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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/9/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Simone: I have been worried sick about you. What have you been doing?

Mateo: Taking care of business.

Simone: Well, where?

Mateo: You don't need to know.

Liza: It's started. He's laying the foundation.

Ryan: What? For what?

Liza: To take Colby away from me. I'm going to be sick.

Simone: That's some chunk of change there, Boss.

Mateo: So?

Simone: So, who died and made you rich?

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: Liza. Get out of here. Get -- fine. We'll let security handle this.

Ryan: Yeah. You want to reach out and touch someone, Adam? Here I am.

Adam: What the hell do you want?

Ryan: I want answers. You had me profiled. You ran a background check on me.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, your dad was a drunk and a drug peddler. Get over it.

Ryan: Who dug up the dirt?

Adam: My sources.

Ryan: Who are they? Where did you get this crap about my father?

Adam: You think I ought to tell you? The cheat who cozied up to my wife in the boathouse --

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa --

Adam: In the middle of the night?

Ryan: You are unbelievable, you know that? Forget about me. You are a sick bastard. You hired a PI to spy on your own wife?

Hayley: Thanks, Rosa. Oh, listen -- oh, if Enzo gets fussy, give him his chu-ba-chu.

Liza: You know, this time he's gone way too far.

Hayley: Hi, Liza.

Liza: He has crossed way over the line.

Hayley: Uh-oh. What's my father done now?

Liza: Has he talked to you?

Hayley: Talked to me? No. Not -- I mean, not since he told me that you two were taking a breather.

Liza: Yeah, well, you know what? I split. I left the great, all-powerful Adam Chandler. And you know what? He's getting back at me.

Hayley: Why? What? What's he doing?

Liza: He's going after Colby.

Hayley: You mean, custody?

Liza: Yes.

Hayley: What -- how do you know -- did he get his legal team involved?

Liza: Oh, no, no. That would have been too upfront for him. No, he has spies sitting in the bushes taking photographs of me so he could prove I'm an unfit mother.

Hayley: Oh. Liza, look, you know, it's Adam you're dealing with. That can't surprise you.

Liza: Has he confided in you?

Hayley: No.

Liza: So you have no idea what he's plotting?

Hayley: No, I am completely in the dark, I promise. I swear.

Liza: I was just hoping that --

Hayley: I'm sorry.

Liza: You pig!

Hayley: Oh, no, no!

Liza: You liar!

Hayley: No, no, no, Liza! Liza, no, no.

Adam: You're damn right I hired a PI -- because my wife, the mother of my child, is out there running wild.

Ryan: Liza doesn't want any part of you, Adam.

Adam: She doesn't know what she wants right now.

Ryan: So you hire a PI to follow her?

Adam: Yeah, she's confused. No doubt you lured her to the boathouse.

Ryan: Your wife didn't need a whole lot of encouragement, Adam.

Adam: I don't blame Liza. You're taking advantage of her,

Ryan: Your little PI didnít come crying to you after I ripped the film out of his camera?

Adam: You think that's going to stop me?

Ryan: You don't own Liza. You have no right to invade her personal life --

Adam: I am her husband! I have every right!

Ryan: Right to what? To prove what kind of a paranoid idiot you are? There was no dirt, Adam! There was no candid pictures of us doing it! Do you understand? We were talking. Talking. And we weren't talking about sex. We were talking about you.

Adam: Oh, really? You really expect me to believe anything you say?

Ryan: I don't give a damn what you believe. You latched onto my life and you raked up my past, and I want it to stop and I want it to stop now.

Adam: How are you going to stop it? With what? Your vast personal fortune?

Ryan: You won't win this time, Adam.

Adam: I've already won the first round. My man will testify that he caught you and my wife together -- in family court.

Ryan: Yeah, doing absolutely nothing.

Adam: And then he'll further testify that you lost your temper, you broke his camera. We'll add that to your ever-growing rap sheet and hand that to the judge. You're a violent man, Lavery. The cycle of abuse started by your father is being continued through you. And you're now a hazard to my daughter. And Liza's affair with you will cost her custody of Colby.

