AMC Transcript Monday 11/5/01


All My Children Transcript Monday 11/5/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: I invited you into my bed, not into my life.

Anna: Most of the time, I was wondering, "am I making love to Proteus"?

Laura: I need your signature.

Jake: Why don't you and I just get out of Dodge?

Greenlee: I would follow you to the very ends of the earth.

Tad: I'm not going to let Leslie Coulson hurt you ever again.

[Dixie hums - dressed as Snow White]

Dixie: Oh! Hello.

Tad: Too bad I don't have a Prince Charming outfit, hmm?

Dixie: Well, you know, no one would buy you in it, anyway.

Tad: Oh, hey!

Dixie: Except me!

Tad: Yeah?

Dixie: Come here, kiss Snowy. At least you brought your sword.

Tad: Careful.

Dixie: All systems go in the haunted house?

Tad: Definitely. Basement's chock full of creepy crawleys and cobwebs. And that was before I started decorating for the party.

Dixie: Ooh! Look at is place. I think I outdid myself in here. What do you think, huh? It's nice.

Tad: You certainly did.

[Dixie laughs]

Jesse: You know, you people are really getting on my nerves.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Tell her to get that, Tad.

Tad: Honey, would you please get that for me?

Dixie: Ok. Could you at least put the phone back in the cradle? For crying out loud.

Jesse: Psst!

Tad: Yeah, perfect. You fit right in. Ghetto the friendly ghost.

Jesse: You know, I don't have time to outwit you tonight.

Tad: Why not?

Jesse: Because you need to get on your cell phone, call the hospital, see if Hayward is on duty yet.

Tad: I did it five minutes ago.

Jesse: Do it again, Tad. We got to make sure he's there so we can check out his cabin. The man is up to something. He's hiding something, man.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Answer the phone, damn it.

Tad: You're worthless. Worthless.

Jesse: Shut up.

Tad: Hello?

[Leslie calls Tad - pretending to be her sister, Pam]

Woman: Tad, it's Pam Perotti.

Tad: Pam, thank God. What's going on? I mean, I'm a little worried. I called you, like, three times last night, and all I got was a voice mail.

Pam: I know. Tad, I had to take Leslie back to the hospital.

Tad: Why? What happened?

Pam: Well, she's had another setback, Tad. She -- I guess this contact with you was too much for her. She started talking about being with you. The doctors said the stay would be indefinite.

Tad: Oh, Pam, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Pam: It was a huge mistake for me to let you talk to Leslie again, to involve her in your plans.

Tad: Well, Pam, that's not necessarily --

Pam: Next time, stay out of our lives.

Tad: Ah!

Jesse: What?

Tad: It's good news! Leslie's right back in the institutional fruit bowl where she belongs.

Jesse: Good. Ahem. Good.

Leslie: Get ready, Tad. Here comes the bride.

E.R. Resident: Dr. Hayward, I had to field an emergency for you.

David: Your point?

E.R. Resident: Well, you were paged over an hour ago.

David: Look, you little weasel, I took care of it. The patient's stabilized. Last thing I need from you is lip from a first-year resident. [David takes the resident's coffee] Hmm. Thanks.

Greenlee: You like when I drive you to work, then?

Jake: Yeah, yeah, it's kind of nice.

Greenlee: I have an ulterior motive.

Jake: What else is new?

Greenlee: Get your paperwork handled, close up shop, and then meet me here so we can go on our trip, like, yesterday. I'll even be wifely and go home and pack for you.

Jake: Now, Greenlee, you couldn't be wifely if you tried.

Greenlee: Humor me. I'll meet you here in an hour. By the way --

Jake: Huh?

Greenlee: Where are you taking me? Do I need a parka or a bikini? And please note, the former is not my idea of a good time.

Edmund: Oh, nurse, excuse me, I hope you can help me.

Nurse: Yes?

Edmund: I'm looking for a friend of mine. I'm checking the local ER to see if she was admitted. She's been missing since last night.

Nurse: I've been on duty since last night. What's your friend's name?

Edmund: Anna Devane.

Tad: Thank you very much. Well, it's official. Dr. Death is at the hospital.

Jesse: Cool. Let's bounce, Baby.

[Dixie walks into the room]

Tad: Why? Why are -- candy bars so much smaller than when we were kids? What?

