here for Leo.

Frankie: And it doesn't look like he's here -- well, not at the moment anyway.

Bianca: Yeah, it seems that way.

Frankie: Well, I think this whole town is just nuts.

Bianca: Hey, how was my reading? Was it okay?

Frankie: Yeah, you were great. I can't say the same for Laura. She squirmed her whole way through.

Bianca: You know, if Leo and Greenlee do get back together, they will probably kill each other before they make it to the altar, but I still think that Leo is better off having left Laura.

Vanessa: Phew!

Bianca: Oh. Vanessa. Hello!

Frankie: Aunt Vanessa. Unusual vows, don't you think?

Vanessa: Ah, yes, well, the family's going to have to pull together now -- for Leo.

Frankie: Well, Leo seems all pulled together on his own. He seems to know what he wants and goes for it.

Vanessa: Still, it's very, very humiliating.

Frankie: Mm-hmm. For who?

Vanessa: For whom, dear. Anyway, when there's terrible times, families unite.

Frankie: Oh, they do?

Vanessa: And you're family, dear.

Frankie: Aunt Vanessa, I know the guy who sells me coffee better than I know you, and he's nicer to me, too.

Vanessa: You know, I'm sorry I was so preoccupied when you came to town. We really should have had you over to dinner by now, so let's just correct this. Let's say sometime next week.

Frankie: Aces.

Vanessa: Hmm. Well, Bianca, dear, please, would you come, too? I'm really very glad that you two have found each other. Truly I am. Huh! Well, if Leo comes looking for me, Darling, would you just tell him I went off to change my rather damp ensemble?

Frankie: Oh, and I'm sure the first person he comes to look for is his mother. Oh, God!

Bianca: Why are you flipping out about going to dinner with your aunt?

Frankie: I'm not flipping out. She's fake and it bugs me.

Bianca: Actually, you seem to have her pretty well under control.

Frankie: Yeah? So what's your point?

Bianca: My point is that you're wigging out because your aunt invited me to dinner and basically acted really cool about the two of us being together.

Frankie: Wait, wait -- don't tell me what I'm thinking, okay? What? What are you looking at? What?

Bianca: I -- I just don't get you.

Frankie: Yeah, well, you're not the first person to say that.

Bianca: Frankie, I don't know. Sometimes you seem so cool about us being together and about being with me, and then other times --

Frankie: Other times what, Bianca? Just go ahead and say it -- other times what?

Bianca: Okay. Other times, you seem like you're ashamed to be with me.

Brooke: Excuse me. Can I have everybody's attention? I want to thank you all for coming and we're very sorry for all of this. And please accept our apology. Good night. I had to do that, really. There was no other choice. I'm so sorry.

Laura: How could you do this to me, Mother?

Brooke: I just want to get you home, all right? I just want you to get home and out of this dress. Laura, honey, don't make this worse for yourself.

Laura: Are you on her side, too?

Brooke: Laura.

Laura: No. Do you believe me or Greenlee, Mother, really?

Brooke: I just want to get you home and take care of you, okay?

Laura: Can't you see what she's trying to do to me? She's trying to kill me.

Brooke: Laura, no.

Laura: No, she's trying to kill me and my life and everything that matters to me, but she's not going to get away with it. She's not.

Greenlee: Please, somebody help me!

Brooke: Let's just go home. Laura, wait!

Laura: You colossal bitch!

Brooke: Laura!

Laura: You did this. You ruined everything.

Greenlee: Has anyone seen David Hayward?

Anna: Yeah. He's taking a call in the other room.

Laura: What's she doing? Is she going to find David to try convince you of something?

Leo: Her father had a heart attack. She came here to take David to him. Greenlee told you that before you locked her in the closet, Laura.

Laura: Oh, and you believed her?

Leo: Yes.

Laura: God, Leo, it's a lie! After everything she's done to both of us, and you believe her now about this? Her father's fine!

Greenlee: He's at my office. He said I had to get you.

David: All right. Just show me where he is.

Laura: Leo, don't! Leo, don't believe her! No!

Opal: Listen, I'll call the police. You just keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't get up again, you know, like Glenn Close at the end of that movie when we thought she was dead in the tub --

Dixie: Opal? Opal?

Opal: With the knife --

Dixie: The police?

Opal: Oh. Uh -- yeah, okay. I've got it. I'll -- I'll -- I'll get a better signal outside.

Dixie: I just can't believe this is happening again. I mean, I saw her kick the stool out from underneath you. You had a noose around your neck.