Ryan: Liza is lucky she bailed on you when she did. I had no idea that you hated her this much.

Adam: What I feel for Liza is far from hate.

Ryan: Then why are you doing this, Adam?

Adam: To protect Colby.

Ryan: From Liza? Liza would die before she'd let anything happen to --

Adam: Please spare me your histrionics.

Ryan: What, you think I'm exaggerating, Adam? Your suspicions and your detectives and your accusations -- they're making Liza ill. Literally. Did you hear me? Liza's in trouble, Adam. She needs help -- now.

Hayley: No!

Stuart: What did I do?

Hayley: Liza, please! Are you nuts? You're going to hurt him!

Liza: I'm just getting started, believe me.

Stuart: But I didn't do anything. Ow!

Liza: You know what? You were going to trick me? Did you?

Hayley: What is the matter with you? Please!

Liza: You thought this was going to work? You know what? I'm going to tell you something. Stuart is all about a lot more than just a sweater. Okay? He has a soul. You can't fake that, Adam!

Stuart: But I'm not Adam. I'm -- I'm Stuart.

Liza: Oh, really? Oh, really? You thought this was going to work, this little charade?

Stuart: What charade?

Liza: Oh, that I would confide in Stuart and you'd get the ammo that you needed about Colby? Well, it's not going to work, not this time.

Stuart: But I am Stuart!

Hayley: He is Stuart.

Liza: Hayley, how can you be so gullible?

Hayley: I invited him over here to see the baby. It is Stuart.

Stuart: I'm going to sketch him as a surprise for Mateo.

Liza: Stuart, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Stuart: No, that's okay.

Liza: No. No, it's not okay.

Stuart: Liza? What's -- what's happened between you and Adam?

Hayley: Liza left Adam and took Colby with her.

Stuart: Again? Liza, I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to help you?

Liza: Yes. I need you and Hayley to help me fight off Adam. Whatever it takes.

Mateo: Who said money isn't everything?

Simone: Yeah, that's a bundle. Where did you get it?

Mateo: I knocked off a bank.

Simone: Oh. Yeah. Well, the way you've been acting, I almost believe it.

Mateo: Why don't you lighten up? These are good times. Finally.

Simone: For whom?

Mateo: For whom?

Simone: Yeah.

Mateo: For me. Check it out.

Simone: Yeah. Yeah, I'm looking, but I'm just not sure what I see.

Mateo: You're looking at success. That was some scene last night, huh?

Simone: Yeah. Yeah, it was pretty wild. Too bad you missed it.

Mateo: Cops came?

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Mateo: Yeah? It's all right, though. Biggest take we've ever had.

Simone: So you're saying that Brooke English paid for the party in cash?

Mateo: Yeah.

Simone: Oh.

Mateo: What's wrong with that? Honest pay for an honest night's work.

Simone: Oh, bull. You didn't earn that. Not for selling drinks, anyway.

Mateo: How's that?

Simone: It's drug money, funneled down here through Proteus. What, are you guys sharing a bank account now?

Mateo: What?

Simone: Take that cash for a quick spin through the rinse cycle, clean it up for him?

Mateo: Please. Why don't you just stay out of it, all right?

Simone: No, no, no. What's going on with you?

Mateo: I got smart.

Simone: Really?

Mateo: Mm-hmm.

Simone: I don't think so. You go on this mystery trip. You come back, you start acting all weird, then you try freezing me out of the loop.

Mateo: Well, I could warm you up if you want.

Simone: Oh, God. Will you stop it? Damn it. This is so not you. With the French cuffs, the fancy watch, the attitude. Please. Who the hell do you think you are?

Mateo: I'm my own man.

Simone: We're a team -- you, me, and Edmund -- working to bring Proteus down. Together we will smash his drug cartel. You can't do it alone, Mateo.

Mateo: You're so sexy when you're worried.

Ezechial: When did that start?

Adam: Liza's sick? What's wrong with her?

Ryan: You are.

Adam: What the hell does that mean?

Ryan: You're wearing her down, man. You got her looking over her shoulder. She's terrified of what move you're going to pull next.