Dixie: That was Liza.

Tad: And?

Dixie: And she's not stopping by our costume party.

Tad: What happened?

Dixie: Well, she wouldn't say. It's definitely Adam-related. But, really, do you know how many no-shows we've got, Tad?

Tad: How many?

[Phone rings]

Dixie: Great. That must be the Seven Dwarves calling to say that they can't make it.

Jesse: Ok. We all finished with our little chitchat here? Because we've really got to get out to the cabin, you know, while he's still at work, Tad. Come on, man.

Tad: Why? Why have we got to do anything? You know, why don't you just zap out there --

Jesse: Because I can't -- man, I don't know what's going on, but it's like I'm losing my juice. It's like somebody turned off my electricity or something, man.

Tad: And this is my problem?

Jesse: I am not supposed to be here, Tad. But I am here because of you.

Tad: Oh, no, no, no, no. You can't blame me for this little earthly visitation, ok? You knew the rules, and I certainly didn't ask to have you around.

Jesse: Oh, yes, you did.

Tad: No, I didn't.

Jesse: You did. You asked for me, man. Look at me now, man. I'm running on fumes here. I should be able to drop in on Hayward or anybody else for that matter and check out what's going on, but, no, not now. I'm just as slow as all the rest of you fools, man. It's like I got to take public transportation to get where I need to go. And yeah, I do blame you!

Tad: Probably just low blood sugar. Here.

Jesse: Don't vex me, boy. Now, we need to nail Hayward and we need to nail him fast because I've got to get out of here. I got more important things to do.

Tad: And heaven can't wait.

[Tad laughs]

Jesse: Have you lost that simple little mind of yours? What is wrong? I thought you would be all over this, man.

Tad: All over what?

Jesse: All over ending this madness. I mean, for one, I'll be out of your hair, and Hayward would be out of your life for good. Bang! Zoom! Gone!

Dixie: Well, at least your mother does what she says she's going to do.

Opal: Well, at least I try to. Yikes, look at this place.

Tad: Hey, Mama. You look great.

Opal: Hi, there, Honey. Yeah, well, I'm not in costume.

Tad: Yo, Petey. What's up?

Petey: Where's Jamie?

Tad: Last I checked, he's downstairs with some friends, perfecting the ceiling ooze.

Petey: Oh, cool.

Opal: Ceiling ooze? You better go see what that's about, huh?

Tad: Feel better? More guests show up.

Dixie: Yeah, now that I haven't been completely stood up, I feel great.

Tad: Excellent because I've got to run out.

Dixie: What?

Tad: I've just got to go to the office. There's a file there I've got to look at tonight, so I'm just going to go and --

Dixie: You have to go right now?

Tad: Listen, you won't even -- I'll be back before you even miss me.

Dixie: Tad!

[Tad leaves]

[Opal *feels something when Jesse walks by]

Jesse: Whoa, who knew? Old dingbat Opal -- she's truly connected. Go figure. Come on, boy.

Opal: What in tarnation was that?

Dixie: I don't know. Tad's been a little distracted lately. I'm not sure why.

Opal: No, I mean -- I -- I felt a chill just as Tad walked by me. Whew. I'm going down to the basement, see if I can check out that ooze.

Dixie: Ok.

[Dixie looks in the mirror and sings - - -]

Dixie: With a smile and a song

[Leslie hums "Here Comes The Bride"]

Greenlee: Hey, you two. Well, what a coincidence. Are you --

Jake: Laura, are you here for a physical problem?

Greenlee: Oh, I doubt it's physical, whatever it is.

Leo: Actually, she's got to check up with David. We're told that he is in the ER?

Laura: Yes, I just want to make sure that David thinks I'm 100% for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, not to mention the honeymoon. Leo has a way of --

Greenlee: Jake is taking me to this resort that is so romantic I could die. So the two of you are whooping it up and singing the tarantella and tossing your bouquet to the local desperados, Jake and I are going to be lounging in the sun, drinking tequila, eating lobster, getting massages before we -- well, you know.

Leo: Hmm. So when are you leaving?

Greenlee: Tonight. I'll be back for you in an hour, lover.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Now, Laura, you know better than to have that phone on in the hospital.

