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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/02/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Ryan: How much did it cost you to dig up all this dirt on me, Adam?

Adam: I do background checks on all my employees.

Ryan: After you fire them? Hello -- look at the dates. And not just on me. My God, you investigated my father.

Liza: Did you? Adam?

Ryan: Yeah, well, none of it's true.

Adam: You want to bet?

Mia: Liza, I'm so sorry.

David: What the hell did you give me?

Anna: Do you recognize the symptoms?

David: Tell me!

Anna: Well, it's something that you've given dozens of people. It's odorless; it's tasteless.

David: Am I a dead man?

Anna: No. I wouldn't dream of killing you. Relax. Enjoy the ride.

David: Anna -- no! Don't touch that!

Anna: Sweet dreams, David.

Greenlee: Leo, what are you doing? Oh.

Leo: Uh -- well, I came to see Jake.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, he's not here. You need to get out of here -- like, now.

Leo: When's he coming back?

Greenlee: Do you want me to get arrested? I'm not supposed to be anywhere near you.

Leo: Then you go.

Greenlee: Like this?

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: What do you want with Jake?

Leo: Uh -- I want to talk to him about Laura.

Greenlee: Why? He's not covering her case anymore. If there's something wrong with your wife, why don't you consult with your brother? I mean, she is David’s official patient, right?

Leo: Yeah, thank God. At least she has a professional.

Greenlee: Meaning what?

Leo: Meaning he knows how to deal with a patient without completely freaking her out.

Greenlee: Oh, and Jake doesn't? You're kidding, right?

Leo: Greenlee, he's freaked her out to the point where she doesn't even want to deal with him anymore.

Greenlee: And you buy that?

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: Jake is the most ethical, caring person I know. He wouldn't do anything -- anything -- to upset a patient.

Leo: Okay, well, if this is true, why does she say that he's making her feel like a second-class citizen?

Greenlee: Because she's nuts! And Jake’s onto her. You're finally admitting it to yourself, aren't you? What I've been telling you all along is true. Laura's crazy.

Greenlee: I knew she wouldn't be able to fool you much longer.

Leo: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Ha! I'm so happy you believe me.

Leo: I never said that. Would you stop --

Greenlee: Okay, I know this is hard, but don't back away from it now.

Leo: Greenlee, look, the -- if anybody's crazy, it's you. You're the one standing without any clothes on.

Greenlee: Oh, forget about my clothes, okay? What matters is that you're safe.

Leo: What?

Greenlee: Or at least you will be now that you finally see the truth.

Leo: Greenlee, the only thing that I see is a crazy naked person standing in front of me.

Greenlee: I have been so worried about you, it's been hell. You have no idea. It's like you were drowning and all I could do is watch the water pulling you under. But now I can help you get away from that raving lunatic. I am so happy that you finally know -- I mean, you know what I mean, right? Oh.

Ryan: All this stuff about my father, Adam -- where'd you get it? Huh? Well, you wasted your money because it's all lies.

Adam: My sources don't make mistakes.

Ryan: Really? Well, this time they did. I mean, my dad was a mess, but he was no drug dealer.

Adam: It never occurred to me you didn't know about this, so I'm sorry. One of my investigators found his prison record.

Ryan: Why'd you do it, Adam? Why did you go to all the trouble?

Adam: When you worked for me, you ran one of my companies into the ground. I needed to know whether you did it on purpose.

Ryan: Please. Incredibledreams went under because I didn't care anymore. You needed a PI to figure that out? I don't think so. This is about Liza and me.

Adam: I thought there was no Liza and you.

Ryan: Yeah, well, maybe you didn't believe that.

Adam: Maybe you didn't. I trust my wife.

Ryan: Really? Well, then, what's this about?

Adam: Insurance.

Ryan: Just like, in general, have something on Lavery just in case?

Adam: Yeah, yeah.

Ryan: Yeah, I don't think so. You needed a reason to dig this deep. What is it? Okay, you answer me, Adam.

Liza: He did it because that's what he does when he needs to be in control. Actually, it's something he swore he would never do again -- go behind people's backs and lie to their faces. Right, Adam?

Anna: All right, David, let's see what you've been up to. Okay, "enter password." Obvious one would be "Proteus." Enter. "Denied." Um, okay. We're high up on a mountain. Maybe "Olympus." "Denied." Um -- you're a cardiac surgeon, something to do with the heart. "D-i-x-i-e." Enter. Oh. It doesn't pay to be sentimental, does it? "Loading" -- come on, come on, come on.