Adam: Liza knows I love her.

Ryan: Well, she knows you're ruthless. And she knows you'll use your children as weapons and you'll take Colby away from her to punish her for leaving you. She knows that.

Adam: Colby's an innocent child.

Ryan: Yeah? You keep this up, let's see how long that lasts.

Adam: We were talking about Liza.

Ryan: Liza, Colby -- it's the same thing, Adam, same lifeline. You take Colby away, you take Liza's reason for living away.

Adam: Well, she made her choice. If she can't handle the consequences --

Ryan: Consequences? What, are you joking? She didn't ask for this.

Adam: She left me.

Ryan: You forced her out! You and your bloated ego! God. It wasn't enough that she came back to you, that she wanted to give your marriage another shot. You had to come after me. And you're still doing it. You had to hunt down a rival that just doesn't exist, Adam.

Adam: You and my wife were lovers.

Ryan: It's over. She chose you. Hell, I was on my way out of town, out of your life forever, but you blew it. And now she's paying for it. She's so knotted up inside, that you're making her physically sick, Adam.

Adam: Liza told you that?

Ryan: I was there. At the boathouse, she was pale and she was shaking. You remember -- like that time in the yacht, when you threw that fit and she fainted.

Adam: Well, I -- I wasn't even there last night. You can't blame me for that.

Ryan: No. It was just your man that was doing your dirty work for you. Adam, you got to back off. You have to stop harassing Liza, all right? Look at me. Look at me. I am not having an affair with your wife.

Adam: And you expect me to believe that?

Ryan: Yes. Believe it. Stop this madness -- for Colby's sake.

Hayley: Whoa, Liza, back up.

Stuart: You want us to help you fight Adam?

Liza: He can't win this.

Hayley: Well, I don't even know what's going on.

Liza: He wants to take away my family, so I'll take away his.

Hayley: Okay, what does that mean?

Liza: That means we cut him off from his family. Stuart, Colby, me, you, Adam's grandson -- all access denied.

Hayley: That's pretty harsh, don't you think?

Liza: You know your father can't be trusted.

Hayley: But he's still my father.

Stuart: We don't even know what bad thing he's done.

Liza: Adam hired private investigators to follow us and to sit in the bushes and take photographs of us, as if we were doing something wrong, which we werenít.

Hayley: Oh, who's "we"?

Liza: I was with Ryan. We were just talking.

Hayley: Oh, I believe you.

Stuart: Yeah, me, too.

Hayley: But how do you know that he hired a private investigator? Are you sure?

Liza: Who else would hire someone to follow me?

Hayley: I -- I don't know.

Liza: It's typical Adam -- conniving, calculating. We can't let him get away with this.

Hayley: Liza, look, I know how scared you must be. I mean, having your child taken away is every mother's worst nightmare.

Liza: I won't lose Colby.

Hayley: But you're asking me to lose my father.

Liza: You know how he is.

Hayley: I -- yes, I do. I mean, nobody knows Adam better than I do. He is an egomaniac and a power-hungry control freak.

Liza: And do you want that near your child?

Hayley: Didn't you? I mean, before all of this, before whatever it is hit the fan hit the fan, didn't you and Colby and Adam -- didn't you want to be a family? Are you sure you're doing the right thing?

Liza: Adam doesn't leave me any choice.

Hayley: Sure, you have too many choices. You have so many choices. I mean, you've got to think about what's right for you and your marriage and your child, your life. Are you sure you just want to throw everything away?

Liza: Colby comes first. That's the rule.

Stuart: Yeah. Would you just let me say something? Before we do anything that you can't take back, let me talk to Adam.

Liza: It's too late to talk to Adam.

Stuart: No, he always listens to me. Well, I mean, sometimes. Sometimes he listens to me. So let -- let me try before things get out of hand.

Liza: Things are already out of hand. Do you understand that, Stuart? Adam is desperate to get Colby. He's going to do everything he can. He's going to fight to get her. And I have to fight him back.

Stuart: No, all this talk about fighting -- there's got to be some way we can -- we can handle this before somebody gets hurt.

Liza: He fired the first shot when he hired the PI.