[Laura walks outside]

Nurse: Dr. Smith wants you to consult in cube six.

Jake: Ok. Thanks, Judy. No baiting.

Greenlee: Moi?

Jake: Toi.

Leo: So, I hope you have a good time at your fabulous resort with Jake.

Greenlee: We will. He's been awesome.

Leo: I want you to be happy, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, is this the part where I reciprocate and tell you to be happy with your new bride?

Leo: I think that maybe you should just back off and not say anything at this point.

Greenlee: You like being miserable? Is that it?

Leo: I like peace. Ok? I like peace.

Jake: Ok, we can go.

Leo: Here he is. Take care of her.

Jake: I plan to.

Jake: So, actually, I got taken off rotation, and I'm not on call, and I bagged all of my nonessential paperwork, so as of right now, I'm all yours.

Greenlee: Thank you, Jake. Let's go.

Jake: Ok. Listen, I have to stop off on our way out of town. One quick stop and we're home free.

Greenlee: Ok.

[Leo overhears Laura talking to someone on her cell phone]

Laura: Look, just do what I paid you to do, ok? Oh.

Leo: Hey.

Laura: Hi. I didn't know you were coming out.

Leo: Who was that?

Laura: Um, it was the seamstress. She keeps putting off the pick-up time for my gown. But I think she understands me now.

Leo: I just spoke with David, and he said that unless it's an emergency, he can't see you right now, but he can hook you up with somebody else if you need to.

Laura: No, that's fine. I mean, the checkup was just extra, extra precautionary.

Leo: Ok.

Laura: But maybe you should see a doctor, Leo.

Leo: What do you mean?

Laura: You don't look good.

Leo: I'm fine.

Laura: You don't look fine. And I assume it has to do with seeing Greenlee and the way she is with --

Leo: I'm fine.

Laura: Damn you, Greenlee.

Nurse: Mr. Grey, admitting has no Anna Devane listed.

Edmund: Thank you.

David: Edmund, why are you looking for Anna here in the hospital?

Edmund: Her daughter called me, and she's been trying to reach Anna since last night and hasn't been able to find her.

David: And you think she's hurt?

Edmund: I just know how to find people. No one's seen her.

David: Well, have you checked with the hotel?

Edmund: Yeah, I checked the suite. She never came home last night. I don't know. I'm just afraid she may be hurt somewhere. Nobody knows where.

[Car approaches]

[Car doors open and close]

Jesse: Ooh.

Tad: Ooh. Whoa. I know this woman. Anna? Anna? Honey, can you hear me? It's Tad.

Tad: I can't find a pulse. That can't be good. I don't know what to do. I'm not the doctor in the family. Don't just -- say something. How is she?

Jesse: I'm trying. I'm trying, man. I'm not picking anything up. I don't -- my juice -- I don't know. I don't understand what's going on. I should be able to --

Tad: God's sake. What's the point of having your own ghost?

Jesse: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Tad: Anna? Anna, can you hear me, Sweetie? Yeah, hi. Listen, my name is Tad Martin. I'm about five miles east of Church Road. I need an ambulance quickly. There's been a car accident. A young woman's hurt. Bad. She looks bad.

[At SOS]

Leo: Simone, this looks great.

Simone: Oh.

Leo: Looks like the party's coming together. Thank you.

Simone: Yeah, it is, it is. Enjoy.

Laura: Leo, this is what you asked them to do for our rehearsal dinner?

Leo: It's that time of the year. Come on, if this was Christmas, we could be Mr. And Mrs. Santa, or you could be my little helper.

Laura: Leo, ok, I just thought we agreed on doing something a little more elegant.

Leo: Laura, the wedding's going to be like a Martha Stewart daymare. I just want -- you know, I just want things to be a little bit looser. You know, like a real party.

Laura: You know, with plastic black widows representing me?

Leo: Well, I guess you're not going to like my costume very well.

Laura: What is it?

Leo: Ok. Striped suit, striped hat, ankle shackle with a ball. Get it? Ball and chain? Laugh, please. Thank you.

Laura: I'm sorry. I'm just being so overly critical because I'm worried. I'm worried about the wedding and about everything.

Leo: You know, at least Greenlee's not going to be here, so we don't have to worry about that. Look, I'm sorry that I snapped at you before. I guess I'm a little bit stressed out about this, too.