David: Get back!

Anna: Oh! What is it?

[Anna coughs]

Anna: Oh, my God.

David: Are you all right?

Anna: What the hell was that? I nearly got electrocuted.

David: Are you kidding me? I just saved your life, Sweetheart!

Anna: What, I'm supposed to be grateful?

David: Oh, yeah. I guess it was stupid of me to expect that, huh, especially from someone who owes me an apology?

Anna: For what?

David: "For what"? It took me years to put that system together, and you just blew it all to hell with just a few commands on my keyboard!

Anna: That wasn't my intention!

David: Oh, no, it wasn't your intention. You came up here, you drugged me!

Anna: I'm investigating you.

David: Oh, right. You call that shoddy work "investigating"? You just destroyed years of my work.

Anna: Oh, come on. You've got that stuff backed up someplace. That was just the hardware and you set that up yourself. Why? What the hell are you hiding up here, David?

David: If I wanted you to know that, I would tell you.

Anna: I know, but I thought -- I thought --

David: What -- what? What did you think? What, that we were closer than that? Look, I invited you into my bed, not into my life.

Anna: I see.

David: Oh, please. Don't deny that it hasn't been fun.

Anna: Well, it certainly wasn't boring.

David: Oh, and you liked that.

Anna: Yeah, why not?

David: Good! Good! Then next time, stick to the rules!

Anna: I wasn't aware that we'd made any. And even if we were, you'd be the first one to break them if you thought for one second I was keeping information from you.

David: Oh, yeah, you're absolutely certain of that, right?

Anna: Yeah, I'm absolutely certain about that. Look, don't make the mistake of thinking just because we had sex that I'm getting involved with you. You know, that's a very nice thought --

David: Oh, you know something?

Anna: It just isn't the case.

David: That's easy for you to say now, but you were singing an entirely different tune while you were wrapped up in the sheets with me.

Anna: To be honest with you, most of the time I was wondering -- well -- am I making love to Proteus?

Adam: I need to speak to my wife in private.

Ryan: Really? Well, that's too bad because I don't think she wants to be alone with you.

Adam: Listen, Lavery -- or Curry or whatever the hell your name is -- this is my house and I want you to leave right now. Get out. Get out or I’ll throw you out!

Ryan: Hmm.

Liza: Ryan, it's -- it's all right. I'm not afraid of Adam.

Ryan: After everything he's done?

Liza: It's made me strong.

Ryan: All right.

Liza: I am -- I am sorry that you got dragged into this.

Ryan: No, it's not your fault, so don't worry about it, Liza.

Liza: You were a friend when I needed one, and I won't forget it.

Ryan: You were the same to me.

Liza: In the meantime, I need to speak to my husband alone.

Ryan: Well, you call me if you need anything.

Liza: I will.

Ryan: And I'm taking these with me.

Adam: Fine. Just go.

[Door closes]

Adam: Liza, I can explain this.

Liza: Please, I -- I don't want to hear another lie come out of your mouth. You knew what was at stake here -- our marriage, our family, the rest of our lives together, and you chose to gamble that for what you wanted. I hope it was worth it because you just lost everything else.

Greenlee: Jake. Guess what. I've got great news -- Leo is on our side now.

Jake: Yeah? What side is that, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Well, he admitted it -- his wife is a certified Looney Tune.

Leo: No, I never said that.

Greenlee: Then why are you here, in the enemy camp?

Leo: I told you -- so I could talk to Jake. Jake, I don't like the way you're treating my wife.

Jake: Well, why is that, Leo -- because I've been honest with her?

Leo: That's not how she puts it.

Jake: Well, how does she put it?

Leo: Well, she says that you've been -- you've been treating her like she's some kind of a suspect, like she -- like she's not your patient. You've been judging her. And that crosses a line.

Jake: Hmm. Well, let me get this straight. I walk into my office and I find you cuddling my half-naked girlfriend, and who's the one who's crossed the line?

Greenlee: Jake, Jake, I didn't do this for Leo. I did it for you.

Jake: You were waiting here for me?

Greenlee: Yes. You know, like -- surprise!