Hayley: Liza, when you went to meet Ryan, are you sure that there was a PI following you?

Liza: No. But if I was, it would stand to reason that Ryan was followed.

Hayley: Yeah, I -- yeah, I guess.

Liza: Which means that Adam's not working alone. He has an accomplice. And she is so dead.

Ezechial: So, that's your boss, huh?

Simone: Yeah.

Ezechial: Flashing all that cash. Good-looking guy.

Simone: I hadn't noticed.

Ezechial: Quite a kiss he laid on you. Didn't notice that either, did you?

Simone: Why are you here?

Ezechial: I wanted to see where you work. You don't invite me, so I invited myself.

Simone: All right, well, you've seen it, all right? Now go.

Ezechial: Simone, why? Why? What are you afraid of?

Simone: Look -- would you just please -- just leave.

Ezechial: You've been avoiding me. You do not return my calls. You cannot blame me for being concerned about you.

Simone: Look, just go. You can't stay.

Ezechial: Why?

Simone: Because. Damn you. We can't be seen here. All right? This is one time you take orders from me.

Roger: You're late.

Mateo: What's with the gun, Rog?

Roger: I don't take any chances.

Mateo: Well, that's all we do is take chances in our line of work, huh?

Roger: Do you have the money?

Mateo: Yeah, it's right here.

Roger: No, no, no. Don't move.

Mateo: You've got some trust issues, roger. It's right pocket. You're not looking so hot. When is the last time you had a checkup? What, healthcare not part of the business plan here for us?

Roger: There's too much cash here.

Mateo: I know. I exceeded my quota. The boss will be pleased, right?

Roger: Proteus doesn't like surprises.

Mateo: I moved his merchandise, I doubled the take. What's not to like?

Roger: Proteus likes things to go as planned, no improvising.

Mateo: Yeah, well, I'm a take-charge kind of guy. What can I say?

Roger: You got to take some of this back.

Mateo: No. I want him to know exactly how much I'm worth. Matter of fact, you give him the money, you tell him I want a meeting, face-to-face.

Roger: That's not possible.

Mateo: Everything's possible.

[Phone rings]

Mateo: Excuse me. Yeah.

Hayley: It's me. I need to see you right away.

Mateo: Look, this is really not a good time.

Hayley: Well, Rosaís here with the baby. I'm going to come down to the club.

Mateo: No, no. No. Okay? This can wait, right?

Hayley: Mateo, I need you. Listen, Liza thinks that my father is trying to take Colby away from her.

Mateo: Which is not my problem, okay? So just handle it.

Hayley: Mateo? Hel-- Mateo?

Adam: Ryan, it was never my intention to hurt Liza.

Ryan: No, you just do what comes naturally.

Adam: It troubles me that she's not well.

Ryan: Yeah? Well, you can fix that. You can call off your dogs and back off.

Adam: Yes, I will take that under advisement. In the meantime, you needed information.

Ryan: What is this? What are you doing?

Adam: The name and number of the man I hired to track down your father.

Ryan: Yeah, like they're going to talk to me.

Adam: I'll tell them to expect your call, to answer whatever questions you might have.

Ryan: This is legit?

Adam: Yes, completely.

Ryan: And you're going to back off Liza?

Adam: Yes, if I'm making her physically ill.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you are.

Adam's voice: Sweetheart, people don't just faint. There's got to be a reason, something --

Liza: It would make me feel a whole lot better if you just went away, please.

Adam: Have you been lightheaded? Have you --

Liza: Look, you came --

Adam: Have you been dizzy?

Liza: You came in here and you made me crazy. Just give me five minutes. Let me --

Adam: Liza, are you pregnant?

Liza: Am I pregnant?

Adam: Yes.

Liza: No. I'm not pregnant.

Adam: Are you sure?

Liza: Yes, I -- yes, I'm sure. You would love that, wouldn't you? Another chandler child to run around and create and continue your legacy of lies.

Adam: Yeah, Seaview Hospital? This is Adam Chandler calling. I'd like to speak to one of your obstetricians, Dr. Larraby I believe her name is. Yeah, she was treating my wife. Her name is Liza Colby Chandler. I want an update on her condition.