Laura: Ok. Just never stop loving me. You're keeping me alive.

Leo: I'm here for you, ok? I love you. Nothing to worry about.

[Laura gasps]

Laura: Susie?

Susie: Lala? Girl, I didn't think I was going to get here.

Laura: Well, who else would I have put in my maid of honor dress? Oh, Susie, you look amazing.

Susie: Well, me? Honey, look at you. That new heart made you even more beautiful.

[Susie whispers in Laura's ear]

Susie: And richer, I hope, because you owe me 200 bucks, like, right now, Sweetie.

Opal: All right, now, Jamie, the guys are guzzling this downstairs, so when you take this to them, will you please remind them that drinking too much cider can give you the colly-wobbles.

Jamie: I know, thanks.

Opal: All right.

Brooke: And she's right.

Jamie: Ok, Mom.

Brooke: You.

Dixie: So how's the wedding going?

Brooke: Good, I think. You know, there's been a lot of planning, and Laura -- well, you know, I think she's into it.

Opal: Is she feeling all right?

Brooke: Yeah, she's been very strong. Um -- you know, I worry about things that are little that might become bigger problems, I guess.

Opal: Well, like what?

[Jake walks in with Greenlee]

Brooke: Oh.

Jake: Hi, all. Ms. White.

Dixie: You're late, Bucko. You're supposed to be downstairs watching the haunted house. Your brother ditched me to go back to the office. Hi, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Hello, Dixie.

Jake: Actually, Dix, the whole haunted house thing is why I came by. I'm going to have to bag.

Dixie: You, too? Fabulous.

Opal: So what's going on? It looks like you two are just stopping by on your way to someplace else, then.

Greenlee: Oh, we are. We're getting out of town for the rest of the week.

Brooke: Perfect. So, Jake, what do I owe you?

[Anna is brought into the ER]

David: Talk to me.

Jesse: Hey, Tad, Tad, Tad. Stay away from Hayward, ok? I mean it.

Paramedic: Patient's got lacerations and abrasions, a possible concussion or a skull fracture.

David: Has she regained consciousness?

Paramedic: No, but her pulse is steady and her BP is 130/84. She's stable, but she's out of it.

Edmund: Oh, my God. Anna?

David: All right, let's get her out of here. Come on. Go on.

Edmund: What happened? Hey, what happened?

Tad: Listen, she was in some kind of car accident, ok? We were --

Edmund: What?

Tad: I was driving along, and I saw the wreck, and I pulled off the road, and I found her on the ground. Now, she is unconscious, but the med tech said she's stable.

Edmund: Where'd you find her?

Tad: About 15 miles away east of Church -- near Route 3, before the covered bridge.

Edmund: What the hell was she doing way out there?

Jesse: She was at Hayward's cabin, Tad.

Tad: I'm not sure. Listen, let me ask you a question. Does she know anybody out that way?

Edmund: Uh, she doesn't know anyone in town, really.

Jesse: She knows Hayward. I was going to tell you that when we got out there, man, but she's been hanging with him. I saw her last night with him at the cabin. She must have wrecked the car leaving that place.

Paramedic: She's coming to.

David: Anna? Anna, it's me, David. Can you hear me? Anna?

Anna: Get away from me, you bastard.

David: Anna, it's ok.

Anna: Get away from me. You can't be the only doctor here. Hey, you, you --

ER Resident: I'm a resident, Ma'am. Dr. Hayward --

Anna: I don't want Dr. Hayward.

Edmund: Anna? Anna?

Anna: Please, could you get me another doctor?

David: Anna, just calm down, ok?

Edmund: You heard her. Just back off!

Jesse: Hey, Tad -- hey, hey, stay out of this.

Tad: What do you mean stay out of it? Look, it's perfectly obvious that something happened at that cabin, all right, before the accident, with Hayward.

Jesse: What do you think I've been telling you?

Tad: I don't know what you've been telling me. Just cut me some slack, all right? I'm going to nail this guy so bad I can taste it.

Edmund: Anna? Anna, listen to me. Do you remember the car accident? What happened?

Anna: No, no, not --

David: Edmund, get out of the way so I can examine the patient.

Edmund: Hayward, on my mother's grave, so help me, if you don't back the hell off --

Anna: It wasn't an accident. Proteus.