Jake: Yeah?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Jake: Yeah, okay. All right. Well, it's been one of those kind of days. People keep surprising me. Which brings me back to your wife -- when she was complaining to you, did she happen to mention that she threatened me?

Leo: Oh, now you're blaming the victim?

Jake: No, there is no -- there is no victim here, Leo. I haven't done anything unprofessional or inappropriate. And your wife has warned me that she's going to make trouble, and I'm not going to stand for it. So you can tell her that if she tries to hurt my career or my reputation, she'd better be ready for a fight.

Leo: At her expense?

Greenlee: Hey, Jake did not start this.

Leo: Look, Greenlee, stay out of this.

Jake: No, no, no. She tried to stay out of it, but you dragged her into court and you had her arrested.

Leo: No, I -- that wasn't my fault! That was Brooke and Laura’s idea.

Jake: Oh, so you're not responsible? Laura's calling all the shots now?

Leo: No, that's not -- if you've forgotten, I defended her little butt in court.

Jake: She didn't need defending. She hadn't done anything wrong.

Leo: But there was a lot of things that went out of control there, and I was the one who stopped it.

Jake: The things that are out of control is your wife.

Leo: See, that's what I'm talking about, Jake. This is the kind of treatment that I'm talking about. You treat Laura like this.

Jake: You know what? You don't even get it. She is manipulating you at every turn. She's dragging you all over this town by your nose.

Leo: Oh, yeah -- you got a lot of room to talk with this one right here.

Greenlee: Okay, okay! Enough! Jeez. You guys, don't you get it? We're on the same side.

Leo: No, we're not, not even close.

Greenlee: Look; I know you're having a hard time adjusting. You're in major, full-time denial, but now you're realizing what Jake and I have known all along -- that your crazy wife is going to self-destruct.

Laura: What the hell is going on here?

Leo: Laura, hey.

Greenlee: Be careful -- no fast moves.

Laura: I am not crazy. But you seem to think I am.

Leo: No, no. No, no, no. This is -- this is all just a big misunderstanding.

Laura: No, Greenlee said you agreed with her -- I'm about to self-destruct.

Leo: No, I never said that.

Laura: Why would she make it up?

Leo: Why would she do anything? You got to believe me, Laura. Otherwise, she wins. She breaks us apart.

Laura: No. She won't do that.

Leo: No. So can I explain?

Laura: No, you don't have to. I started this, didn't I, when I told you how Jake was treating me?

Leo: Yeah. Yeah, and that's why I came here, so that I could -- I could talk to him about it.

Laura: Yeah, and look who was lying in wait -- our resident slut.

Greenlee: Excuse me.

Laura: Then what happened? What, she jumped all over you?

Greenlee: I was happy, that's all -- that Leo was finally seeing the truth.

Laura: So you took your clothes off to celebrate?

Greenlee: You know, you might want to look at the name on the door. This is Jake’s office. I was in here making myself at home for Jake when Leo came barging in.

Laura: At which point, you should have left. But you didn't, which means you're in direct violation of a court order.

Greenlee: Who are you calling?

Laura: Who do you think? The cops. You're going to jail for this.

Leo: Uh -- no.

Mia: Ryan? Please don't turn your back on me.

Ryan: Well, I got nothing to say. And I really don't like being followed.

Mia: I just can't leave it like this, okay? I feel like I have to tell you what happened.

Ryan: Let me save you the trouble. You may have had something to do with this, but Adam got you involved.

Mia: Yeah, I guess. I mean, that's how it started. I guess he knew how much I wanted Liza to treat me like a sister, and --

Ryan: And he said he could arrange that. And in return, he wanted what exactly?

Mia: He wanted me to spy for him.

Ryan: And you said yes.

Mia: Only at first.

Ryan: Well, I know you went through my personal things.

Mia: Yeah, but I didn't take anything, I swear.

Ryan: Well, then, what about all that information about me in Adam’s files?

Mia: None of that came from me.

Ryan: So you didn't keep your end of the deal.

Mia: No, I -- I couldn’t. I mean, not after you and I --

Ryan: Not after we what?

Mia: We got close.

Ryan: We had sex?

Mia: Well, maybe that's all it was to you, but it meant a little bit more to me.

Ryan: Really? Why? I mean, it's not like we have this long history or anything.

Mia: Yeah, I guess it's hardly been any time at all, so it's -- it's kind of hard for me to explain, but you matter to me. You probably just want me out of your face right now, though.

