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All My Children Transcript Thursday 11/8/01

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: It's okay. It's me.

Anna: Get away from me. You can't be the only doctor here.

Ryan: How much did it cost you to dig up all this dirt on me, Adam? And not just on me. You investigated my father.

Greenlee: Laura sent me a note signed by you to meet you here. I messengered a letter to your apartment. If it's not there, you'll know that Laura ditched it.

Mia: What?

Ryan: This doesn't make sense. Chris said that my father was killed while resisting arrest, but Adamís file that he compiled, I mean, it doesn't even mention it.

Mia: Well, Adam was trying to dig up dirt. I mean, maybe the guys he hired didn't think that your father's death was relevant.

Ryan: Or maybe my father's still alive. And Chris doesn't want me looking for him.

Mia: Who are you calling?

Ryan: Liza?

Mia: Wait. What does she have to do with it?

Ryan: Listen; can you meet me at the boathouse? Actually, now. It's important. Okay. I'll be right there.

Mia: I'll come with you.

Ryan: No, listen, you go home. And forget about this, all right?

Mia: Like hell.

Edmund: Anna? Anna?

Susan: So, are you going to open Greenlee's famous letter?

Laura: It's addressed to Leo.

Brooke: Honey, just ignore it.

Laura: It's supposed to tell Leo the truth about me.

Brooke: You know what that letter's going to do? It's going to finally put an end to Greenlee meddling in your life.

Laura: What do you mean? How?

Brooke: Because I'm going to take it to the police. It's obvious she meant to ruin your engagement party. And she violated her promise that she made to the judge. And the law is going to take it from there.

Laura: But you can't take it. Leo's expecting it to be here. I mean, if -- if he comes back and doesn't find it, he'll think that -- that maybe Greenlee was right -- I was trying to hide something.

Brooke: Laura, it's your wedding night. Are you seriously thinking of letting Leo read that letter?

Laura: Every word.

Greenlee: You read the letter. I knew it. I knew you'd come as soon as you read it. Now you know why I crashed your party.

Leo: I haven't read the letter, Greenlee. I don't have to read it. I know why you did it.

Greenlee: I had a feeling you'd finally see what's been going on.

Leo: You're right about that.

Greenlee: All I've ever cared about is you, Leo.

Leo: What I don't get, Greenlee, is if somebody who claims to love me so much -- why would you cause so much trouble for me?

Greenlee: Leo, I wasn't --

Leo: And for what? You know? You know as well as I do that once Laura is out of the picture, I'm not going to be so interesting anymore.

Greenlee: Why would you say that? How could you possibly believe that?

Leo: Because I'm an expert on you, Greenlee. You want me because you can't have me.

Greenlee: That's not true, and I'm so fed up with people accusing me of wanting what I can't have.

Leo: Oh, you are so transparent.

Greenlee: You know how I feel about you.

Leo: Yeah, you know how I feel about you? You're a hypocrite. After all these weeks of trying to convince me that Lauraís the crazy one.

Greenlee: Because she is.

Leo: Yeah? She's not the one in the gorilla suit.

Brooke: Laura, honey, I'm glad that you trust Leo to read that letter, but at the same time, do you really want Greenlee to have the final word?

Laura: I don't have a choice. Greenlee left the letter for Leo.

Brooke: But you know what her intention is. It's to cause trouble.

Laura: Mom, I almost died. It's a miracle I'm here at all.

Brooke: I know that.

Laura: Whatever's in that letter can't hurt me. I've got the truth on my side.

Brooke: You're right. I know I've told you this before. I'm so proud of you, though. I really am.

Laura: Thank you.

Brooke: Okay. I'm going to go. I'll see you tomorrow. I can't wait for this wedding. Good night, Sweetie.

Laura: Good night.

Brooke: Get a good night's sleep. Good night, Susan.

Susan: Good night.

Brooke: Okay.

Laura: Bye.

Susan: You know, I have got a tremendous idea. Let's have some tea.

Laura: Tea?

Susan: Yeah. And as soon as we get that water boiling, we will steam open Greenlee's letter.

Laura: You know, I don't even want to talk about that damn letter.

Susan: You're not even curious what's in it? How come?

Laura: I know everything in it is a lie.

Susan: Or because you know everything in it is true.