Greenlee: What do you mean? What do you owe Jake?

Brooke: Well, clearly, Jake is getting you out of town so that you won't be around to ruin my daughter's wedding. So I thought I would thank him for his thoughtfulness.

Jake: Brooke, why don't you leave Greenlee alone, ok? She's not going to be anywhere near Laura or Leo on their wedding way.

Brooke: I have to go.

Dixie: Ok.

Brooke: I need to put the next issue of "Tempo" to bed, so I'll see you at the rehearsal dinner?

Dixie: Sure. Why not?

Brooke: Ok. Good luck.

Opal: Well, you sure know how to give one heck of a wingding.

Jake: Well, that was pleasant. But that's not the actual reason I came by.

Dixie: No, you came to ditch my party.

Jake: Well, yeah, unfortunately, but also for the family to start to get to know Greenlee a little better.

Greenlee: That's why we're here?

Jake: Yeah, yeah. So I'll tell you what, I'm going to go out and check on the haunted house like I promised Jamie, leave you ladies a little time to get to know one another. Behave.

Dixie: So, Greenlee, you're dating Jake, huh?

Opal: And planning trips together.

Greenlee: I -- yeah, yeah.

Greenlee: I thought he wanted to come by to say good-bye to Tad or something. I didn't know he was going to spring me on all of you.

Dixie: Oh, we're not sprung. Candy corn?

Greenlee: Thanks, thanks, thanks. So, are a lot of people coming?

Dixie: Well, most of Jamie's class, actually. I mean, he and Tad planned this whole thing.

Greenlee: Uh-huh. That's a nice dress.

Dixie: I'm Snow White.

Greenlee: I should hope so. That was a joke.

Dixie: Oh. Ha-ha.

Greenlee: You know what? I'm needing some fresh air. Could you tell Jake I'll meet him out on the porch?

Dixie: Ok.

Greenlee: Jake, I'm going to kill you.

[Greenlee gasps]

Susie: You are still so sweet. Sweeter than even Laura said you were.

Leo: Thank you. I'm going to go help unload some party supplies, so --

Susie: You know, sweet is written all over your face.

Leo: Thank you.

[Leo leaves]

Susie: Uh-huh. Are you paying me, or what?

Laura: Hey, I thought we were going to have a rehearsal first.

Susie: Honey, look, I told you -- I had to take the bus from New York. I couldn't afford to take the train. The bus takes longer, so --

Laura: Listen, you told me when we met in New York you were an actress. This is what I'm getting here?

Susie: I am, and you are, ok? I am an actress, and this is what you're getting.

Laura: All right. Well, then, I need you to play the part. I need you to play it believably, ok? Because if you mess it up, I can't afford that. Do you understand?

Susie: What is this anyway? Used to have all kinds of trouble back in the day, and here you are marrying this terrific guy, and you need to make up and pay for a maid of honor?

Laura: No, no, no, Susan. You promised. No questions.

Susan: Yeah, Honey, and you promised 200 a day, and I don't have any of that, yet.

Laura: All right. I'll get to the ATM, ok?

Susan: Well, you'd better, Lala, or I'm out of here.

Laura: Look, you know the whole story, right, about the friendship? I mean, I need you to feed that to Leo or anybody else who asks.

Susan: Look, I know my lines, ok? I'm an actress.

[Leo returns]

Susie: Leo, I was just saying -- I mean, would you just look at how happy she is. You have made her so very happy.

Leo: Yeah, we're happy together. Could we get some drinks? Hell, it's a celebration, right?

Susan: Now, that is what I'm talking about!

Leo: All right. I'm going to get some drinks.

Susan: Ah, scotch, neat, thank you.

Leo: Yes.

Susan: I like the way that man leaves. Don't you, Lala?

Laura: You go near him and you're dead.

Greenlee: Are you trying to give me heart failure?

Jake: Well, what? Fortunately, I'm a doctor. I could save you in a pinch.

Greenlee: Well, pinch me now and tell me this little family intro you just pulled on me is a joke.

Jake: What? What? Didn't go well?

Greenlee: I'll tell you in the car. Come on.

Opal: All right, I'm going to wrestle him up. We'll head out the back door, ok?

Dixie: Ok.