Tad: Baby, baby, it's okay. I'm fine. We're all fine now.

Dixie: I guess I just must have been imagining things. I mean, what other explanation could there be, right?

Jesse: Yeah. Messing around with time like that -- I ain't supposed to do that. That's a big one, Tad.

Tad: Well, I'm just glad you did.

Jesse: Oh, yeah.

Dixie: Glad I did what?

Tad: I'm just glad you got here when you did.

Jesse: Oh, there's going to be hell to pay, man.

Dixie: How did Leslie get to us again, Tad? I mean, how did this happen? Tad? Go ahead. Tell her, man. Tell her the truth now because it really counts later on. It's your call.

Tad: It was my fault.

Dixie: It -- it was your fault? I -- how could that be?

Tad: Because I'm the one that put you through all of this.

Dixie: No, no. God, no, you didnít. Joe got a phone call that Leslie escaped from a hospital and then she beat up her sister.

Tad: Baby, baby, listen to me -- Leslie didn't escape from anywhere because I arranged for her to be in her sister's care.

Dixie: I'm sorry?

Tad: So am I. It was just a stupid thing to do, one of a hundred stupid things that I've done.

Dixie: How could you do that?

Tad: Because I wanted to nail David. I wanted to send him back to jail where he belongs, and I thought Leslie was the only way to accomplish that because I hated him that much.

Dixie: Oh, this isn't happening.

Tad: Baby, it is. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. I hated David so much that I just -- I just lost sight of things that are important, like you, like us. But now that I've had a noose around my neck, things are perfectly clear.

Jesse: Can you spell "The 11th hour"?

Tad: Try not to help. Listen, baby, you got to believe the only thing that is important in this world to me is loving you, okay? Nothing else matters now, nothing -- not payback, not revenge, none of it. The only thing that matters to me is being with you. It's the only thing that ever will matter to me.

Jesse: Ooh. Check it out, man. Well, I guess he's not mad at me after all. I mean, I'm feeling like I'm back in full effect, dude.

Jesse: This is great. I guess this is what happens when you make things right. Oh! So, Tad, don't blow it a second time, okay?

Tad: I love you, baby. I love you more than I can ever say.

Greenlee: Daddy? Daddy, we're here! Daddy?

Brooke: Laura, honey, let me get you out of your dress.

Laura: No. Don't you come near me. I'm not getting out of this dress -- not now, not ever.

Brooke: Honey --

Laura: No. I should have been with Leo. I should have gone after him and made him come back. I could have gotten the reverend back. We could have just started all over.

Brooke: Laura, listen to me--

Laura: No.

Brooke: Listen to me, all right? Greenlee didn't come here to stop the wedding. She came here to find David to help her with her father.

Laura: You, too? You believe that garbage, too?

Brooke: Honey, I saw her, I heard her. It was the truth.

Laura: Then you are blind!

Brooke: Well, I am not deaf! And when Leo wouldn't repeat his vows to you, Greenlee was nowhere in sight. She had nothing to do with the decision that he made. And I'm sorry that it happened that way and I'm sorry that it happened in front of everybody, but it's the truth, Laura, and we have to accept it. You have to accept it.

Laura: I don't have to accept anything from you. You want to know why? Because you believe that bitch instead of your own daughter!

Brooke: Laura!

Laura: You actually think I'm lying and that Greenlee told the truth?

Brooke: I saw Leo, honey. I -- I heard him. I saw what he said. You can't blame everything on Greenlee!

Laura: I blame Greenlee for everything. Do you get it? Everything. I blame her for ruining my wedding, I blame her for taking Leo away from me, and I blame her for turning my own mother against me on my own wedding day.

Brooke: Laura, I'm not turning on you. I never would.

Laura: Why not? Everyone else has. And you know why? Because you never bought that I belonged to you in the first place.

Brooke: Oh, Laura, stop this!

Laura: Yeah, I came to this town, you adopted me, but everybody knew who I really was. Everybody knew where I came from. They all knew the real truth about me, right? So all this "might make nice" is just a cover for what you all really think, which is that I'm some disgusting mongrel who doesn't deserve the right to a normal life, just a porn star who belongs in the gutter where she was born and raised and should just die.

Brooke: Oh, Laura.

Laura: No.

Brooke: Honey, don't do this.

Laura: No, but here's the thing -- I'm not going back to the gutter, not now, not ever. None of you can make me.

Brooke: Honey, you're not making any sense.