Guard: Ms. Devane asked me to get her a pitcher of ice. She said the nurses weren't responding to the call button. When I came back with it, she wasn't in her bed. The next thing I know, I'm waking up with a lump on my head the size of Chicago.

Edmund: She was probably hiding behind the door.

Jake: Well, Edmund, she was run off the road, she suffered a concussion. I mean, isn't it possible that whoever did that came back to try to finish the job? I mean, how do we know she wasn't abducted?

Edmund: We don't.

Officer: Mr. Grey.

Edmund: Yeah?

Officer: We've issued an APB. We'll find her.

Edmund: Thanks. Not if she doesn't want to be found.

David: I've been waiting for you.

Anna: You're not surprised, then, huh?

David: That you're holding a gun on me?

Anna: Gosh, do you think I'd come back without one? Maybe you didn't think I'd come back at all.

David: Should you be out and about so soon after your accident?

Anna: I couldn't stay there in that hospital. What, might as well paint a target on my head.

David: You don't like to be out of control, do you?

Anna: I don't like someone trying to kill me. Did you think I wouldn't put it together? After I tapped into your computer?

David: And I saved your life?

Anna: After I tapped into your computer, I brought out the possibility that you could be Proteus. You followed me out of here, and you ran me off the road.

David: You know deep down in your soul that that is not true.

Anna: How do I know that?

David: Because, Anna, if I wanted to kill you, you would be dead by now.

Dixie's voice: Does Ryan know?

Liza's voice: I thought about it, and then it just didn't seem fair.

Dixie's voice: To Ryan?

Liza's voice: Yeah.

Dixie: I don't understand. I mean, if he -- if he is the potential father of this child, I think he would want to know. Despite what the circumstances might be, he'd want to know.

Liza: No, it was -- it was one night, and it wasn't about love or making babies.

Dixie: But you made one.

Liza's voice: It could be Adamís. And Ryan just lost a wife. He has so much going on in his life. To do that to him -- to -- to bring this up right now, it doesn't seem -- especially if it's not true.

Ryan: Liza, thank you for coming.

Liza: Oh, sure.

Ryan: Listen, I need your help. Have you been crying?

Liza: I'm fine. What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?

Ryan: Well, I found out some information about my father.

Liza: That's good. That's what you wanted.

Ryan: I found out that he was killed by the feds for resisting arrest.

Liza: How did you find that out?

Ryan: It doesn't matter. What's important is the information I have doesn't mesh.

Liza: About -- about his death?

Ryan: Well, when Adam hired his private investigators to dig up dirt on me -- I mean, they found out that my father -- my father was a drug dealer, but that's it. That's where the report ended.

Liza: And what is it about it all that doesn't mesh for you?

Ryan: Well, I just think there's a chance that maybe my father's still alive.

Liza: What makes you think that?

Ryan: I don't know. Just a feeling.

Liza: And how does all this involve me?

Ryan: Well, I was hoping that you could find out how Adam got his information, like who the PIs were that he hired.

Liza: I'm sorry. I -- I can't help you.

Ryan: Liza, all you have to do is ask him.

Liza: No. It's -- it's not that simple. I left him. I warned him what would happen if I found out that he was scheming behind my back. I took Colby. And I -- I walked out.

Ryan: Liza, I'm sorry. I really am.

Jake: Edmund.

Edmund: Yeah?

Jake: What makes you think that Anna doesn't want to be found?

Edmund: I just know Anna.

Jake: Well, she didn't want David treating her after the accident. It was almost as if she was afraid of him. Do you think she's hiding somewhere?

Edmund: Jake, I don't know.

Jake: Well, Anna is a very strong person. And she's got a concussion, and she needs to be in a hospital.

Edmund: You're right. I will let you know as soon as I hear something, okay?

Jake: Okay.

Edmund: How are you doing, by the way?

Jake: Fine.

Edmund: Well, you didn't ask me about the rehearsal dinner.

Jake: No, I didn't.

Edmund: You heard about Greenlee?

Jake: I don't want to know, Edmund.

Edmund: Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Edmund: Hi. I am glad to see you.

Brooke: Oh, you are? Why? What happened?

Edmund: Oh -- lots. I just turned around and -- what are you doing here?