Ryan: Look, Mia, I don't really blame you for this. Adam tried to use you while you were feeling lonely and vulnerable. That's the way he operates. You could never have stopped him. All right? And believe me, you're not alone. He's done the same thing to Liza and me.

Mia: Why does she stay with him, then?

Ryan: I wish I knew the answer to that one.

Adam: Liza, I want you to calm down --

Liza: I am very calm.

Adam: And listen to me. Can you do that?

Liza: You promised that you would stop manipulating people.

Adam: Yes. And I broke that promise.

Liza: You admit it?

Adam: Yes, of course I admit it. Guilty as charged. I broke the promise. It wasn't exactly a promise I made voluntarily, was it? You gave me no choice. You -- you said you were going to take my daughter away from me.

Liza: And I meant that.

Adam: Well, then you tied my hands completely! What was I supposed to do?

Liza: Well, why not choose to do nothing?

Adam: Because, for God's sake, you slept with Ryan Lavery! I caught you in bed with him. Every time I turned around, I saw you sneaking off to that sleazy motel to be alone with him. And even in public, whispering in his ear and holding his hands. I did what I do! I fought back! Because -- and this is my only defense -- I was afraid to lose you.

Liza: This isn't about me or our marriage. You keep promising that you'll change.

Adam: What if I changed? Would I be the man that you -- that you fell in love with then? No, no, no. I -- you fell in love with a ruthless, powerful bastard who fights for what he wants. And you know why you wanted that? Because you knew what I really wanted were you.

Liza: I don't know.

Adam: Liza, maybe you saw a bit of yourself in me.

Liza: No. I hope not.

Adam: No. Come on, we're just alike. You know that. If I get jealous, you get jealous. That's what got us in this mess in the first place. That's why you slept with Ryan Lavery -- for revenge because I -- I dallied with that damn judge.

Liza: You know, I'm not jealous of Kaye Campobello.

Adam: Good, because I don't -- she doesn't mean a damn thing.

Liza: Well, you know, that makes me feel so much better that you -- you don't love her, you didn't love her -- you just used her to make sure J.R. didn't get into any trouble.

Adam: I'd do it again.

Liza: Oh. Stop, just -- stop using your children as an excuse for the things that you do.

Adam: No, I don't. I don't do that.

Liza: Yes, you -- you do! You have done it forever, and I am so sick of it. Life to you is a game. And nothing matters as long as you win.

Adam: No, no. That's not right. Nothing matters but my family. And there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Liza: That's true. You would stop at nothing. And that's the problem.

David: Yeah.

Anna: It's not that it wasn't fun. As you said yourself, we were just fooling around, right?

David: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. That's fine with me. Let's just keep it honest, shall we?

Anna: Yeah, let's just keep it honest.

David: Mm-hmm.

Anna: I'm going to bring you to justice, David, if you're guilty. That's my job. You knew that going in.

David: You know something? I just want to be clear about something here, okay? Now while you're clawing at my back and calling out my name, now that -- that still falls under the category of work, am I right?

Anna: Yeah, yeah.

David: Good, good.

Anna: You're the one that wants rules. Those are the rules and may the best man win. Oh, damn, that's really good champagne. Seems a shame to waste it.

David: No. You're not going anywhere.

Anna: Why shouldn't I leave?

David: You know why.

Anna: What do you want, David? You still imagine there can be something more between us -- is that what you think?

David: No. I'm not trying to change anything here. You want to keep tracking me down, you go right ahead. You have fun. But there is something else going on here and you know it.

Anna: There isn't anything else going on here. You want me under your control, and I'm sure there are plenty of women who would like to be in that position. I'm not one of them. You want that kind of a girl, why don't you go back to Dixie?

David: Leave her out of it.

Anna: You're hurting me. Let go.

David: No, you don't want me to let go.

Anna: Let go.

David: No, come on, Anna.

Anna: Don't do that again!

David: Oh, I'm sorry. Did we finally establish a line here?

Anna: Yes! You think I find it exciting if you push me around?

David: Is that what was happening here?

Anna: You fixed that computer! You knew I would try to get into it and you set it up so I would get hurt. Oh, call me old-fashioned, but I don't sleep with a man who tried to kill me.

David: You forgot your champagne!

[Bottle shatters]

Ryan: So, you like this time of year?

Mia: Autumn? It makes me sad.