Opal: All right. I'll talk to you tomorrow?

Dixie: Yeah.

Opal: Ok.

Dixie: Good night.

Opal: Nighty night, Honey. Happy Halloween.

[Knock on door]

Dixie: Finally, somebody who wants to come to a party. Hello? Hi. Hi. Where are your kids? Hello? Who are you? Oh, my God. No. No, no.

[Dixie gets hysterical when she realizes it is Leslie at the door in a wedding gown. Dixie slams the door]

Tad: Yeah, hello?

Dixie: Tad? Tad, she here!

Tad: Who is? What's happening?

Dixie: Just -- hurry! Hurry, ok?

[Dixie dials 911]

Dixie: Hello? I think somebody's trying to break into my house. Oh! Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Susan: Ok, now. I don't want your man, Sweetheart. I want your money.

Laura: You'll get it. Just tone it down. There's my perfect husband. Isn't he just perfect, Susie?

Susan: He is out of this world.

Leo: I am perfect.

Susan: Indeed.

Leo: All right. Let's see, to our maid of honor.

Susan: Oh, wow.

Leo: Ok?

Susan: Wow. I just want to say -- I mean, I would have -- I would have crossed a river barefoot to be here for Lala. She saved me, you know. I was in a really bad way, Leo, but your girl here, she saved me.

Leo: How so?

Susan: Well, I had no money and no place to live. And I was ready to do anything, I mean anything to get by. But Lala here, she stepped in and she took over. She spent days with me. She helped me get public assistance and found me a clean, safe place to live. She saved me.

Laura: Well, you were worth saving, Susan.

Susan: Wow. I mean, no one's ever said anything like that to me before. Gosh, I mean, I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm getting all emotional. This is your night, and I'm just so very happy to be here and proud to stand up for you at your wedding tomorrow. I got to say, Leo, she's my hero.

Laura: I'm just so lucky, all around. Oh, Leo, the caterers.

Leo: Oh -- the check.

Laura: Oh, you know what? I'll go -- I'll go drop it off.

Leo: I can do it.

Laura: No, no, you stay here. You should get acquainted with Susan. I will be quick.

Leo: All right.

Laura: Be good.

Susan: Aren't I always?

Laura: You take care of my best friend, Leo.

[Laura says to herself]

Laura: I'll take care of yours.

Edmund: Anna doesn't want you near her.

Anna: Please --

David: That was an initial reaction, Edmund. I need to see the extent of her injuries.

Edmund: Find another doctor.

David: I am the doctor on call here, Edmund.

Jake: Not anymore.

[Jake walks into the hospital room]

David: What are you doing?

Jake: I got paged.

David: Jake, don't interfere.

Jake: How you doing?

Anna: I'm better now, thanks.

[Pager beeps]

[David rushes out of the room]

Jake: That's you.

Edmund: Jake, come talk to me when you're through here.

Jake: Sure.

Brooke: Hi, I got here as soon as I got your message. You said Anna was in an accident?

Edmund: She's fine now. She's ok. She's -- there's something else. It wasn't an accident.

Brooke: What?

Edmund: Yeah. And she said something. She said "Proteus."

Brooke: What does that mean?

Edmund: I don't know.

Brooke: Well, that Proteus is after Anna?

Edmund: Why? I mean, maybe she's working undercover, trying to bust up the drug ring. I mean, what do you think?

Brooke: I don't know. I mean, you know her better than I do. Ahem. Did she say anything else?

Edmund: No, but she didn't want Hayward to touch her. I mean, he was the doctor on call, and she was in pain, but she didn't want him anywhere near her.

Brooke: You still think that Hayward is Proteus?

Edmund: I don't know. All I know is what I saw. He got paged, and he tore out of this hospital.

Brooke: Yeah, well, was the page from the hospital?

Edmund: Well, if it was, then -- then why would he leave?

Jake: All right. There you go. Everything looks good. Hey. You're ok, really.

Anna: I know.

Jake: Then why do you seem frightened, beyond even wha

t happened out on that road? Anna: Is he still here?

Jake: David? I don't think so. Why? Anna, why are you afraid of David Hayward?

Susan: Hmm. Tell me what you love about her. Well, I'm guessing that you love her a lot.