Brooke: Well, I thought I would just catch up with you before I went home. How is Anna?

Edmund: Anna is M.I.A.

Brooke: She just up and left the hospital?

Edmund: Well, not before she clobbered a guard with a bedpan.

Brooke: Oh, my God. You don't know what that -- you don't know that that is what happened.

Edmund: Who knows what Anna is up to these days.

Brooke: Well, I know she said quite clearly that she didn't want you to worry about her.

Edmund: More than once.

Brooke: I know that's difficult for you, but --

Edmund: It's not as hard as it used to be, all right?

Brooke: Hmm.

Edmund: How are you?

Brooke: Well, I just left Laura, and she's upset. She's trying to be strong. She's with Susan.

Edmund: Has Leo resurfaced yet? No? How did things get so out of control?

Brooke: Hmm -- I don't know. Welcome to my world.

Edmund: Well, in your world, what cheers you up, I think, if I recall, is a mimosa. So why don't I get some oranges and maybe a bottle of champagne and we can sit together and hang.

Brooke: Sit together and hang? Huh? That's what you're in the mood for?

Edmund: Okay, you talked me into it. Let's get a room at the Pine Cone.

Brooke: Could you do me a favor?

Edmund: Yeah.

Brooke: Stop saying that.

Anna: If you were Proteus, I would be dead by now?

David: It's not quite what I said. But whether or not I'm Proteus, I would never hurt you.

Anna: How romantic.

David: It happens to be the truth.

Anna: No, if I were close to the truth about you, you would have to get rid of me.

David: Except that I couldn't do it, because to lose you would be too high a price for me to pay.

Anna: You want me to believe that something unique has happened between us?

David: No. I want you to admit it.

Anna: Sure, okay, right. Between rounds one, two, and six of our little game, we fell in love. I'm not a teenager. Don't --

David: I never said anything about love. In fact, I don't know if there is a word for it.

Anna: I'm sure you'll think of one.

David: All I know, Anna, is that you have stolen all my thoughts; you have burned yourself into my brain. I have never met anyone as passionate or as alive as I am. We have the same drives, the same expectations --

Anna: You should get out more, David.

David: When I am with you, I feel more myself.

Anna: All right, that explains it, then.

David: No. There's no reason to explain anything. I know that what we have is intoxicating. And you do, too. You know I'm not wrong, Anna.

Anna: You're almost as good out of bed as you are in it. But I'm onto you, David, because if you are Proteus, this is exactly what you would say if you were trying to disarm me.

David: If I were Proteus, I would want you right by my side.

Anna: Because what's success without someone to share it? Don't -- don't.

David: Who we are or what we are does not matter here. When we make love, Anna, we're the only two people on earth. Can you deny that?

Anna: Don't, David, donít. I'm so serious.

Greenlee: You think I'm the one who's nuts?

Leo: However irrational or out of control Lauraís been acting, Greenlee, that's junior varsity compared to you.

Greenlee: Leo, open your eyes. She's taking you for the world's biggest ride, and you're letting her. Why? Leo, what has happened to you?

Leo: I don't -- maybe I've grown up, Greenlee. I think that I had to after you dumped me.

Greenlee: Oh, you'll never forgive me for that.

Leo: No, just the opposite. I'm grateful.

Greenlee: No, you're throwing your life away.

Leo: I don't need you to save me! All right?

Greenlee: Why, because you're too much of a man? If you were half the man you used to be, you'd go back to your little condo and you'd read my letter. Then you'd have to admit to yourself that everything I wrote in that is true -- that you made a mistake and you're trying to prove yourself -- prove something to yourself by believing in something you never should have believed in in the first place.

Leo: I made a mistake not with Laura -- I made a mistake with you. With you.

Laura: The letter is useless. It was written by a sore loser in a gorilla suit.

Susan: You know, that was a lucky stroke, wasn't it? Yeah. What a coinkydink that there you were dressed up as Little Miss Muffet with a little icky black spider that you could drop down her back and make her go berserk and look even more insane.

Laura: I don't know what you're talking about. What matters is that Greenlee looked like a lunatic and everybody saw.

Susan: Yeah. Even if she is a nut job, it doesn't mean that what she wrote in that letter isn't true.

Laura: Well, what you're saying might be technically right.