Laura: I'm going to take Leo back.

Brooke: I know you're upset and --

Laura: I'm getting Leo back, and you know why? Because he saves me. He makes me feel alive. He makes me feel human. None of you do. None of you ever did. And I'll win him back. He'll see that he let me go because of all of you awful and disgusting people who didn't believe in me and never have.

Brooke: Laura --

Laura: I'm not letting Leo go, not now, not ever. Do you hear me? Never.

Frankie: Will you stop?

Bianca: Why should I stay?

Frankie: You totally do not think I'm ashamed to be near you.

Bianca: To be with me, Frankie. There's a really big difference.

Frankie: I'm not ashamed to be with you, okay?

Bianca: Okay, so why do you act that way when I introduce you to my friends or when your aunt invites us to dinner? Which, by the way, I do.

Frankie: Look, I don't have a problem with your friends. As for my aunt, on the other hand, well, I think she's nuts. And I don't trust her. I mean, your mom -- she thinks I'm just like my aunt, running a scam or something.

Bianca: Yeah, but --

Frankie: And you want to go to dinner with her. It doesn't --

Bianca: I don't care what my mother thinks! I know what I know.

Frankie: Well, what about everyone else? I mean, half this town thinks I'm a con artist or something thanks to your mother.

Bianca: Yeah, but I told you I know the truth. Nothing else matters. I know who you really are, so what do we care what everybody else thinks?

Frankie: I think it's creepy, and you know it.

Bianca: Well, do you have any secrets?

Frankie: What?

Bianca: Do you have any secrets from me?

Frankie: No. No.

Bianca: So what's the problem?

Frankie's voice: Yeah. What -- what the hell are you doing? Yeah, she just left. No, don't worry. She doesn't suspect a thing. Hey, calm down, calm down. Everything is going according to plan.

Bianca: Frankie, what are you thinking about?

Frankie: I am thinking I need to get out of these wet clothes. How about you?

Bianca: Okay.

Bianca: I don't suppose you'll hold my hand.

Frankie: You think?

Bianca: No.

Susan: Where's Laura?

Brooke: She's in the bride's room.

Edmund: Is she okay?

Susan: Do you want me to go to her?

Brooke: I don't know. Uh -- I was hoping maybe Joe was here.

Edmund: Why, is she sick?

Brooke: No, she's just -- she's just agitated obviously. And I just thought if somebody was around to look in on her, you know, and since David left with Greenlee to look after her father --

Susan: Do you want me to go check on her?

Brooke: Would you do that? Yeah, thanks.

Susan: Yes, absolutely.

Brooke: Oh, boy, Edmund. She's a mess.

Edmund: I would think she would be.

Brooke: No, you didn't hear her. I mean, she was -- she was so full of anger and rage. I have never seen her like this. I don't -- I don't think Lauraís all right at all.

Greenlee: He was here. He couldn't breathe and he was sweating and he said you were the only person that could treat him, David. He said if I called an ambulance, he'd -- he'd die. Where did he go?

Leo: Are you sure that he had a heart attack?

Greenlee: You don't believe me?

Leo: No, hold it, and I'm not saying I don't believe you. I'm just wondering if he's not as sick as you thought he was.

Greenlee: For God's sake, Leo, he was grabbing his chest. He could barely talk to me.

David: All right. Then where the hell is he?

Greenlee: I don't know! It doesn't make any sense! Look, he pulled this out when I tried to call 911.

David: What -- he pulled what out?

Greenlee: He pulled this phone line right out of the phone. I don't know who put it back or why, but all I know is that he said he was in pain and that you were the only person that could treat him and if I called an ambulance, he would die.

Leo: So you know Roger Smythe?

David: No.

Leo: So you're not treating him?

David: No, I'm not.

Roger: Scotch, double. No, make it a triple.

David: You really think that's a good idea?

Roger: Would you get off of my back just for one night?

David: If I do that, you're a dead man.

Brooke: Edmund, Laura went off on me.

Edmund: She's distraught.

Brooke: No, it was more than that. I don't know. It was sort of like this unreal narcissism that the -- you know, everything in the world was about her and how -- how nobody got her or understood her or ever really cared about her.

Edmund: She's just lashing out.

Brooke: It was like there were years and years of rage that were just spewing out of her, and I was so taken aback, I cannot tell you. And you told me that you saw this side of her. I just -- I wouldn't listen to you.

Edmund: You support her because you love her. There's no harm in that.