[Knock on door]

Mia: Ryan. Finally.

Marian: Mia. I was expecting Ryan.

Mia: Yeah, so was I.

Marian: He's not here?

Mia: See for yourself.

Marian: Do you know when he'll be back?

Mia: Nope. He went out last night -- to meet your daughter.

Marian: He never came back?

Mia: Did Liza?

Marian: I don't know.

Mia: Well, I have been waiting around here all night.

Marian: Well, you've made yourself quite comfortable here in Ryanís room.

Mia: So, what about it?

Marian: Nothing. I was simply making small talk.

Mia: Well, you know, I really don't want to make small talk right now. Maybe some other time.

Marian: You know, it appears that you and Ryan seem to be very close.

Mia: Well, that depends on what you mean by "close."

Marian: It looks like you have more than just a casual relationship.

Mia: Are you asking if Ryan and I play mattress tag, Marian?

Marian: No one could ever accuse you of being subtle, Mia.

Mia: Well, no one could ever accuse you of minding your own business.

Marian: Look; I thought we were trying to be friends.

Mia: Where did you get that?

Marian: I know you came here to Pine Valley with high expectations.

Mia: Yeah, well, they didn't pan out, and I'm dealing with it. So --

Marian: With Ryanís help?

Mia: We understand each other.

Marian: You know, there's really nothing to keep Ryan here in Pine Valley any longer. Actually, there's nothing to keep you in Pine Valley, either.

Mia: So, what's the moral of this very sad story that you're telling me?

Marian: Maybe it's time for Ryan to just move on.

Mia: With me?

Marian: Yes. You and Ryan could make a terrific life together.

Mia: As long as it's not in Pine Valley? You get rid of Ryan and me and you lose two problems, yes?

Marian: Exactly.

Mia: You are unbelievable.

Marian: What, is my suggestion that outrageous? I mean, apparently, you are fond of Ryan.

Mia: You don't know how I feel, okay?

Marian: That's true. But I know how my daughter feels. And she's hurting right now, and I can't help her.

Mia: Well, don't look at me.

Marian: No, you can help her. Ryan is not good for Liza, and the sooner he leaves Pine Valley, the better off she's going to be.

Mia: Oh, God. This is classic. I mean, Liza treats me like something that she just stepped in, and I'm supposed to rearrange my life so that she can maintain her comfort level? Oh, yeah. Okay, come on, Marian. Let me pack my bags. Hurry up -- Liza's in trouble.

Marian: Look, you don't have a life here, Mia, but -- but Liza does. She's got a family and a future here.

Mia: Yeah, yeah, I know -- Princess Liza has everything. What do I have to show for myself?

Marian: You don't know Liza the way I know her.

Mia: Well, yeah. She's made that, like, impossible.

Marian: Look, she's going through a very, very difficult time right now. She's under a great deal of pressure. But if you knew how kind and generous she can be --

Mia: Yeah, I know.

[Knock on door]

Mia: She's just like a regular Mother Teresa.

Adam: Liza Chandler, yes. I'm her husband. Well, I have a right to know if she's under your care. No, no -- to hell with your confidentiality. The hell with you! Stuart. What the devil do you want?

Stuart: This.

Adam: Ow! What was that for?

Stuart: For being mean to Liza.

Adam: Go away, Stuart. I've had a bear of a morning. I'm in no mood to be lectured.

Stuart: Tough.

Adam: What did you say?

Stuart: I said tough.

Adam: What, have you turned against me, too?

Stuart: You know better. I'm your brother.

Adam: All right, give me your best shot.

Stuart: I love you. And I love Liza. And Liza loves you.

Adam: Yeah, we're one big, happy family.

Stuart: Well, you could be -- except for one thing.

Adam: And what might that be?

Stuart: You. You're up to your old tricks again, Adam. You hired somebody to follow Liza and take pictures of her and Ryan.

Adam: Did she by any chance mention why I had them followed?

Stuart: Yeah, she -- she said that you thought she and Ryan were --

Adam: I believe the euphemism you're struggling for is "sleeping together."