Leo: I do. I mean, it's -- it's in the quiet times when I don't -- sometimes when she first wakes up in the morning, I look at her and I just say, "Greenlee, how did I get so --"

Susan: Greenlee? Now, who is Greenlee?

Leo: Uh, nobody. It slipped.

Susan: Uh-huh, in a Freudian kind of way? Well, come on, Leo. Tell me about this Greenlee. Well, Honey, tell me, or I'm just going to have to ask Laura.

[Laura slips a forged note to Greenlee under the door to Jake's office]

[Greenlee sighs]

Greenlee: "Greenlee, I have to see you. I need to see you. Come to S.O.S. Leo."

Edmund: Jake, Jake, how is she?

Jake: No skull fractures, but she does have a mild concussion. She's in and out of it right now, but I think she's going to be fine.

Edmund: Ok, that's a relief.

Jake: This time.

Edmund: What do you mean

Jake: Well, the police say that she's evidently run off the road. Now, either she fell asleep at the wheel or her prior neuro condition has come forward again, and I want to find out.

Edmund: That makes sense. Thanks.

Jake: So, I'm going to go run some tests, see if I can find some answers.

Edmund: Right.

Brooke: Thank you, Jake.

Brooke: I bet that Anna fell asleep at the wheel and that's it.

Edmund: Or she was pushed off.

Brooke: You don't think --

Edmund: I don't know what to think. I think she was left to die, though.

Brooke: You don't know that.

Edmund: Not yet, but I will. And I'll tell you one thing -- if it was Hayward, I'm going to nail that son of a bitch.

Tad: Dixie? Honey?

Dixie: Tad.

Tad: Baby, what is it?

Dixie: Oh.

Tad: What happened? What is it?

Dixie: She was here.

Tad: Who? Who was --

Dixie: That woman! She was out on the porch!

Tad: Who?

Dixie: Leslie!

Tad: Sweetheart, that's impossible. Leslie's in an institution for the criminally insane. She couldn't have been --

Dixie: No, no, she was out there. She was wearing a bridal gown and she had a big veil on. And then I shut the door and I locked it, but then she tried to get in and then there was this big thud..

Tad: What kind of thud?

Dixie: I don't know what it was. I couldn't go out there because I was scared. I called the police.

[Tad opens the front door and finds a smashed pumpkin with a knife in it]

Tad: Oh. Wow.

Dixie: See what I'm saying? It's that woman. Who else could have done that?

Tad: Honey, this is just a ridiculous prank. It was a kid, you know, one of JR's friends or something.

Dixie: No, it's that woman. It's not some teenager.

Tad: Sure, teenagers do this kind of thing all the time.

Dixie: You think I'm insane.

Tad: No, no, not at all. I just think you're spooked, that's all.

Jesse: Uh-uh, uh-uh. I'd have thought the same thing, man. And Dixie don't know half the trouble you stirred up talking to that crazy broad again -- all to get back at Hayward.

Tad: Listen, we have to get dressed for that rehearsal thing, don't we?

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: Ok, well, I'll tell you what. I'll collect Jamie. You just go upstairs, relax, change your clothes, but do me a favor -- before you do anything, call the police and cancel the 911.

Dixie: You're not mad at me, are you?

Tad: Oh, not at all. I'm just sorry that you're scared.

Dixie: Just -- I just -- I don't know. I just can't feel safe with that woman around, you know?

Tad: Don't you ever shut up? Tell me one thing, all right? Was it Leslie?

Jesse: Tad, I'm telling you, I'm so tapped out, man, I can't even see that. She could be upstairs in your tub right now taking a shower, I wouldn't know. And it's all because you kept me down here too long, stupid.

Tad: All right, stop whining. I'll get you back to cloud nine. Just don't torment me.

Jesse: Me torment you? Oh, the arrogance.

Tad: Yeah, you torment me. Forget it. I got to go up, get changed for a party. You coming?

Jesse: Am I -- no. Get out of my face, man. Just go. Do what you got to do. I need you, I know where to find you. I'm out. I'm out of here.

Tad: This attitude -- just walking through to make myself a sandwich.

Jesse: Out.

[Jesse tries to disappear but can't]

Jesse: Wait a minute. Come on now, Jesse. Out. Ow -- oh. Oh, my God. This -- oh.

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