Brooke: But I should have listened to you. You know, I just -- I didn't have any idea that all of this was building up inside her.

Edmund: Look, she's just going to have to push through it until it doesn't hurt anymore.

Brooke: I'm just -- I'm so, you know -- I'm so worried about her.

Edmund: I know. I know, I know. You're going to be there for her, okay?

Brooke: Yeah.

Edmund: She'll be okay. And I'll be here for you and her, whatever you need.

Brooke: I know. You're always there.

Edmund: Want to go see Laura now?

Brooke: Yeah.

Edmund: Okay?

Brooke: Yeah.

Edmund: Okay. Now, listen, I'll check back at the house later, make sure you're okay.

Brooke: Thank you, Edmund.

Simone: I got your message. I got here as fast as I could.

Edmund: Anyone see you?

Simone: No. It's been a while.

Edmund: It's better this way.

Simone: I know, you're right. It's still good to see you. I'm sorry, but I don't have a lot to report.

Edmund: Tell me what you got.

Simone: Mateo -- he shut down on me, ever since he came back from the Cayman Islands, that trip with Hayley and the baby.

Edmund: He wasn't like this before he left?

Simone: No. No, no, no. He confided in me all the time.

Edmund: Huh.

Simone: I'm a little nervous about it.

Edmund: Nervous how?

Simone: Why? Part of me thinks that he's decided to take down Proteus on his own.

Edmund: Bad move.

Simone: Hmm. And the other part of me is afraid that -- well, that he's crossed over to the other side.

Edmund: I've known Mateo a long time, Simone. It's not going to happen. He's not going to cross over for a drug deal.

Simone: Well, I don't want to think so, Edmund, but he -- he's got this weird swagger about him now and he's flashing cash and prizes everywhere.

Edmund: That may be just a cover, you know, just to -- Simone? Listen, I don't like him cutting us out of the process, okay? He's not the only one we're having troubles with.

Simone: Well, who else?

Edmund: You remember I told you about Anna Devane?

Simone: Yeah, yeah, the ex-spy chick.

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Simone: Her sister is married to your brother --

Edmund: My brother, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not sure she's such an ex-spy anymore.

Simone: She's working the Proteus investigation for WSB?

Edmund: Well, she's not saying, but she left some clues that I'm sure she wishes she could take back, and I'm starting to put them together.

Simone: Hmm. What kind of clues?

Edmund: She got into a car accident. She went to the hospital. She was kind of out of it. I saw her. She grabs me and she says, "It wasn't an accident," and then she says, "Proteus."

Simone: Really?

Edmund: Really. And then David Hayward -- you know I told you about David Hayward?

Simone: Right, right, the doctor.

Edmund: He comes in to see her. You know what? She totally freaks out when he tries to help her. Then she knocks out a security guard, leaves the hospital, and now she's hanging out with David Hayward ever since.

Simone: What -- hanging out how? I mean, I thought you said she was scared of him.

Edmund: Well, let's just say they're seeing each other.

Simone: Hmm. Well, did you talk to her about it?

Edmund: Yeah, I tried. She said it was none of my business.

Simone: Oh. Do you think Hayward is Proteus?

Edmund: He fits the profile. What I'm afraid of is that she thinks that very same thing and she's pretending to be close to him romantically so she can get close to his business.

Simone: I know who she is. I've seen her around SOS a lot lately.

Edmund: You have?

Simone: Yeah.

Edmund: With Hayward?

Simone: Sometimes, yeah, but I didn't put it together until you told me all this. I'm sorry.

Edmund: Have you seen Anna at SOS with anyone else?

Simone: Yeah -- Chris Stamp and this other guy, a wiry sort. What a joke.

Edmund: He got a name?

Simone: Roger Smythe. You know him?

Greenlee: I don't understand, David. If you don't know my father and you never treated him, why did he say you were the only one who could help him?

David: What are you doing here, Anna?

Anna: I wanted to make sure you were all right.

Greenlee: Really, David, why did he say it had be you and no one else?

David: Well, if your father really had a heart attack, Greenlee, I'm sure he asked for me because, well, I happen to be the best at what I do.

Greenlee: None of this makes any sense. He was dying. I know he was.

David: Greenlee, anxiety attacks are very real, okay? Now, sometimes those symptoms can be mistaken for actually having a heart attack. Now, if your father had a panic attack, it may have subsided, he got up, and he walked out.

Greenlee: Leo, I know what I saw. He could barely breathe.

Leo: I know, I know, but if he was that sick, do you really think he could get up and walk out by himself?