Susan: So is it true? Did you set her up? Look, Laura, she seemed pretty serious about what she wrote.

Laura: Look, Greenlee is full of it. There is nothing in that letter I can't explain.

Susan: Are you sure?

Laura: Whose side are you on anyway?

Susan: Well, good buddy, you know, you're paying me 200 bucks a day to be your maid of honor, so I guess that puts me on your side.

Laura: Yeah, I'm also paying for your room at the Valley Inn. So why don't you go back and get some rest? You've got bags under your eyes.

Susan: Well, now. Those are fighting words, aren't they? Just for that, I'm going to empty out the mini bar, so you call me if anything changes, okay?

Laura: Nothing will change.

Susan: Night.

Laura: Leo loves me. We're going to get remarried tomorrow in front of the whole town. You think he would really do that if he didn't believe me?

Susan: I guess not. I hope he comes home soon, honey.

Laura: He will.

Greenlee: Why did you come here anyway?

Leo: After everything that we've been through, Greenlee, I just --

Greenlee: Oh, you felt you owed it to me?

Leo: I wanted to see you one last time so that I could burn into my head just how low you've sunk.

Greenlee: Yeah, and what's going to stop you from picturing me naked?

Leo: I don't do that anymore.

Greenlee: Huh. That's your story and you're sticking to it. But you know you don't believe it and I don't, either.

Leo: It doesn't matter to me what you believe, Greenlee. No matter what I say or do, you're never going to understand that you just don't matter to me anymore.

Greenlee: You're looking for the worst possible thing that you could say to me, the one thing that would make me stop -- I don't even care anymore.

Leo: Well, then -- then stop all of this! Please. You still have time to straighten out your life, Greenlee, before you end up in jail for good or you really do go insane.

Greenlee: I'm not crazy and I won't be here for long.

Leo: Good-bye.

Greenlee: I try to do you the biggest favor of your life. You know, Jake asked me why I was willing to degrade myself. Did you ask yourself that? Why am I here, Leo, in a gorilla suit?

Leo: Because you want attention.

Greenlee: No. Because I could see you were as confused and messed up as I was because I thought you were trying to figure things out and that counted for something, but it didn't. You're going to get in your own way no matter what I do. You're not good and noble. You're just stupid and weak and gullible.

Leo: No, you don't know anything about me, Greenlee!

Greenlee: You're scared, Leo!

Leo: You never knew anything about me!

Greenlee: You're scared I'm right! Your big experiment failed. You let your guard down and you tried to do something nice for someone and it bit you in the rear. You ruined everything.

Leo: That's it! That's it! That is it! Have a nice life!

Greenlee: I will have a nice life! I'll have a fabulous life! I have somebody who accepts me for who I am!

Edmund: I was kidding.

Brooke: I know. That's why I want you to stop saying it.

Edmund: It's not funny?

Brooke: It's -- it's not that -- I don't want you to think that I don't have a sense of humor about -- you -- you know.

Edmund: What?

Brooke: I feel closer to you than almost anybody else.

Edmund: Right. Me, too -- you.

Brooke: I feel like we can say almost anything to each other. And that means -- I love that. I mean, I rely on that.

Edmund: I do, too. And just because I'm comfortable with you doesn't mean -- you know, don't think that I take you for granted because I donít.

Brooke: So I just -- I just don't think that we should, you know, mess around with what we have. That's all.

Edmund: Well, still, I think we could have more.

Brooke: You can say it. You were thinking about us making love again.

Edmund: Okay. Aren't you? Okay, I'll be honest with you, Brooke -- I -- the thought has crossed my mind. But if that makes you uncomfortable --

Brooke: No, it doesn't. It doesn't. I just don't want it to be a joke when I take you up on your offer. When I say yes.

Anna: What happened?

David: Relax.

[Anna sighs]

Anna: What happened?

David: You fainted.

Anna: Oh. Damn.

David: So I guess your gun wasn't any help to you this time.

Anna: Where's my gun?

David: It's right there, at the foot of the bed. Go ahead; take a look. It's still loaded -- every bit as lethal as it was when you first walked in the door.

Anna: Do you trust me?

David: Maybe someday you'll trust me, too.

Anna: No, I haven't trusted anyone since Robert. My whole life, I'm on alert.