Stuart: Like you said. But they're not. She told me that she and Ryan are just good friends.

Adam: And you believed her?

Stuart: Yeah.

Adam: Stuart, I wish I had your faith in people.

Stuart: Adam, what happened between you and Liza?

Adam: Damned if I know.

Stuart: Well, could you tell me and stop swearing while you're at it?

Adam: Liza chose Ryan over her own family. I'm doing what I have to do to protect Colby.

Stuart: Protect her from what?

Adam: Lavery has a history of violence.

Stuart: So do you.

Adam: You're not helping, Stuart.

Stuart: And you're not listening.

Adam: No, don't -- don't do that again. You have my full attention.

Stuart: Adam, every time you get into trouble, it's because you try to control the people that you love. You remember when you thought I was dead?

Adam: I don't want to go back to that, Stuart, no.

Stuart: You prayed. You prayed to God. You said, "Dear God, please, if Stuart is alive, I promise I'll change." You even swore that same thing to me. You promised that you wouldn't go back to your old ways.

Adam: What makes you think I have?

Stuart: You're alone again.

Adam: Stuart, I swear it's not my fault this time. I love Liza and Colby beyond reason. Ryan Lavery is trying to take them away from me. I can't let that happen. I wonít.

Ryan: Hey.

Hayley: Hey.

Ryan: Did I catch you at a bad time?

Hayley: Oh -- it's not my finest hour. Liza told me what went down with you two at the boathouse last night.

Ryan: Adam strikes again.

Hayley: Liza wants us to have a united front. She wants us to fight back against my father.

Ryan: And I suppose you have a problem with that.

Hayley: Well -- yeah. I mean, no matter what he's done, he's still my father.

Ryan: He is using Colby to punish Liza. I mean, how can he do that? Doesn't he know what it's going to do to his little girl? Does he want her to grow up to be messed up like --

Hayley: Like the rest of his children? It's okay, you can say it. I always do.

Ryan: That's not what I was going to say. But you still love him in spite of everything.

Hayley: Well -- let me ask you a question. Don't you -- I mean, doesn't the tiniest part of you, in spite of everything, still love your dad?

Ryan: I don't know.

Hayley: You were going to go look for him. Why?

Ryan: Give him hell.

Hayley: Okay. Buried deep within you, wasn't there the smallest, tiniest part of you that wanted to forgive him?

Ryan: Maybe. Where's all this coming from?

Hayley: You know, I'm sitting here thinking. My father is doing what he always does -- he is fighting for his family. Fighting. And you think that all he cares you ever noticed how my father never wins? He never wins. He always winds up alone and miserable. He never wins. Why is that?

Ryan: I don't know. Why does he have to bring so many people down with him?

Hayley: I don't know. I don't know. You know, in the -- in the program, they say that, you know, you can't -- you can't get any better until you hit rock bottom because I guess rock bottom, you know, it's like you're as low as you're going to go. You cannot go any lower. But it's actually much scarier to have everything in life, you know, to be at a place where -- where you feel like you have everything, you are living this dream-come-true life because you know that you could lose it all in a moment's notice.

Ryan: So what are you saying -- we should all live like Adam?

Hayley: No. I -- no. No, I'm just saying that I can't -- I can't -- I'm certainly not going to judge him because that could be me someday.

Ryan: No way.

Hayley: How can you say that? You can't say that. I am telling you, you don't know what you're capable of until you're a parent, until you hold that baby in your arms, and that's when you realize that you will say anything and do anything -- and I mean anything -- to protect your child. You will. I know it. I hold my baby and I say I want to do the right thing for this child. Only problem is, what is the right thing? How do I know?

Ryan: Well, what's the answer?

Hayley: I don't know. I don't know. You know those people that say, "I'm never going to do anything like my parents did," you know, "I'm not going to raise my kids like my parents"? But you know they do. You know they will. They're going to make the same mistakes. My biggest fear is to hear Adam's voice come out of my mouth or to look in the mirror and see Arlene staring back at me.

Ryan: Hayley, that's not going to happen.