Greenlee: I don't know.

Leo: Where are you going?

Greenlee: Look for my father.

Leo: Where?

Greenlee: I don't know. I will talk to the security guards. I'll search the parking lots, the stairwells. Leo, he was in pain and he turned to me. He asked me to get your brother. If he's not here, something else went wrong.

Leo: Okay, well, I'm going with you.

Greenlee: Because you don't believe me?

Leo: No, no -- because I do. Okay? And I want to help you. All right? I'll call you if we find anything.

David: Okay.

David: I'm sorry I had to desert you at the wedding.

Anna: Are you?

David: Yes, of course I am. But I was needed here, so --

Anna: You lied, David.

David: About what?

Anna: You do know Roger Smythe. Why did you say you didn't?

Opal: You come near my family again and I will show you how we take care of justice where I come from.

Leslie: Mom?

Opal: She is crazier than a hornet in a gas tank.

Jesse: Tad? Get your mother and your wife out of here. Go home. Get out of here so I can get out of here.

Tad: What do you say, Sweetheart? You want to go home and start over again?

Opal: Look, I'll meet you kids in the car, okay? I'm going to go make sure they drive that wing nut away like they said.

Jesse: Tad, get her home -- now.

Tad: You want to go, baby?

Dixie: I don't think so.

Jesse: Uh-oh.

Tad: What do you mean, you don't think so? You want to rest a little bit more before we -- we leave? IsÖ

Dixie: I can't do it, Tad. I can't go home.

Jesse: Oh, you knee-deep in doo-doo now, baby.

Tad: What do you mean, you don't want to go home? Sweetheart, you saw them drag Leslie out of here. Now, she's back in custody and she's going to stay that way.

Dixie: I have your word on that?

Tad: My word? Absolutely, sure.

Jesse: Can't you see what she's getting at here, Tad?

Tad: No.

Dixie: No?

Tad: I mean, I know that this was my fault and I can't tell how you sorry I am, Sweetheart, but, listen, Leslie can't hurt us anymore. I swear it.

Dixie: What about you?

Tad: What about me?

Dixie: Are you going to hurt us again?

Tad: What?

Dixie: That woman had you in here tied up with a noose around your neck.

Tad: Dixie, I know. I was there.

Dixie: Just a little while ago, she had you in her bed. That's where this all started.

Tad: Dixie, we --

Dixie: She tried to kidnap J.R. She tried to kill me, David. Who else? Is that what you wanted?

Tad: No, no.

Dixie: This stupid revenge plot that you have against David -- did you really think that Leslie was going to kill David before she tried to kill me or you?

Tad: Leslie -- no, look, just let me explain, okay?

Dixie: Explain what?

Tad: I -- I --

Dixie: That you purposely tried to bring a homicidal maniac who was in a mental institution back into our lives? To get back at David, you purposely risked your life --

Tad: Dixie, I'm --

Dixie: My life, our children's life? All for what, for some stupid revenge plot that wasn't going to work anyway?

Jesse: Tad, you need to take control of this right now before it's too late.

Tad: Dixie, you have to listen to me.

Dixie: No, I donít.

Jesse: Man it up, Tad!

Tad: Baby, come here, please.

Dixie: No. No. Not this time.

Brooke: Is Laura changing?

Susan: Brooke, she's not here.

Brooke: Where'd she go, Susan?

Susan: Well, she asked me to get her a glass of water so she could take her pills, and when I came back, she was gone.

Susan: Look.

David: Don't ask questions about things that don't concern you, Anna.

Anna: What is your tip to Roger Smythe? His daughter's obviously in pain and you're lying to her about knowing him. Is he working with you?

David: Stay out of this, Anna. I mean it.

Anna: Hey, don't get edgy with me. Are you wondering why he was so anxious to see you? I mean, do you have to find him before his daughter does? Treat me nice and I can help you.

David: What is that supposed to mean?

Anna: My little hobby -- tracking devices. I can find him fast if you give me something to go on.

Greenlee: Anything?

Anna: No.

David: No, no. Nobody's seen him?

Greenlee: No.

Leo: Well, his car wasn't in the parking lot. Security's running a track on when he left. They said it would take a while. It's kind of a slow process, so --

Greenlee: I've tried his cell phone a dozen times, and I keep getting his voice mail. Leo, he's sick. I saw him. What are we going to do?

Laura: Get your hands off my husband. I said get your hands --

Leo: Get out of here! Now!

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