David: It must be exhausting and very lonely.

Anna: I don't mind being lonely.

David: Oh, I think you mind very much. You just don't know it.

David: Anna, you're not a machine. You've been injured. You really should be in a hospital bed right now.

Anna: No, I'm a sitting duck there, David.

David: Well, you're safe here. Okay? Nobody knows where you are. Come here. Just close your eyes and rest, okay? For once in your life, just let it all go. Sleep. I'll keep you safe. I'll take care of you, Anna. I promise.

Ryan: Are you sure about this?

Liza: Am I sure I wanted to leave Adam? He cheated on me. He -- he bribed a judge. He fixed Davidís trial. I should've divorced him the minute I found out.

Ryan: But you slept with me instead. I took advantage of you that night.

Liza: You saved my life.

Ryan: Liza, I don't know what would've happened to me if we hadn't -- if you hadn't have put your arms around --

Liza: For the first time in my life, I felt feelings other than self-loathing, Ryan.

Ryan: But you're paying for it now.

Liza: It's not your fault. It's mine.

Ryan: I just want you to be happy. You're a beautiful, intelligent woman. I --

Liza: Intelligent? Well, you know what? If I was so smart, why do I keep going back for more? I know Adam Chandler better than anyone does. And I beg and I bargain and I blackmail him to be the person I need him to be. And he can't be anyone other than who he is.

Ryan: The man you love.

Liza: I mean, what's wrong with me? I love him in spite of who he is. It's sick.

Ryan: I just wish that -- I don't know. Is there anything that I can do?

Liza: You know how you said you were going to leave town when Gillianís memorial was dedicated? I was hoping that you would reconsider.

Ryan: You want me to stay? Why?

Liza: Well, you said that you were going to leave because there was nothing here for you. And -- and that you needed to go someplace to find someone or something to hold on to, a sense of purpose, a connection and you already have that here. You're not alone.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Ryan: Listen.

Liza: What? Who is it? Who is it? Oh, my God -- Ryan!

Ryan: Who are you? And what are you doing?

Man: Look, easy. I'm a private investigator.

Ryan: What? Who sent you?

P.I.: I'm sorry. I can't tell you who hired me.

Ryan: Who sent you?

Liza: Ryan, stop it! You know who it was. It was Adam.

P.I.: Hey, what are you doing?

Ryan: There we go. You can take that. Now, are you the same guy that Adam hired to butt into my life?

P.I.: Would you back off, please? I can't tell you anything!

Liza: Of course it's Adam, Ryan.

Ryan: All right. Listen, you get out and you tell Adam that he's going to regret this and you tell him not to send anybody else anywhere near us. You understand me? Can you believe that?

Liza: Well, it's started. He's laying the foundation.

Ryan: What? For what?

Liza: To take Colby away from me.

Ryan: Well, can he do that?

Liza: It's one thing for me to walk out on Adam, but he is never, ever going to let go of Colby. He's going to pull every dirty little trick in the book.

Ryan: But, Liza, he can't get away with that. I mean, he committed adultery.

Liza: Well, so did I.

Ryan: Well -- yeah, but only to get back at him for what he did to you.

Liza: What? Do you hear yourself? Do you know how that sounds? I mean, what -- what kind of parents are we? I wouldn't be surprised if Social Services doesn't come and just take Colby away from us.

Ryan: Okay, Liza, you're getting ahead of yourself.

Liza: No. No, I'm not. I know who Adam is. Do you understand that when he set his sights on getting J.R., he did everything to try to make Dixie insane.

Ryan: Well, Liza, you're a lot stronger than that and it's over between us. I mean, he doesn't have anything on you.

Liza: That's not true. I'm not as strong as you think.

Ryan: Yes, you are. You're not going to let Adam take advantage.

Liza: I'm going to be sick.

Greenlee: Excuse me, Sir?

Guard: What is it now?

Greenlee: I'm ready to make my phone call now.

Greenlee: May I speak with Dr. Jake Martin?

Jake: Dr. Jake Martin.

Greenlee: Jake? It's Greenlee.

Jake: Yeah, what do you want?

Greenlee: You were right, Jake. Everything you predicted came true. I -- I went to the wedding rehearsal in a gorilla suit and --

Jake: Greenlee, Greenlee? I already heard about it.