Hayley: You don't know that. Neither do I.

Mia: Oh, you want to go? I am so ready for you!

Liza: I will take you on anytime!

Marian: Stop it! Stop it, you two! This is no time for a wrestling match!

Mia: That's the second time this wench has slugged me!

Liza: Well, you know, you deserve it, sister!

Mia: Oh, really? What Liza law did I break this time?

Liza: You ratted me and Ryan out to Adam.

Mia: What?

Liza: You knew that Ryan went to see me at the boathouse.

Mia: So what?

Liza: So you told Adam, and he had his PI following us.

Mia: No, no way did I call Adam.

Liza: You work for him.

Mia: I quit.

Liza: Really? Right.

Mia: Look, I don't care if you believe me or not. Believe whatever you want. I don't work for Adam. I didn't give him any information. Where's Ryan, anyway?

Liza: Well, I haven't seen him since last night. Didn't he come home?

Mia: No. I thought he was with you.

Liza: Well, he wasnít. And, Mother, what are you doing here?

Marian: Trying to save your marriage.

Liza: Excuse me?

Marian: I came here to convince Ryan to leave town.

Mia: Yeah, and me to go along for the ride.

Marian: Never mind about that. Where is Colby?

Liza: She is in school. She is in a private, secure school. She can only be signed out by you or me.

Mia: Oh, maximum-security preschool. What fun for the kiddies.

Liza: You know what? I don't know what your deal is.

Mia: Yeah, that's just it. You are completely clueless.

Liza: I don't trust you.

Mia: So?

Liza: So I don't know what Adam was paying you.

Mia: He wasn't.

Liza: Okay. Then he must have offered you something else, something you wanted more than money. A way to me, maybe?

Mia: Oh, God. Get over yourself.

Liza: Listen, whatever Adam promised you, whatever deal it is that you made with him, you have to understand that you just helped my husband, which means you picked the wrong side. You are my enemy. And I will do anything to protect my daughter. Do you understand? I will roll over you if I have to.

Mia: And that makes you better than who -- Adam? You're both a waste of skin.

Liza: You know what? You don't know the first thing about me or Adam.

Mia: Oh, beyond you hating his guts?

Liza: I love him. And keeping our daughter away from him is like stabbing myself in the heart, but I will do it if I have to do it.

Roger: Take the extra cash back and don't even think about meeting him.

Mateo: I think he'd like me.

Roger: You are nothing but [word missing] now, look, you want to wake up in the morning, you keep your mouth shut and follow orders.

Mateo: Yeah, I don't like following orders, Roger.†

Roger: Donít mess with this guy.

Mateo: You might be shaking in your boots, but I'm not scared of him.

Roger: You should be.

Mateo: Did you ever meet him?

Roger: No.

Mateo: Don't you want to? Aren't you a little bit curious, huh? Meet the man behind the voice? Hell, I just want to buy him dinner, pick his brain.

Roger: You've got a death wish.

Mateo: No, I got a gift -- I make him money, lots of money. So you take that to him, and you tell him I want to talk about my future.

Roger: You got no future.

Mateo: Just tell him I want to talk about business.

Mateo: It's a beautiful day.

Simone: The money -- did you deliver it to Proteus?

Mateo: Don't you worry your pretty little face, Simone. I've got it all under control.

Hayley: Yeah, hi. It's Hayley Santos. Can -- can you make some time for me?

Mia: Liza thinks I'm in her face? Well, I could be, believe me. No problem.

Marian: Mia, you have to understand --

Mia: I don't have to understand anything, Marian. Liza doesn't make the rules.

Marian: She's scared. She's --

Mia: She's all attitude, in my face! I mean, I'm this close to jumping over to Adam's side.

Marian: Look, you don't want to do that.

Mia: The hell I don't! I think Colby would be better off with Adam, anyway. At least he's home nights.

Marian: Don't judge her too harshly.

Mia: Oh, she's -- she's just allowed to bully people around?

Marian: No, she's going through a very difficult time right now.

Mia: Oh, yeah, like what?

Marian: She's pregnant and -- oh.

[Door slams]

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