Ryan: Yeah? You and my father. He'd always hit a wall around this time of year. He'd start drinking more than ever, he'd kick my brother and I around more than ever. And then he'd share his fatherly wisdom -- he'd say, "This is all you need to know, son. Life sucks, then you die."

Mia: You know, I had a T-shirt that said that once.

Ryan: Yeah?

Mia: And then I’d wonder why I didn't have any dates. So, you think your father was right?

Ryan: I don't know. He did everything in his power to prove it. He'd kick us around, he'd abuse my mom, and then he just -- and then he just took off.

Mia: And you were glad when he left?

Ryan: Yeah. Except sometimes.

Mia: You'd miss him.

Ryan: I guess I did. Crazy, huh?

Mia: Well, maybe there was some good in him, even though it was buried.

Ryan: Yeah, or maybe I just hoped there was. And now I find out -- I find out that he's a drug dealer. I mean, I can't even -- you can't get much lower than that. I mean, what does that make me?

Mia: Nothing like him.

Ryan: I wish I believed that. Ahem.

Mia: So, your dad was a jerk and so you're doomed? It's like a family curse or something?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, and it rubs off on the people I love. I mean, look what happened to Gillian.

Mia: Was Gillian stupid?

Ryan: No.

Mia: So why did she fall in love with you?

Ryan: She didn't know my family.

Mia: She didn't need to know your family. She loved you for who you are, and if you doubt that, you're doubting her.

Ryan: Don't say that.

Mia: Then believe in her because I'm sure she believed in you.

Adam: Liza, what are you doing?

Liza: I'm going to pack.

Adam: No. No, no -- what, in the middle of the night?

Liza: We had an agreement, which you deliberately broke. I'm out of here.

Adam: What about Colby?

Liza: Don't even ask about her. You know she's coming with me.

Adam: No. You're -- you're going to wake our child up and take her away from her home in the middle of the night! At least tell me where you're going! I have a right to know! Damn!

Laura: I have to call the police.

Leo: No, you don't. This isn't Greenlee’s fault.

Laura: No, we have a restraining order against her.

Leo: Yeah, to keep her away from us. I'm the one who walked in on her.

Laura: Waiting for you, stark naked.

Jake: Wait, wait, wait, and wait. She was waiting for me and she was invited. You and Leo are intruders, so leave. I mean now or I'm calling security!

Laura: You hear how he's talking to me?

Leo: We're going.

Jake: And believe me, I'm only warming up.

Leo: Let's go.

Laura: Leo?

Leo: Now.

Laura: No --

Leo: I mean it. Go.

Laura: Okay. You're right.

Greenlee: So, did you see? Leo is starting to figure it out.

Jake: Yeah, it looks that way.

Greenlee: Yeah, come on! He stopped Laura from calling the cops.

Jake: Yeah, he did.

Greenlee: What?

Jake: I just wish it didn't mean that much to you.

Greenlee: Please. Come on, you can't be jealous. I mean, I was naked on top of whose desk?

Jake: Mine.

Greenlee: There you go. What's the matter?

Jake: No, no, I just -- Laura, my gosh. I was talking to her earlier, and she was just -- she was in my face, so --

Greenlee: So what's new?

Jake: Well, she wanted to know if I was really onto her why I didn't tell Leo. And it's a good question because I saw her trying to frame you. I saw her putting the pills in your bag, and I kept my mouth shut.

Greenlee: You didn't want to hurt Leo.

Jake: Or maybe I didn't want to give Leo a reason to break up with her.

Greenlee: Go on.

Jake: Because if he did, I know what he would want more than anything in the world.

Greenlee: Leo and I are over.

Jake: I don't know that. And neither do you. So, is she right? You know, am I being quiet because I'm afraid of losing you?

Leo: Could we just pretend what just happened didn't happen --

Laura: Oh --

Leo: Have a drink?

Laura: Just give up that image of Greenlee naked with her arms around your neck?

Leo: Laura, we're going to run into Greenlee from time to time. That doesn't mean she has to get to us. Could I get a vodka rocks and an iced tea? Come on. Let's just forget about it. Okay? Start thinking about more positive things.

Laura: Like our wedding?

Leo: Yeah, like our wedding. Speaking of which, we haven't picked out our costumes yet.

Laura: What costumes?