Greenlee: I'm not looking for sympathy, Jake. I swear. I get it now -- it was a wake-up call and everything you said was true. You were right about everything. I mean, I know what I have to do and how I have to live my life.

Jake: Greenlee?

Greenlee: You were right.

Jake: Greenlee -- Greenlee, listen, just -- just hang on here. I'm sorry that things did not work out for you, okay? But I'm at work right now.

Greenlee: Jake, but I'm in jail. I've been arrested and I know it's a lot to ask of you, but, Jake, can you just --

Jake: Okay, all right. Well, listen, you've got your grandparents and you've got your boss.

Greenlee: Erica? Once she hears about this, I'm going to be history.

Jake: Listen, I'm really sorry. But you made a choice and now you're on your own.

Greenlee: I'm sorry, too, Jake -- about everything.

Leo: Hi.

Laura: I'm so happy to see you.

Leo: I'm sorry that I left you hanging.

Laura: That's okay. If you need to take off, it's all right. I trust you. You feel better?

Leo: I feel better just looking at your sweet face. But I can't be here.

Laura: Why?

Leo: Because it's after midnight. It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride on her wedding day. I think I'll probably go to the Valley Inn.

Laura: No, Leo, we're -- we're already married. This is your home.

Leo: Okay. All right. But I do have to shower.

Laura: Leo? Greenlee's letter was here when I got home.

Laura: Read it.

Ryan: Are you okay?

Liza: Yeah, I'm fine.

Ryan: Well, you just ran off and --

Liza: No, I know. I -- I had some of Colby's leftover Halloween candy. I think I might have overdid it.

Ryan: Liza, you said that Adam might have something on you and then you said you feel like you're going to be sick.

Liza: No, really, I'm -- I'm fine. I was wrong. I -- I -- you know, I -- I really should go.

Ryan: Liza? You went like this. Are you pregnant?

Liza: No! Of course not.

Ryan: Well, I mean, when Adam walked in on us, that --

Liza: No -- really. I'm -- I'm fine. Don't worry about me. But I'm -- I'm sorry that I can't help you about the private investigator. I should go, though.

Ryan: Just take care of yourself, all right?

David: Where are you?

Roger: Look, something came up. I needed to --

David: You are where I want you to be when I tell you to be there. Is that understood? Nothing is as important as you following my instructions.

Edmund: Okay, no more jokes -- about that subject, anyway.

Brooke: It's a deal.

Edmund: We'll talk about it seriously when the time comes.

Brooke: And that's a deal, too.

Edmund: Okay.

Brooke: Anyway, back to matters at hand. What about Anna? I mean, are they doing anything to find her?

Edmund: Anna, they've -- yeah. The cops have an APB on her. They'll let me know when they've come up with something.

Brooke: You think they're going to find her?

Edmund: Anna can take care of herself. In the meantime, you have a wedding tomorrow.

Brooke: Oh, yeah, mm-hmm, if Leo ever returns from his long walk and if Greenlee's letter doesn't blow up in Lauraís face, and if --

Edmund: Shh --

Brooke: And if --

Edmund: Shh, shh, shh. I think it's time for your mimosa.

Brooke: I think you're right.

Edmund: Okay.

Greenlee: Daddy.

Roger: Hi, pumpkin.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Roger: I came to bail you out.

Greenlee: Daddy.

Roger: Baby.

Greenlee: What am I going to do? I've lost everything.

Roger: It's okay, baby. I'll get you out of here. You're going to be all right.

Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah, I will. He'll read the letter.

Laura: Leo, no -- no. I don't want that. No, you should -- you should read what Greenlee has to say. You should decide for yourself which one of us --

Leo: I've already decided. All right? Whatever Greenlee has to say is a bunch of lies.

Laura: Leo, I'm so happy.

Leo: Whatever she says doesn't matter. She's out of our lives, and this time, I mean it. From now on --

Laura: No, no, no. Don't say another word. Just seeing you tear that up, knowing that you believe me -- that is worth a thousand wedding ceremonies. We are really and truly married now.

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Liza: I need you and Hayley to help me fight off Adam, whatever it takes.

Ryan: Your suspicions and your accusations -- they're making Liza ill, literally. She needs help -- now.