Leo: Well, I -- I just thought that, you know, it's that time of the year. It's Halloween. So I thought maybe we could turn the rehearsal dinner into a costume party.

Laura: You're kidding, right?

Leo: You hate it.

Laura: No. I love it.

Leo: Really?

Laura: Yes -- as long as I get to do some traditional girlie things.

Leo: Like?

Laura: Like -- like at the reception. I want napkins made up with our names in script embossed on them.

Leo: Okay.

Laura: So I need your signature.

Leo: Okay.

Laura: And it should be legible.

Leo: All right. Well, I'll just write "Leo." It'll be cute. It'll say "Leo and Laura."

[Leo laughs]

Leo: See?

Laura: Perfect.

Leo: All right. I'm going to go talk to Mateo if he's here and see if I can find a costume catalog.

Laura: Oh, good. We can figure out what we'll be.

Leo: All right. I'm on it.

Singer: One little riddles two little

Singers: Three little, four little riddle five little, six little seven little riddle eight little riddle now you know

Singer: You got to go

Singers: One little riddle two little, three little four little riddle five little, six little seven little riddle eight little riddle now you know you got to go

Singer: One little riddle

Singers: Two little three little four little riddle five little, six little seven little riddle eight little riddle now you know you got to go

Greenlee: So you think Laura was right?

Jake: You mean about why I haven't busted her?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Jake: Honestly, I don't know. I mean, could I really be that selfish?

Greenlee: Oh, come on. Maybe for once in your life, you can say, "the hell with it," let yourself go.

Jake: Hmm. Just grab whatever I want, huh?

Greenlee: Why not?

Jake: You know what? Maybe you're right. I have been this good guy all the time.

Greenlee: But you always want to play fair.

Jake: Well, not if it means losing you.

Greenlee: We did our best to open Leo’s eyes.

Jake: So what are you saying -- you don't think I should warn him?

Greenlee: And rain all over their wedding? No.

Jake: Okay. All right, so what about you?

Greenlee: What about me?

Jake: What about you? This wedding, everything coming up?

Greenlee: Hey, they're already married. Right?

Jake: Right, and that was a small, private affair. This is going to be a big, splashy event. You know what? I have an idea. Why don't you and I just get the hell out of dodge?

Greenlee: You and me?

Jake: Yeah.

Greenlee: And go where?

Jake: Well, we can go up to the mountains.

Greenlee: Camping?

Jake: Well, we don't have to go camping. I mean, we could always do something else.

Greenlee: Or maybe we could go to, like, a fabulous resort or a spa? And you know what? I'm going to take my own advice --

Jake: Uh, uh, uh --

Greenlee: And say, "ah, the hell with it. I'll go."

Jake: You mean that?

Greenlee: Jake, I would follow you to the very ends of the earth.

Jake: Well, I'm not asking you to do that, but that's really -- that's nice. That's great, yeah.

Greenlee: So I -- I guess should put my clothes on.

Jake: Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. Not so fast.

Ryan: So Gillian didn't make a mistake marrying me?

Mia: I don't think so.

Ryan: She made me want to be better than I am. And I tried.

Mia: You sound like you didn't make it there.

Ryan: How will I ever know?

Mia: Well, was she happy?

Ryan: I hope.

Mia: Yes or no?

Ryan: Yes, she was happy.

Mia: And that's not enough?

Ryan: It was.

Mia: But?

Ryan: But when Gillian was pregnant, I thought, "Here's a chance."

Mia: Of?

Ryan: Of -- I don't know -- ending the family curse or something. I mean, she had so much love inside of her. I thought -- I thought somehow it would erase everything bad that happened in my past. And raising her child would be a new beginning.

Mia: But then she lost the baby?

Ryan: Yes, she did. And the new beginning was gone.

Adam: Liza, please don't do this.

Liza: I'll send for my things.

Adam: At least tell me where you're going.

Liza: I'll let you know when I get there.

Adam: Can I please kiss my daughter goodbye?

Adam: I'll see you soon, Sweetheart.

Liza: Okay, Sweetie. Come on.

Anna: Oh, David, you are going to drive me crazy. Oh, God!

[Tires screech -- crash]

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Greenlee: We're getting out of town for the rest of the week.

Brooke: So, Jake, what do I owe you?

Woman: You owe me 200 bucks, like, right now, Sweetie.

Leslie: Get ready, Tad. Here comes the bride.